The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 19, 1959 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1959
Page 10
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2-AlgoTw fl*<) Upp*r 0w MolnM th CASEY MAKES HIS POINT A GOOD EXAMPLE WHY ,.,. It tedlti e* though the county roods In Iowa will seoti have o daytime speed limit of o$ mrteiran hewn and a night speed limit of §8 miles em hour, the measure seems to be on H* way ihrewfh bdth Reuses of the legislature In Oei Molhes. . ^ But RfcpreseTrtaNve Casey Loss made his closure of questionable practices in the office of |>oim, and made it well, in commenting on the the State Treasurer came t6 light. , Mr Jurgemeyer's view was that his party was too- casual toward Its candidates, that It was pure coincidence of course. At the same time that State Republican Chairman Jur* gemeyer was laying It on the line to the Republican party in Iowa, and giving the OOP* a much worse lambasting than any Democrat could possibly have devised, a wide-open dis- rtteosufe, and telling why he was against It. *1 ddn r t wont to vote for something that Will moke violators out of nearly everybody", said Loss. He sold that he had been informed that Oft Kossuth's 277 miles of blacktop road speeds well frt excess Of SO and 60 were common practice. We agree with Casey; he was right. We Olso agrfee with him that a new Idw will not be enforced at 50 ahd 60 miles an hour. * that IS by no "means to say that we don't Inlnk either Of the new speeds, make for safer ttnd saner driving; we Ore just being realistic about the matter. Se we'll pass the new speed limits on county roads and then we'll have a new law to try to enforce. As someone said, "you cannot legislate judgment." v * * * THOSE FLATTERING CREDIT CARDS A while back we had a nice letter in the mail with an application" blank to join the Diners' Club. Then a few weeks ago another letter came in, this one from the American Express Company, who invited us to join their credit card organization. The circle became complete last week with a beautifully printed invitation from Conrad Hilton to join the "Carte Blanche" credit card setup. As We read these kindjnvitations, all you have to do is sign your name, pay the jnitia- }ion or entrance fee, and you get your card. With this card you can go practically anywhere and buy nearly anything, all on credit. There is one proviso, however, and this one is in the smaller print. You are expected to pay for what'you charge to the credit card-company within 30 days after you are billed — and' no" fodlingl " 1, We can see a'dvantages to these credit caids, but we can also see a Day of Reckoning. so-.easy to just flash a card and say "charge It", and you'll very likely spend more than otherwise under this system. But'then comes -the till l_ '* IC X 1»WW1U CV43IIT WftrflVAIIl W JifWl VWI I 1 / ' s day when you get the bill ... we may succumb deposited it in Building & Loan * to the idea, b(it*gt.the moment ^e re trying to . ^ ern ^ ent bonds - each convert! itay on a "cash and ^carry basis. B * '*.,., ., * , If you think your child is cute when he tells you the foolish things his teacher says, try imag- inging what -your foibles so.und like to the teach- fr — MarsHdlltown Tlntfe-Republican. it had been using gimmick campaigns Instead of common sense approaches. He said It lacked purpose, programs and objectives. He added that the party had not been producing Its best candidates, etc, Almost at the same moment'an enterpris Ing newspaper, (not in Bes Moines, either), came up with,the amazing fact that the State of Iowa through the State Treasurer's office had 70 m(l» lion dollars in some 640 banks in