Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 9, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 9, 1896
Page 5
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f& Up=to=Date Styles • FOR Fall and Winter. DEWENTER, The HATTER And FURNISHER UP=TO=DATE TAILORING. POPULAR PRICES. ThatV He—My Fall Woolens are ready for inspection. Can't I show you through. H. Q. TUCKER, The Original Pearl Street Tailor. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm m R'bRoy. Rob Roy. The very latest in SHOES for children, See our show windows F^ull of the handsomest new st. ie shoes ever shown in the city. Stevenson & Klinsick 403 Broadway. THE FIRS! nATlONAL BANK _OF- IOGANSPORT. . . INDIANA. | CAPITAL 8350,000. JL J? Murdoch, Pre«. W. W. ROM, Cash. J. r. Brookmeyer, Asit. Cash. DIBKCTOHS: W. H. Brlnghnwt. W. T. BiuikniK- Ui HI. Us Departments promptly ""safety • ttt Cuitomori and Stockholder* *°Btron« R««*ry« Fund maintained. A GENTS wanted to sell Mackintoshes iiod Bnb- ber C othlng: Tires; und a full line ol »ulb«r Hoods. Part or nil ol, *«« «» m P>" » n ?& ro £± ed uroutd. to workers. Kactorj P. O 1371, Ntw York. DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER O.'ISOC. Counts oysters—Rothermel—Fresh. See Otto for big drive on knee pants. Fay your Natural gas bills , before •September 10th. Malva Faley is working for Robert Ray as bartender. • WJiat yon want when yon are ailing IB a medicine that will cure you. Try Hood's Sareaparllla and be convinced No one need grumble at either,.prlce or quality when they look through John Cray's stock of underwear, and they don't—they Just buy and wonder. When underwear Is bought direct from the mills In large quantities for cash, it is no wonder It can be sold at sucli low prices jis John Gray is selling It Anyone cim do It who has the sand and the cash. The Ladies' Mite society of the Baptist church will give a social this afternoon and evening.,fit the home of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Johnson on East High street. Supper will be served from 5 to S o'clock. All are invited.. 1'rof. Michael talked to the teachers Tippeeanoe county, at Lafayette yesterday, and will go to Winamac today to talk to the teachers of TulasUl county. Prof.. Michael has .pained the regard of all the teachers whom he has had the pleasure of addressing In the county institutes, and .he has -many more calls to lecture than he can flnd time to flU. '••:..••' •- ••' "• •••'' .'. ••;, Huntington Herald:.A'Central TJnion telephone lineman drove nil'•the way from TVabash'today, to find a/'cut'off" somewhere between.'.that' .city and Huntington, ,„ He climbed tfie poles and Investigated 'every lnsu'f$oi"aH- 1; Sjpng the way btfl conTd' < nnll; l i£6'tfi^g7wrong, until entering^Ke,office", in ttilsTclty, where he found •thejwifc/rnisplaeed in the swltchBWr'd. Now'eTerj, one' In Heaston. &'Dnmbauld'B store, is.ac- cused of the blunder of irtlcking the peg-where it diah't Belong." It Is a great Joke on somebody. LETTER FROH BROOKS. Will be Glad to Address the Railroad Hen. The following letter was received yesterday by the Secretary of the Railway Mcute Sound Money chib: Pittsbtirg, Pa., Sept. 7, 1800. Mr. A. F. Hockenbeamer, Sec'y R. R'. Men's Sound Money clnb, Losran.spprt, Iml. • Dear Sir: I thnnk you for your letter of Sept. 5th, inviting me to address your club in Logansport, and confirm my telegram of this day advising yon that I will be glad to address-the club Wednesday evening the 10th inst. I expect to speak in Columbus, O., Tuesday evening, Sept. 15th, and some time during the day of the ICth, will arrive in. Lognnsport from Columbus. Yours respectfully, J. T. BROOKS. The boys are more and more enthused with the idea of making the night of Mr. Brooks's visit a big, glittering sound money success. FRED TOML1NSON. Taken Up by Officers at Michigan City. Michigan City News: Consequent to the order of the police officials, and to the warning given all