The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 29, 1959 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1959
Page 20
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Upp»r tot Mofnw Thursday, Jan. 29, 1959 IV!' 15! 3* i: V ?* |J hi I li THERE ARE TIMES IN EVERY person's life when nothing comes in more handy than a good excuse. A good excuse is logical, short, to the point'end preferably, true. If it can't be absolutely true, it must at least have a little bearing on the thing it is trying to excuse and what it lacks in truth must be made up for in originality. s • * * • EXCUSES ARE 'AS OLD AS MANKIND. The very first one recorded* so far as I know, is the one that came from Adam — "You see, my Wife had this hankering for fresh fruit." Eve also had an excuse for the same situation — "But that serpent told me, if I ate it, I would be real smart." Centuries and centuries later, husbands and wives are still making excuses, both to and for each other. . ..- ••• .-••' .-.••'.•• • '* * * If HAS BEEN SAID. THAT. "Every man has his uses and every woman her excuses." One that wives frequently rely upon is "But dear, it was such a bargain!". A companion alibi is, "You want me to look nice when you take me out, don't you?" One Wife, whose husband ;was critical of her fashion expenditures, was told to say, 'Get thee behind me. Satan" when tempted to buy a new dress. She replied, "But dear, I did that and Satan said, 'My dear, it fits you just lovely in back' ". . "WE DECIDED TO PLAY JUST one more hand", is an excuse .»•-»*** «»j w***.*. £,* v i* ig VJUJL VV. W* Wit IQf A MiVtii b JVIJVJ W 11 IV WWl>WHD W \,l C off your shirt." I have also used the excuse, "The kids forgot to tell me you had phoned." • •••'.' • . • ' * * * - HUSBANDS USE EXCUSES. TOO. What wife, at some time or another, has not hetrd her man say, "But dear, I was working late at the office." Some gals have heard their husbands excuse their maneuvers with blondes at a party, "But dear, we were just talking business." Then there is, "I couldn't quit when l"was so much ahead", and the variation on the same theme, "I couldn't quit because I was too much loser." Any of these excuses are more effective when backed up with a small bouquet of red roses or a pound or two of fine chocolates. But if husbands slip up and give a.'gift like that without having anything to be excused, they'd better watch out. The little woman will go crazy trying to find out what her husband is feeling so guilty about now. Statehouse News Digest (Weekly new* release of ihe Iowa Press Association. The malarial contained herein does not necessarily conform io the editorial policy of this newspaper.) • » * MARCM1 FIRED State treasurer M. L. Abrahamson has dismissed George March! as director of the motor vehicle fuel tax division. Abrahamson also fired five other employees of the gas tax division. Abrahamson said he dismissed Marchi "for failure to perform the duties assigned to him." Both Abrahamson and Marchi are Republicans. A recent audit by the state auditor's office was critical of the treasurer's offict for failure to collect gasoline taxes due the stated The audit also said the working relationship between Abrahamson and Marchi was far from accord and agreement. Abrahamson also requested State Auditor G. B. Akers to assign an auditor full time to the gasoline tax division. * * * GAS TAX PROBE Governor Herschel Loveless (D), has launched an investigation of the state gasoline tax division under a law covering "suspension of state officers." The law provides that the governor shall, "when of the opinion that the public service requires such action, appoint, in writing, a commission of three competent accountants . . . they shall examine the books, papers, vouchers, moneys and documents of any state officers, board or commission is an excuse "I THOUGHT MY WIFE had taken care of it used by husbands. "A guy needs some recreation", is an excuse they use for buying more fishing, golfing or bowling equipment. "My wife has more time than I do to go to school for conferences" is ^another excuse, and so is, "My wife forgot to tell me you had called." But the most frequently heard, husbandly excuse, at our house is still, "I'll fix it when I get more time." HISTORY IS FULL OF FAMOUS excuses. Some of them that might have been used are this one by Achilles, "But Mamma forgot to wash my heel", and Goliath's statement after his battle with David, "How was I