The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 15, 1959 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1959
Page 15
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, ' V -. -fTt-f*- ' ' ' t'-!'*& f lap its by Eve/yn ycmself a $64,600 con- tfistant ahd.y^u «jte &sked, "What is a "Las Ires lagtlna& Nutria," or iiutria for short. The answer I'll wager i*6uld be *'I dunno—" and away w6uld go that nice hunktrt money. Well, 1 ftfeVfer heard of 'em eithef till Ab Long sent a pafrfer telling about them. Quote— "On a farm west of Davenport are 24 of the most unlikely animals you'd ever-efcifect to find in .an loT*$a barnyard, they have teeth, fa<se and whiskers of a walrus* front feet with fingers like a monkey r jbaek feet webbed like a duck, and the young sound likfe.a bawling human baby when they cry." Young and old eat any vegetable exdept raw potatoes which Aake them deathly sick; however, bake those spuds & they thrive, on them. — Nutrias are native of South American swamps and jungles but so far haven't minded cold Weather. They fro, lie -like squirrels, eat like them . and carefully wash their faces. The babies,aire botu with a full set of teeth and nurse their mother from the top of "her back. — Among other nutria oddities, the father takes t cars 5* the Stefs. OUlside of feeding, weeks and will visit Mrs Me- Adams' brother «fid sister-in-law; tit attd Mrs JoHrt Winslow At the Now you Know! The > answer io everyday insurance problems* By L. S. Bohannon QUESTION: Lois of my friends are adding theft and burglary insurance to their- other cov- erages but I would like io know if there is really any more reason fo buy ii how than there was Iwenly years ago. ••;•', , •"• ANSWER:- Yes/ Ihe crimes against property are steadily increasing. Also tho value of property stolen each year is steadily going up. * if you'll address your own insurance questions io this office; we'll try to give you ihe correct answers and -there will be no charge or obligation of any kind. LS. BOHANNON 6 N. Dodge CY 4-4443 mother wahts nothing to do with them. Despite their long fangs and ugly look, „ they're very docile. They are immune tb all disease. They never get sick. The fur itself is said td be finer than mink and drapes ejsier than, any other known fur. Breeding Stocfc is espensive, several hundred dollars S pair, and the coats are expensive too. , * - * * The friends of Mr and Mrs MelVin Thompson will be inter 'ested in knowing they are grandparents again. In part Mrs Thompson wrote to me "We have moved to Omaha and are liking 1 it better as WR make friends; — We have another grandson born Dec. 27 to our daughter Nancy, Mr and Mrs Bruce Holding at "-Santa Fe Springs, Calif. He-weighed 8 Ibs and 4 oz. and will be called Bret, They have- two other children Bruce Jr., 3, and Mark, 2. » * ' * Connie Jergenson wrote in he: Christmas letter that she was finding serious difficulties with her cooking. The altitude makes .such a difference. Mrs Lloyc Pool dropped in to see -me and in some way cooking was mentioned She said it took an hour to boi potatoes whereas here 20 minutes is plenty of time. Baking is different too .and new recipes have to be followed. . .. * *, ••;, • .;• .. Mrs Clifford Krantz and Mrs Vernon Wenger, Titonka, were here at G.S. to call on Mrs Bertha Koestler last week Sunday. Mrs Koestler is from Burt. \ * * •:. * •', Five daughters and two sons ago I knew Tommy Moe, son of Mr arid Mrs Ralph Moe. I haven't seen Tommy since he was a lad at home— and it is hard to think of him as a father. He has been living at Andersdh, Calif, the past years and has* now come 1 back to Iowa to live. For the present he and the family are at the parental home. " I have heard Mr and Mrs James Boudewyns had a wonderful time on their trip to the Rose Bowl game at Pasadena but are happy to be home where there are fewer people. ; Dr. and Mrt Otiy