The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 19, 1959 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1959
Page 14
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p: &X «& f -I M- ',&* «ft- (bonwnun* 19 THE SHORTEST month of the year, but It id also the monlh with the most special days, weeks and holidays. Not only do CJeorge Washington and Abraham Lincoln have birthdays in February, an awful lot of ordinary people saw the first light of day during this month. THE FIRST FEBRUARY HOLIDAY celebrated Is Ground Hog's day. If he sees his shadow on this day, he goes back in his hole to sleep six more weeks. It seems to me that Mr Groundhog has very little to do with the arrival of spring. In this climate, we always seem to have at least six more weeks of winter after Feb. 2 whether or not he sees his shadow. * * * SOMEWHERE DURING FEBRUARY COMES World Brotherhood week. We subscribe to the fact that all oeople are brothers in our oaths of allegiance In our country, and in our formal statements of religious creeds. However, when it comes to putting the theory into practice, it ofton turns out quite differently. The world should be a family of nations, we agree, but when they act like real, live human families, we deplore it. FOR EXAMPLE, GERMANY HAS long been referred to as the Fatherland. But, twice within the memory of living people, when Germany acted like a firm dictatorial father and started trying to control the world, the Fatherland blamed near destroyed the human race. That kind of resemblance to a family we can do without. * * * ENGLAND IS THE MOTHERLAND IN the familv of nations. She gave birth to the United States, Canada, and I don't know how matiy other countries But, liVe some human mothers, whon the offsoring grew up and wanted free of her apron strings, Mother England put up quite a f'"ht. AMONG THE CHILDREN IN THE FAMILY of nations, is the United Stntes. This country can be likened to the teen-ager in the family-full of vim, vigor and vitality, impatient with some of the old-folk's beliefs and full of fads and silliness. Lots of people don't like this resenmblance to a family and then too there are those who regard the United States as the Rich Uncle in the family of nations. * » * BABIES IN THE WORLD FAMILY are the Kingdom of Israel and currently, Cuba. Everybody knows how much a new baby upsets a household with its crying, demands for food and assistance and in getting on the right schedule, and so it is when a new member comes into the family of nations. * * * I AM NOT SURE I WANT the countries of the world to act like one big family. From the experiences around this house, I feel that if they do, there will be too blamed much fighting. At our house there's an awful fuss when Jean grabs Mary Ann's best socks, and so it would be if Russia should grab America's best oil wells. As the oldest, Bill demands rights he is reluctant to give up to his younger sisters. It might work out that wav within the family of nations. When I have to spend money that I have saved for myself and pay it on the grocery bill, I don't like it. It would be the same in the family of nations if America had to pay out several billions slated for tax relief, to help one of the other children of the world. And when the kids get jealous of each other, all heck breaks loose. It'd be the same thing if we had a true family of nations. » * * VALENTINE'S DAY ALSO OCCURS IN February. That one I can go all the way on, for you just can't beat love, It is what makes the world go around and you never can get too much love. Of course, as a mother I find that Valentine's Day involves more making of treats for the party at school and helping address Valentines for 4th grade boy friends than it does receiving lace paper messages of undying affection for myself, but Valentine's Day is still a wonderful invention. v " " » * » IN FEBRUARY ALSO COMES NATIONAL BEAUTY Week. It's sponsored by cosmetologists of the country, and this year I've been intrigued by the projects in some towns where the beauty operators go into rest homes, 'mental hospitals and orphans's homes to give free beauty treatments to the inmates. Every woman knows what a boost'to the morale it can be to know that she is looking her very best and permanents and facials have been incorporated into the treatment of patients trying to regain their balance. * * * NATIONAL BEAUTY WEEK als6 brings up the question of what is true beautv. It still is more than facials, hair-dos and the selection of the right costume, although they all help. Nothing can really make a woman pretty if she doesn't have a sparkle in--her eye, an understanding heart and kindness in her manner. * * » MAJOR BIRTHDAYS IN FEBRUARY are George Washington's and Abraham Lincoln's. George is a giant among men, but" Abraham seems more^ human to most of us. Whether this is because he has been so thoroughly enshrined by the Lincoln cult in the last 20 years or if he was as great as they say he was, really doesn't matteii.