The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 5, 1959 · Page 24
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 24

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1959
Page 24
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(Id.) Upper DM Maine* Thursday, Fftb. 5, 1959 Brown ran a bus and dray line. nr III f ii Tidbits by Evelyn never had a yearning io 90 to'Alaska but Mr and Mrs C. M. Humphrey say it is very nice up there. Perhaps more so for the younger generation for. it is ;& bustling community, this Ketchikan where they visited their son and daughter-in-law, Mr and Mrs Madison Humphrey, They made the trip both ways via plane from Minneapolis. It is an incredibly quick trip and accotn- odations are fine. • !•'.• * » * Marcia Anderson hes come through the first, stages of a nursing career with flying colors and will be capped February 13. She is a student nurse at Iowa Methodist hospital, Dt:s Moines. am! h.i-- also had classes at Drake. Her parenL< Mr and Mrs Everell Anderson, plan to attend the cere- njony. : * » » 1 had scarcely reported Dennis Orion was going to manage a farm when 1 was told he has accepted a position with a local firm. * * * Mr and Mrs Kenneth Parrish have returned from Rochester, Minn. Mrs Parrish went through the clinic. .Mr Parrish had major surgery and is now on tbe road to recovery. ^ 4 *A recent letter from my cousin . Melvin Henderson of Upland, Cal., had a newspaper clipping enclosed which stated the yeai 1958 is the warmest since the U.S. Weather Bureau was established on July 1, 1877. Highest temperature of 1958 was 104, Oct. 10. Well, it's nice to; read about back here where it's been pretty chilly. *...:*•. » Before the big g^ame New Yearo day at Pasadena, Melvin had written he was torn between-the two ' teams, his Jieart is in Iowa, he said, but his ,Alma Mater was involved. The Alma Mater must have won Out uppermost, for in this last letter, of the game he says -s- "California did not,play Iowa, but a team composed of all-Americans from the! en tiro U.S.A. When .they read the list of players and -where • they aro from, the Iowa team, outside of Duncan, was all from the eastern part of the country. On the other hand, every man on the California squad was from California." Well, California is made up of lowans, and who knows, maybe the California players are offspring of lowans. California is so smug (no, I don't mean SMOG —;tho'' they have plenty of that), they have the., weather, Ihe scenery, the movies, 'the oil —• but (Editor's note — Six other lowans. Bill Lapham, Don Norton, Hugh Drake, Bob Prescott, Jeff Lahgslon and Gary Gfouwinkel, were quite effective, also.) * « * Residents around Wesley will e interested in this letter whittli t received from Susan Pfiffner. St. Vincent Home, Seattle, Wash. thank goodness, TEAM. t don't 'know her but she says, "1 lived in Wesley 40 years — came out here in 1952 because 1 nave two sisters here. I have seen you on the streets of Algona in your wheel chair." She memion- ed a Pearl E. Klinck who is retiring after 20 years with the telephone company in Seattle. Her father had the first telephone office in Wesley in 1904. When he was 11 years old she used to relieve her mother at the switch'- board. Her parents are now deceased. Miss Pfiffner knows Mrs Mary Otis who is here at Good Samaritan. • * * Margaret Bushnell Hofmnsler called on rne the day I got your letter, and since she is quite well acquainted with persons living in Wesley and Corwith, I spoke of you, She remembers you and told me you are a niece of Mrs Gray, now deceased. ..,.''