The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 16, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 16, 1940
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER QH> NOn-riTRAST Ai)if*v,o.« _ ^-B—4 T T K_/ VOLU.MR XXXVI—NO. 282. Ulytlievlllc Dally News Blythcvllic Conner NEWSPAPER 0V NORTHEAST AUKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Mississippi Vnllcy Lender BlytlK ville Herald ARKANSAS, i'UIDAV, I'KIMUAKV Finns Admit Retreat To Main Line; Soviets FlFilSJI L Claim Sharp Advance in, in<io SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS lot Red army, on the i n o r h ft i m line, is ;ip- liroaching Kaniarii raili-ouil station, only i%\<, m jl w from Vii'iuiri, Finland's second city, a cormminkuie asserted today Finnish troops were reported u H treat, abandoning arms end win material and sullerin" hcivs losses. Tlie army communique Issued through ih e official Tiis agency, said llusstaii troops occupied 53 Finnish defensive fortifications yesterday, Including 21 iron nnd concrete mlillery foils. Kamara railroad station, which according to the communique the Russian troops were approach!!!., is on the main Lcnlngrnd-Vilpurl lalhond ami hence a vita! point. By advancing along the railroad the Russians would ensure themselves a direct line for supplies from the great Leningrad base, end would lie able lo pour men and mnlerlals into the front positions. Today's communique, reporting yesterday's operations, was the first in many weeks to report Russians gaining specific territory in the vitally important Karelian Isthmus. As H Kits issued, ihe newspaper Hed Fleet, organ of the Russian navy, made tlie first mention of the 22d anniversary of Hie Red army and navy, Feb. 23, In connection with the war. It said: "The anniversary is taking place when our heroic warriors fight for the emancipation of the Finnish people from the bunds ol Man- nerheim and Tanner. (Baron Carl Gustav MannerJieim, 'field marshal commanding In chief the Finnish armies, and V. A. Tanner, Finnish foreign minister.) "Despite unfavorable weather, which prevented action by our air force and tanks, despite all help the white Finns have received from Anglo-French and other imperialists,, our brave troops and the navy' successfully started . operations and. will successfully complete them." "' • '•Tin.- Finnish people know and love the Red army and are nsvall- hig Its arrival. The Red army has Finland, Fob Lecturer Tells Of Britain's Stake In European Situation ""ijuiiMM, ['inland, [. e ]) T n M ~ 10 (UP)—Fighting in trench,j Jel !, s . ° li s e Committee They'll Be Repaid new back the Russian Uei)! army today in tho if>th diiy| oi its offensive against (tin _ WASHINGTON, Feb. u; (Uf>)~ ! In (his way iiione, freedom can he S±« *«»'- ,'»>* & I ^ifcraW'S!: i Federal Loan Administrator Jess" PIiiiis Jones told the house banking com- inost mitlec tod.-ij' he Ijellevecl Hiihnd is as- win Miumorlunji) It was admitted lhal the had withdrawn from Ihdi advanced posllicns bill It w tcmaliied Intact and dial (he del "'joiies"lestined"ln support of the ermtned men In it would hold II senale approved bill cIncrease to ''"• *" ''' . Use revolving fund of tho l"x ,ort- nie position as explained In dls- Import bank In- $100 COO Coo of ^' Tl'ntrl lit.* ,«^,..l . . J1-... . I. , .. ' - ,"V1I,,JUV. l-/i could lend for nDn-mlli- .'.otvd «t the high school lUtdKqi'ilun lust night In one of many Inter on "Hrltaln's 3l;ik« In The huroixvii) Crisis". This IVIHI Iho ihlnl of a scries of foiir free KT- lures sponsored by the UlyUiPvllle Rotary club In 'an iRsUUllo of Inlei national Umlerslmidlng l>elns palche.s from Die (ront was (hut Ihls money the' bank the MIHI.S had abandoned, before Finland SM.flOO.OOo the constant liiimmerlng ot con- tary i:urpose.s In addition lo the slanlly reinforced Husslnn shot* $10.000.000 trendy advanced. troops, the nclvmu-ril Reprc.sentnlivp cimrlcs Gilford (lie))., jMasi). asked if (lie Imnk posl.s of their