The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 5, 1959 · Page 21
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 21

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1959
Page 21
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? *'.}"* «* wfjts §fcotil.6l8A& ani complete fof the "annual Brttani* Cookie Sale,. tc^ -bfe held the- week r of M , thi'5Ugh 1 l2,Vwitiu.l60 Vi l I * i ' ertck, Mrs A!B« BjJlkitkv MM Ma* Jlrich, MfS Don Sjoftr^n, Mta M ».» J,*5i JT.S-XJ, j ' * * fi» ' ._ -Courses for have feeth completed. Mfg Heleft the BrlBWnle aftd bfrl SctsUl tead- i Al'goM include, Mrs (Man MfS Kfehneth Medih, Mrs uoan J3ct*tt, Mrs D. K. Chiduet, Mrt-felth Rowley,. Mrs <tim Mild* et, Mrs 1 Al Agena, Mrs Dick Post f Mrs' Mitch Taylor, Mrs Earl Miller,* Sfy& v Leo Gardner, Mrs Dick CoWstti MI'S Warren Nelson. Mrs -Max Bartholomew, Mrs Gleft Challyj 'Mrs Walter. B0eck* holt, Mrs R. CV Potter, Mrs He$ , ward StepherSspft, 1 ,' Mrs "EUgene * SchattschneideiV'Mrf Melvih Bay 'Mrs QenyAbboffij' Mrs Don Fred i «ubet, Mrs Oean ParrotL Mrs Hobe« Deal, Mrs Charles Hinkert, Mrs Gene Zofider, Mrs Jaitifts Sanilthgtoftr Mrs tiaie IteerSty Mrs LeRoy Lte, Mrs Elead Wag' " ' " Mrs sleito ffien tiOtlg and * Plans Are .Also the boar*! fo? a >** ig rtiadc CftHm ndfittarl Uttfe? l •W. ' * s !-'• . ,„ :•',** i - • . Lfeettsfei 402 three 66'upl of-ftt , 4fete issued 16 Atea - " . .. roll Gene B&efflerWebKef -City ahd Kathi^n: E, Botkes, LuVerne, fong, Liyermore,. Ja'n« ,20»,. IF IT'S NEWS, WET ,WANT IT New —Most Powerful Bow Crop Tractor fl Built Newest in its class and already the most spectacular performer of all! In official, nationally recognized tests f this new. Oliver 880 broke drawbar-pull records to^be- : come the most powerful Yow crop tractor, tiuilt today in -; both fuel types—gasoline and diesel.' ' ! So, no matter which you pick, you get a champion— 56.29 and 54.97 drawbar horsepower...7998 and 8118 pounds of drawbar pull. ... ' > That isn't all you get in the new 4-5.plow 880 .and its; . . "row'crop, companion, th'e 3-4,plg?v 770.. You.'have, JC v choice of new powter rieips to make farming faster, easier and more profitable. One is Power 7 Bboster Drive, which gives you almost one-third more pulr-for tough spots and 12 forward speeds. Another is-Power-Traction 'Hitch,,which transfers more weight to the rear wheels. Still others include Powerjuster wheels and full-time power steering. See the many extra advantages. See for yourself how much more you get in a new Oliver. IMPLEMENT ALGONA ,^^^ ^ -^^^^^^nip^r *m^^ ~ ™^. ^SPEAKING: *^ We Know What it Does But Not What It Is ... Electricity is a "fyndamental quality of nature" , . says our dictionary.' It's something we use every day for a^myriad of purposes, but even the most learned scientists and physicists can't tell us exactly what it Is, Hqrnfssing this mysterious "fundamental quality of no- tyre" is a 24-hour job with us,-for e|setri«ity works day and night to serve your need for light and power. We may not know wHot It is, but we kndw what it does! Algona Municipal Utilities Phone CY 4-2333 . A PEW Wfifift:¥ BACK 1 WAS both pleased and flattered , to receive an mviiafffln i& Mft & alale poet» society, This was pr ted tty one of my ' i GJ»litti'ktti tolufnhs. If , It hadfiH been fbt entrance fee I*wo\Ad:%iave afictpted the invitatiotv although I do confess