Clapsaddl*. Butt, called oft Mends at Q.S. one day -last week and dropped in )fl me Hi Short time. They left ihis; week tot & three month vaca- tidrt at Mesa, Ariz. * * * t Whefi Sandra P«lef«on was horns from Stanford U. in California for the holidays with her parents, Mr, and Mrs Wayne Peterson, she wished for a bliz* zard. % fividentally she is tired of. the monotonous nice weather of California, Well, she didn't see the blizzard which came just after her return to, California. « * * Mary Zaugg, one of 6. S.tiufftet and her .husband Nealy and the children spent a week ago Sunday at Mallard with her parents. Mr and Mrs C. O. Ditch. When I heard Mary had suffered frac* tilrfed ribs I thoiight of a .car ac? cident. "Twas not that. She slipped on a ^hrow rug (what a good name for them) and fell against the foot of the 'bed. It will be a few weeks before she 'can again be on duty here. Everybody misses her. — Mrs Elizabeth Baas had. as callers last week Tuesday Viola Bierstedt and her: mother, Mrs Mollie Kressinv Lpne Rock, Nina Wehrspann " and Mi and Mrs Will Wehrspann, Ottosen. • * v* From Mabel Livingston, Phoenix, Ariz., comes this * letter in part, further news from Edith and Agnes Besha whom I mentioned last week. Thank Heaven for Tidbits—it really does bring old friends together. When I showed Edith and Agnes > Besha last week's issue Edith said, "Indeed I do remember Ada Peters and her mother, Mrs .Theil. Her mother was so good to me as a youngster." Inquiries about Hulda, .Ada's sister, Mary, Tracie and Elizabeth Holtzbauer and Valerian and Marie LamUth were made. Hulda, Tracie and Elizabeth are deceased. They never married, Valerian Lamuth. is in Milwaukee now. Marie is Mrs Louis Bode and lives at Alma, near Mason City. And of course Mary Holzbauer is" Mrs Bill Barry aad lives here. * * * » Lone Rock Girl Engaged To Wed Wesley Air Man Mr and Mrs Alden McAdarris spent Christmas .in'Des Moines with members of; the family and soon thereafter, Mrs McAdams' son and daughter-in-law, Mr and Mrs Alan Banning and family left for California and the Parade and game. They will be gone three RECIPE FILE Keeping a box of recipe cards? Use different colored cards for different types of recipes. For example, white for meat dishes, blue for vegetables, green for pastries. After you've tried the recipe, ask your family how they liked it. • Mark with little stars from your stationery store. A silver star means good; a red star, very good; a blue star, extra special! BACON TIPS When you take sliced bacon from your gas refrigerator, roll up the whole package crosswise. The slices will separate immediately. Save time when frying bacon: Crisscross the pieces in the pan and turn all at once with a pancake turner, , NO SOAP? If the kiddies and Dad complain because they can't find the soap when they're in the shower, try this; Sew a small square piece of plastic inside .the shower curtain to "pocket" the soap. It might hold both the washcloth and the soap... should solve the problem of calling for you every time* FAMILY GIFT Turn on the hot water and your gas heatej: a u t o m a t • ically heats , more. Your I supply is al» ' ways one step ahead of the peak demand. You can easily see why one- hajf ol all American families have modern gas, water heaters in their homes, In- etead of slowly heating water and then storing it, a gas -"" - beater beats it as you WF ""VJIfi^Bww P^BPP^^IRI -Ip^wP wW^MIWW^W iiPlffPpWsfct |HBHpRpp|((l need it...pipin' hot as you want it! Why not make~a _riew gas water heater a post- Holiday gift to the family? They're on display at your local gas company and gat appliance dealer. BATHROOM CATCHALL Check your attic; see if you have an old, stand-up type sewing cabinet. Convert it so easily into a useful catchall and dressing table for your bathroom: Clean and sand 1 the sewing cabinet. Coyer it with a shiny coat of pastel paint. When