The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 12, 1959 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1959
Page 9
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February 12, 1959 February 12, 1959 CCOMR From Hers & There l ' Methodists At Swea City Talk A. minister Bftd his Wife .wetfi discussing low flten who were In the hews, '. "Y«," said ihe minfelear, "I knew ihem both as boys, one was a clever, handsome fellow; the other a steady, hard* worker. The clever one was left behind in the race, but the hard-worker * . . » . well, he died and left a half million dollars to his widow, li's a great moral lesson." /'Yes," jreplied his wife., with a smile, "it is. I heard this morning that the ciever one is, going to matry the widow." , An Englishman shared the train-carriage .with? an ;elderly Scot. At eacht stop, the old man rushed put, fan down the platform, then rushed , back,'panting. The curious; Englander finally asked; why. "Well,"; said the Scot, "I saw, a specialist in London about my heari. He says I might drop dead, anytime so I'm booking from station to station." Any ordinary flat-bottomed utensil becomes an automatic appliance with foods cooked ' to perfection every time on the- new gas ranges with the "burner-with«a-brain." Best of all,, burning, scorching, boiling over, under cooking and over cooking, becomes a thing of the past. /;''••.'. The cook, fresh 1 from the Oz^* firks, was discussing her daugh/ ter!s behavior: "I found out she ain't sick at all. It's just a case of the pokin' grits. That no-count man she wanted to marry"!, left town with another woman, and "my 'daughter's madder than;mad, pokin! her. chin out and grittin her teeth; Ain't nothing the .matter with her but the pokin' grits." It was a cold November day and' the football stadium was jammed. High up in the stands an alumnus; more than slightly ^ - inebriated, kept standing up and calling. "Hey, Gus," and, each lime a "man ""down in the third row would',, ceremoniously stand up and doff hisJial. . AfiWfViianfr calls of "Hey, Gus," the gentleman in the third row shouted in a thick voice, "Now quit yelling at me! I'm tired of standing up, and besides my name isn't Gus." The fortunate owner of a laundry dryer finds that her tow-. R!S don't have to be ironed at all. Their texture is smooth instead of erumply and crooked from line-drying. All corduroys, chin- ille bedspreads, bathmats and most underwear needs only a gentle smoothing with the hand. * * * * Social tact is making your • company feel at home, even though you wish: they were. GAS is constantly available. Set the thermostat for comfortably regulated temperatures' in the house. GAS does the rest — for the entire heating season. Ordering and,waiting for fuel,become a thing of the past. See your local ' gas company, the North Central Public Service Co. in Algona for details on installing : wondferful natural GAS in your home. A meek little man in a restaurant timidly touched the arm of a man 1 putting on a coat. "Excuse',me." he said, "but do YOU happen fo be Mr Smith of Newcastle?" "Noi I'm "noil" the man answered impatiently. ' "Oh-er-well, ."stammered the first man., "you see, I am, and that's his overcoat you're putting -on." .