The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 26, 1959 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1959
Page 17
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^jnrffi .>? o- ^v? V^ 1 ' >, ^^ s^ by Everyh in'Any is the Meth **^S'I69 M . Jst tthttfert ,i!li 1 ffead Sy "Mid W&ifc buUgtth. Mr and-Mrs Mil- ^rWwtron; are ih Midland. Tex., wftn ,tfte ;l66nfi6t i 's Soft andi daugh- tfef4ft46w, Elf, and Mrs Richard iH'^iofl-«"Mr and -Mrs George fttr&a&e ;W<flfth; Pla., Mr libulS Kiliey -.werte at Misstf -?Mr ' 'and Mrs ^igft. lastj#eek for fend Mrs ,,—. —fsday for rtAd Mfs /red Iteht _.. ibn.'thfeir; annual'Vacation, ih iflotida find Mr and Mrs Theodore : visited- their son Ted finiil^ at Anii Arbor, and will vind\U^ Jose, Calif., with and daughter, Mr Jbhn Carroll and fan MrS Rfegina Baas was a callet 6he 'afterrioon a few weeks and told hie she was soon Des Moines, Her ser- t>6' heeded there to RoseYnary and Susan. Shis calt&c me a few days ago to tell me sh& was again at home and 'that another granddaughtef has. been added to the family of Mr and Mrs James Hannifan. She has been named Julie Ann and was born January 28. * * ' v I- envy Judge and Mts, G. W. Stillman who left Thursday Jot Middletown, Conn., to visit two weeks with their son-in-law and daughter, Dr. and Mrs John Merrill and daughters, Sandy and Betsy. They stopped at Mount Vernon en route to visit another son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Don Jones and little son. » * * Dena Kohlhaas has written friends she went from Corpus Christi where she had been visit ing her nephew and Wife, Dr. anc Mrs John Kohlhaas, and flew to Los Angeles where she is nicely located in a hotel. * * * Mrs Nick Fisch ha's a grandson e. y Jtwww J »T M*A*V*^ n' l v **W*AW«A «***••. w -vw »-•» w AI *w»h * *«**i* *«U0 M y+- ***»V»*»W* ilotfk""aItertK6'grand{ihildr&n, Jim, Duane Weydfert who ie in service ,n| SPEAKINGS ELECTRICITY BUILDS JOBS We salute the anniversary of the birth of Thomas A. Edison who transformed electricity from .laboratory experiment to everyday reality, as the world's most versatile servant. Today a constant stream of resourcefull energy pours from your local power supplier to all the far flung engineers and scientists who create new jobs, new dustries! Electricity benefits all mankind! Municipal Utilities • - Phone CY 4-2333 You Need A Ghurch To Be A Christian and has been statkmed at Long Bea<*H, Calif. He had been seeing Mrs Ftfcd Kittseh, Wfttter here who Will b& well- Dtiane Will be leav* fat- Japan*. • * * * song "When Good fellow* Together" can also apply to |af$» and in this fcase it's Marilyn Dreesman a'nd Kathy Bermand wto gpt together in Washington, 0. C. where Kathy attends school. [ had an item on her recently and tier training with the Associated Press. Marilyn goes to Sweet Briar College in Virginia. s ' * *. * Cooct Samaritan was lefi with two "chefs" and a nurse missing the morning after the "big storm." Pearl Hanson, Alma Lauck and Anna Beltnke respectively. Alice Jergens waded drifts to get here and with Tillie Steinman /to help, we had ouf meals on time and good ones too. Anna got over later in the forenoon after the plows had cleared the roads When Jim Wychor phoned me to tell me "goodbye", I asked him how ho had fared getting J out to KLGA. He replied he took number 18 in place of the MeGregoi ^street hard-top ahd had no trouble • * - * ' * Kaihryn Mahoney told me she was so glad' to Idarn about Susan Pfeffh^r, formerly of Wesley and j "how at St. Vincent Rest' Home, Seattle, Wash. 