The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 16, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 16, 1940
Page 3
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in, iatn Basic Organization h !u For Much Slutly By Congressmen K/ Buyer: CATKIN WASHINGTON. Pel*. 16. - The- v..u)ic ar^umuit over ihe basic or- 1,-anlmion ol I lie U, K, Na'vy-i]u .sjstein which is bUmed for I )«>-<.much wiluon-of "io,o-hc:ivy dc- roycis" und so 0:1—is iibout to _ 't a thorciiijli overhauling bv Congress, cut of II may eome u long overdue revision ol the CHI Ire navy set-up. A sjiecial sub-t-oiiimiuee of Die House Naval Aflnirs C'ommittei.' is currently begimiinx lieni-lngs on two pl:ns for navy reoriiiuir/.i- tlon—one stibmltled by Con^ir-ss- itiiii Vinson of Georgia, i-luiirman of the Naval Affairs Commute?, the other by Con^rraunfin of Minnesota, the ranking Kcpuo- llcan on the committee. These bills tllifer wlacly in details, bat both are nimeti nl tin: same defect — a system under which t-he navy lacks n central professional authority and does its work through a set of almost completely Independent, bureaus. M1UTARY CONTHOJ- :s DIVIDED As things stand now, the navv actually has no one military hea-1 The chief of naval operalioas is tne i.ignest ranking oilier, but he is only Iu charje of the operation of the fleet and the preparation of wni- piane.s. 'the nine bureaus through which the navy's rouli >e work is done are not 'responsible to him nl all. Each one is headed by a rear admiral who is nami-d' by Ihe President; each bureau has its o,'.'n appropriation. 'Die bureaus, accordingly, are to a great extent their own bosses The secrctaiy of the navy has authority over them, but wheii there is a conflict between uvu bureaus he Is apt to t'et saddled with an intricate technical problem he i.s not qualified to iletule TOP-HEAVY" n-ESTIlOYEKS KESUI.T OK SVSTUJI Cut of all of this, acrordin^ to competent critics, come such things a.v tne top-heavy destroyers. (Those destroyers aren't really top-Heavy by the way, in the sense that they're unsate seaboatsi. One bureau—Construction and Repair—designs liuih, armor plate and so on> -T.-Anotlisr—Enjineorlns —Ls responsible tor propulsion machinery. A third—Ordnance—Is responsible for armaments. Suppose Construction and Repair starts a new cruiser. It consults \vilh the other two bureaus, finds out what they're going to put hi the ship nliri where they're Koitig to put it. and goes ahead. Some months Inter the design is finished, iyionmvnHc, advances in r iKineorint and gunnery .have) been made. ! Tne Bureau of Eiiginceiiil" specifies certain new machinery; Ordnance decides to j . mace a ftisv changes—to install; for Instance. a «:, of the new 1.1 r.tUialm-alt guns where 11 originally planned ID put the much lighter .50 cal-1 iber machine guns. Result: a ship j whose, stability factor Isn't nt all what, was originally planned. 'lt ; s nobody's fault; simply happened because of the system. 1'. I). K. ON'CE TKIKl) TO KEORGAMZK Nuvy Secretary Edison lias been striving to set things'right. He lias, made some shifts in personnel, and ' dJslgnatecl ihe chief of the 1 Mil-can of Construction and He-! l»tr as co-ordinating officer. I Both Vinson and Maas agree a rur.dnmemal chausa In set-up is. needed, although they differ on j the iinin-c cf the change needed:' Changing the navy's organization Is a tough Job. Back in 19H an assistant secretary of the navy named Franklin Roosevelt • v\ns named head of a committee to study the system and 'recommend improvements. The commute wori:ed . hard and made rccommenriniiom, but nothing ever came of it. (ARK.) coimmn NRWS.