The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 12, 1959 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1959
Page 12
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!Pl:f^%5S«--fV b'f'"A' 1 . *'& ..' '•' Mohtw Thortdttf, F«b. 12, 1959 A DOG IS A CREATURE MUCH dependent on humans. Not only do dogs look to humans for food and care; it is practically a basic necessity. that a dog have someone to bestow his affection upon whether it be a man, a woman, a child or a family. We had such a pet at our house until last Wednesday. Weiner did not survive her surgery and after ten and a half years her dog's life came to an end. * * ••* I SHALL NOT WRITE A REQUIEM for a dog. Dogs have hearts but no souis and whatever heaven they will ever have must be obtained right here on earth. But Father and the kids were not tne only ones wno shed a tear at her passing. Weiner loved us; we lovea ner. rfne was a member oi our family, out she was not nearly as precious as one oi our children, their latner or even their mother. ItOWever, Weiner didn't know this. She thought she was the hub around which the enure aftairs of our housenold revolved. There were times wnen she came very near to being right. *-...' » * WEINER CAME TO LIVE WITH US quite by accident. The first time I saw her, she belonged to another lumily. Jt remember saying, '"1 hat's the oddest looking dog I've ever seeni" Her people moved away and although they arranged lor someone, to stop in and feed Werner, she was quite aione on the larm. Beirig always an affectionate animal, she missed her family badly. We got to talking about Weiner one night down at Shirley and Arnie Ricklefs. The Hicklefs are ever, a soti touch for any animal and they couldn't bear the tnought of Weiner being out there all alone. "Let's drive out and -get her", Arnie said. "Ill put an ad in the paper and find a good home for her", 1 agreed but because we'd had two recent bad experiences with dogs, I added, "One thing I do know we don't want ner at our house." *.. * * THIS SHOULD HAVE GONE DOWN AS a "famous last line", because when we drove up to the farm, Weiner came out, barked tenatively, jumped in the car, put her nose on Father's knee and refused to Duage from there. Whether or not I liked it, she had adopted us ana she was out dog from then on* The first sign I had tnat Ij too, was becoming lond of Weiner was the day one of our friends saw her wnen we were out walking. "That's the oddest looking dog I've ever seen", she said. It made me real peeved. •-• FROM HER PREVIOUS MASTER, we' had the information" that Werner was a purebred long-haired Dachshund. He also said, or ihiplied, that she was a spayed female. The question of whether or not there is such a breed as a long-haired Dachshund is still unsettled. Some people have told us tnat" there is and that the breed is very valuadie. Others, with equally, impressive credentials say there is no such animal. But this i- know: she was no spayed lemaie. After a year or so with us, she presented us with -'nine pups. I learned the canine facts of lile from Weiner. i ' , * » * • BECAUSE ARNIE RICKLEFS was responsible for our owning Weiner in the first place, I called him down here when Weinier was in confinement, 'ihe lirst pup was dead on arrival and I "counted live more shortly after. Uachsnunds never have more than two. or ihree pups, we'd heard, so we thought .'Weiner was really over- Bearing. It was kind of dark in the delivery room, and when -1 counted pups I, kept getting a different number. The <next day, • '"Doc" RicKlefs stopped down, and' he' affirmed our count. There were eight of them! , * » , » • - .. BECAUSE WEINER'S LEGS were so short, she couldn't get up jmd down steps unaided. So she had her pups and reared them to the age of seven weexs, m our bedroom! This hardly contributed to gracious, living, but it was iun to wake early in the morning and watch the pups, all coal black; romping, with their-mother. WE FOUND GOOD HOMES FOR alTth^pups. The only one that I know oi that is still around is Gus, the dog 'of the Joe Ischetters. She is a character in her own right because of her pencnant for following the high school band and running out'on cne Held at lootoaii games, 'me others mostly met with traffic accidents, out while they lasted, their, owners said they were right good dogs. k * * * , WEINER HAD PLENTY OF FAULTS, but as with humans,' after mey are gone you tend to emphasize their good points. She never got over oarking at anyone who approached our house. After they were inside the door, she buddied up with them as if they .were long lost friends. The U.S. mailmen, paper boys' or anyone carrying a pouch bag were her special.peeves. 