The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 12, 1959 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1959
Page 10
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P'^j'-vf:?*-,-' .' •- ! .*'/"? •A' 1 -' BUDGET TROUBLES • In Minnesota/ where Democrat Orville Freeman was reelected governor, and In New York state where NeUon Rockefeller was elected governor on the Republican ficket, budget troubles have already developed. MARRIAGE AIDS HEALTH? Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but mairlage seems- to be the best investment for the man'who values his health. The Health.Insurance Institute reports that 'although married 'men enter hospitals more fre Each state is being asked to greatly Increase quently than bachelors, their length of stay is decidedly shorter, which indicates, among other things, that wedded gentlemen hdve fheir medico! needs cafed for while still comparatively minor. The Institute report, based on a July 1958 study by the U. S. Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare, shows that hospital utilization rates its overall spending, and for each state if the proposals are adopted, <it * means' a heavy tax- inciease. although Minnesota so far has made no move toward a sales tax. The trouble seems to be general. All forms of government are seeking more money. Iowa's Governor Herschel Loveless, while , . proposing a stepped up budget, most of which offer one explanation for the long-established increase is marked for state schools and insti- fact that married folk live longer than bachelors and spinsters. t t , *' • The government iyrvey reveajs that; there were almost nine hospital admissions for evjery 100 married men In the general pbpOlaf ion Mur- ing the 12-month period ending September 1956, as compared to nearly seven for every 100 unmarried men. However, this average day's • of stay-for each admission WaV 16.8 for-the mar* ried men compared to 14.6 for the bachelors. tutions, still has held the line fairly well. The proposed increases injowa are not destined to result in any considerable tax jump in ordinary life. President Eisenhower on the national level has called for a budget which, while the highest in peacetime history, still isn't as big as some would* have it; We hope Ike Is able to ST&ICTLVjBUS .... _ _,. .v-'^ - «? by MCPWdWr* X»8i _,..... Cesnft , plane: They're *t$ift| jfisp „, of 60 days, or better,- in, the air, As drtnhliite« chalfrtiah, 8ttd enthusiastic tom-tom beater lor "The Flight, Agalttst < Oancef,» "JPres"-Foster visited many.cities to stimulate interest in this ject. He • announces- ,that Hacienda Hotel in Las Vegas, and its president, Wart-en /'Doc" Bay* ley, are not only sponsoring the event), but also, to. encourage „ Cancer Fund Contributions, they i are. donating a prize of .TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS-(|lO,000), CASH for the persoh who :caa guess closest to the length of' time the endurance plane will remain aloft. Guesses, sent in >with- i contributions to the Damon .Runyon Cancer Fund,, should ,be- mailed to the Hacienda * Hotel,Las Vegas Nevada. All money f sent will go, lOO,% M t6 the cancel fund. »' i • , >* * * . release of the; tdwa";Press »Asuoeiail6rt. Th6 materbl coniained herein 'does not ttecessafily conf fotm'io'thftUdiiotial " of Ihis 0 has your fault I'm late! You said you wouldn't beitttodayl" - Herschfel LbV61as&* has gent to the legislature,a' message -urging a'J"evlslbh of ihe slate income tax law,to,,conform, td fed-^ ; feral standards. \ Thr'^6ye>noB said t>asga^e 61 a febfdCte* rt* vision bill has,agilm lttcu|ed Hi- itentioii 'on the .'