The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 15, 1959 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1959
Page 14
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f -v:'5V 'iff M'+Vy- , ' ";'.;, ,?.•!" ' '-• ..-'- ~ t.'" ' Upp«r D»« Motttit Thuftdcry, Jan. IS, NOT LAUGHING ANY LONGER 1$ the "Branneri Men" whJch Republicans laughed to death 10 years, coming back strong In Congress? that question is now being seriously asked bn Capitol Hill in Washington, as a result of several developments. Under the price-support system huge surpluses of crops have been piling up in government storehouses and Secretary Benson has been most unsuccessful in working out any solution at all, including the cutting of price supports with Its dire effect on farmers. Partly as a result of this many Democrats defeated Republicans in the farm states at the last election. Now it seems that more and more Republicans, especially from the farm states; are willing COURTESY TO RUSSIANS President Eisenhower's request that a visiting Russian government official be treated with courtesy should have been heeded by everyone, Unfortunately th several of the cities that the Russian has visited, he has been greeted with insults in varying degreo,, usually from riew* comers to our shores who vented their displeasure with Russia in general on the head of the visiting official. There' is nothing to be gained by such actions. hfot so many months ago our own vice president visited South America and was met with insults and nearly with physical violence. We can all recall the bfg headlines in bur papers following these 1 Incidents and the whipped up to try something new, perhaps even the Bran- anger that resulted among our own population, nan Plah'.whicn tHey formerly ridiculed, there is- not too much, difference between an The.plan as proposed by former Secretary American elected official being Insulted in South of Agriculture Brannan was this: America and a Russian official being insulted In Abolish the system under which the" govern- th'6 United States. It has the end result of driving ment keeps farfti product prices high by buying . nations dpart, rather than bringing them closer and storing the surpluses. This system, as Bran- together, nan pointed 'out, hits the American people's pocketbook twice. . ' First,,a'S taxpayers, they provide the price- support mone'y which runs into billions. Second, as consumers, they pay higher prices for farm products tKan they would !f those prices were not propped up'.' Under ,the Brannan Plan, the government would bUy and store no farm products for price support purposes, farmers would sell them at any pric6'*,they could get in the open market. Then Uncle -Sam would pay farmers the difference between-.the average market price and a "foir'f pricetset by tongress. Under tfti^ system ihe people would pay Only once —Uds- taxpayers. They would provide ?he money |or, the farm subsides called "pro ductiorV payments." But with all farm product: We. do not have to love Russia'to treat a visiting Russian with courtesy. But SO long as Russia and the United States, as the two strongest powers in the world, hold the key to keeping or breaking world peace, it would pay us to use good sense and common courtesy with visitors from the Kremlin. ; * . > * * WHAT WE'RE MISSING! Down in Washington Parish, Louisiana — in our part of the country we'd call it a county — during the year 1958 the parish paid out a total of $2,176,277 in welfare payments, mostly to colored 'families. There are 379 cases of dependent children in this parish alone. Each child automatically products earns a payment of $25 a month, in welfare going * to. market "and seeking their own price- funds, Thus there-is some inducement to pro- level, foodstuff'generally would cost less. Thus-, create under the existing federal-state laws; the ,i_ i_..v_.-._.,,....,- , .• the people (and taxpayers) should at least bene- .fit by paving less v for the basic food necessities of life.-' *-*,.;•, • ' Although;. Secretary Benson has repeatedly .denounced'the : Brannan Plan, he got Congress to adopt ;if']for one 1 farm product — wool. This h6s beSftf referred -> to as ('trie Brannan Plan *hi«iW i-l«»ttoiA»' . * • 5 x in The<vbt0'-in,the'farm states indicated that, M*v»i*»* illiit*>»! ' '(hiMA^d. * *..^.^Jt —L. — i^lt *_*,^* *,V.*J 1 - , . " »he agricuffbral .states' want sbmetnfng*''View.' . Will it be fh'e Brannan Plan, or should it be? ,,, .• 'H i " \ ,,. * * , t We agrrei ihat part of eyert man's life should .be.devote'd to ^rornoiion of ,the public welfare and commun^y 'activities, but not to the extent of severt" luncheon meetings iand two evening banquets a ,week. . . r 'V* * * •• Knowing what* "you, want is easy: affording it is something else. '< ', jqria. ,|lppet Jc 111 E. Call gtreet—Ph. CY;4-3535—Algona, Iowa' eral le vel.o£ prices. more-kids the more welfare funds. In alHhe talk about equality and fraternity, and a too freefuent criticism of our friends in southern states, it might be well to remember that we're missing quite a bit up north. Our southern neighbdrs.have many problems to contend witrf'about which we know nothing at all. * * * * .INFLATION IS BIGGEST DANGER, 'Britl.News-Tribuh'et^Thihkirig'men through out the U.S/ are growing increasingly concerned about the problem "of inflation. It's been with us since WW II started • and is-still mounting; Wmv"McDonnell, president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, cites these'causes of inflation: 1. Economic growth with its strong demand for capital funds. > . ft • .