Iowa DRAW* ING NO INTEREST. The State Treasurer is a Republican who Is now serving his fifth term in office. Of the 70 million total, about 40 ' million was on demand deposit with , two banks in Des Moines. The rest of the 70 million was in comparatively , small allotments around the state. The State Treasurer's defense was that the state needs "ready cash" at all times, thus he had shied from earning interest on any of this 70 miHion, including short term government bonds, negotiable at the drop of a hat. Some state money, over and above the /O million, is drawing interest, it should be added in fairness. Does the State of Iowa need all of that 70 million placed in "demand deposit" accounts? The answer was NO. Within 24 hours of the newspaper disclosure of the non-interest bearing deposits, the State Treasurer announced that about 25 million w'as to be withdrawn from the non-interest bearing ^deposits and invested in interest-bearing, short term maturity, government bonds. "To get a better idea of just what has been going on, lefs take the 40 , million deposited in the two Des Moines banks, At 3 percent interest, that money .could have been earning the State of iowa $1,200,000 per year. , What a windfall to the two .banks' — '40 million'f'deposite'd at no interest and <j they cotild easily obtain 3 percent, <eve or ble to cash in a hurry if necessary. It "should be noted that in the' state legislature, dominated by Republicans in both branches, no time was wasted asking for an inquiry into .the. manner in which state funds are being I,f|^Hi**»!*/,; * < _ • •• ;* .« v«f;<f »'*• - - *"• *-•'•. v- -, > - -ft Hw^p^v^v • v>'".-v. < '^r^^w..*!,; ; •, - f'^-^Jft^yw^^f' •< -""TV t^/f.f-| -W?<^'**$W ! %^<", . • •->';•.'•:'>, '"-, ,- , , ; - ^' -J* 1 >, , '.,>-"'»''«•- '-•-">?'7 v '-'V 3 -' •i. % ^"-\^,,*i.-3.%fif--^. ' • l -<\x\ :-'• - ./''-;••>•'/ V'Wv.- 1 -' ^:^^^K. . , •' -" . ' /, , ' - ';-?' '.-. ,;: -v t^JHw^ * '' '- ' '•' ^ <,. '• -..'-:' *- '•:-•-' V 1 \~Cgfa\l*'.'.! • <-/ , - •• f ' .-•••••': 1'f-;",•'. --- -.-'; ,Xt£?Vv4*V: : •-. '*- t T "•'•* "•-*- J ' 5 *•?!».« t t i~ I/I t ? 5 I 4l s^-Jr.* JvJ f I *j*r,V :1 liJf-4sl ?,-i?| L .* ^N'* V if f * *->? ,- ' ---' •"** ' •"* .•;-' ; l«^v.<i''J.'..i'"j J ;,i" -."',! *•- .*> ,"--' j^^^iijjttl^ .these/, tfaili * passing flear. y«n!r fiete.->. Li wtthtfBtM ., &8h» &&*«* *tea<-t« afta , .these traiti * tossing sear, yoilr f em. •4$>Wiilw£8S»g£%' S^to™*Fff**3BB^W&? I tg& IS^^ : l^^*^efl II fonteks yWff&ttallwta$ luttk ewn'aeco^aM;brea^Wi|sgi^. $jgjjj£ a 'Saying tHit.-the. e wefe* tht^ beeft that little pie You to jrtl -the He taugut pie." \ be sur% he' Ah* '^IP^rlte lear in -his storyvqf ffif KM ^ftfraded iSrifeamofti , •that iKTbotatoes w'ere plaftted, awhile nursing & broken, legl - • - ... . . ......... . . . . f . .. „.,.„. -i . . t , !..,.. ..Jtert. ClWidn; "tlte .ttddl- Ortlf .Slftte1% e^'HMSwan, ?d61stock! net, ,Me« the fcfbe told in 15. parts* .<, Other, at*, tractions on Jotfal 1 screens wete | "eight lwiited,rto . smatt fi fi«c6 exed 2(« i !ls and IbSi in ','Wings Of the ,. _. „ grent, Olivia De HaVillattd; and packafei- , weight fat .each t>a«el of package and > *Mout .- limitation .oft". ^eight tot a ' can't g»ve you a false, Argyle, but from now OttJ buzz for you instead,of yelling 'Hey, FROM THE ._. ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES FEB. 23, 1939 * * ,'» Fires had Bergen ahd Charlie McCarthy. * * " * , " \ used'ln'cenniettoft'Wth Service to the Algona, Mgh school closed Its', paints feet «ut'%^s&M, A /«&» basketbalf season in a fclwe-of ^^ r ^S^t^^^ • glory With'a'23«21 Win over dr ive-lrt-theaters IA Polk, StbrJ?. Ham- ,'HaniptOft. ;i - ii '^wo''AlsottH''WrestierSf : '" : Uto __ eonlinued ' to Jake Orval Bakken, 86 ibs^ and Jefoffle "^^^d^ciuhti^iowd. Mln their toll in Koss\jth county. The Neilsen, 105 Ibs.;,'.Won district, The Commission fixed Tuesday, Mar- Tim Dooby home, four miles titles at Fort Dodge Saturday.and ,, ? h-10, wsp, tahiJfw^agtcgk a.m. at southeast of Swea City, burned to were 'preparing for the, state, the 9 p.m. Saturday, meet., Practically' 'all house furnishings ahd clothing were destroyed. Mr .-Doocy Was the>dnly member r t>f the family at home at the .time, Add To Ottosen RFD !,'?«'' • . •*, 5 O.*iosen ;'»— 'Postmaster, Mrs •and.he had gone to bed due to Edith Jacobsott.- has,announced office* 6f thd *HU»bbldt County Auditor, Dakota City, Iowa, as time „ and place for public hearing/on the ''above docketed"appUcatlortij ', ' IOWA STAffe COMMERCE i . COMMISSION ', •• -» ' <, i Harold E., Hughes,. Chairman ' Bernard J» Martin, Commissioner Ray H. Thompson, Commissioner ATTEST: Geo, L. McCaughan, Sec'y. the fact he wasn't • feeling, well, that in accordance .with th x e re- Dated at Des Moines, Iowa, January , . » -t • HrJr * T1 >" >""» "ii»'iii I fi . f * r» l> * ' wlc *«vi. ^i« .waoii i. i>->-.iiiijj iriiell, 111 UUllCC ,W1U1 bliu JLC- A Weekly Report frorn the Nation's Capital by Rfty Vernon He ( ,-luckily escaped from- the cent post of fide'department re- house in time, but was, unable gulation that ' two families be , ^ r . to rescue;any belongings. A fire served per mile of carrier travel _,._ POTS AND .PANS DIPLO- tiovernment can't cut personal in the E.'V. Koestler home at La- on rural routes, an additional.7.6 Moihes), ,uvi\ct iiu. H-4674 .• ... (Published Feb. 12 ahd &<&>. 19. 1959. in. the Algona , (Iowa) Upper Des MACY — The U.S. isn't making income taxes is the fact that cor- too much headway with the Rus- pirate , taxes have fallen off kota resulted in slight damage, miles has been added to <the rural ,/[ Mrs Koestler carried water and route -at Ottosen Ho .bring dd6r : .,;' Saturday, Feb. 21. (,W JllUVl.*. Al^UVAVVU^ V»*1»1J. UAA«* J.Vb«h> jjw».**v»- ' »•***»*•« -. w^ . — A ^». w ._ — — __..__ __. ^ . __ _ _ —-- - — .t^-ff, tiJ sians at the conference table so sharply as a result of the recent had the blaze under control by delivery to 21 families, effective- now it will try the kitchen table recession. This money has to be the time help arrived. a^,.^ n ., T^U 01 • < for a change. At the American, made up somewhere, somehow. National-Exhibition in Moscow-'^ this summer one of the star at- .,, , —u— Hank Johannsen - of Algbna, GOlSfG ^ODERN — The Post who' -still flips ' a pretty mean Jim . . LILACS Bickford of Onslow retractions will be a '"kitchen of the bffice Dept. will. have its first bowling ball, returned from a trip ce ntly. discovered 'the' lilac' bush . future." It has a collection of fully-mechanized mail processing south and tossed a perfect 300 i n his front 'yard was sprouting electronic contrivances that oner- iiinnt finiohoH in Spntpmhpiv line at Barry S. It was the second buds 'in below V.f>t*n -awntVipr electronic contrivances that oper- plant finished in September, ate by a push of a button or a , It will- be .built at Provi- 3°0 game in the past two seasons, ' X^ e ' ?' ^ e > a " d A_° 0mon L tr _?_ L aence, R'. I,Mall.will move swifH as Jack Fraser rolled one during -^°SS|<^ OSSU 4< tors will- give spectators a taste. i y by Machine, almost never com- tne winter of 1937-38. of "blini" and other. Russian;, ing,to' a stop. It will have a * * ' specialities that are simple to- machine' to "cull" letters from George Lee of the Four Corners COUNTY, TOWA. , , Notice Is hereby given that Charles F. lies and' Harold'-E, McKinney, DBA Iowa Film Delivery,-Des Moines, Iowa,' op>.