/problem,:of -fed- feral*state ' c6>03?dihati6n t ,.in,-the .field of personal incoftieu,taxa r i * it * 4*.' * • Loveless -let the bill - become law without his signature* ?x> • The governor proposed that the income *itax -'syiStem- 'be preparatitJri 'fw this flight which is -based -in-Blythe, California. .offered the bea,t weath- tfed % to allow' /JehfivWd Wit- " ine governor prupuseu i **£ te d|?»esv jffi,j«; sSitinf ( the r faifghitlndfi* Jttoe 25 t6 28. simplified oy requiring hold the line to some extent: Back in 1932 the fetleVal deficit was 19 billion dollars. Today the A more striking example was offered by, national debt is neftring the 300 billion mark, those:unmarried men who also'we're; w.ithouf accompanied by a condition of inflation which health insurance 'protection. In this grouping has knocked the purchasing power of the dollar there were just over six admissions for every down to about 50'cents, compared with 1948. 1QO —- Ul " * u " -"*—- "*'"' rt <"• «-lmi«.i«rf In. the past 10 years there has been', a 48 was pieC'cent increase in the total number of people employed by government, federal, state and local. If the trend continues about half the country will be working for the government, the other half working to fobt the bill. In the meantime it doesn't seem to make much difference whether it is Republican or men but the average ,stay per admission 1 2Q..6,day;s. • . ; , • ; ; i i .' '. J . - ' . f j Ft 1 "Qa&f«in.Niuy'. the g6ve'rjiff1e"nt'report i*'**^* "this< group ehtered the hospital only wh'e'h, sd seriously ill thaf *a prolonged^stay was a'frb-, cjuerjt occurrence. 1 .' • ' ; ^Bythe lime men reach, the age of 65 and over, bachelors .not only have longer hospital stays> they.dlso are admitted, to the hospltdljat- Democrat -"the cost of government just keeps a more frequent rate than'married men, alrViosi * i * i i • • ' '/•^^'*L.^._ u .!A^^l!..^.At_. u .. *_. A. u 1 rtrt ' A—. A. I !A*lA LK'M, Ai>tkit going up and up and up. i • * * HIS FARM PHILOSOPHY At no time in President Eisenhower's six years in office has his farm.philosophy been so 16 hospitalizations per 100 to -a little better than 13-in,100, The report.ddds, "The absence of a spouse'probably made; use of the hospital unavoidable in some instancfes." : The -statistics! for length of stay also ,show that older bachelors probably waited longer'be- fore seeking medical attention for their ailments. fully revealed"'as it was in his message to Con- The married; male senior ciflzen std'y'ed an-" av- gress. ., era'ge of 12.5 days. His single brother was hps- pitaljz'ed 22.1 "day^s. • ', , ',-, ' ',' • , These days'added up to an imposing hospital utilization rate for 65 and over. The annual in'hospital dqys-'for 100 married men What h,e thinks is clear. • 1 He asked'for an end to farm price siiports, an abolition of the parity standard, abandonment of all efforts .to control farm ..output, and a quick/return fo a" free-ma'rket price-setting age group was ,,165 days, but still-(ess than'half mechanism! ;< i 1 ' 4 '.'. • of the' total of'Jbver 348 days for bachelors,-or His latest message^contqins ,no suggestion,/j,,the,total of 3X5, fbr bachejors* aS have his previous messages^ thqt_'flexu>le I When an age breakdown limited to those price suports would be- a sojution. f«' p '^ >* v J* * Of the totql .budget for the next fiscal year Washington . ,- t Capital by K ay Kerno>> to an' act - return voted & " file ' a stat6 '^turrt, •. All Vpay- Ing a-federal tatf -would .pay' • 7, while f 'provisions': are hoisted inatibn the dehial of a meeting Per cent of that amount to the iri.Des'Moines to the Jeho- 'State. , • ,. •_ Wither* ' The -House ' Governor- Loveless said that •Ybv a voice vote 'a re* ™ akin g lo ^ a tax laws ?.on^rm to 'asking the fair board and 'federal staridards^would eliminate ^-^rW—.i..