The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 22, 1959 · Page 21
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 21

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 22, 1959
Page 21
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\ Tidbits by £ve/yn aft Sducaliott ftequent- ly involves interesting situations, and Kathy DeitfMmcl, daughter oi Mr and Mrs Alex Derrhand, certainly cailttSt say "nothing ever happens tb me." Kathy is a student at Antioch college, Yellow Spring, OM6, and is training for public relations. This requires one quarter each school year spent in Associated Press conference attendance and in her training for dictationist, Kathy also attends national press conferences and reports flash news from the White House and Congress. In such' a meeting recently she sat next to President Eisenhower and Eric Severaid, noted news artalyist. She was ft luncheon guest of Congressman Coad. * * * One card club has a novel idea of what the losers should do instead of receiving a prize. They SPEAKING: Add Up What Your "Light Bill" Pays For. In "y e olden days" your light bill paid for just LIGHT. But look at it now! It sweeps your floors, keeps food cool, cooks your meals, washes your clothes, heats your water, percs your coffee, runs your radio, television, fans, toaster, grills and many other appliances. It turns on your heating plant, too .... AND LIGHTS YOUR HOME better than ever before. Yet your "light" bill is less today — truly today's biggest value. Algona Municipal Utilities Phone CY 4-2333 _fe pemrfiHffed to do the dbhes. Oeorge Balluff and Mrs Chalmer iiad this task t<j jjefform iy al the elese of an feve- ttihg of entertainment at Mr and rs Dean Taylor's? * -, * * * Susan, 10 year did daughter ol Jim Wyehor, pays attention to T.V, and Art Linkletter Is one of her favorites. She wishes sh« eotlld get oh the program and tell how mother Carol and daddy Jim met. It is just a little puzzU 5ng too for mother's home was Webster', Wis., Jim's Was Mihne polis. and they met when Susan was hospitalised way back, when she was a little girl. . Then Jim's brother married Carol's best girl friehd, and that is how Jim and Carol met. And best of all baby Jimmie haS been added to the family. I am sorry to lose them as renters. They are going to Muskegon, Mich., where Jim will work at a radio station. * * * Quite a number of years ago : met Jack Nugent, son of Mr and Mrs Bill Nugent of Des Moihes He won't remember the meeting, for he was a litte fellow just few months old and I had gone to his grandparents home. Mr and Mrs Frank Dingley's, when hi mother Zaida had him home on a visit. I remember so well 1 said "I suppose he will grow up to b President of the U.S." Zaida re plied, "No, because I am afrai he might be assassinated." Among my friends who have sons, none has produced a President but Buena Reed Dodge of Fallen, Nev., has a son Carl Dodge, Jr., who is. a senator and lives >at Carson ,City, Nev. Dot Smith, Buena's very good friend of many years, had a letter from Buena .not long ago and a .card wag enclosed, one he had used during his campaign.' I asked Dot if he looked like Buena. "No, exactly like Carl," she replied. [THESE WOMEN! SftfAfcttfe *Hmro—your new shad* of nail polish looks mighty' attractive on our stationery t!' SIC Al the Victory dinner last week Saturday night held at the Congregational church, Rev. Elmer Brinkmeyer was guest speaker, tie has been instrumental in raising funds for five churches over a period of a few years including his chusch at Webster City. * « ... * News from Good Samaritan — Ada Bandy, who had been a resident here for some time and who moved to Altoona a few months ago, died and funeral services were held here Saturday at St, Thomas Episcopal church — George Bell and W.'H. Brigman of West Bend came to see their uncle Milton Bell — Mrs Jennie Luken was visited last week Wednesday by her daughter, Mrs Viola Studer, Wesley — Mrs Lizzie Frost had her son and daughter-in-law of LuVerne as guests last week Wednesday — Ida Peterson, Mrs ,W. .C. D&yeUiand Mrs Alice' Clayton "called 0nS;Bessie Jones Wednesday evening — Mrs Elizabeth Baas