The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 12, 1959 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1959
Page 13
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AtWhittemore two girls. ' ..—._ -t Mr and Mrs Milo afe the proud parents of a !>&y bdfn Jan. 31, They now e a_ faniily of one boy and ... .,„, „„., born td Mr §fld Mrs Kfehsbrd s Arend In St. Ann hds- £ital x ih.Algbhar Jan. 31. They now have two boys, and two and Mrs Harold Elbert have another son bom Jan. 31 in St. Atin' hospital iH Algona. They h6w have three boys and five Birthday Party , 4 A number of relatives gather ed at'the hoihe df Mr and Mrs George Meyer Wednesday evening to celebrate the birthday o; Mrs'-Meyer, The guests included Mr arid'Mrs Erwin Bruhn of Cylinder* Mf and-Mrs Eldon Fehr and" family bf Rodman,. Mr and Mrs, Edwin Greinert and''family Mr J ahd MrsV Bert Seely and fam ily,'Mr"«nd'mrs William Ostwald and'-dailghters. Mr and Mrs Art hur 'Heidenwith, Mr and Mrs Herman Voigt, Mr and Mrs Ralph Walker Jr. and Dale Bell. The evening wag spent placing cards and- a -lunch was served. » ' ' _ Hosts Af Pot Tuck" Mt and Mrs William Meyer Jr. were hosts' at a pot-luck dinner Sunday" evening. The guests were Mr and Mrs Elmer Qstwald, Mr and- Mrs Walter A. Meyer, Dorothy VRosendahl and son Daniel and daughter Kay Frances, Mr and Mrs Melvin Heinrich, and Mickey and Allen IZimmermann. Leave/ For Arizona Harold Kuecker arid son Jay left by train for Tucson, Ariz. Tuesday to spend two weeks with 5/trs Kuecker, who went to Tuc- son on Tkinksgivins Day, to help I i&,severe asthma attacks. Mr tueekor has sold his hinlc tftd tavern her*. He will haVt fltiiW of the household furniture" Before Marcft first, afcd will rewSm to AriibhS to live With his fenV 11?; > Harold Heinrich aftd Harvey Metgen drove the Kuecker car to Mtasott City and relumed with it to Whittemote, Hugo Meyer 1 , aecompahietl by his brother, Albert Meyer of Letts Creek, drove to Rochester, fast week Friday td bring notrtfc. MrS Hugo Meyer who had be£n staying with Mrs Albert Meyer .afid her daughter Etenora. The latter had surgery and it Was fdund that she is suffering from the Hodgkins disease* She is still s patient in Rochester. Mr and Mrs Sam Mogler accompanied by Mrs Martha Frieden, Mrs A. Schmidt and Paul Banwart of West Bend' drove to Elgin, Iowa, where they attended the funeral of Albert Schuf&ch, a relative, last week. Joan Waldschmitt, daughter of Mr and 'Mrs Elliott Waldschmitt, underwent surgery at the Memorial hospital in Emmetsburg, Friday. Vincent Wilson took his mother, -Mrs Theodore Elbert to Iowa City, Thursday where she 'is a patient in University hospital. He returned Friday. Carl Ernst left by plane 'last week Thursday for Germany, where he will Visit .relatives which include his parents and a brother and two sisters. Dennis Allen, infant sort of Mr and Mrs Richard Lane ( was baptized in St. Michael's Catholic church Sunday morning. Sponsors were Mr and Mrs Eran- gona, and HrrMStnltda Meyer tatwttiiwd .y«t Pinochle t feventtig,4t;ine home of tr anl Mrs Witav Msyer Stv L<& Fatrell, afttdttttt at Lorft* €dfiege college in Bubugue, spent Mr and Mrs Martin Schormann Lone Rock, have announced the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Enola above, to . Rev. Marvin Gruett Polk, Nebraska. Rev. Gruett ir a son of Mr and Mrs Otto Gruett Hilbert, Wisconsin. A June wed ding is planned. Mr and Mt* Huge Qade of At* the weekend here with his parents, Mr and Mrs Lcroy Farrell. Mr and Mrs Joiseph Besch and family wire Sunday dinnel