^iuni,i--o kuuv a.*.** u^i.j..*^ vw - jiiauimiv: tu uun J.CLI.CIO J.JLUUI — --- "- —- ,. j . . . iowa Film Delivery-Des Moines Iowa' prepare. About • 3% milhon s larger pieces of mail. Another neighborhood suttered a pamtul has-ma3e application to the iowa state Russians are expected to see this ^machine 'will "face" letter's in the injury, Saturday afternoon when Commerce commission under author- exhibit. . :•'.<-. ;'.'.".* proper-position to be cancelled at he -fell from a straw.stack. The ity of. Chapter-325.-the code. IBSB. .-tor •high-speed. Operations wiU be handle of a fork he was using —o— — , Ul^li- O^JCCU.. ^^^*V-JL OHWAAO VVAJ.J. U-^ ~ 1 1_ A 1 J 1_ 1 J A BIG JACKPOT —'We're J\6t'^supervised from a f'nerve center" - b 5? 1 f er . al i d , he . to PP led backward bout tVdo it but if the U.S. control room. This "-center" wiU off the stack, landmg,on the rear have a visual and electronic view wheel of a manure spreader He of all activity in the plant. Des- struck the wheel with his head a"bbut decided to pay off its hugh national debt — now at $283 billion WJ . ^ uv .v.,,,,., ~. — ^ , -'-•it would cost'a fortune just to-pite all- this no .-postal- employe^ and .suffered two large gashes and take care of the interest atone, will lose his job. Instead he Will a back sprain. He was coming Someone has figured what It be freed from tedious routine to along fine. : would cost if we made one pay,-^ use his, skills elsewhere. L a year, on the basis of three \ , r— : -— ROfO-ROOTER Razor-Kleehs withoutJH^mtht> ( Clogged Up Drains in Kitchen, Bath; or Bas^rn4nK-* JKTO* - , , ;•(''•,'• ,.',,1,'.-'.* -.' ,t v,, /BT'. 'percent interest, and tried 'to tire the; debt deposited. Nor did the state legislature beat around the bush in pushing an.inquiry into the handling .of itate gas tax funds, also ,5h the treasurer's office. Ill E. Call Street-^-fh. CY 4-3535—Algona, Iowa ; As Mr Jurgemeyer pointed out in criticizing . his own-party, it has developed some glaring weaknesses. One of them seems to-have turned up rather rapidly in the management of the state treasurer's office! In fact things like this are eno\/gh to answer the question quickly as to why the Democrats are getting stronger in Entered as second class matter at the postoffice at Algona. Iowa,''under Act of Congress of March 3, 1879. Issued Thursday in 1959 By THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. R. B. WALLER, Editor C. S-. ERLANDER, Advertising Director JERRY METCALF, Advertising Manager DON SMITH, News Editor FERMAN CHRISTOFFERS, Plant Foreman in '.the .year 210Q,| am°Qunt'i $£r^ „' t k * »-fc - * K 1 * WASHINGTON DICTIONARY The Justice Dept. is busily at work on antitrust cases." .This is to make sure that no American business is permitted to set up a monopoly at the expense of its competitors. One word being used frequently by lawyers ban- ! dling antitrust cases is OLIGO- Hollywood, Calif. ra*k J -••'. •' B' HJPB > « Behind The Movie Sets WITH BUDDY MASON Time magazine honored the Upper Des Moines and 99 other weekly, newspapers in the United , Sfates.rjn ,,a feature story in its raosUJedeftfeissue. Tribute ,p^[id'*tS editors and'employees if weeklies all over the country in the story. At the time, 17,000,000 readers were served by weekly newspapers in the ,U.S. A refrigerator carload of eggs -was due to be shipped from Algona to SewelTs Point,, Va. for If you'd use °y sailors of the U.'S. Navy. uiiiig cuii.ii.1 uau uctoca is \jui\j\j- ••»••• j •»—«•••, vu»<.». — J.A jr^/v«.x* - _«_4.:_:_«j;_« POLY. That means, we are told, like to learn a thing or two about The_ U.S. fleet was