'She knew her years,ago. and,is > going .to Write to-her. ' « ' ' ,- t, - - * • * * " , I am glad my cousin Carl Henderson of Corona, Calif,, is a subscriber, for he will'soe the item on the death* of Ethel Morgan., A fine woman and-a dear friend of mine and relative of Carl. * , * * When I phoned Mrs O. B. Laing this morning, I said, "Move over — let me join you at coffee girls." The "girls" being herself and Myrna Or ton who .stayed with -her while Mr Laing is in Atlantic City attending the national convention of American Association of School Administrators. I suppose Myrna will be (there e'very night' — or some one will, for Mrs Laing doesn't like being alone any better than I would. * * * Alden McAdams was here this noon to regulate my clock. It's a friendly thing arid booms out the hours in a good basso. I've missed it since I've been here. It was on a shelf in my kitchen but it's voice could be heard well in my- bedroom. I am -glad to have it here on my mantel and after "Doc" McAdams gets through with it, I am sure-it will tell me the time truly. John Prew is the latest resident here. He was brought from Iowa City a few days ago. jHe has had a recent amputation of a leg. Cause, diabetes. He is father of Don Prew and Mrs Ewald Voigt. » * ' * , Frank and Hazel Vera have re- urned from a two imonth's yaca- ion in Phoenix, Ariz., with'their 5 on-in-law and daughter, Mr and VIrs Melvin Hutchinson and family. They took a side trip into Mfexico and drove to Pasadena for ;he Rose parade. • They had thought it might be possible to get tickets for the big 'game. It true 'they COULD HAVE, a $35 per ticket, but that seemed a little steep and we hope the "scalpers" were left with ticket on hand. : They saw Mrs "Chub" Guderian but the Livingstons Charley and Mabel weren't home I believe they were in Californi about that time. * * * Mrs Dick Meyer has been released from "prison" so to speak. Six weeks -ago she fell on the basement steps and ; broke .her right arm, at the wrist. She has had the cast removed and all she has now is get strength back in the arm. ' •' ' ; *. *..,.. if , : .;,.. Thanks to Girl Scouis troop 13. we residents at- <J. S. had "valentipes" on our noon: trays Saturday. Little "flower • pots" filled with candy hearts and heart shaped gun drop "flowers." The Fred Hanson, who. ihres with his ulster, Mr* vim* Hfl$itftd. en- Grtd the Veteran* hospital at Minneapolis last wfeek lor tfeat- nent. Mr rthd Mrs BHrtk SWplfct* were Sunday dinner guests of Mr and Mrs R. 13. nidge. Mr and Mrs Clarence Faust of Thundoy, Fab. 26, 1959 Britt and Mtf MA Mr* fredsoft were guests of Mrs Harold Ktimt* and Mfs Wfifteti and Connie of Mr and Mrs Bnvhit Mr Gnfy HEADQUARTERS FOR *'Now thai you've had your coffee break, Miss Jones, you PLEASED type those letters before Ihe caffeine wears off ?" foil covered cups were tfed with gay red ribbon and bows — real cute. • ' « * * Another storm casually — Alvira Haase, bedded .a few days with a strained back due to more ambition than strength when shoveling snow from the -walk. While I love going places, I'd have said "No thank you" to Robert Johnson, Youth Extension director, had he inVited me to join him and his friend Ronald Seath of Minnesota; also art ex tension director, on' a trip to Mexico. The roads were far .too icy this morning to make travel a pleasure. The men plan to be gone a fortnight. Mrs K. R, Richardson also han ome misgivings about travel just low. She and the doctor are caving — or left, I should say Sunday, the 15th for two weeks it Pompano Beach, Fla., where hey wili have one of the Dutch -.orenz apartments. They drove o Mason City, then 'took a plane. Success comes before worfednl? Itt the dictionary. '<.'