line. ' 1 ^, 0 ^ 1 "' I 1 , V ™ S f d> We '' C wmlkl make pail, of the Mannerheim hue have a sjood chiuice of not proper but wore exira-llne defenses paid. Jones said firmly "we would constructed laic last fall when war not." Then Olllord nskcd locmecl dally as more unavoidable. Tliye are not considere<l part of risk Ihc Mannerlieim line praper. Iti ' - If IK- ccn'd say Hint Finland was a good and In abandoning this "money judgment is llml lending notdeclriehe .. .. " i«ii.» iii^ntjr n in nut UULL them the Mnns have retired only , var ." Jonfs S3M .., do |lot to Ihe slronser points immedlalely (he spirit of the Finnish people ucnind them, cnl , ) J( , ci-usi,^- An official army spokesman con- .. Thcy ln(ly „,„ some of ,,, i3 ruined this situation lo (he United generation but the Finnish B ov- 1'ress and saitl that at no point eminent will last a long time iad the Russians made contact They're an honorable' people and i-itli the main Mannerheim line, they pay their dcbls How deep the advanced line wns. .» rhcy ^ lmve sm ., lvcc , , it was not kiiqwii. It was known,' Hlh)k 1( . s a Mt nsslllnuU(m O ial MOVVPl'Pl* t>in t I Tin nrtna HftnA Uiiu . ... |*nun » «•• l-Vorn tlie moment Mr. QrlinwiuK* «'ns Introduced by C. W. Aftllck, he dellght<?il his hearers with Ills Britlsh brogue and liLs nmn;i«r In ; (niutv UuU Hit- presenting an hour loctnre of l"(r). however, that the advanced line when this war is over the map of ^Jlll^i J^S^LS^. W"^..« taTr.* used by the Finns were anti-tank guns, machine guns and the well '•, " mown Finnish nachuw pistol, with •,.". :he ugly little four-Inch hunting ' knives, the pukkas, in reserve lor close righting. An official air communique said 3-1 peisons were killed and more than 60 wounded In various Russian bombing raids yesterday, mainly in southern Finland, Ihe ccastal area and the Kemi river valley above the Gulf of Bothnia. Casualties Included more trian :0 k'.lled and about 50 wounded] at cha land. Norway, a Denmark." Jones said he thought any loans r purchase of war malerinis 'ihould t-3 made by congress" and the bank ought not to lake thnt responsibility. jitilKeiuantu. Bombs -,caused! -rims nres there, if was"said,''Man Returner! Here • roni and tiboul 20 homes .were damasccl! ..._.,_, L, t .. . .• .or destroyed at Riikimaekl. :; ( LonoiCG-J'O'race CvlmifUll Today's clear sunlight raised 'car'of Russian raids today. Finns forecast that—If as they expected, ackl Charges never known defeat. H is uncon-i—they broke the Russian attack I Nolan Allen. 45-year-old i,,,c, t; , querable today and impregnable! on the Mannerheim. Russia would ."partner" of Herman ODZ Leinoyni?. for Ihe future. Our limitless Iron- j unloose a terrible bombing cam- an escaped convict recently arrested ""•"• """ '""'-"-' ! - -•-'•' paign throughout the more popu-.near here, was returned to Blylhe- jvllle yesterday from Lonpkc. Ark.. tiers are locked in 'Impregnable armor, inaccessible to any enemy." (The Finns have suggested that the Russians want to break the ainnnertieltn line and take Vlipiirl by Red Army nnd Navy Day, a week from today.) The communique of the Leningrad military area, directing all Finnish war opsrattons. in which the victory of the Russian troops was reported, said textually: "February 15: "Soviet troops Continued successful actions lii the Karelian isthmus. "The enemy retreats to the rear, abandoning arms and war material and suffering grave losses. -'Soviet troops approached the station ol Kamaru. "February 15 Soviet troops occupied 53 defensive fortifications Including 21 iron and concrete artillery forts. "In other sectors (here was activity by scout-s, nnd la a number cf areas there were clashes of infantry units. "Soviet aviation successfully raided the enemy's' troops and military objectives. Six enemy airplanrs were brought down in air combats." Ilusso-German Ties Strengthened MOSCOW. Feb. 10. (UP)—Germany will supply Russia with armaments under the new Russo- Germau trade