The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 26, 1959 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1959
Page 14
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thurtday, N,b. 26, 1959 *,r .. „ * ' .„/... „. ., .*- _ ^,_ t .csik*. ^*BI n ^ I , 'i BENSON WIELDS THE AXE Ahftdurieemeht of a lowered price support & for farm Crops should come as n6 great surprise. Secretary Benson has been advocating lower Support, or no sOppbrf at all, ever lince he,was made Secretary of Agriculture. To lay o foundation for his annual blow to farmers, the Seer&tary has been speaking, no\ before farm groups but to consumer groups in. metropolitan centers, Insinuating that it Is the price support program for farm products that is responsible for the high cost of living. His riew, lower support plan will ogain be presented as American Hie thai seem to lit an*the bedrct 6f directors of the administration. Oieritt 6f fhduilry «ftt protected by tariffs fftjm outride competition, ( aiv«ih aMotyed tax ad. vantages, and allowed to fixWietr own prices to a great degree. They-are-also underwritten by government contract* dn.a cost-plus basis, and government subsidies frt McThy ta»«< None of this tee'rni' peculiar )6' an administration spending something like SO billion dollars annually. But the 3 billion or to portion connected with stabilizing farm income Is Wfbng, as Benson sees It. He might be right if all bther segments of American economy "were left to r c* awfjwwi i |^iv*ii TTHI ug voi • -»«. j_.—-,_.,. — — _ T o ,,. ^..,_ _. f ^ benefit" to the grocery ond meat buyer, We make the grade on their Own, If tariffs, Were who live 5r» the food-growing areas well realize elminated, government conlract« | went honestly that there Is comparatively little relation be- to low bidders', .and no subsidies y/ere-gr.dnted ' - ' ' twe6n a'fefjf'support plan tor farm products and what th6 .consumer pays In the final purchase. The cost.rpf packaging, processing, and profit making* By-the processors largely governs the cost at the retail outlet. But Benson's lowered support price will result in one definite thing, we believe. There .will be the biggest planting this coming year that we have ever known. With a lowered support price for corn, oats, soybeans and sbrghurn, the only way the average farmer can maintain his income is to simply plant more, and that is what he will probabaly do. Surely Benson must know this; yet he is deliberately moving to vastly increase the'grain surplus. Corn support will drop»from about an average of $1.36'as it was last year, to about $1,12 per bushel. ' "'" ' Soybeans will drop from an average support last year of $2.08 a bushel to about $1.85 average. . • Oats'' will drop from 61 cents a bushel to about 50 cents. , Grafrt sorghum will drop from $1.83 per hundredweight to about $1.52. ' '. ' , . ^ All, of this adds up to just one thing, less farm incbme"and greater production in an attempt to stay even financially.; anyone, anywhere, he might J-n'akesense.But he doesn't ubder the circumstances. ' • ,' '" • We have said, before ;and we say If dejaln. The buying pbweir of i agricultural America Is an absolute necessity to maintain a sound and balanced economy. To cut down the buying power, the income of rufbl America is something that in the bast ha* alWeysfechto econbmlc trouble, and it will, again.,-I ! '"'• ••• .""'•' It is"'-a far cry i today, in actual practice/ from' the rosy promise's of -1952 and 1956, when 'the American, farmer ,was ,told he had a place on the "board -of directors. Today he doesn't count for a snap of the fingers In administration thinking and planning.' m * - * * FEWER BUSINESS FIRMS * I6wa Falls Citizen —'AJot more business is being done in Iowa than was, ; the case,10 years ago — but it is being done by.i'fewer stores.' In a nut shell,' the lot'df the ^ Small .business man is not improving, even'during times when tfnparalled -prosperity .