The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on August 5, 1980 · Page 4
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 4

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 5, 1980
Page 4
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BY MATT ROUSH Entertainment Reporter Texas In Cincinnati? Sounds a little odd, but such was the case Monday afternoon when four cast members of the soap opera "Texas," which premiered at 3 p.m. Monday, appeared on the "Bob Braun Show." And how's this for a coincidence? One of the four "Texas" stars was former Fun Bunch performer Randy Weldner. (The other actors from the new Procter & Gamble soap were Lee Patterson, Llsby Larson and Ann McCarthy.) NOW KNOWN as Randy Hamilton, the 33-year-old entertainer has finally hit his stride since he left the 50-50 Club for sunny California in August 1975. He left to accept an offer from Dick Clark to host a syndicated dally TV dance show, but the program was canceled after 40 shows. For a considerable period of time, he -survived on commercial work and occasional return stints with Braun. Then In January 1979, he became host of a children's show, "Bananaz," for Warner Communication's Columbus-based QUBE cable system, but the show stopped taping last September. ; So it was back to Los Angeles, his act- -ing workshop and commercials. "After 'Bananaz,' I was in the process of getting a new agent In the commercial business, that means you have to go around and re-establish yourself and let everyone know that you're still available," Hamilton said. "For a couple of months there, it was basically going to the acting workshop three days a week and that led to a lot of readings for movies and soap operas." Which of course led to his role in "Texas," which represents Hamilton's first steady acting Job. "I was lucky with 'Texas,' because It's new and I'm not Just filling a role that people can associate with another actor," Hamilton said. HIS ROLE begins Wednesday, although he was seen several times in the RANDY HAMILTON last two weeks In episodes of "Another World," from which "Texas" is a spinoff. Hamilton plays Rlkki Dekker, a young deputy in the county surrounding Houston. The Dekker clan, you see, was orphaned at an early age and was taken In by the Marshalls, a family big In oil and ranching. In the next few weeks, Rikkl will show an avid Interest In stock car racing. His hero Is adopted big brother and ex-racer Justin Marshall, who has laid down ' the racing helmet after the suicide of his father. In an episode yet to be filmed, Rlkki will take part In a race which will be broadcast with Justin at the microphone. And of course, there will be a love Interest a Nita Wright, who works in Rikkl's Aunt Maggie's restaurant. "You might say she's my 'Miss Right', or rather 'Mrs. Right.' You see, she's married, but there's no hanky-panky yet, Just the interest." 740 Today 00 John Davidson 1040 Mike Oouolas 1140 Wheel of Fortune 11:30 Password Plus 12:00 Card Sharks 12:30 Doctors 140 Days of Our Lives 240 Another Work) 340 Texas 440 Tom & Jerry 4:30 Carol Burnett 540 Santord & Son Channel 54 Covington, Ky. 3:30 National Urban 740 MacNeiLetirer League Convention 7 30 Dick Cavett 540 Mr. Rogers (40 New Refugees 5:30 Electric Co. 940 Nova 640 Zoom 1O40 Flambards e:30 GED Channel 64 Cincinnati, Ohio 5:30 22 Atve 1 30 NBC Newt 740 Joker's Wed 7:30 SuDvans 40 Sheriff Lobo 940 "From Here to Eterni ty" 1140 23 Alve 11:30 Tonight 140 Tomorrow 240 22 Atve 230 "David Copperflekt" 9:55 News 10:00 700 Out 11:30 Journey to Adventure 1240 "Abraham Lincoln" 240 Perry Mason 340 Casper and Friends Channel 3 Pay TV 740 "Le MagnlMque" 1:30 "Hard Times" (PG) KENTSMERrTSMAHLB0R0wlNST0NVAHTGE8ENS0Ni iPON.rDON TLIGHTSIJSHTS09ESN TBtBPES UGHTg 3 IT! :ITISHAUEITlEmuEITIITIiaVEm: Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined That Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health. msst aetoo9 TAREYTON Tareyton's unique charcoal filter is why. 5 mg. "tar", 0.4 nig. nicotine av. per cigarette by FTC method. if 5 mg.tar 0.4mg.nic. WLWT-TV In WCPO-TV I ffl WKRC-Tvl 4 WDTN-TV