guests at the home of M* itnd Mrs Law* fence Besch and Mrs Lucy Besch, mother of the men. aeven grandchildren, Nancy Larsen, Dinne, Anita, Patty and Vif* Moore and Janice and Paul took a train from Tidbits by Evelyn read my item on thi Dennis Weber, family who riamed the five, children with names beginning with D, Mr* Cecil Steward, nee Bonnie Lee Rente, of Hazelcrest, III., has written me that she has a family of five whose names begin with R — Rickie, Ronald, Robert, Rita and Ralph. ' * * * IS MY FACE RED1 1 got the Parrish families mixed. The first item I had on them was correct, Robert Parrish HAS HAD SURGERY and is getting along just fine. KENNETH PARRISH, so far as I know, has been in per- cis Kollasch. Also hi the .same service Ronald Gerald, infant son of Mr an.* Mrs Gerald Elbert was baptized> His sponsors were-Mrs Leonard Elbert of Whittemore and Edward Eischen of St. 'Benedict. '«, Mi- and Mrs Robert Fuerstanau and family of Lqtts Creek were Wednesday evening dinner guests at the parental' home of Mr and Mrs Erwiri Struecker. • Mrs 1 Pearl'' Besch and Mrs REASONS Why YOU May Need A . LAND BANK LOAN • -, s Check Your Needs — . There's a low cost, long term Land Bank'Loan on your land available for you if you need money- for any of these reasons.-Make ap- —for -farmers, where you can borrow with, confidence. Contact'— ' G To Consolidate Debts [J To Modernize Buildings n To Buy Neto Equipment ;[x]Jo- Buy Livestock'' ' * n To Buy Land Q For'Any'Constructive Purpose ' EUGENE H. HUTCHINS, Sec.-Treas. South of Penneys in Algona Preferably Mondays or Wednesdays ' (4-5-6) v These drastic reductions are being made possible because the'folks who do our baby shoe plating' must keep, their highly skilled artisans busy between seasons* All mounted styles reduced 25%, order Now For Easter, Mother's Day or Father's Day exqumto portrait 8x10 or 5x7 from*) >16.95 Bronze Stylo 49 dthfray Keg. $7.95 Brpnza NOW $5.96 Silvar $8,96 Sfyl* 50 R*g. $13,95 Bronj* NOW $10.46 Silvtr |14.96 net »nfM»» with JmHotloni »sld thru fh« mall. Th« SHOE PUCTYfc topper Pr*"*!, pr||»rv»» »very wrinkle «">4 rnokf* pP«»lpW' »b« pant finhh which i» lU hallmark of quo> Ity, N»ver need rebroniiog, §?W GLENN'S 107 SO, HARJUM* STUDIO IOWA James "Besch returned Wednesday from Phoenix!, Ariz. t where they had been vlsitihg with their sister and husband. Mr and Mrs John Bestenlehhei? ahd family., Mr and Mrs ' Wilbur itoeber entertained at dinner Mrs Anna Dau, ^Mr and Mrs-Lawrence M«y- er aiid family, Mr and Mrs Melvin Roeber and son David of here and Miss Mary Meyer of Des Moines. 1 Relatives gathered at-the home 'of Miss Rosella Vdigf Tuesday evening to help her celebrate her birthday. Those present were Mr and Mrs Herman Voigt, Mr and Mrs George Meyer, Mr and Mrs Arthur. Heidenwith,' Mr and Mrs Herbert Potratz' and- son Dean 'and Mr and Mrs Raymond Voigt and family of here, Mr and Mrs Harold Voigt • and • Mr and Mrs Gerald j Ollom of Algona. v Mr and Mrs'Maurice Duffy of CHufdan.' and >Mr- and Mrs Earl Conri6rs. an'd Daughter Polly 1 of Carroll, visited;here Sunday with relatives. They also' attended a boUswarming party .at the Hugh Duffy\Kome'.. '" ' • , Mr'and Mrs Lloyd Walker and son" -Gary" and" 'daughter Helen Lynette'.'arid the former's'-daugh- ter, -Mrs -Conrad '"Oppegafd and soil DoUglas of Albert Lea', were Sunday dinner and supper guests at the'parental-home, of Mr and Mrs Arthur Heidenwith home. .Mr and Mrs Melvin Henry and family "spent, Saturday! afternoon at the maternal home of Mrs'Al- vina Schuller at'Ayrshire. sore thumb. Mr