(both Democratic and'Re- publican) is presumed to haVe existed. • f '< ' ..The number of retail>stores paying tax in Iowa has declined nearly 9 percent during the last, decade. The decrease has occurred with food stores, - dairies, 1 bakers, restaurants, fruit stands and,the like. " "' •''.'. BUSINESS inch Sfttw storm on the last di i r aff , were dpeh ah44he melt as A Wflffttlfig * A* •fa-"-- J ^t* * fcfj- * J. * ea residents. . . ports ^'ere okayed, ,,., An- offrt* -from -the . $lOO l for the . income - oi^fion»larm; organifcation's property v irtiedown Since _ to r e3rtffiiuish.",a T/ l>a§feWent"fiSi, Sec. Catlse Of the blaze, was'a pile^f the "fte6/m'ajrkei^-iaea, tfte 5'flex th^t, Covejfed a furnat^^iftevbiericeideaof'^heBoafd ol , i^ .that >gcanie; ovfefheatea,; The i& Tfiete, thf ttnite'd States'Chatn^er burned thttStdM .the kiteheil flqor 1 of. Commerce 'arid the Fahft feu? _LJ£J *«i\A4fiiilala..u.i»ittl jb . Mk£bJbld.K " l J*-ti4*i c **'A , ,. ,.'.'«. - •' aei- cepted by<the>ciiy. «A- beer r per was- 1 i-eftewed by-LogUe's half-dozen blank report card's, please 1** washinhioh 'highlights tJSUM O ,. O , -cbhsiaerable sm6kfej'dfiHia|| i SMI dti.*L.intti *i.A>M4.^tWuj*; A* i-UM ') A Weekly Report from. the^Ntitton's Capital by Ray Fetttdrt ,''and were being stu'died by'-Jay-' -ij > J i< .H u '" ! , a.v 1 ""'^' •-*. •, , , u Gee members. If. Was -up .to, the While .tins dismantling of the ^ommiSsioh ," t6'; pfoVide '-'parkitfg^ farm program* has ,;bfe£n ? go1ng. on 1 space and- a drive into'the park ,tfte bi£ /Steel ; corporations Have and the JajrCees"Were~t6 furnisli',: steadily,', advanced', .their prices picnicj * tables, \''trees. '• shrubbery '^o^ ",by .the simple" "process - of arid 'a 'fireplace.' Officials,- o& the' -shutting'down'some ; df ttieir'mills eer Hybrid corn platiVriear la^ilfingHhelr' men .to' keep , . -farmers , ^attended a ttne^day ' Gargill cotn ;• .workshop, at the Algona I^otel Wednesday, ]peb. -1L -" Men frbm «.; this.- area who attended were. Cecil Long and Afnold Banielsoh,; 'Algona, Jdh'h s Erpeldingj" Whittemorei Albert • Kbllaseh, ,fia'nctsft f - -ttvin Elbeyt; Rodman, -*-afid| Wayne Dunn,' ,W6?t Bend.' - " '*%*$& I, ' .- -' . .'.- -J I. ..V -•'- • r.l-*..?...^...-:l "dDM Classlfleds Pay .Dividend* _ .: ~ ----- 3.---- --------- 1 ---- ... .--..* --------- ..*»,^. .......... r 4 . , /*,•.;,'-,,'• • .. Pioneer Hybrid corn plahvnear Urid^fWniHhe"Jr' men .to keep the WAR ON CRIME — A lot of that/ ,lt»s designed to assure a , tn g site offered to furnish Iwater .supply/down «M the price 'iip> 'legislation is working its way uniform gleam , in the porcelain ^ any an( i alMravelers wMo stop- {THEY SeT the pfice 5 . ,\ ' -\ decision that playa; testing machine with a 10 million -j a}1 S ' e hi 6nce ; in :'the, Palo; Alto -Daily.Drover$ Journal'tKat -this ; hands of toe big- pound capacity. It exertsjMprca. county g ai l_ a f Ernrhetsburg'/.fol- k&nlriistratidri had Ijusr.agreed to .This decision ruled! equivalent ,to, 'the,, weight^ of & lowing \ a •''hearing Tin,' mayor's A$ e Comrriunis't 'Yugoslavia XS' sional gambler can'stack" of automobiles-three, miles court. at.W^eSt 'Bend.' It. seems 5 the 'small country"'* no !! bifeger; "^han his income tax eX-', higiC ••.' ' ', defendant 1 > gp,t'iflted at the West Wyoming) : some "$2^5"millidn to right into the time gamblers. that a professional gambler can' deduct 'from his income tax eX-, higiC penses incurred in Operating.hia, 1 „ in'. 