The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 15, 1940 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 15, 1940
Page 10
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PAGE TEN ITSV- ' V,v *•'. HAND OF DEATH , ~~,~, ,. r ,«. w,f ,„., M r ^ ,,, „ „v/->,v>^^a^abs* .,. /,' ,/ • Eisenhower Now Kingpin On \V a 11 a c e Farm Stiategy Board •WASHINGTON (UP) — The land Use Coordination committee fonne'd two years ago under the 'direction of youthful .Milton Eisenhower Ls the keystone in thr 19.11) Agriculture Dep.irlmc-m farm ;>ro- tfram. Eisenhower Ls the Kingpin of fi«i*tary of Agriculture Henry A. .Wallace's tan "strategy board" .Only a few years out of Kansas Bjnie College, he wns one of the le\v top-night Republicans to survive the 1933 n?mo;nul:- snwp. . For seven years he has tinny unswervingly to "soil conservation" as.his farm test. His Influence on Wallace, and consequently on the pattern of the New Deal farm program, has not become general!} known because he prefers lo remain jlti the background. Tha rfioie (him 100 publicly Writers employed by (lie Agriculture Department seldom mention him Until two years ago he wai ehlef of the department's information service. He drafted many of Wallace's speeches emphasizing so il consemitlon Urban in Appearance Eisenliouer is about e feet lull.! lean anrt well dressed. lie is a i fluent tnlker. Some fanners meet- ins him for the first time might take him for a "smoothie" or "eitj slicker." Yet he has a close and sympathetic knowledge of farm problems. Long before "soil conservation' became the central theme of the New Deal farm prtigrani, Eiscn liovver talked forcefully of (he d.'s- •sipation of the nation's natural rc- souices-soil fertility, timber nnd grassland. He "sold" the idea, ant .himself with it, to Wallace. Agriculture Department, agencies sprang up like wheat sprouts fron the seed), he had sown, Old anc new, t|iej included the Agriculture Adjustment Administration, the Rc- setllement Admini.stiatlon (latci lo become the Farm Security Administration), the Soil conservation Service, Hie Forest Scrvlc the .Bureau of Agricultural Economics and the Extension Service All of (hem, more or less imle- pendentljr, were working tovnn the same goal — conservation of natural resources. Eisenhower saw the need for coordinating their ac- tl\illes-for team work. He -cre'iiuk Hie job, a Rlgniitic task thnl ivoult have dismayed a zealous nnn for hlmiclr and went to vvdrk on it FIooils and Drouths Dust storms were threatening to make a desert of parts"'of the Oieat.piaiin They were the aftermath of bad Jam!—the turnin* •M grassland for wliciit diirln" the r orld War Denuded fores Ls loosed ..flood of water that washed away firms nnd' millions D f'toils of the nation's most, fertile soil.''Millions Wilson Sociely—Personal 'Deodorized Skunk Makes Nedkpiece "The hand of Dcath"-lrltc ligure ol speech-is a grin, rrnlily m Europe today. This I. It, a, 'dead,:;:; r,r. ^ ^rrs^^r^ bro):e "- iiniic(! '™ fl —'^ - - II wolslis n hnlf pomul or less-llii, Jm.oeem-iojklnB eg g . Ycl (he demoniac force 1, Us ;i«)riielI can blast me,, (o eternity In a sccmid-w more unmercifully, tear flesh from ..s sleek limbs into u llfe-loii B caricature o:' their oiic-llnie proud strength - ' *ii«j '*l£HL Mi', mill Mrs. W. P. Wilson n l( . in charge of urraneemenls fcr (he [bfiiem dance to bo given at n u > Wilson Club-house on Thursday ni«lil, February l&tli. The funds will be ulvon to the Finnish Rollpi • t-'uncl of tile County ami a tone' '••ifiv.-d Is expected w como. '• Ml-.s- Syniiimls Ijiici (;uns (!ci- .lU'-.-lc Pupils A!i.