and Mrs Elmer F, Bell visited SUnday'at the home of their son-in-law and daughter; Mr and Mrs Harold Kunz- in: Carroll. ;-„' Mr and Mrs Edward Besch had as v dinner guests at 'their home Sunday, Mike Besch and daughter Dora,'James Besch and family and Dennis Besch' of here, Mr and Mrs Elton' Woods and son Greg pf Algona. . • Dinner *gue.sts at the home of Mr and Mrs Alvin Potratz Were Mrs Adelia Meyer, Mrs Aurelia Leininger, of here, Mr and Mrs Roger Potrjatz, Mr and Mrs Larry Gade and daughter Cynthia, and Mr and Mrs David Berkland and family of Fenton. Mr,and Mrs Robert Forsythe and son'Mike and daughter Barbara of Mankato, spent the weekend at the. parental home of Mr and Mrs Elmer Elbert. Mr and Mrs William Ostwald and daughters and Mr and Mrs Edwin Greinert and family were Sunday djnner guests at the home of Mr and Mrs Erwin Bruhn .of Cylinder., The wpmen are sisters.;' •;. '•.."•..' ." "' ';• Mr- and • Mr s .Marvin .Berger of Allison .,and Leon , Sergei; of, Greene spent the; weekend at the maternal •• 'home : of Mrs Cecelia Berger .in Whittemore. Mr and Mrs -Joseph Kavanaugh and family of Lohrville were Sunday .dinner guests at the -parental home of Mr and Mrs James Bisenius in Whittemore. Colleen Farrell and Patricia, Kollasch, bath student nurses in Siibux City, , spent the weekend here with their respective parents, Mr 'and Mrs John M. Farrell and Mr and Mrs Charles G. Kollasch. •: " N .Mrs-- Anna < Baas' and daughter Elda entertained the South Side 500 cjub at th?ir home Wednesday night, Mrs Louis Braatz winning high, Mrs Emma Knecht low, and Mrs Baas travel. Mrs Roy Adams entertained a number of friends at cards Friday evening. Lester Johnson, and Mrs Floyd Gardner winning high, Mr Gardner and Mrs •Ve'rnon* Evans low. • ' ; Mr and Mrs Herman Kollasch entertained the Scatter club at ;heh> .home Monday evening. Raymond Elbert and Mrs Joseph Lq«b,aeb " won • high, Lawrence !""-.. 1 .... " Mrs. Carl Jphnspn. low, and Joseph Loebach, travel. Mr and,-Mr§ John Farrell entertained Club 18 at their home Suni everyng,.Elliott Waldschmitt and' Mr? Harold McDonnelL wiiv ning Jhigh,' Mr and Mrs William .. ;,,. second high, James But a- and Mrs George Gengler, low. Mjrs.J-terqy Elbert lefi |6r California, where the *witf* Visit in, the home of Mf and, Mrs >J«ek Jlpklund, son of Mrs Elbert, • M£" 3n.c| tMns -YirffiJ EJbert re- turne^ bome from, California IftSt wesfe/ * I •'•-;• •, Mr and Mr? Louis Greinert their daughter Mary to Decor ah in Luther' college in "Decorah.' feet health, and it was certainly a mystery to him why he should have messages Wishing him a speedy return to good health. Kenneth Parrish knows now he has many solicitous friends. And I trust it isn't too late for Robert's friends to rally 'round. -'*•.*•.* Mrs Ira Bpnhette told me she and her husband wer'e married forty-nine years ago, Feb. 2. 1 asked her what they were going to do by way of celebration. She replied, "Nothing. Wait till next year." ^ ' I don't know which to wish, that I was John Bradley's age —• 11, or he my age. All because he has a horse and cutter and I'd like a sleigh ride. His father, Joe Bradley got hold , of a cutter, after much searching, had it painted, bought sleigh bells, etc. * ' « » Mrs R. C. Porter and Mrs Wai- tor Boeckholt and Cheri called on me the other morning. I am sorry I forgot to have them sign my guest book. They make the 149th individuals I have had as, callers since I came here August 30. the second floor apartment, she lost her footing and plunged headlong. Her glasses wore broken and cut her