-•...' ^ Jones had got a job at last. After months 'of unemployment he was hired by an. antique dealer. The very first morning the boss came in and saw him: standing idle in the shoo. „ , "Go up to the storeroom," he ordered, "and get me a Greek urn for. Mr Blank, and be quick about it" Jones rushe4 upstair and called to one of the packers, "Hi, pal* what's a Greek urn?" "I don't know," was the renly. "Depends on the job he's got." ~W ^tf J^ «4f The man at the bar finished his second glass of beer and turned to ask the manager -of the place^'How many keqs of beer do you sell here/ m "week?" "Thirtv-fiye," the manager answered with, pride* . t . "Well. I ve just thought of a way you can sell ?0." The manager was startled. "How?" "it's simple, Fill up the glasses," * * ,* * . . ,_.. _ City — The official board of the Methodist Church met Jan. 26 at the Komfe of Mr* and,Mrs Harold Jones. Mrs S. H. Hammer aftd Mrs Lawrence Hanson assisting hostess. At this meeting a committee of seven men was presented to the board to make plans for the need of expansion and to formulate plans to be later presented to the congregation for their approval. > A great need is seen, for more room for Sunday School and other, services. The committee members • are: George Harner, Ronald Johnson, ments. George Nelson, James Preston, William Shoenair, Gifford Smith and, B. L. Hansen. Two Groups Elecl Mrs R. F. Snyder was re-elected chairman of the library board of trustees at the annual meeting this month. Other officers reelected were Mrs Gifford Smith, vice-president and Mrs George K. Nelson, secretary - treasurer. Other members of ,the board of trustees are Mrs Edward Stewart and Mrs Arnold Anderson. The librarian is Mrs J. A. Sanftner. New officers for the new year were elected by >the Adult Farm- Classes. New members elected are Walter Schmicking, Harvey Works and Wally Dawson to replace Walter Peterson, Glen Clark and Walter Goraczkowski. Girl Scout troop No. 4 met at their leaders home, Mrs Frank Smouse, Feb. 11 after school Carol Eggerth served refresh- Mr and Mrs Delmer Anderson and Elinor and Mr and Mrs Richard Patterson have untied with the Methodist church. Dark Leann Peters, infant daughter of Mr and Mrs Larry Peters, wns baptized at the services. Mr and Mrs Larry Peters had as dinner guests, Mr and, Mrs, Clarence Espeland and family of East Chain, Mr and 'Mrs Lowell Roberts and family and Mr and Mrs Robert Geerdcs and Mark. Mr and Mrs Wm. Krumnvwere recent callers at the home of Mr and Mrs Jake Kockler. Mr and Mrs Cecil Godfredson were Sunday nite supper guests of Mrs Cora Stow of Burt. Mr and Mrs Raymond Wilcox of Humboldt and Mr and Mrs AX- fred Zielske left last week for a three-weeks trip to California and other western points where they will visit relatives and friends. Miss DeeAnn Swanson spent weekend with her parents, Mr and Mrs Dean Swanson. She re Ex-Algona, Kossuth Folks Picnic In California, Feb. 1 lnrned to Waldorf college where she was to start her practice teaching in the 3rd grade at the Fnrost City School. Mr and Mrs Roy Valvick and Mr and Mrs Elmer Nelson arc enjoying several weeks with a sister of Mrs Nelson's in Fort Myers, Florida. Mr and Mrs Sylvester Kockler and family of Bancroft were supper guests of Mr and Mrs Jake Rockier in honor of the 80th birthday of Mr Kockler. Edward Letchor of Buffalo NEVER AGAIN WESTINSHOUSE TV ^ j|"~«.' "9 '" ./ EVEN BLINDFOLDED YOU GET TUNING! 'Husband late? Don't worry about that roast In th» oven. l You cart serve It hours later, still hot, rare, juicy) NEW WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC RANGE KEEPS MEAT HOT, JUICY, DONE TO YOUR TASTEl even if dinner's delayed for hours I Try With GAS Mahogany finish, "up. front" speaker. 