it drys, decorate with tiny gummed stickers in fancy shapes. Deep-well sides serve as a hamper; drawers take bathroom miscellany. TREND TOWARD ' COMFORT Since you spend so much time in your kitchen (even entertain there over cups of coffee), it's so nice to depend on natural gas and modern gas appliances. They do your laundry jobs, dispose of garbage, heat your water, without being obvious or noisy. So handy for you... quiet and so beautiful! Northern Natural Gas Company, pipea gas hundreds of miles to your local gda company, who pipes it into your home for gracious modern livingl SUNDAY NIGHT SUPPER Here's a good way to please the family on Sunday night... and BO easy on Mom! Mrs, Ellert E, Bothun, Austin, Minn, t sends us her favorite rec- ipej Brown '"ft cup chopped onions in 2 Tbm fat. Ad4 and brown I lb, ground beef, Mix in 2 T&sp, flour, 6 fbsp, cgteup, I Tbsp, mwtqrd, fa tsp, salt, ^ t$p, pepper ancl 1 cup sour cream, Simmer 5 to 10 minutes on gas' range, Serve on hot crispy toast t? 6 hungry people, Mr and Mrs Wilmer Wlchian dah'l of Lone Rock announce the engagement of their daughter Marlene-Fay, to Keith Van Hove son of Mr and Mrs Henry Van Hove of Buffalo Center. Marlene is employed'in Algona in\ the Dr. R, C. Dewel o'ffice. Keith Works for Delta Airlines in Chicago. (UDM engraving). ' * Bancroft By Mrs. Lawrenea Bergman Is Held At Of tosen Church Mr and Mrs Richard Menke took Alice MenUe and Donnn Bergman to Sioux City Monday after they spent five days hero with their parents. Mr and Mrs Albert Wibben entertained a group of young folks at & farewell party Saturday evening honoring their son, Jim who left Monday for California. Jean Hahe, Betty Lcnsing and Joan Nurre left Sunday for Sioux City after a two week vacation with their parents. The girls ore all student nurses at'St. Joseph. Relatives here attending the funeral of Vincent Wcssels at St. Paul Wednesday were Mr and Mrs Wm. Rustimidr and family Mr and Mrs John Mcnke, Mr and Mrs Richard Menke. Mr and Mrs Perry Torine attended- the wedding of theii granddaughter, Sharyl Torine a Swea City Dec. 28. Mr and Mrs Arnold Schilt? took her mother Mrs Kate Vaske to Hampton Monday where they met Mr and Mrs A. J. Murphy. Joseph Ringer, Dick Scniltz and Jim Schilt?. left Sunday for the Ozarks where they will continue their schooling. Mr and Mrs Joseph Cogley and family and Thomas Murphy, Algona, spent Sunday with Mrs Rose Murphy. Thomas Murphy" returned after several weeks visit with relatives in Illinois. Mr and Mrs Cletus Dorr entertained at a card party Sunday evening. Mr and Mrs Laurence Govern and Sylvester Govern. Mr and Mrs Bernard McGuire and family, John Cosgrove of Titonka were out of town guests. Mnynard Jenson entertained at coffee after an evening of bowling at Fairmont. Those enjoying he evening were Mr and Mrs Jim 'reston, Mr nnd Mrs Tom Pros* on, Mr nnd Mrs Maynard Jenson and Duane, Dot- Ann Swart- son and Mr and Mrs David Earp of Mankato. Mrs Edith Busch, local vocal music instructor, with Jerald Kluger, Dorothy Blnir, David Schaeffer, Evelyn Mino, Jim Hardt and Fred Soylar will attend tho music festival and clinic at Luther College in Decorah, Wednesday and Thursday. A week ago Friday Mr and Mrs Thursday, Jan. 15, 1959 Af0dftft (la.) Ufffttf 6f* MaIn*t-3 Sam Link, Mr nnd Mrs Irviri Link and Mr arid Mrs Tom Pfes- ton and Lnrinda were guests of Mrs Lois Rickard of Rolfe, New Year's eve guests of Mr and Mrs Sam Link wt-re Mr and Mrs Tom Preston nnd Lnrindfi and Mr and Mrs Irvtn Link. Brink Shiplor spent from Monday to Wednesday nt DCS Moines when- he wont to have the cast removed from his leg. Charles Schemmol entered the Veteriana hospital for examination. Mr and Mrs Sam Link called at the ttteilview rest home hi Jtefr- moif I Moftday td hoftbr Mftt Lift*'* father, ,Wm. Payne on hte 87tfi ttfrthday. Mr and Mrs Ora Simmon* were guests New Years of Mr and Mrs Brink