The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 5, 1959 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1959
Page 18
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3-Alflono (ki.) Uf>p*r DM Motnw Thurtday, Feb. 5, 1959 tf.^JSj^^- -':VA T ;... V |!£ v^.^.fahj.ju*..-'- ...^^-.-.-^A.-.. /;.-..-.-~-....... -~» —* * < • GIN6TICS VERSUS CUPID THE NEW ATTACK Henry/Wallace, native lowcm now living in We note With Interest that Republican the east, proposes that health and hereditary leaders, meeting in Washington ieveral weeks records of everyone be kept/to help young ogo, are working on d ^'news.ti'at^y' designed people choose marriage partners so as to Im- '- -'- •""'• — "' ' u ~ —^ tk ** ***•"• *" p.rove posterity. , We recall a few sociology courses of a number of years back which more of less proposed this same thing. At least they pointed out the dangers of mating between those with hereditary defects of one kind or another. Mr Wallace's idea • has much merit, the planning and breeding of a "super face." Seems tous thbt a fellow over in Europe had something similar to this idea some years back. It didn't work out, however. • Young people, it seems, sort of look around in their early years until boy meets girl, something "pings" inside each of them, they get dreamy-eyed, they seem to want to be alone *and so-far, as,we,ever knew none of them at this stage bother to ask for a book of genetics op inquire as \to what insanity or criminal tendencies there may have been in the family background of the other. Genetics make good sense; but Cupid is stijl the fellow running the show. *' * * * MAIL BY ROCKET? • The newest gleam in the eye of Postmaster General Summerfield is sending mail by rocket, to win back some of the support that seems to have been lost in?recent years, v .=•; Plans for this come-back effort include the preparation of a " new 'image of the Democratic party which they iniend to sell, or try to sell, to the people. The effort will be made to pin the label on the Democrats of being "the party-of big* labor," The thinking evidently Is that in view of recent disclosures as to the activities of fellows like Hoffa and his Teamsters Union, to pin this label on the Democrats will have an adverse effect. . . . , Nobody has bothered to mention that Hoffa himself,is a registered Republican,, and that hi Te.amsters Union, has donated to both politico parties, depending on what it .was after at the moment. . ' Well,, all of us are members, of labor "In one sense or another) We'don't have to belong to a union to be a wprklng' man, and the boss who sits in a swivel chair is just as much a working man (assuming ,he is working) as a fellow in overalls. ••' ' > instead of trying to think up some way. to attack the opposite ppr,t£'or to smear It, we think the Republicans would be much farther ahead if. they would Ispend a little time trying to develop a better, program, to offer the public, STRICTLY BUSINESS f t rvi ',f' t f->''^2f'*^.t'i f T e r +* *' V. ", , * -' r, «* i; fEB. 9;^1939 An outbreak of ping was men _ oble«itip. police- rdutine i§ fanciet wele UJI0 TYWU4U; StWfcJV •»» Wt.*W *^w*»« • WA-MWVAW- *-*VCIItUCliij' 1 ) ~ - ^ ( ,^4'toask whelithatctite,little agreed that; by out-bidding each, jtfrl-with the long 6ufIs would Ba othef, they 6nly increased then? jack,- OM' the $ciMn,;'agaifi, He own production tosts.; . . , Jromptfy MrWdVthf ;young lady , it became tihethicil tbstfeai< from' Biograph, doubling her art-other lot's stars. by offering "*ir.<vfYwii* « . . $8$n an Mar Pickford was loved by 'fans second mecUum. f%¥' p ,, , .,», ^.^.