• PAGR TIlflER U)i>)-.c',wce tins ni- JO.Vul iii.llik-al pi'iicK for six inonllii now and tlioiiMiiulM of clli- U'tta uir lic-eiiiiiK uu,|,. nngi'is c-rassi-ii } t -fi i, ,, il(l „„ (w , sogn _ I lie i!ovt>iinni'»|. hfi.s nljiiHshixl imlliluil Mi-ujjuics „,„! . slr)kl ,., M'ln.v Ididn:, ,,l II,,.- Cominimlsl piii'ty :uo 1,1 jail or iiili'inmcul . Till. llVi'ilon, ,,f ml|| ,j, „, iiil'«iiii.|. s dopviuls on thi'lr ;j. u decltii-ullon of alk-Binnce . n,.iv ri't'liiip. \Vlil«i|iicad 11111 is S1 ,j,| „,,,( sl ,|j, H) . e of i ««• Kl|!iiir; to Hi. list:., Wlun « load of lun,l; f r Ilk, ,1,1s smashes IhrmiKli t .<> roof of yc,,r c . .. ' " ""•• ' '"•" »»»ta,v it skirl en ihe i ; -y i-oiul ftiid His loud of planks top|;h'. nHiira fst'ftikd inji!i-y. lie laiir dlsrjvcf.d trtid: w:is one •nr, you've'got to think (piu-^iy—or , passliii; the licinily-lnden .ruck, i slid to the lloor ol his sedan, he sold lecenlly. How's Business? e;u; white, stiffly be-iton. Drop by spoonfuls Into deep hoi fni oib deg. P.I and fry until B oldcn brown. Drain oa unslawcl piper. Approximate cost—7 coni.s ii portion. (25 .vcrvln^sj Two cgjs. 1 tablespoon salt. 25 bananas, 2 cups Jlne bread, cracker or corn flur.e crumbs, or corn- Rent eggs and add salt. .Slice |)2C!e;l b;i;:iui:K i-vosswl'c into 3-1 Dip Inlo fug and drain 3 or < mlnules. Roll in crumbs nr cornmeal. Fry in deep hot fnt (37R dej. P.) for 1 1-2 or •> mli'.uU" until brown aiitl louder. Uralr on migltvral paper. :->rvc very hot. Approximate cost—:!.a cents a portion. Serve with cold sliced nani and rolls. Demonstration Club News Notes (Chart by Administrative and Research Coiporulioni -Lews, bus-mess? . . . Business is as you see it on the chart above —inn solid Mac* Hue indicating (he trend in ymm B liiio the clash hue tip coursr of l;u;.-in< is j,, Wj. the dotted line the course of busi- Uie S ii"lc" ! '''n«n" ll£ '» y< '' :11 ' }KS ' I: ' l:e " : ' S lh< ' "°™ ml ' u represented by As shown, the ytnr-eni! biirincss upswing ended in inld-Jnniiarv. MvlnEinj downward, p,olng into l-cbrnni-y nt, 91.2. AHhon*li a rtcf-Dm- ih.s is Kf) pdnts over the same week in 10119. I-'tbrt:ary saw more dec] mill Mucks smokeless as Ingot picdr.ctlcu coMmu.d to di-op-v.-uli mills tstimmed to be iiivnliMj cut but fi:i per rait cf capacity. Automobile factories. In Ihc week'ended Jon '>? produced IIS.4IW m.'its iiKaiiist 10S.M5 in the prec=dm» week Stcelineil hc<)C for upturn in aweinollve fidd, which will toost mill'production. ..lock milling on the New York Exchange shaivecl the lowest volume since Jfuiunr.,'. 1922. (11 Tiiis Case, FnU<:rin<-- Is Not Jusi ii Waste Of Time Gives Report Upon Cotton Picking Contest A report on the Cotton piskius con lest which | s beins- sponsor?', L 1 by tne Dud Cnzon nost of tiic . Amzricjn L;aion was made bv Ro.i- coe Crafton. cliairnuiu ol the co:n- mitlee in charge of arranging for Ihe evjiil. at a meetinB of the post K. ff. WliHeheiid. director of the employment agency, discussed the v.-ork being done bv (lint organization. One hundred s::d nineteen people including heads of various civb organizations who are bein^r n^:cd to p.ssist in the cotton picking contest were present for the mcet- inj which \v as followed by a barbecue supper. Clarence Holder received the pin given by Earl Halter and Mike, Merouey the cap given by Ihe posl. \Voiv-n Coroner Serves EAN JOSE, Cal. (UP) — Santa Cl;-.ia county is one of the few countries In the Unite;! States to /.have a ivom.i!i coroner. She Is Si Mrs. Jessie Parkham Spaldiug, 08, who was chosen immediately to succeed her husband, Coroner C. C. Spaldlni; upon his death at 74 years. - V> ^•"VN Clllll Klis l,li:iclirii:i Eisteen members of the Anuorcl Home Demonstration club an:! four sis'tors. .Jim J. l>lv!;rcn, county nailoult^rnl iv'ent, Mi.s'i Corn Lee- Ciilcman, county home demonstration agent, ins. Pern Perry aim Mis. IJeuurd McF.trlaivJ, v/Jre cn- lertalucd at a liir.chcju meetina Tuesday at (tic liumc of W'-.s \V L Smith. Ihe song or die month. 