1 defen4ant j *ip,i'ilfked at the West :Bend marshall, and attempted;to oming);some the penses incurred in; „ >. ..—.Q--- , • > ;Bend marshall, and attempted,to itieiD the die Ullegal business. This, of course, INFLATION ARITHMETIC — poke him in. the ,nose. Probably la ^ t near • means vou nav higher taxes *in,Tn l(UR'>n VuufnArotto -iViit'dmxhV'42 *wasn.'t' Worth the" 30 days" ''Spent ••' __ -1. ••„„.._.>; : means you pay higher taxes in, in order to let these gamblers get; cents J on 'the" counter -find- the 'behirid-bars.' '' build a' fertilizer presumably byi. with, 'a tax don't deserve. GOOD BUSINESS RISK advantage they $ butcher gave , her a 'pound; of ground steak. In 1952 this same ,-, housewife put down 42 'cents on ' the same countermand the butcher wouldn't give her a pound'of. t to stay even rinanciauy.; , , , ana, me IIKE. . , . v t '_. i All pretenses of the present 4iatiOnpl admin- •' ' f > Even in 1957 there were 8,921 sales tax^permlts istration of being interested'in agricultural wet- issued and 12,735 were cancelled. Last yeanthe, net loss in permits was a little better than',2,000! And it isn't that- people are ' eating Uess', or ing without'shoes or sox or what have'yoUj As- t ^fli 0 tS?ii ; of htm^^ ; a a r'3 ^.5tA^£^!L T i*,T Pink salmon (57c). Actually, fare have now been dropped by the wayside, The "farmer is getting the axe, and good. The same cannot be said for segments of going a matter of fact' there is some indication that they " *.P«U- - t ' •* i v * % ' 111 E. Call,Street—Ph. CY 4-3535—Algeria, r lowa Entered *%s second class matter at the postofflce at .AlgbnaV Iowa,' UMder 1 "Act of Congress of Marches,' 1879. i ' , , , a > of these •Issued Thursdav in 1959 Bv PER 4 DESMOINES PUBLISHING CO. • R. B. WALLER, Editor C. S. ERLANDER, Advertising Director JERRY METCALF, Advertising Manager • - DON SMITH, News Editor FERMAN CHRISTOFFERS, Plant Foreman NATIONAL EDITORIAL MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU CIRCULATIONS NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly Newspaper Representatives, Inc. 404 Fifth Ave., New York 18, N. Y. -333 N. Michigan, Chicago 1, 111. li,-', [#:•> t- v ',» • fe' 1 w- IS, > •>,' 1C •- r-'v, If;' »Art" < Vw 'SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN' KOSSUTH CO. One Year, 'in advance — , -------------- ------------ $3.00 Both Algona papers, in combination, per year ---- $5 00 Single Copies , ,,_, ---------------------------------- We SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH ne-, V^ar,,'4n ff advance , ---- --- — r ------ -- ------ ---, , ---- -- tli Algona papers in combination, onfe year --- $6.00 6 'subscription less than 6 months, _^_^_ /T . r _, < -.,- AND.COUNTY NEWSPAPER toispiay-^SyerJt'lsing, per inch 63c t'"' /ADVERTISING RATES But fewer, bigger stores , are looking'-' aftfl 'the business. ' , ' .;*, ' v " lowans will" point .with concern about how the Big Corporations/are ( getting Bigger — as tho'ugh this process were only something occurring in the East or in the big cities. It is going on right here in rural America — and in Hardin and Franklin and Grundy and Hamilton couriiies! Why? Well, a part of it seems to be the evolution that»comes with easier and better communication and technology."Fewer people are producing more food on the farm, of course. ' But a part of it, too, is that the small business man, with limited capital.and buying on an individual basis, has no easy row, to hoe. He .has to be pretty darned alert if rjis business is to] meet the pace set by the large concerns with mass buying, unlimited capital and the'like. • / In short, there ard going to be fewer farmers in Hardin and Franklin counties andj'.there .may well be fewer business firms here, took v Of 'course, what