I J WHIO-TV I f"l WXIX-TV Jf fl WCET-TV NBC U CBS ABC ABC f CBS J ITV H J 00 Today Captain Kanproo Good Mom. America Good Mom. America Captain Kangaroo Popeyo 30 Inman Capote Skhard libertiri " " tknard Ubertini The Flintstones I SO Donahue Uncle Al Edge of Night Donahue Daytime Dayton Tom 1 Jerry " " . Family Feud One Day at a Time StarBlaiert 13 in Diy of Our Lives Jtffenons Mike Douglas Bob Braun Jeffertons Eddie's Father 10 " Alice " landf Hamilton Alice Bewitched - 11 jj Doctors Price ts Right Love Boat Aim McCarthy Price Is Right Odd Couple 11 Midday I Love Lucy " Mary Tyler Moore 2 30 BooBr,un Noon Report Eyewitness 12 News Family Feud Newscenter7 Love, American Style Dr.DarHHoi " Ryan's Hope Ryan's Hope Search for Tomorrow low, American Style '1m J-B.Crowe Young and Restless All My Children All My Children Young and Restless j Movie: g 1 Card Sharks J " " j "Violent ! 2?; Another World As the World Turns One Life to Live One Life to Live As the World Turns ! Road" ' 30 .. it ,, i ; J Torn Guiding Light General Hospital General Hospital Guiding Light Popeye Over Easy " " " " " The Flintsones lilias, Yoga and You M ? Bionk Woman Razzmatazz Dinah and Friends Movie: Sii Million Dollar Tom I Jerry Sesame Street ' " John Davidson JoeHamath "Dillinger" ! Man Gilligan's Island 5 in B'(Vllly lennon Sisters Robert Fuller " Bewitched Superman Mister Rogers " Stuart Demon Eyewitness 12 News " I Mary Tyler Moore My Three Sons " Electric Company C News Schottetkotte Report " NewsRoom Report Newscenter7 MayberryRFD Villa Alegre " NBC News CBS News ABC News " CBS News Carol Burnett International Kitchen 7 g Hollywood Squares 7 O'clock Report Tic Tk Dough ABC News Newscenter7 Chico and me Man City of Cincinnati Face the Music Joker's Wild Solid Gold '79 Face the Music Cross-Wits All in the Family Cable Hearings J Sheriff Lobo White Shadow Happy Days Happy Days White Shadow Gunsmoke " " " Laveme and Shirley laveme and Shirley " " " 5 5J 3 Movie: fl Movie: "One Inat ThnN's Company Three's Company 1 Movie: "One InaE Merv Griffin " ! "From Million: The Ron ' Taii Taii ! Million: The Ron ; Angie Dickinson " 10 30 i Hw,t0 LeFlore Story" The Barbara Walters The Barbara Walters 1 LeFlore Story" ! lee Martin Flambards I Eternity" q :55 Political Summer Special Summer Special :55 Political Cross-Wits 11 Jj News Schottetkotte News Eyewitness 12 News NewsRoom Report Newscenter7 All in the Family Dick Cavett Best of Carson Cannon :50Soap :50Soap Cannon M'A'S'H Captioned ABC News 12 30 Wmm 1 Movie: If 1 :25 Movie: I Mission: Impossible Buck Henry " 1 "...Marvin Gard.fl "...Marvin Gari't 3:30 Original Popeye 440 Tknmy and Lassie 4:30 Famty Affair 540 1 Love Lucy 5 30 Dk Van Dyke 640 wad wad West 10:15 "Heart Beat" (R AM Radio WKRC 550 WLW 700 WNOP 740 WPFB 910 WZIP 1050 WKFI 1090 WUBE 1230 WCLU 1320 WSAI 1360 WAAOH 1450 WON 1480 WCKY 1530 WCNW 1560 FM Radio WLAAH 88.1 1 WAIF 88.3 WJVS 88.3 1 WAAUB 88.5 WCNE 88.7 WRCJ 89.3 WHSS 89.5 WLHS 89.9 WNSD 90.1 1 WGUC 90.9 WVXU 91.7 WWEZ 92.5 WAKW 93.3 WSAI 94.1 WLW 94.9 WNKR 95.3 WSKS 963 WOXY 97.7 WURD 97.7 WLQA 98.5 WSCH 99.3 WHKK 100.9 WKRQ 101.9 WKFI 102.3 WEBN 102.7 WOKV 103.5 WRBI 103.9 WUBE 105.1 WPBF 105.9 WLYK 107.1 tucsflay Italic indicates change from TV magazine. In Ufe-and-death dispute between cattle Christina starts her first day as a walt- uuu cuiu iiuuwcisuiau. neueuu reSS. Part 5. 7 p.m., tS CITY OF CINCINNATI CABLE : HEARINGS: Members of City Council's : Intergovernmental Affairs Committee and members of Citizen's Cable Com- '. munlcations Board ask questions of six ; companies bidding on city franchise. ' 8 p.m., O MISADVENTURES OF SHE R-. IFF LOBO: While escorting striptease ; dancers to county line, Lobo encounters UFO and upon returning to Orly finds the town deserted and aliens patrollng the streets. Repeat. 8 p.m., O O WHITE SHADOW: Reeves becomes involved with high school drug culture when he starts dating a lady narcotics agent Repeat. 