had as callers last week Bob Wegener and Mrs 1 Robert Wegener, Whittemore, Mollie Kressin, Lone Rock, and Mrs Regina Baas and Mrs H, H. Behnke — George Helmke was taken to Iowa City one day last week. It is probable he will have surgery at the University hospital — Charles Whitson was visited Thursday by Mrs John Jennings, Sexton. * * * Some limes our older rqlatives hit the 'nail on the head, and sometimes they are wrong, I have in mind a venerable gentleman who has a son and daughter- in-law with two children. The mother of the daughter-in-law has come from some distance to make a visit and it has caused grandpa to remark, "Each time she has been here before, — has had a baby. But she hasn't said anything this time; hasn't announced any news." I gather from the conversation I had with the young wife, this time there is no news. » '* * After learning that cattle ranches in Texas cover from 75,000 to more than 100,000 acres Mrs F. C. Scanlan doesn't wondei that few cows were seen on their recent trip to the southwest. » • » •I mentioned Myrtle Pelley mounter Williams, sister of my aunt Mary Henderson, a few weeks ago and told you she is a Friendship Haven, Fort Dodge, wrote to her -and had a prompt reply. , At,., the present, shells 'Cdnside'r'ing" a move to California. • • • More about G. S. Charles Whit- So much the same in different on the road... GIVES YOU DIFFERENCE DIFFERENCE :l:^-S-ilNf ou DdN;t DIFFERENCE! Take Plymouth's TWOMILE TRY-OUT-and see the Big Difference that Torsion-Aire Ride makes, As you'll quick' ly notice, there's no lean on turns, no nosedive on stops. Such smoothness you have never known-and it's standard equipment on every Plymouth* No doubt about it, Plj7nouth's contemporary design is the hand, soniest new look for '59. Instead of going "overboard," Plymouth stylists aimed for modern good taste, Result; from rear Sport Deck to elegant grille, a car that looks expensive but isn't! PLYMOUTH Torsion-bar front suspension Total-Contact Brakes Independent parking brake Electric windshield wipers Most driver headroom Most driver legroom Greatest trunk capacity Long-life baked enamel V V V V V V CAR CAR V OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Swivel Seats Rear Sport Deck styling Piish-Puttgn transmission Push-Pultun heating Mirror-Matie rear-view'mirrii Biggest engine V V V .That's because all three top-selling low-price cars are priced within a few dollars of each other. They all cost just about the same, as any Plymouth salesman can prove to you. Yet only the '59 Plymouth gives you the Big Difference in ride, stylet and features. dealer's mi m Plymuth'sBig Difference ou'll agree today's best huy,,,tomorrow r $ best trade, Js on observed his 88th blrthdn Friday — Mrs Alice Jergcns is again an employee here — Ruby ~ohnson's place has been tilled by Mrs Gladys Reefer. * * * I have had several inquires about my cousin Carl Henderson of Corona, Calif., since Russ men- ioned him in his column. The question is am I a cousin of Rnlph Morgan, too. No, it's like this. Carl's mother was Estella Wilbur and she and Ethel Morgan arc cousins. Carl's lather Walter Henderson was my mother's brother. * * * Even" Ihe* paper Iowa depends on" has n gremlin in the office now and then. Witness, "Blaik was emphatic in his denial that. FRACTION with General Davidson and other top Army officials was the cause of his resignation" Of course it was FRICTION which was meant. » » » Older residents will remember well the Judge Quarton family and will recall the family, Harold, Sumner, Helen, Florence and William. An item of interest recently appeared in the DCS Moincs Register which staled William, Cedar Rapids, has been elected to the board of American Broadcasting Stations Inc. HP has been general manager oT WMT at Cedar Rapids and now becomes head of the radio and television properties which include WMT, WMT T.V. and in Fort Dodge. Dron«, Jabot . , 118.90 arvey Poglow, Inbof . .... 88.78 own state Bunk, ta* ..»._,.. 585.10 oc. Set. Fund, «oc. Hoe, lax .. 15.97 >cloet Service Co., fuel oil ... 4,034.42 Vofth Central Pub. Serv,. gnu 3,411.44 occmy Mnliilp Oil Co,, Hib. oil eMJt Cxllnc Engine Works, repair* ..