The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 22, 1959 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, January 22, 1959
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ESTABLISHED l V IMS* Wider Act « Congret* of M«ft* AIGGNA, IOWA, THURSDAY, JANUARY 22, 195* ^'e 3 SECTIONS - 22 PAGES Korean Vet to Fight Bonus Ruliri By Rugs Waller ' We had a visit last week from Adolph Fuhrmahn, , ex*St. Joe resident now living on a dairy farm neat Gainesville, Texas, anc his brother Louis of Algohft Adolph was back to attend a funeral. He is milking 43 Holstems in north Texas, in - a. dairying county; This cameras a bit of a surprise; we normally don't think of Texas as a dairying country but this county seems -to be Milk is sent to a co-op plant a Muenster, Texas, processed, and from there, gbes to, the big Texas cities for distribution. Louis, who has been, down to .visit Adolph'g place, remarked that if you drove by you' couldn't miss it —"you'd know it was an Iowa farm." Lbuis," incidentally, is the only Fuhfmann now .left and living in liossuth county from ; a rathe 1 ! 1 large family of years back. „ One of our returned Rose Bowlers who got caught in a big snow enroute, near Tucumcari, reports .they were told by the New Mexico patrol they could proceed -west 'if their car had chains! They ' finally found "a pair — and the price was $25. Coffee was also selling for 25c a cup at the Rose Parade. That California sunshine wasn't all free! * * • ( _ Three Bancroft "a m a t e u r" bowlers, Joe Donahue, Bernie Carpenter and Harley Hutchin- sori, met three bowling "experts" from Sioux City . at the new Bancroft Leisure Lanes, recently. Total score of the two teams; Bancroft — 1678; Sioux City — 1670. «... •••*.'•.• * We note that both Kevin Furlong, halfback, and Don Horn, fullback, on the State University of Iowa football champs have been arrested for driving infractions;; and both on ^highway 6 f ne'ar Coralville ..'. weMbn't know what the ^attraction'-is-'out there near iCp&lville; 'but , whatever-i-Ms Coach Evasheyski should get the hazard-removed. ' * "* * , Harry Godden reports that in connection with the appearance <p'f "Spo,t", the horse in "The Music Man" at Des Moines last week, three extras were hired to follow '.V'Spot" around and make sure that there were no unexpected ad libs on the part of Spot during the performances, ,1 ;" * * .* It is noted that more than half the members of Congress are lawyers... will debate be brief and to the point?' ' ' '' •'• ' I St. Petersburg Beach scouts tell •us that the pickings were pretty good from Bill's 'Bait House a1 Johns Pass, Fla. and that Virg Smith got 85 trout on a recent ex-i pedition into the gulf, using ishrimp and jigs,for bait., What's a Jig, Virg ? . Puzzle of ihe week! The State of the Nation message urges us '(to halt inflation ... then advocates the.Federal gas tax be raisec 1%. cents a, gallon.. .where does inflation begin and where doe& it end? -, •.;;;: -' '-•*'• * * One of the new bills before the state legislature proposes to asses a yearly fee to visit Iowa stat parks. Presumably this would include Call State; .Park. The people paid for the parks and tlieir improvements, now are being asked to pay again to use them? Mayor Pro-Tom Political Science College Major James Wnittemore was elected mayot pro*teih, by the city coun- * . K ,-:* .". * * James Whiitemore cil after the .resignation- of Byran P. Richardson who has served in the capacity for the past several years. , Whittemore came to Algona 6M» years ago from Des Moines where he was graduated from Drake University with a major in Political . Science. He ' is associated with the Vincent Clay Products Whittemore -served in the Pacific during World War II and Was serving at Bonn, Germany, afterward when, he hiet his wife, Helene; She ^became a naturalized citizen in 1*53.' The couple,has two daughters, Brigitta, 14; Lark, 10 and a son, Jerry, 6. , , The office of mayoi 4 'pro-tern is an active one at present during the illness of Mayor C. C. Shi'erk. who is still a patient at University Hospital. ' Iowa City. Dr. Shierk'is reported as coming along Well, and 'although- he will not be able to come home this week -as was hoped, it is expected that he will be released next week. . < Car Hits Bus But Students, Drivers Unhurt Nine students, school bus driver Roger Lone, Lone Rock, and Larry Berkley, Penton, art Instructor at Burt high school, luckily escaped injury in a car-bus crash at 7:55 a.m. Wednesday on a blacktop rood just east of the Sentral high school building. According "to Long* hone of the students, himself, or Beckley.were ' " Farm Fire Brings $2,000 Loss in" the^erasn. vehicles was Mothers March of Dimes '" *" j \ ' , * w Events Slated For Jan. A Mothers' March for funds to aid the March of Dimes campaign will be.held in this area Wednesday afternoon and evening, Jan. 28, according to John Moline, Algona, county chairman. Chairmen for each town in the county were named during the week. They are: Algona — Mrs Ann Clark; Bancroft — Mrs Henry Strunc; Burt — Mrs James Christensen; Fenton — Mrs Ruth Waite;,Lakota — Mrs Ida Rippen- rop; Ledyard — Mrs T. W. Greene; Lone, Rock — Mrs Mary laife; SweaMMty • ^* Mrs *Ke ethTtoflafcn^TterS'Fern. Peterson; Titonka — Mrs BeaLGar- rett; Wesley — Mrs L. T. Rodt; and Whittemore — .Mrs Harold Zimmeramn and Mrs James Devine. The Mother's March is an annual event. Funds raised during the 'drive ' will be used agah^ causes of crippling diseases and treatment for those already malformed: Some of the funds will be used to finance research on fronts. Coin collectors have been spotted throughout the^county. It has^ been estimated:that Jn "the United v States'4' least U.'|riil- .'lion 'persons ""are -<5rlpit)led Ar ^ith" .arthritis and rheumatism, including 30,000 infants and children. The Fred Huettners who oper ate the Huettner Gardens at Lakota report that they had 972 visitors during the past year, by far the largest number of .any summer, ::' , * *.- i; : . *' '-• * • '- : . . .>••/ When success turns a man's head, he is facing failure, >•; ' • ' * • - *. •.' * ', .'. : . Something new and different greeted parents of , the Cub Scout group ' supervised by Mrs Joe Tschetter, Wednesday evening, The Cubs prepared and served a" dinner to their parents The boys planned the meal, 1 cooked it, and set the tables. Glen Tfcchetter was in charge of yeast rolls; Jon Deim and Greg Buchanan made the banana cream pies; Bill Milder and Bob Smith prepared the fried chicken. Auxiliary food was a joint project. 3Mrs Tschetter claims all she did was sit around and look like a Hen Mother. * * » There's a man in M«njph|», Tenp. whg should be an inspiration to anyone losing his <jr hep driver's licgnse ,., seems He worked as a salesman for 60 |pr the same cigar Wrm, makes jril his calls otvftot .,••«» he has-sold more. thai> 15 mU)wn GityWorkers Get Pay Rise Of 3 Percent Practically all city employees received three percent wage in-, creases at the city council meeting Wednesday night, Jan. 14. The increases, retroactive to Jan. 1, 1959, ^ere okayed by the city council.' Employees of the city street department, police department, sewage treatment plant, the city clerk and his assistant and the city engineer were allowed wage hikes. Employees of the Municipal Utilities branch of city government were also given increases at a meeting of the board of trustees. Their increases were not based • on percentage, bu rather on hourly or monthly pay rates. An amendment to the city fire department ordinance, which gives members of the depart ment the right to recommend a chief to the council for approval was okayed following a third reading by the council. An < alley south of the Gooc Samaritan home was vacated in another council action. Gets Letter From Ike Roger Dreyer, Fenton, who served as speaker at the box luncheon held during the 4-H Club Congress Dec. 3 in Chicago, received a letter of recognition last week from President Eisenhower^ The letter complimented Roger for his part in ihe success of the affair. Young ^Dreyer, stale 4-H president, is a son of Mr and Mrs Everett /Dreyer Of Fenton. , pastor, Wife To Vacation Month ' Rev. and Mrs Newton Coughenour ar^ leaving Sunday for a month's vacation in Arizona and California. During the pastor's absence, the pulpit at the Methodist cfrurch will be occupied as follows; Feb. 1, Dr. Louis Preul, Algona District Superintendent; Feb. 8, Rev. John V. Gingerich, Director, of Religious Life, Morningside College; Feb. 15, Dr. Clarence Thompkins, Executive Director, Friendship Haven, Fort Dodge; Feb, 22, Eugene G. Sntith, faculty member Humboldt high school. Committee Jobs To Coad, Dewel Congressman Merwin Coad and State Senator Duane Dewel, representing two different parties in two different sections of the country, but each representing this legislative area, have been named to important committees in their respective legislative circles. Congressman Coad was assigned to the important House Agricultural Committee. He is the first Democrat from Iowa to be named to this committee in the past 75 years; in Washington. • Dewel was named as chairman of the tax revision cpmmittee of the state senate, and is a member of the legislative redistricting committee. '•'_ • As reported last week, State Representative Casey Loss, Kossuth Democrat, was named to two important committees Security State Annual Meeting even shaken up Damage, to- the slight. ' , '"' Long, a bus driver for the Lone Rock area,for the:past four years had just -started'his dailyi-routc when the.mishap occurred. He backed the bus oh the.road from the Elmer Krause drivew'aVi and had begun to head ..east when Beckley, who was .on his way to Burt,' came from the west\and collided with the side of:the .bus Beckley's auto wound up in tha north ditch ori its. wheels';,., . It was the 'first school >bui mishap in four years for Long who' also serves ^ as custodian o the Lone' Rock' grade school. The Sentral. school is located between Fenton and. Lone Rock and is used 'as a high school bj> students from Fenton, Lone Rock and Seneca.