cyclists, the police had their eagle eye open last night, for violators of the ordinances prohibiting bicyclists from riding on the side- .walks, or riding upon the streets after dark without warning lights. They soon corralled five wheelmen, and taking them to the city Jail, made them put tip their wheels as security for their appearance today. Following are the wheelmen who, were caught violating the ordinances: Charles Voltz, Walter Cloud, Thomas Winter, Fred Tomllnson and friend, Richard Patterson, of Lafayette. None of the cyclists had lights. Messrs Tomlln- son, Patterson and Voltz were given a hearing this morning before the Mayor. All pleaded guilty to the charge against them and were fined in the sum of .?! and costs, amounting to $8.20. They paid and their wheels were returned to them. JOKE ON SOMEBODY. SHOOTS AT LIVE TARGETS. Franz Heckman of Germantown, Pa. a revolver shot well known to fame, has arranged an ingenious scheme for revolver practice which savors of real sport. Shooting at targets and half- dollars grows tiresome, but Mr. Heckman's novel plan awakens fresh Interest every day, nnd he never wearies of the game. He has constructed n -tfeoden box about two feet square; with a hole an inch square in the center of the cover. -Tlie small boys of the .neighborhood are under contract to secure as many snakes, large or small, as they arc able to ensnare- These are placed in the wooden box, and Mr. 'Heckman stations himself some 50 or 75 feet away. One by one, as the snakes seek to escape, their heads appear outside the small hole, and each tead us It appears is cut off clean and true by the shot from Mr. 'Heclcmnn's . weapon, which is guided, by bis sure eye and steady aim. Mr. Heckman boasts that he can decapitate twenty-four out of thirty-five snakes.at 50 feet, and is anxious to aj- range a match with anybody who thinks he. could do better at this novel sport—New York Journal. ' Four plain drunks were registered at the jail at 1 o'clock last evening.' ST. PALL'S NEW LAURELS. She Beats Campania Into Port by a Good Margin. Mail and Express: Toinllnson, flu chief engineer of the Cimard LInu steamer Cnmpania, is a sml man. Considering that Tomllnson is Ihe man .who, in the teeth of an awful Atlantic gale, patched up the shaft of the overdue steamer Umbriu and broufi.hii-.hei 1 . into this port like a cripple ou-oue leg, while tin; world Mug with his name, he hns the sympathy of many. Hud an English ship been responsible for the sorrow of Tomllnson and the. do- feat of his Cnmpania the .sympathy would be general, but the St. Paul Jias done it, and the St. Paul is an American ship that au American shipbuilder; popularly known as Cramp, put together the year before last with American material, and every rivet and bolt and steel and iron was dr/iveu, fastened and cemeuted by American hands,. This is how It happened? Last'Saturday the St. Paul and'the: Campania left England. Both arrived today, but the telescope of the marine observer stationed at Fire Island "picked up" the American - liner one hour and twenty-six miinites bef-ore the Campania came into the focus of the same powerful glass. It was a/, gallant victory'and encouraging i;b. American, milrine architecture, when it is considered that both ships are practically of the same size, but that the Cunnrder has 10,000 more horse power to turn her twin screws tnan hns the St. Paul. Neither ship broke any record, but the drubbing that the Yankee- packet gave the leviathan with the two gigantic funnels is satisfaction • enough for one day, according to the Idea of the American line people. TIIIE LUCANIA'S VICTORY. '••••• On June 20, last the Lucnni.i, a sister ihlp of the Campania, arrived here-'twenty-four minutes before the St. Paul. On this occasion the vessels were in sight of each other for thirty- six hours, and to gain these twenty- four mlnutes-the Cunarder had to burn over 100 more tons of coal than did tlie St.' Paul. During twenty-four