Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 17, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 17, 1894
Page 3
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T HERE is but one oy in the world to be sure of hav'!-:.: rbo licst paint, nnd that is to -.• c on'.y a well-established brant' i-;" ?:nctly pure white lead, ptr/e '•.:. •••••••! oil. Ci'.ic: pure colors* j|, , •;...,.,.: ;-raric!j ar'.- si.ind- ard, ••,'. I i',Vth" process, LLiid are Pure -,,;;: . : .• .: .:...-..; o.'s i-v.rc , ... ' : ;•.:...• ;., :. : .1 ;.••'- -' - :ric:!i- t .. :rj ',-. •.. ;. :.•:.•..,•...:..,: ..•...,:•.•: ,•.•..•:•.•:•.!•.• Ji li',,!'.:-: . :•;• ri.i,: V. ::'.'.•: I-c:!.'. NVHOXAL Li-AD CO., No« \V:1:. Cbcinrutl l'-'.i!" i', ,. . S,-v.-- '.'. :iiicl l ; rfL':iiMi A'.-i^uu, t.ii:i\ii:i:i'.i. To The Eating Public. We are serviap clean, well Booked moals that are appetizing ia theuisflves. Our place has been renovRted, we have attentive aud tidy service, ond will endeavor to please all our patrons. We set a good luucb. for 15 cents, a full meal for 33 cents, 81 meals for $3.50. We can aecomodate 50 day boarders. We have a well-stocked lunch counter, bake our own pastry nnd always have a good cup of coffee, call and see us at THE mm 3iO BROADWAY. DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY MOKNJSG, MAY 17 THE SWITCHMEN'S CONVENTION, Evansville Courier: It ia not yet certain that the question of the switchmen's future relations, ae an organization, to the Debs scheme of federation will come up. Moet of the delegates, however, appear to think that it will, A Courier reporter approached Grand Master QWilflon on this subject yesterday afternoon. "For my own part." said Mr. Wilson, "I do not think that the Amerioin Railway Union will bo considered by the convention. That matter, in my oplnioa, is one for individual judgment and determination." On this same point a number of del- ojratos were questioned. They were without exception fuvornblo to tho Ddhs project, and all stated that they fully expected tho question to be officially taken up by the convention. It is understood that tho switchmen's organization way affected would by an bo in no Indorsement IT POPS. Effervescent, too. Exhilarating, appetizing. Just the thing to build up the constitution. Hires' Rootbeer \Vholesorae and strengthening, pure blood, free from boils or carbuncles. General good health —results from drinking HIRES' Rootbeer the year round. Package innkcs five gallons, 250. Ask your druggist or grocer for it,_ Take no other. Send i-cent fUmp to the Ch«rl« G. Hires Co .117 Arch St.. ftiltadelphU. lor buutl- tul picture -jrdi. -••Nurse, what's the reason that so few diseases are treated intelligently?" • *•• "Because few doctors investigate and discover true remedies themselves! Most of them merely experiment with theories mud discoveries which they don't under stand. This Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vltalfeer that I am giving you is a discovery not down in the books. It is the true remedy for your Nervous Prostration or any and all nervous troubles, such as Sleeplessness, Debility, and so on. It is a remedy applied intelligently by the discoverers themselves." PRICE, tl.OOAlOTTLC Inquire of druggist! for free sample. If not found, writ* u» enclosing five cent! (stamps) for pottage. The doctor givel v * _ | free advice to any nerve We offer $300 •nypbynlcl»nor iDowjr»n» otlnrwiif ,th»t thll rtintdr contain* morpblne. opium eocaln*, or »»y harmful drnir. disease sufferers, welcome. All cf tho Railway Union. Even if the switchmen and all other railway employes, each class of whom has a separate organization, should join the Debs federation, none of the several district bodies would undergo any change. Next to the Deba matter in Importance is the question of in« suranco As was elated