Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 18, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 18, 1894
Page 2
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Surpassing in splendor the match 1 ess Wooders o! the Orieot and the hi This is the universal verdict applied to Part 14 of The Dream City Art Which is now ready. This superb number is devoted to exterior views and portrays the Choicest is o! L Yet shown in any proceeding number. As the time approaches for the completion of this magnificent and unapproachable series of World's Fair Views, The Journal wishes to impress upon all subscribers the importance of procuring the complete eet. Back numbers can be Thousands of Them Perish Snowstorm, in a Frozen to Death During a Recent Blizzard in the Sierra Nevada Foot-HIIIs. secured by applying at this office, and arrangements have been made for the binding of the sets at the lowest cost. Part 15, ready next Monday, will be devoted to another splendid selection of Fine Art Subject?, which are offered in deference to public desire. Don't fail to secure all the numbers. See Coupon on 1st page. BOA.D 1ASKD WITH DRAI) ANIMALS. SONOHA, CaL, May 17.—The snow, rain aud wind storm that prevailed in the Sierra Nevada foothills during Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday •was most fatal to sheep. The road from Sonora up to Strawberry Station, a distance of :>2 miles, is lined with dead sheep. The. storm was unusually severe for this time ot the year, and the shocp having been sheared were in au unfit condition to meet the wintry blasts. In the ravines and beside the bowlders along 1 the road the dead iwimals are piled two and three deep, up to this date some 40,000 sheep have entered this country en route for the mountain ranjres, and as all of them were cautfht in the storm It is a low estimate to say that one-third of them have perished. FKKBNO, Cal., May 17.—-The loss to sheepmen on account of Monday's storm is far greater than first stated. At one place 4,000 sheep were found frozen to death in one heap, where they had tried to find shelter among the trees. The snow was 2 feet deep on top of them. There are thousands of sheep farther back in the mountains and they cannot be reached on account of the snow. There is hardly a possibility that they can be saved. If they were not frozen to death during the storm they will die of starvation before the snow melts. ., ,. Jnage served bis decision. .. •'•' • ••••••'^•'- .-• •':,-Burglars blew open the.safe of the Montague Bros, in Delaware, Ky., setting fire to the building and destroying it and the dry-goods store of B. W. Ward. Loss, 112,000: insurance, (3,000. Reports to the comptroller of the currency show that the average reserve held by Chicago bunks Is41.20 percent, or more than 10 per cent above that required by law. / Ex-Mayor John Scott, of West Superior, Wis., Is dead. He was one of the framers of the constitution of North Dakota, and had held many prominent oflloes in the Dakotus. lie was 33 years old. • 8jjUTOO.*v ; N. Y., May IT.—The one hundred and sixth general auembly of the Presbyterian church of the United States opened its session in tha auditorium of the First Presbyterian church with a sermon by the retiring moderator, Prof. Willis Green Craig, of McCorraick Theological seminary, Chicago. Behind the moderator sat a row of ex-moderators who have grown gray in the Presbyterian pulpit, and before him were the 000 commissioners from the 230 presbyteries all over the world. The galleries were crowded with visitors. Do You Love Music? Or aie you one of those unfortunates who can't distin guiah '-Yankee Doodle" from "The Dead March in Saul?" IF YOU HAVE AN EAR And possess musical taste you cannot fail to be interested in the series of portraits and biographical sketches of GREAT SINGERS Which form Parts 12, 13 and 14 ot "The Marie Burroughs Art Portfolio of Stage Celebrities," Even if you have not been taking the proceeding numbers, You Want These Three Which constitute in themselves the most complete col- lectitn of representatives of lyric ait Get Part 12 "Stage Celebrities" (the first musical number) with por traits of Melk fames, The De Reszkes And other famous singers, twenty in all. You can get it from THE JOURNAL for Three Coupons and One Dime, No extra charge for postage on Portfolios sent by mail After you have secured ihis number you will not fail to secure the remaining two numbers which complete the series as they are both devoted exclusively to the Grand Opera. PART 14 NOW READY. NO SETTLEMENT. Miners and Operators Unable to Agra* as Cleveland. CLEVELAND, O., May 17.