^-!^ ,a large number-of so-called vahV VeteanMem al Auditor .The pilots hdpe -to the vet erans Memorial Auaior 0gg fiund They> also, r trust „ is turned over to the Treasury^ they'll, be able to provide scient., - — J — i—- ..... ^ -* -»-«-«! .<«*« wkk imnortant data on uro- a . d gj. consiaera no, returns and wou ld • also ^rLden the tax base - CATTLE Su*& ' . • The state D^artment of Agriculture has issued an order re- glricting s hip me »t of cattle into the Hawkeye state from Kansas. :The action was taken because of an out-break of cattle', mange in a'cocktail party'.; It's an'/'E "<f n( reception." M ^ , , t » j ge fo e t' a * hiighty]-good combina r '' > 'I U * ~ •„ «"~1., «i,'..-.''' tioh'-i" ' This program would help FOOD FOR PEACE — • salvage many thousands of • It' was almost ?fs though: some- . } 0 ungsters who drlft into trouble | body were reading somebody because they are not prepared to •' else's.,mind. ,,.In his farm mes- take, their place as useful citizens ' Secretary '-Clyde an.order that no per- finn shaU ship cattle !nto iTOm Kansas without obtaining. a written permit from- the Iowa divisiohSof animal .ihdustry. "* he P ermit must 'accompany the - cattle shipment along -with, a •organization. Hailing sa;d. • Q before entering'-Iowa; , Rep. Riley Dietz, (R), Walcott, ' ',. ' * * *' -" ' sage to Congress President Eisen- iO f ,' Soc iety. hower -proposed {finding, new,^*,., means to use our mounting'foodfe'j FISHY BUSINESS ' 1 surpluses '. ^ prqmote geater|. , That -* dinner >tab ie delight No sooner .'-was'*, the 1 ,* message read than Democrats injj, FROM" THE r FILES OF came.' to the defense of the Wit- , nesses. "I, for one, believe - 'iri GAS' TAX AUDIT _ A commission of three' certified ^Four splendid volleyball games legislature for-a thorough O j a -were-played^y'men ^at-.Titonka were only'.'a few scattered "nay" ;, audit - of - the state gasoline -tin Japan. ;,jA r ; n p'the-Week. -Kenneth Swan -Votes.'when .the. resolution .was < division.. The -CPAV suggested i H %^ I I ^<IMw PiSIWV4fXV4WVTII I I I I I ( I \* V» IV I ( I V»J V of age^dnd older is used, the highest of close to 80 billion dollars, a grand total of utilization r.ate once again "S for .men .both un married and uninsured, nearly 128,days in the about 7 billion is ear-marked for the Department hospital per 100 persons. r.t At**!.-! .Ultra ftf »lia 7 ^illfnn i-iUi-in* ^ tlillinn * ±~ '. ' 4. ' of. Agriculture. Of^the 7, billion, about 3 billion isrfied.up with the basic farm program including production control payments and price support to farmers themselves. The other 4 billion includes a variety of activities, among; them overseas export deals, that rightly cannot be charged Df,f,to a.domestic farm, program., . r If the .President and Mr Benson have a solution of any kind to the problem of maintaining a prosperous agriculture, everyone will welcome hearing about it. But at this stage of thV'game the only solution offered seems to be tq. "eliminate everything from the farm program that put a prop under agricultural prices, and let nature take its course. * Wonder what would happen if other segments of the economy had the same thing proposed? It hasn't received much publicity, but