'My Old Kentachy Home'. IVHS discussed by Mi i. Robert, Downs and siinj by the group umler the leadership o: Mrs. King. Mrs. Vinson then sav: tlic devotional bnse.l on - : Thf. Origin of St. Valentine", Each member answered roll cull by telling u-diit she would do to Improve her home lhls year. Mrs W. O. Anderson discussed "I'riin- Ing Rants"; Mis. Coxitw-Blavkwell. "Spring lioimets"; Mrs. y. Ttebstocl:, "Eirly Chicks"; Miss Colvmau "Gardeniug"; Mr. I'lri'.ica,' "Ai-- kansas Utindbook". The business session was -closed with a .song led by Mrs. James Bell. During the hour. Mrs. la- rene Mst/gor directed gume.s in which Mrs. McFarland and Mrs Vinson wo;i prizes. The next meeting- will be Feb. 25 at (lie home of Mrs Jlnrrv Parrli-lt. Although nil bugs nre liwccls. not all Insects are bugs. l»t: ^lioit. linvc dlsni)ili'i| the Cum- immlstii (iri.aiil/iillui-. Wni- iii I!,L- must. Imporliml, dip- oniati, events hl , wenl |nolll j |s nii.s Ijcon HIP of Ciimi-ltallun relations which - M . j.'imiifd « «Hn. T ,,tp („,,„ (i, [,,, ,. s . U'liunvc «f ; ,ni e .s >t«vett (he (wo |cotiiiiiii-s last Spptemb,:r. Another Imiiniliihi drv(>lo)!iiionl was the Bitanmtei. given to Greece bv Eiiii- Innil aiitl Piauce. Safi'ly In IV-ds . rliesp new events mlde.l lo the alrondy (..visling linlkan pact and the Clieio-Ti:rklsli allliliicu. eoii- atlliile for Oroece a s n!i<l frame of snfoty ii B nliis| ihe jiriv ivav In 2lHXl|l?. The war hus had n serious elleel on export irudv, especially tobacco jcunaiils and sulln:ias on wlilcli Oi-i-ok I'lononiy lelit's considerably. 'nhmljle totiucco cusloniei 1 lias icusi'il buying. AHIiough France lins brgui) ID ijiiv some tobacco since the outbreak of wnr mid Britain may becmm: a possible pur- chuiici. large i|uanllile.s me expected to remain unsold. The rov- ermui'iil plans to lace Ihis problem by i-cstiicllng tobacco ctiltlvu- -ion (luring i9| 0 ^l-'arm I'ruiluiitlan Advanrcil Ever since Ihc war was dcclnml. Ilic Greek govenuuent. bus taken measures u, Intensify agricultural production. Cereals, grapes, olives und cotton nrn the chief products nliuol to make Greece even more self-siilflcleitl. Iniliwiy is constantly being advanced, especially ti-xllltvi, weaving soap, paper ami footlsluits generally. Greece hopes lo Increase exports to the Balkan countries Tlie war hus made It difficult for other ftiropean nations to supply liicm. War also gave fresh Impetus lo ping laid branch of the niillonal economy. Tin. Greek merchiinl innrinc lolals a]ipi-oxliimlely l.MO.OOO lous uccupylnij ninth place In world .ncicantllc- flocl.5. What pmiit.s will Jo lost becaitsa of the war are "oped to be almost wholly regaln- i "I' by Increased revehui'.v in slilti: Plus. - | Head Ccuilcr News want ads. IFOR ATHLETE'sToOT I To effectively relievo the itchliis; m!i n !« g ulii C M >lf ? rt0 !' " lhlct «'s foot anil to hill ihfi fungi u ,, m co , U(U . t ' Whiin "A"?" 