21" overall diagonal, 262 sq. in. viewable area (21T218). One touch changes channels and fine-tunes picture and sound—electronically J .» First automatic, electronic tuning—ends fussing with dials, blurry pictures, fuzzy sound I • Automatically adjusts itself for station strength —brings in distant channels clearer than ever I ' • "Broad Band" reception gives 22% more picture detail!, :• Silver Safeguard Chassis means new freedom from service calls I REOEHCYi Elegant new Console with casters (21K226) or swivel base (21K227). Mahogany finish. Multiple speakers. 21" over-all diagonal, full 268 sq. in. view* abl« area. COOKING MIRACLE! EXCLUSIVE SERV-TEMP ROAST GUARD Never again a ruined roast because dinner wns delayed. Amazing Serv-Temp Roast Guard cook* meat exactly as you want it. then keeps it that way until you're ready to serve it. 1 EASIEST CLEANING EVER! All surface units and oven heaters are exclusive West/ inghouse Plug-Out design... can be completely removed for easiest, fastest cleaning ever. No range is modern without Plug-Out Units .., and only Westinghousa has them. ouse Quality Westinghouse Ranges Priced From Only $179.95^ GIVES YOU EVEN MORE* it Built-in Rotisserie if Two Miracle Sealed Oven* if Automatic Grill * 1001 Surface Heata if Automatic Timer •£ Super Corox Unit if Automatic Surface Unit & FulKwidth Storagt Draw* V0« CAM •! S(IEj M .t» fft \Vestinghouse As Advertised In This Week's Form and Home Section I Center, father of Ellwyn Letchor, passed nway nt the Onkdnlc Snnl- tartum. The Ellwyn Lelclier children spent the weekend with their grandparents, Mr nnd Mrs George Rohlin. Funornl services were held nl Bufttiln Center. Mr nnd Mrs Frnnk Smouse, Dannie rind Shirlie were Sunday dinner guest ot Mr nnd Mrs Walter Peterson of Algonn. Fred Peterson of Algonn, father of Waller nnd Mrs Smotise wns also a guest. Guests nt the home of Mr nnd Mrs Drink Shipler for dinner were Mr and Mrs Roy Rlngsdorf, Mr nnd Mrs Donald Rlngsdorf and Mrs Lulu Ringsdorf of Burt. Mr nnd Mrs George Mogenson, Mike and Mrs Irene Price of Bun- croft were callers nt the home of Mr and Mrs Jake Kockler. They brought a lovely birthday cake to help Juke celebrate his BOth birthday, Mrs Jerome Donlon is recovering for surgery nt the Holy Family hospital. She is nt home. Mr nnd Mrs Bob Sigsbet: nnd 'children visited with Mr.s W. J, Sigsbec, Mr nnd Mrs Russel Rent/, and Mr nnd Mrs Robert Curr nnd family all of Algona on Suncluy. Mr nnd Mrs Elvin Stroupe nnd fumily of Estherville were Friday nite supper guests of Mr and Mrs Warren DeWald. Eleven ladies enjoyed the Harrison Township Homemnkers at th,e Andrew Hanson home. Mrs Alfred Anderson nnd Mrs Brink Shipler had the lesson. Recent dinner guests at the home of Mr nnd Mrs George Eden were Mrs Earl Reed and Kenneth of Elmore, 'Minn. Afternoon callers were Mr nnd Mrs Allen Eden and family of Titonkn. Sunday callers at the Joe Preston home were Mr and Mrs Marvin Boever and family of Estherville, Mr and Mrs Maynard Jenson and Mr and Mrs Jim Preston and children. •rr SHOPAMEN . . . initiating some of the boys io complete satisfaction by showing ihem our wide variety, courtesy, and prompt service. SHOREMEN Now you can see the futurel Modern Land Bank Loans assure you safe, secure year* ahead because of lowest cost and longest terms. LOANS EUGENIE H, HVTCHWS, Sec-Treis, Algona (Soulh o| Pwmeyi) (Preferably call Monday or Wednesday?) 