In this paper last Sunday, some of the iwltohmen— a minority, it is thought—favor optional insurance. The others urge that tho present compulsory policy shall continue. Those favoring optional insurance expect from the adoption thereof a largely increased membership which would be secured on account of the sacrifice of compul gory Insurance would not be of Buch a character as to reflect credit upon the organization, Al Van Steenburgof the Pan Han» die round house force went home sick yesterday. W, S. Leeds until lately superin tendent ot the Richmond division of the Pan Handle sailed for Europe Tuesday to be absent several months. ^•Pan Handle conductor J. W. Van Loon has purchased a thoroughbred horse from Peru parties of which he is proud. The animal gives promise of developing speed. The Pan Handle wreck crew loft for Dunkirk yesterday afternoon to pick an empty car out of the ditch where it had been thrown Tuesday evening after breaking down on the main track. Pan Handle engine 365 just out o the shops has been sold to the West orn Drainage and Irrigating Company and will be used In the construction o tho ship canal from Chicago to the Mississippi rlvor. She will be sent to Chicago Monday. Phillip Reltz of the Pan Handh round house force mourns the losa o his pot poodle which 'shuffled off thii mortal coll' on Tuesday. Mr. Kelt: and his family wore much attached t< the dog having brought him ovei from Germany. The name of Conductor H. S. Coate of this city, has been added to the Us of candidates for the position of mem ber of tho advisory board of the Penn sylvanla Toluntary Relief Association There are now three candidates al told. T. R. Sewell. Lyman Bush and H. S. Coates. , George H. Valle, oil keeper at th Pan Handle shops, returned from a short visit to Cincinnati, where b attended the dedication exercises o tbo Odd Fellows temple. Carey Her rick, of the Master Mechanics office who also was at Cincinnati, has no returned yet, but is a Indianapolis where he was to participate in th parade yesterday. Tbe special train which left her for Indlanapols yesterday mornln was very poorly patronized. Bu twenty-eight ticket* were sold here Between North Judson where the tral started and Logansport, only eleve passenger were picked up, the trai leaving here with a total of thirty Th»J.W. Brant Co. maun ALBION. MICH. M44»0*y»t..N«wY«rk Sold by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St. FINANCIAL. ,m _____ n WALL STREET! Meord up to dat« pr «nt 88 »»»«»*• ittdtottetiiiwoilbMS. M rtbj Mai MMrtn, IIH, to AWU vnmuv A oft, mosk*. . MO. it (Ta»tele8a-Effeotua!.) FOR Al I BILIOUS and NERVOUS DISORDERS. Such si Sick Headache, Wind end Pain In tho Stomach, Qlddinni. Fulliuu. Swelling dk'r Miali, DUllneil. Drowliwm. Chilli, Flush. Ingiol Heat, Lo»i of Appetite. Ihortiwu of Bctilh. CoitbenMi, Scum. BIOtcM on the Skin, Olitarbid Sliw. Fri|hHul Dresmj. All MWVOIII and Tr«mWln» Sfiuatteni. and \t- reguliHUti iMUmMto UdlM. } I Oormd with • TuUlwani B^lsbl* Owtinj, .prlo»Sl««t«aBos. l-I-... lie passengers. The train oonsleted I six coaches and could eiislly have ooommodated 350 pftssecgerH. It Is rumored that with the taking fleet of the summer time card next unday the PUD Handle msinagemeDt restore passonijen trains Nos. 1 nd 8 which were taken oil several months ago. If this be true the larlon and Winamac auroarounii' ill he taken off. Unless legally restrained Judge Caron will appoint a receiver lor the Jel River road at Rocheater tomorrow. 'ublic opinlou gives Walter Osmer he job of dictating the policy of the oad until the kinks are straightened tit. The case is closely watched by ho citizens of Logansport. In April 123 roads in this country arned $30,902,889, a decrease as ompared with April. 1893, of $5,024,. Oil. Tiie same roads, the first four m.