^ ^**, <'It'$ my tot card!" - ,* says a news release. Mr Summerfield is not and a more sincere one. By so doing they are indicating,this will start next week, but he sees _qptto,win" back far more votes thari will,be the it, as a definite possibility. . case in'trying to pin a ''big labor" label oh the • We also read in another item where. Mr Democrats. - , • < ' ' ' ' ' ' Summerfield is coming' under some criticism because It seems that since he took office as Ppsjmaster "General he has expended over two million dollars of postoffice funds for publicity and public relations experts. Probably one of them came up with the rocket idea. 1 And of course it may come to pass. .When it'd.oes, however, the boys in the dispatching de- partrnent will certainly have to be on their toes. Ai v/"?ng toss of a letter going to Chicago and it may wind up in South Africa. Oh yes, Mr Summerfield also says that "if Congress provides sufficient funds the mail- carrying rockets will be painted red, \vhite and - ' ' highlights *> eTVaftoft's Capital by Ray w'ould be 'a'candidate' for thfe Algona city council. Bdhannon filed , , • • - . , . , ., . for a cduncilmah-at-14fge position 'Dear Editor: , It is sometimes suggested that ahd intended to run a'gafnst'the . AtBrookings, South Dakota, .on the farmers-should effect such a> . •••"-'"- - '- - - - ~ his output as , up to a fair' ere possible, •„ . , . , A . pledged to the sustaining of "90% which it is.not,-occasional devast-'' Smalrpb*-continued to be a parity, pricey'support and it is -ing drouths would, (as in 1934 & threat to several area % commun<. pledged evenSriore''than' that to 1936) cause at times national cat- , ities.'The entire'Harold Smith helping the farmer, obtain his full, astrophies. For that reason, na- ! ' parity,- 100% • parity with the tional well being would-never guarantee in the price supports permit farmers to plade .tne J!oqd of 90%." , " " i." '•'"" "" /consumers in such jeopardy. But when', it "became "evident'' In'answering Eisenhower about that Mr Benson's goal was to the farmers' surviving in a free make a shambles of the farm pro- market, if he can, I cannot do grams and a number of Repub- better than to quote Dr. Frank "-•- congressmen realized that j t Welch, Dean of Agriculture of „ to county there wasn't\"a town in. this entire .vicinity without a' least one case reported. BUREAUCR ATIC QUICK about to move into a gleaming, SAND — Try as he may, Secre- new $23 million office building. A roof fire at ihe home of Mrs _ -. , 'tauv'of Agriculture Benson seems It has everything, even two wash- c. Parsons ort South Dodge Street Mr Benson s ' evil goals spelled the University of Kentucky: — 'tn f?Pt rieener and deener into rooms in every office — one for in Algona. was controlled by le- defeat for them m the election— "A free agriculture "•»« « .11) gel, uucp«.l c»iiu WI.CH<~I. Jiii.« „'._... _.r.i *.»„ ji,_ -Unl., i f.^^.^^. U'«*««« •»-..,„!, ,!„„,„,<„ tticnr Jiaaaof.1i o/l "Pi-noif-lnnt TT.ico , ble > When he ioined the the Senator and one for the help, cal firemen before 'much damage they beseeched President Eisen- prosper in an ec nttowercabfnct six years' ago On the other side of the Hill & $90 resulted early Wednesday morn- -hower to replace Benson. Eison- strong corporate qBia he' was Koine to ''get the ; milliort office building, is going up ing. A burned ouf chimney was hower rebuked those Republican 'prices, and unio Dtliu lie YVHSJ 5u»ii & nua*... ' "-- - can not'* economy in which • > ' •~ t * ' -*• , Eisenttower '•HP uc ST,ATE HAS ENOUGH INCOME r \ .Grundy Register — The State of Iowa seems t<? have money enough to pay its bill even though our 1 sales tax -and our. income tax were reduced through a'veto pf a bill passed by the last legislature. The .prediction was made by the supporters of the legislature's bill that with the reduced sales and - income tax the state wouldn't have monkey enough to pay its obligations through the' year. • With our reduced sales tax, total receipts from sales lax sources for the year were $63,378,000. By adding one 'cent to the sales tax, Iowa people would pay $31 million more tax. That additional tax burden would be placed on Iowa people if Dr. Murray had been elected governor and he had been able to go through with his 3-cent sales tax proposal. If Governor Loveless had not vetoed the tax bill"for which he was bitterly criticised; Ic?wa people wo, paying $16 million dollars more in taxes during the year. The sales tax provides more than one-half of the total of the twelve major special Iowa taxes. ' The total sales tax'revenue for the past year was only $8% million below the revenue from the same source hi 1957 when .the tax was 2Vfe%. The la.rgpr sale volume for the