government support through purchase and tariff protection is propping the floor of many of the major industries in the nation today. * * ' * '' The best system, as we see it, for peace is to hqip'e as hard as we can for it, pray as hard as we can for it, work as hard as we can for it, and pre- . pare the best we know how for war — Vail Observer. -'• JMjjcnts, llppci*.PCS (fflfUiineB ill' E'. ;Cali Sireet-HPh. CY 4-3535-j-Algona,< Iowa >, t \ , i • Entered as second class 'matter at the postoltice . ,,/at Aleona, Iowa> under Act of Congress of : ; ( -March 3, "1879. '" ^ Issued Thursday in'1959 By THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. R. B. WALLER, Fxlitor '' C. S, 3RLANDER, Advertising Director ^ 'JERRY METCALF, Advertising Manager ••5 '» DON''SMITH,/News Editor ,«FERMAN CHRISTOFFERS, Plant Foreman HOW'S THAT AGAIN, MR MARTIN? f ' Indiar.ola Tribune — We notice that Iowa's own- Senator Thomas Martin had blamed the Democrats in congress for the farm prpgram mess,' and at the same time has absolved Agricultural, Secretary Ezra Taft Benson from any fault. Maybe it is only co-incidental that bpth Martin "and Benson are members of the, Republican .party, but we can think of "no other reason to justify the Senator's remarks. -The Senator has come out in defense of one of the weakest,,cabinet; members, one who scarcely ventured dnto agriculture, area during the past campaign. " • Martin blames Democrats for the high cost of operating the agriculture department, over $7 billion this year. Yet the last fiscal "year the department was. under 'Democratic control (1951-52) it cost one-seventh as much toTun the farm program as it is currently* costing under MV Benson. Similarly, when the Department of. Agriculture had 67,400 employees, Benson called it.a "swollen bur- eaucray." It now has some'8EJ,o6b employees! Under Benson, ;there has; been 9 700% increase in the value of government inventories of surplus farm goods, from; $1.053: billibir in 1952 to $7.164 billion in June of this year. This increase clearly demonstrates the falsity bt the Benson-GbP theory that lower prices deduce surpluses. In f act, lower prices tend to induce the farmers to grow more, as - we \yill witness next year under the new corn .prfa* , gram. Between 1'952 arid 195.8, barley ^supports fell 22%, but production rose 47%; |oybi6ari supports* dropped 18%, while production rpse 39%; and supports on grain sorghums fell 22%;while production rose 375%. Would .the Senator have us believe this is the fault of Deriiocrats? '.' •• ^ ^ We don't quite see the^'-connection Senator Maitin is trying to make between thi ; mess in the agriculture department arid the Democrats,in cot)- gress, After all, Mr Benson has had 'control of his department for about 6 yearq now, and if he really had a sound program to put forward he has had tion to the surplus the last fouJ l ydstrs( ed to channel $4 ' f6od to thfe'needy our bins' and warehouses bulging a't the seams. • • division.. The -'CPA's' suggested to-a vote. •',-. ^ , , - that-accounting exp'erts from out, Higgins, . Harlan, vice side the state be brought in to do president pf ,the fair board, an- ythe Work, nounced after -the board>.h&d. State, gasoline 'tax director B. QUIZ GAME — Did yqu know that as^'l-Btft' w ? ere ^ .Americans- are noj per- r afc thg games > &gre ed! the• quality .think the fair board members 1 'are,-the accusatic ^-^\ ^o^. i0 ^Jl^^^ " ,!' now so depleted some Alaska. > 8 • , ^ - Lloyd Cunningham, fair board tied" and - " fisheries may have to close down - s, p . r -__ lct( ii v H d 'r s w ov fed the secretary, said the Witnesses will could do to Admiral this year. Byrd who explored at 4he South t Pole is buried in the northern ' part of Arlington cemetery arid ( Admiral Peary who explored at the North-Pole-is buried'in the* southern part of Arlington cemetery? " • • • THE SMART ONES FAIL — Two young men out of every six who come up for induction into the Army beat the draft on grounds of physical or mental inability to serve. Selective Service officials suspect sqme are deliberately flunking out on the mental exams. Since the passing Behind The WITH • BUDDY, MASON amounts of revenue, claimed his "hands were . .„- TYTl -snd there was little he Fire completely ^destroyed the secretary, said the Witnesses will could correct,the situation.- farm home ; 'qf Hugh' Lewis"'at"La- T< .T t ., ;,:?. ra ^ ~ r- 1 — '• . kota ' Tuesday aftefnoo'n. ^Mr Id , Lewis was at workjih the. yard at ^ ( "•3 p.m. when ' he'noticed.smoke ' T pouring from .the ,;house," which', was located a mile sputh' and, tw.o.'' 'miles west of'Lakdta. .?A- neigh- '•', bor lady, Mrs Oscar Nelson, saw - the smoke from her .place about '. the same time and called the Lakota fire ' department; The "firemen rushed to the;scene im- 1 mediately, but the blaze had too :much r o"f ! 'a start to be .halted and 'the house arid most of'the con* ' tents were destroyed. • Cause,-or INSURANCE Hollywood. Calif. — Some things belong together — like- ham the fire was not known. A bucket and eggs, hearts and flowers or, brigade, formed by,Dr.' Geilen- grade on these tests was raised it we may include humans, feldt, fire chief, and other fire : by law last year a lot more will 'ton Foster have the opportunity to; flunk on Bay.ley! purpose. Best bet is that the and Warren "Doc" , men, .saved .buildings: These gentlemen have teamed l the adjacent, 1 farm Average age of today's recruit, is .better qualifications. ^ OO'trdovt? nr»H nino mnniV\c T'h at* o • 22 years and nine months. That's draft law will undergo some * U P t.o take a long, hefty swing at] About'193 officers'and'men at changes this year. For one thing'human misery — and, you >the Bancroft' C.C.C. camp were the Army wants younger men 'couldn't find another pair with, placed,underva working quaran- - - - - - •' '--"— —i^:--x:— ; tine when'several cases of m'umps, 'were discovered there. One oi three years and nine months older To begin with, for many, years, ^ the half-dozen victims was Lieut, than the Army would like him to • "Pres" Foster has devoted most ,Hardman, commander ,of the be. " • ',,•:• 'of his time, off from being a'camp\ Orders were issued to the { __ 0 i_ motion picture and television star men requesting'them fa. refrain ' NO 'TIME TO REST' — ; '' v 'i'"''' J to aiding' any . and all worthy I from attending dances or going'to : The men arid women -who causes, Telethons, drives for,'. other public places until the ALGONA INSURANCE < • .. ' AGENCY , J. R. (Jim) K.OLP .' • -Surety 'Bonds '— All CineS" • of Insurance <• <, " 206 East State St.'- - ' Phone CY 4-3176 : BLOSSOM INSURANCE ' . AGENCY All Lines of Insurance Automobile - Furniture Loan 7 N. Dodge Phone CY 4-2735 BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE »J N. Dodge St. Ph. CY 4-4443 ,Home-- Automobile —Farm : .• Polio ^Insurance- ,, ' CHARLES D. PAXSON Dwelling, Auto, Liability. " " "Life; General Phone CY 4*4512. ' . •'••''' ' ''I''*' / KOSSUTH MUTUAL . -iNSUKANCE. ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,000' worth 'of in' surance in force, A home ' company. Safe, secure. Phone CY 4-3756 " •- Lola Scuff ham; Sec'y ' '.