-aths- of 1894, earned $126.850,021, a. decruiiso as compared wiih tho arning.* of the corrosDOndlnpf four months of 1S9I> of $18,822,513. Terre Haute Express: Purchasing \£ont Peddle said yesterday there- >6rt that the Vundalia had coal to do all summer if the strike ontinues was untrue but added he lid not anticipate any trouble in secur- nj? any amount needed by the road. •We received about flfty cars of block ual from Brazil today and with that R.lready on hand will run us for nearly wo.weeks. The stories that tho railroads are jjolng to suffer lor coal I do not believe for coal can be had in any quantity if the consumers are willing to paytbe price." For the past several years English and American locomotive builders lave experimented on hlgh-apeed .rack engines, and a machine of ninety miles an hour.is the best they can turn out. A Frenchman has succeeded In constructing an engine that by many testa snows a speed of 156 miles an hour. His engine-does not turn the wheels, but works a dynamo, which generates current, and this current Is used to run a motor and the motor Is connected up to the wheels, BO that they can be revolved at any rate of peed desired, which steam In cylinder can not do. Of course the dynamo is located on the engine. Despite tho reduced rates on all railroads but few people from a distance could be induced to come here to see the circus. The Effr.er branch of the Pan Handle which formerly was a splendid road to bring people to town on show days brought but few passengers in. This, however, is chiefly due to the fact that they have no moans of returning home unless they with to remain till morning. Other lines, however, wore poorly patronized too, the Marlon accommo dation alone exoppted which brought lu a fair car load of people. The railroads expected a better business and had provided all local passenger trains with extra coaches. V100 Howard, flOO. The render ot this paper will tw pleased to learn that there m at least one drsadecl dlseanes that science hns been nble to cure In al! Its Blazes and hat is Catarrh, Hall's Catarrh Cnre Is tie only poslilve cure known to the raetilr Jl fraternity Catarrh being a constltntlennl dlsen?«, reyulrai a conrtltntlonul treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, acting directly on the Wood and mucus surfaces ol ihe system, thereby destroying the foundation of tbe disease, and giving the Ba tlent strength by bnlldlng up the constitution and assisting nature In doing Its work. The proprietors have so mueh fafth in Its cu»UT8 powers that they offer One Hnndred Dollars |2«r-dold by druggists. Home Seeker*' Excursion NorOiwem WeHt, »on«liwe»t, and South via Pen««rlv*nla Linen May 29th. special excursion tickets to polnta In Northwest, West, South west and South, will be sold at prlnol pal ticket stations on 'the Pennsylvania lines. Tickets will be good returning thirty days. For details please applj to ueareet Pennsylvania Line Tlcko Agent or address F. Van Dusen, Cnto Assistant General Passenger Agent Plttsburfr, Pft- Ilon«e«Cl«onlnic. The time is now at hand, It's com mendable and necessary— but how about the house within you. It has need of cleansing, to Insure health and the best remedy to use Is Rlne hart's Pills. They are better than garsEparlllas, etc. More potent and permanent In results. For sale by B F. Keesllnjr and Keystone drugstore ADDITIONAL LOCAM. Wash silks are going off llrely the Trade Palace. Sizes to fit ev« ry man In our under wear stock at Patterson's. Wanted— A good girl for genera house work. 923 Spear street. for Sale — A frame store building 1 to be moved from lot. Apply at 801 Linden avenue. House for Sale Very Cheap— No 808 Sycamore street. Inquire of A DeLonff, No. 402 Market street. Our leaden in shirt waists are prov ing a grand sucoeis; 26, 50 and 76 oenti arc faforltei.