3- Ed Genrich To Head "Alumni Coming Year BY BUDDY MASON Log Angolea Correspondent for the Algona Upper Des Moines Algonu's Huntington Beach Picnic Association must have a •working agreement with the weather man. Although he had predicted rain for the better part of a week, Sunday, February 1, downed bright, and clear nt Hunlington Bench, where Lnke Park clubhouse wns headquarters for Algnna's own annual picnic At this gathering, the third annual meeting, a chnnge of officers was made. Ed Genrich of 1(3919 Pioneer Boulevard, Artes- in, Calif., was installed as Association Chairman. Mr Genrich succeeds Gnil Hass, who, with Mrs Hansc, wus given a vote of appreciation. Ed Genrich, the popular new chairman, recently acquired The Artesin Trailer Park. Visiting Al gonans are invited to make this park their hub of operations anc information center during visits to the West Const. Mr Genrich will welcome suggestions and will be happy to supply information to local ex- residents of Kossuth County or to answer queries from those back home who may contemplate a visit to the Coast. Your Hollywood errand-boy is indebted to a most able corps of reporlorial talent for their highly valued assistance in covering this Picnic. Mr and Mrs Will Drayton and (Doris Brayton) Mrs E. E. R.ichter offered, and gave a most welcome helping hand. The Draytons plan on return- Ing to Algona about the 15th of next March for a visit. Mr and Mrs E. ,E. Richter were accompanied by daughter Leila, who thoroughly enjoyed the festivities. Mr Elwood Richter is son-in-law of the Will Dray* tons. Mr and Mrs Bruce Holding were guests. ' Bruce is the son of Cliff Holding of Burt. Mrs Alice Ditsworth of Algona enjoyed re-meeting old friends. Mrs Ditsworlh is the mother of Dick Ditsworth. ' Sunday's picnic was honored by the presence of a visitor in the service of the U.S. Navy, who turned out to be Carl H. Johnson of Algona. Carl asked to have his best wishes conveyed to his mnny Algona friends. Pastor and Mrs Eugene K. Nelson met many former members of their Algona congregation. Rev. Nelson was pastor of the First Lutheran Church of Algona from 1941 to 1945. For the convenience of I those who would like to bring up to date their address lists of former Algona residents now living in California we offer the Algona picnic roster with other latest addresses: Mr and Mrs E. E. Richter and Leila Richter — 729 Glasgow Ave., Inglewood. Mr and Mrs W. Heller — 1302 Orange Grove Ave., Glendale. Mr and Mrs Wm. J. Elbert and Billy Joe — 7863 California Ave., Hunlington Park. Mr and Mrs Don Johnson — 22C3 Hemlock Ave., Imperial Beach. Mr and Mrs Risebury — 1835 1st Ave., San Diego. Mr and Mrs G. H, Gronwell and Jim — 321 N. Wayne, Fuller,on. Mr and Mrs Cliff Holding — Burt, Iowa Elizabeth A. Platt — Algona Mr and Mrs James Sprout — 8146 Sycamore St., Ontario. Mrs Ann Powell — 239 Nylie ourl, Long Beach. Mr and Mrs Jerry K. Samp — 555 Bay St., Santa Monica, Mr and Mrs H. M. Hauberg — Algona Mr and Mrs C. H. Swanson — 320 N.' Jefferson, Fullerton Mr and Mrs R. J. Ditsworth — 1054 Wisbeam Ave., Hawthorne Mr and Mrs David C. Ward and Larry — 1102 Riviera Drive, Santa Ana. Mr and Mrs James S. (Feme Johnson)) Haynes ~- 434 Sierra Vista, Monrovia.' Mr and Mrs 'Russell Maxwell— 1007 W. 5th St.,, Ontario. Mr and Mrs Jim Kennedy ~ 1703 E. Willow, Anaheirn- Mr and Mrs Emil Weisbrod — Fenton. Mr and Mrs John Dunn — 310 So. .Springfield, Claremont. Mr and Mrs Harold Berkeland and Joel, Kent, Julie and Kirk —• U248 So, Edderton Ave., WhWier Russ Kennedy — 7?3i Monroe Aye., Anaheim, Mr and Mrs Leonard Frost , family, — 317 6th §t., Hunting toft Beach. Richard Tuttle -, 1573 N Towne Ave., Pomona. Mr and Mis PauJ F, Fisher -. 