hours of these thirty-six tlie Lucania,' with her additional horse power and coal consumption, logged 562-knots, but all the St. Panl could do was :; 040 knots. The last figures were 'high- enough, however, to break by ten knots the best single day's record' of tlie' American Line, which the Paris previously held. The difference in distance at the point of divergence between Southampton and Queens'town and this port J s such that when the Cunard Line flyers clear Queenstown nt 0 o'clock on Sunday morning they nre supposed to be equal, difference In distance considered, to the American tine greyhounds leaving Southampton at noon the day before.. In other words, Southampton is supposed to- be that difference in time further from SanCy Hook than Queenstown is. ' The St. Paul left the Empress docks at Southampton aywKJti last Saturday with.800 passengers onboard. She cleared the Needles, where the passage officially begins, at 1:30 p. m. The Campania had left Liverpool shortly before, and the following morning at daylight called at Queenstown for the mails and additional passengers. 'The ;ransfer of these being made, she' cleared Daunt's Rock, where her offlc-' al time Is taken, at 0:13 a. m. That was the lost heard from them until :his morning. ST. PAUL FIRST IN SIGHT; :; ' At 11:21 o'clock'today thciwo ram-, liar black funnels with their attrai> live, bands of white were seen to the southeast of Fire Island by the observer there, and In less thfln a riinute he i ind the-news in the city that the Si:, Paul had been sighted first. AlVover' ;he' horizon the observer flashed, his; spyglass, but no Cunarder. And so he •eplled by dots and dashes in answer o a query which the excited members of the Maritime Exchange had Iri- ipired. There was a long wait tbeni. and as there had been many wagers and much enthusiasm, freights a.nd :harters were temporarily forgotten, for the more timely subject of the' icean race. The members had grown ired waiting for news of the Campania, when at 12:48 came the news' hflt she had been sighted to the south-, vard of Fire Island a .nilnuto before. But the race was not over yet! With' in hour and twenty-six minutes lie- ween the two boats, there was much ip.eculation as to whether the Cunar-; der could regnlu any of this time on he 32-knot run: between Fire Island'.' intV th'e red-hulled lightship' off Sandy, look,, where the time for the ending of'a passage is officially taken. NoTii'n nch did the Campania 'gain. The'Eng-' Ish-built. ship had-hardly flashed''past the new Fire Island lightship'; when'" Sandy.. Ho.ok telegraphed 'that.the American craft had reached the bar, ^ To hnve equaled the best'record from louthampton, of six" days and thirty-;! one minutes, made by' herself .last month, /the St. .'Paul should/''hove, eached the lightship at 9:31 a. in.;' She was, therefore; more than three .hourB^ behind," The best record from Queens-; own'.Is five days seven "li'ojirs'".ani} twenty-three minutes, and 'was made Extra Strong, Heavy Pants -•'..- - 250, Extra Well Made Pants . • - - - 25^ Made From Remnants 25 cents £$r Boys' Knee Pants —Heavy and? tough. Real valuer 50 and 75 cents- Only 250 pair Just the thing for school. OTTO KRAUS "Of Course by the Lucauia. To have'equaled It It wns ; necessary for the^Cn-mpanla to reach Sandy Hook at 12:23 p. m. ' THEATRE HATS. Indianapolis News: The theatre hat lW won't' Into effect in Louisiana a few days'ago. Every, woman presenting liersoif at the entrance of the theatre wearing a hat not allowed by the law. removoil it, and receives a hat check for It, and the law was well received, the dispatch says, It has been rpmarkjiljle' that until a time almost within" livlns, memory the .English stage "was the'foremost stage in the world, and yet during the whole period oC thls'eniinence the bad manners of the play house were notorious. Loud talking' in the boxes was satirized by Confrere, 'and we do not Iiave. to go back as far as Congreve to find'it sat irlsso'd'.'"The > w ew York papers .