Shipler. Mr and' Mrs George ttarnef, David and Jim and Mr and Mrs Darrel Bishop Were Thursday guests of Rev. and Mrs S, H, Hftmmer. Fred Berggren was taken by ambulance to Fairmont Thursday for further treatment. IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOUl When a car stands In Winter oold, moisture from the air can collect in the low points of the gas line—freeze it shut—stop the flow of fuel. You're stopped until a tow-truck comes t I had another interesting letter this one from' C. A. Norwood of Tacoma, Wash. He. read the letter from Doris, Long' Pitcher printed a few weeks ago and believes he met her at an Iowa' picnic held quite a ;.number of years ago. He says he has not missec a picnic since 1908. He is president of the .group at this time. Mr Norwood goes on to say "Have seen only Mr and Mrs Harry Button and Ansel McCall (former residents here) since I 'got' back hame from my Iowa trip. Jan. 1 came our first hard freeze v ,and there is a couple of inches of snow on the ground. So while I am writing this the logs are crackling in the fireplace. Mr Norwood's 'hobby is his family geneology. He spends a lot of time working on it and has done a lot of traveling in it's interests. * * * Closer — We hope the scientists discovers Mars is not inhabit-, ed. This country-can't afford to stretch foreign aid any farther. Others at G.S. who had callers are Joe Hecker, visited by his wife and 'daughter, Mrs L.'J. Nemmers, Bancroft, and another daughter, 'Mrs N. H. Holding, Royal. Mrs Bertha Cooper was visited by her son, Earl, and family, Mrs Emily Meyer, Titonka, called on several residents. It is she who sends letters to many here and when she called on me she mentioned some "pen pals", one as "far as Hawaii. LUVERNENEWS Mr and Mrs L. C. Wittmeier went Sunday to Sioux City to visit his mother of Avon, S. • D., ill in a hospital there. Visitors Saturday afternoon in the; W. Raymond Legler home were Dr, and Mrs Roger Olson and children of Olatha, Kan,, his mother from Fort Dodge and her parents, Mr and Mrs Terry Mitchell of Renwick. , Mr and Mrs John C, Zimmerman and her father, John Hefti, Sr., visited Saturday in Petersen, Minn., w}th the Dudley Blesies. OliosSn — Following church services conducted by Keith Strayer of Algona, members Of the Presbyterian church enjoyed a pot luck dinner. This was followed by a communion service with Rev. A. Rameriz of Poca- hohtas in charge., The, yearly business meeting was then held With Mrs Earl Long being elected the new elder. Trustees elected were Mrs W. G. Cooper, Mrs Mike Frohling, Larry" Telford, Roy Telford and Miss Naorni Struthers. Mrs , W. G. Cooper is the pianist,with Mrs Alfred Schulz, assistant. Mrs Essie Cooper is chairman of the budget committee. Mrs Albert Thorsen is Sunday school superintendent, with Ralph Richards, assistant and Mrs Ralph Richards, the secretary - treasurer. A/2C Gary Cooper left Monday for South Carolina, after spending the holidays with' his parents, Mr and Mrs Donald Cooper. f Mike Frohling went to Iowa City Wednesday and brought his father, Henry Frohling from the\ hospital. t The ladies belonging to the Birthday club in Ottosen cele-' brated Mrs Eugene Hofius'< birth- day'Tuesday, and in order to sur)rise' her came for a pot luck sreakfast at 7:30, visiting with icr until 10. Attending were Mrs Mike Coyle, Mrs W. G. Cooper, Mrs Essie Cooper, Mrs Oliver Kinseth, Mrs Lillian Wehrspann and Mrs Jesse Van Buskirk. Mrs Albert Thorsen entertained at a coffee party Tuesday afternoon. Attending were Mrs W. G. Cooper, Mrs Essie Cooper, Mrs Jesse Van Buskirk, Mrs Eugene Hofius, Mrs Ralph Richards, Mrs Roy Telford and Mrs Joe Leitl. Pvt. Norman Speich left Frr- day morning for duty at Ft. Lee, Va. After a furlough with his parents, 'Mr and Mrs Antone Speich. Mr and Mrs'j. D. Moser and family have moved to Eagle Grove. Swea & Eagle By Mrs Emil Larson Mr and Mrs LaVerl