-What is really a shame is that both Mr arid particularly Mrs liincoln, were, so thoroughly maligned during their lifetimes. The price of greatness is paid during our life on earth; the rewards don t become apparent until after death. * * * FEBRUARY IS A GOOD MONTH — especially after it" is over. Personally, -I am sick and tired of winter with its bitter cold one morning, its blizzard the next and the whiff of spring on the a.m. following. Spring will come one day, I am sure — at least it "always has. And very shortly afterwards we'll be sweltering in 90 degree heat wishing for a mere breeze of frigid weather. It's a pity we can't mix it up a little, * » * ' „ THIS . WE & K ' S RECIPE is one of three sent to me by Mrs George Smith. Things have been lively at the Smith's lately. Not only did their two year old, Sandra try to eat a Christmas tree decoration and end up in the hospital for observation the family dog was hit by a car and killed. Sandy is doing fine at last reports, but still looking for new mischief to get into. George is the lino- typist who sets this cooy at the U, D. M. ' The recipe is for No Bake Cookies: 5 % cup butter or margarine 2 cups white sugar ,%*cup milk ' ' -^'2 cups raw oatweal ' 1 cup coconut \ ' 1 cup nutmeats ' ' • 6 tablespoons coc'oa or 2 squares melted chocolate v 1 teasp. vanilla. , Combine \hf butter, sugar and milk in a saucepan and bring to } a boil. Four this over the oatmeal, coconut, nuts and cocoa anc add; vwttpa.-,.Dipp teaspoons on a waxed paper and place in i copl sppt.uniil'fcard. Makes about 62 pieces. * ' —GRACE ^fc£fcjaj±^,jfa £ba& MOTES Or SERVICE MEN FORT BfeNNIMG, OA. — Army 2d Lt. Sidney C. Skaar, son of Mr and Mrs Lars Skaar, Lcdyard, completed the eight-week officer leadership course Jan. 20 at the Infantry School, Fort Benning. Ga. Designed for newly-commissioned officers Who have not served with troops, the course offered Lieutenant Skaar instruction in the duties and respon* sibilities of an infantry unit commander. Lieutenant Skaar, 22, is a 1954 graduate of Grant Township High School and a 1958 graduate of the University of Iowa. , He was formerly employed by Green Giant Co ( ., Blue Earth, Minn. LACKLAND~A"FB, TEXAS — Airman James A. Maasdam, above, son of Mr and Mrs Arthur L. Maasdam of 603 S.' Dodge St.. Algona, has completed his initial Leslie Denlons Honored, Seneca — Mr find Mrs Dpnton were honored oft 25th wedding anniversary last Sunday afternoon with ojteh house at their home by their children. Mrs Alvin Doesken df Clair City, Minn., Darlene, Darold and Roger at home. Approximately 176 were jsre* sent. j O. R. Person opened a short program, Mrs Person presented a humorous poem. Rev. W. H» Friedrich of Fenton also gave a brief talk. A beautifully .decorated .4^ Wffi. Pettfccrd and Mrt Bergum. BaftCfoftj 1 Leona, " • Maa&e»i BttfV . - M ^1,,^-Ji , . Marie Haack 6hd Leslie' Den» ton were carried Feb. 11,1634 at the Lotts Creek Lutheran erTChsh. Their attendants werfe Mrs Heafj? Groen, now of Buffalo, Missouri and Emit Haack of Lone Rock, Seneca 4-tt Met' The Seneca 1 Progressive Farm* ers 4-H club met at the, home of Kenneth Beavet* * Thfc «ard par^ Which the grou£>, Sponsored Sat 1 - urday evening S W4& reftorted as very successful 'and: the group wish to say a thank you to all the friends whd attended. ' ' Donald Hariisch gave a talk, and Craig Jensen : also talked, •«• ^iM'^t'Sli •» 7";,*» 1. **-» 1 ' ,» »1l»« * *^i „ J ( » ^g f «»t " f . if I, »' / V ^ I , ,$* Vf L ' ,* > «fe«a wedd1ftg-eak4'f^ "^- i ""'* " MM Russell Kauffmaii,. m*&m& ~°" and ieWed ,Mi* Estifl HiH&yL, - mured, * ** '• { ' f vl "'** !»£««> -——--—••"•" •• —. «*H^| OXbC& EL TV %>V*XV 9 visit with Mr Nielsen's sisters and their farniti& at Liffc&lft, Ashfc? afid S*ott£ Mutt; Net), > Mrs ming f Malmht fell ott the sftdw-.cdvered,ici when ahferiw*6» gdittg to }he,*h!ekeXJi6t&i to gathfeij tgte* bulking. fcefi fight afin above th<f ftrtlfc,,;!;'J 1 and Ufa Lefto# Wdrby, was baptised recently at St.' Olaf Lu* tHerafl church at Bode. ,Mr and Mrs Robert Block of West Bend were sponsors. vin ttaug, Mrs Anna Longseth, Mrl Mofftfi Hafgtt, MfsJLeo T/6f- "tefc%r%. MSI >Ma#mis ; BriillandV Mrs Mef le Salt, Mr! Soy Encck* idft, 1 -4l#S^CoMId MtlSrteif, •• J-MflS 'Oliver Lefe, MfS, Earl OiSbn> Mrs Bertha ^Jacpbson, Mies Harold - Mr-and e8fi lahd* Calif.