— Ttada Palaoe. If you are affloted In any wise and can't get cured, o»ll pa Dr. Walter the ipeoUlUt Offloe rooow S and 8 Island VUw Kotoi pppoilltrEw Han ...... ' A MAN CAN'T WORK- VHES HE IS SUFFERING WITH PILES—UE CAN'T EAT CAN'T SLEEP, CAN'T GET COMFORT ANf WAY BUT ONE. Pyramid Pile Cure Will Cure Him. Give Re)l«r at O..CC—Xevc-r Kuown to Full. Just a little pain may so distract a man's mind that it will cost them hundreds of dollars. Life is a battle. To ucceed one needs all his energies and all his brain force to apply to the question at hand. Even a corn will make him irritable, cross, angry, and an angry man seldow succeeds. The irilllng pain of a corn Is a pleasant 'eeling beside the agonizing- uche of piles. That I* a pa 1 r. which seems to >orvado the wbcle body. It commu- itstlf to all tho parts noar tho i-eat of the trouble find brings on a heavy, dragging feelinfr in the perl tonoura. Those who have never HO mifcred do nos know what it means. .t racks the ntrves, prevents Bleep, )revunts concentrated thought and makes a mau lose ilesh ns fast as he would with a virulent fever. And yet'-piles are looked upon as a ittle tblng. Thuy are neglected— allowed to run on from month to month and year to year. By and by comes a dangerous surgical operation. Maybe it cures, maybe it kills. There is only one sure, safe and quick cure for piles. It is the Pyre- mid Pile Cure, It is a recent discovery and Its properltles are such that .t cleanses, soothes and heals th'e inflamed parts', reduces the inflammation at once and with continued treatment, removes all swelling and all trace of the disease. It puts the membranes in a healthy, active condition and cures completely and permanently. FromC. F. Colline. Garnett: I commenced using the Pyramid Pile Cure and my case was so bad I thought the remedy was going to 'ail in my case, but before I had used two-thirds of one package I began to feel much better and can honestly say I am entirely cured. It is tho quickest and surest remedy I have ever tried or heard of. From Josiah Roberts. Port Oraro, N. J.: J»st ftne quarter of a package of the Pyramid Pile Cure did wonders for me and I have lott no opportunity of recommencing such a great remedy. From Wm. MsHale, Rockport, Miss.: One package of Pyramid Pile Cure has helped more than anything I have yet used. Pyramid Pile Cure is sold by druggists generally. If yours doesn't keep it, ho will get it for you from the maker, Tho Pyramid Drug Co., Albion Mlcb. The price Is one dollar per package. _ Tbe Puzzle Solved. Perhaps no local disease has puzzled and baflled tho medical profession more than nasal catarrh. While not Immediately fatal it is among the most nauseous and disgusting ills flesh is heir to, and the records show very few or no cases of radical cure of chronic catarth by any of the many modes of treatment until the introduction of Ely's Cream Balm a few years ago. The success of this preparation has been most gratifying and surprising. No druggist Is without it. Tbo Value of B Frlenil. J,a.—For over six years I was greatly troubled with constipation amd biliousness and was often unable to ,work. 'At the suggestion of a friend I tried Simmons' Liver Regulator and am now free of these troubles.—3arrison Tarleton. Your druggist sells it in pewder or liquid. The powder to be taken dry or made Into a tea. Quaker headache lief in ten minutes. capsuls give re. La Grippe Vanauished. 4 f ls a SCBP! - "t-t FIC to this dreaded dlsetue, "8 most tin; resident of Arkansas City can testify. Santa Fe Railroad Boys Heard From. MBlBl %S L S?li.