agreement and will get In return raw materials which might have gone to the allies, the newspaper Izveslln. official government organ said today. This was the first mention that under the agreement Russia would get anything but commercial industrial supplies from Germany, mrther the question which foreign trade experts had asked ns to what material Russia could spare for Germany was implicitly onswer- cd by the statement that Russia had prepared to send such material to the allies. It was explained that the allies had cancelled contracts to supply Russia before the war and that therefore Russia could not send them the gcods which were to have been the return. lous areas of the country. When Ihc present colci wave where he was arrested at the re- nms, snow Is to be expected. It quest of Mississippi County ofll- ivoiild hamper Russian troops but C ers on a charge of burglary and not the planes. I fraud larceny. It was announct't There was a growing impression by Sheriff Hale Jackson that the next few clays would tell] A confession of burglary of a the story, cf the Mannerheim line lool |i OUSB of tllc Pj . |sco ra! j roa( '| „, fight Despite the persistence pt Blytl'.eville Dec. 12 and of a slnil- the Russian attack, despite ]ar job Ht lllR Hollantl Mo ^, attacks were neither as well paced bloodiest ten miles on earth." where the Russians are advancing over Finnish wthdrawal despite the slaUon WRS ^ ad -^ " e ^^ 0 rHy llr of ! Se &SS ^ ritf J °"" ^ ™™ m "~ ^ neutral military experts here ex- 111P ,„„,„ s((l , Bii fmm l)ig falu _ and Used nor as Intensive as they were scv- '" * r f/ nies °. f »' le e?" burglaviss eral davs ago. ''"f' c Covered with the arrest of Even "in the Eununa sector, "the *".;", ^° 'f, D » "f^er boots stolen at that time, officers said. Alien, who said he was n native Texas but had never hail a home caie facts, folloiveil by Die answer- In discussing his Uienie, Mr. Grimwtulc pointed out that Britain, In cjndu;llim nils war, )m.-i »3 own empire Ht slake an.l that while people, of his country arc ready for "democracy" to come, they waul 11 to come in u gradual iiiniiitcr so as not to impair world condl|lon.s. lie bejau liU address with the statement (hat within llmlUvHons British policy can lie explained . In terms of Ihe balance of pqwer nnd enlarged upon Uils by 'sjy|n's Hint ll nicaiil tlmt Urlt-aln ,.\vould resist (he effort of any -single poiver lo doiiilnale|)c by fear of Its force mid that Die result hits been lo keep Kurope divided. l-olntlmj oul that H looked for a while aller Munich as if this reac- i.unury poilcy nnd been abandoned and tlmt nrltain and Germany would cooperate In the economic unification of Euroiie. he commented on how Hitler spurned British cooperation nnd finally aroused a will lr> resist In nil 'the smaller countries, which', concluded that Germany really soujjbl to Impose despotic rule nnd cause privations rather lhan lo help them, .. \ . The war of limited liability as sesn to dale Is designed In part to disccuiags active collaboration between all the totalitarian !powers, including Japan, he said In discussing why Britnl.'i went lo War. In going ID war. Britain staked Us- empire with nil Its resources, he ckclarcd. "The deeper aspect of the. conflict, however. Is the defense 1 '"rum which (allowed etiuwtl imidi Interest. |'iefacln« his comments with (lie fact (nut he- was Mil on.- icnt'll.-iliimiii s|ienklti|{ for many, he told. In answer to viirtal qui'stlons, ninny perlliu'iil fai-lsthat ^ave ULs listeners 1111 even bellei 'U- l 'lHlil l:itn I In- complicated sltim- llfn. Hi- said that It woa not n ccr- AllU'n would win war whU'h was sure lo be very, '•<;ry tan 4 . ami that (h ( , proliablllty •I (it'i'iiiiniy, Russia and Japan A".S liiyhlraiiij; for Die Allies. Hrltidn will probnbly send ml cx- lieilltlonnry force inlo Flnlnnd wllhin it short Urn.