that I caithot write poetry. However, 1 do admire it -greatly , „ ^ „*»* ^ # ^ * t lf ,_.,,, t'GASt Write a poem la 'to get real dishonest «Wbti!t, ,1 H4W td take: on>-of" the familiar • works of the pWt. masters and tfake a jbat-iSety en' it. tfhis Week>I had'.the occasion to read, "The Childhood of Hiawatha 11 , by Henry Wadsworth, Long* fellow, I needed a column subject badly So I'nrdolng a take-bfi on it. If Mr Longfellow wants UTcomplain he'll just have to go ahead and do so. He didn't have to come"up'*wilh >a" new!idea eafch ,week like, I have to. Here's the ^'Childhood b^Jhe Llttle J( Sigf bees'*,, , , * ON fkE STREET OF OLtf South Iffillifitrtis,' ' i "'•»•'/"' > |h the-tdwriitRey call, Algona, Stood tMXvigwam, of the Sigsbees, 4 Family df'thfe Harlan Sigsbt^s, Dark .behlritf Ttj rose .the .back iehde.' Rosel the- fetey and 1 , picket bftckfenbe t -Rose the heap! of trffsh and Bright" before it .stood-the Eoritiaci felo^d \he bashed and battered' Pohttftdr ' ;,'•'';'.• • •' . , ,j i *, , •. * • f kfi HAfitttEb MAMMA, Esther, Wiih her,one and legal iais"ed thek tnree and bumbtioUs children, .Filled their evef-hungry tummibs, "V" ,;, . ' " • . Washed .their, tt^eUS and earfi and clothing, Stopr/bd their endless fights'b; •••' - ighfe'by sftVing'j'^ \\ ••".''*•;•:', . . '• - ; • ' ' 'HUch! Or ewe^e'llftiash your heads 4 in!" Lulled therh into slumber, jhoutingr • v ^-£'i H «,\\ 'Ewa-year!J. W^':m t »?' ttn P nste ' rs! One more worcj within this wigwam, from Upstair* of thi* wjgwam; ' „- _, beating 'Ewa^yeal-NttW fee^o slee^i" /'p' ,TIjfeSf .THE TlfREE AND LITTLE Sigsbees, Learned of dogs and eats attd f 'fisJi»V.,. ••>""• " *' - 1 ',' " •' ' ' • • : '- ; "--••'' wigwam,-Pampered them and made them . them," "Wiener, Black and- Squish. Of , the beasts .they (learned the- language, Mamma learned they're lots 'of work, . .' , • • : •••.,, How .the puppies .chewed up. slippers, Where the kitten scratched the cha'irsf i, ",," ,' ' / '- • "' '< ; ., • ••:-••;•'••••..••.,.• Why the spayed dog" couldi ha Vff; puppies, how the kittens turned to cats, " ; ' '-: '•' ;" C,'-' y •„ • Fed them .whferi.none else Would 'feed them, Wiped the spottings from the,rUgs. ',, l'{ "'• . •• ,',v r V.' ' ^ • ** -,-, i •,-• f ' * it*-' : *- * i • • • \ THEN pNE'DAY 'FROM out the wigwam, Walked the kids each,'in;'his\tUrn; ''.';' r Forth l^to the halls of learning; 'FsOrti;' into the.wbrld of knowledge, Forth Into the land of ..books. . - . Quiet, then'; becaiper the wigwam, Mamma took to typing words, Changed .her 7^1116^0'" Grace ~from Esther, Sent the words up to the papfer, <<'-" - ' ' - V < •-'.'• , ' • To the' u; D. ,M. newspaper, Finest Iowa newspaper, Started writing of the kids. •''" ' V" ' -' } " - ' ' "What shall be the -'subject this week? Quiet now, I'm trying to think,*:' • -..' •,;.-, Big Chief Papa starts complaining. "Whey'rfe these dishes in the ' ' ' " . .S,bu£w, * ,'AT^QUR DOOR.ONE SUMMER EVENING. Not sd'many'moons WayfWilt sit th^ Big Chief and* his,.. .., , U the doorway of "our wlg\vam, Of our wigwam -oiff 1 this street. iVigwam sees no night's returning, Of the kids then home from schqbl, "•apooses have, grown and prospered, Into world's all of their own, .'orth into the World they'll venture, Into wigwams of'their own. Wigwam then.will seem so empty, Quiet then, and maybe, neat, "quaw and Big Chief will remember, Moons when each papoose was young, ' " low the Maiden's • tried to pin curls ;How the Brave learned how o hunt, '• inhere: the,arrows,..scarred our walls up, How we laughed and had sudh fun.' > •' ''•,-. 