•• * * i * • !' I Was interested in seeing a picture Of Mrs DaVid S. Kruldener of DCS Moines in the paper recently. She and a friend are going on a Mediterranean cruise. Mrs K. is the former Florence Cbwles, a younger sister of "Bertha Cowles Quartort. • :* . * Mrs Oliver Roupa has . been added, to-our G. S. family. She came • Tuesday. Mr Roupe has been here for some .time. W,e also have another couple, Mr and'Mrs Julius* Knopfj who have - been here lor some'time. George" Helmke has had surgery at the ; University hospital, Iowa City, 1 haven't heard when he will ibe back here. * "* • A real test of maturity is the ability 'to remain equally unruffled, when the elevator boy calls yoti "Pop" and the senior partner calls you "Son". And along with this old age stuff, here's a cute one," A man is as young as he feels after trying to prove it." ' ' .*' * ' * •" •."--•'.• Since writing last week's column, I. have rented my apartment — -furnished. '.'«** : Middle aged Algonans will re member the George Brown ,fam- lowa has the ily, the daughters, Mabel, Grace and Nellie, and'son, Harry, Mr family moved from here about 1612 of 14. CJtftce remained behind for sh^ had married Clfrrefice Belnap and to them were "born Dick and Betty. Now comes further word from them. Mr Brown has been deceased for some lime. Mrs Brown observed her ninty-seventh birthday Christmas and lives in Chicago with her daughter Nell and husband. Mabel, a Widow of many years also lives in Chicago. Nell and her husband are going south for a few months ahd Grace, widowed a second time has come from Riverside, Calif., and will stay with her mother while Nell is gone. Dick Belnap is in the pentagon in Washington, D. C. and Betty lives in New York. * * , *'• Another "old time?" who will be well-remembered is Mildred Carter, who for many yenrs made her home with the William.K. Ferguson^. Mrs Fergusons had a letter from her recently after quite a few years of silence. She is Mrs Max McChesney and lives in Berkeley, Calif. * * * '• -•• Mary Zaugg came back to work Sunday after a few weeks vacation ;of sorts. She suffered cracked ribs in a fall against the foot of her bed when she slum- bled over a rug. Elitabeih fiat* of G.B. had callers recently ^ Me and Mrs 2HMHP Baas and Mr and Mrs R. J. W eh«r. Anna Morey was Visi Sunday by Irving Morey, Well Bend. . * i * * *. . : „' 1 was glad id know ii was ofilf cold weather and a frozen which nn which kept me from getting Ames and Lawrence Welk. For* tunately the T.V. in the recetftfoi? room was not so affected.- " t learned there were many mord in my predicament. • » 4 • Henceforth ihe P.W.O. stood for'Presbyterian Organisation will be known __ the U.P.W, United Presbyterian; Women. For some time the. Methodist women have beeii W.S.C.S., Women's Society ft^ Christian Service. The PjJ.O; remains a secret except to the sisterhood members. The Iat8 Ben Reed, Who was quite humorist, fts'ed to say At meant People Eat Onions. Whit*an'msf* dignified .title for sudh organize* lion. '• • r: , * * * . The Max Meslngs are off on a two week vacation. They will visit thfe Mesings* sons-in-law anff .daughters, Mr and Mrs Jay Soppeland at Fullerton and Mr and Mrs Bob Ellis at Catalirta Island. Max plans to stay out there a couple of'months, 1 . Coupon from pag* 1 o' this pap«r redeemabl here On Any Surchas Friday and Saturday, Sweaters 50 PATTERNS * * ^ , ' j VALUES UP TO $1.25 SINGLE ROLL SINGLE ROLLS FOR.. 2 DAVIS PAINT ASSOCIATE STORE 2 Biq Tables Of Your Favorites, including tardigans, slip-overs, short sleeves. Mostly • - all-wools, a few orlort blends.. Regularly •' Priced at $3.98 to 8J8. » • " ' ' ^'A * " " $2oo & ',,^^^B ^_ , , ,^^^^^tm. Silks, Cottons, Rayons, in sizes 7 through 15. Don't Miss > These A Once In a Life-time opportunity I \ , v 2 For *5J 11 OR » . . $2.98 EACH AT * *<i * t ft INCLUDING STRAPLESS STYLES A Famous Brand Nam» We Cannot Mention Al This.Reduced Price. A Pine Selection In Sizes '., Bring In ,Yout UOWt Coupon front ihe. , front Page. 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