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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 18

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 18

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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ORROW 18. FRIDAY EVENING Oakland FEBRUARY 25, 1927 HOUSE OF BEDELL OPENS OAKLAND UNIT TOM Thousands of Shoppers Expected When Chain Store Group Invades Oakland After several weeks of preparation tke new Bedell store at 1530 Broadway will be thrown open to Bedell, now operating nineteen women's apparel shops from coast to coast, and who is here for the opening shoDDers of the Eastbay tomorrow. The store, formerly occupied by Reich Lievre, has been remodeled, of the newest unit in the chain. The group at the lower right are. left to right (standing) B.

C. HAMP- redecorated and refurnished for the opening and a new stock has been assembled for the occasion. At the TON, display director for the chain; ALFRED M. BEDELL, president; CHARLES L. THOMP- upper left is illustrated a corner of one of the display windows, which have been redecorated with an SON, superintendent of shoe departments; (seated) S.

RABINOVICH, assistant millinery superintendent; E. I. OGUS, superintendent of millinery departments, and R. N. MacVIE, superintendent of elaborate Moorish design.

Upper right shows the front of the building as it appeared today. Lower left is a view of the leather poods section and lower right is a corresponding glimpse of tlie hosiery department, construction for the chain, who was in charge of the local building operations. both of which are on the main floor. Inset is of ALFRED M. BEDELL, president of the House ofj MERCHANT! SETS START! 50,000 FEET FL WE IS PRIMERi Mammoth Women's Wear Retail Firm Will Employ 150 Home People to Act on Trained Selling Force While Still in His 'Teens, Head of Oakland Store Entered Jewelry Business, Then to 'Ready-to-Wear' ll mti i Vs '1 II nil ii Marking the entry into Oakland of the largest retail dealers in women's wear in the world and at the same time the addition to Oak land's list of department stores Its newest and most up-to-date unit, The House of Bedell will open its nineteenth store tomorrow at 1530 Broadway.

The, four-story building, formerly occupied by the firm of Reich Lievre, has-been completely transformed Bedell started reconstruction less than a month ago. Oakland shoppers familiar with the store with its Hghtwell extehdlng the entire height of the building will miss this feature. All save the mezzanine floor have been closed, adding several thousand feet of floor space to the building. And the entire structure has been redecorated, remodeled and refurnished. The only thing about the building remaining unchanged is the general plan of the display windows, and theso have been redecorated.

150 WORKMEN' FIT TT STORE. A daily force of 1E0 workmen has been employed in the task of fitting the store for the occupancy of the House of Bedell an4 more than $125,000 has been expended in this work alone. Speed of construction is said to have set a record in Pacific coast department store building. As, rebuilt the store now contains more than 50.000 feet of floor space, to be devoted to serving the women of Jhe Eastbay, offering the latest in wiring apparel at advantageous prices and embracing other attractions such as a modern beauty parlor and leather goods department. 2000 HATS OV DISPLAY.

Entering the store the shopper will find on the Jrtain floor the shoo, hosiery,, lingerie, sports and leather goods departments. On the mezzanine floor will be millinery, fully 2000 hats of all sizes, shapes, colors and prices being on display for the opening. Also on the mezzanine floor is the beauty parlor. The third and fourth floors have been planned as the home of the coat and dress departments and here thousands of models have been assembled for the formal opening. More than 150 employees have been engaged for the new, store and those have been put through a special course of training to fit them for service in the new Oakland organization.

All are residents of the bay district, in keeping with the store's policy of giving employment to home people. On the eve of thft. opening the final lesson in the course was given in the form of a message from Alfred M. Bedell, president of the company bearing his name, who is in Oakland to be present at the adrli tion of tb latest link in his transcontinental chain of department stores. ALL GOODS DISPLAYED.

One feature of the usual department store Is conspicuous bv its absence in the now Bedell building. That is storage space. The house, according to its executives, carries no stock other than that on display and fresh shipments of merchandise are brought in daily direct from the buying centers. This assures shoppers of obtaining only the latest and newest in styles, materials and colors, as new merchandise is being brought to the shelves in a steady stream from the wholesale houses of the east and abroad. This is made possible through the tremendous buying power of the "chain," it is pointed out, giving the opportunity of purchasing goods in large enough quantities to secure the most advantageous prices without "loading up" with a surplus which must be disposed of later, to the disadvantage of the buyer.

In addition to being the latest link in the Bedell chain of stores, the opening of the local house will celebrate Bedell's thirtieth anni versary in the retail women's apparel business. LINK IN STORE CHAIN. The first store, on Fourteenth street. New York city, was opened on St. jfatrick's day, 189 7.

This store, only recently discontinued, did a business of around $100,000 during the first year. Bodell's second store was opened in Brooklyn in May, 1904, and other units were added to the chain in the following order: Philadelphia, 1912; St. Louis and Pittsburg, 1914; Thirty-fourth street store. New York, 1915; Milwaukee, Bos- ton and -Rochester, 1917; Bridgeport, 1918; Syracuse, N. 1919; Los Angeles, Worcester, 1921; Chicago, 1922; Detroit and Cleveland, 192 Buffalo and Portland, ,1925.