—The conference of the miners and operators is as far from a settlement of the big strike as ever, and will probably adjourn without reaching any agreement on the questions in diapute. In fact, many of the operators have gone home leaving their proxies. Not even a modus vlvendi, whereby the country can be supplied with coal and the question of wages discussed at another time, ia expected. ' t The convention waa called to order at 0 o'clock, and Chairman Serbe called for a report of the conference committee. Every delegate in historic Case hall knew just what it would be—that no agreement could be reached—and there were no surprises In that After the joint conference committee had reported that they could not agree, Operator H. L. Chapman, of Ohio, and a member of the conference committee, made a brief address. He »a'd that In view of the present depressed condition and the strained condition of manufacturing interests, the operators could not concede the advance asked. President McBride said he was will- Ing to have a vote taken on the compromise offered by the operators, but be would guarantee that the miners would be unanimous against it Col. W. P. Kend, of Chicago, urged both sides to make some concessions and said that the 85-ceot and 56-ceut basis for mining was too low and proposed a compromise of CO and 6D cents. He scored the Miners' association for refusing to permit miners to work in the mines where operators had conceded to the demands of their men, and said that the czar of Russia would not dare to issue such an arbitrary ukase. Vice President Penna, of the Miners' association, then spoke In their behalf, making an able argument to show that the operators were in a position to pay living wages now as at any time in the past After some further discussion a recess was taken. UmlD, ProTlsloni, Etc. CniOAOO, May 17. FLOUK— -Was dull and weak. The quotations mnje: Winter — Patents, littoa 3.00; straights, fceo@2.76; clears, Ia30<ii2.40; seconds, tl.80Ql.00; low grades, ll.w@l,70. Spring— Puienis. tazoQllto; ttraijehtfl. liZOQ iUO; Bikers', U. 7^3,3. Ill, low grudos, (MOQ1.M; Ked Dog, IL30&1.4U; Uyo. K.40®2.M. WHKAT — Fairly active and lower. Cash, MKOWo; May, 6«HOWo; July, MSiaiTo. CORN— Moderately ucuve and weak. No. 2, Wo; No. > Vollow, 88&38J40; No. 3, 3Sc; No. 3 Yellow, »7tt°; May, 37>ic; Juno, 57J»c; July, 87J<Q38o; September, SSHOffi^o. OATS— Active and unsettled. No, t cash, 38fl 3»Ho; May, J3»83Ko; June, 83O3S»e; July, SaaHOKo: September, 2SH325KC. Samplei easier. No. 3, 83^030X0; No. 8 White, S6>»c; No. S; S*»««c; Na Z While, S6O37c. BT»— very slow; demand limited to cash. Bye No. 2 cash, Wo; sample lots, WdJWc. May delivery, 45o; July, 46c, BAHLIT— Quiet but steady under small offerings. Cholo* by sample, MQ&8o; fair to good, 51ia»o; common, MQWo, with screenings H7.00 4*19,00 p«r ton. Miss FORE— Trading light and prices lower. Quotation* ranged at HLTIftll.W for cash regular* tll.70Qll.8t for May aad I11.86Q 11. DO for July. iiABD— Very quiet and lower. . Quotation) ranfed at 7.3WO7.HSK for cosh; t7.20O7.23K for May; ISto<ao.90 (or July, and M.8IQ for September. LIT* POULTRY— Per pound: Chickens 6Q 840; Turkeys, Sflfo; ducks, 7HO8c; Qeeuo, S8.00O4.00 per doten. «tH BUTTUB— Cronmery, ItttOl&X Dairy, £>114o; Pocking Stock, 708^0. UQDons — Distilled spirits steady on tha basis ot II. 1ft per jnL for finished goods, OILS— Wisconsin Prime White, Tfcoi Water White, T»o; Michigan Prime White, 8«o; Water White, So: Indiana Prime White, 81<c; Water White, BUc; Headlight, ITS test, BKo; Gasoline. 