cheeks and injured one eye. Fortunately her eyes are O.K. — or will be when she can get her new glasses. * * * Things are quiet and orderly here at Good Samaritan. Mrs Bertha Callies observed a birth day last week Tuesday and had quite a little pnrty in her room. Guests were Mrs Leonard Callies, Mr and Mrs Lester Cnllieg. Mrs June Miller, Mrs Dwight Garrett mid Elta Sleeker o£ Tilonkn and Mrs Anna Missal. Mrs Missnl is also a G.S. resident — John Rink had a birthday anniversary Sunday — Mr and Mrs Oliver Roupe were visited recently by Mi anc Mrs Melvin Roupe of West Bend. Also by Mr and 'Mrs Melvin Elbert of Whittemore, Esther Crook of Rodman and Mrs Anna Wehrs- pann -— Mrs Elizabeth Baas' guests were Mrs Lorenz Gade, Rachel and Paul and Anna Welirspann. Also Mrs R. J. Wegener, Linden, Dale and David. They were callers last week. * * * . Gladys Reefer, one of the newer nurses here has been, lending a hectic life the past few days. On top of eight hours here, much of it at night, she has had to move. With packing and the work at home, plus her duties here =— well it's a job few women want to duplicate. Saturday evening to KletnnS*, Where Mr and Mrs Veftter L*tt .Vetmn Larsen and husband) met thorn. They spent Saturday night and Sunday at the Lau home. Vfr and Mrs Lau brought them tyome Sunday evening. Mrs Hcdwlg Larsen spent a iouple of days with Mr and Mrs Rosciie Stewart, Burl, Mr and Mrs Billy Gifford and Brian of Lone Rock were Sunday visitors at the P. W. Mnrlow home. Mrs Mary Michaelsen, Mr and Mrs Trncy Stone and Ricky and Mr and Mrs Arky Nelson were Sunday guests at the Herbert Nelson home. It was Mrpi Arky Nelson's birthday. Mrs Lulu Ringsdorf, Mrs Cora Slow, Mrs Lois Trunkhill, Mr and Mrs Roy Ringsdorf nnd Mr nnd Mrs Tom Trenary ,nnd Kenneth Trenary were Wednesday evening gucstt nt the Harold Becker home. Mr and Mrs Elwood Nelson and family and Mr nnd Mn, Henry Nelson of Titonka went to Klemme Sunday where they attended ithe golden wedding anniversary celebration for Mr and Mrs Willie Hanson at Ihe Methodist church. Mrs Hansen is a sister of Henry Nelson. Mr and Mrs Roy RinKstlorf, Mr and Mrs Donald Ringsdorf and Mrs Lulu Ringsdorf of Burt were Sunday guesta at the Brink Shipler home near Swen City. Mr and Mrs Victor Fitch, Korene and Judy were Sunday guests at the Ray Fitch home. Mr and Mrs C. L. Young visited the Fern Drones at Whille- more Sunday afternoon. Thought for 1959 — When Thursday, Feb. 12, 1959 Atgana (la.) Upper folki speak of a lucky person, thert's a {joint they often nilss, the harder one applies ttte luckier he is. Truck Overload Fine John A. Angle, Swea City, paid $1.1.66 , and costs for track overload on registration and Her- system were man A. . fined $5 and «*U! Jo operator'* Ifcerwe itt Ostwinkie's cMft A man whose normal . 150 potindft, wtmld weigh ^btw 50 pounds if all tfte ^ralfcf itt at* ;1 have read of a bride who went to the altar using a crutch and I've' even heard of going down the aisle in a wheel chair. Now comes a story of' a bride-, groom who went to the altar with his arm in a sling. 