to know the kid had a new sling shot?" And William Tell might have been heard to remark, "But that's the way we've always sliced apples." • •"" • » * •*.. , GEORGE WASHINGTON WAS a good hand at excuses, even at a tender age. I can't prove it, but I have always suspected that he said to his father after the cherry tree episode, "As long as you caught me red-handed, I did it with my little hatchet." Carrie Nation had a hatchet, too. She gave as her excuse right after hacking up a saloon back bar, "I just wanted lo see if the blade would still chop. Now are you boys still thirsty?" * */''*• I DIDN'T KNOW THE gun was Iqadfid",'is a classic excuse, Governor Loveless has named Albert Augvlstine, Des Moines, and Clifford Rugger, Mason City, both certified public accountants, ahd Dean Sidney Winters of the college of commerce at the State University of Iowa, also a'CPA, to make the investigation. Earlier the governor had asked .for an appropriation of $15,000 to conduct a full scale audit of the gas tax division. The governor has now dropped that request. Immediately [after Marchi was fired the governor had state agents Assigned as guards over gas tax records. Republicans were holding a joint senate-house caucus when word of the governor's action reached" them. The Republicans had just adopted a resolution in the caucus pointing out to the governor that he should use this particular law pertaining to the three accountants rather than steps outlined previously. "This law provides the vehicle the governor should have used in the first place," declared Republican house floor leader Clark . McNeal (R), Belmond. "There-is ' ho need for a $15,000 appropriation. This law provides for an 'open end' amount." * * GAS STORY George Marchi, discharged director of the gas tax division, claims a member of the Republican state central committee tried last summer to keep' him from giving reporters stories about the department. Marchi said Art Donhowe, Des Moines banker and member of the GOP state central committee, took him to -lunch one day last Slimmer. "He said that the only thing Abrahamson objected to was It was probably used by John Wilkes Booth. The same incident gave rise to the "sick" joke currently going the rounds, "Aside from that, Mrs Lincoln, how did you enjoy the ,show?", I don't known what excuse Napoleon gave for his defeat at Waterloo, but I think he probably remarked one or twice, "But Josephine, I have to keep my hand inside my shirt. How else can I scratch where at itches?" .• . • * * . * KIDS ARE AWFULLY GOOD AT excuses. One .little boy's parents threatened to nickname him "Yeahbut" because everything he said started out, yeah, but. "Yeah, but I couldn't find my other shoe", "Yeah, but he started it first" and "Yeah, but I forgot." The one most frequently heard at our house is, "Yeah, but I couldn't find a hanger." * * * THE KIDS NEED EXCUSES to get back into school after they have been absent. They give them little blue slips all filled with £!th ™ !™ US6S V\i? a?e they r^ en>t urinal enough to come up Vnm8 AU1 - HIIIUuawi UUJC ^ «, «.with an excuse of their own. The only one we have used at our that I was giving things to the house so far is Illness, but if we want to get a little more original " • " ------ ---"• ^ we can choose, illness at home, bad weather, slow clock, slept too late, late meal, work at home, work not at home, train across path, bicycle trouble, truancy or auto trouble. ,-•:......'. * * * OUR. KIDS ;ARE ORIGINAL enough using just -illness.... Upon occasion they have come up with excuses for not feeling well from diseases : that haven't even been invented yet. Sometimes its a clunk in the left big toe, a pain in back of the ears, .a crink on the neck or general gooky feelings which have a tendency to depart about 9:10 in the morning. The trouble is, their mother is not too good at ferreting out the genuineness of illness excuses I am torn between the two fears of letting them stay out of school with a fake excuse and sending them to the classroom when they are coming down with a fever. » ' • * * WHEN AN EXCUSE GETS INTO court, it is no longer an excuse, it is an alibi. An alibi, so I have heard, is the legal proof that a person wasn't where he was and therefore couldn't do what ne did. Justice has been known to be on the side of some pretty flimsy sounding excuses. For example. I read recently where a wife m New Jersey was upheld in her claim of henpecking priv- iif ge