1 don't think she ever nipped at any of vnem but she sounded as if she was going to eat them. ' WEINER LOVED TO RIDE IN A car. She always knew when it was faunday, and she waited by the door for the .trip with Father 10 taKe the Kids to Sunday School, holidays baffled her. The family was all around, and still nobody made a move to go to church. When we went on vacation she was the best traveler of the family. All she asktd was the very best seat in the car and we wouldn't hear a peep from her for the whole 365 miles. • * » *: ••..••• . WEINER HAD HER OWN FOLLOWING. She furnished me with several commn subjects, the Cocker Spaniel who" used to live next 2£ or ^ a ^ 1 ? nd1 u ± ner ' an , d sne also got q ui te.-'a bit of fan. mail. She didnt let that go to her head; in fact, she ignored it, but it pleased her family. Her last letter arrived today after she had already passed on. It was from the 5 people, 1 dog and 15 cats on the uien Gabrielson farm. We appreciated their best wishes for her recovery. * ••*...•- ;* . . ' WEINER HAD A HUGE appetite. It nearly got the best of her three or four years ago. She got so she couldn't move her hiitd quarters, v/e thought she was a goner then, but after some pills and a rigid diet she was spry as a pup once more. Lately she had ( been peppy as usual but those lumps on her tummy grew to alarm- '' X g SIZ % U £ e mu 8 ht they started to bleed, so.she was taken up to the vets. Her big brown eyes looked sadly, at us, and although the kids were-warned that she might not be back, we really thougnl since she was m such worse shape the other time, she would survive now. Evidently there were internal tumors also, and though everything possible was done for her, she died. Weiner was a Mrs Wm Glitrd and soft Gayte. Mrs Vftn Attig of Albett Lea, Mrs Lyle Wallin and daughter of Glenville an'd Mrs 1 lora Unnen of Brut were Friday afternoon guests at the home of &tta ants Maude Sleeker. Florin Bartiett has returned from Iowa City and is now recuperating at the Curtis rest home at Burt. The Federated Club met with a pot luck supper at the home ot Mrs Katheiyn Swan with Mrs Doris Sathoti as co-hostess. A pmk and blue shower was held at the Clarence Akkerman home Saturday evening for Mrs Melvin Hugo who now lives at Thompson. Hostesses wore Mrs John V an Hove of Meservey, Mrs Sheldon Bingston oi 'inomp- son, Donna AkKerman and MM Clarence Akkerman. Mr and Mrs Hugo recently returned from Germany and Mr Hugo is discharged from the Army. He is now employed by the rt,E.A. at Thompson. Mrs Hugo is the former Norma Gerdis, daughter oi Mr and Mrs Elmer (jerdis. Mr and Mrs Earl £wiefel and family and Mr and Mrs Jim Huber were Sunday visitors at the home ol Mr and Mrs Louis Huber. The occasion was Mrs Huber's birthday. Modern Sound KeturW, visual aid* —« MettUl, G, S B.; bo»M M*fti» * tftff Co* «H McGraw Hilt Boole Co miliff, Violet; salary t\oicii Iowa Directory Service; supplies _ National kidlic. Asstw:,, it,»ate pamphlets ._, Prtebe, Artnur; boatd meeting i'onoi, uonafci R.; mileage — f ouer, uonata H.; gaiary ---- r*>crigio#tc<ki Corporation, tests v femive-riHH, Inc.; brof. books . uumiaru, A M.; mileage .-.^ „ 399.97 vcuintuiu, A. M.; salary . ..... . 8,8153.45 niuoon and Caibon Supply co.. omcc supplies _* -------- 80.10 Reuitut letter co., supplies *,„ iJigeBt, teXtbOoKS buaiu meeting & . 3U.32 Sellout Lxecuuve, subscription, 10.00 aioux City lencrterS ASBOv., 8 .'«»»—.»-.*»«. 1.12 Research Assoc.. test* 112.10 aumvan, w. vv,, postage and 330.40 3.00 3uVa, roresilian lib,, tests .„„_ 6S.B8 6,60 LEMONS Mr and Mrs Harold Salts ot Anamosa have a lemon tree growing in their living room. One of the two leinons on the tree measures six-ana-one-half inches _ around the' middle. The tree is •growing In a 50 pound can. uox rent une Historical Soc mernutiibnip N6 TERMS AND CONDI, ,._ SAMl AND REPEALINe ORDINANCE NO. 393 AMD ALL Ot—. ORDINANCES 6R'RESOUIJTK51MS MM CON. : UCT THEREWITH. , • \t IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY Of ALGONA, tOWA:*— SECTION I. That the City of Alaona, (6*», hertby ixei the following rare sehidule which !Sfabli»he» the f«t« whfch iftty be tnwfft- <d collected *nd feeeiv*d by thS North Central Public Se'rvice Company, an Jowa fcorporatlon. (successor to Pefty G«* Cofn- »any), it* successor* «nd *»4?9rt* for fiat- ural get delivered to «ny domestic consumer In the City of Alfjona, Idwe, ex- Copf at herein provided. Rates charged thai) not be In excess of fne following: DOMESTIC SERVICE G»os» Mel «»t 500 cu. ft. 13$ !JB 1.46 I .,16 porM.C.F. 1.27 T.17-perM.C.F. cay ot Gary, Indiana; booKS btiirley: salary .... 