(lurlug )hc opera 1 .season fairly foam with pro- rests and sarcasm at the talking in the boxes',' arid apparently to no effect. It has not'boon'so very manyv.vears ago since the "candy butcher"' : and peanut. :ieddior.were .features of the theatre as ih'oy now'are of the circus, the legitimate descendants, perhaps, of the wange woman of other days. As these barbarisms' pass, it'seems to ; indicate the progress of consideration', an; evidence'^ qC"'. an' ascending civilization \viiich'-'breeds a regard for the comfort >f prtjersV.' In this way ihe hat legisla- •:on 'caiv'he looked on as'"$ legitimate .:fpp,.'. It";were' better if the h.us. liv'liich',4 interfere with the comfort of rtiiers, weije'tq be voluntarily abated, to' wear a h'at 'which deprives others of i view of the stage is so purely selfish ;ha.t ope irjgl'-i wonder tli;v:" it should ^ver'-pVeval'l' 'if one did not remember that fashion is relentless, and that wluit fashion decrees will be obeyed, .10 matter ]ipw:.uu-comfortablle it makes |iot • only cithers','but tin: aevotee herself. But manifestly, life becomes rribt'e genial and so such things as the f.h'eatr'o' hat and other nuisances will ijrn'dua'ily disappear. ;. GAME ON WHEELS. : Aiier'i'nany experiments a really in- 'l|eresting."ah'd practical' game to be 1 p'lrij'ed' by men and women mounted on 1 'Wcycles has been evolved. It is dnfleil ."Royal" and meeta-jwri'th great . favor latafi cycling centres. ; "''The game : requires 1 two teams of nine riders each, two poachers, two Judges, -a timekeeper; a, scorekeeper and a referee. ' it-he' 'field' or court upon^'whicb it is ;nlayed..Is divided into a rlfiii't and left '/neirf:'' The .'cables form two' upright '•sides?'' An' alleyway constructed of 'cables extends from the ujjper to the li<tw£r field on the division line, be :tween the right and leftr>)Seld. The 'ch|)W|-'form 'two upright .siats*; between •whYcH'ilieplay. wheel rolls^flhd is drivel Vack.™rd'or;:forward oy the riders lA ; ' passing;; at. any point, -between the ' : UJwer".!iiid upper field. Thfs-'play .wheel jd aVfofile clinch bicycle rim, having 'aUyj-inch pneumatic tire, ••.::. : JThe Iden of the game is to; drive this "piny wheel from the- center' field tlirough^ntfaek-of Opponents' to a; poll 'aiead, riders using special made sticks in 1 strVklpg.-.or,,driyJi«r the -wheel. The eftds' of the alleyways are.;;ie goals for 'tlie respective teams. ''• Players ride In s.rn'gle'file and .-always : ci'rcfc i to'tlJe"Jeft. Then the two teams 'ai;c ''constantly iri'opposite'direetlons on •cpp'6's''it'c :; Rides of ' the' alleyway. Tbi- giim'e'reHulres'trtuc'h skill in' riding' and 'Is iverv' exciting'— New York Journal. ^ T> * WT'V i ,f, ..»!. ,U,JL A*. J. .*.* »rf,j a, JL . •*- -fa-iV-*- J . '. M'lss,Clara, Xcff of Clinton .township 'was'.assisted last Saturday -night in 'the '.(jelebrat.iou. of her- twenty-second birthday..anniyei'sar};,. by about thirty- sU of iher.friends, who called and spent ^a j very.,.,pleasant ; eyening playing RACES ,. ...,., , : , . . • .. . . . . V In ,1110. .course of.-the entertainment. an' elegant -lunchwas served, and It wasj ]ate^y,he,n the last guest departed. aft«^,wishing .the. . charming . young wb^Sj}nniiy- happy returns. 1 '-of the joyful day. There were several: present tTOfn ,the city, .and.all. .reported a vej-y^ieasant Jimp. ... , .. . "• . ^6, AT LIBERTY. . :• .lf JMembcTS..pf Ixirain Council, .No. ldjiught>rs of •Liberty, are requested - ne'et.At/he Q.. A, R-.liall this aCter- n^'t.2:30'-o;clock, by order of the '**' '*''; "Mrs.,.Tohn-Truman. '''jChljiflrfin's.dresses. and Tarn 0'Slra.n- terii.'—^Trade Palace. DRIVING PARK SEPTEMBER 15, 16, 17, 18. $3,000.00 in Premiums. ARE YOU READY? School will soon open. -Start the children'out in good shape. Let us at-tend to their footwear. We can do it—do it. right too. We have a big line oC' school shoes that for style, fit, durability and price cannot be equalled!. Kangaroo calf, oil grain, bright grain, Dongola and Calf skin school shoes;. TSc, SSc, and ?1.25. We warrant our goods. Get a ruler and writing pad free with each pair., E. M. Walden & Company;. 