The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 15, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 15, 1940
Page 7
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PEBTITJARY 15, 19JO ELYTHEVITAB (ARlf.) COURIER NEWS Seaman Training Rushec And Reserved Are Called Up AM ATLANTIC PORT, Feb. 15. (UP)—Ships of Use Canadian navy these days are urim iippctirlnj craft, stripped fin- uclloti. wilii gun drills-, torpedo practice n.-icl deplh chart;e trfiinlnjr the onlw of Hie duy. Hundred:; of men are afloal or- Ihe East coast fleet and hundreds more are watting assignments to replace those hi sm'k-e. A .-.ifticlv ! stream of ic-cruils Is entering) training school and since ihe out- | break of war many hundreds ol { new :(ien linve passed thiotigh the guarded gnlcs of headquarter;!. Along with the recrulls, relired "Imperials" have answc-i-ed IV rail,' reservists have been brought •up for fill lilrne service ami plan:; are about to increase facilities to allow.'faster' training of a greater mi'mber.; -The recruits come from .nil sections of Canada. Among officers In 'service, or taking n training school ~re- Wcrt Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SEE' Over Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 5<IO frcshov" are a Uontrcal brmvc-ry press agent. Now lie's an engi- iwrlnji ofllcer. A Citispe prlcsl, ivlio commanded a mine-sweeping squadron In ihc Dnrdnm'lle.s during the World Win- is baek In service as a commander of a similar force. lie luul just finished pi entiling ;i sii'niiou when he received his "tall," he sulil, A To- iciUo Insurance [inn has lost Its slur salt-snmn. ami Edmonton has given 0110 of its doctors nn a ship's surgeon. Convoy Details Kluboraln All convoys leaving Canada lire arranged by the navy, and the naval Instructions must bi> followed to On; 1,-itw. Tlie ,:hl|i master \\lio Inils to follow even Uniin° reKUlatlons to tbe leiu>.- does not slij) twice. Convoy urrniujsiiwiUs laid nt this important port have been pciTecml lo the last detail. PiiucijKil work of the jmvy'f larger milts so fur has IHMI In connection with convoy.-;, anialler craft iiiul auxiliary vessels nre on continual ixtliol along the coast, with destroyers covering « vast area of open sw adjicciu lo the coast. Close check Is kept on activities of other British naval emit oil over the world, nnj lesiills of action nre listed carefully. St.itl.i- llcs on and UlenUficition marks of all types of German' warcraft lire displayed conspicuously. The Graf Spec lias been X-ed out, however, will) the brief notation"Montevideo. December 17 1330- scutlled." On shore, gunnery crews lire- pare for work at sea. Over their hands hang the advisorv slogans"Shoot First. Hit First, 'Hit Hard and Keep on Hitting" and "Engage the Enemy More Closely." Barracks and training school are filled lo overflowing and temporary buildings have been vis- ing. The intricacies -of lil-g guns. GOOD DEMAND FOR GOVERNMENT LOAN COTTON Phone or Write Us Now Geo. H. McFadden & Bro's Agency E. C. PATTON, Agent P.O. Box 218 Grand Leader BWg. Phone ^18 smnll gutis, torprdoo.^, mines nnd other Instruments of modern warfare are learned by si'innen before (hey are scut lo sea. They know, when their lain! training is finished. Unit sio.OOU torpedoes driven by foui--cyh!ul 1 'r rnaiiU's nl speeds up to M Vuous, for Instiince. aren't lo be fired li;hlly n-:d thai nceiir:i:'y In iiuirk.MiiiuishIp Is paramount. Tlie reel nils loam loo why mines lire so duntjtrous. They find out, by working; on dinnnile'i, thin the procure of one iiand is snffl- cienl to bi'iui n "hoi.i." .sn.ip » tube of strung acid lo form an elcctrh'iil circuit and txulodi-' 500 li&nnds.oi TN"|', which the aveiage jnlne citrrlcx. HOJHI1SB Of fOJIJfl'slfd iJ'llIlllllf school i-ondiilijns. I'i'ciult seamen Hi-t a good idea of vhai ihey \vlil be up asiuinsi wlica it mMm u H >ir turn to Klin;,- liujiiinocks