-I tnke great plewnre In recommending your Fonr-C for eongUs and HaTlng given It a trial, I ooultf r*oom- _ Station Baggageman. A Santa Fe Engineer's Story. I contracted a bad cold: was so hoarse I could 'only speak above » whisper; the oonth "-—•"-«—•'— • nrchR-ied a bottle OL nost ftom the start. recommending It to J. II. ZOBK, Engineer, Santa Fe Railroad. myftiendi ••••••••MM MMMMIMMMtMt WasMay Witches i First IjitUo Witch: •Bubble, bubble, boiler bubble, J Washing day brings lots of trouble!" Second Witch: '"We can with the | trouble cope— • With Santa Claus, that ', wond'roussoap." All: I " Santa Clans, O magic name > Of the soap of world-wide fame. i — 5ANTA CLAOS SOAP- —J1AM ONLV 01V— i N. K. FAIRBANK & CO., Chicago. •MMMOMMMIMitMimi •M Third ; J,UUe Witch'! < i 'Yes, when clothes an', black as night, ] It will -wash them pure and white." THE MARIE BURROUGHS ART PORTFOLIO OF STAGE CELEBRITIES Is now complete in FOURTEEN PARTS, the entire series making the most ELEGANT WORK of this character EVER PUBLISHED. A great many Journal readers have availed themselves of the opportunity to secure "these parts as they came in from week to week butrthor* are a number of subscribers who have expressed a desire to secure the complete set without the coupons. To give all an opportunity to secure thte The Journal has decided to distribute the complete set of 14 parts on tbe following terms: CUT THIS OUT. 1 it told ondsr • ntr- i iiui>i <j -i-w antMto fire punt* satutsetton or money always return*! 07 Upon presentation of this Coupon at the DAILY JOURNAL- ART PORTFOLIO DEPARTMENT together with SI.7r> the entire series [Complete til fourteen parts] ot the MARIE BURROUGHS f\RT PORTFOLIO Of STAGE CELEBRITIES* Will be delivered to you. No extra charee for sets sent l>y mail. CUT THIS OUT. This offer does not interfere in the least with the existing offer of ea*h part for 3 coupons and 10 cents, as the coupons will be published for a Lent time ye* to all who have started on the series to complete their but is intended for those who for various reasons have neglected to. set at onee as this offer witt to secure the only hold good until Saturday, May 26, 1894. A. Pointer for Traveler i. While Mr. T. J. Rlobey, ol Altona, Mo., was traveling In Kansas he was taken violently ill with cholera mor- bus.. He called at a drug store to get some medicine and the druggist recommended Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy so highly he concluded to try It. The res«lt was immediate relief, and a few doses cured him completely. It Is madesfor bowel complaint and nothing else.' It never fails. For eatd by B. F. Kees. ling Druggist. _ A Popular Bcmedy. The promptness and certainty of Its cure have made Chamberlain's Cough Remedy famous. It Is intended especially /or coughs, colds, croup and whooping cough, and Is the most effectual remedy known for these diseases. Mr. C. B. Main, of Union City, Pa., says: "I have a great sale on Chaimberlam's Couph Remedy. 1 warrant every bottle and have never heard ol one falling to give entire satisfaction." 50 cent bottles for sale by B. F. Keesllng. Druggist. Special excursion tickets to IndU anapolli will be sold from ticket stations on the Pennsylvania lines In Indiana at reduced round trip rates, ae follows: May 21 and 22, account Grand Lodge F. & A, M., of Indiana; good to return until May 24, Inclusive. May 22 and 23, account People'* Party Convention; good to return until May 25, Inclusive. _ For particulars and time of tralni, apply to nearest Pennsylvania line ticket agent. If you lack energj and are drowsej takeRUehart'i Llwr P11U, 1 »doie. For naleby B. F. Keeillog and Key •tone drug ttbre. Acute and chronic catarrh; diseases of the tbroft* »nd •« »re»t»d bf Dr. J. H. 'Shutti, 418 Four* rtN*.. TW- 5OO DOZEN •* Of these Beautiful Waists In Blue. Pink, Lavender, Navy and Black ground. Sizes 22 to 42. Only 5 0 Cents AT THE BUSY BEE HIVE, -J09-411 Broadway. Rlnehart'i Worm LosengM M* th* only kind that remove the .worn ««* with the worms. For Ml* bf B. ! ff» •»,.'•.>- ; .; : :

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