year helped to substantially reduce by one-half the decrease in the sales tax. The increase in total revenue from other, special taxes more than makes up the decrease in total sales tax receipts. This r,esult bears out the promises'made by those who were supporting the 2 cent sales tax. SOMETHING FOR NOTHING , ( GrinneU:.Hexald-RegiBter: — What are we teaching our,kids? ' [ \ '',•'>'' Recently, we noted a statement by one of the leading cereal manufacturers to the effect that the cereal was only as good as the latest premium. The concentration ori the premium puzzles usl We are taking the young minds and dangling a "something for nothing" lUre before them to get them interested in this cereal or that cereal. If the lure were based ipurely on the merits 6f the cereal', 1 ' we could not complain. However^ the lure ' is some toy or gadget Which has absolutely nothing to do with-the food values contained in feese cereals. It will be for the blaze. * * . * ' Congressmen , in -these words;^ wages persist, with monopolistic '•"Benson was a 'man of courage power, and public benefits of Evidently trying to imitate old and honesty,'and that those who manyi' kinds available to non- Government out of agriculture, for House In 1953 Uncle Sam spent about $1 equally plush. hlllinn for mice suDDOrts and the •_— o— • - Evidently trying lo imitate old ana nonesiy, ana tnau inose wno manyi' kipds 'dilposaManU storage of surplus POPULARITY CONTEST - tiirie performances by Jesse James ; were advocating his ouster were fa rm groups." 'farm commodities/ Today it is No matter what .the voters will and company, six, local boys got .badly mistaken.' 1 He said,, the - p f John K Qalbraith ' o£ Sting C around $3 billion. . think in 1960, members ^.Con- ^ 2 %^ ^^^^^^,^ ^ What were they shooting at? CELEBRATIONS IN ORDER- like for the Presidency 'Amcrican big business is celebrat- Vice Presidency. In a recent poll ing a new freedom day in July Democratic Congressmen give a along with the traditional Fourth, substantial nod to Sen. Stuart .This • one falls, on July 8. Big' Symington of Missouri for the No. train u target — ''large one too. Railroad 'detectives, called in on business explains it in this way:,' lispot and put' all their Inc'ome between Jan. ;!,, nedy ,of Massachusetts at the top and July '8'is usedlx> pay Federal of the heap for the Vice Presi- 'taxcs. On July 8 they start work-, dency. On the Republican side John Ken- ^ Vtfoo^telkiittfthSr oMent? '' what Candidate Eisenhower stood had a good talk with their parents. for m 19g2 and whflt he standg ers wereiiree irom ^overnmem £ree market thc co rporatiqn and regulations and, operated under „',,:„„ fptaif, Mheir' nnwer' over a free market forces like tho um °n Sd^uSSt. fie forme" rest of ihe economy.' - g oes - not ^£ ig gauce for the Now on the farm program there corporation is sourdough for the J ~ a world of difference between farmer." 1 When Republican Clifford Hope, of Kansas, was chairman ' for now. In -the end it's the dif- ing fpr the stockholders. —o— RECORD. BREAKER — . On'^ the choice is five to one for Rich- period of relatively . mild winter -ard.Nixon over New York Gov. we ^ t her Wednesday night;"The ••-•'----' to seven degrees' ( climed -to 35 • » . *•<«•» > v • * e ena u s tne cm- of the Agriculture Comm. of the in prosperity and House, he said: "1. Abundant larnirlBmilleS.-1KG nrnTlilntinn* "f 4nr\r>a nriVl ' -CiVinva Rockefeller for a crack at of the ne^^Con'gVos.s^he^Whjte'Hc^e.^Jor the Vice •over 2,000 buls 'a new record.-. tenth will ever Pre- With l , . production' of foods' and "fibers on nis mu gt k e continued, ahd 2, In campaign, promises. . d ^ ; th t farmers > tod ! t heir the 1 * giant . corporation tfamilies will not be penalized for And so,. our youngsters are learning at a very early age thatv 'there-is '"something -fpr mothLpg," and their sense of values is being juggled- with by the Madison -Avenu^pr.pmojierf, .,,£., „_ ,, Try -as we may,' we cannot recall any great concentration of breakfast cereal premiums when we were ypung. Of course, that has been so many years ago that perhaps our'mem'ory has failed us. The one major thing we do s recall