-.s Mary Syinontls, teacher of . muse in Hi" Wilco,, &viiool, eii- i tc ruined her piiina music pupils Iv.ilh a ten in her music room at, j ihu Wilson School on Tuesday aft; I'l-noo:! al :i:lD o'clock, Tlie" girls loach Invited n mien W !th them j aiict alter each pupil had played i two ol lic-r best, piano selections on 'the piano in the auditorium, tin./ Retired tj the music room, where ' Kiiiiifs ait-J musical contests v.'1-re I I'lijnyr d. The ton tnble WHS lovely j with il.s tradlltontil colors of pink and while currying out, the Valentine motif, in candles and red hem-is. Heart ice-cream and cookies were served nut! favors of ceil I hats and whistles were given to (lie following; Fonda Mae Jerome [ Miu-giirot Miu-y Liidwly, Betty Jc-au tlGldman, Eleanor Springfield, Ruth Moi-gnn. Betty jack Millican, Peggy West brook, Mnbel Alice U. S. Caaibbcaii Patrol their land (o death'. •• . Etenlioucr; .asked c-nch of 'the af/eWed agencies to appoint n-. rcp . rM*l»{r,<>. n.sort of Unison officer, to fbrtnlhe Land OscrCdordiiiiUloii Committee A suite of 20 offices vns set n<iide" nti<t the dep:ul- ment's leading- cjtperls were, placed at tiie couimlttce's • Little .publicity : w as. given.tile. committee Effects'-'of its' work' howeier. arc beconiinj more nml J»qre eudent Tlie first major re- a/Jil is to be seeirln tlie 1940' farm program which, places ml| , recc . dented emphasis :on soil cdnserra- tion 'The changes," Wallace snid, are the firtf in a series tlie department K makiu s . to gct lnorc -•f-pconservatioa of soil, forestry and -•.human resources throii E h complete coordination of t| le department'., n4 "" ' rehabilitation pro- *•*• TV + ' ~ \" \ v (1^.^. ^ *^-Sm n"! 4 ' ^ ,^u These bombers of the 27lh rcomiinlssanc. Kmncs. Reports from Washington .'indicate mtim In European war nnd threat of submirme , -U. S. protectiun j assisted in serving bv Misses Jean- j otta Phillips and Emilie Ciwnnings, tencheis. I iilcrtiiins Wednesday Club Mrji. Raymond Cotuer, Mrs. Roy Co.v of Oseenln. and Airs. S. A. Rcjjencld of Wilson, played cards with members of the Wednesday Bridge Club when they were en- ertained by Mrs. W. P. Wilson at her home on Wednesday afternoon. first url/c was won by Mrs. S. C. Brandon, with Mrs." John R. Enochs, winning second. Delicious efrcshmmts were served by the hostess followint; the card games. t a * Mrs. A. R. Shearon ol Marked Iree was a guest in the htine of Mrs. J. A, Apple Friday. Mr. and Mrs. • Ed Regenolcl and on, John Ed of Ai-morel, were Sunday guests in the home of S. ^ Hct'cnold and family. Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Tliomp- on had as their week end guest, Mr. Pete Thompson of Memphis. Heat Discharge Will Be Gaged In Sun Eclipse CHICAGO (UP)~i n an-attempt ,.?. ^""''^ "ie material makint; Life Afley'60'Called ,, Happier Through Worl I'lllLAnKIJMIlA. (UP)-lf ^'Ish to ciijoy lifq after fio, Mward I,, liortz, chief of mod ill <-f Chic/iRo nslropl'iirsclsl. sw-ibw ihe /oliowin^ ru'ies'" i--,rtiVlV )JC I 1 '", 1 ""' e thc • '' Eat 5 l )aiill ^y. mt-ludinx moi< MCiiEitions of the April. 1 1 Iniil. -"•' of the .sun. ! a. Di-lult tv;o (marts of vvatc. .un Information bringing HIP known ctnm, or Uic sim's . daily. 3. Rest the body, uerm, inlel- , — --„.«,. will be | Icct and emotions "KW-T-- .iW«±LT^ r S? i i B . ,S 8 ;^?:.j? XT^s^si S^'^rr- tailscs " f " igl ft'. Ktcjj your sense of humor ant lia\-e a good time. 7. Cultivate rrlt-iuhhlns with thf young; yuu have much to learn from youth. 8, Grow a little every d.iv lntr-1- Iccliiahy. a. Read as widely as possible. 10. Nevd rcth-e, It is far Ijetlc-r to v.-r-ar out tlian nisi. E«n her best friends sralfeml when Mrs. Leo Dunlap walked into Zancsvlllc. O., puppy show willi this little wood pussy in her arms. Bui there was no need Tor fumigation, for the living neckpiece was pure skunk, and had been deodorized. Tlie province of Ontario Canada, produced 72,000,000 pounds of tobacco iu 1938, as compared willi (32.392,000 pounds the preceding your. Dr. J. A. Salil.a j Announces tlie removal of his , office from the Ingi-ara ttmldh)^ to his home. | 124 E. Kentucky Phone 410 rtiLb . ' "vini-ll U1C SII1UII «' k K cf tlie moon superimposed on inn,™" mal:es Ule " m 0! aie si"' •Wear as a circle around 1)1,1 noon will be .visible only in loeali- sotitli " " 1C " 1|! " " ll(! lllrou B !l -•'upl, Alabama, ac-orf.ia. and Flo!