8 p.m., IB 0 HAPPY DAYS: With some help from Fonzle, Arnold's prepares to reopen, but some last-minute catastrophes may shut the place down for good. Repeat. '6 p.m., (D GUNSMOKE: Matt gets involved 8:30 p.m., OS 0 LAVERNE & SHIRLEY: The women come up with a scheme to trap the killer who has murdered one man, tried to poison Shirley and kidnapped Lenny and Squlggy. Part 2. Repeat. 9 p m., 03 O THREE'S COMPANY: When Janet develops an interest in having a baby, Jack and Chrissy hold Interviews with the men who they think have answered her ad for a father for hire. Repeat. Q 9:30 p.m., (B 0 TAXI: The cabbies suffer a shock when they learn Rev. Jim's new pet is a horse he is trying to housebreak. Repeat. 10 p.m., 03 0 BARBARA WALTERS SPECIAL: Bo and John Derek, Richard Pryor and Alan Alda are interviewed. Repeat. 11 p.m., 0 DICK CAVETT: Richard Bur ton, guest Part 2. 1 a.m., Q TOMORROW: Rick Mitz and niupn EtaKsm, guesis. novics 9 p.m., O "FROM HERE TO ETERNITY: REVENGE & AFTERMATH," (1980): William Devane. After learning about attack on Karen, Warden threatens to kill Major Holmes; Emily's father arrives to arrange for Jeff's transfer to prevent the wedding. 9 p.m., Q O "ONE IN A MILLION: THE RON LEFLORE STORY," (1978): LeVar Burton. Young tough street kid works his way from prison to post at centerf leld for Detroit Tigers. U.S. Alleges Movie-License Conspiracy 'Texas' Star Knows Town Well THE ONLY complaint he has about "Texas" is that it moved him to New York after he was set and stable in Los Angeles. But the soap role came at a very opportune time, giving him work Just wnen ine screen Actors Guild went on strike. "The timing was great. I keep think ing there had to be a little bit of provi dence involved for me to get this part at mis nme. l get cans irom my friends in LA who say there's nothing, that It's dead out there. But for me, everything's going just great." Radio Highlights MUSIC CINCINNATI: Concert by glee clubs of University of Cincin nati, Notre Dame and Ohio State, WGUC-FM, 8 p.m. Other UHF Television Channel 14 Oxford, Ohio 3:30 Open Mind oo Nova 440 sesame St. 940 Flambards 540 Mr. Rogers 10:00 Old Friends, New y.x Eieciric to. Friends 640 Rebop 10:30 Images of Indians 6:30 Over Easy H40 ok Cavett 7:00 Ok Cavett ii:30MacNeilLehrer 7 30 MacNellLehrer Channel 22 Dayton, Ohio WASHINGTON (AP)-The government charged Monday that four giants of the movie industry and the multi-billion-dollar Getty Oil Co. con-' spired to eliminate price competition in licensing theatrical films, such as "Kramer vs. Kramer" and "Star Trek," to pay-television. A spokesman for one of the defendants, Columbia Pictures Industries of New York, said only that the government action was "not unexpected." The Justice Department civil suit, filed in U.S. District Court in New York, charges that the five firms agreed to establish a network program service to be called "Premiere," which would distribute and license motion pictures to pay-television systems and network program services such as Home Box Office, Showtime and The Movie Channel. THERE WAS no immediate comment from the other four companies. However, Burt I. Harris, chairman of Premiere, issued a statement that said in part: "Premiere and its affiliated companies are confident that the proposed service does not violate any antitrust laws. We will vigorously defend that position in the courts. We are confident that these issues will be resolved satisfactorily for Premiere. At the same time, we will continue to take the necessary steps to as sure that our programming will commence as scheduled." Premiere was formed by Columbia, Getty, MCA Inc., Paramount Pictures Corp. and 20th Century Fox, the complaint said, and was to begin business Jan. 1. THE FOUR movie firms license movies to nmi.Tv cvciomt ami nptwnrk nrocram services in addition to making movies for showing in theaters and creating television programs. Getty nas an 85 interest in Entertainment and Sporis Programming Network, Inc., which offers sports programming to cable television. Th nit. chnrirps that bv the terms or tne agreement signed last April, the four movie firms will give Premiere a nine-months head start in distributing theatrical films over other programming firms. It alleges also that the defendants