**. R, C. ALLEN - VICTOR - SMITH CORONA By Mrs Cecil Oodfredson ( Mr and Mrs Bob Sigsbee and children spent Sunday visiting with Mrs Sigsbee's mother Mrs Adolph Bruellman of West Bend. Mr and Mrs Earl Shipler, of Burt, Mr and Mrs Sam Shipler of Whittemore, arid Mr and Mrs Lyle Shipler of Britt were recent supper guests of Mr and Mrs Brink Shipler. Barbara Bishop entertained the WWG at the Dillard Bishop home, recently. Dean Swanson and-Mr and Mrs Dillard Bishop attended gaveside rites of-a relative at., Callander. Bill Smith was killed in his tractor from his semi-trailer. Mr and Mrs Marvin Simons- meir and boys and Mr and Mrs Julius Rolfe were recent supper guests of Mr and Mrs Virgil Rolfe of Algona." Mrs Selmer Uhr and Mr and Mrs Harold Fischer visited the .Vaughn farm on the outskirts of Elmore, Minn. They examined the new modern hen house that was on display at the farm. Mrs Wm. Krumm and Mrs Jake Kockler' attended the CD A Recollection Day .at Bancroft. Mr and Mrs Ben Wibben and girls of Algona and Mrs Cora Stow of Burt were recent dinner guests of Mr and Mrs Nels God- fredson. Lynn Pulver, Rev. Lclloy Carter and Fred Moellering took boys to the Boy Scout Camp al Pruirie Gold on West pkoboj: where -they spent the nitc anc Saturday. Boys attending were Jerry Thompson, Terry find Rodney Smith, Larry Berg, Dannie Smouse, Dannie Carter, John Guynr, Duane Brlggs, Paul Moellering, Junior Loonier. John Boland, Robert Boland, Steven Roberts and Hal Alwarcl. Circle No. 1, the Deborah circle met at the home of Mrs Glen Curtis Wed. with Mrs Harold Anderson assisting, Circle -No. 2. Busy Hands met with Mrs Fred Moellering with Mrs Gertrude Beck and Mrs John Ballon assisting. The No. 3 Circle, The Builders met with Mrs Frank Dontje with Mrs Clayton Angle assisting. Rev. R. P. Bronleewee of Sioux stopped at the Selmer Uhr home for, supper on his way to Fond- ers Week at Bethel College at St. Paul, Minn. Mr and Mrs Mancil Hurlburt had as recent guests for dinner Fannie B. Hamel, Mr and Mrs Jess Blasier and Mr and Mrs Leon Hanson'all of Britt and Mr and Mrs Claude Haag, Mr and Mrs Wallace Schaeffer and Dr and Mrs Richard Snyder. Mr and Mrs Leslie .Cassem of Fort Dodge visited Saturday with Leslie's father, John Cassem They were supper guests of Mi and Mrs Sam Link. Recent visitors at the Sam Link home were Mr and Mrs Whalen Porter- and* family of Granada Minn. Mr and Mrs August Dontje and amily were Sunday nite suppei guests of Mr and Mrs Alvin Ste enhard of Algona. The occasion was the first wedding annivers ary of Mr and Mrs Stecnhard. or HAND ELECTRIC OPERATED CHOICE OF- 10 KEY Oft FULL KEYBOARD ^ Did you ever stop to think that Christianity is not a "lone wolf" activity? Too. many of us have come to think of our Christian profession as something having to do entirely, with morals. We very glibly re« cite "The Golden Rule" and seem to believe .that if "we do unto others as we would have 'them do unto us," we are being good Christians, •• "'. • ' * '"'-':' : '"' : '' "Put, being a Christian first involves believing in Christ as our personal Saviour^ and as the Saviour,of the world. It ..involves, much more than befog a gop,d person,'.!.', , Christ taught, "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with »H thy heart,, with" all thy soul •and with all thy mind . , . "' > 'This command to love God includes worship, .prayer, work for God's Kingdom, As our Book of Common Prayer iputs'it, a Christian's duty is "?o follow Chjrist, to .worship God every Sunday in His church, and to work and pray apd give foe the spread of Hi? Kingdom," V Ir» the Episcopal Church we wprshjp Go4 'carpQratfly*—tt»tf£ ° 1 ^ people, It means' • <r j^part of "the Body of Chrisf ~,ib pa^ His, church,, i "> invite you, I Q -joto'' w s to" wprshippUig Rfd'ffjs §90, PMF Lord, in the Episcppal i heal ypu; gt yoyip" earnest eoaysnjence, *'_,' x t ™ ( j^ ' ' T <* ^ im EPISCOPAI CHURCH WECowfir YOU . ST. THOMAS' CHURCH AMSQNA Sunday — 11 a.m. Thwrfday — 7i30 f Office Receipts 14,315.50 2,008.66 17,223.58 10,403.80 2.3B0.04 4 .04 l2.