Meanwhile the annual volume of business of the Bedell stores increased to $2,000,000 in 1910, to $10,000,000 in 1915, to $15,000,000 in 1920 and to $20,000,000 for the most recent fiscal year. BARBER'S The Sdre of i. Friendly Service Welcomes' BEDELL'S TO BLOCK EDGAR H. BARBERCO. Just Around the Corner Entry into Oakland cf the House of Bedell with Its Broadway store tomorrow marks the coming to the bay district of Alfred M.

Bedell, at the age of 60 the head of the largest women's ready-to-wear dealers in the world and the head of nineteen stores in as many cities from Atlantic to Pacific. Bedell's first venture into busi- ness was as a printer when, in grammar school In New York, he got hold of a small press and began publishing a school paper. After completing his schooling, he continued with the printing business for a time, but the Jewelry business appeared to offer large profits on a limited capital, and into this he went. Within a short time and still in his 'teens he was operating eight or ten Jewelry departments in various stores. One day, upon closing the day's business or one of his jewelry ae partments, he found that the day's receipts were only 64, wnne me ready to wear department had made sales amounting to several thousand dollars.

"Then and there," he said, "I decided to go into the 'rag' busi- COM Then, at the age of 20, Bedell gave up his Jewelry business and went to work in a wholesale garment house as a pattern cutter. A year later, with the opening of a store on Tenth street, New York City, he launched the present House of Bedell. "The fundamental policy that I try to establish in all the Bedell tores," he says, "is to offer style merchandise at prices that represent the intrinsic value of the gar-. mants and that do not include any extra charge for style; in short, to offer at a fair price the stylish, well-made apparel of standard materials, designed to fit the average American woman. "By the average woman I mean the home woman and the business 'woman.

One1 of her outstanding ful and in the designing of such garments the American designers far surpass those of Europe, even though it may be necessary for them to go abroad every once in a while to get new ideas, WOMEN DEMAND STYLE. The average American woman does not buy a garment expecting It to wear out. Her wardrobe today to three or four times as large as that of the woman of fif teen years ago. Bhe has Deen educated to style and she wants to look fresh and modish' at all times. "The specialty shop meets the needs of this type of woman, as she wants to shop where there is a comprehensive selection of models in variety of materials and at a variety of prices.

Also, she wants personal service, and the specialty shop gives this careful attention to Its customers. "Am for the chain store, their future is very bright, especially in women's apparel. Operation of women's apparel shop chains, how- ever, cannot be done from a scleri- tifio viewpoint as Is possible with grocery chains or others handling atji.ndft.rA Tnerr.ha.ndtaa We. must carry about 90 per cent style merchandise, where such stores as Woolworth'a carry about 80 pei cent standard merchandise. "In looking for a new city in which to locate, we first seek a city where the merchants are making money.

We don't want a city that la Just getting by, but one in which verybody is active and doing well. That la why we have come to Oakland- This city is enjoying a tremendous growth, and its merchants and people are prosperous. We cannot help but succeed in such a location. STOCK KEPT FRESH. "We will give to the women ot Oakland the newest in every line of feminine wearing apparel at a variety of prices.

None of out merchandise is ever on hand for my length of time, this "being attested by the fact that our new tore here has virtually no storage space, nearly every available foot of area being used for display and sales purposes. Constant supplies of fresh goods are sent in. an endless stream from the eastern buying centers and arrive in ex-Tress shipments daily at all the Individual stores. This means that Oakland will get its merchandise, with the latest styles and colors, at the same time as our New YorkNI tore, our Chicago store or any other of the nineteen in the chain." Bedell, accompanied by other executives of his organization who have been active in preparing for the opening of the local unit of the chain, will leave Oakland late tomorrow for the eastern headquarters. Here his business is centralized in an office on the eleventh floor of.

the York building, where every phase of activity, buying, selling, advertising and merchandising generally Is personally directed by the bead, of the House of Bedell. Oakland Advantages Told Seven Years Ago Company seven years ago first interested the Bedell organization In the East-buy district, according to Herman Rittigstein. As the result 'of this first contact with the Bedell organization the recent, realty deal in which Bedell acquired his, new building in Oakland was handled by Maiden, Rittigstein Com-panv. "We first brought Bedell to Oakland to show him the opportunity for tin Oakland Bedell store," Kittigstein explains, "and now we have sold5 him his new building. As a result Oakland and the Eastbay, community acquires a rationally, known, and elegant new ---r 1LHT0 BE FEATURED I'matoWnrtftfrgyn'r r-TminimTttmnfttMfrrTtiMmtfTrari rT innniininnrui 11 mnnstiittinnrii 1 I 11 -i nr-rmr ir -nnn-p -rrn "inn-m Trr -rniTi irifin-rrii (MiiiiiiHiiHlilll 1111 Hflfiri MlilillrtWlMellMsaasls IX OrVawg vtiv 0 I I 1 ff 1 1 3 tiiiiiinniiininiriiifn mnn imtiiiiim iwmii mi nri iiMiiiiiMiiiwwiii 1 mm in 11 in 11 1 limn 1 iiiiniiiiiiiniiiniiHiii 111111111 Him in iiiniwiiimw)! iiiennMiiuififinMiiiiiiiiaiiaiirtnniininiin iiiiinn imomiww iMjaiMuuwgseswwwBsesewsss I T-T 1 7T- ORIENTAL NOTE Unique In store construction is the shoe salon of the new Bedell store which opens tomorrow in Oakland as the nineteenth link in a' transcontinental chain of women's apparel shops.