are left may be stronger and doling a better job — and selling' more total merchandise. But they, will be fewer in number. / * * * i I read the other day that some statistician had figured that the cost of feeding a X'6-yeSr-old boy is $11.50 per week.'It.might be possible, but how do you 'get a 16-year-old boy to live on crackers •and milk? — Lake City 'Graphic. ' * * * '\ * The older we get the fewer the things which are important and urgent. Pride- and 'a 'haridiul o! gold still, however, remain as obsessions — Corydon Times-Republican. * * # Cheer up, things could be worse, he was" told. So he cheered up, and sure e-nough, things WERE worse. . • / . , SordJor repaying Foleral gov-, ^^^c^^a^i 1 ^ j^&fe^tS5 9 £^S!SiV ^ .*«'* p«^ sal * «° rk :, , .!& 1 ^ erfcd P rovlde _service to TQ - YOUR ' HEALTH '— A hot' 4,590,000 consumers. Th 1S fact is ; f . ht j building up in 'Congress- remarkable when one considers ; ^ fe proposed .national health that these systems are prevent-l ^-L..~*. __u- mu~ ^«^^'. ed, by-law from serving any co: mumty with a -population of :~' '* afl.>|,500.;-ff'oday, .about. 95 ihTbf Behind The , - .. t-i WITH] '5 '" ': v'V* v ' IBUPDY M.ASON . ^ ; *. f t , t I » . , i * • . . t • 4 i t «^'> '•> ~ so,,'he "woiild"iiot"ir)eed 'tol'^uy • . '-•,.' ' ,.> any, of, oui* s\irplus "crops.- "This t .',-. > • "' 'Was hi'addition to'some $1.6^,bil- liort, ,\ye, had. 4lreadyi given *-Tito, , mostly in military»>aiaj; longj^ince \^- 'I' heyer* could understand t hoW i-,we could/be so" • richVas^tb/'ppur { this;mfalhey;^dbwn"'aVdlctator : rat ;-hole v bu't r are ,sp ? poor {.We'* cannot pay more thah''7'09?f pf 'our'ibPard * bill J.o .Aniefican farmers., , ' '.-Bensbh^'will" und'd,UDte'dly"' ;recommend ^^yeTprolf^an'^ '-attempt 1 roBra ^ HOLLYWOOD, CALIF,: and "Vote eary — AND OFTEN!" A -v,""L-,--:i- , -1 ' 'Mais inHhe^^t^BliSck^S! was .once quoted as telling this all our, farms have elecr- £ f « the prograi r c laim they now to bur «»«*'«"' faorift W •o— GROUNDED BY FAT HE —.There is a good chance that Uncle Sam may start order " 'ing airline pilots to turn in their at an earlier age. Right NOVK you The everyday insurance problems* By L. S. Bohannon ** *• i ^"..^i^Maj. * f • "• * QUESTION:- Is it really necessary to keep insurance policies in a safe deposit box? Doesn't 'anyone keep duplicates which | I r could get- if my policies were losi or burned?. v > ."-i ANSWER: Copies of all your policies are made and kept in safe places but there are many instances where policy <• holders, have r {died or., forgotten about, the policies • and no claims filed for losses, which were „ actually covered., Your safe deposit box ji's well worth its-small cost in the ease of mind' f it brings.?.?,, , <.,;. ', \^.-\ * if you'll address your own {insurance questions io this office, i we'll try io give you the correct answers and there will be* no charge', or obligation of any:kind.,;.,','; , "\ ~\ • L. S. BOHANNON ' C;Y'fc-4443 - ... ., r . , .,- . health instu-ance after 25 years. if ,you enjoy vhavirig a hand 4n- fi now most 'aurhnes wilj let their h ' &s failed to reacn a ihird Of the ma ny local poll ^elections Just ge't*"J r pilots stay on the job until they, people. And .those under, this a Filmland 'mail address. YOuf '<, avt»' RO Ono. P\r^n \xnll liar, t.npm _i_^ _Aiii i-«,.« *•« Hn -.r w^i* ^"uA-i** —-.„!.«—.„«. ».,in J^. +u« » n ^4- T\/r«r*__ are" 60. One even will let them' w^ s tin have, to pay half -their postman will do the rest, Mag- ,, •PI IT -fill f V»n^i j i»o RR TKic* rJorvonHc s^_ _«i_t i*ii_ ' i ± * xt..!.. J™ «.