'Ewa-yea! Where did the" time go? How the years have slipped and spe'd!" ' . " ' , * *• • * BIG GHIEF. HE IS short on wampum, Squaw, she's dumb and ;ouched in head, 3ut they both, be'smart and wealthy, Long as papoose shares ;heir.beds,. Moons with kids'bring tears .and heartache, Moons bring troubles not foreseen, But love is. here within this wigwam, Sloppy, battered, though it be. Moons will come when Pa, the Big Chief, says to me the Poor Old Squaw, , "Those were all by far the best moons, "Ewa-yeah! They-should be back!" THIS WEEK WE HAVE ONE of our family in the hospital. Those • lumps• on Weiner,' the dog's, tummy, have been getting bigger. She's up at the-vet's-now awaiting surgery. Weinie is old for a dog— in fact the vet told'us that her age is comparable to 70 in a person, so we don't know how sucessful the operation will be. I've never liked dogs very well, or any other animal for that matter, but you do get attached to them when you nave them in your home. So I'm a little surprised at how much I miss Wienie already. , , * . * * WHEN I WENT OUT TQ BRING IN,the paper tho other morning there 'was an envelope in the mailbov addressed to "Grace's Wold." It was a message from Mrs Kate Annis via her daughter, Noodle -Cookies, Beth says, "It was fun to let people guess what ing real peppy lately. She always reads your column, which she enjoys so much." . SHE ALSO" ENCLOSED THIS week's recipe. It's for Mrs Annis' Doodle Cookies. Beth says, "It was fun to let people gues what he crisp part was, but'now many know." • 2. small packages o£ butterscotch chips ' 1 large package chocolate chips 1 .1% cans Chinese noodles Melt butterscotch and chocolate chips over hot water in double oiler, stirring to mix well. Stir in noodles and drop by teaspoonsfUl nto waxed'paper] Let set until candy has hardened. You can add oconut or nuts or both to this mixture, if you like, but it is good vithpUt. ; Mr6 Pompe, the-Annis* housekeeper has used carmel'in. his but they like butterscotch better. —GRACE, City Seeking New Engineer City offiolalsT ''began a seaj-ch or a new city engineer this week after it'was announced that Chel Schui,t& ,who hag been, engineer icre.for almost two .years, woulf? ender, his resignation sometime this'.spring, • •'. ' 'According to^ City;.'Clerk Dave Smith, there • have been nb (jajididptes .for' the ; post seleqted yet.', ', Schulte has accepted a position with' the. Hubbell Realty Co. .al Pes Moinee and .expects" ,lo begin V- duties with that firm ^ w » «Mne, |;. .Ife wil} supervise tainfenanije'bf:real estate owned JW.i 1 -, Ev--came' -to jMarch 1^4957, ftr w £ - , , the .city Council t<? replace Lew sj^rye^aB Irvington Ideals ' ' AM JT" ' 7 y I YOUR ICe COUPONS from tits Front Page Of Thli Pap*t At* Redeemable Her* Oft Any Purchsi* FRIDAY & SATURDAY Ironing Board Pad & Cover Set vire. Ellen Siemer gave a dem- nstration. There was one guest, Vtrs Arndorfer, The February meeting will be held at the home of Karen Seller. .Mr and Mrs Donald Frankl of Minneapolis spent Saturday p.m. and Sunday with relatives here. They were Sunday dinner guests at -the Donald 'Borman home. Ponald 'was sponsor for his ne- jhew