u' & Hl e court blamin S her husband for letting her get into the habit. There was a housewife in England who tried to kill her spouse .and shewas set free on probation by explaining that he wouldnt take her out nights. And in aboriginal New Zealand a Maori got the title to some disputed land by pointing at the rival claimant and explaining, "I ate his father." •:-•'' ' * ' * - * OF COURSE. I, PERSONALLY, seldom use excuses. When I do something that needs explaining, I give reasons. For example, the reason I am writing this column so late on Sunday evening when I should have written it yesterday is that I was tired. And the reason I wrote it on excuses is that I couldn't think of any other subject. Ignorance may not be an excuse; but it can be used as a xeason. * * * THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS another one that came from Dru Mertz, Grand Island Nebraska. It's for Chicory Crown Salad and cumbers 80 " e yet is that l ° idn>t have ' an y cu ' 3-3 oz pkgs. Philadelphia cream cheese. % tsp, salt 2 cup drained ground cucumbers Vt cup drained ground onions V4 cup drained ground parsley 1 cut up garlic bud 1 tablsp. unfavored gelatin V4 cup cold water ' 1 cup mayonaise. chi asked, "what if it pertained tof his employer or his employer's office? I asked him hoW he W%uia expect such a matter to be hatt- died if he were the employe*. H6 indicated that the -only proper thing to do was to have the em* ployer rather than the employee make the statement' for the of* fice." * * * GOP MEETING The eyes of the nation turned to Des Moines last Week as re'i resentatives from six major fei made fen. appearance before a committee which will select .the site of the 1960 Republican na* tional. convention. , \ The six cities bidding for'trie convention were Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, Sah Fran* cisco. New York and- Miami Beach. ' Meade Alcorn, Republican na^ tional committee chairman, said the fact that the Democrats have already selected Los Angeles will, make no difference in the Republican choice. Representatives from the three major television networks also appeared before 'the committee to discuss communication problems in conjunction with the presiden» tial convention. In addition to the meeting of .the site committee, the GOP had a full meeting of its national, committee. »' • • - * ••;••..•' NEEDHAM DEAD The state superintendent of printing, Sherman Needham, died at his desk at the s.tatehouse ?last week. He was 77. Needham, who had held down ihe post of state superintendent of printing since 1942, collapsed while talking to George Marchi about a printing job for the motor vehicle fuel tax division. Death was due to a heart attack. Needham became associated with his lather in publication of the Keokuk County News in 1903. Later he moved to Eldora as editor-publisher of the Hardin County Ledger. He became editor- publisher of the Ames Milepost in 1931. Needham-sold that paper, not now published, after he was named state printing superintendent. , ' He was named a master editor- publisher by the Iowa Press As-. sociation in ^.943. ; * * * CONTEST OUT . ? An election contest board of three district judges has dismissed the contest by'Don Wilson, (D),; West Des Moines, of the re-election of Attorney General Norman Erbe, (R), Boone. The board declared the bond filed by Wilson did not comply with the law and therefore the board did not have the jurisdiction to hear the matter. Wilson was defeated by Erbe in the Nov. 4 general election by 2,032 votes. The West Des Moines attorney said he will appeal the ruling to the state supreme court. * * » . • • • -.. i HALL OF FAME Both the house and senate of the Iowa legislature have passed a resolution which provides that the state of Iowa will provide a suitable location for an agricultural hall of fame if Iowa is elected as the site for the na- ional shrine. The Des Moines- Ames area is one of three sites >eing considered for the hall of ame. Luanna Alt To Wed April 5 Mr and Mrs Harry Alt, Algona announce the engagement and approaching ,marriage of their daughter, Luanna, pictured above to, Ronnie, son of Mr and Mrs LeRoy Djtsworth, Algona. The wedding will take place April'5 at Trinity. Lutheran church at Algona. press. He wanted me to quit it, but I told him I thought the press had a right to know what was going on in the department if anything was," Marchi said. Abrahamson said at one time he had asked Marchi