-, he said In dls- ciiisini; Hie aid behm (jlven Finland by his eounlry which had loaned Ihe (.'inns totly inlllloii dollars before (In- war ever started. A Russian victory there would complicate matters very much, lie said. "England won't declare war on Russia but she will soon tempi declared question. Russia lo declare war on Ung- Inml," he comminted.. Bolh the Allies mul acnnnny nre trying lo "sit out" Uie war, lu In answering nnolhei itrltiiln's blockade, the mornl oli- lisniion of Kiieland which hiul not been lived up lo In the past It'll years, Ihc chance of Ilrltnln being attacked by Hie dcnimim, how much disturbed arc Norway and Sweden by the course of events, Hie amount of raw materials Germany needs and Is gcHlntj ivnd Ihc amount Englaijd needs, thu purt lluly will piny lii the war, the, opportunity for Germany lo develop Russian resources. Chamberlain's intentions regarding the -balance of power,' the much-tnlked-of Eu- r'openn Union of the future, the censorship In England, the altitude of Hie German people toward the war, the chance of a revolution In Gcmmny. the effect Hitler's death would have upon his people, how the French people feel about the war. Die bombing .threat received '. II' •. , ; »..., IJ.L Itullltttllfa tllnl;ln, I t-i. Of private capital against the 'on- bv Oliambcrlnln at n moetlp'jj :roachmenl5 of stati capitalism, o!.« t -,encral aw;rli!s,-,an'd,ihe aM tnterilatlonnl' trade and finance against the neiv methods of barter," lie point. Spiritually said In. summing (lint Ihe defense of Individual liberty U what .makes this war a. iwople's war,- Mr. Grimwadc said in telling how In his. view the politicians were forced Into It, Hi: admitted that most Britons are . of the Enullsh people regnrdlhs War debts owed the \fnltcd States were some of the matters discussed. Mr. Grimwade, who la n lecturar, Journalist, and ' widely traveled student. Kill tie. followed by Or. Nicholas R. Dpmnit of Uii'Japesl, Hungary, who will be hero In two weeks to speak on "Central F,uro- pean Tensions." the frozn bodies of their dead, it was Insisted the Finns were In bet- s ' n " , a b ° 5 "- 1!vccl nl DcQucen. ter pcslllon today than they were A"-, 'or some time nnd liad nlso earlier this week. Fighting was , headquartered" at Lonoke, offlcnrs searching for still severe, it was said, but the learned when Finns seemed confident they could '««'who officers describe as a the hold. »7 v«, f /"> ti i\CW 1 01 it UOllO/t around thief.' He Is said to have been living "" at Floodwny, bi Mississippi County, ' with ] Southwestern Mar. May July Get. Dec. Jan. [but left a short time before officers Prcv. Arrested Lemoyire at (heir hideout, Cp;n High Low Close Close Feb. 3, 1097 1103 1C97 1103 WM Allen waived preliminary hearing 1070 in municipal courl on charges of 1031 burglary and grand larceny Rivt 970 was oulered held in (lie county 864 jail without bond until (lie crimlne'l 551 division cf circuit coi.'rt meets Apr.'l Lemoyne. who was turned over lo federal authorities who wanted him 1070 1030 950 BS3 952 1078 IC38 974 B53 85+ 1670 1031 8«8 857 952 1070 10.17 972 832 BaS New Orleans Cotton Mar. May July Ccl. Dec. Jan. Cpcn High 1111 1115 1079 1089 10-11 1043 G72 D77 957 033 954 953 Prcv. Act, also confessed to several burg- Low Close Closs larics and grand larceny jobs- since nil 1115 1112 he escaped from the Missouri state. 1033 prison eight months ago and in'-' 1079 1IMI 972 C57 954 IOS8 1048 977 953 958 1343 plicated Sitler. well known 975 Risco. Mo., farmer \vlio was nrrcst- %1 cd on a charge of receiving stolen 1 M r c Nai-h'c iroperty in connection K iin thcso i - ' " S Another With Frahce, NeiV 'Credit' Pact With Iran Sealed LONDON, Feb. tfl (CIP)-Brita!n signed Iwo Important accords !:i- day one with Prance and the olh,-r ,vith Iran (Persia). Th". trratv wi'h France provided a new commercial pact Willie '.Iw agieEinent wnn Iran was n ilu.ui- :lal accord which It wns umler- stood provided a British credit |nr the Iranian govenimeiil. The pact with Irnn was signed i-y British Foreign Secretary Viscount Halifax and the Iranian charge J'atTnircs. Halifax slp,ncd the Prt-nch commercial accord with the Frcni.