The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 26, 1959 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1959
Page 18
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Y Upp*f Hit Mdfott Tnurtday, K •^m^»,^m^^Kyys&»,&s&T^^^ixiM^imxiifmKmssi^ THREE YOUNGSTERS AT OUR HOUSE few fto interested in Fairy Stories. For some time now they h*w ail pns fetted the stories they read by themselves and although the feooJts can be fictional, they have outgrown Snow White and the Sewn Dwarfs. They get more kick Out of Maverick's adventures on TV than they do out of Jack and his GSant Killing. However, their mother still likes fairy stories. The Princess is always beautiful, the Prince, charming and virtue wins out in the end. And when the people in the fairy stories get married they always live happily ever after and don f t have to wrestle with problems like paying the light bill and Wiping up Ihc mud the kids track in. JUST BECAUSE WE NO LONGER READ Cinderella at our house is no sign fairy stories ere not in evidence. Why, just the other night Pop came home late and told me a real good one. If I hear any more fairy stories like that one, Father isn't going to live happily ever after for very long! THEN TOa THERE ARE TIMES around here, when I think we are reenacting some of the childhood tales. The Old Woman In The Shoe, for instance. We live in a conventional wood house, not a shoe and we have only three youngsters. But sometimes that's "so many children. I don't know What to do." So, "to some I give canned soup, without any bread; and cut off their TV and send them to bed." * * 4 THE STORY OF THE LITTLE RED Hen has a present-day counterpart at our house. The Little Red Hen, as you all know, was the gal who had trouble getting a little help with her bread making. "Who will help me plant the wheat, grind the flour, shape the loaves, etc.", the Little Red Hen asked. The Duck, the Cat, and the Horse, each 'in his turn said, "No, not I", to the questions. But when it came to eating the bread, they were all there clamoring, "I will!" At OUK ho\ise I ask, "Who will help me wash the clothes,, do the dishes, sweep the floor, etc. so I can go to. work and earn a little extra money?" Bill, Mary Ann and Jean, each in his turn say. "No, not I". But when it qames to helping spend the check, they are all there saying. "I will!" The Little Red Hen in the > story was more firm than I am. She said, "No, you weren't around to help when I wanted you to work. I will eat the bread myself I" I end up grumbling about the lack 'of cooperation, but the,check gets spent without "eating" any- of it all by myself. SOME DAY. NOT SO MANY YEARS IN the future, I suppose we shall have a partial reenactment of the Red Riding Hood story. Our girls both nave red Coats and they go to visit their grandmother, but so far they haven't' been stopped by any wolves' 'on the wav. The day will come when there may be wolves around — probably in beat up jalopies — but I do trust that our girls will at least be smarter' thfan Little Red Riding Hood. She was so stupid .she couldn't even tell a wolf from her own Grandma! , * * * , • ,.-•••> ' " CINDERELLA IS A LOVELY STORY, but it is still <a fairy story. What gal nowadays has a Fairy Godmother who will turn her blue jeans into a fancy ball gown in time to go to a big party? - Mostly, we have, to take our seven-years-agp dress, get out the steam iron, let out some seams and wear 'it.'But the last time' 1 1 went out for-a big evening, I was home by midnight ,iust like , Cinderella and on these cold winter rnornings," our'Pontiac turns into, a "pumpkin" just like the Golden Coach; The mice in our basement could never be persuaded to turn into horses and I ddn't have a single wicked step-sister. My Prince Charming, never