87 deg 'a, lIXjo; 74 dag's, Bo; Naphtha, 69 dot's, SVio. _ NEW YOB«, May IT. WHIAT— No. I red, opened weaker, became firm and then reacted. July, 69KOWHO; September. M!»»VlHo; December, MxOMKo. Cosn— No. t opened steady but noon weakened. • July, 41 &-l«a«s*e. OATS— No. 9 firmer but uulot. May, tSo; track white State, «8»4»Hc; track white Western, PKOVJSIOKB— Beef-Quiet Family. Ill 009 15.00; extra mess. IT.eOa&tO. Pork— Dull New mess, H&aOQia79; family, lltMdU.00: short clear, Ili00§)l&00. Lard— Nominal. Prime Western steam, 47.70. ToLirx), a, May 17. WHIAT— Lower, quiet No. I cash and May, Wo; July, Mo; August, 67« September, Wo asked. Com*— Dull easy. No. EJoasb and May, S»v OATH— Firm. Na I! mixed, «oo-, No. I white, 87HC. RTB— Firm, Cash, Mo bid. CLovmaiKD — Steady. Prlmocoah, t&BOi Oo- tober, HTiX K«med after Many licllotfb CHATTANOOGA, Tcnn., May n.— II. C. Snodgrass (dein. ) was renominatcd lor congress for the Thirty-second Tennessee district on the 437th ballot. Returning- from the convention on the train Dr. T. L. Griffith, delegate from Jasper, Tenn., was shot and killed by John L. Strickley, delegate from White county. Stricklcy wits drunk. Died at the A so of 118. TUSCOLA, 111., May 17.— Joseph Young (colored) died here Wednesday at th« af?e of 115 years. He claimed to have been born in St Augustine, Fla., in 1779, and was accounted the oldest man in this part of the state. He served in the late war, and took his second wife when at the age of 105 year*. Discredited. WASHINGTON, May 17.— A dispatch from London faying that Ambassador Bayard had Intimated to the British government the desire of the United States to withdraw from the Samoan BgrMment U discredited at the sUtu departm«nL John M- Burke at Cojur rt'Alcne filty. SPOKANE, Wash., May 17.— John M. Burke arrived in Spokane three day* ago and is now in Coeur d'Alene City, Id aha His friends here were much surprised when shown the dispatch from Waahinffton stating that he had been missing more than a month. Will Mot Carry might. CHICAGO, May 17.— The Grand Trunk railroad posted notices on the board of trade this morning stating tbat it would stop receiving lake and rail freight. The reason given for this action Is the scarcity of ooaL Ordinary passenger traffic will not be interfered with. _ _ Uloblmn Knlchta Tampiar. KALAMAZOO, Mich,, May 17.— The grand oomma&dery, Knlghto T«mpiar of Michigan, at lu annual conclave voted to moot nut May in Sajrlnaw. It elected a full list of offloers, with Charles H. Pomeroy, of Saffinava, M comroandejr. Popular Preacher toy* HOOD'S Halite* the Vital Por* OM and Olvee Strength Sen. jr. JirwrUto Driver, D. A Is widely known as pastor o( the first X.&., Church at Columbia City, Indiana, and Is •> powerful pulpit orator. His book," Samson 1 andShylock, or a Preacher's Flea for tbe) Worklngman," has received much praise-' from press and clergy. Dr. Driver says: | "ColumbiaCity, Ind., Jane 1,1m. i «O.I.Hood&Co., Lowell, Mass.: j "Dear Sirs—Among the ralllers of aU the>. Yltal forces, I regard Hood's SarsaparUla a»i' tbe genaral-ln-chlef. Crowded and OTM»| worked, as a preacher and lecturer, I some*; times am conscious that I am not measuring : up to the best that I am capable of doing.: A few doses—a bottle or two—of Hood'a> however, greatly Invigorate My Body, Clarify My Mind, and Make me feel Like a. New MM J "In a week I am up to concert pitch again.! cheerful, buoyant and ready for any work-j and capable of any feat of strength or en. : i durance. To all overworked prefeasioejaV'i ! men Hood's Baraaparllla is a God-send, I "Very truly yours, I HooTaFsT v $arsaparilfa CURES Knn when other get Hood's tail B« sura to Hay 17. Boo8— Market active and weak. Prices 10Q 15o lower than yesterday's closing Orurea Sales ranged at H40O475 for Pigs; S4«oe>4.8* for light: M.6694,t6ror rough packing: 14.7004.35 for mixed, and ti.TOO4.96 for heavy packing and shipping lots. CUCTLi-Market rathsr active and prices waak at lOo decline. Quotations ranged at Mil Oi 40 for choice to extra shipping Steers; O.80O4. 10 for good to choice do.; S3. Wo&n for tolr to good; N.UOI-4E for common to medium do.; tt.OOOS.3l> (or butcher's Steorki $t7tK»lB» forBtookers; t3.WO3.B5 for Feeders; I1.80OJ.IB forOows; KLeoaatOforEelfers; E.00aa40 for Bulls; lt.70O3.eO for Texas Steers, and 124*3 IK for Veal Calves. Out of th» BBC*. May 17.— A ipedal to the Poet from Madison, Ind, says that Congressman Jaaon Brown has) withdrawn from the congressional raee and that J. M.