4021 W. 159th St., Lawndale. Howard D. Genrich — 1830 Snowden Ave., Long Beach. Mr and Mrs C, C. Johnson — West Bend. Mr and Mrs Gail Haase and Ann, Don and Sally — 618 Indianapolis Ave., Huntington Beach Mr and 'Mrs Clarence Metzger— San Diego. Mr and Mrs Melvin C. Thompson — Omaha. Hilda Gronwell — Algona. Mr and Mrs William Drayton— Algona and Inglewood. Mr and Mrs Bruce Holding —9863 Houghton Ave., Santa Fe Springs. Mr and Mrs Francis Platt and family — 926 Amando, Ontario. Mr and Mrs Roy Crawford — 10040 Magnolia, Bloomington. Selma Goclfredson — Algona. F. D. Mathis — 293 S. Virginia Ave., Pasadena. Mr and Mrs V. T. Vincent — 637 Sargent Ave., Whittier. Mrs Alice Ditsworth — Algona. Mr Ernest E. Taylor — 345 S. Flower, Los Angeles, Mr and Mrs R. O. Richter — 1061 3rd St., Hermosa Beach. Carl H. Johnson — U.S. Navy and Algona. Pastor and Mrs Eugene K. Nelson — 14528 Crossdale, Norwalk. Mr and Mrs Roy Cdbb (Helen Stuart) — 1219 Princeton, Santa Monica. Mr and Mrs R. W. Hutchinson (Hazel Munch) — 2215 Easy Ave,, Long Beach. Elaine, Ken and Wayne Samp^1013 Ocean Park Blvd., Santa Monica. , Walt, Marilyn, David and Bruce Plumb — 1523 N. Townc Ave., Pomona. Bancroft Lady Succumbs k\ 92 Years Age Bancroft — Mrs Ida Behrman, 92, pioneer resident of Bancroft, passed away Thursday 'everiin'g at her home here after an illness of several weeks. •";'• Funeral services for Mrs Behrman were Sunday afternoon from Immanuel Lutheran church, Rev. LeRoy Tillman officiating. Burial was in Greenwood Cemetery with Fuchs Funeral Home handling arrangements. Mrs Behrman has been cared for by her daughter, Mrs Helen. Tostenson, who made her home with her mother. She leaves ten children, Andrew, Omaha, Sophis Lemmon, S. D., Percival of Morristown, S. D., Mrs Carlyle Johnson, Evelyn and Nora in California, Milda Alderman, Grand Junction, Colo. Mrs Harold Hulterstrum and Mrs Ines Nelson, Litchfield, Minn., Mrs Russell Ditsworth and Mrs Helen Tostenson, Bancroft, and three brothers and two sisters. Relatives from here attending the Long McMahon wedding at Je&up, Saturday, were the bridegroom's 93 year-old mother, Mrs Richard Long, Bernard Long, Mr .and Mrs Arthur Long and family, MT and Mrs Ralph Thompson and family. Mr and Mrs Francis Priester and Mr and Mrs Peter Schiltz attended a party Wednesday evening honoring Mr Priester's parents on their 51st .wedding anniversary at Whittemore. Mr and Mrs George Merron are the parents of a 9V2 Ib. son born Feb. 5 at St. Ann hospital, Algona. • Mr and Mrs Virgil Kunkel are the parents of a ten and one-half Ib. son born Feb. 5 at St. Ann hospital, Algona. Alice Menke, S, N, St. Joseph's Mercy Hospital, Sioux City, spent •*• the weekend with her parents on Friday Alice and Frances Brenon, Emmetsburg, attended the wed-i ding of two former classmates, , Miss Senet at Laurens and\ Miss; Orvik of Orange City, in the evening. Kenneth Bergman and Dennis McCleish visited with WUUam Hughs in Emmetsburg Friday . evening. . t ., Shackelford Improves ., The condition of Virgil Shack'*' elford, 46, Algona, tpucK driv§V for Western Buyers, who suffered, * v multiple injuries when ihf 'powerI steering on the truck 'fit waj'. , driving went out Jan, 26 ftt Jean^ _, ; ette, Pa., is reportedly .improvin' according to hjs wife' an ily here, He is in tractio Pittsburgh hospital, ^HJs .who visited, him ,fi mishap, plans to |o, New Burt Business 1 ' A > i: 4 new auto- m opened Arkansas, which eggs bavf been ftvi»v«

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