brings , around a glass slipper for me to •' try to get my number eight foot' into, but the kids -do seem to be forever trying on shoes. And' 'if ,we would let them use prbfanity, I'm sure we would 'hear' them say, "Oh God,- Mother, these slippers are too small! You've gotta buy ftie some new ones." I 1 . * ' * * THE STORY OF GOLDILOCKS AND THE, Three Bears isn't likely to be reenacted around here. Our kids are brunettes, and'al- though then 1 are .three of them, they have rench'ed'the stage of modesty when they no longer run around bare. There are times, though , when in'the process of exchanging over-night visits, I anr not .quite certain who I will find in the upstairs• bedrooms, buti.T am reasonably sure-it will not-be Goldilocks. We as ai family never go out for pre-breakfast walks as the Three Bears did — -we have , .all we can do to roll out of bed. But I'm sure I'm as grumpy as *an j; Mamma Bear when I get breakfast. And if Littlest Bear starts complaining; "Somebody ate up all my Wheaties", I, can 'reply;- "SKUt up! I haven't given them to you yet," , : . IN THE FAIRY STORIES, there was a kid'named Jack, He'took . his poor mother's cow to'market, was slicked out of it and-came , home with a'handful of beans. This seemed like a real poor bargain to Jack's mother, and I fpr one, don't blame her a bit. She'got so mad she threw the beans out of the window and that wouldibp -my sentiments exactly, Of course, in her case the-beans grew,to a-godd- *„** cfaiv n ^ tu« big drip Jack climbed on it and endedTup richl LAKOTA Sophie Eltsworlh I»ti*feff«H*ij Circle* Pmi»t*rtan Circles met Thurs«£»y\ Miriam Circle met at tlie Vats- at Carmen Lewis with Em- yi-t* Smith as co-hostess. Devotions •«*«•• given by Adah Wirtjes. The itssca was prepared by Elsie and read by Polly Ger"H-sc Esther Circle met at the tmist* of Mary Telkamp with Mrs Harry Roseneau as co-hostess. Roll call was answered by a prayer by Mrs Frauke Schadendorf. The lesson was given by Norma Smith and Genevieve Hoeppner gave a paper. The Mary Circle met Thursday evening with Mrs Harriet Kruse and Mrs Pearl Smith as hostesses. Devotions were* given by Mary Jane Brack, the Bible study by Mrs Edna Paulson and "Circles we live in was read by Ruth Lewis. Acorn Club The Acorn Club met at the home of Mrs Jennie Gutkenecht Thursday afternoon with Mrs V. A. Barrett as assistant hostess. The meeting was opened by President Harriet Kruse who read a poem. Mrs H. H. Murray gave a paper and Ella Buckels spoke on "Governor Joe Foss of South Dakota." Mr and Mrs Lloyd Eichenberger and family were Sunday callers at the Fred Pannkuk home. The Pannkuks'will soon be moving to Algona. Mr and Mrs Alfred Christ drove to'Iowa City to get their daughter, Marlene who is attending the University. Marlene enjoyed a week vacation between semesters. ». * Mr and Mrs Albin Kayser are the parents of an 8 Ibs,, 5 oz. baby girl born "on-Tuesday,- Feb. 3, at the Buffalo 'Center hospital. Thursday afternoon, Mrs Alfred' 'Christ entertained at a birthday party for her daughter Donna who was five years^old. At the Luther League meeting at St. Paul's, Donna 'Hertzke presented the topic, • After progressive games, lunch was served by Marcelyn, Connie and Arlowyn Erdahl,-Donna Hertzke and Ilona Hertzke. ', "'Mi* and. Mrs W. D. Ley drove to Rochester,; Minn., -to visit with Helen Maminga who had undergone minor surgery the previous day. She was released from the hospital Sunday. From'there the Leys' dr'qve to Iowa City where Monday mprning Mrs Ley had allergy tests made. They returned fm» Friday ftfght in m at school with Mesdarn<i3 ilson Stuck, Eldon Sachs and as John Qrieie Ief4 lest week for a five weeksl . k JlW * 3.00 0. K. ir* Swylrt. Mtfe*. i.s^.i_a. r 25-66 , ., &si61l«e , . - 92.57 fifikf'*, DX S«vfee, Oil i.