8 " !lr<isitic i< l: il '31nck am ! White Ointment n: dressing to cx- fiOTcd surfaces. Soolhln 8 , coolliie cllef begins nt mice. (_r so with llt«.:U mili While Skin Soap to.biy! liny Vonr AMI5UICAN EXJ'KKSS itlONEY ORDERS nt ROHIXSON'fi Driiff Klnre nv JIKS. GAYXOU siAnnox : NBA Service Slaff \yriltr 1 When lhat young son of yoii-'i announces he wants lo brine tlic- gang homo for - ( . :i i s - nl ,; r t] basketball same or (;,., {, DCkcy pwf r match, don't sputter. Pritt-i- hi- ' Iiis - Corn ami Saus-ije Fiificrs [ (24 servingr,) i One (i«art sifted fbur, 1 i-rj tablcspocns baking po'.vdev. i 1.3! tablespoom sail, i_ 2 teaspoon! icjspoon paprika. 1! , „.— , .,,,,,vv>, t . i'iiiL'^r in- ! *"' 1 ' "''"'•"•**• iiiCflC, i fJU-'Xlts \vt\OtC stead. Here nro some hefty frltl=i-s kernel coin, 8 eggs, separated I for hcity Dlhlotos. Tliey ; 0:;w frG " V:1 Mis K d sift dr>- i n >rodi-nt s ' -oria Vomitaln' and ,„,,),,, d c oi'.il)iiie saiuagc meat, corn "anrt rendlno for bo-ipitahlc ,-,olh f ...,. P , s veto, Stir In flour Ailrt in , FLAVOR QUALITY PRICE I'lillr 11 Club M,T(S The Number Two elulj nf (lie 1'oiir II Kioiip nl iiin-di'tii; iiri'sc'iit- <•:( Ilic i>'.<i'.;iain nt a minim; 'rm's- duy nlti'iiuiun <>i tii t . <.n(.|i- ( i [.nmi,, In Hie iM'UKi'iiin, it WHS exiiiiilital why ninnlji'ra should ln> In nil' Hull iiinl wli;it It in. aits in tin' bov und «hl In u'MInu Ihi'li |.(lin'ntl(i':i. .Ml^s Klnenld, Miuilii'in niuiity huinit dt'iiiuns'.riition uncni, ihrn lui-t ttith (lip ulrls | 0 |,.|| UK,,, ho.v ot iiu:k(> n K-i'll litli'il clii'v;. K. 11. Jliiins, ...oiiilicin <'fimuv ri|;- llinilllllf itHPjil, ;ll.s,.'lli.Sl'll «-i(ii (lie Luys tin' (iu'|iiiiinl(»i nl me . ( ,|) iJi'fon' |ilniiilri|... lli> nlso tnlj i>i tin' Knur II. club b:is!;i>iball ;our- nnnii'iii which Is iy bu lirM in i'ss III!:; wi'i'V; end. HOW HOW lliti-iU'tle rlnys l.nirlivllli- Tin- u-nliir bays' IwtikelDiiH ir;iin (mil llu .Iiiiilnr buys' U'liin won luuni'rt itimlmi U'lU-hvilli' lust week. 'I'lie Kills' li'iiin wns ilofi'ntcil l;y Ihe Lciiclivtlli' ulrls by five lioliils. ' i SE8TM rvfKir IIOOM nit', UNIIOIIM irMrir.* runt GAY & BK.LIRGS, Inc. C7 IMiti-w 70 Y* Equipped GENERAL ELECTRIC Ever Offered at this low Price 5!ll)tli\A«I.E & COAll'ANY, Kvcluslvc JUIstribiitors fur I.iltlc Koch, I'Jne UlniT, Ucrmolt, Fort Smith Tlirijly In Price—in Current—iu Upt-cc/i.' The same Miircly, clcwricaJly welded all-steel cabinet con- sii-uction—die same quiet sealctl-iii-steel cold-intik- ing mechanism that have made G-H lU'frijjcr.ilors worlii-f.imous for Jong life and enduring economy. And you'll see the difference! S-303 Think Of It~ i.s iidiiiilly 21!',; Cheaper 'J'li(it) Year mid is at Hi;.f heller und nioi-c i'(;ni|)!olc Otiin Ihe 19.'!!) model. This i.s AN ACTUAL SAVING OF 36$ • See Thin Refrigerator Kef ore Buying -and nnlice Hit! large, STAINUJSS STEKf, I'ltEEZEK is the sr.m; s:l« as the freeze,, used In a,, eight foot liox, n,,l ihe lillle fn-r/Iti|r unit found in the usual 6 foot box. This free-ting unit is enclosed Ibis year and Ilic t ox all lni|imvraKiils such as »SM in Ilic box, red dffroritin R sljjtial, and a full set of Ire trays. .;™!5, tl iks™c l i?™ ! " l rT™"SV1;;"s(;;.^ w * NOTICE-FARMER'S TERMS Our new terms on refnKcralors fnr farmers are one-third' down, one-third this fall and one-third the folliiwiiijr fall. No monthly payment lo worry wilh. Snuiil carrying Kor e.vample: Cost of (i Foot General Electric IJo.v $1147-5 The carrying charge would he '..'..'.'.'.','.'"' 11 '.17 Tola! Time 1'rice DOWN S12 - 07; ONK-TIHH1) OCT. ' i, OCT. 1, 10 II $12.08, S12.07; ONE These are our terms . . . you woulrt ant us, not a finance rnnipany. Or you buy it SS Downi and S1.7I per month Clirou«li the flnnm-p company. 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