* ; —— ^.i..t~ A :« £^^4- n-*-. v * n «-.n iL fact, anyone hi the contes-- -. fly till they're.65.. This depends, nospital bills'and two-thirds of -azines, clubs — in of; course, on their ability to pass ^heir doctors b'ills. " .. having-ah interest i rigi physical exams. Some doc- L t , — 0 —, ' . ' tants will mail ballots to^ou.,The tors, however, feel even 50 is 'too -BUT* WHAT ABOUT ,SPUT- fact that the person, or'thing, of old for the man who has to make' N,IK? — The U.S. 1 may be behind their choice is listed first on the split second decisions — J "" u ~ ~ ' "-* ~* —j.-j~*~~ —— ~ ~~u,i~~ could be stricken with attack at the controls, on the man at the c ,„„„_ „„*,*•*. , -, ,— becoming - more severe as more v j e t s 'turned out 309',000 refrigera- 'ahd more airlines are tui-ning in tors. We produced 3,350,000. The propeller-driven planes •*—--- ' - • aircraft. DANGER DOWN BELOW — Congress now has been asked to ,^ o*uT3,T9b,Oob"."Television."sets? INSURANCE Hou s e happy< in 1957 ' ' for jet Reds ' manufactured 377,000 wash- irig machines. 'We came up with. 3;970,000. Russia made only 262,vacuum cleaners while we 206 East State St. Phone CY 4-3176 Academv of Arts and to small coal mines where disasters have increased -steadily over the four -years. Now, only the larger mines must' meet stiff federal safety requirements. The rate m.-sinall mines is times higher than in the large mnes. SCIENCE ANDSHINY NOSES — The National Bureau, of Standards has now developed a ma-" chine — called the glpssmeter — which is so accurate it can measure the shininess of a lady'a nose. -But it won't be used tor Ri ss i a ns only 700,000. for achievement awards.^ "• * * i * •- . i '• On the evening of .April 7th, "all Hollywood \yill gather to hon- BLOSSOM INSURANCE AGENCY ^All Lines of Insurance ' -Automobile"-'Furniture Uo'an ' 7 N. Dodge Phone CY 4-2735 BOHANNON INSURANCE au iioiiywooa wiu gainer io fion- \ , '. ,, 'SERVICE' or its men-and-women-of-the-year. i >N.' Dodge St? Ph.,CY 4-4443 More 'than 2,00"0 yoters- will have * Home --, Automobile - farm taken part in ^determining .which- • "achievements and performances „ 'during 1958 are in.the running'Tor ' honors ,-in 23 "'categories. Voters * "will have nominated-five, achievements for each race, except iij the Polio Insurance " ' • / v CHA'RLES D. PAXSON ^Dwelling, Auto, Liability, * * ** " 'A 1 T.iH •# P*,'v w «»,"• v i " A > t* SH What's the wonder of a telephone? Remember 'way back to the first time you held the 'phone to your ear? A familiar voice said "Hello", and you heard it but you couldn't speak. You were lost in the magic of that voice in your eai\ That's the great wonder of a tele- •phone—the reason there's no service anywhere, a.t any price, that's quite the. same, Only a telephone can carry your voice across the miles to one single person—the one you called— and carry his voic,e back to you. So ciear you .can hear every word; so true you can heap a tear or a smile, all the warmth that a human voice can hold. .North\yestem JJell Telephone 'Company, TVhat a big diferenc'e telephone service makes •» *, if j ike tkt&pest Service you buy t^ 't- FROM THE FILES 0 'MAR. 2, 1939 field of. special effects, w;here- only twp.,can compete, and in^^he dpcjifnentary, '' films' ' ' 'division, ' Life,' "General Phone- CY 4-4512 KOSSUTH MUTUAL dir*. * " ! ecting classificatipns, only- mem- • Here's a dirty trick — 'Mr and bers of these individual branches Mrs Archie Voig't of Whitte,rhore vote for nominees. Later, the en- attended a k funeral'at the'Luther- tire membership Votes the final ari church there last Friday. When (awards. ... they t-eturned home. 100 of their , - , • ,. . chickens were' missmg. Someone. Every, member ,of 'the Acad- had evidently known the Voigts em'y's, 13 branches casts nominat-' would be' gone and made the ing votes for "the Best Picture, most