Paul Donald Borman, baptized Sunday at St. .Benedict Church by Father.Conway. Mr and Mrs . Chris Gales received word Saturday of the death of their sister-in-law, Mrs Matt Gales at' Loretto, Minn. She suffered a stroke on Friday, - Alaskan Stewardess . SI, J99 «r. Marilyn Ferry of Waterloo; formerly of Humbol4t, ppent the w§efeend here 'with Shirley Wagner. Miss Ferry is, on fourlough for 45 days from Anchorage, Alaska, where she is ' * Silicons treated cover, <h 1| durafoam pod, elas- *P I flc straps for smooth M fit, "* Toddlers Hats & Caps Styles for the little A *i boys and girls. Re- <p 1 {stewardess J&es. on tfcie Alaskan Air- ine [ V -. a *t *" "" f ^4 *" T>s ~~^f ~ "«~ c "" "'"~' : "S' " „ __ub. A talk was given b; . Judy Froehlich, and Betty Wick-Pe» Muines Pub. Co., Algon^. PQOKS, register tickets, register carbons, adder an? t duced for $ Days. Men's Sweat Shirts Heavy cotton fleeced. First quality. Sizes, small, medium, large. Famous Brand I Brassieres A special $ days purchase, Sizes 32 to 38. A & b cups. j,. f& Hurryl $ V Women's Rayon Non run Rayon. In Brief style. $ Days Special. Men's Wash & Wear Dress Pants Rayon-Orion trousers. Medium grey • Charcoal. Sizes 30 to 38. Girls' Sanforizea 1 Cotton Slips ,ds, y ,e, $ | 2 for ••• Boys' Denim Jeans 10 , oz. weights in plain 'blue or stripes. Sizes 6 to. 12. Hurryl Men's Chambray Work Shirts Full cut and Sanfor- ized for a lasting fit. Sizes 15 to 17. < NOT 1 BUT 2 PAIRS! FULL-CUT PRISCILLAS 2 pairs for v You can curtain every room in your house, for half the $ price you'd expect to payl Sheer ivory Dacron, wide va- 100 inch va i ance lance, full ruffles. (each panel full 38 inches) 81, 90 inch lengths. Women's Cute trimmed Full Sized 4 Pre-Cut Skirt Lengths Cotton Anklets K p r<: Nylon reinforced 3 rrs ' heel and top. Hea- a, «fl vy weights. Sizes Jp • Women's Winter Coats 27 Coats reduc- «P I / ed for $Dqys. J, £ Women's Winter Jackets 9 to 11. Dacron Filled To make tonight wear A •! tomorrow A $ Day «p i p;urchase. 72X90 Size Rayon Orion Blankets Non-Allergenic mat^ A 'resistant colorful <p prints. 12 Jackets Reduced for $ Days. 6 Women's Winter Hats Entire stock Reduced > for $ Days. . • Women's Winter Jackets 7 Jackets Reduced for $ Days. Cannon Girls 7 Winter Jackets 1Q Jackets Reduced for $ Days. Bonnie Plaids, Rever- A P^ sibles, Jacquards, Ny- Jp w^ V Ion Bindings. Unhemmed Flour Squares Big Size Everyone perfect, Hurryl Wash Cloths Dry fast qual- V* ' or ity. Assorted col- , • ors. Medium's weights. Extra Large Cannon Towels Girls' Winter Coats Girls' Winter Jackets 7 Jackets Reduced ,«p, for $ Days. Men's Winter Entire Stock Reduced for $ Days. , Jackets 24 Jacket? Re- ;$ duced for ''$; . Days. First Quality Double Looped terry pink only. 2for Men's f i f L* i Sport Shirts Easy to care for cottons. Long sleeves. Reduced for $ Days. ^ j I Boys' Winter Jackets 14 Jackets Reduced for $ Days. 5 Boys' Flannel Shirts Men's Flannel Shirts Boys' Winter Jackets 12 Jackets Reduced $ for $ Days, ^ Boys 1 Winter ' Entire Stock Reduced 4 for $ Days, Hurry I *P 1 Erttire Stock Re- cluced for $ 2 for J T!""* 0UC«I poyt .: $ 3 f - \ 9 P E N N E Y' S D P U A R P A IS IX T1,A1 *.' NYLON HOSE - Full Fashioned Park leams - 60 Gauge - 15 Denier - $ DAYS SHOP PENNEY'S, YOU'LL LIVE 'BIJTTIR, YOU'LL Pairs :' for

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