'Twas none other than. Larry St. John who was married 'Saturday morning at St. Cecelia Catholic church to Louise Heinen. Larry was hospitalized with a badly infected thumb all caused from a sliver he ran in it while doing some cleaning around the bunks of'his ship. Larry is. with the marines and is stationed at Twenty Nine Palms, Calif. Trouble developed and he found himself with a very Well, some may have a sore thumb but Mary Bieser has sore face. Her's comes from the fair she 'had at her sister's in Spencer a few weeks ago. She and her sister, Mrs Eva Deim were visiting and when Mary went down the outside stairs of • Portland Twp. By Mrs. Victor Fitch Mr and Mrs Earl Shipler of Burt and Mr and Mrs Lyle Shipler of Britt left Jan. 23 for San Antonio, Texas, where they visited Clyde Shipler and Stanley Shipler, also Mr and Mrs Jack Bellinger and family and Mr and, Mrs Charles Bellinger who. are spending the winter there. They stopped at West Point, Neb. on the way down and took Mr and Mrs Fay Shipler with them. They returned February 1. David Stewart, who is attending Loras College at Dubuque, jsnjoyed a semester break and a tfew days at home with his parents, Mr and Mrs W. J. Stewart;, i Mrs Glen Larsen entered St, Ann hospital Friday and submitted to minor surgery. She returned home Monday. ,Mr and Mrs Timer Harms, Mr and Mrs Arnold Danielsen, Mr and Mrs Chester Fitch and Mr ^nd Mrs Stanley Ruse and Leroy were^Friday evening guests at the "factor Fitch home. ' Mrs Minnie Larsen and hei Now you Know! The answer to everyday insurance problems* By L. 8. Bohannon QUESTION For insurance pur poses I wpnder if you can give us any idea how much home furnishings ,haVe increased in price in the past .few years. ANSWER: Latest statistics show household furnishings up more than 60% over 1946 levels and more than double their pre^world war two prices. * if you'll address your own insurance questions to this office, we'll try to give you the correct answers and there wil" be no charge or obligation o: any kind. L. S. BOHANNON 6 N. Dodge CY 4-4443 As I am moving to a different farm and changing my farm operations, I will sell the following described property to the highest bidder, on the f irm located 3 miles south, Z east & '/a mile south of Elmore; or 5 miles west and 4'/z north of Buffalo Center. la., or 4 miles north. 2 east and Vz mile north of Lakola, la., or 6 miles west and 2Vz milss south of Rake, la., on Sale Starts at 12:30 P.M. 35 Hi-Grade Holsteins 35 18 Milk Cows — Star, fresh Jan. 16, Open, 4ih calf, BF 608.?, Test 3.8; MONIE, fresh Nov. 1, bred Jan. 13, 2nd calf. BF 415.1 Test 3,7,-;KATHY, fresh Jan. 6. Open, 2nd calf, BF 411.6, Test 3.9; JANET, resh Dec. 19, bred Jan. 19, 1st calf; DARLA, fresh Dec. 22, Open.- 5th calf, BF 529,5, Test 4.0; BUTTERCUP, due by sale day, 4ih calf, BF 589.2. Test 3.7; JUDY, fresh Jan. 24. Open, 3rd calf, BF 400.3, Tesl 4:2; JUNE, fresh Nov. 1, bred Dec. 22, 2nd calf. BF 405.4; Test 3,5; HALF PINT; fresh Aug. 2, bred Sept. 23, 3rd calf, BF 460.1, Test 3.7; TOOTS, fresh May 7, bred July 19, 5th calf,: BF 459.4, Test 3,6?ETTA; due by sale day, 4th calf, BF 480,7, Test 3.8; KANDY, fresh Dec. 2, bred Jan, 16, 1st calf; BESS, fresh Dec, 9, bred Jan. IS,, 1st calf; BLACKIE, fresh Dec, 2, bred Jan, 10, 1st calf; LANA, fresh Nov. 24,bred Jan. 13, 2nd calf, BF 360.4, Test 3,6; ARDEN. due last of March, 4th calf, BF-422.7,rTest 3,8; JEAN, due last of March with 1st calf; DAISY, due March 9 with 1st caUi If The Buyer Cannot Get His Cattle On Saturday, They .Will Be Cared For Until Monday. 7 Yearling Open Holstein Heifers -^ 4 Heifer Calves .& 6 Bull Calves — All Cattle TB & Bangs Tested In Last 30 Days, Test Papers Furnished. 20 Hanip-Tamworlh Gilts — These ara< goed Gilts bred to registered Chester White Boar, To Start farrowing February 10, ....... 900 Good Pullets — 400 - 401 DeKalb Hi Bred Pullets, 500 H & N Nick Chix Pullets Laying 70 To 75% Now. Machinery — John Deere No. 110 Mixer Feeder Wagon With PTO, Tractor Control, Side Extension Mounted On John Deere 963 Heavy Duty Trailer, New 7:5Q X 16, 8 Ply Implement Tires. 