of it. Art direction, cinematography, . * • * * ' ' • " cosfum,e design, film editing, and - An open forum meeting, first music will ^each have ten nomin- tp be held in Algona for many ees chosen by their own branch- years was'held in the high scftopl es. This number will be reduced > auditorium Monday-evening-and to five , finalists. The 'spund was attended by 125 welj-sajisfled branch and special effects, nomn. persons, WV B. Quarton an4%. J. Jnees are so degigpated-by men pickinson took the affirmative in their own ranks. •' and O. B. Laing and Edgar AWe- Phce and Waterhouse, a fflm son the negative sides of the; ques, of Certified PubUc Accountants, tion — should'the United States counts the nomination Ballots of re-armV-The subject of U.S, for« ajl .-groups an/i attnour^ces the ejgn -policy ya$ discussed, "al' finalistf. ...,)'. .„ so Af^er ihe four speakers had Nominees for tof documentary talked on the subject,.toe meeting films, short subjects and. foreign was thrown open to everyone filffl awards 'are determined:by 'present and a dozen persons offer- meetings and screenings for spe- ?d -their ide^s pn tlie matter, cial committees. Members of the audience contri- In acting, there-are awards tf or buted , data' and comments on best performances/ v by^ sin actor 'possible future'subjects for. simih and by an actress., * or , ar forum meetings. b es^ suppprjfiiig > perfpnn^ncei ** ty+'jM v ".T * ' < The^e,,and'many, orstnches pc - RaJpl, 'Valentine evened the,listed here onty ptei-rtxit'noroJiW score. The AJgona inari was sdme- to run 5n one category. , ,what embarrassed in 1937 when ... his, wife won the city gribbage -Afcademy - owcers ojsc* • moye tournament. Ralph came through announce that the Osceivto^qe With the title Tuesday n^ght over iward^i'on A»« l 1& »{ ^w ysw •a field of 4g entrinjtjs: 6ruce $cjs- wjll honor a,cjn4ivements or per- h»rt was second, Roy Boeder formances, e^d NOT the popular- thirxi, ftiil Specht fourth and L«o ity of ii«Jivi4«sls. 'Vou may be Aman fiith. Hough weather held certain tliat each award winner surance in ; fOrc6; 'A' 1 home company, Safe, secure.. Phone CY 4-3756 • tola Scuffh'anU Sec'y' HERB^t INS. AGENCY For Auto. Hbuse, -Household fSwds, 1 ancf Many , Other Forms vPhone CY 4.^3733 ' -,Ted S. ,Herb>t s , ANDY CRAWFORD' "/' • General" Agent "' Iowa- Farm Mwtualf-Ins, Co. •Affiliated with- Farm- Bureau i Auto (with flO-,' 1 " - 1 - iTr '- 1 Life --Hail r ", \' Phone'"CY C, g^UNDBT DOCTORS MELVIN G.,BOURNE, M. D. Physician &,Surgeon „•»"«!•• -- : 118<N;' Moore, St. , Office phone CY 4-2345 , Besident phone •CY,A-2277 J. N. KENEFICK. M. D. Physician & Surgeon 218 W. State Street Officg phone CY 4-2353 Resident phone CY 4-2614 JOSEPH M. HOONEY Physician & Surgeon 114 N. Moore ' Office phone CY 4-2224 . , Resident phone. CY, 4-2232 JOHN M. SCHUTTER, M.D." Physician & Surgeon 220 No., Dodge,.-'Algona . .Office phone QY. 4-4490 Resident phone *CY '4-2335 Chiropractor Dr. ? D; -DJ''' -Afoold ' ' '' ' ' 'Chiropractor "•>', ^..Over Pehney's i Office Phone — CY 4-3373 Hours;, 9:00 — '5iOO '. Open Friday Night , • Dr. R, J. Thissen Qhiro_practor 17Mi'E/State > St.,"Algqna ''-" State ^arm Ins, Co, ' .706 So, rtlllUDs 3t. ' Vlgona^ 1''Php-OQ CY"'4-2 v 3'4'i DlNTtSfS BR, PATRICK OR, J, 8. HARRIS, ' OPTOMETRISTS SAWYER- and ERICKSON Eyes, Examined Contact • Lenses .\, j Hearing Ajd Glasses ,, 9 East §tate. Street " , Alfeonai Iowa Phone CYpress ,4-2196 . Hpurs;'9:00 fun, tp-SiOO^p.m. Closed Saturday, 'At'tornQone 'PR. 6, M, i ; Optometrist Visual Analysis & Visual Training , 108,Sputh,Harlan' St, " (Hpme Federal Bldg.) ; 'Podge 4-289 J Serving Honepck, Humboidt Alto ft Ko««lh

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