lietow decks afloal. BHI. oilirj- oian that, lliey nro comlurtiiblc. Modern kil- clicns lurn out the best food In IIUKC qimiitltlcs and llierc are la- cllitie.s for ft-edliij 1.590 mcii nt a iiu'al. FLAPPER FANNY - «CF«. IW« 6V NU SUHCt. ISC, T. U , rc . „.., rxr . cfl By Sylvia _ winds Md zero wi'aUier which lurn spray from pnmjliu prows Into lci> on the d:eks seem lo m-Jkc little didercnce 10 ihc crows when in sen. Warm ctath lug, supplemented by hundreds o sweaters and heavy socks, 1mv been received from Hie Red Cross Debris in Cellar Yields Ledger Dating to 17S7 HONEOYE FALLS. N. Y. (UP) — An old ledger, dating back to 1731 is the. property of Mrs. Fran: Marshal of Honeoye Palls. Penned In faded but still legibl brown ink. It was discovered hid den In dusty debris In the ce»a of Ihe home of the lale John Eb eily, an uncle of Mr.s Marshal. Two sets of figures are use I ii some places-sliillit-gs ami pence in one column, and dollars nnd cents in another. On one pine ar noted credit and on Ihe opposlt are recorded debits. Penguin M:isci.l Insured YOUNGSTOWN, O. (UP) — Yoiingstown College doesn't waul to lose its new mascot, Pete, a sprightly penguin, it has been insured against, fire, lightning, wind cyclone, tornado, explosion, theft, burglary, haldiip. mysterious disappearance, riots, strikes and transportation hazards. THREE TIMES BEFORE YOU BUY "He oushta make a good «py. His sister S!1 y s he's an nwful 'tattlp-talo." . • HOLD EVERYTHING By Clyde Lewis Buy A HECHAHIfAL MAN mer WMK! "I hiid lo do il, olllccr—lic ran mmick!" You'll Hardly Believe It, You Save $30 to *60 on a New 1940 Kelvtnator B F su^you GET the most for your money when you buy yout iy-(0 refrigerator. See that, it is a full 6Vt cubic-foot si/c. See that the name is Kclvinator—the Oldest Makers of Electric Rclrigcraiors. And check ihe price—a 19-10 Kelvinaior lor as little as $i:9,95«t Other models—all big sizcs-at savings of $30 lo S60 compared with last year's prices. And ei-ery Kclvinator offers 1940 improvements—modern features—interiors arol'orcc- Jain-on-steul—a gleaming cabinet o( enduring Pcrmalux—.md the amazing I'OIAK- SPHERE sealed unit that uses current only 20% oi tbe time, and lias sufficient capacity to keep five refrigerators cold, under average household conditions. Sec your Kchinator dealer today—accept the. free "Consumer" hook, "Tlie I9'f0 Refrigerator Guide." Find out how to make your dollars buy more value! 'St-ttt 4tit lotal tJXtt r*lr* Any 6 ft. Kelvinaior . . . , Any 8 ft. Kelvinaior . . . Lindbergh Case 'Killed' Hoffman ^ Politically Bin He's a Lively Corpse By OI'OIIOE ROSS NF.W YORK. Feb. 15, — In 1!I3(>. politicians were inounrlin;—ar ex- iiltlnj— in Ihe supposed pollllcal demise of Governor Harold Cl. Hoffman of New Jersey.: Hoflmnn, they said, had his chances of a vice-presidential nomination, nipping In ihc btitl cue »Q CHftSER NEEDED • ' With ' ' OLD QUAKER TIITirHIIillHiH>~1"TTOT"HTT -"ri1H«ni ; ^K^^^ffTmSK^^i All these (ine features plus Polarsphere Savings H'Asquore foot of shelving « Aulonvrflc l! 5 ht « fasy laulh dooi hcntile . 8Jico{ubatap=cii r -9lbs. . Auiomoti. Kelvin «ntrol . Permolux cabinat finish • Portolair.-on-slesi in- renor • 2 exfro-fast (reedng shelves • Embossai Boor .Big cold siorogs fray-ond mcny ot !iet you II bs glod |o 536. Coma in today 16 Down 88 Down , ROodra ' ' WARNING! r for an oni-(if-[., r , ro . Iri.ccralor oncrc.l :,, "reduced" r n«j-whe;i von «n own a br«,l new 1-;(0 tvclvnuior at such an »nuims low pntc! Lon^, | )t | OIC ,011 km-, and ccr „ iy <0 j | will. Jlltlic l!)