- FOUR OTHER MISHAPS IN SNOW Si ICE A- total of four other mishaps were investigated by peace officers* in this area during the week. Although damages ran high, there were no personal .injuries reported. The latest occurred near the intersection of State and Wooster streets here. Autos driven by RichardvH.'Mbe, 23,lAlgpna,.,ani George>H? Lickteig, 35; Ban^rof collided as each backed, on to State street at 2:35 p.m.' Tuesday There was no '. damage to the Moe vehicle and $150-damage to the Lickteig auto, according to Policeman Ernie Hutchison who investigated. Local police also investigated a two-car crash at the intersection of Call 'and Hall streets at'9 a.m Monday. William Duffy and John J. Von Bank, both of Algona were the drivers involved. Damage was estimated at $100 to the two autos. Jerold Rowlet, 18, Swea City was charged with failing to have his car under control by Patrolman Dale McBride after the Rowlet machine hit the rear of an auto driven by Edward Kahler, 21, also of Swea.City, at 1:15 p.m. Friday a mile east and two miles north of Swea City. Rowlet is slated to appear m Justice C. H. Ostwinkle's court here Saturday. Another area driver, Keith Sunde, 16, was charged with failing to yield the right-of-way by Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst following a two-car crash Va-mile south of Lakota Wednesday morning, Jan. 14. Sunde reportedly was backing his auto on to a county blacktop road from the William Ley driveway and struck an auto driven by Gerald Lunn, 16, Lakota. Damage was estimated at $800 LouisScotts Of Burt Honored Buit — Friends went to the home of- Mr and Mrs Louis Scott, Friday evening to hold a house warming of their new residecpe. Well filled lunch baskets were taken, and enjoyed after an evening of five hundred, A gift of a tablelamp was presented the Scotts. • , Attending were; Mr and Mrs Quinton Bjustrom, Mr and Mrs Arie Dittmer; Mr and Mrs Otto Harlan, Mr and Mrs Roy Sarchet, Mr and Mrs Bernard Gifford, Mr and Mrs Bob Sarchet and Michael Scott An estimated $2000 to $2500 damage resulted when fire destroyed a large cattle shed, at least 350 balef of straw and hay, and scorched a granary and tho corn Inside early Saturday afternoon at the Randall Clark farm two miles north of Sexton. Cause of the bhize is not, known. a ar arm . , The remains of the cattle shed can be seen on l.hc right, the burning bales in the center and the moking granary on tho left in the photo above. The smoke was so dense the trees in the background ffi^&^^S&t&Ax*™*** r*o curling from the cow shed and notified Wesley .and Algona Firemen. By the time the Wesley firemen arrived, the shed was prac- icalK f destrbyek the stack of bales was blazing furiously and the granary was smouldering. Fire came hrough the roof of the granary but was promptly extinguished Tjy firemen who then went into the upper story of he building and soaked smouldering corn,' rafters and the underside of the rpof. There was shelled corn stored in the west halfof the building and unshclled corn in the east half Several of the firemen had their clothing frozen stiff during the battle against the blaze in zero W<!B Fifteen or 20 of the Clark's tattle were in the barnyard near the shed 1, 'but didn't go in the bum- building According to reports, there was $000 insurance on the shed, and $1500 on the granary Ex-Swea Cilyan To Appeal In District Court A Korean war service man, Roger Lee Cochran, formerly of Swca City, has filed an action in district court against the Korean Veterans Service Compensation Board of Iowa, which had rejected his bonus claim. The board rejected the claim oh the grounds that Cochran was not a legal resident of Iowa at the time he entered service. A notice 5 of appeal from tha ruling has been filed by Cochran. So far as is known, it is tho first appeal of its kind in connection with the Korean bonus 'for Iowa. , Facts Of The Case Cochran says that his' legal address was Swea City at the time he entered service, Jan. 16, 1951. At that time he was'attend- ing the University of Minnesota, and he was inducted into service as a member Of the National Guard at Fairmont, Minn. He served 21 months, being. separated from the .service on Aug. 25, 1952. Cochran was born in Fort Dodge, and his parents lived in Swea City for several years.' Dur- ing The call'was the first in 1959 for the local fire department. Many persons on the scene to help the Clarks begin cleanup work Saturday evening.