^1* 1.00 fUdid & TV, fteoattt on , . Cft Rstno,,, ...... . f .*.^^. V 24.65 Fire ' at the new bowliftg alleys Irt'ftfcft vidtofl at tbt .j Bancroft ,, ' \M fcoffi* fh Scafvllle. .", , ;. Ertnc«bW^ : Stt her sister, Mri, Lawreflc^ ~""" """"" of Elmofe attended the of .their niefcev Patty Fairmont. Mr find Mrs John Fur&t Jeffery Were Sunday dJftflif. guests at-the home of Mr " 1' Wilbur Kleweit irl Blffttttev Mtftftl Little JoLynn Mteyer fefll fi" a ch&ir on Sunday cuttlrtg : c a gash under her chin'tli^t quired fiv6 stitches to close* is getting along nicely. Thfe Birthday Club m'et ,fties* day afternoon at the 4i6rfl^ a! Mts Fred Christ. Due to the,'ek* tremeiy bad weather, only ,thfe following were present, Mrs **- t Telkamp, Mrs Harry Rdst , Mrs Henry Qfthoff, • Mrs Sfgne Nelson and Mrs Frauke Sohadieh.- dorf. Joseph P. Schissel, son 6f Mi? and Mrs A. C. Schissel of Lakota', was promoted to permanent rank of Sergeant in Special Orders read at Formal Retreat ceremttn* ies at St. Thomas Military'Acad- emy in St. Paul. • ' ! Mr and Mrs Robert' -Kollasch and children were Sunday Council V COUNCIL MlNUftS I - Tha City ^Cauntll rfiet, Feb.- 11, ,,„,, with Maydf Shrerk, In the thatr, and tha followlrtg namec) , Courtellfnen fcre**rit: Muekdy, Whfttemore, Elbert, Oreesman, Parsons 4 " RleHarcfton, . , ofantlna fh* part, of Iowa * pdntdft of City property to enlarge the south west corner of State & Phillips Intersection. ' . Airport CommUtlon annual report WM lead and approved. . , Playground Comrn. annual report wai read and approved. . ' Goeeke Loeker's A request ' to hood '» rheter in froftt of their place 1 6f business Was tabled. -. Resolution _ to .the Algbna approving ,0u|t Claim ft Good Samaritan'Hohi Deed .foC vacated alley In block 66, Original Plat Was adopted.-, . »uit •& eaa and a .:! A:.™ & Agency annual approved. - M . report was The A IhfiWiwif R. ). FtJhk *•> IB *k | VJW4 fuel 7MJ .,P*fr4 oH Street" aiora .^i-t ie,i Norton NMMtp Works, Repairs HS3; Pratf Electric Certitr. Co., Re* •? r pair* *auA..«**..»..*: k , - M;i. ,, al.oj Motor Co.,,Letts & Lt§hts 9.95 Suib«f service, Mdse. , A ^ _ Ripalr _t»:_. ^.^*L 2155 Ready-Mix Concrete & Lumber, ••> .sidewalks'* Crossing* -i-... 473,25 Afgofta Machine Shop, Welding - 3,00 Arnold M6tor,Supply, Cable* !.. US C<Jast-t6>Coajt Stores, Paint — , 11,92 Greenberg Auto Supply, , Repairs , 17J! *«* ^fo c ^ R K S cr" 50 ' 07 ^ Mntoftl Super 'SSfvtee; 'Gstot W«" 7.02 IT* Aldons imuranea "Aesney, 'l Prtmfurt? .^i*?**.:',*. Fred & Gftnbaeh.rSalary 114.45, Iowa Statfr Bank*- Wfthholdtna Tax' 20.40 world Dryec^ Corp., Hand Dryefs 207.90 Ready-Mix Cofltrefe &' Lumber, i Ubot-A. Materlaf J.^.^L* 1,6*6.65 45.00 10.24 - .' *.4S 21.98 18.90 6r, f. E, Sawyer,-Rent, ...w.--.^. Nortbn Machine Works, Brackets Charies Sorertson, Sign ^..u». North Ibwa Public Service Co.', Gai Honsbruch ,Drue> Supplies, „.;..*., City Clerk, Advanced Cash Algona,Laundry,A Dry Clean- ere, Service „«.*—. „ »-^»Jr.. 1.65' And His Midwasietnert 28 Join The Surf _._.. Sehd In You* Name/. Address, Date of AniUv., Typd* Of Music Preferred. You Will Receive Complimenl- ary Tickets The Monlh of .Y.Out * -•' J - Monday night.' Monday morning Mr William But you can't hardly ever get an ending like that any mbre. 1 , When I don t have change \ give the kids' a dollar and they are supposed to soend part of it and bring the rest back to me. They'spend part of the money for a tablet, hot lunch or club dues. Then -theyjEind something m the dime store they simply must have. Then theytSose twenty or thirty 'cents, They bring four or five pennies out o'f 'thfe dollar, back home to me. I get so mad I could 'throw the -pennies • out of the window. But if I did, I know blamed well they woqldn't grow intd