1,133.44 iy ot cmcago uurncuium __ ... ___ L __ ' 4.SO Waileuiine, 'Ufieo.; inccung ... ---- _-__.-.. 71.47 t-nna; bdlary ------- ... 2,0^».2d jooit CO,; testa , ---- ..„ 6/.JJI County .board ot un, (i»o I'ata tost of £,uuciitidn program __ 88 J7 TOTAL EXPEN01TOES ...,$33,283.92 lor h'Ublicauon Jan. 1959 r»ti»iuerii;*'' Kossum County Board ot Education, A, M. yuunaio tj ot'Cietary Coumy jjoard Of Education (6) Council Minutes ... C. iff. Ponton* AO. (&2, Jetty £. UKe«A, Wffi. d. Larsott, Wflidft $,: e» & tdan.c. C. Werihaai *.<•*. aaep, us., KOOert L,:. "" " 'i*£ *io« t K Barrett, Next 1500 cu, ft. Next 3000 eu. It. Next 45,000 cu. ft. 1.02 Next 50,000, eu. ft. .92 Excess over 100,000 cu. ft, .82 .92 .62 earM.C.F. , Muiraj, Alton iT. Anderson, 1. E. Wfitt* hian, winsvbn A,'Sfcai* * " w ""' a, if«trua;e m Vtful C. tt^lle Slroebel, A, E. Ogren, KMytAond K, Herti-Ke, V?m. Lat*on, farnwrsi 'iriiit St Savings U&nti, Jottri H. & Alltt* Heeuanu, Fred WliiKelmajn, NIC* & Hatel Uehrcnos, Rachel Antter, Ur." H, H, Murray, M. L. Jtienliz, Otto &: 6er> tna tngiebam, BcfnJi ft. CttfistiarfSStfi, Cons. iiid. School Oist. til l-aitoi*, V. C. GeUtnfeiat, St. Paul's* ,LiU£heratt . church, Kosa KahmstocK, Fred Huttt*> ner,. irea HUeuher.Jr., Eawara Q, Huettner, faxUina; Klocke, faertha 'iTump,, L. A. Meyer, Joim Johnson, Geo. A,-Pauison, Kilmer U. ,Haft4on, uenc W. in. Ciara Gairstt, Arthur JWasi sen, Margaret Warburton, Harold! & Darlene ^.oppen, .ja K j e Peterson, verrtort R, & Jean 16ne CornsbllitK, irwm .Gunun, Caroline S. Givtt .72 porM.C.F. OFFICIAL NOTICE TO THE CITIZENS OF KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA. Notice Is-hereby given that Charles F., lies and Harold K. McKlnncy, DBA Iowa film Delivery, Des Moines, Iowa, has rnade application to the Iowa Slate Commerce Commission under authority oi Chapter 325, the Code 1858.'for a" Certificate of • Convenience and Necessity to operate as a motor carrier ot freight, limited to small parcels and packages riot to exceed 200 Ibs. In Weight lor each parcel or package and Wiuiouf limitation on welgnt of a shipment trom nny 4 one shipper or consignee between -the following points wnlch it is presently authorized to serve in the transportation of films and film accessories,* newspapers and periodicals under Certificates of Conven- itiQce nna {Necessity Wos, 316 and 397. '. ' (A) Lies Moines, Iowa Falls, Clear Lake, Goodell. Goldfleld, . Stanhope, t^uxiey, Brut, f^enWlcK, Ames, Hampton. Garner, Belmond, Eagle Grove, JeVvell, AnKeny, Wesley. Kanawha, Bialrsburg, Idhetileld, Klemme, Clarion, iWebster City, Story City, Dows and Cprwlth, • and (H) Between the additional points of Williams, Rockwell, -Knmrar, Gilbert, Thor, Hanscll, Bradford, Gait, Latimer, Thornton, Carters- Ville. Aloen, Ventura, Stratford, Slater, Vincent, Geneva Burdette, Rowan, Coulter, Swaledale, Hardy. Chapin, Holmes, Randall, Allemun,. Woolstook, t'aulicner, Popejoy, Alexander, Me- Bervey, Dougherty i?nd Crystal Lake 'and requests authority to transport freight limited to small parcels and p'ackuges npt to' exceed 200 Ibs. in weight for each parcel or package and without limitation! on. weight for, a shipment trom any one snipper or consignee between said points and all points on its existing regular routes, alciuding those set out in Paragraph Aj and XC) To serve as off-route points all motion picture theaters located within live milus of its existing regular routes A PUBLIC NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the City of Aigona, Iowa »has .received from The t'lrst Congregational Church of Algeria,' Iowa; a proposal to buy from the City the following described real estate, to-witi The alley, heretofore vacated, located in fllk. 61, Original Plat of the.City of Aigona, Kossuth County, Iowa forithe-sum of Onti Hundred Dollars ($100) 'and that said proposal .will be acted upon by ' City Council at the coun'cil meeting • to be held February 2&, isau, at 7:30 P.M. in the. council- Chambers at the City Hall .in, • lown. , '1'hls notice is given by authority .of the:, City,; Council and 'pursuant to Section; 308.39 of the Code of Iowa '" 1958,' , , . Dated at Aigona, Iowa, this 30th day of January, ia5o. .., • • , -, • David -A. Smith - •" "• City cierkt • - > • ' > City of.- Aigona, Iowa 1 ' *' ' . 5-6 *'•*;=„* COUNCIL MINUTES The City Council met in special session Jan. 22, 1050, at : 5:00 P.M. with Mayor Pro ' tern Whittemore,,.in the chair, and ^he .following, councilman: Muckey, Dreesman, Parsons, fit Richardson. '* , ; ' North Central Public Service' Co. came before the council to ask for an Increase in . natural gas rates for the City of -Algona.'