•- i , ^—1-;: ^____ REPRESENTATIVE spaper Representatives, -Inc. vet New -York 18, N. Y, Miehjga^.Chieagp 1, III , >v r w* , - - %->* ''V'».- - co ' ample opportunity to do so, We suspect that fact that Mr Martin is up for re-election in' 1960 tnight 'have more bearing upon the situation than does anything else. !'. .', • * '* * Eyery large iamily has" at least one member who'assumes responsibility (or has it thrust upon him) for, handling every family crisis, be it entertaining the visitor from afar, the care of the older generation, or a death in the family circle, No task is too onerqus, no duty too difficult for the ever-ready and evpr'vwilling person. Blessings on such people —7 and may they have many stars in their crown — Redfield Review. * * # AU this cgiijroyergy abput highway Billboards 'is nojhuig new.' Seems the Egyptians had the same problem.' centur'j^s ago. ^According to recent ar- ijcle, p!cier»ts bfi.that country carved advertising messages on stone tablets' and placed them along years. Their colleagues' in the .have topurich in on a star chore, •' -• . - - - •«' Senate have it -much easier — "Pres" has given freely Of the 1 A low of 15 degrees ^elow zero their terms' run for six years. : only-thing; an actor has to sell, his was registered in this area Feb. Sen. Mike Mansfield, Dem.-Mont., talents. Show Foster a needy 11. Low readings the rest of the a former House members, wants e^use and he'll travel half way^week were'anything but nice as to; help. He has a bill in to across the nation to pitch in*and' three other .below zero readings make 1 House term's run ; 'fouv''hJelp '-with a fund raising "cam-•'iwere registered. A total of 1-3 years. Now, no sooner is a Con- paigri.-'ptis know-how, and -show- inches of snow, including a 12 gressman elected than he has to niari'shijS,' have aided in putting inch downfall Feb. 9, were giving buckle down and start camisaign-"afcrds^''driyes' in v every State in, residents a chance to shihe up /H»ods, ing all over again. This doesn't-,the;iJni6ri,' ., . '• , ' their shovels arid tighten up their ; ^ 1 ? : ,, *,,,*•'"...* '"'. . backs, The weatherman had W"4r,ren ."Doc" Bayley, owner of proinised a return of more mod? thesHaaienda:ii,Jlotel,i;chain, with, erate temperatures during .the headquarters in the fabulous new • next few days'. ( ' ^ . > Hacienda in Las Vegas, is a ' * 1? *' * ' « , .,,,,. . . •-• --financier/when he's not too busy Friday. Fei>, 1 13^ mean* nothing .Affiliated with Farm Bureau • •• T - - "' «—--~ Auto (with $10 Deductible) •...Ute'.JHaU:* Tpactor ' let him devote' full-time to; h'is job. And campaignifrg costs' a lot of money.. ,„ '•'•; •' , HERBST INS. AGENCY For.Auto, .House, Household and Many Other Forms Phon'e CY 4-3733 : Ted S. Herbs* ' > HARD ROW TO PLOW No matter how hard it ANPY CRAWFORD > General' Agent Iowa'"Farm Mutual 'Ins, Co. DOCTORS MELVIN.G.'BOURNE, M. D. Physician & Surgebn ' . 118 N.. Moore St. • Office phone CY 4-2345 Resident phone CY 4-2277 J. N. KENEFICK, M. D. Physician & Surgeon 218 W. State Street . Offic o e phone CY 4-2353 Resident phone CY 4-2614 JOSEPH M. ROONEY Physician' & Surgeon 114 N. Moore ' • Office phone CY 4-2224 Resident phone CY 4-2232 JOHN'M. SCHTJTTERTM.D7 " Physician &" Surgeon 220 No. Dodge, Algona Office,phone CY 4-4490 Resident,phone CY t 4-2335 Chiropractor Dr. D;.p. Arnold • ' ' • -• Chiropractor ;, , -Over-Penneyte . Office -.Phone -f CY 4-3373 '. Hours;s-9:.00 — 5:00 Open Friday Night tries Washington .caijVseem t<P sojyp being a philanthropist. His heart but trouble for th,e LloyU, Gr'o'ss the farm problem. "And the and purse are- always open when family 'at Good .Hope. First Of all,, ' ' " farmer a, while is getting' ,.. squeezed^ harder and hard<¥>\ ... 