-h ambassador to London. The agreement with Iran was described as technical and ctal. Amount of the credit, interest rates and oilier terms of the agree- iiicnl were not disclosed. Foreign credits may be used to svpply Iran with armaments but officials here Declined comment oirdejnils ol tho aErccment. Stock I'rices I llieits In which, oiTiccrs charge A'- ,lrn is Involved. I A. T. Si T Am. Tobacco ... Anaconda Copper Beth. Steel Chrysler Cities Service ... Coca Cola Gcn'l. Elect Gcn'l. Motors ... Int. Harvester .. Mont. Ward Two Day Oid Infant Succumbs Early Today Patricia Ann Schacffer. two-day- N. Y. Crntral old daughter of Mr. and Jfrs. Otto North Am. Aviation Schaeffer. riled nl nlythevlllc Hoj- Pncnrd plti>l early this morning. | Phll'Sps Fvmeral rius will be l\eU Salar-1 lindio day morning, 10 o'clock, at Cobb' Republic Steel Funeral Home with burial in North Sccony Vacuum Eawba cemetery. The Rev. E. B. Studebaker Williams, pastor of the First Moth- Eld. of N. J odist church, will officiate. .Texas Corp. !""" The baby was an only child. 1 U. S. Steel ...'.'.'.'" 171 3-4; 90 I-8J 23 1-4 77 85 7-8 ,4 3-8: 121 38 5-3, 53 1-1' '55 3-3 54 IG 7-a 24 3-4 3 1-2 39 5-8 5 5-3 20 3-4 11 5-9 12 i 41 3-3 43 5-8 53 1-3 Chicago Wheat May July open hhh 935-8 Uil 1-2 97 1-4 102 lo-,v 97 Dies At Hopkinsvilk Mrs. 0. H. Anderson of HopSlas- villc, Ky., mother of Mr.s. L. U. Nash, died- suddenly last jilghl at , l!lc lnmll - v home after having been 103 1-2 si 'icl:cu with a paralytic stroke. She was C7. Mr. and Mrs. Nash left imiuc- close 101 1-2 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, I)!., F (UP)— Hois: 8.GCO--7C50 on Toil. 5.65 170-230 Ibs.. 5.50-5.65 140-160 Ibs.. 4.65-5.25 f5«!k sov.-s, 4.10-4.85 Cattle: 800— 600 on sale t'cers. 7.53-8,50 Slaughter steers, for that clly where they I will join other members of ilie • family who live elsewhere. [ Mrs. Anderson Is also survived 1C. by her husband, Judge Anderson. \VP,\ I)cfl;s Ziro ond Snow VANCOUVKR. Wash. lUP) Sonia 2-10 WPA workers ou the. Uoniwvillc-Coulee project "scotch|id" stories about workers loaning i on fhovels. Despite TO Indus at 'snow, zero weather and telcphona ' Mixed yearlings, heifers, 7.55-8.To Instructions from 'headquarters 3d Miutjntcr heifers, 0.35-10.25 i vising the men to stay In camp Beef cows, 6.25-6,25 i until ths weather impi low cutters, all hislsled on working. SW.flffitEDi. =7n Pays DealK Penally; Woman Must Serve Fa- pionage Term PARIS, Psb. 13. (UP)—Fruice ^hot one spy today nnd rejected leniency appeals of sentences lo denth and two. Including a wo man, sentenced to prison terms a-i! OFFP_pO« llies Got Ready For Offensive If Wai Kxlcncis lo Bn Ik it us HV IIICVXOI.1IS J'ACKAKK Unlli-i) I'm-si Sliill' rurn-MinliilMi CA1UO, Insists Republicans Want Roosevelt To Try For Third Term WASHINGTON, Fob. 1C. (UP)-Chairman John Jlnmilion of (ho UemiljIicK.i , ..tinnni «.^LuI national committee hoped to- rps;inf)i<f l>nr^i.n.. n li ._ . ,, • > i ,.„ . -"-,,„.,„,,„„ uiiuuiiiii commiitce honed to">' lor tho iiomimiiion of I'rcsuleiil Itooscvell •»" -i th^l "rm emu Mnio so thnt in « "showdown" ntext NovS •>'•.« olwl.0,, the Ijcpuhltcnn piirty c ,u, "(inisl, oil'" «]| Th™e . network of nw mimniy rends J,i being built ihroiiijhoiiL Ilii! DDvili African desert. uml Egyjit. today is « |xm>nluU spring board for nillM iH'Uon II' HUI-OIK-'S wars s|>rctLd tu the Uulkans or tho ni'nr east. Till! siniteulo Importation inul the llioroiluliiic.w <if h'ayiitlrtn mllHm'v ' WHS revealed to tills •.•orrespondt'iil on 11 tour Ihroujjli one of the jreut I'enh'r.