was that if you ate-Wlieaties you could hit home runs, or run for touchdowns, or jump higher -than friends in a track meet. The lure ;was in the supposed energy value of the "food'.or food products and not something completely apart from the food. Just the pth'er day we brought home a new cereal and" 'the youngsters looked at the back of the box, wmeh. has now assumed a more important position, and they became quite enthusiastic over the cer.eal. They -hadn't even tasted it ye};, but the premium made it a complete success. We have had other cases where the premium has been successful and the cereal a failure. In these cases"it is up to the older folks, to eat the cereal, and we don't like that much cereal. .The whole point, if there is to be a point, is .the last Corig fixed by others in the free mar- 000 bills ere dropped in ••- r -- * owned by Mr and_Mrs McLaugh-. buys at the time of the opening.' * * • f Lcdyard high school's class B • - - • • • basketball i, the class -15, in a play-off •' the two in the high sch-' li'BE THRIFTY iisn't easy'to'balance the budget ISoviet Premier as everyone knows. Congress has -brash and outspoken " Russian now been 'challenged to do' its ' sc'ored propaganda victories for share or pay the consequences, the Soviets every place -he ap- A bill just introduced lays it. on peared in 'the U.S." This was not the line. If Congress appropriates anticipated. The* very thing more money than the Treasury which we have tried tf to prevent u(;uvvccii ujc uvvu ui fciiB ^ u . expects to collect in revenues it by not agreeing to an Eisen- ool gym at Algona. Seneca down- will have to stay in session until hower - Khrushchev summit e( j L u verne, 32-28, to take the it'raises enough taxes to bring meeting has been.achieved by let- gi r i s title in-the opener, spending in Mine with income, ting Mikoyan come here on a • *' * * A Titonka man, Larmond Inter-, became a father last week ..but due to complications he tion, it's just possible they'll think The Reds just wouldn't let him. hadn't been able to see his new child. He was quarantined for It's small pox. ' turiate that we now have,in Mr the Senate Agr.. , ; Mr. Copley, •,(?!)'*:« , gr.'.Comm. both --wise -. , . , .. . .. „ arid able men who wholehearted• And sincei overproduction of 1% ly subscribe - 'to'this'policy en- , """ »™«&r Pr £ e ?^nA n «S un "ated by their distinguished' prosperity is im P 6ssiblo pre decessor Mr Hppe. protection * •• G. W. Patterson Since no Congressman likes to raise taxes, and he doesn't like visit. It is unlikely that any American who should go to Rus- to stay in session without a vaca- sia in_return will do half as well, tion, it's just possible they'll think twice before being too generous with the taxpayer's money. THE BIG BOYS — Did you know there are seven Congress FORGOTTEN IN TIME.- a well known fact that sometimes your friends will help you Algona merchants were, holding the least. The Philippines are "0id Fashioned 'Bargain -Days" men so strong they can block feeling that way about the U.S. all week. The promotion was de- legislation even if it has the ap- .We've lavished aid on such coun- signed as a city-wide clean-up of proval of the other 428 members tries as Japan, Korea, Formosa,, winter stocks from store shelves, of the house They belong to India and others in that strife-, * * * the all-powerful Rules Commit- torn part of the world but have Among movies on iap during ,. „ tee. It has only 12 members and a been stingy with our one-time the week here were "Paris Honey- that we do not like this "something for nothing majority-of seven can block any Pacific possession. More than 12 moon" with Bmg Crosby, and, business"that seems to be pushed in all phases of bill. They decide what biUs go years have passed since the end Shirley Ross; "Son of Franken- today's life, and living. No one ever gets "some- to the floor for action. They can of World War II and we still stem featuring Boris Karloil thing for nothing" - and the sooner one learns kill a bill, amend it, rewrite it .haven't paid of^some war claims horror Jilms^ nothing new), there is no such thing as "something for nothing" PC*. 