4! —. ~ ... 4! —. yy~ Y\ 1 A* 1*^ ^« »*»** . chips a^re dpwn/and , a chari-' their car rammed into, "on iajple venture needs a man-size slippery roads near, Algona, but __ ~t_ . T_T«I« ' .. M <^Hf«n».!r.^%.i . n « <4 A-l^nt- ***nn /sv^lvr 4-V»^\ 'R^ffirst^ the road to keep camel drivers awake, no doubt — Lemoni Chronicle, * . * * •* Children lealrn much from their adult com , panjons, ;!r .th^t's ( rapstly j what is wrong with children — Greene flecord. 'push. He's an organizer and that wap v phly,. the^beginrving, market basket of food cost" $767, business man with a flair for About riqpn,, of ;M*1 Gross] The farmers share was $397. By successful publicizing of a chark' fjnest hPtse'S' came from a V«W " " - - - tab j e cause that is struggling* With a punctured abdomen 1 , and with financial problems. < the extent of the injury made it * * * • necessary to destroy the animal. . It was inevitable . that the?? ,The : horse wasjyajjied at,$lSQ and - ' --- 1J1 A -- J -ir>?r> mar4o Mr 'tt'vnsis 'hsppy 'When^^bj, 1957 that same basket cost $1,010, but the farmer got only $400. This means the farmer's 'share went up .$3; the marketing share, HAROLD G f ^ i> -Representing •• » 'State -Farm Ins. Qq, , '' '«r.TO8 Sb. PhiUips.Stv Vlgona . - Phone. CY 4-2341 $240. TALE OF 3UOST LETTERS — Next time you mail'a letter" or send a parcel, better' two men would meet and join jnade Mr'epos's'hspp foro'es. ,"Pifes" with his skill |n 14 rolled aWunfl -^,.._ _., .,. h^rn?ssing show business fo mas? v probably wished that Feb. 13 had o*V f siye public appeals , andy'-'Poo.'/ never Beared ; in,'.th* first placer-" »-'U Barley, ^ith hJ4 cheekb'gpk eypy •• '.*•'* .* . •••*•••/**, MULLIGAN ' closely. Uncle, Sam, is ready"^o'pick up"a bigj)i ; id.uction AU having a tough tiji>e trying to Jget t9h??go |hM BV^HY' Cgflf. raised:- re^elec^d rriis-aoqvesssd arid un-addreased -^q'uld ( go to the' n>ail intp_the right hands. Last ;n«7$J of .fundls, " di?eqto?8 .... It;"the.- annual tl-±\ J _„_ „ _^f XT.'—. UB N9r*hJf0ofi,^Jy0et. Phono »~«« year, 24 ( 054>;03 letters and 622,-' itiaj. venture 396 parcels wpund/up ,jn the<,the,air." They , T( .. ^ f'qiead letter" office. The num- kpuragebjis air force yetsraris ber is rising every year. The h^ ulyesdy sm^sh^i i%e Post Office will work for a whole world's ts, Tpday, '^Btp.-mt}. $mW$ G&P&ffiM'®&& is, lit^a1][y/%B Ji^MWMl^IW^,";'.^ sy're sponsoring twp Stfje^s ofipjf %^mery *«Pl '_T a ^__ * _'^_A _; _? •«l"«ik fl * 1t»* «i*.l_ j»»-J..i. •A«<4.Mi M n.+n + • ~ 1 W"w;, 'Td'' * time before giving up. After this ord and, .at this writing, §re still George Siems, C. M. Frink and all" money found in letter's tlo'ftr" Their flight 'is dedfcated ArJr&BflWedyr dtretrtOT5'.-"-vfret|'-r. " ; Atev» Closed Sat. Bank Dr, R. J. Thissen Chiropractor 17 tt E.-State St., Algona Phone CY 4-3621 OPTOMETRISTS Drs, SAWYER and ERICSSON . < /Eyes Examined -, Cpntact Censes , . '• , , Hearing Aid'Glasses * 9 East Stftte Street ' - ' ,. Algona,'J6wa\' Phone CYpress 4-2196 •', ' 'Hours: 9;00 a/m. to 5;00 p.m. Closed' Saturday- Afternoons DR,- Q,. M, ' ; • Optometrist^Visual Analysis & Visual Training - -108 South Harlan St, (Home Federal Bldg,) - •• PHONE CY 4-3743 • Farm % ,, M MANAGEMENT Serving Hancock, , Palo Alto & Kossuth'Counties

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