- hdve^ruTTscribed' ta the Reinbeck Cotirietwloi' uv-* feld and Jerry Metealf. |fi<Jk deiar afld Goffimlttee meft , Mrs J s % ^agefty.of Jbledo Served' " 4 Her^l03rd birthday rt- tently, Although hfer eyesight course of Air Forc^ basic military training here. He has been .selected to attend the -technical training course for Radio'and Radar Maintenance at Keesler AFB,' Miss. LACKLAND AFB,'TEXAS — Airman Donald R. Froehlich, above, son of Francis H. Froehlich of Algona, has been assigned to a unit of the Strategic Air Command at Beale AFB, Calif., for training and duty in Accounting and. Finance. He' recently completed basic military training here. , and hearing have failed she is '*"'' . . able' r f»*get"&b'6\it'the Mouse, i Airman Froehlich is a graduate of St. Cecelia's Academy and attended Loras College. Farm Group To Visit Legislature Kossuth County Farm Bureau Women are again sponsoring a tour to the Legislature in Des Moines. The date set is March 10. Buses will leave Burt at 5:15 a.m., Algona at 5:30, and St. Joe Corner at 5:45. Arrangements have been made to eat lunch at Younker's Tea Room. Reservations must be in by February 24, along with the $4.00 bus fare. Any lady in Kossuth County is welcome to go. Buses will be filled on a first-come-first served basis. Garfield Gems Garfield Gems met Feb. 7 at the home of Ernie Habeger. A talk was given by Mary Runchey, Jeannette Stetzel also gave a •talk. A delicious lunch was served by Mrs Ernie Habeger and Rachel. l f i i 4%i *m •(•PT^VmUB^BB^^H^ A^S857 h&fl/ttr ° r e*c*»' * COUNT* m. \ i fMgviiM, up, Frank Droesslery Bancroft, la. 'Bod^JarJorl ilbsrt, Whiftemore, la. t^J^rjifr Matthiesen, Fentorj, la. ^A&V^V*''- > ' "' • • ' >i\/lore than automatic... it can think! . \ .., ^ I, '-,{*' „ • w J i v i ,'> r r . .% yl n ', i A RUINED ROAST! Don't worry about that roast If) the oven. You carrterve It hours later, still hot, rar«, julcyl, ' * ' new concept tn Laundry Equipment for your hom&> WESTINQHOUSE 1OOO , •> -''-'. • Liundrom»llii.Weitlnitiou>»rii!ilif«Ilridimir» PROGRAM COMPUTERS dick interaction setting up exactly the right program for wash- ' ing every fabric ,.-. 1000 Laundromat has 8 separate programs plus special settings for pre- wash, rinae and spin," drain and spin. Matching Electric Dryer computes 8 separate programs for extra drying convenience. NEW WESTINGHOUSEELECTRIC RANGE-KEEPS MEAT HOT, JUICY,-DONE TO YOUR TASTE! ^ even if dinner's delayed for hours! NEW COOKING MIRACLE! EXCLUSIVE SERV-TEMP ROAST 6UARO Never again a ruined roast became dinner was delayed. Amazing Serv-Temp Rout Guard co * meat exactly as you want it, then keepa it t! way until you're ready tp oerve It, - > qooto tbit • r EASIEST CLEANING EVER! All surface units and oven heaters are exclusive Westinghouse Plug-Out design,,. can be completely removed for easiest, fastest cleaning ever. No range is modern without- Plug-Out Units .., and only Westinghouse has them. Quality Westing, house Ranges Priced From Only Separate custom washing 'programs for: ' SILKS'. SYNTHETICS . BLANKETS WASH 'N WEAR/. DRIP-DRY COTTONS • LINENS • and it TINTS \ EASY BUDGET TERMS •ATCfa "WESIINGHOUSE LUCILLE BALL-DESI ARNA2 SHOWS" CBS-TV MONDAVI KEEPS MEAT FRESH 7 DATS •^*'i*^*s'* * WKTIHGHOU5E GIVES YOU WEN MOKEt * Built-in Rotisserie if Two Miracle Sealed Ovens if Automatic Grill if 1001 Surface Heat* ir Automatic Timer if Super Corox Unit if Automatic Surface Unit * Full-widtb Storage Drawer AUTO-DEFROST REFRIGERATOR Bew t6 cufL WESTINGHOUSE Combination with exclusm COLD INJECTOR SYSTEM Jl < *''' '> r Keeps ail foods fresh longer NOW S¥P ONLY ONCE A WEEKl" $179.95 Even hamburger stays • ' $»ore-fre*h 7 days In the' special Meat Keeper. • Big twin' porcelain crisp- • ers keep vegetables garden-fresh longer than • ever, v . r SEPARATE 190 LB. FREEZER • 120 ice cube* at ope time with Cube Server ' ' • Foot peda{ door opener • Roll-Ovl Freezer Bosket* • Interior freezer light ' • Low temperature all over .. . yow «an even store milk In the door e,No.b!nd Glide-Ogt Shelve* • Cheese and Butter Compartment • Egg Drawer holds 24 • Child-safe Magnetic Door* OCM-16 WWI CAM il SURE,.,* rt , EASY BUDGET TERMS t NEW SHAPE OF TOMORROW STYUNQ with Choose*N-Change Color Panel* lets you choose from 28 color combination* WE TRADE Our Deal Before Yeii Buy" EASY TERMS

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