The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 12, 1959 · Page 24
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 24

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1959
Page 24
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Midwest eggs have long been at a disadvantage on eastern markets because of the lack of uniform high quality. Integrated egg programs now being developed will tend to correct this problem through emphasis on quality from beginning to end. .Pullets from good laying strains are supplied to the farmer. He is fequjred to have a cooling room and to "market eggs frequently. Gargon .•; • ;•.:... •'•^^^?^^^^^':^:-^Hff'^-'-~^''^^- > '- i \.^' - "y- K;VM^ 1. Let thit umn- fluted balloon represent ' the In- fecled quarter ' which you hav* milked dry preliminary to Instill- Ing Gorgon. f *. Quorlir It now lilltd with un- salable milk. Notice how Gar* gem comes In con- loci with vital upper tissue*. Full-strength anil- blollc action Is concentrated on tht Infected milk-producing (till. 0 1. You (nillll II Gorgon contain- 1 Ing the exctuiive Squibb antibiotic, thiottreplon, plui M neomycin, blend- IB ed In free-flowing | PIA.STISA.SE. § S. The next time you milk the quarter, the milk leveldrops.Nollce how Gargon clings to tide w a 11 1 . full> strength antlbi- - ottcs remain In contact with Infected (It- >ue>. Gargon does not milk out prematurely; x-x. 3. Quarter begins f\ to fill with milk. / \ Notice how -Gar* •BjBjni gon float* on the' YJflJJB milk, unlike other VgtV preparation! ^r which completely Y dissolve in the • milk. \ , 1 4. The quarter it • now empty of milk. Nolle, that Gargon hat not milked out . Gargon, made PI AST I BASE, treatt the Infected tlstucs— not the < unialable milk. J jJtf' m PLASTIBASEIft »ml GABOON' »rc Squibb trademark!. Gargon contains the exclusive Squibb antibiotic, THIOSTREPTON, plus neomycin, to penetrate the mastitis "resistance barrier." WHEN YOU TREAT one of your cows for mastitis with Gargon, you are using the exclusive Squibb "triple-control" formula which combats all nine types of mastitis- causing bacteria-even those types uinichhave built up a "resistance barrier" or immunity to older antibiotics. Gargon is made with (1) the exclusive new Squibb antibiotic, thiostrepton; (2) a second antibiotic of proved anti-bacterial activity, neomycin; (3) a special free-flowing base that clings to infected udder tissue, PLASTIBASE. FAST, SAFE, THOROUGH. Gargon controls both chronic and acute mastitis with a broader range of anti-bacterial activity than either of the 3 broad spectrum antibiotics, the triple sulfas, penicillin, streptomycin, or neomycin when used alone. As you can see from the diagrams, Gargon does not dissolve in the unsalable milk which is wasted during treatment. Full-strength germ-killing thio- strepton and neomycin are concentrated where they're needed, when they're needed, on the infected milk- producing cells. Change to Gargon today to help you control your chronic .and acute mastitis faster. SAVE MONEY! Buy GARGON by the dozen In handy BARN BOX! SAVE TIME! Have a syringe on hand at the tirst sign of mastitis! SQUIBB, Veterinary -Department 745 Fifth Avenue, New York 22, N, Y. •f SOJJIBB j Fir iccurite dlunosif o) nustitis, in y»ur veterinarian. The big push for integrated feeding programs came first in broilers. By now it is estimated that over 90% of all broilers are grown under contract. Farmers furnish,only the houses and the labor. They usually receive a set amount per pound of broiler produced, with an additional incentive payment if they get the job done with less than the average amount of feed being used. Today's commercial hog raising involves modern, well- insulated farrowing houses, usually with heated floors, Multiple farrowing is used to keep these facilities full the year around. The hogs are often put in a finishing building where they are fed out on concrete. .Complete mixed rations are becoming an important part of this 1959 type of operation. , Commercial feed lots in the Southwest are in some cases feeding other people's cattle for a fixed charge per head and also fattening their own steers that have been sold to packers at a contracted price. There are many different types of cattle feeding contracts and some are apt to show up more in the Midwest during the next few years. Many of the new contract egg programs demand that hens be kept in cages. This gives a certain amount of control over management. Accurate culling is possible and In many Instances eggs are cleaner. With some plans It has been possible for farmers to get financing for cages and other equipment as a part of the "package deal." DYNAMIC D-17 with the BIG STICK leads in 3-tractor test Which one of today's big tractors leads in cost-saving performance? Unmistakably, it's the Allis-Chalmers Dynamic D-17 with the BIG STICK. In tough fall plowing, three new owner-driven tractors competed in a practical plowing test. Side by side, they matched power and traction in,rugged going. Each tractor started with exactly 20 gallons of regular gasoline from the same tank truck. Each pulled four 14-inch plow bottoms at the same average depth and speed —until its fuel was gone 6,200-lb D-17 Tractor 12.1 acres HERE ARE THE RESULTS: 7,430-lb 8,760-lb Tractor Tractor 9.1 acres 10.5 acres get season long WEED CONTROL in corn with one application of SIMAZIN PRE-EMERGENCE HERBICIDE How can the Allis-Chalmers Dynamic D-17 more than match the heavier tractors? , The TRACTION BOOSTER system teamed with the BIG STICK — the exclusive Allis-Chalmers Power Director — does it. On Allis-Chalmers tractors, weight for traction is provided hydraulically ... not with hundreds of built-in extra pounds that waste fuel. Shift to really new farm power. There's greater ease and earnings awaiting you at your Allis-Chalmers dealer. AlllS-CHAlMERS, FARM EQUIPMENT DIVISION. MILWAUKEE 1, WISCONSIN Listen! National Farm and'Home Hour Every Saturday —NBC Make the BIG M o More Profit! effective control of annual broadleaf weeds and grasses safe to humans and animals Now you can apply Sirnazine SOW at planting time —and forget weed problems all season. Simazine, Geigy's new weed killer, kills broadleaf weeds and grasses before, or just after they break ground. It is harmless to corn. There is no drift hazard to worry about because Simazine does not work by foliage contact. Rainfall carries it into the ground, where it works through the weed roots. Simazine is non-corrosive, easily flushed from spraying equipment with water, and is non-irritating to skin. It is safe to humans and animals. OIIIOINATOR$ OF ALLIS-CHALMERS TIUCTIQN All!»-Ch»lroen tr«dem«rk. This year, cut labor costs with Simazine 50W herbicide . No weed control cultivations needed when you use broadcast application —no In-row weed problem with band, treatment. See your farm supply dealer and ask for SlmazWe SOW herbicide—Gelgy's new weed killer with a new kind of kill. "BIMAZINK" l> » Uxl.m.rk of Ovlgy Churulcftl Corporation ' DOT IHSfCTICIOfS For free brochure, •ddreai Department 000. - SEIQY AGRICULTURAL CHEMICALS • Division of.Qe/oy Chemical Corporation Saw Mill River Road, Ard.loy, N. Y.

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