-i of nctlvl'.y In Ihe eastern Mi'dllcnniieiin nre.i Vhronijhoiil (In. l'4;yptl,ni desert 3rllish ami Egyptian forces i\:\> Hilldlnu n nolwoi'k of roads lo ipecd military transports. Everywhere from Suen lo Hi; lescri oases, the llrltlsh mul SjypllAn fori-M are conccntraled- - .ind In some places entrenched-- nre behia trained for Irniulcr :o illstnnt batllclleld.s. The nrrlvnl his .Week of Australian and Ne;v ienlniu U-OOIB served lo strengthen ho allied mllllniy eslabllshment In tills urea which lies adjacent 10 •llal couiiiumicallons and supply lues, Including (hose leading to .he iioiir east oil llclds. Onct n ioiii-lst ptiradlsc, Efjypt Is now bclni! used ns a funnel for British forces, Including Ihnse from .he fur, en route to Ihe b:il- acnclcls "somewhere In Ihc war G. 0. P, Convention Set For Jtmc 24 WASHINGTON, /••('!). 15. (Up) -Tlit I!e;)iil)lli'iiii naUoiiiil com- Uec- (oiiuj. .set the ID'IO cnu noinlniillu-i touvi'i loixluy, June 2-1. i !-»»,' ' .' V(l " iiiiisii on ;iji «w_l)«il, (ho iircKlilcnt and the third term issue. * owning the committee's meet- IniT, which will stlccl a time Eirl place for the Cl. 6'. P. nomlridt- -»i convention, Hanillion accused AI-W of seeking to trims- jinnt the doctrine ot European /Ittntora lo this country by hconi- .»B Mr. HooccvUt for another tew.. 'Hie New Deal, he saM, had abandoned the American way for -uropean systems of plnnncd tc'jii- my. Ha denounced ihe seven years ; of "New ural debt, dcmogogucry and (efeulKin 1 - ami charged lh?.t Mr x oosc veil's admlnlilratlon has d'«- etrnntcd the constituilon, attempf- d to sabotage the Judiciary sysiein .ml encouraged subversive clemcn'u 'seeking (lie downfall of our Amsr- icnn syslcui." ". Hij[:Fil!l:.j Mr. Roosevelt's llWfl campaign statement "wo planned It thnt way" Hamilton said that what Ihu New Deal planned was frmui'D because today he contended: 1. Unemployment tolnh 9,000000 2. There nre 4,000,000 ypuivj inefi woman "whose hopes for'-.a career nnd good life have bleu Bailey Says Bill \VouM Give Federal B u r c a u "Autocratic Powers" UIIUS liOC'IC, 1'ct). U. 'Ufj- Ohiirucs thnt the Necky bin, now licfore COHBI-CSS. v;?ul.-i n,,, people ot their 1-lnliis ot control ot loi'.il 3. The farmer's Income is lll! >" In the 20's, less «>ne." The first contingent of N<<? V.calundcrs who arrived o •K cncampiid on the Ugypllnn Oils lit owlcr to become accmlomod rnduclly. la tlii! cluatKc In wenthci 1 , iillic!' thnn IJeliiB siiddcttly patched lo Ihe extreme cold of (Ills /lulcr In Europe. The writer was permllicd to ;il- '.cnd maneuvers, reviews and olll- :lal Inspections in the weeks null everywhere affal.-'i ami would crcalo enormous, 'I. Thousnntls of bu?lncsse.i hnvo fnllea In the last few years. tin chlded Dcmn'ornts for "their lack of cinullilntes" and asserted that the llotniblican pirly^ has croups' were in.xde loday by Ciov. Carl K, Bailey, in Monday ' ''he chart's were ni.iliilne:! In lev i " lc " er r '' om "'- BOVCII.W to to.' John 3cm- loi- John E. Miller n.'giir(lln s the proposed net which plncu •jii-n-r ]l civil servlco employes ol last saw or dciiarlmcnt funds. rticelvlnn federal lialley contended tliat the mcin- urc would give the fcdenil civil two £Cn ' lce cbmmisslou "auiosralb and Im- I ""solute control" over employment prcssivc cvlcicncc c; the close col- i n " cl , lc "" re of P" '.atorntlon of Ihc Hiillsh, I'rcnel- employes. all :,tate ^.. UI ...v, A>I tviou, ii^tiv;n | tl _ _ ind Esypilnn hl(fh coiumamls Ho-i „ De , r °" t "r cbcllon of uiiy nad cetilly .there have been tr!-partltB ' ,, sl , :utl 0(C! -' ! 'l-5 would In l!i :l t oonvcrsallons InvolvliiH such per- sUlmtlon ' nl1 to uccompllsh the pur- o.mges as King' Farouk who it | 105U of lllc I ICU P'« lo have a chnn-^o .ommaiider-ln-chlof of nil Kuyn- " personnel iijlriihilslcrms lo- ifl.v-r«..,. rt i.:-rV' n ..- A*-..,...,.,.'.. . .Cat .public ftffa'll'3, 1 ' llQ,;!ial',l. Bailey rcfvrrcd to. (lie.,bill.nn "pno of t'ac factors In the subversive practices In clm.iglrg our form of ivltliotit pcrmltllnj the , .he Prcnrh ooinnmnUei In Syria; - ' Archibald Ihu ;'jnunnndcr-ln-clilcf li Ihc mlddli! .-nst; Oen; Wilson, commandrr-iu- -. ..