The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 12, 1959 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1959
Page 18
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Before placing the sow into- p farrowing s»ail j she should be washed to remove U dirt which, might cotry parasites '.and disease, into the farrowing house. Newborrt pigs have very little resistance to disease, so every effort should be rr»ade r to, ,keep the surroundings clean, Faster..". sm-6-o-fher. . . so e-q-s-y to drive! NEW "Even with a big 5-furrow plow, this new 6-cylinder Farmall® romps along like a frisky colt." "I know it's the most powerful row-crop^tractor Built, but it's smoother ... quieter ... easier to run than my old 2-plow rig." "You just shift up and throttle back on lighter jobs to save up to one-third on gas!" These are your neighbors talking. They may not even know that this new IH Precision Six has the widest governed range of any big tractor. But they've discovered a throttle setting and one of the 10 speeds forward that^give -them exactly the right power-speed combination for each of their jobs. Now, you can hold faster speeds to hurry heavy plowing. You can mow at 6 to 7H mph, hoe at 11 mph, or pull wider hitches to do up to 1/3 more work daily. And you farm in greater comfort,... with less effort than ever before! F Step Into thl* New World of Power— Plow, up to 30 -acres a day' with this great new Farmdl 560 tractor and new McCormick No. 70, 5-furrow trailing' plow. • ,' - . 'AttMEBS are finding they; can • usually do a better job by using new, Specialized equipment that's designed and built to perform a specific function. , However, this,,' specialized f equipment is expensive and to make your the most money it must,be used intensely./ ^ \. Hog-production is no exception to this. By farro.Wing in hditses built especially for this, purpose farmers find they 'can wean more pigs per i litter and thus increase their.:, prbfit chances. But an investment in new'facilities means the building must be used more than just one or two times a year in order for it to be ah economical investmerit. , \ Commercial hog men^ throughout the country are finding that it is more economical to build a farrowing, house to farrow 4 or 6 groups of sows per year than to invest in one large enough to farrow the same .number of sows in 2 farrowings — spring and fall.' Planning Needed For.Intense Farrowing -, For the modern farmer, who has both an intense crop program and livestock enterprise' to keep under way, labor is at a premium during certain-times of the year. .Crops;require the largest amounts' of labor during spring planting and fall harvesting months/ During .other times of the year work load becomes much easier. It's during "these-slack periods j that you shduld plan those parts of your livestock program that require considerable labor. 'For hog production, farrowing is the time which requires the most labor and close supervision. This is also the time when your future profit potential is determined to a large extent. Thus, farrowings should be scheduled for those times during the year when you don't need to be, worrying about doing other jobs. Here's how much profits depend on results between farrowing and weaning. Studies of .hog production costs show it takes the income from about' 5 to 6 pigs per litter to pay for all your costs. However, the average num-, ber of pigs marketed per litter on most farms , is only about 7, which leaves only about one pig to give you a profit. By spending more time and giving closer supervision to sows at farrowing time you may be able to increase number of pigs saved to 8 to 9 per litter. This means you could double or triple your profits! If you decide to set your hog program up on a multiple farrowing basis, better nob start out with more than 6 farrowings per year. A more intense program causes breeding and sanitation problems to multiply. ' ^ Gat smooth, PreeUlon-SIx power in 5-plow Farmall and International* 560 tractors, and 4-plow Farmall and International 460 tractors.-You can order these powerful tractors with gasoline, direct-starting Diesel, or LP gas engines. MATCH YOUR ' PAYMINTB TO YOUR INCOMI! Try the big difference In big tractors — IH Precision-Six power. Just call your IH dealer for a demonstration. See how 6-cylinder • power, Torque Amplifier, and other advantages make you a bigger man on a new IH tractor, SEE YOUR INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER International Horve»ler Product* pay for HwmtKf f fa wt-Farm Tractor. Qnd Equipment,,. Twin* ,.. Commercial Wheel Tractor!.,. Motor Tryek» ' - ,,, Construction Equipment—General Office, Chicago 1, l|llno!f , . ' , Farrowing stalls can be a big help in savini more pigs per litter. Farrowing stalls c 'crates provide space, where p!gsr cap g< away from sows and not be lain on. He( lamps should also be used to proyide he< to the newborn pig and reduce chijllng.

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