-114.DO 327.03 22,936.99 19,136.70 114,596.61 i" FINANCIAL REPORT OF THE TOWN OF ALGONA, .FOR YEAU ENDING DECEMBER 31, 1958 January 1, 1858 through December-31, 19S8 RECEIPTS Tax 'Receipts General Government —_.., ,- — 5,652.77 Street — --'—,-r-V-— 30,755,50 PuWlc Safety ——•:- 48 ' 72 H« Sanitation :— T — 17,066.56 Municipal Enterprises .-_'. 20,927.28 liecreatior: — — 9,447.34 Utilities Separate Report Debt Service 95,318.14 Trust and Agency ,— 733.69 12, Road Used Tax ---13, Packing Meters • Grand Total Becfeipts .'.,l^t,' r .- 234;629.33 Total Transfers Regular Total Transfers-.- -From Utilities — . • •• EXPENDITURES .-;• . ' Salaries- And Wages 1, General Government ...i,_ 10,398.00 2, Strcc-t - 24,?35.97 3, Public Safety - „ 30,070.13 •l. sanitation - - I0,740,7ti 8. Municipal Enterprises 6.087.38 U. Rucreauon 7,889.31 7. Utilities Separate Report ' U. Debt .Service • , 9, Trust and Agency —• .8; Road Used Tax .' , ID. Parking Meters' , i-i... T.433.47 Grand Total Expenditure? 107,461.02 Tplal Transfers * ' AbBossed Value as of ' January 1, 1957 Real Property ..-".$4,573.964.00 3. Personal Property „ 9B5.065.00 3, RaUro'ad Properly , 53,762.00 " Telephone, Telegraph ana Express Companies .„» 40,l}6.00 5. Utilities, including Transmission Lines , rvd Pipe Ljnes „ „„ 127,958.00 Total .,..,„ —„ ,„ 5,760,865.00 IOWA Other Receipts Tola 8,500.00 28.4B8.27 37,495.90 78,255.0f 85,051.6 r 35,470,42 23,317.32 14.U91.98 107,73^.14 1,061,20 22,936.99 19,136.70 45,995.90 395,221.84 8,500.00 AND UP ARITHMA ADDIATORS - Adds and Subtracts $3.98 - $4.98 - $7.50 The World's Smallest Precision Adding Machines. WE WILL GIVE A LIBERAL TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE UPPER DES PUBLISHING CO. Office Supply Dept. Algona, low* 3^7,495.90 Gapital Outlay 11U43.08 ' 700.00, 7,904,71. 9,230.09 12,153.47 714.78 13,307.73 23,885.87 78,088.73 8.. Monies' and Credits ssessed Value --of AgriquJtuval Lands -within Porporate . ..,1,387,638.00 1.695.PO ' Endin iecem^er 31, 195« Account for ? 3d5.a21.8i 590.44J.68 Total JBxpendJtures for Year C^tvUng pecember ?1, 1858 448.000.8? Add — Warrants Outstanding January 1. 1058 , ..... ,— Deduct Warrants Out- Detcmlivf 31. 1838 5,807.38 447,868*4 • Other 1 Expenditures 10,187,43 . 40.017.35 , 14,869,64 26,562.60 9.268.40' 6,414.36 129.060.19 r l,105.00 14,656.85 2,569.29 255,611.11 • 8.500.00 from -,.-$ Total 31,728.51 65,053.32 62,844.48 55,548.45 28,409.25 15,016.45. '129,960119 1,105.00 27,964;58 33,828.63 442,060*6 Total Deduct Total to Account for .,..$ 421.542.iM Balance on Hand — •• December 31. 1958' ,,$ 168,899,42 REPORT QF.MVWCIPAI, INDEBTEDNESS 345.000.00 42,000,00 Special Assessment Bonds — Pledge Orders one} Revenue Bonds ,„ —,.. 168,000.00 Grand Total -„..„..—,$__555.000,OQ Yoiill love the full six-passenger comfort in the cars BUILT FOR PEOPLE! ,,. BUIUT FOR SAVINGS! ... Just one standard'was used by Ford in Savings start the moment you buy a designing its 1959 car- people! First, •• Ford, A price tag comparison with major Ford made the door openings wider, so competitive cars wjll prove it! And you it's easier to get In and out. Next they go right on saving. Ford's .standard en- made surp that six big people-not just gines that thrive on regular gas save you four or five — could stretch out on seats a dplla* each tankful, Fords Full-Flow that are padded their full width, Result? Oil Filter means oil changes only each More room for everybody's Iqgs, elbows, 400Q miles. Ford's aluminized mufflers Tains and hats,,. more solid comfort than last twice as long. And new Diamond ever before. Lustre Finish never needs waxingl KEEP YOUR FORD ALL FORD WITH GENUINE FORD PARTS Pro telephone, ' - T rty -T,,-.-;- 53,7024 and Transmission Lines and Pipe Lines ............ ,. 127.959.00 Totol Except Monies and Credits „. ........... $5,760.865.00 Total Monies and Credit* T ----------- ,. 1,387.632-ftD Total Valuation of AU KENT MOTOR AVGONA, iOWA

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