^.., >I..,>UII, ^UJItllllllLUI;! -Ill- ,, I II chief, of .British forces In EBypt; i,' I' „"!!;, ?!', lvllcst ' of 3ir Andrew' Citmilngluitn, conir Ihslr Iccllnjjs." mander-lii-chlef . of the Brltlsli j vicdllerrnnwm.float; nnd n minibc'i- Session Unlikely UTl'LE liOCK, Feb. 111. (UP) — Gov. Carl K. Bulley said today he of high French naval authorities iiid Euypllun army ofnccrs. ,.,, ,,.,,.,. , •Ihese conversations were under- < loul '^ 11 "'at it would be ...._ , stood 16 .hiwe conlhmed that lo cnl ,." special lesniilivc session Eayplltm soldiers will be used oniy ! distressed schools In west- on Etiyptlan .soil and.will not fe °" 1ri , 11 r"T,;'' .„ . Sent to the western front or lor duty on any other front outside -il E «ypt-, wlilch lies adjacent to a check can bS m.ido to determine what the schools need," Ihe governor imld, "there would b: rif i'"t " *"^«' nfc-i» m.ljtik.1. lit IU LII J .... M -,|,, i t slronaly militarized Italian urea at no .. T ?°" 1 ' 1 '", l';'°l' osl »3 « remedy. If nchool leaders' slntcmenls . with- .yfcia. .As far,as could be detormmcd, '"f^ na ™ uc . 5cllools , W|U ^osc wlthi: he allied high commands plan IB l' rcc llcct ' llrc trutj lher() isc only French, Indian. Dominion ," and Senegalese forces for mlliUiry ' cllpii In the eastern Mediterranean .„ ma the near east. Egyptian ami 'alcstlrilun forces will be stationed »t home bases, at least /or ths present, and will concentrate es- ion that we could m inni time to aid them. "I nm of the opinion that Hit's an unfouiHlc.-l fear and I J.orx Vnt cditoallon of/lclnls and I car nnd KvullnWe "half a dozen or more men able, trustworthy and humin- Itarlnn men 1 ' for the presidential office. . High on today's ngcmln, but lo-v In Ihe estimation of some ol th» pnrly'ii stfindout consrcs-iloaal leaders, Is submission of u • 30,003 Ho •10,000 word report by the policy coinmKtca : of which Dr. Glenn Frank is chalritmn. the -committee us sot up In 1937 was n compro- inlso to prevent the c«lllnj of an off-year ncpubllcnn national cor vcnllon which WPS proposed by former President HoiborJ, c Hooycr to. tal;o stock, of thj t'lyncle of I nnd plan for~(he futliie . Consjrejf.fonal kidcj-, ^ppo-ic I fl«e convention proposal nnd both Alt M. l^arirdon cud Frank Knox, who \vere the 1933 nepubllcan nominees refused to serve on the compromise oommlUcft' whlih finally evolved. House nepiibllcon Leader ' Joseph W. M'irtin Jr. told ' tho Unltsd Press that the policy com- millcc report would have scanty Indiience In shaping the party platfnrm and Senate , Rcpubltean Leader Cliarlo-i L. ^tc^fal•y csipress- od rejret al Hi bulk. , .. ;Dut t)ie U«!t3d Press was In- roimed It coiitcihed a detailed'RC- tnck on New Daal pollolw, nolibly labor, relief, bu-tet and snandirii nnd would provide camiaish ani- munlllon If NOT platform mitcrlal. • The rciiort, is \OT exuacted to pro- pote Immediate abandonment .-of fnrm stibslrtlcs nor to repudiate Ihe administration reciprocal trade , 'ro--!'.!!!! (ie.-.plle t!ie f.ict that oo'h- a v.ay lo aid f.ic dhtrcssod i Kre'slonsl RsuuVIeam nre almost without having to go to | un'tC'l a^Inst the latter °,pcciallj' on nnll-nlrcrBlt; "ronliPr [ hc |CX| '™ S f, °' n : ^ M ™ session I Republican entlmsi-ismVi, s-mfced 11 nnd coastal defenses nnd on patrol to ll3 il ' «'« sovcnior said. |th " ' part of nit Intemlve drive luilnsl csi ' Is time by 1018 ekellon resuit=. the hope that there will bs a llb- crnl-conscrvatlvc dlssention in the „. ... . . . .Democratic party and a lau-Jly and Ul Minor AcCldCIlfS , ""Ifonnly c\-pros-cd instslen-c that tho R:pubHcjn troi-d of.'193? his rested la«! July before the Fiiro Bn(ll ' ln . B "d Hnlfn. The "uritish say "Minor Accidents niul Their Scrl- [ ^ntb'U'.-d uml will pile U' they arc assure:! that nothltig tlmt ousncss" wns the tilnin subject dls- | " onnl Rc ii"bli:a:i majority next . Hans Kuhn, n Luxembourg sub- pair work In tlie Eastern Desert. n . _ , The Brltlsli contraband conlrol I] UlSCUSS OEriOUSneSS extremely active around Sue* and , - , Jcct, was executed by a Ilrln« stimti ', lhu Red , Hca - Inspection authorities al Chalons-Sur-Marne, Ho was ar-i"™ f" 110 "^ M Aden, Suez, Alcx- pean war started, as he tried lo Appeals of four Clcrmin spies v;cre rejected by the court. linen, have been placed In concen- A Eciatch." The merit system was Memphis Firm Opens Paint, Wallpaper Store Taint tuition camps. The official status of <- r .