«ll>iL np rovcracm, E. B. Gee Sales Co., Inc. 10i> So. Second St. Blj'thevllle, Ark.; Phone 67 or 6G!I . Kcuriett/Mi). PACE smx Says Well ly.mcecl l-'avm- 3Kram Pn Solution Vogram Provides Opcrullng a \'a. nm > f;,,,,, IV | |M _ oul borrowing om> O'jit i>( niorey or (riutlng on credit Is not MI illlfl- <tllt If you iisu „ M.U i,:il'Liice; arm projinim. net-online to w A Robinson, of l.i>i,<mvill,\ w j, n '| mf illt'll H ri'L-OHt. To curry out .sufh mi cnvlahlr (irognim. (his sujco.isful lai'incr n! Wiviieni .Mississippi county Im; livestock c.ili'rjirlscs ol •) li'inrl o! mull's. 10 dairy nilvcs, 10 dairy tattle, 7 brood sows, ftu hu^s, :ii)o chickens, aa turkeys and :\'i jjee-ii'. Ills cnsh ubps me .)'( n/rc; O f cotion. 10 ncroj of wiiteniu'lom nnii ix home orotund. For feed cvops ho 1ms \:l IUTM of liny, 16 ncrcs of pustule/. ;j;i ncrca of corn lnterplniiU':! with soybeans Last your he bniwstod si bnlt'e of colton und received Mlil) foi .vatiH'mi'lons. $:tl)0 lor strnwbcrrliL mid $17S for peiidi?s. Incoma wiis ipproxliuatcly $15 v.vchty fnnn Ihc snle of crejini mid milk; his- fln:;l' of 22S hens fiunlshed an Incomo llinl moie Hum puld for Ihit KIO- coi'lw und other neco.yllles for UK family: $650 was rcullml from ihc snlc of incnt and libjjs. Ho proilucos siilllclent feinl foi :iveslock on ihe farm, belne ncces- snry only lo buy n small amount of feed to properly balance Ihe ra- :lons. lie crows Ifniune liny ivhlcli is a soil builder anil n neceMnry :ced for producing milk and crc;mi Pasture Is furnished by sowing 10 '« «'IUi Im-pi'dezn bvln:( (In ?nlere;l ixillllr.'i. «licrc he been ivcr since. The Lindbergh case was nol the only instance In which lloffm-m disregarded IHc ndvlco of his counsellors. When he decided to run for Qovcrnor In 11IIM, he was warned thai a Hepubllcan luul tlinosl no chance, lie had only llnw weeks In which lu prove them wrong, lie did. principal grass for summer and Hie winter pasture consists of several acres of wheat and Hie soybeans Intel-planted with com, This combination makes a good pasture tor both Imgs mid cattle. '•< The family has plenty of lard, bacon nnd hums to lust for an entire yeur along with GOO injnrls of IMIIIWI fruits und vejelublc.s which niiliini'iu fre.'Ji ve«^lnble.s from the garden durljiu (hi; .slimmer und full, milk, butter, cheese,, eusjs, chickens, sliiiwljerrles, wutcrmeluiis, lieaclies and Uirkcys whith lliey liiivr, '1'hli; well balanuiid fnrin projjram la nul only Iji'iii'lH'lal from ihc stiuulpulnl of Incunn; but U dls- Irlbuti's (he hOor over a loivjci pi'rloil ol lliue so Unit lie nnd other nu'iuL-ers ol Ills Jamlly enn do moil of Ihc work without hlri.iu outside labor. Hi' has been nble u> Imiirore Itie irnllily of hh Bull uy foltowliiif ei'tip I'ulLillon of collon, eor;i in- tcriilmiled with soybeaiw, Icupedeta and winter cover crops lo complete a llvi'-dHionic prowain sfonsorcd by the comity t\:lmslun ajcnts who hnve cooiu-raiccl with Mr. Hob)nso>i In making hit farm business a successful one. Pennies Go Far At Raclcliffe's Campus Sales campus and not claimed, Records of the department show that,'the. girls lose their hats more than any other article. Then, In close order, follow pocketbooks, gloves and umbrellas. Each auction brings in' about $10 for Hie College community i-hest, with fuontaln pens the brat sellers at & to M cents. Other sales in the past liave included a beaver Jacket, worth t. • which told for 14 cents after being held four years, and a gold ring—which brought 4 cenls. BUY STANDARD TIKES CMMUlflBC!K, Mass. (Ol')--If a Hadelllii' College student )m.i lo watch her pennies, she can outfit herself ill a cost of'(ill cents. Miss liose Viu mudlnn, director of (he .sehool's lost and found do- i:nrtmenl, reports Hint nt « recent auction students bought a hut for 10 cents, n drcs. 1 ! for a [planer, n linlr or stockings for 8 cents, shoes for 15 cent.i and gloves for 5 cents. Tor another dollur the lost mid found depnilmcnl supplied ihem with an evening wrap and bi\u, ti regular pcckcltioolf, a sports cullH. .1 rulnconl nnd overshoes. Three limes a yenr an auction Is held of all Ihliigs lost on the Now In New I.ociilliin J. J. HARGETT SERVICE STATION Main ,t Division Phone 500 .'tow 1 // LOW PRICES! ATTODAY'S As CAc Per Week Low As On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. THIS WHISKEY 16 4 YEARS (H.D-90 PROOf CO PR. 1«40, THI OiO OUHKH COMPAN1, i, IK7I/N* of the inosl ))roitjlslti({ careers In ihe land because he hnd Intcrvciicil to reprieve Bruno Richard HaUpt- inunn. later executed for'the kld- liup-inurdcr of Ihc Llndberah baby Those who thought Hoffman politically dead were wrong—dcno wrong. For he Is back In the political arena, having announced hit candidacy in Ihg gubernalorla stakes. Hoffman was only 33 at-llie Urn- of Ihe Lindbergh trial, a facile an< persuasive speaker whose vole-ncl- lln? ability coul:l well have beei used by the Republicans fiiclng s rising Roosevelt. Already It had l«en whtipcrc:! lhat his nnme would be brought up al the convention a.3 ti vlce-prcsl- , dential choice, AH he had to do was lo go on as he had done, making speeches, ktssln; babies, plowing lhrou»h the political routine FOLLOWED ins CONSCIENCE i For a man to toss Up such a;i op- j poriunlts', conscience InJccd have a compelling voice. But Just before Hiiuplmann was schcJulcd to die, Hoffman called for Ihc records of ihc case as a mailer of routine. Whatever It Is lie tils- covered there, lie foimd himself unable ,lo let the execution lake Place: ;'His attorney-general, his state-police, his invcstiglsors all urged and. 'pleaded with him nol lo Interfere., For one lliliij. -Hauptmann v'fls guilty, they sal-J, and 'or another It would jeopArdiy.c hfs political chances. He wouldn't listen—he rarely does when (he dictates of bis judgment dcmntid otherwise. Tlicy were right nbtjiit what Ihc cliir.oue did to his political career. From the foregoing. Ifoffman sounds like nn unusual sort of fellow—and he is. He Is below middle ; height, broad of shoulder. FaMaf- I flan of girth, with a square, picas- • anl. face, n valuable smile and a ^ood head of hair. I He has Ihe ability lo work all night and start right in ajain Ihe i next day without Intermission. He ' has R vast fondness for his wife, his three daughters, spare ribs an-1 sauerkraut, und when he can get the time, swlmmlnj and Itors?- • back ridisg. j IN POLITICS AT 2t. He was a high school athlete In •South Ambay, N. J.—baseball, basketball and foolblnl-and not Ion? thereafter he went away lo war. Ho came back a captain ol 21, and how much PER POiU ilralrJ n ll,t HulCK Sl'KlAi. •(! Jwr-'Jnr l,./.n, ,Wf, Jtln-mJ ,11 Hint, iMif/i. nil, ,',.!,-Mill li,,, engineers liilk n l»l nhoul cur ivfighl - imd with good reusnn. They know thnl riding <|tinliltcs bigin wild enough r<wd wei)«li1 (o hold you stcndy on your c-iiurse —lliey know thnl weight is often iinolher mcnsurc of size — nbovc nil, Ihey know lliut wei^lil menus substance, slrenjjlh, dunibility. So it's interesting to nole lhal this (rim Btiick SPKCIAL gives j'ott more weight per dollar than almost nny oilier car you con huy. With all ils husky straight- eight power—power that's like velvet because engines nre balanced tifler assembly — willi all its room, nnd .style, and comfort—this Uuick stil! has Mf Premolt Saftlf — Dim Yeur l.i s /,t, H'ktn Kinm; one of (lie lowcsl cosls-pei>pmmii of uny cur on (lie market. And nowfiore else will you find vnlve-in-head power, all-coil spring- - inii, torque-lube steadiness amF 1 !''-' liuick's plussaijc in accessories &?"* the figures Hint npply to tlieSPEqiAl.. So if a litilc cxlrn nionej' is keeping you mil of a Biiiek, lakean- olhcrlook at (hose dollars. They buy more car to begin with. More size and more substance. They buy some six dozen new 19-10 features,' including ninny nn "extra." And you'll get most of them back in longer life and higher trade-In value —not to mention your fun ' Jt y • and solid satisfaction! Jnt it (t.ergt \titt*»[ rcfitr. EXEMHAR OF GENERAL MOTORS VAIUI SEE YOUR NEAREST BUICK OEAiER

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