any. beanstalk, so I open up a can of pork and beans and keep quiet, " * * * ', OH'WELL, LIFE IS NO fairy story, anyway, so'we might just as well accept at as it 'is. Nobody is going to 'wave a magic - wand around and make our dreams come true so we might just'as well keep on working. Prince Charming, if the truth* were known probably spent lots of days needing a shave even though-he was living happily ever after" and who can tell, the Beautiful Princess may have acquired Middle Aged'Spread right after the part of the story we read was over. LENTEN-MEATLESS 1 MEALS ARE a good excuse, to serve Macaroni and'Cheese., I dearly love any form of macaroni and cheese and the only reason I don't eat more of it is that it Tceeps running out'-of ,my ears. This week's recipe is for Macaroni and Cheese Bake. There's-nothing wrong with the old fashioned kind, but this is just a little bit fancier, 1 cup'cpoked macaroni (about % cup uncooked) , 1 cup grated American cheese • Vt cup'chopped pimiento 1 cup top milk '• ' 1 cup:spft bread crumbs ' ' 3 slightly beaten eggs %<teasp.'salf ~ Combine ingredients; mix lightly. Pour into a greased 1% quart baking dish. Bake in pan with 1 inch hot water surrounding, in a moderate oven, 350 degrees until mixture doesn't adhere to knife or about 1 hour. Serves 6. • ' .-GRACE . Kienifcz underwent major surgery at the'Mercy hospital in Mason City. , Two new bowling teams have been formed in Lakota. <The Laes team consists of Mrs Harold Koppen,' Mrs William E. Meyer, Mrs Ervin Schwartz, Mrs Ray Becker, and Mrs Robert Thompson of Swea Ci,ty. A sixth \ member will be added as a substitute. They will bowl on Friday nights. The_ men's team which bowls on Tuesday nights are Ray and Arnold Becker, Robert and Donald Kollasch, Al Dudding and Allen Vaske. These teams bowl V///S///SS&SSSS///SM/M///MW//&////S/S/S/S///M. MAKE Whittemore News .Mrs Theodore Keene and son Peter and daughter, Mrs Leona ,Potter visited at th>h9me of the 'former's son-in-law" and daughter, Mr and Mrs Bobert JJanley in .Minneapolis Iqst week. ' .Guests at the home of Mr and Mrs Frank - P v ielfaraki were Mr N an,d Mr§ yerpgn., Frjnk .of New , I^ndon, Minn., Jifrs Francis day, / Friends of Mrs Josephine Goff pf Ruthven learned she passed iway in the Memorial hospital in JSmmetsburg, the fore part of last week. Mrs Goff Was housekeeper here in the Frank Bestenlehner home for many years, Bonita Ludwig, daughter of Mr and Mrs Paul Ludwig ' was named Presentation's 19§9 Betty Crpcker Uomemaker of rpw. She received the highest $x>re in 'a 50 minute written ex- Succumbs 'Albert F. Lukensmeyer, 78,,fa« th,er ,#f_Arthur : '-"- 11 Tuesday with His wifei two .rQthers gnd thre* ip,. jArJhup, Lukrasi teacher her MONEY MAKE MORE MONEY! Open A Saving's Account At Home Federal By March 10th — Earn From March 1st! SAFETY All accounts at Home Federal are insured to $10.000.00 by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corp., an agency, ofi the' Federal Government. AVAILABILITY Big reserves in cash and government bonds, We have never failed to pay withdrawal requests/ on demand. HIGH RETURNS NOW PAYING Per Annum Compounded SemKAnnually HOME FEDERAL SAYINGS & LOAN ASS'N Since 1917 AIGONA, IOWA VDM eia«ifwd» Pay Dividend BEECHER LANE, THE WILDEST TRADER IN TOWN, SAYS . •• • * *.' '.>•'•' •;,';.'' ,' r ''"' Sl4i '-';^''vf i* >" ' '.. -' ... 'P i _.-/"'. , ..{..... * Hr~ ,TR..i ^*-.i'.» f' ir-fc ANY APPUIANGE At Beecher - Lane Appliance MATCHING BASE! BUYT ! HIS Nordic Table Model 21T220 — with big 21-inch («) screen * 1-linger Automatic Fino Tuning * "W.ide-Fi"- 1 'Speaker * Tone control * remote control (opt. extra) A choice of finishes 1 AND ... GET THIS matching consol-- ette base FREE! 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