111 E.' Ciall "Street— Ph. CY 4-3535— Algona, Iowa >d diet sMDelt Clark at s«;P9J}d", class patter at ^he postoffice Iowa, un^er Act of psreps ot .ism , ',- Issued Thursday, in 1959 By THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. •' R. B. WALLER, Editor C. S, SRLANDER, Advertising Director JERRY METCALF, Advertising Manager ? 'DON SMITH, News Editor FERM^N, CHRJSTOFFERS, Plant Foreman — whether youngster or adult — the better off one will be. We aim this as a violent ^objection to the "something for nothing" thinking with regard td governmental services and say amen to the whole business, lest you begin; to wonder how we got from breakfast cereals to complaints about the government ~ we too,- are "wondering! , * * * NOW IT'S SMENCH Decorah Public Opinion —• Chicago has its fog, Los Angeles its smog, and now Iowa, its smench.;' - • If you hadn't noticed, it's that misty stench identified recently — by the governor's ''council on economic and social, trends — as stagnation. What the governor's .commission was trying to say was simply that Iowa has dropped dangerously near the end of the procession of states in Gable, Norma Shearer, Edward Arnold and Charles Coburn. completely, or just snelve it. filed by the Philippines, And, —o— mind you, these are claims which EXAM TIME — The Nation's apng ago our own postal clerks are mad over a neW^ War Damage Commission.^ system ' to 'test their knowledge * . —o— 611L.S. geography. Some -.years . -WHERE IT HURTS -— That back they were given one hour c o m m i s s i on,-President Eisen- td distribute 1,000 cards to as hower wants to set up to look rnany cities and towns.' They into inflation won't have to tell were allowed five errors for every 'Americans what they already 00 cards, Then the tests 1 wore Imow: the dollar isn't going very ut down. Using pnly 100 cards far these'days. In terms of what hey had 'to finish,.in eight .*a\. 4 ollar bought . in 1939 the r{inutes and get only five wrong, greenback today-is worth only Npw a new order makes it even .48 cents. Since the end of tho ougher. They can make only war alone the buying poweo of ;hree errors to get a passing the dollar has been slashed by 23 -' ...... mark. • 'cents. A married man with two Hollywood, 'Calif. — For years, - . —o— 'Idiildren who was -making $3,000 -actors have spoken of the "fat AN UNHAPPY REMINDER — 'a year in 1946 has to make $4,500 part" and a "role you can sink When the Social Security laws today to keep^his standard of liv- your teeth into,." These are strict- INSURANCE ALGONA INSURANCE' AGENCY . ' J. R. (Jim) KOLP . Surety Bonds — All Lines of Insurance ' 206 East State St. Phone, CY 4-3176 BLOSSOM INSURANCE AGENCY All Lines of Insurance Automobile - Furniture Loan N. Dodge Phone CY 4-2735 the neverending struggle for prepress. the true nonpartianshjp! * . . if EDITORIAL time for MB.BR AUDIT BUREAV QF ^ WITH BUDDY MASON BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE 5 N. Dodge St. Ph. CY 4-4443 Home - Automobile - Farm Polio Insurance ' CHARLES D. PAXSpN Dwelling, Auto, Liability, Life. General Phone CY 4-4512' • KOSSUTH MUTUAL ! INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,000 worth pf Insurance in force. A home company. Safe, secure. Phone CY 4-3756 Lola Scuffham- Sec'y went into effect in 1937 the Ing at the same level. Stakes" from the workingman's ly show business 'terms. HERBST INS. AGENCY For Auto, House, Household check started at $30 a year and •' GOLDEN AGE OF DEFENSE really "gets fat" with a single was to reach a maximum of $90 T—A quiet revolt is about to break outstanding performance that in 1949.. ' On Jan. 1 the maximum ''but at the Pentagon among Navy leads tp more, and better, assign- tax ro$e from $94.50 to $120. In 'Officers. It's not over rank ox- ments. As for "sinking your the next 10 years, even without prestige but over dress uniforms, |eeth into Once in a blue-moon, a player fViods, and Many Other' Form .n._ ti i_ .ft.ii* * AT.. _ _!