The shoe salon, located on the main floor, is entirely Oriental in its furnishings and decorative scheme with rich imported Japanese furniture and other appointments. Here, Charles L. Thomp son, manager of shoe departments lor the entire chain ot iseaeii stores, installed the fourteenth such department to be estaDiisnea by him during his association with the Bedell organization. "We specialize In the finest leathers, the newest insteps and lasts, and a fitting service second to none." Thompson Baid. "With this we have a price that is con sistent with the nedell motto or "Style Divorced from Extravagance." Bhoe styles emphasize compose colors, Thompson says, and in the new store are displayed such colors as cher blonde, peche-shell, at mosphere, platinum, French nuae and parchment in a wide variety of combinations.

In addition to shoes the department Is showing a complete line of exclusive "Powder Puff hosiery. -4 ON DISPLAYS Probably the busiest man In Oakland today and tonight will be B. C. Hampton, display director of the Bedell chain of stores which opens ita new Broadway branch 1 Hampton Is a former San Franciscan and served in French with the "Grizzlies," famous California regiment during the war. Prior to Joining the Bedell organization he was associated with the Emporium in San Francisco.

The Oakland store will be the fifth which he has assisted in opening for Bedell. Today, under Hampton's dlrec- llMn jnrni nt A Anrfttiim and oleriu woricJitt IN Si I DIRECTOR BUSY Ono of the most attractive features of the new Bedell store at 1580 Broadway, which will be formally opened tomorrow, is the millinery section where more than 2000 hats have been massed by E. I. Ogus, general manaRer of the millinery departments of the 19 Bedell stores. "We will carry a representative line of merchandise at all prices." Ogus said, "specializing in style models.

For the opening we have obtained a special shipment of Imported French hats, original moneis Dearlng the label of such models as Agnes, Reboux, Fernan Royer, Rolande, Taulette and Du-four. "These come In trottnur styles, neimets, sports models, novelty crocnets. nair models, novelty ribbons, silks and straws and comprise what we believe to be one of the most up-to-date displays of millinery in the San Francisco bay district." Ogus has been with the Redell organization for the opening of the Detroit, Cleveland, St. Louis and Oakland stores and has super-Intended the installation- of the millinery departments in each of these. The local department, located on the mezzanine floor, is the peer of any in the chain, he said.

In preparation for the opening of the nineteenth uhit of the House of Bedell, women's apparel chain store ai 1530 Broadway tomorrow, a corps of executives': headed by Alfred Bedell, president, is how in Accompanying Bedell arei' Mac Vie, superintendent of con- struction; Charles L. Thompson, superintendent of shoe departments; B. C. Hampton, display director; B. I.

Ogus, superintendent of millinery departments, and 8. Rablnpvich, the latter's chief ST1E CHIEFS AT WORK HERE dally crew of 150 workmen, whose tasks were so laid out for them as to dovetail perfectly in completing the entire Jobt In as new larkmlJtment Store? Construction Set touches on the entire display of merchandise which will greet Oakland shoppers at the store opening tomorrow. The local branch, he offers probably the best opportunity lor effective display of merchandise in the -entire chain and compares favorably with the newest storeavin other sections of the country. 1 REWARDED FOR WORK. LIVERMORE, Feb.

z5. As a reward for his successful efforts In raising funds to pay for an advertising booklet to be published by the Llvermore chamber of commerce, McKown has-' been elected treasurer-, fthe short a time as possible. And we have only worked one shift per day. i "Last night thi place appeared entirely unfinished but today 'we will have every article on display in a completely finished store which bears almost no interior resemblance to the building upon which we started work." has) been associated with the Bedell organization for sixteen' years and has actively participated in the opening of ail their etor securing xftsna Bedell chain of stores, said: "We purchased the store in January and soon after disposed of the remaining stock. Twenty-four days ago we began work, and since that timq we have completely rebuilt the entire structure, redecorated it from basement tq roof and built and installed neiy display cases, jRecords for department store building on the Pacific ooast were shattered in the preparation for the opening tomorrow of the new Bedell store at 1530 Broadway, formerly occupfed, by Reich Uevre.

Commenting on the speed with which the task of completely remodeling the entire building was accomplished. R. N. MacVie. euper- counters ana otner nxtures.

wrls -was- il4ntMMieat. construction (or- ihe.

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