-(UDM are,i ter Bade With Minus 15 On The Docket Blowing snow and frigid temperatures ushered real winter weather back into Kossuth county during the past two days. Ac- .cording to weathermen, it is probable the cold weather will hang on for a few more days, with 15 below Wednesday night. Driving was a little difficult all over the midwest Tuesday as fine snow, added to a half-inch which fell Monday, packed on streets and highways and was whisked around -• by high winds, making visibility nearly zero at times. Fortunately, driving conditions improved Wednesday morning. The low temperature reading during the week was 12 degrees below zero Saturday morning The low mark registered each day was below the zero mark while the high was 32 degree; Sunday afternoon. H Jan. 15 __ 24 Jan. 16 4 Jan. 17 4 .32 .27 Jan. 18 Jan. 19 Jan. 20 — 14 Jan. 21 -2 -8 -12 -8 -6 -2 -3 Dr. Erickson To Head Kiwanians The Algona Kiwanis Club nstalled new officers and direc- ors for the coming-year at their •egular luncheon meeting at the Algona Hotel last Thursday. Wes Bartlelt was the installing of- icer. New officers are Dr. Harold Erickson, president, O. B. Harmes, 1st vice president, R. R. Hulzell, 2nd vice president,, A. VI. Quinlard, secretary, and El Ai Schemel, treasurer. . ,, Directors installed were Robert Barnes, Roy Bjustrom,' Eugene Furst, Clair Blossom, Philip Dorweiler, Pat Montag and Virgil Rohlf. Jack Chrischilles, the immediate past president, also becomes a member of the board of directors! .5 Tr. No serious damage to power or telephone lines was reported following the storm. Fo,ur J. P. Fines Four men paid fines in Justice C. H. Ostwinkle's court this week, 'They were Leonard G. Klinger, Algona, who paid $10 and costs when found guilty to failing to yield the right-of-way; Myron Busch, Ledyard; Robert J. Friets, Bancroft; and Orland Peterson, Lakota, $10 and costs each, illegally hunting jackrabbits at night. Prowlers Enter Two Churches Two local churches, St. Cecelia's Catholic and St. Thomas Episcopal, were broken into during the night Monday. Local police investigated both break- ins. At St. Cecelia's, entrance was gained by prying open'a doot. The culprits searched through the entire church building and probably made off with a few dollars in coins. It was thought nothing else was missing from the premises. A bar was used on the basement door on the south side of St. Thomas Episcopal. The door frame was broken when the door was kicked open and the locks were shattered. According to authorities of the church, nothing was stolen. Repairs to the door were completed Wednesday morning. Las* J by , JI<>vejr Farm Fire At Lakota Sunday * firemen answered a 4 p.m.. call, Sunday, at the farm home pf Mrs kena Schwarz, to b^tje Jjajnes resulting from a prppabje/defective furnace. Leonard Weinkauf, who is sch ih'at he built a fire in toe,furnace, which' h$4 - not been wsea for sometime, an$ the fire resulted. was confined mostly to smok'e in the Iwijse, However, All present officers were re- eleqted during the annual meeting of officers and stockholders of the Security State Bank Tuesday night. The meeting, held in the ba.n}5 building, began at 8 p.m. and reports were given by all officers. . . C, B. Murtagh, president since the bank opened for business in the mid-thirties, was re-named to that post. Other reelected officers are L. Harold Vance, ex* ecutive vice president; E. J. Hough and D. C. Hutchison, vice presidents; E5. A- Scheme!, cash Je.r;'and Fred A. Diekman, assist a,nt. cashier, Directors of the bank are Murtagh, Vance, Hough, Schemel, P. C. Hutchison, T. C. Hut- chjson, W. W. Sullivan, Dr. M. G. Bourne,-H. M- Hauberg, G. Dand M. J,' Streit. Winner of, 26 State and ' National Awards )950 - 1958 NATIONAI AWARD WINNER J9 '57 Winner Second Place Nat'l Editorial "General Excellence 1 ' Injured Youth Has New Surgery Burt — Edward Garman, 15- year old son of Mr and Mrs Victor Garman, 'was taken from St. Ann losptital to a Mason City hospital last week, and readmitted at St. Ann hospital Jan. 19 1 . ,A bone specialist there was scheduled to operate on his thigh, broken in a car accident recently. The bone had been set, Mrs Garman said, but would not stay. Retailing Class In First Session The Creative Retailing Class", co-sponsored by the Distributive Education