«ip'rcd wltli the penalty system | Arkansas Boy With Byrd's Expedition UCGER3, Ark.. Feb. 10 (UP)^ Jack Keck of Hoiers is "hovin? n, nice time" with the Byrd Espeiii- l.'on In Little America, he te!e,- irr.phs his uarenls, Mr. nnd Mrs W. G. R. Keck. Mr. nnd Mrs. Keck are permitted nl present Is "a state of k. v F. \V. Wallace, of Slonettc. : siege" under which relations wlt.i »hicli A. M. VanVVInklc c.lscu Oc.maivy have been broX-en with- "Safely In Plant. Hepnlrtns." cut an nctunl declaration of war. j Both British nnd Egyptian desert n units nre regarded here ss the Pneumonia Fata! most modern In ihe world. In nd- i ,,, v ' „, -.lltion lo the ne'.vly constructed ! 10 IC31' Old The Wilson nnd Grcer ...... of Memphis has opened a military roads, they have ballonn- !ranspon trucks alld Opal Keltinc daughter of adjacent to Pnrkhurst Co. , • ' iS««rl.i.l« which nre capable <f Mrs. Annie Curtis, died late last .40 miles an hour over the saurt nighl at Blythcvllic Hospital. The to send three or four letters to D.cir son each month. The letters _, • -- -.-.... -., ... u><Jlltt-TllLI_ I lU.JlJI 1,11 . i IH. 1 -•-.. %,.. Vl» l"l/lilLI. itlU 1C HCl* John Burnette, formerly con- dunes. These will replace the Cnmrl b.iby. who «-ns one year anil 2-1 ; n ™ transmitted to Llttl- Amer ! -a nccted with the paint deportment corps of the World War. whlcn days old. wits removed from llic I'V radio through the General Eloc- 01 Montgomery. Ward and Com- henceforth will be limited largely Curtis home on the Moral Com-1 > l ' | c Corporation at New York- Cilv pany store here. Is manager of Hie,to local police work. press to 111" hosiiltil when • • new business. The firm has a of paints, wall Dcseit camouflage has been de- her condition bscame serious after complete stock v 'eopcd so that units of infantry developing pmmnionb school, is a member of Ihc crvw ot the U. S. S. Bear, one of the paper. varnishes, " lld artillery become Indislinijulsh- Funeral rit?s were- held this n (-'ships in the Byrd Ex'p:dilion. and Inlaid linoleum, Mr. " Ue ol tt comparatively short dis- tcrnocm with burial Btirnctle said In making the an-.' nllcc - The >' merge evenly Into thu Eight cemetery. In Number "ouncement today. Mrs, Hill's Father Funeral Hcmc was m desert scene as a result of brown- Cobb coloied helmets and uniforms PS charge. well as guns with special barrels on which the sun cannot glint. California Calendar Crowiled British sources say that the al- SAN FRANCISCO (UP)—CsMor- WEATHER Arknnsas—Mostly cloudy, ,rain in cast and Eoulh west nnd central portions, StlCCUmbs Early Today "" ™ unworrlcd nbout this pan nians love above everything else in^i "th" Vn-Vim '"t^Tt 'cT" 1 ' ' of the world-mat huge forces can celebrations. Already more than '" " crUl - " Ol ttel tcl " llt; S&w: ~ P. J. Jones of Heidclliei father of Mrs, E. v. Hill Ms horns (his morning. Dr. and Mrs. Hill and daughter, j Betty, lelt at once for Heidelberg ! where they v.lll remain until after •rg Miss bo moved '"ttantly «> «ny danger 200 celebrations including /.,-' . died nt po!nt ' slnte onct district falw, fiestas, ro- a , J^J n Jl ««* probably, bo heW I Sunday. w h * U May .Juy open hljh low 531-4 5SI-2 581-8 E01-2 67 681-3 close 57 day partly cloudy aid colder, mphls and vicinity—occasion- .swss'JKVss s'-r 3 -=•"*•- | pilgrimages, and n whole y crop of sporis cveiiti ore on the The maximum temperature luri 1940 calender of the travel co;n- yesterday was 51, minimum 23, ctciiv. inlltce of the Stato Chamber of according to Samuel, P. Karris., offt- . commerce. C i a ] weather .observer. . ,:.' :

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