participating "the domination of, industries or Ireland's "Little People,-" the "J Battle -practice m the vicinity markets by relatively few prod- man to see is one Lawrence E. of 9^ ba ? nd it was expected (ac- ucers whose competitive'behavior Watkin. Mr Watkin is the-Walt cording to residents pf Kossuth ., , ^ , -, - T-\ • * «j i i i TTT- ij.) j^r»iir\f^Fl <-V»r»i for^mif i-\-v»*ir«TTr»o firrMilrt is characterized by 'mutual fore- Disney writer who scripted Walt's that target.practice would bearance' instead-of active-rival- live-action film about love, improve greatly after use of the laughter and Leprechauns on the e §g s - A hearty breakfast of Emerald Isle, "Darby O'Gill and' Iowa . e §Ss was supposed to make - -- - - - - - any ]ob easier and still is. ROTOROQTER COUNTY Only National Sewer Service Available ry. NATIONAL EDITORIAL MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU OF .. .,. ,... . CIRCULATIONS NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly Newspaper Representatives, Inc. ,404 Fifth Ave:, New York 18, N. Y. 333 N. Michigan, Chicago 1, 111. SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN KOSSUTH co. One Year, to -advance „ --- , r —,_f ------ , ---------- ?3.oo Both AJeona papers, In combination, per year ---- $5.00 Sln|le Copies ------------------------------------- 10c *StfBBOHIPTION RATfiS OUTSIDE KOSSUTH »ne Year,- In actyance^.,:,.,,^,,,. ----- 4. ----------- $4,00 Both Algona papers In combination, one year .—$6.00 N? subscription. Jess than 6 months. . OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER per Uvcji,.^ ------ i ------------ 63c ,,/; . ADVERTISING BATES -tV- J. ^ J L . > •• , *~ \ I _ t Iowa. \Ve, have a suspicion we have not heard the last of it, either. * •* •.;••:/** . i« SO FAR, SO GOOD Indianola Tribune — We are glad to see indications that feelings between the State Legislature and the Governor's office will be more cordial this session than they were two years ago. Governor Loveless started out on the right foot when he limited his requests to the.legislature'to Hems which can generally be considered, of a bi-partisian nature. Republican legislators accepted his speeches of last week in good form. As of now, it would appear that we can,expect progressive legislation, on such issues as reapportionment, long-range building programs for colleges and universities, highway safety, and in many other areas where hope of agreement was futile two years ago. Of course, the big area of disagreement has not been touched yet. The Governor , is as insistent as ever that there shall be no sales tax increase, and if the legislators attempt to. pass a 3% bjll the fireworks will fly, But surely the Governor will have gained a great deal of respect for his fiscal planning, which was borne out so accurately the past two years. The fact that we will be ending his first two-year biennium with more money in the treasury than we started with, even though his opponents predicted bankruptcy , and financial ruin, will certainly raise the stock of Loveless among the new and old legislators JOB WELL DONE — One of the Little People." — By now, Uncle Sam's most successful Watkin is one of the best in- agencies has just celebrated its formed authorities on Irish folk- 25th anniversary but with little lore,, on EITHER SIDE of the. fanfare and recognition. This is Atlantic. Hogs topped at $7.60; cattle at 3; corn, 39' cents; oats, 21 cents'; barley, 29 cents; eggs, 15 cents; he Federal Depo ft Insurance Watkin came to the Disney lot eream, 25 cents; hens 12 cents; Coloration wS insufe's Kk in 1947 to write hi s first 4at- geese cents; and ducks, 6 cents, j^ux^;j^ .,_ <„ itmnnn •CIT\T/~' ....,„ inpnt on, the theme.' Hes been '"' A 01 - 111 «J«M.