-- rtJ I. Tlie new portable equlpmenl for the observation of the inf,a-red i hi-at ladiattons, of the sun consists essentially of n fliciMocouiile mounted behind u,» foc-us or a small ic-ilectiiu; tel K cops The Image from ihe telescops pusses Jhi-ougli niters whlcj) elhnimue nil "lit tiie Infra-red radiation of ; a Wiwe-lcnglh of about, three ml- croiis. fiuy Your AMERICAN EXPRESS MONEY ORDERS ROBINSON'S Drug Store insures flavor, smoothness and mildness of Calvert Whiskey. BU.NDED WIHSKEY Oh-cn "Special": 90 Proof ~72</ 2 % Grain Neuu Sp.r.t.. Copyngh, i g .|o, Calven Distillers Corporation, New York Cii," 'ranees Buck and IB; 'Joe Dilldlne. 4-H Clnb News Notes : A wecling of the Recce 4-H «W-h.W Monday » ilh j, Oann presiding. . Bethel Stewart song captain, !ed the group in singJ tag Home on the Range." The Basketball tournament was discussed by the sponsor, Mrs. Rcy Neil A demonstration on keeping records In food preservation w-a/gi™, , b) Miss Cora Lee Colemnn, home : demonstration agent, aim R \y ! Schroeder, assistant countv agri- 1 cultural agent, gave a demonstra- i ticn on pigs and keeping the nlc ' record book. ' E I ' ™« following club captains save reports: Douglas Wilson, pig C au- taln; Juanita Gay, gardening and canning captain; Rtlt h j am "" KEYSTONE ALFALFA SEEDS ALL KINDS HELD SEEDS BABY CHICKS L. K. Ashcraft Co. loiiltry captain; and Bethel Stew- rl, room Improveiucnt caiitntn. i * * Half Moon Club The Hnlf Moon 4-H Club met Vwlnjsday mcruine with Lnvonnc 'ortlock presiding. The 'meeting - opened with |],e entire club _ ng "Yankee Doodle." The following clnu captains gave eports: ^Luverl Gaines. -.cotton; E. I). Wnlker, calf: Dorothy Bnker, cookery; Willie Jane ipain. u:u-denin g and cnnnlng- Jcnelce Wldner, clolhln:;- Carl :<ln-.1rd Uaker. poultry; t,||li e M ne Hasklns. J. 1'icuren, county n»rieiiUural agent, talked to the club about the •l-H Club basketball tournament, and Miss Cora I^e Colemnn, home dcinonstrntlon agent, gave n discussion on the Want to Prosper movement. Brown Club Eighty-seven inembei-s of the Grown 4-H club were present at Ihe meeting Tuesday morning Mien Pauline Shaw presided. •Hcnie on the Range" was sung by the entire group, led by the song caplain, W. O. Alcdlock. Virgil Love presented the following program: "Ccaltcrbrnin". by Jackie Jean Martin and Knrmon. .Knltiryn Watson. Jackie Jean Mnrlln, Kclenden Pleeman Joe t?ced Thtclkeld, Joe nclpli Btnley, Vh-gll Love and Hoover Ellis; patriotic readings by Jce R-ilph Bailey, nay Lloyd Shipley, Freda Gay Wagner, Hullt Davidson Knthryn, Watsou and Oscnr Eu- bmifcs; Rudi •Bunch played a piano solo, "Two Little Valentines; and "Hiding Songs", enacted by Wlldn Mnlhls. Freda Ony \Vngner, Joe Reed Threlkckl. Alton Wnyne MII- llgnn, Virgil Love and Oscar EH- banks. The following club captains gave reports: Cnrl Threlkclil. cottcir J C. Milllgan. pig; E. w. Roberson calf; Tnclmii Walker, gardeninij and canning; Virginia Love, cloth- lit;: A. C. Fax. poultry, and Clnrn luce, rosm Impioveiuent. Goats are raised primarily for their milk. u | tn tncir hk , C5 a secondary product. Mayor Drops All Work To Cook Oyster Stew QUINCY, ^rlss. (UP) _ All 1'ifj Mayor in api-oi Thomas s. Uunjin donned a.. ..„.„. to cock a -i-cal Cape Cod oyster stew for a city messenger who wi- no»i> Burgin, in the midst ot a busy day, called off all appointments when he iMrncd that llari-y \v. Tirrcll, 74, i 1!u i an oiicrnllon and had expressed n desire for the "tasty" dish PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Slock : . Gufiranleci! Besl Prices : Kirby Drug Stores -sclendca rlccman; George eorge Washington drill, given by Wanda SI'EM) YOUK GASOLIXT. DOM.AH WISELY SAVE 3c In .| C Per Gallon ON GASOLINE Valuable Coupons With liarh Purchase GASOMNE-MOTOR OH, KEROSENE Wholesale A- Uclail TRABE WITH •JOYNER OIL CO, Independent Dtatcr TANK CAR TO V 0l <K CAR si, North> nfrtlwvfl| I ARKANSAS & MISSOURI Farm& City LOAN LOW INTEREST RATES EASY PAYMENTS —LONG TERMS Knsfcst closing service of anv mortgage loan company doing business in this slate. FLORIDA BROS. & CO. 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