Fohlman and children of Delavan, Minn, visited Sunday at the Harold Krantz home. Mr and Mrs Ed Godfredson and children and Mrs Nels Godfredson were New Year's guests ol Mr and Mrs Cecil Godfredson. Mr and Mrs Warren DeWald and children were recent guests of Mr and Mrs W. T. Henley at Sioux Rapids. Mr and Mrs Ed Stewart and boys were New Years guests of Mr and Mrs W. J. Stewart und family at Burt. " Mr and Mrs Jim Preston entertained at dinner Sunday in"honor of their children, Twila and Dallas and for Mrs Leonard Mjno. The three recently had birthdays. Those present were Mr and Mrs Leonard Mino. Evelyn, Nancy and Maribel, Mrs Mabel Mino, Mr and Mrs Donald Mino and chil- ren and Mr and Mrs Duane Opdahl and children of Alden, Vlinn. Friday evenrh{j f ''xMr and Mrs DOGS Emit Runft of Reinbeck own the most widely known English Shepherd Kennels in the world These heeling dogs are shipped everywhere. Just recently Mr Runft received an order for a genuine English Shepherd from a lady in Puerto Rico, What Is The Largest "Farm Group" In Iowa? 1*7,049 Farm Families Who Regularly 5cn>« Trading Stamps Are The Biggest "Farm Group" In Iowa. Attterlca*$.farm families are There is still another rid*traditionally thrifty, The same direct income for farmers. During wttwn of thrift is found in Iowa. 1957 the industry purchased K k only natural, therefore, fhat $3,030,000 worth of primary tht reiponse of Iowa farm fami- materials that go into the menu* Ifct to one of the oldest forms of facture of merchandise for stamp thrift—the trading stamp—is so redemption, 0o*loeaW$, No one can contemplate thwt Today, about J 27,049 farm facts and fail to realize that both families jave them. You might personally arid economically tbt almost say thaUhese savers con* trading stamp industry if » This WON'T happen to you witli Standard Gasolines with DE-ICER. De-icer prevents gas-line freeze I Get it at NO EXTRA COST, in Gold Crown Super-Premium and Red Crown King-Size Regular—drive worry-free.) "My advice sir-get De-icer!" You expect more from Standej.rcJ. t .and you get it! STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS HOPKINS SUPER SERVICE Phone CY 4-3372, State & Jones Series 100 tandem-powered (or big loads and sleep grades! iSJb job's too tbTagii jfo a, Chevrolet trxxck! •titut* the largest single farm pipwp inthf -state, During 1957 alone, thousands $f $oUars worth of trading stamp merchandise went into farm households m the state, and every | wcpnds a farm family is re* 0>«niflg trading $tamps. meaningful and welcom* torn in the life of our state, This message is published M information by THE Speiwr AMP HUTCHISON COMPANY, omln&«* 63 years ago of S&H Gwea Series 37 ftee/sido-found-fhe-c/ock delivery About everywhere you look you'll find Chevies like that big tandem dump, or that stake and pickup, knuckling down and knocking att the meanness out of rough fobs* Vo matter how tough the job, there's m Chevy truck cut out to cut it to size. You don't have to haul 30-ton loads out of a stone quarry before your job's considered tough. The rough ones come in every weight class. And right there is where a whole fleet of Task*Porce Chevies comes rolling in. As far back as they go, Chevrolet trucks have always been long on stamina and short op down* Series 60 stake shows Us stuff on off-tfie-road /obt! time. And now, with big tandems in the line along with every kind of model you can name . . . with the latest '59 ideas built into more might and muscle than ever before ,,. you pan bet a Chevy truck will whistle through any size job you've got, Your Chevrolet dealer can zero in on the exact model you need. ' •W8T YKT OP THB PUp? »BLLHRS Chevrolet Task-Force. 59 See your local authorized Chevrolet dealer W ^^ ^IH^^ ^^B(p^ ^^JtBr '^Hjj/& '- Wi' _ IP. IP , -HI.W- pi ^Hp^^ ™ ^^^p H W •>,, 109 S. Hall Algonp, lows

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