will deter mine their fee from Premiere and also the price that Premiere will charge pay-TV systems to carry its network program services. The suit says that movies that enjoyed highly successful theatrical runs are frequently offered on pay-television up to a year before they are shown on broadcast TV and they form an important part of the programming on services such as HBO, Showtime and The Movie Channel. The latter offers only movies, the suit said. It added that during 1979, 77 of HBO's programming, and 85 of Showtime's programming consisted of movies. Under the agreement, said the complaint, Premiere would immediately obtain exclusive showings from the four movie companies for such pictures as "Kramer V. Kramer," "Coal Miner's Daughter," "The Electric Horseman," "The Jerk," "Chapter Two," "All that Jazz," "Brubaker," "Star Trek-The Motion Picture," "Friday the 13th," and "Urban Cowboy." The agreement will have the effect of raising and fixing prices and to maintain them at artificially high levels, the government charges. today in history BY ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is Tuesday, Aug. 5, the 218th day of 1980. There are 148 days left in the year. Today's highlight in history: On Aug. 5, 1963, the United States, Britain and the Soviet Union signed a treaty outlaw ing nuclear tests in the atmosphere, in space and under water. On this date: In 1858, the first transatlantic cable was completed. In 1861, the govern ment levied an Income tax for the first time. In 1884, the corner stone of the Statue of Liberty was laid at the entrance to New York harbor. In 1962, movie star Marilyn Monroe was found dead in the bed room of her Los An geles home. Five years ago, Japa nese terrorists ended their one-day-old oc cupation of the U.S. consulate in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, taking 15 hostages along with them to the airport. Last year, It was re ported that Britain's Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher would make a dramatic policy reversal and agree to commonwealth calls for a new constitution and fresh elections in Zimbabwe Rhodesia. Today's birthdays: Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon, is 50. Film director John Huston is 74. Thought for today: Best be yourself, im perial, plain and true Robert Browning (1812-1889). STAY AWAKE STAY ALERT WITH DOUBLE E! When you ve got the bleary, weary feel ing call lor Double E Double I Alertness Capsules, that is They wake you up. they perk you up and they keep you that way For four to su hours Double I Capsules timed released action get you going and keep you going Contains no Vitamin E When taken as directed Double E Capsules tust keep you alert when you need to be alert Pick up Doublet Alertness lapsuies today ton never know when you II need them TUES.-WED. raw mm 8fL i u Fish Dinner The new TRIPLE JACK dinner with 3 new wedge-cut filets of Icelandic Cod and a generous portion of our new fat fries (chips). Chicken Dinner The large 3 piece ROYAL FRIE0 dinner with our spicy, crispy breading includes new fat fries, slaw and a roll. You :fPS' 9 XJ) 1 Your U It pays to travel over 55 inTennessee in September! If you're 55 years of age or over, Tennessee's where youU get "Senior Qass1 treatment all through the month of September. Hundreds of hotels, motels, restaurants, theme parks, 10 p.m., O FLAMBARDS: After replacing Q Sandy in a teat flight, William secures Denotes programming for the hearing-Impaired via capitis first Job as airplane mechanic; tioning adapter. travel-related operations are offering special discounts (some as much as ; 50) as well as many "Senior Qass" programs. There's something to see or do wherever you go in the "Vblunteer State, and when you join the "Senior campgrounds Qass of 1980" youU enjoy it even more and other while spending a little less. THE J&h. ! m mm:: mm i BUM ! Mirifn.infiimMiiinfmihrdMaHintBUidDrasnms.vulBUethrauahiiihinnMh I I I Zip I 'M&kimr ill Z Mailto:SniorClro'TmnramDepartmFntofToumlDewlopnient 1 1 . ru aflft Bra 23170. tUthntx. 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