to "clear" with him any news stories he was giving to the press so that he (Abrahamson) would be able to answer any questions he was asked' about them. The state treasurer denied he was trying to withold information about the department from the public. Donhowe said that Marchi had telephoned him last summer and asked to see him. Donhowe said he arranged to meet Marchi and take him to lunch. Donhowe said Marchi wanted some advice. "He wanted to know if it would be proper for him to give a statement to the press," Donhowe said. "I told him that as an individual he could say anything he wanted to at any time." Donhowe said Mar- Water ' the Eastern Star At S-City Installs »,Q}Jy *w Installation of of- for fhe, year q f 1959 f 0r Qrger of .Eastern Star was «Jao.,« ft. Installing officers "-• Miude' 'Barrett, Mrs iiwtaljef were Worthy , -MrrBep^Hasg; — fetron, Clai —GRACE, Patron, Wallace aret Johnson; Treasurer, Mrs Elaine Mathers; Conductress, Mrs Lucille Swanson; Associate Conductress Mrs Karen Mortensen. Chaplain, Mrs Ruth Hurlburt; Adha, Mrs Maxine Smouse; Ruth, Mrs Marjqrie Clark; Esther, Mrs Bpnna Larson; Martha, Mrs Bonnie Nahtigalj Electa, Mrs Delores Elliot; Warden, Mrs Evelyn Tague; Sentinel, J?ean Swanson, FIRE Fire destroyed a hog house, 50 pigs and seven sow? recently on the Johnnie Hansen farm north' east of Olin. Fire was caused by heat bujbs in the hoj bouse. Now you Know! The answer Jo-everyday insurance problems* By L. 8. Bohannon QUESITION: Do insurance people have any statistics which show what causes the most fires? ANSWER: Yes and believe it or not, matches and smokers' carelessness are responsible for more fires than any other single cause. • If you'll address you? own insurance questions to this office, Tve'U iry to give you the cornet answers and there will bo no charg* or obligation of any kind. LS. BOHANNON 6 N, Dodge CY 4-4443 CJDM Classifieds Pay Dividends Early Moving Taking Place At Irving ton Irvington — Some early moving has been taking place in this vicinity. 'Mrs Wm. Gronbach anc her daughter, Mrs P. Bluinberg and sons moved to Spirit Lake Where Mrs Blumberg will be employed. Mr,, and* Mrs Tom Groifibach and family have moved nto the Gronbach home, torn s employed by Franklin Wagner. Mr arid Mrs Harold, Illg and son moved to Lone Rock to be em- }loyed by Ray Laabs, and Mr and ^rs Franklin Wagner have moved into the house vacated by Digs. Mr and Mrs Chris Gales and soh Al visited Mr Gales' sister, Mrs Mary Shirly at a Waterloo iospital recently. She is recovering from a recent leg amputation as result of a fall several weeks ago, Emmet Fowjer of .Pihe River. Minn, returned to his home Sat- urday after a visit at the home of his sister, Mr and Mrs Leo Coiwett arid with Jiis brother* Claude Fowler, Paul Donald is the new son bom Jan. 16 to Mr and Mrs Donald Bofmafl. The Bormans have a daughter and two other sons. Mr and Mrs George Skafe artd children of Bricelyn, Minn, called on. friends here, Saturday. Mr Skan* was formerly agent for Chicago N.W. Ry Co. here and is now employed by them at Brice* lyn, Minn. - • 6FF1CE StfPPUES—-Business forms, office furniture, filing equipment and supplies, at the Upper Des Moihes Pub. Co., Algona, across from new Municipal parking lot. REASONS < Why YOU May Need A LAND BANK LOAN Check Your Needs — SHERWIN- WILLIAMS There's a low cost, long term Land,Bank Loan on your land available for you if you need money for any of these reasons. Make application to y o u r 1 o c a 1 NFLA, owned by farmers —•for farmers, where you can borrow with confidence. Contact — D To Consolidate Debit D To Modernize Buildings •03 To Buy New Equipment ^To Buy Livestock D Jo Buy Land Q For Any Constructive Purpose EUGENE H. HUTCHINS. Sec.-Treas. South of Penneys -in Algona Preferably Mondays or Wednesdays (4-5-6) M1MMBQT A 9PSONLY Janl30 - Feb-1 SPECIAL GROUPS OF Be our guest for-a "pleasure test..».« and let Chevy do its oim vnf Before yon dectae on any new, every «w, here's the biggest break you MAGIC-MIRROR FINISH— keeps can give your dollars—and your- its shine without waxing or polishself: Drive a '59 Chevrolet. You'tt find there's nd reason to want a car that costs more — and no car you want that costs less! Here are some of the'things Chevrolet will tell you about when yon drive it — ROOMIER BODY B7 FISHER— more width for seating comfort, more luggage space, and new in for up to three years. 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