*. 183.00 Wklwfty Motor'Co. I no., repairs 277.00 Norton Machine Works, rrpnlm 71 .W Igonrt Machine Shop, repair* 32,00 Igoiifl Welding Si Mf«. rppntrs 1.40 lotsfjml Lumbar Co., suppl. _. 103.15 VM'lonnl AUnnlnntc Corp. suppl. —...... 4-'----- 108.00 ( |ne Mntprlnl tml., suppl. 3U.08 Northland Elec. Supp. Co., suppl. ». :....-*....,. 88.39 North Central l.lno Serv., snrv, ..... 318.78 own Electric Supply Co., supp. 38.00 Genornl Kleetrle Supp. Co., RUpp. . 5.31 3. & L. Parts Mfg. Co., supp. .. 240.00 Midwest Supply Co., Supp. ... 2,332.74 Bradley Bros., supp 0.00 Ready-Mix Co., »upp 18,52 Honsnrurh Drug, supp. 2.07 H, J. Funk, supp. .. - 0.2(1 Prntt filec., supp OI1.7fl Bronaon Building Serv., supp. 172.74 Frankl's D-X Service, gas 71,37 Kohlhans Hardware, »upp, ,-...- 7.77 ttall-Slrnhorn, supp. 2.30 Don Hochcn Supply Co.. supp. 20.40 Kenno Signs, scrvlro .- 20,00 Arnold Motor Supply, rcpnlr 34.11 Duoll & Winter, cng. sctv, .. 1,500.00 Sinclair Pub, Co., supp 4.1)5 DCS Molnes Hog & Trlb., pub. 30.6B N. W. Boll Tclo. Co., service -. 75.70 Allen K. nucliniMin, snlnry 25.00 C. R, McQulston, snlftry 28.00 O. D, Hnrmes, snlnry 20.00 American Pub. Power Assoc., dues 72.54 Sharp's Jewelers, mipp. _ 30.26 Advnncc Pub. Co., pub. 1)0.20 Russell O, Buchnnnn, leHfll service .......—- 205.00 Wntor Dopt., service ...,. 22(1.27 Kcht Motor Co., ropnlrs .. 07.36 lown Electric Lflt. & Pwr,, power 10,710.00 J , WATER DEPARTMENT Pny noil, pny roll 357.42 Wnltor Peterson, lnbor 1(14.20 Thuriday, Jan, 2i, 1959 A1g«no Potty ciwh, misc. 14.71 fiarryl Householder «t nil. refund „„..• Then (hern wn«t ft motion by MtSQuI** ton, «'conded by Ttnrfn* 1 *, (hat the nchcdtiie «f wiintio* and wages tst th« mining yfcnr, wubjcet to chnng*. bet fixed nit follow*: . ^ V. C. Dfllley, W78.00', Wm, C. Ludwlg, $300.00; 1*0 M. Bclloik, $370.00; Pdut Mewsorne. iS70.00: Jnek Hemon, 1370.00; Hctbeti Schnticr, $370.00; Mllo Kollflsch, 8370.00; Wnltrr Hnupcrt, fSes.Otr; Floyd Welshanr. 1205.00; Jerry Puffer, S2&5.00; Milton Bllyeu, *2.30 hr,; Mervln ttentgcs. $1.00 bf.j Wilbur Bruner, (il.M ht.j Jam« Drone, $1.53 hr.; Walter Peterson, SI.1)5 lir.; Harvey Finley $230.00; f. Jnmt'S I'nlrnpr. Supl., $700.00; !r» Kohl, $175.00; Mftrclrt Nelson, $205.00; Jonn K. Mueller $190.00; Unrtcnc Grny, $1BO.OO. Holl enll, voting "Aye", Buchnnnn McQulston, nnd Murrnaa. Voting "Nny' none. Motla.t cnrrled. Next fncetlnR dnto wag set for jnn lit. I65d, At Mcetrnf adjott: fSf Allen K. Buchflnflft President of the Frl., • Jan, 23 Kenny Hufor Sat., - Jan. 24 Koilh Killinger And His Orch. Mon.. • Jan, 26 . Teenl Polio Benefit Dane* Dancing 7 To 10 Link & The Convertible* Bob Hale & Records Prizes — Contests Adm. 75c PLANTATION BALLROOM WHITTEMORE, IOWA SUNDAY, JAN. 25 Tommy Aden SUNDAY, FEB. 1 Don Hoy SUNDAY, FEB. 8 Henry Charles No Dances During Lent Except St. Patrick's Dance, Mar. 17. __ No Advance Booth Reservations Doors Open at 8:30 Helncr Helmcrs, lnbor 11.00 Mnx Helmers, labor 7.33 Iowa State Bnnlt, . withholding tnx 27.70 | Soc. Sec. Fund. sot;, sue. tax .. 13.40 Lolfihton Supply Co.. supp. .. 120.30 Neptune Meter Co., meters .- 731.00 Algonn Machine Shop, repairs 03.14 Hoady-Mlx. supp ....»— B.OO Goo. T. Walker «t Co., supp. .. 32.23 Frankl's Service, gad Hopkins Super Ser., Has 3.00 R. J. Funk, supp. 3.01 Miller Lumber Co., supp. 2.40 L. S. Muckey, supp. - 2.77 Hut/ell's, supp 1.30 Algotin Ins. Aficiu-y, Ins. prom. 4.00 American Water Works Assoc.. supp. - 100.00 Buell & Winter, eng. service .- 2,500.00 ] Upper DCH Moincs Pub. -Co., pub. .- — - 101.00 RviBscll O. Buehnnun, legal serv. 1)2.50 Marshall-Jackson Co., supp. .. H.iO Elec. Dcpt., service 1.453.34 Science Shririks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itcli—I^elieves Pain Nrw Y..rk, N. Y. (Sprrlnl) _ For thd first time science han found n new lumllnu Rtibstnneo with the naton- ishinit nbillly to shrink hemorrhoids, slop itchlnit, and relieve pnln — without surgery. In cnso after case, while gently relieving pnin,nrlunl reduction (Hhrinkngc) look place. Mont nnuizing nf all—rontilts werp so thorough lliat Hiid'nri'm iniulp fiatonlshlnK st»toment8 Ilka "Pile* have ceased to be a problem!" The secret Is a new healing substance (Bio-Dyne*)—discovery of a world-famous research institute. This substance is now available in nnppoiiitory or ointment form under the name Preparation H.