_-. _.l«. "ni — _ /rt 7 A nnnn * Phone CY 4-3733' Ted S. Herbs! DOCTORS MELVIN G. BOURNE, M. D. Physician & Surgeon •118 N. Moore St; Office phone CY 4-2345 Resident phone CY 4-2277 J. N. KENEFICK. M. D. Physician & Surgeon 218 W. State Street Office phone CY 4-2353 Resident phone CY 4-2614 JOSEPH M. ROONEY Physician & Surgeon 114 N."Moore Office phone CY 4-2224 Resident phone CY 4-2232 JOHN M. SCkUTTER, M.D~ Physician & Surgeon 220 No. Dodge, Algona Office, phone CY^.4-4490 Resident phone CY 4-233S Chiropractor Dr. D. D. Arnold Chiropractor Over Penney's Office Phone — CY 4-3373 Hours: 9:00 -—5:00 • Open" Friday Night •Representatives, Inc. i«w«w yj»k .ty N. y, — Qhjcago S J,, HI, • 'Rock R^pids Reporter r— Gtamipaar is changing just likf,every thing else. We, are sorry that editorial "we" .is being replaced in many areas, by !'t". Because."'we-are-a-bit old fashioned abou some things. "We like to write our editorials like our Dad did — using the plural pronoun rather than the singular, Timt has been newspaper editor ial style as long as we can remember. • . • *. : • : v. .*, . : •'•*•'.'•'•'" FLOAT INFERIOR? ':",'' Emmetsburg Democrat V* We think Iowa's float in the parade was ,innadequate, inferior to 'many other, and no credit to this great state or the Big Ten.'We think further (is anyone listening?) another float and a good one'should have featured • Meredith- W.ilson and the- Music Man, who are as celebrated on Broadway as the Ha.wk- eyes'are in the sports world. Earl fl. Wasn't tfcis a natural for Mason City or wouldn't somebody ***:-. * * , " . ' , ; itom&^wfrmiiwJt'mtor"* outgo exceed your income, look out. ANDY CRAWFORD Iowa Farm .Mutual Ins, Co Navy officers wear the same blue * * * UNCLE SAM -THE BOSS MAN jackets, Junior officers are rnif- • If w£re not mj|*aHen, a gent —•' Someone' once said'tlie best fed. They don't wear as much named/,P.enTOji)jenfa learned to epverned people are the least .gold braid as the admirals but it enunciate ^clearly - through a governed. We wonder abput that, -will cost even an ensign $135 for mouthful of-pebbles, That's talk- Today, our-Federal government is the jacket and $9.50 for the fancy ing the hard way.' Furthermore, composed qf 13 departments, JO gpJ4 trimming on tlie sleeves/" havjng ropks-ip yp«r head'is no rommission's, 24 administrallbhs; ? " —- • : guarantee-that your "brown cow" 23 government corporations, 711 ' RECORP ' , , will have -round, pear-shapod pffices, 96. services, 96 bureaus,-, Curing its }7 years of opepi- $one&. And/-"staking.your, teeth (3,2,1 divisions, 45 boards and 471 '-tion, the Nym&n Ele^fric Coopem- 'into'' wy «>vipt,th«lt'ljfts kjcked miscellaneous bodies. If you have -five with headquarter? in Stanton" ^rou.nd.a dv\sty ^ta,^ m day IB a problem all yoy have to do is has a record of never a Ipst-tjme 3 better w.ay Jp meet .pmty figure out which one of these work accident, paring the same nurses than th,e lads who dish oi^t g,116 organizations of government -period no coppgrative vghicle h»s Jittle gold s't$tu>ttes : at Oscar? is set up to handle your com- ever b^en involved in an acci- time! '',.',. • '' plaint. 'dent. • All of which, brings us to one '" o— ' of ; °ur better character players, -PIQ gPiNDERi «. You hear •-. 8AW Walter Breniuu). In .one §nd " C, State' Farm Iris.. Co. 706 So. Phillips St. a PhoneCY -2341 DR. PATRICK 7, MU.LLIGJVN; DENTIST < U9 NorthJtosre, Bfitiit <: Phone QYpress ,4»S8709 s Ofnoe m Home Feder Office phone CY 4r434l- a lot fvpni Coni&fess about tho ,,: Henry Wineh pf HopKintgn wgs same breath, Mr Brennan in lL - need for cutting 4own on bsdly Uiiurgd' j»p«wiy yl»f» fow forms us th§|;h,t,8 role .in wr n01 JJ ~- But right in Iheir own.-right hand was cut by.a buzz saw Bros.' Wjftio-Bravo" is one ;$ th§se " infty. T at J?|i. J* % Office not so th he Senators arc lingers were saved. . . hen tells us about this character wa State Bank i- Dr. R. J. Thissen Chiropractor E.;state s St., Algona Phone CY 4-3621 OPTQMiTRISTS Drs, SAWYER and ERICSSON Eyes Examined • ' Contact Lenses/ Hearing Aid Glasses 9 East State Street - Algona, iQwa . Phone CYpress 4-2196 Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5;pO p.m. Closed Saturday Afternpons DR, C, 1 Optometrist Visual Analysis & Visual Training 1 08 F South Harian St. * QY 4-3743 • Farm Management Serving Hancock, 1

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