*VCIB. depbsits up to $10,000. .FDIC was . ,. . . . ,. „ , . conceived after the disastrous working on sat periodically, be- bank failures in the early days tween pictures, ever since. His .lifetime FDIC has paid out more e lu ded two trips to Ireland. * * The K & H oil station al Wes- y was robbed sometime Sunday than about he, .divided his time be- called to investigate. The entrance by re- jtYlfe FIND A SiPIDER IN THE PAPER? :t J * *" w<% % 4 Mark Twain was once asked whether finding a spider in the p^per meant good or bad luck, And his answer was that finding a spider in your paper is neither good nor pad lusk^THe spider, ^as,merely looking over the paper to see what me«hanl was not advertising- so he could po to that store, spin his web across the door and live a life of undisturbed pe.sce afterward. Twj»In'',fil^ many years wo \# frwe today, ?« HiUe 4»*urbed-over the door of th«? don't 9dYWl|pftt Th^y dpn't ask for bus- JUtte business poeg where U is not invited. ,. jeod enough to sell itself* The beet products id soort be fsrsotten and |h9 spiders could safely L 500 000 det>o«5itni' > s in 432 ' -tween long fireside sessions with —*-r -— --.- . ., , -, . • banks Today"iffiJes^eSosill"^'country^ traditional story moving a storm window, breaking UHUK.&. iuudy,_n iiibuii-a ucjju&ii.a x _,,..._ i ,._-'. n ,..._ ., ,y n sasn O n an inner -window and INSURANCE ALGONA INSURANCE ' AGENCY t J. R. (Jim) KOLP Surety Bonds — All Lines • of Insurance • 206 East State St. .Phone CY 4-3176 BLOSSOM INSURANCE AGENCY All Lines .'of Insurance Automobile - Furniture Loan N. Dodge . .Phone "CY 4-2735 .1 f -,_ 1Jr _,___,_,_, , LL . BOHANNON INSURANCE , ..SERVICE in. 13,383 of the Nation's 14,095 filers, the shanachies, and work- * ?asn o.----;----- -- . .^_ N D^gegt Ph C Y 4-4443 n »-w, m0 r. n ; n i ^.^ ^,,t,,^i c-^,r!r,«o infr inDublins new andverv reacning in ana raismg me wm i «._jyuuBe o^ j-n. ^i^^tta commercial and mutual Ljanks. savings 'i'»g in. Dublin's new complete library.of folklore. • * * » • LIKE A POOR RELATIVE ~ Recently, a national news Those "glamor", institutions — the story' told of a County Mayo Army, Navy and Air Force acad- labor strike, against building a emies — have no trouble 1 getting ^ce' through a fairy fort. This money from Congress* '• Kot r so canie' as no surprise to Watkm. with the Coast Guard academy at T h e strikers were terrified at New London, Conn. It needs what the Leprechauns would do money to replace a wooden audi- in 'retalliation. torium which is considered a fire ' "The amazing thing, to me," hazard, repair badly deteriorated Watkins says, "is that anyone in dock's, replace buildings which Ireland would even think of such are outmoded and hazardous, and a thing, contractor, government dow. About $3,50 in change, some candy bars and auto accessories were stolen. , *. - * . * Every kid in the area was prer pared for the first episode in a thrilling new serial set to begin at the New Call theater in Algona. "The Lone Ranger, Rides Little People's .___ „__ everywhere, and academy nothing for this work, everywhere^ fervently^ respected." Congress, however, has now been to build much-needed classrooms, or workers. But the new budget gave the property is asked to put up $6% million. Not enough, but it will help. THEY NEED~ HELP — Some- , Watkins found refel belief in the Leprechaun wherever he went, , particularly outside of the larger citjes. "Our fairies live thing will have to be done to get only * in children's books, but a the -American small (business Kerry child may view their man out of his present slump, dwelling places every day of ,his There is pressure building up to life jnerely, by looking out t the have the Pentagon throw more windjjw .or ppen door, Watkin defense contracts his way. -Right explains.' now, 75 percent of all defense ' "Suppose that in- the middl^ of contracts 'over $10,000 are being your; potato, patch is an earth- split up among just 100 big com- work -mound a hundred feet, in panics. It's not hard to see how diameter. And, imagine • that serious is the plight of small farther down in the field, where business when one considers that the cattle graze, a stone fort, like nearly 15,000 of these firms fail- a jagged bjack crown, rests, on ed in 1958 — the highest number the ipft, green pillow of e£rth. since 1933. This amounted to a The xfaounds are called 'liases,' dollar loss of $f28,258,000. * -o— NO RELIEF IN SIGHT — No matter what the Democrats and Republicans say about cutting 'the forts' and 'cahers.' » * » "All the stonework of the liss is beneath the surface of the earth. All that of the fort lies taxes, it just won't be above, ' The liss is a great sodded done hi the foreseeable future, pie %yi|h one flat, flagged fgx-hole pefense ia getting cos tlie'r,' every entrance leading to its, sub,1,e}v yeaV. So is the ex-pen$e*of run- raineau chambers. Once, J the fting povernment. First thing antiquarians say, the undergroulrid~, that would happen, if there are passages could acconiodate. a .-, ever a few extra dollars kicking grown man walking upright, but around in the Treasury, would be silt has so filled the tunnels that an attempt fo start whacking only a little fairy man can walk€> away at trie huge National debt, there now. . , l One immediate reason why the "The fairies live in the lisses NOW Sunbeam Bread HAS BUTTER The Shortening Honae -• Atitomobile "- Farm , Polio Insurance CHARLES D. PAXSON Dwelling, .Auto, Liability, Life, General > . Phone-CY 4-4512 ' KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION • Over',$74,000,000 worth of insurance in 'force. A' home company, Safe, secure. - Phone CY 4-3756 Lola Scuffham. Sec'y HERBST INS.' AGENCY For Auto, House, Household , and Many Other Forms , Phone CY 4-3733, Ted S. Herts* ANDY 'CRAWFORD General Agent; l Farm Mutual Jns. Co, ; Affiliated with Farito? Bureau Auto (with $10 Deductible) Life-- Hail/, .Tractors r Phone CY 'ir3351 ' _!*_:...!...--..., •* ....*- • j .-.-, -*-- - , HAROLD C, SUNPET , - Representing-. •• • ' - Slate Farm Ins, Co, DOCTORS MELVIN ;G. BOURNE, M. D. Physician &,. Surgeon 118 N. Moore < St.' . ' Office phbne ,CY.4-2345 Resiclent phone CY;4-2277 J. N. KENEFICK; ,M. D. < - Physician & Surgeon 218 W.-State Street Offic o e phone CY 4-2353 Resident phone CY, 4-2614 JOSEPH M. ROONEY ' Physician &• Surigeon 114 -N. Moore • Office phone CY 4-2224 Resident phone CY 4-2232 JOHN,M, SCHUTTER. M.D. Physician & Sufgeon 220- No. Dodge/,Algona Office phone GY'4-4490 , Resident phone CY'4-2335 Chiropractor DENTISTS PR, PATRICK J,- MULI.IQAN U6 North Mopre Phone. CYpesB 4*2708 PR, 4341 Above Iowa SJaJe Ban);; §9*' CY Dr. D. D. Arnold Chiropractor 1 ,, 1 1 Over/Penney's Office Phone -i- CY 4-3373 Hours: .9:00 *— 5jOO Open Friday'Nigh't -Dr. R, J. Thissen Chiropractor .17% E. State.'St.-, 'Algona Phons CY 4-3621 •OPTOMETRISTS Drs. SAWYER ,ahd ERICKSON Eyes Examined • Contact Lenses ' . .- *W n £ ' A >fl Glasses - 9 East State, Street „, Algona, Ipwa '/, Phone CXpress 4-2J96 " Hours: .3:00,a.m. to 5;00,p.m, Closed Saturday Afternoons PR, C, M, Q'CONNOR ... . . Optometrist Visual Analysis Sf Visual Training 108 South Hqrlan St.- • (Home Federal BWg.) 4-8743 ' Ph. CY H Serving Hancock, Humboldt ' Alto & Kwwth

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