* At your druggist. Money back guarantee. •Rat. U. S. P»t. Ott. LONG LONG LETE CLOSING OUT Mrs J. T. Roberts, her daughter and a friend, Mrs Long, Spirit. Lake, called on residents Sunday afternoon. Mrs Roberts has an aunt who lives here. Mrs Roberts is still interested in everyone here and it will be remembered she and her late husband owned and operated this rest home prior to its purchase by Good Samaritan. * * * Quite frequently I have found families who name each child with a name beginning with the- same letter. The latest are Mr and Mrs Dennis Weber, Whille- more, who have named their offspring Dale, Douglas, Dcnisc, Diane and Dean. Dcnise and Diane are twins. I forgot to ask Mrs Weber's name. I hope it is Dorothy, Doris or Daisy. SaleTto be held on the farm located IVi miles north and IVi miles east of Fenton or 1V4 miles north and 3 and 3 A miles west of Lone Rock or 4 miles south and % mile west of Seneca on Fred Asu'Heads Extension Unit Sale Starts At 1:00 P.M. 27 Lunch Wagon on Grounds '47 International M Tractor In Good Condition The Kossuth County Extension Council held its first meeting of 1959, on January 7. Officers elected were: chairman, Fred E. Asa, Algona; vice-chairman, Bernard Thilges, Bode; secretary, Mrs Andrew C. Hanson, Swea City; treasurer, Dean Andrews, Burt. The Extension Council is in . . charge of the 4-H and Iowa state John Deere drive on type wagon hoist College extension program in Kossuth County. Other members of the council, one from each township are — A. C. Miller, Buffalo; W. H. Bosworth, Crescp; Milton Madison, Fenton; Irvin Beenken, German; Philip Inman, Greenwood; Al F. Dudding, Hebron; B. L. Hoeppner, Ledyard; Orville Muller, Lotts Creek. Claude Seely ,Plum Creek; Herman Wise, Prairie; Wm. Goetsch, Sherman; Maynard Jensen, Swea; Mrs Lloyd Thorson, Eagle; Raphael Montag, Garfield; Edward Arend, Irvington; August Melz, Lincoln; Donald Fett, Lu- Verne; M. J. Trunkhill, Portland; Leander Vaske, Ramsey; Ted Jensen, Seneca; Glen Klocke, Springfield; Peter E r p e 1 d i n g, Stan Hoist Loader with snow bucket International 2-row cultivator to fit M International 18-ft, disc International 9' combine with motor Five section drag IV Spring tooth International 3-14" Case plow on rubber 2-16" International plow on rubber International 25 V 7' tractor mower Swather for 7' mower Case Hammermill PTO Drive International Endgate Seeder International F-20 Tractor A Good Buy International 2-row cultivator to fit; F-20 , 490 John Deere 4-row Corn Planter New John Deere 3-14" 555 plow with trip bottoms (plowed about 25 acres) Allis Chalmers Disc 15 ft. Four row rotary hoe International manure spreader Tractor Mower stalk cutter Two trailers with flare boxes New Idea Corn Picker with rear elevator John Deere Hydraulic Ram Union and Whittemore. Arnold Metzger, YEAR OLD HENS Municipal Utilities UTILITIES PROCEEPINGS A meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Algona Municipal Utilities was held in the City Hall, City of Algona. Iowa! Jan. 2. 1959. at 7:30 o'clock P.M. Present" were: Allen Buchanan, C. R. McQuiston, O. B. Hormes, T. James Palmer, Supt.. and Ira Kohl, Secretary. The minutes of the meeting of Pec. 18. 1958, were read and approved. Motion by Harmes. seconded' by McQuiston, that the vouchers payable be approved and authorized paid as audited. Motion carried. All voting "Aye . UOHT FUND Stomac Motor Express, freight. 27.98 C. M. St. P. & P. R. R.' Co.. freight _, - 345.69 Stomac Motor Express, freight 127.74 C. M. St. P. & ' P. R. R. Co., freight ...,...— VJ79.50 Pay roll, pay roll— „ .1,976,97 MUton Bjlyeu. labor „„,..„.,. 321,70 MerVin Hentges. labor -,, 145.7} Wilbur K. Biuuer, lalwv „..-. 114.51 MISCELLANEOUS Kitson egg washer with 4 buckets 75 bu. cap, hog feeder (Uke 2 chicken waterers Cpleman oil burner (one " TERMS: Usual Auction Terms, NOT RESPONSES IN Uoyd Berkland, Auctioneer

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