.No official actWmwas taken 'at th|s'' meeting, ' Th.e ,City '^Council met in regular session Jan. ^8, 1959, at 7:30 P.M. vjlth Mayor Pro Tern Whittemore, in the chair, and the following counollmen present; .Muckey, Elbert,, Parsons and Richardson. , clerK'Was autnomed' to advertise for sale the -vacated alley running through blk. 51 Original Platt' • • ^ - Ord. to' increase' gas 'rate's Minimum monthly charge per meter 1.47 All bills are rendered at the gross rate and discounted to the net rate : lf paid within 10 days. SECTION II. ' That any Increase In gas rates to the North Central Public Service '.Company by its suppliers may be reflected proportionately by Increases in the above rates upon the North ' Central f Public Sirvlce Company furnishing to the City Council evidence of such increase by its suppliers. s SECTION III. That tha Iowa sales tax or any other tax imposed or which may be imposed by law upon tha 'distribution or sale of natural gas may be added to the rates shown above provided the amount added to said rates shall not provide 'revenue in excestf of the tax imposed on natural gas dls— tributed under the above schedule. ' , SECTION IV,'.That the, natural gds furnished by. the North Central Public Service Company, its successors and assigns, in the • .City of Aigona, Iowa, shall contain not less than 950 British Thermal Units per cubic foot. SECTION ,V. That the North Central Public Service Company, its successors and .assigns, shall lave tne right to make contracts with consumers for. Industrial and commercial purposes at. other different and lower rates frqm those set forth herein, provided that such fates shall not in any way discriminate unfairly against anyone and said contracts may contain a clause to [he effect that "said services may bd curtailed or )discontinued for any period''of time ds required b/ the company, , SECTION VI. That General Ordinance of the City of Aigona,. Iowa No. 393 and any other Ordinance or Resolution or parts of Ordin-' ancestor Resolutions in conflict harewith are -hereby repealed. 1 '- StCriON VII." That this Ordinance shall take effect upon It? passage/ approval ana publication as required by. law... Passed and aciopteu' this 28th day of January, A.,D., lysy; by'tne dry (.ounci, 6f .the. City of Aigona, Iowa. James H. Whittemore Mayor Pro Tern H. Heetiana, Ann Hamilton,' Alton _. 6t itefitj Antterbon, George & < Lfciilse. Schroeder and Bena weiirtga, Owileri ot tne real estate Jferemafie/ described. To all liert-holders arid incumbrah- ceit> ox poiuona 01. fciopeiiy . m iiritf luWn ot L^KOta, Iowa, HAa tO i'iist Bank 01 Kimoit, a6nkers Lue .ram C. Oiaenouig, llortiw and injuu L>uy jaeemer, Ohase iviaitriaitan ana Artnur t\ wenning-, arustecs, The Federal Land bairn Ot Urrtaha, nartfi" ers Trust '& Savings BahK'Oi Bufiaio ' ' , i »\^i»*i»* wj- • t *fa-«' ^vT ^1 V ' • "»»-• '*• %^^^^&^ u Center, Iowa, 'ine Jdirmers jcs Savings iiaiiK of Minneapolis, 'i'ue Mutual t-enexH Lite insulnknoe Com- was adopted. Annual report of the Fire Depart. was read and accepted. Resolution from the Planning points set out above lor the ana* film for delivery to drive-iri-theaters in: Polk, Story, Ham- Iton, Webster, Wright, Humboldt, Hanock, Kossuth, Cerro Gordo, Franklin md Hardih Counties, Iowa. The Commission fixed Tuesday, Mar- ;h 10, 1959, ten (10:00) o'clock a.m. at he office of the : Humboldt County Auditor, Dakota, City, Iowa, as time and place for public hearing on the above docketed application. IOWA STATE COMMERCE COMMISSION Harold E. Hughes, Chairman Bernard J. Martin, Commissioner Ray H, Thompson, Commissioner ATTEST', Geo. L. McCaughan, Sec'y. Dated at Des Moines, Iowa, January 13, 1959. Docket No. .H-4674 (Published Feb. 12 and Feb. 19, 1959, n the Aigona Moines), (Iowa) Upper Des OFFICIAL PUBLICATION The following is a list of disburs- ments of the Kossuth County Board ; of Education' for the calendar and fiscal year 1958 in compliance with "Chapter 273.13, Section 1. 1954 Code of Iowa 'as amended by the 57th .General Assembly. Advance Publishing Company, 92.05 publications Aigona Upper Des Moines,' : publications u 73.60 Aigona Insurance Agency, bond 22,20 Allen, Eric; mileage 380.32 Allen, Eric salary 2,228.23 American Psychological Assoc. tests —— American Library Assoc., prof, books ', Amond's Davis Paint Store, library supplies ,50 5.50 4.25 Anderson, Janice; salary 57.18 Assoe, for Supervision and Curriculum Development. membership ; 11.00 Bancroft Register, subscription and publication ., 73.85 Bartlett, W. H,; Board meeting Burgess Publishing Company, books , Bureau of Dental Hygiene, good dog. We miss her. - NO MORE DOGS AT LEAST until warm weather — we still have our big black Tom Cat. No pure-bred animal or one we have to ; pay out money to own. That is my ultimatum. But today Bill I C A a .