315 Fourth Street. ANOTHER OUTRAGE. An Attempt to Hold Another Republican Picnic in Disguise. Here is one the Pharos overlooked On the bulletin board at the shops yes tcrday was posted the following: . "Grnnd Masquerade Ball—To be Giv en by the Haymakers' .Association of Logansport, Friday, September ISth 189G, at Dolan & McHale's Hall—Come and Have a Good Time—Our Motto Is Tun and Good Fellowship"—Adniis- •ion Fifty Cents per Couple—Parade at 8:00 p. m, on the 17th." If this isn't a Republican scheme what is it? -If the President of the road didn't tack this up, who did! Are ttie railroad men to be deprived of their right to vote in this bulldozing manner? This picnic was evidently gotten up by Republican managers who thus mask their purpose to aid the railroad officers In their designs. It is probably the Intention of Republican candidates to be. present masked and thus get opportunity to shake bands wifli a lot of people in the "grand right and left" in a secret and surreptitious manner. Shall this insult be permitted in a civilized community? No, the Pharos will expose it. Thanks to the election law, every man can vote as he-pleases. The Pharos advises railroad men to go to this ball. Pretend to be for sound money, but when the tiine comes show that you are a liar .by voting against your open convictions. This is not a masquerade, but a Massacre ball, in winch Popocratlc hopes nre to be ruthlessly massacred. Popocrats, stand by your poppruns. BUSINESS MEN'S MEETING. It has been suggested that the 'citizens of Logansport show their appreciation of the Panhandle railroad and their good will in the contemplated extensive Improvements here by a general reception to Mr. J. T. Brooks, Second Yice President of" the Pennsylxa- nia company. This would not be of a partisan character, and would permit of general decorations along the:line of march nnd of such other courtesies as the citizens as such shall be pleased to extend. Mr. Brooks will be here Wednesday, September ICth, and there Is time to arrange the matter in ri ^creditable manner. That the subject may have, proper consideration The Journal will suggest a meeting of bxisiness -men, and. will make a call for the Council chamber at 8 o'clock thin evening. ^Mf EN Y : OU SEE SO OFTEN •pfMfiri LATEST fgARCE- COMEDY SUC.CfSS INTERPRETED BY A BIG COMPANY FILLED WITH ORIGINALITIES Admission T5c, 50c, 35e and 25e. .Reserved seats on sale at Johnston'Sr- Drug store. STATE NATIONAL BANK LOGANSPORT, IND.J - *2OO.OOO/ j. F. Johneon, Precldvnt. "1 8. W. UUery. Vlc« Pntfdeot.. H. J. Heltbdnk, Cuhler. ... DIRECTOR* . 1. Johnion. R W. UUery. J. T; EUlottr W. M. Elliott W. H. Balder. BUT and I* 1 !' Government bondi. LOM» «o«ey «n per*on*l lecurity *od coll*ter- *!•. Imue •peclal certlflcntn of dcportt* Marine c p«r cent. Interest when left on*- f*ar; t pw cent, per annum when depo*- t«d ilz BOntbi. Boze* In Safety Deposit Vault* of tW» oank for th» deposit of dead*, Iniurmno* acllclw, mortcmrei and ether •wnted at from 16 to O6 r*r year. The Logansport Humane Society (INCORPORATED.) For the Prevention of Cruelty t» Women Children and Animal* E. S. Klce— Pr«n. G«o. W, WHlt*r»— S«c. J. J. HIldebnunlt-TreniL W. M. BjHhop-HuniRiie OOlcer. E. S. Blw. 0. 0. Hnrtflj. V. C. Coolbongb G<-o W Walters, J. J. Hlldebrandt, Ceeked Justice. isash A< MM. W. D. frail Mm. ,1. S. Kelt. Telephone No. 30. Report aatt of cruelty 'o see ouur. M»- ••••••••^^^^^M*^^^^^^"^^™^^^^"**'^^™""'^ CHAS. L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKFR ••• . Nfc. 4U Market Call* attended to pronRUy. day me "S ntral Union and Mutual Offlca. Xo. 16; Reeiditnoe. No. KROEQER & STRAIN. Undertakers :C ftEmbalmers. ' 610BHOADWAT.

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