1957 A. C. Forage Harvester With PTO, Corn Head, Grass Head And Pickup Corn Head N,ever Used, Grass Head Used Very Little. ' Milking Equipment — 2 Unit D«L»Y8l Milker With Pipeline for 18 Cows. 7 Drinking Cups'And Pipe For Same, Master-Bill 6 Can Milk Cooler, Side Opening "In Perfect Shape. 20 - 10 Gallon Milk Cans In Good Condition. Hay & Straw — 300 Bales Of. Straw In Barn, 400 Bfales Of Red Clover And Timothy Hay. Qiher Machinery — 40 Ft. New Idea Elevator; PlQW Chief International 2-16" Plow; 1 Steel Wheel Weqon With Flare Box; 1'RuWwi! Two W^g* op With Flare Box; 2 Row Oliver Corn Picker; 4 Row Blackhawk Planter, In Good Condition; 2 Rovf International Cultivator, Fits H or M Tractor; A Jphn Deere Upright Hoist; 1 • 14" Morse Ifam- MiUi *1938 International Vz Ton Pickup.' ' Emit Twedt Estate, , Did You Know? THAT - A FRIGIDAIRE washer is rated Nd. t fay *«$! and get clothes up to 50% cleaner than other leading machines on the market? Beecher Lane Appliance Auctioneers Notes This Is Not A B|g Sale,'But Has Re,iBa Op«d Cattle,, Hogs, Chickens and E^uiprnw**. Usual Auction Sale Terms, SHtnir,. muz? Not Responsible For Accidents Clair Clark & Charley Quinn, Auctipneera Ejmore, ALGONA, IOWA A Mutual Investment Fund United Income Fund United Science Fund United Continental Fund Uniteil Accn ntnl 11 tive Fund For Prospectus and descriptive literature,- without obligation, fill in and RETURN THIS ADVERTISEMENT WADDELL & REED, INC. 10 Wont 9th Bt, Kaniuu City 5, Mo. Principal UntlorvrHtera 40 Wall Street Now York S, N. T. JOHN C. LOVE, Box 182 ALGONA, IOWA NAfflB_ CITY— ADDHI58B.. COAST TO COAST" Connie's Column PICTURE HISTORY Are you recording Baby's history with snapshots? A good rule to remember: Keep camera level with Baby. 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Your pipeline supplier, Northern Natural Gas Company, pipes Baby's tear-streaked face gas to your local gas com- and day-dreaming moments, pany, who serves you with as well as smiles. Incidentally - 11 - LU - — ' A 1;1 " 1 fnr close-up attachments slipped over lens let you take bird's- eye snaps with almost any A/UVf l> J J •» AAV »JW* • w-rf J ~r — all the gas you'd like for modern living! camera (available at your camera store). Date and SURPRISE DESSERT Here's your chance to try a new dessert on the family: caption the finished photos. T ch ju e( i s u ce d pears with You'll treasure them even b i uleberrie s and a sauce o£ blended cream cheese and whipped cream. BANANA. BREAD £tand by for compliments when you serve this luscious % banana bread, This recipe was seatrfco us by SMOOTHER LIVING V u uV Is yours a growing (.V family with toddlers 'n' teenagers? Or are you a career woman with an out^side job, besides! hou^eUeep'r ing? Either way, let, modern gas appliances cut corners for you! For instance, a gas •»»• apous, Minn.: cup , dryer means no more bad- sugar, 2 e£gs f befftmjj£QVp weather trips to the clothes*, line, No wore-bending, stretchtog^ or carrying heavy baskets. A new automatic gas dryer does the whole job in a jiffy! DfUBR-dcifiB in 15 minutes, fluff-dries in 3Q-minu1<es. Ifc<aJ^owSiXQu time and energy tQ*"spend the evening with,th«|j|a9ily» , T entertain friends oy enjoy at 350 & "night OUt" Aalnvnii*....' Rosanc 19^1 gaS C0n r rr* f - m nvr f'* appliance dealer foy m^§ •$$ \, t <*j bananas; sour milk, I tyv. J 2 cups sifteil mm4 Ya b^kms pQ^fi m ^ tsp, $odq, A«W>a Pour into 9^ * © Northern

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