™ e4 £? me Wlth the re P or * that Boxers are a nice clean dog. Mary - minks two dogs out of the same litter would be nice and Jean Books that Talk Program, v.,,11 j«—_ T->— i j , , w « curriculum '., Bureau of Educational Research, tests ' P ' 3. Phillips and approving the adop- i of the Major street plan was read. Resolution approving the widening of S. Phillips street was adopted. Beer permit granted to Frank & Em's. Resolution approving the Major stret plan was adopted. Annual report, of the Library was read and accepted. GENERAL FUND Mayor Shierk, salary 150.00 D. Smith, salary ...^ 159.37 C, Schultz, salary „...: 251.37 A. Boekelman, rat control 39.10 town State Bank, w'holding tax ,Tne equitable • Life , Assurance bociety of tnu united a tales, Ltion* naru Christ or Muiriie ,S. Christ, equitable Life' Insurance Company ' ui iowa, 'iuonka bavmgs ballK of Tl- ionKa, .iowa, The Tiuveleia-t'insurahufe and Meuopoiilfiiv Lite Company, •litdn-h(3iuers alia irlutiuibt'ahcers'UJ: portions \ot tne redi -oiubany ui all in .,.— ., ^fttiofl._23, ftp 89, Range 28, Kossuth lowa, , tyi,". • "7u~;i~f,^' , f rwwi.ol lakoi*,'.btf*;v/Wv *i ! *K _» J m^ M ' *»«ri ^«u. f i tr *£; , 2. 3, ., Block 5. Lots hereinaftet aesci'ibed.", , To H. M. ttrriith, Aossath ' County Hishway engineer, ' The Cnicago KOCK island and pacific Haiiroaa .' L,omp(iii> ana to ail persons m possession oi m actual occupancy or ; nuving ,01 Claiming any ngnt,, title or Interest/ in &nd • to 'the following described' 'real estate to-wit; - - ; '.-:,, Lincoln Township 99-27. iswv* Hecciori d,. S»,i . •IM W y* , IN W 74 iNlU 'A , SW •swy* INVV%, ti 74 j' i'VV sSi W2/3 s\vyi sifife, .-wa/a Section 7,'.i b',<j f SW'>4 ' S s 1 /! SKi/4 swy*. Sfection la, U\Xf I/. W,/O'. -|O\», I/, fcji.i, ^. gv SE Vi, -SSi/3 '' Section . Siik B, iv,__j.i\ n, —», IMLOCK 0, 6. 7, 8,' 9, 10, <11, 1« -?- j^iuujv u, xjui? 1, 2. 3, 3, B,-, 6, 7, 8, B, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14. id. id, 17, 18 --• Block,B; tots i, 2, 3, i, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,a3,- 14, IS, 16,, 17, 18, .19 -r.-JBlffck.'r Lots li 2 t 3, 4, 6, 6I 1 ?, 8, ri, 10, .11,.12, 13, 14, 16; 16,' 17, 18, iO, 20 .*- Block 8, Lotrl," 2, 3, 4, 8, 8, ,,7, 8,-B, 10, 11; .12,, 13, ,14-; 18.-18, 17 — Block 9, Lota It 2. 3,'4, 5,,0 t >7, 8, 9 — Block 10, Lots 1i-, 2,, 3, 4; 6,,fj, 7, 8, 9, 10, 41, 12, 13, 141 18, 18," 17,' 18,, 19, 20 — Block 11, Lots. 1L2..3, 4,'6, 6, 7, 8, 8, 10, 11, <12, 13, 14-WW, IV, IB, 19 <-? Block, 12, 'Lots 1, 2. 3, .4, 5, Ji 7, .8^ 9. 10, 11, 12,^ rl3. 14, 15 1 , 16. 17, '18 —.BlOck 13, Lots i, 2, ar.4,. s, e, ?r s, s, 10, n, 12 — Block I4i Out Lota,-Out ,Lot 2,' Out Lot 3,, Ollt'Lot 4,,Bg, at "a point 86' £ of the NE cor. of Blk. 4 Germania: running/thence S 8.65'-E 408', N 865' thence'W'490' tb Bg,-;iBg. 68''S.of.'SB ,cor, ,6f -Blk"i5 Lakota .running 'thehce Vf 608*.' S 133', ,E ,668' '.thence N ' 133' to, Bg,," Bg. 86VS of $W COr.'of Blk 6 Lakdtn. running theftte W.'SO' S 139, E'BO' N.139' to Bg.,.Bg, 68' S of SE-cor. of Bllci'l3''Lakota,trunn')ng thence "VV ISO 1 . $ .135' E ,150'-N, 135' to Bg.." Bg. 66','S of^SW cor. Blk 13 (! ',Lakota. run nlng thence <E 160',', S 135', W 150'. N ,135' to'-Bg., Bg. af,SE cor. of Out,Lot Attest: ba/io A. Smith L,r/, Clerk AUTHENTICATION Jhe foregoing urdihance No, 402 which was passed ana adopted by .the City Coun- cil''and approved by ^he Mayor (TO lem ).„ »„.-,.._ aay. otvJanuary, A. D.,-1959,1 tin , is .hereby duly aurhenficaTtd. Attest: James H. Whittemore /viayor Pro 'I em Uavio A. Smith , clerk u f - ( Published in the Kossuth County -u AuvoilLe, Aigoi.a, iowd, fcuiuary NW.V*. , SWVi, NWtf NW 74 M JS 71,'SW % ,' N Vv T! S W % , SW 'I'/-* SWVi. ' ex. Ky., ex. Ry., ;Si!.!4 SKl/4 ex. Ry., cSectiqu IB, IMKV1 NiiVi ex. Ry., N.wy 4 NE ex., Ky., SW% ME% ex. Ry., Ry., SEVi -NWX/'i, Ky., SW% NWV4. ex. Ry., NWy A ! /ex. SWi/4, SWVi, SWV4sSW.Vi ' . . bx. Cem". , Section la,' r^ji,V4 ; ,3ME>4. , ft, Of Ry.,.NWV4'^iSi,i S. df-.Ry.,'i.iiW-7i NEV4. SEV4 NEl/4, NKV4"NW7i'.S> 01 Hy.. NWVi NW1/4 S. of-Ry,, SW4i WWV4, SEVi NWVi, NWl/4 IN.- of Ry., NKVi "N. of Ry., NEy 4 SWVi, NWW SWVi, SWl/4 SWV4, aJiiVi-SVVVi, NEy 4 Siil/4, NWVi SE'A, SWyt'.SE'A. ' 'SJS1/4 Section 20, N2/3 Iv.W Vi N\VVi' ex. 