|M»rsh, of J«ffersonTllle, will make the fight against tttockalager. Fntnr* of th» tUdway. CHICAGO, May 17.— South park commissioners hare adopted a plan to con- neot Jackson and Washington parks by a waterway along Midway plaisanc* CtJT THIS OUT. 1 HAY 18. 1894. MEMORIAL WAR BOOK COUPON. Tbiee of tbese coupon* and ten cents scourei tbe current number of tbe Mem- r Book, II pngnitrt »t the ) D«p«tiMtit ot Tbe Journal. COT THIS OUT. CUT THIH OUT. MAY 18,1894. STAGE CELEBRITIES, Tbl.4 Coupon wltt two otters of different dates, and Ten Cents, Is good for ona part, containing twenty portraits, of tbe Marie Bnrrongh's Art Portfolio of Stage Celebrities, THE JOURNAL. CUT THIS) OOT Ulshop Newman to Preside. ROME, May 17.—Bishop John P. Newman, D. D,, will preside over the annual conference of the Methodist Episcopal church, In Italy, which will bo held in Milan from May 21 to 29 Inclusive. The reports of tbe conference committee will deal with the church, school, social and temperance quei- tions which will be exhaustively dis- cusued. ______^^^ SHORT SPECIALS. The National bank of Penclleton, Ore., closed its doors. Louis Clovis Bonaparte, a grandnephew ot the first Napoleon, died In London. Officer James Hertnott was shot and fatally wounded while trying to arrest a negro thug at St Joseph, Mo. The Bellaire (0.) Noil company cloied its entire works because of a shortage of coal and coke and 1,300 persons were idle. Congressman Forman, of Illinois, will not accept a renominatlon, but may become a candidate for United States senator. Hotel men completed the business of their Denver convention in Chicago and adjourned to meet in New York next year. Jones' Woods, a popular New York resort, was destroyed, with many surrounding dwellings. The loss is more than 1600.000. Gaudaur won the quarter-mile dash for professionals in the international regatta at Austin, Tex., though Peterson pressed him hard. Thomas Tnlley, a wealthy pioneer oi Chicago and brick manufacturer, shot himself while despondent because of 111 health and businass troubles. In tbe Congregational church at East Northfield, Mass., .Emma R Moody, daughter of the evangelist, was married to Arthur P. Fitt, of Chicago. Arguments in the Illinois apportionment case were concluded at Danville tar Attorney General Moloney and Gen- Pittsburgh Ullls Prepare to Cloee. PirrsBDBOH, Pa., May 17.— A coal famine liere is practically a reality. Many of the railroad dealers have suspended business entirely. Work at Aldred & Bender's red. lead works in Sbarpaburg was suspended Tuesday. Tola is the fourth plant to shut down. All mills in and out of the city are preparing to shut down. At the waterworks crude oil is burned. Qas is as scarce as coal and cannot be got for hnflnrt- IMcaeter In ISONWOOD, Mich., May IT.—A bad cave-in has occurred at the Aurora mine. It ia several miles distant It Is impossible ito ascertain the damage. The report is that over thirty men were killed or injured. Pique Gown*. Widely ribbed pique is one of tbe cotton fabrics French modistes are using for summer gowns. This is is in various colors, yellow, robbin's-egg blue and pink, as well as white. Instead of following simple and severe tailor models the Paris dressmakers make very fanciful dresses of pique mounted over silk and trimmed with heavy bice and ribbon. Thus a pale yellow pique skirt is plaited in eight gored breadths over a yellow silk petticoat, and is trimmed with six points of creamy guipure lace hanging from the belt of black satin ribbon amid the plaits on the back and sides. A round pique waist gathered ona fitted lining of-yellow taffeta is decorated with a large bertha of guipure, and has large mutton-leg sleeves; also a collar and wristbands of black satin ribbon. Vests of yellow pique are in beautiful crepon gowns.as-one of dark green crepon with ;a yellow vest cut low, and the crepon akirt draped to show yellow pique at the foot trimmed with heavy insertion. —Harper's Bamr. Burled ID Ola foiui. The late well-known Miss Jane Clarke, of Eegent street, dealer in antique lace,.historic fans, etc., desired in her will that she should be buried in old point One is curious to know if her eccentric command was carried out to the letter. Again, when Jenny Lind was dying 1 , she left directions that the Indian shawl given her by the queen, and a quilt, the gift of some school children should be buried with her.