Department of the Community High School and the Chamber of Commerce, began Tuesday evening. January 20. The classes are held at the high school on five consecutive Tuesday ev» enings. . Creative retailing is geared for supervisory and management lev* el personnel to generate greater use of creative imagination Final On Widening Project Pends Algona's city council is seeking more information from the Iowa State Highway Commission before taking final action on a resolution, which, if approved, would okay a widening project for nine blocks of South Phillips street, according to city officials. The widening project, talked about for the past several months by the council and businessmen whose fronts are on South Phillips street, would cost the. city only $14,000 of an estimated $200,000 total. The city's share would be for storm sewer to be constructed along the new street. There are problems, as proven during a special meeting of tha council Thursday night, Jan. 8. More than 30 persons, including businessmen, property owners and others interested in the project, attended the meeting and presented a variety of views. No one present seemed to be in complete opposition to the widening, but some had reasons why the 49 foot improvement would cause hardship to their business. Myrtle Peck, 73 Rites Tuesday Funeral services for Mrs Myrtle Mae Pack, 73, v/ere held Tuesday afternoon at the First Methodist church here. Rev. Newton Coughenour officiated and burial was in Riverview cemetery. Mrs Peck died Sunday at her home on the outskirts of Algona. She had been in ill health for the past seven years and had been a patient at St. Ann's hospital, most recently suffering from a broken hip. She was born Myrtle Mae Hanigan, August 22, 1885 at Story county, Iowa, the daughter of G. F. Hanigan and his wife the former, Carrie McFarland. She was married in 1916 at Ames to Harvey Peck and the couple lived in Kossuth county since that time. Survivors include her husband, Harvey and one son, Ronald, Al* gona. There is one grandson and a sister, Mrs Frank Kelley, Home From Hospital Don Sherman is home .from Mercy hospital, Fort ppdge, where he spent eleven days having treatment for a kidney infection and 8 nerve ailment in his ing the time 'he was in service,' however, they moved to .Minnesota, he states, in March of 1952. The case will be heard in' Kossuth district court. The Com-, pensation Board has elready filed; notice with the district "court clerk, Alma Pearson, that it will offer an appearance in defense of its decision. Beer Sale Costly • .In othpr district court matters,-' 1 , Jack Spurgeon of Whitteniore entered a-ple.a of guilty, to selling beer to a minor, and was fined' $300 and costs by Judge'G. W, Stillman. The original charge was filed April 2, 1958. The parole of Louis E. Patro, Ventura, was ordered revoked by the court. Patro was sentenced to 10 years in state prison, July 19, 1958, and then paroled. The parole revocation was ordered Monday, and Patro was taken to Fort Madison by Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst. ' Dan N. Veldhouse, Kanawha,' entered a formal plea of not guilty to a charge of forgery,,previously filed after a, preliminary hearing. t 3 New Civil Cases Three new cases were filed, all- civil matters. i In one, the Blake Funeral Home of LuVerne is plaintiff , with' Myrtle Farrington as defendant in a matter over an account in" which the plaintiff aks judgment for $614.61. Patricia Williamson • is plaintift and Ashford Williamson . is defendant in a divorce action. The couple married Dec. 31, 1954, at Jackson, Minn. The' plaintiff, now living in Algona, , charged cruel and inhuman treatment. The Cretzmeyef Estate is plaintiff with Leota Harlpin ^as defendant in a matter over an account involving $113, '- \ f t ~r DISTRICT COURT, TERM TO BEGIN MONDAY {. J. The January term of'district court in Kossuth county wilL'openj next Monday with,'Judge'Fred/ M. Hudson of Pocahpntas'presid-i, ing. The Kossuth county grand, 1 ; jury has been ordered, to report; next Tuesday, '/''''"'*', ^'. •' ^y. .. -A Mrs Jensen Of Seneca Passes Funeral services -for 'Mrs < Jensen were held at 2 p.ip; .., nesday in St. Paul's Luthe; church at Ringsted wittv i H r George Pallesen officiating, S BU; ial was in the Seijeqa -*"-'-•'cemetery. Mrs Jensen was a daughter Mr and Mrs Jens C. ~ of Lone Rocfc and •< 1878, In 1901 she m,arri Jensen in Lone B farmed in the area for then moved, to Odin, I he was a grocer until Then they returned where he operated a ~ until 1953. Jensen was , - ( W,W. 1 Vst A joint ... . women veterans o; will be held Tf at 8 p.m, in the. of ,mejL«nd WorwW'I ,'Jan. ?9, MimlM}),

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