'Ry., running thendS'JV 604%\S 166'->E ,664%' N 166;' to Bg'., Bg» at.NW cor. of SWV4 SEM, Sec.. 24-99-28 running therice-'S 163U' E 300' N 163%' W 300' to Bg., Bg. 66', S bf'the v SW'c'or. of Blk 13 Lakota, running W 400' S"13B', E'400', N 139' to Bg.,, all located in- the Corporate limits'of the 1 ,town'of! Lakota, .'lovya. r: . ' You- and .jea'ch -of you are"hereby notified that there is'now'" pending bp- fore the Board of Siipejrvisors of Kossuth; County, Io\tfa,',a',petition signed by .two br : jnore i landowners of.,the land incluae'd, 'within',- said.Drainage District,, asking that,' said .Board of Supervisors 'repair 'and ' improve the open .ditch' of said Drainage District No. 90. ;; .. v. . That the,Engineer-appointed by,the Board of Supervisors, has reported Married llffe gets off to a good start when; regular saving Is part of the-'plan. A savings account here, insured to $10,000; is a goocl way to save for the things ev/ery couple, wants — the down payment on 'a home, f urn- iturie; modern appliances, travel and. general bett^£ living. Come in soon. ,' ,,^ y^. -;..; '. PAING .. Per Annum Compounded ' HOME FEDERAL SAVSNGS&LOAN * Since "19.1 7^ ALGONA; IOWA . NOTICE 0*F HEARING FOR REPAIRS OF i^O. bO Milton & Winifred Farrow, Freaerick Lawaboe.-Harm Steennara, Grela SiecKt-r, Alvin aiecker, George .-StecKer, Stanley stec«er, Marcelia Mecicer, Gertruae Stecker, Fred Htec^ ker, Henry Meyer, Lena Schwartz, Maynara <sc Clara L. ..uertzke, lua ukena, -A. E. 'weaver, Wiiiiam J. <St Huih Larspn^Jerry K. Heetiana, Annie h 111'Rfc : ' 't*Al ir!it-rM^> • .n-«M «'•• '!_..,... n ' . . ,. ^-_ Upper. Des Moinps Publishing Co'., publv .._i—.;.'.,,....;.. N'western Bell Telephone Co., service ., ___; Klip to Loose Leaf Co., supplies City Clerk, advance cash —__ North Iowa Directory Service, Inc., office supplies . . STREET FUND Lashbrook, salary Pcrgande, salary lilrnc. V.,,11 J«^ £> ll J i "•*•' *«»vn* rruuiu UC tUVC O11U d tJUll likes bull dogs. Pop heard of a place today where you can get a real good pet. I could be outnumbered. I have been before. if i TH ^F liAVE 5? EN SEV E«AL good specials on pork chops ' SSi' Kt ,\ re ge ^" g d °Y 1 ? to ^ he .P^l ce where we ^an almost , afford to eat them, This week's recipe is for Dixie Pork Chops and they use apples and raisins — perfect pals for pork ,-' 8 pork chops * ] .. ty 'teasp. salt : % teasp. sage ; « 4 tart apples,' cored and sliced ^ ¥t cup brown sugar r, ,-,'',; 2 tablsp. flour " , - • J cup hot water s> v 1 t?tbsp/vinegar \ ' ; '"- ' M ^ cup seedless raisins '''', 'M'i2b.^f ^- h S ps , in ^l^ at; sprinkle -with salt and sage. Place |V'ffiWrf a t d ^ h? ^?F* w ^ a P p *? nn es; sprinkle, with sugar. Add • - fSS,. 1 ?. f n l t n s ¥f e !l- st , Jr Wtently until brown, Add water and •y,. 'KWfB 3 ^' C OOK until ihi9K. Add raisins; pow over chops. Bake in .;• ..Derate oven, ?5Q degrees, l hour. Serves 6 to*8. ITONKA NEWS Mrs , M "JF > jl " ken Mrs Wm. Boyken left Friday for Amfs 'Where her son Billy ' to °k ' her to Des to tafce a, plane Texas fsr a visit with h»K, daughter an4 family. Ravid Riders. Van Hove returned from evening. He has a position at the Mason Mrg'Bob Pavis and daughter -"m gi l$M came Wednesday wiU'St&y for a few* days at the j parental ^ home „ of. Mi v and «' '• 26.17 3.72 G.53 5.50 13.78 28.50 Board of Education, Lakewood, Ohio; prof, books 2.00 Blue Cross :. 107.25 Burrough's Corporation, office macliine maintenance 20,80 Cowan Building Supply, office supplies ... 1.60 California Test Bureau, tests— 27.01 Curriculum Bulletin, subscription ,— 5.QO Demco Library Supplies, supplies _, , ,. 5.20 Department of Rural Education, subscription - ,— 4.00 Davis,, Joseph; booklet 2.00 Dehlson and Co.. prof, books — 19.80 Erickson, Ruth; salary .... 69.65 Federal Withholding Tax „ 3,553,70 42.80 51.17' 21.35 6.98 2.70 9.50 161.64 155.3g Burtis, salary " 137.39 Metzen, Jr., salary _. ;_ 114.63 Prow, salary 134.04 Skilling, salary _.....: '122.46 Iowa State Bank, w'holding tax '. ;• 65.80 Sinclair Refining Co., fuel 166.54 Gibbs^Cook Equipment CoV repairs ; 47.87 Gambles, wax . 1.90 N'western Bell Telephone Co., service 11.70 Gibbs-Cook Equipment Co., caterpiller grader : 7,250.00 The Sanfax Ccf., mdse. 123.06 The Aigona Ins. Agency, insurance , • 956.37 Cullen Hardware, supplies >* 14^19 Taylor Imp. Co,, repairs •... 16.70 Jack's O.K. Tire Service, tires 33.00 PUBLIC SAFETY FUND Boekelman, salary .... a.;..-, 161.05 Hutchison, salary i.ii.i 158.45 Jorgcnson, salary :____; ._ 157,00 .McBride, salary .... 141.25 Schwarzenbach, salary -. 129.19 Bulten, salary .'_„_: "... .-. 129.98 Voigt, .salary ,„„ 136.25 Iowa State Bank, w'holding tax „ . 100.90 Trust & Agency Fund, pension 11.56 :ra Kohl, salary . 