— Notes and Queries. A Strange C»se. Physician—I trust you gave him the emetic I ordered? Devoted Wife—Yes, doctor, I gave it to him regularly every three hours, but I couldn't make the food you prescribed stay on his stomach, do as I would.—Hallo. Hood's Pills) oure Uver Ills, MUoBioesi, Jaundice, slckbeadac&t, KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's beet products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting In the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect lax- stive ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met wfthfthe approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co, only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, j The WBtM al|a nnd being well Informed, you will n<Ti / toU |n« and exposure, and Is a tafecaud ««»ln»t accept: any substitute if offered- malaria, rh«om»tlim and kidney trouble. ToulDB on tne "Briny." Is very far from amusing, untrayeled reader, II so be yon are one. A rebellion fomented bi each mountainous wave that smites tbe vessel's hul threatens absolutely to dislodge your very vitals from their natural resting place, and a natwa so irightf a) that It would reconcile yon to a terrnl nation of your suffarlnRS by shipwreck harasses you. Well for yon then, or rather before this crisis, ir you are provided with Hostetter's stomach bitten, k swift remedy for and preventive of the nausea of travelers by sea or land, nervousness caused by the vibration of tht screw of a steamer or He Jarring of a railway train, and an antidote to bowej, llFer and stomachic troubles caused by Impure water and unaccustomed food the ettaoef ot How te Cwi« • CeM. Simply take Otto 1 * Cure. We know of Its astonishing cures and that it will (top a cough quicker than any known remedy. U fyou have asthma, bronchitis, consumption or any disease of the throat and lungi. a few doses of thie- great guaranteed remedy will surpriie- you. If you wish'to try call at our store, Ben Fisher's, and we will be pleased to furnlth you a bottle free of coit, and that will prove our assertion. BEN FBHEK, 311 Fourth street. weak •.»« siekiT ChiMren. If you have a child weak and nervous tbe best remedy to five is a tow doses of Klnehart's Worm Lozenges; These lozenges remove all kind* of worms and the worm nest, thereby- making a permanent cure. Children like them. They are safe and the> most reliable worm remedy. For sale- byB. F. Keealing and tbe Keystone drug store. CtaBkerUIa's Ey» art Skta eiatsus* It a certain cure for Chronic Soret Eyes, Granulated Eye Lids, Sore Nipples, Piles, Eczema, Tetter, SalV Bheum and Scald Head, 26 cents pap- box. For sale by B. F. Keesling, TO HOKW OWHKES. For putting a horse in a fine healthy condition try Dr. Cady's Condition'. Powders. They tone up the system,, aid digestion, cure loss of appetite relieve constipation, correct kidney, disorders and destroy worms, giving^ new life, to an old overworked horse- 25 cents per package. For tale 07 B. F. Keesling, druggist. •worth Knowing. Maay thousand people have found t> friend In Bacon's Celery King. If you have never used this great- specific for the prevailing maladies of the age, dyspepsia, liver complaint rheumatism, costiveness, nervous ex. haustlon. nervous prostration, sleeplessness and all diseases arising from, derangement of tbe stomach, liver and kidneys, we would be pleased to- glve you a package of this great- nerve tonic free of charge. BEN FISHER, Si 1 Fourth street. For over Fifty Yean Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup has been used for over fifty years bj: millions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success. It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, anfc is the best remedy for diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer- immediately. Sold by druggl'to in every part of the world. Twenty-five cento a bottle. Be sure and ask for •Mrs. Winelow's Soothing Syrup" and take no other kind. If you lack energy and are drowsey takeBlnehart's Liver Pills, 1 a dose. For sale by B. F. Keesling and Keystone drug store.

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