40,00 um, . W. D, , W. A Ley. I.V Man . . . . , Thomas , Purdy, - bu-uthers ' ' Ginn and Company, . books and tests --,--, ,Go-Mo Products, supplies „„•„ Hammond and Stephens, suppjies Hedrick Brothers, supplies HuUell's, supplies '. ,..., Houghion-MiJflin Co., tests .. Horn Book Co., subs. Harper and Brothers, textbooks HalloweU, pretchen; mileage — 79.22 15.00 9.30 11.10 227.80 40.44 4.50 1.80 „, _ 347.39 Hallowell, Cretchen, salary „ 1,581,17 Hancock County Board of i Education, pro rata cost of special education program — 539.82 Iowa Assoc. of School Boards, dues ..» T 2Q.OO iwa Pubjic Employees Retirement System 1,453.44 Ipwa Employment Security Commission -» — - 074.43 I.S.E.A. Library Service, books 15.13 Kranjs. C, R.; board'*neeting „ 64.53 Klipto Ljjpse Leaf, supplies ,— 61.63 KiiUholm, Fidelia; salary 3.617.45 Kiilsholm, Fidelia; mileage 007.5r Badio and Lechners Co., maps & 2.50 lalph Elbert, salary v ,„ , 10.00 Cities Service, gas '.'..•• 88.82 City Clerk, advance cash -_.:„_ 1.50 Aigona Fire Co., fire calls & meetings 234.00 Sieg-Fort Dodge Co., supplies „ 12.63 The Aigona Ins, Agency, insurance ; .— 398.50 Stouffer Fire Equipment Co., supplies ......i..... —„„_.. 150.30 N'yvestern Bell Telephone Co., service 25,55 SANITATION FUND Baas, salary „..,.,.. —,„>.„ 167.33 Courtney, salary ..... :.... 65,80 Lemkee, salary ,. 124.45 Gronbach. salary ,ui, ... 113.97 Helmers. labor "..'....*,...• , 17.55 Weig, Jr., labor, ..,.^., 15.60 Helmers, labor ^..—. _,_ 16,46 Iowa State Bank, •vy'holding tajc -»..i._., r 22.40 10.00 ,..,..,._..,_ tax Helmers, machine hire •, „ InertoJ Cc>., Inc., supplies .—*. 4,01 Engineertng Extension Service, lab. course „ 40,00 N'western Bell Telephone Co., service -.- 24.85 Sinclair Refining Co., fuel .... 14.45 Street Fund, gas , r , r ... 104.52 The Aigona Ins, Agency, insurance i,, 23.57 Cullen Hardware, supplies 13.58 City Clerk, advance cash —, 1.30 L, S, Muckey, Plumbing, materials & labor „ 1,108.75 Hall-Strahorn Hdwe., supplies 1.75 Spencer Grocer Co., supplies 70.20 . PEBT, SERVICE FUND Jqwa State Bank, intarst 31.00 PARKING M5TBR FUND Sands, salary ., , T 67.83 Groen. salary .„,.,, , , 105,32 Iowa State Bank, w'holding tajf gi.oo Trust & Agency fund, pension 1.77 ORDINANCE NO. 402 AN ORDINANCE FIXING THE MAXIMUM RATES TO BE CHARSfD FQR NATURAL <5AS FURNISHED FOR LIGHT, HEAT ANQ FUEL BY THE NORTH CENTRAL PUBUC , , Pul'ay, 'Haioiu 'Flagsiou, Vv alter bachs, S'ltfus tOitnoff , Fuse SCate i>ank, 'Webster City & Jbsepn W. Hammer, Trustee OJ; Joseph 'J, McGuire, Trust, Adolph Poppe; Henry Schwartz, Donala sciiwariz, Veiva Schwartz, ; ; Louis Price, Anne L. Puray, J. ml & Mary t. Telkamp, Robert Hamilton, OrvUle Ruby, tinier &; Armena Haas, Pauline Patterson, Peter L, Koppen, Jennie E Smith, U. G. Marchman. U. E. Byam, Henry J. & Mary Boettcner. Arthur A Kramersmeier, Uust J. Koppen, August .P. Christ, Merrill O. iiiel, John O. Kiel, Helen E. Plummer, Walter Sachs, Arthur Sachs, Eldon Sachs, Loreiv Sachs, Vera Bloome, Fred Mabus, George M. Baumann, Benj. Farrow, Ellsworth & Jones Inc., John H. & Essie Pink, Etta A., Edwards, John & Katie Murra, 'Earl 'H. & Hannah Cushman, Ernest Christ. Maude' Hamilton, Merino. Hisius,- Mrs .E'red' Mabus, Gust J, &*Belle M. Koppen. Harold: & Hattie Uben, Albert & Emma Wertjcs, George Christ, Waltei H. & Leona T. Christ, Frank Koppen Joseph Koppen,. Mike Koppen, Lawrence. Koppen, Yandas Rice. Elizabeth C, Koppen, John Griese. Theodore A Trump, Irwin M, Koppen, Richard E, & Feme S. Melson, Klaas Risius, Hugo IV & OttHie Stenzel,' Bessie Patterson, Ronie R. Janssen, Antje Risius, William Bohrofen, Clayton W, & Wm. J. Paige, Andrew & Marie Risius, Jennie Grot- 'haus, John F, Wubben, Carl & Gerd Mayland, August Klinksick, Peter Ubben. Joseph A, Copp, Belton A. Copp, Jr., . Emily A. Borrow, Frank Risms, Karl H. & Hanna H. Sunderman, Dorothy RJppentrop, Ubbe Heyes, Eizo Heyes, Nicholas R. & Edna Thpmsen Fred E & Marion M. Siefer, John A, &i Maggie Sleper, Eugene & Irmr. Jansen, Alden -. D. & Katherine B, Avery, .George Schroeder, Melvin F Schroeder,- Ben Farrow, Sadie, Richard, Vernon. Lester, Alvin, Arlene, Lois, Dorothy, Llp'yd & Larry Gray Ernest M. & Anne H, Kersten, Harold Lee; Beenken,; Amy F., Henry E., Theodore & Harold W, Schoon, Theresa Dreesman, Johanna Hayenga, Herman & John Dreesman, Robert G Beeroer, Robert A. Bunkofske, Daniel N. Meyer, Helen Kardoes, Henrj Meinders, A. C. Schissel, Harm P. Olsius,.Harm H. Huisinga. Reiner Harringa,; Bielto ' Penning, & Katie Gray. George Risius, John C, Risius, Donald, W. Ji, Wayne E. & Eugene M. Osterjriann. Joe,H. Tapper, Donald & Norma J, Tapper, Walter & Bessie Tapper,' Anna K. Everding, Henyy Meinders, Menho Everding, Bernaro Siehlmaan, Grace Beonken, John A P^hnkuk, , Hattie, Harold & Anna Ubben,, Robert -iKruse, Dick & Etta H J3ee.nk.en, Benjamin Beenken, Eiler< Boyken, A. Q, Smith, Pearl M, Smith, Town of • Lakota, Harm & Eulabelle Lewerke, W. M. Schroeder Jr., Will Kephart, Richard J. Garrett, Myrtle Kephart, R. F. Smith, Robert D. & Joyce M.. Stenzel. Wilson Brack. L. A 3\V'Ji NW.y<, NE1/4 SWVi NW.Vi te S,W.Vi bW Vi . bn) Vi , 'SW Vi . \ St». 1 'i SEVi. SE-Vi S3' 4 SEii'SE'A Sec. 2i; v S ? h ;! SWVi SW'A, s>EVi SWi/47-SWVi SBVi. SE1/4 SE»A Section a2, SW^'-SSW* SWVi Section 23, W& NWV4 -NW.14, WVfe SWVi NWy 4 , S1/2.NW% SW'vi'& Nwy 4 Nwy 4 swy 4 . swvi swy 4 section 26, NE% NE1/4, N.WVi NEVi. NEVi, SEV4 NJ-iVi, NEVi.-NW.Vi, NWl/4, SWVi NWVi, SEVi' NWVi. SWl/4, NW'A SWVi. ROTO-ROOTER Ra>r-K| e ens;withput replacement, ^ Clogged;Up..proin>:ih!Kitchen lf Bath,pr ! 'F **" SEVi SWl/4, NE%' Sfivi.'NWvi SE%, SWI/4 SEy 4 - NEy 4 NEVi, SWl/4 NEVi, SEy 4 NEVi, NWl/4 NEVi. NE- ' swy 4 swy 4 . — , __ / ^ SWl/4, SE-i/4. tion 28. NE%'NEl/4. NW% ' SWV4 , SB' 1/4 -NEW. NE K ex. Ch.. SE1/4 NWy 4 , NW'/i SWl/4 NW%, NJ2% SW%, Eii SW1/ 4 SWM, & SW-4. SE^4 SWl/4. NWl/4 Section 29, NE% NE^4, NW& NE1/4, SW% NE'A, SE1/4 NW%, NW% , NE1/4 SE 1/4. NW'A SEVi JO, NiS'A MB%, NE1/4, SE% ^E 1 /^, NW 1/4 NW a A & , NBl/4' SE»A SE1/4 V NW%, SE1/4 V & El/3 COWAN'S RQTQ ROOTER SERVING'KOSSUTH COUNTY- /^ PHONE , CY 4-3523 ., "' ' 'ALGONA Tho 0/7/j" i.National Sewer Service Available Locally -NW%, SWH. W%. NE.% St'% Se NE'A. SW ' SE»4 &-N2/3 Kife N2/3 NV/-14 SK J 4. E^<> SW^. SE%, — tion 32, NE% NE%, N' NHil/4, SE% NE»4. NE% NW%, SE>4 NW'A SWVi, NW1/4, NE',4 SW1/4, SWft SWVi, SE1/4 SWVi, NEVi SEVi.'NWVi SE1/4, SW',4 SEVi, SEVi SE'A .Sec. cion 33, NkVi Ni; 1/4, NWVi NEVi, NEVi, SE1/4 NEVi. NE% NWl/4 NWVi, SWVi NWVi , NWVi, NE'A SW%, NW% SWVi. SWl/4 SWVi, SE'A SWVi. NWVi'SEVi-, SWl/4 SEVi, NEVi SE'A, Section 34, W'/s SWVi NEVi & NWVi NEVi E'A SWVi TEH,' W.S WV4 NE%, SWl/4 SE% NE%, NE'A NWVi, NW NWl/4, SWVi NW,Vi. SE'A NW. NEVi SWVi, NWVi SW'A. SWVi SWl/4, SEVi SW'A, W'/a NEVi SE'A, NW'A^SEl/4, SWVi SEVi, WVi SEk SE'A Section 35, all in Township 09 Range 27, Kossuth County, Iowa. . German Township 93-27. , ' SWVi NEVi. W'A SEVi NEVi, SWl/4 NWVi, SEyi NWVi, NEH SW-H, NWl/4 SWVi, SWVi SWVi, ,SEVi Wl/4 NE'A SEU, NWVi &; Amajyja, jsjit?,, Arjene Prinalf Quada/; George & Gepke Heyes. F, c Krall, John Rei$dorf>r, Richard & Berth§ Zielske, Chr|s Asmussen, Ban Farrow,, Agnes & N, H, Pringle, Ruius Olthoif, Edward Mayer, Germanitt Creamery Co., E. R. Ogren, Laura Penny, Barbara Weringa, >Carl P. Si Ethel Garrett, John W, & Wary Alice Ukena. Pete Bruer, Albert Bosnia, Albert Bosnia Jr., Otto Koppen, ytneenl E. & Lois A. Miller, Hannah HeeUand, Fred Mabus, Leonard Selbolt, W. J Leslie, W. F. Keinitz, Lutheran church. <3s«>. A- 9J?.W..P;. G- Gray.. 61 .? 1 - y^ fi, Milter. Will «s Myrtie Margaret Fredericks, Ralph B. & B0«» gf.e , Weasel*, L. A. Muyei, Ol<|a B NW 1/4 SW'/i SEVi & N;i NEU NVi NE'A Ni5Vii& ' SE% Section 1. ., ., NE'4 NE1/4, NW^H NE% SW% NE%, E»A SW'A NE^4, - — ;•.. NB% NWH, NW% -NWVi SW% NW'A, SE'A NWiJ; NEk SWl/4, NW'A SWVi, SW'A SW% SEH SWM, NE%-SE'A. SE'A SpJl/4 NW'A SE'A, SWM SEM Sfectipn 8, NWU NE'A, SWV ~ —% NWVt, SEi SW'A NWV . SW'A SW%, SE1/4 SW%, NE% SEU, SE1/4, SWH SE'A. SB'A ~~ tion 3. NE'A NE%. NW',' DR. D. D. ARNOLD Chiropractor v Above Penney^s Office CY 4-3373 Home CY 4-4836 ALGONA NEl/4, SE'4 NE'A, NW%. NWM NW'/i, NE'4, SW.% SEU NE'A, NW%, SE'A NW'A. NEii SW^4>, NW'A SWU', SW>A. SE34 SW.'A, NEVi SJS,l/4, Section 4, NEW NEW, E4' 2 NEW, SWW NE1/4, SEVi SSI/4 E'A NE!4 SW El/3 SEVi SW'4'."NE'A SBJ'4, NW,. SE'A.-SW'A SE'4, SE'A SEW Se'ctton 6, NE1/4 NE'A, NWVj NE'A, N',i SW'4 NE'/i & SE 1/4 SWU NKH, SS'A t NE1/4, E'A NE'A NWW. 1 M1( - 1vrwD: ' SSU NW 1/4, N'fe NBH SI , NEli SE1/4 Section 9, NEH '1 NWH NE'4. SW'ATNEH. NUW, NE'i NW'A, NWVi SWH* NWM,, SEty NUM. NB« SWl/4, NWH SWVi7 N ' SEU SE'A SWW, SW'4 NWl/4 SE 1/4. SWV4 SE'A, S; Section 9, NEy» NEU. K"" —••' NE 1/4, SEH N NEU NWC ( N' •MU^tiT *.TYM1> v * ,..,•* *3i fT y» *>*«7** SEU Section 10. ?. .. NBl/4, SWU NEW. 8EU T ._. NW>4. NWU NW J 4? SW HOME MODERNIZATION ATTIC TO BASEMENT INSIDE AND OUT MODERN EFFICIENT KITCHENS S ADDITIONS ^ GARAGES ;POI?CHpS © REC RQQMS ;<t .RQOFirjid o sibiNG , Ostwinkle 'CY, 4-2200 EOW Uon 11. SW'4 SW'4 SW'U SW^A, NWV4 SEH NW'A "SE?. SEH. — without surgery, In case sftejc cole; while Kentjy relieving pain, actual reductipn took place. • n' under the name Preparation t ' Qy

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