- « . 2. Inflationary government finance, especially with deficit spending. 3; Uneconomic taxes: high tax rates that stifle reinvestment and growth. 4. Monopoly power of labor unions: excessive wage demands each-year that force up the gen- STRICTLY BUSINESS •a»n*«i ^ **•£. s., - ^ -^r- T.J-H f i * - -f~ " T ^ picturfe cular On aft , Allen find It by Allen and, Charles Bennett. Alien win produce afttf 3&4 New* man Will difgftt WiS Mg^ft of all fiidtUr€s eVet ffiM6 tffirdef tH€ Al* lied Artists^ banker, . A casi ol Ihdusands, sdhi« eighteen huhdred animals arid MEN UPPER one, eALir, - Army , J I*JL" » ~ • arrangements to .film the com- F ds - 8but6 ?» H 16 %*& plete stbfy m the Metro-Gold, ly • completed the light-vehicle wyn-Mayer lot* driver course at Ford Ord, Cam. The world's biggest ten, espe- Richards entered the Army last dally eonslruetejl for "The Big August and 'completed . basifc ClrciisVMsAdw'eftrotite front Sat- traifiing at Fort Carson; Colo. A asota f Florida, This huge canvas, 1954 , graduate i . of Lone Rods . MOINES the world's biggfcst circua. . ' !• , . , t . -.* , •:*•;'-. ,f . , §MmfiGO,C~AtlF. r Marine Fo*.ih& $asl two feats* AlUfl S/Sgt". Patil A. Bietstedt, son of has scouted cifctises throughout Mr and Mrs A. C. Bierstedt of . the. world with an eye to signing Lallota, Iowa, and husband of the the most death-defying, spect£ former Miss Patricia A. Roberts * cular, hair-raising, awe-msprm Dec. "Just who was it {hat you drove to the station?" Washington 'high-Jights li^OT&jP' ? s Oi ' *' '^ A Weekly Report from the Nation's Capital by Ray, Vernon • HAPPY NEW YEAR. — Again BIG FIGHT LOOMING.'—Conin 1959 you'll be seeing the name sress has never yet been ^able to Washington in the news. And' override a Presidential veto since most of it won't be good, news, Mr/Eisenhower took office. But as usual. We'd like to predict a it may happen in, the next -Con- few of the headlines. • So • here, gress. A strong group pushing goes. ;' for. a more liberal social security Senators, -tangle over civil ,program can muster the rights,issue. » . . House I-says'"rib -necessary two-thirds vote to over- . a thunderous fumbling sound is heard, don't attribute it to the occasional , California' quakes. In all probability, itfs the frustrated spirit of one Phiiieas T. Barrium doing a fe-w plain and fancy nip-ups at the thought of being TOPPED! , • , . to trste «ruiti. OVER • - PEOPLE EAT AT THB ''ALGONA' jf^ /*^X fa** S* ?** C** ' i^** & ' S ^^S. flT& COFFEE SHOP SACH OAYf WHY 8CWT YOII7 • ' , ,'!.-'' ' - I ' ' "•" ''" , • . t 84th Semi-Annual ••'-'-"•'" * FINANCIAL STATEMENT v "•'>?/.,. of the ,. t ,rr^, HOME FEDERAL; SAVINGS & LOAN ASSN. Algona, Iowa,' As Of December 31, 1958 - • ' \, ^. "..ASSETS V; '''"'i*' .Cash, Securities & GovM;. .Bonds ____ -._.- _ll ___ ^ijl'. Federal Home Lban Bank Stock ' _______ ..... ^ _____ li__ First Mortgage Loans '.J_l__:_^___j ----- „,. ____ '„_'__..:__ Real Estate, Sold 'on contract ., _________ ' ______ , _____ «.__» FROM THE FILES OF THE . ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES Accrued Interest on Bonds, 2,055,299.91 ' ' 166,000.00 9,061,651,17 , ______ _____ .__ ' , 6,249.47 Loans dn'SaVings Accounts ____ L^ __________ :^ ____ .^ -.r\35,80164 Remodeling Loan's (Title I FHA) v^_ ..... __:i__:___iL-- -• 217,81231 Office Building less 'depreciation .4. _____ ^J_.'.i^_^^ • ----Furniture &, Fixtures less depreciation ,. ____ 1 ____ v __/_ Real Estate Owned and' in Judgement '___> _____ L-L-* ^_' 'JAN. 19,'1939 wants -more money for ..defense, does not want to go along with a . . . New scandal haired- before 1 propsal to, tack hospital and sur- Congressional hearing . . . Ben-! gical benefits to • Social security. Arrest of three men at Webster Democrats' On the President's side will be , citv Mrmdav including nnp <whn nnsnTs ftnllao -fUoe *„ n f,»^. nrtianivaA mn.4ir.ina . ' ^ 11V • *!Onaay, ITlClUaing On6 WJ1O V- 89,284.43 '' 33,800.04 -' 12,196.84 '18,326.73 posals seas • conference Dulles flies to over,- organized, medicine. Civil vants, seek pay boost . . . 'GOP|'» •accuses Dems of falling"dowri;dm "* A' ; SHORT'VISIT*—Prince TOTAL ASSETS .„„ 1..1- -._^l^i;696,422.56 . L^I A B I L I T I E S Savings Accounts 1— 1__ '_l r _J4lO,276,878.56 Arlxrannoo f™™ V^ ! TI Loan Bank __,_, ^___ . . 400 |oOO.Oi! promises of favoring big business Office Dept, needs help - Dems accuse GOP ! ip,,"who;wants to see the south- Post' ern part 'of the''U.S. probably station'bulk plant robberies in Discounts Mis- won't''be able to when he-and this area. The men were ap- General reserves and surplus" ._ feud Mt by Congress. • !* ''' Queen Elizabeth journey here in prehended by Wright county And so forth and so ori through- the-spring for the opening 6f the authorities. The men signed con- TOTAL LIABILITIES LMns ' out the new year. COLOR PARADE. doing away with black and pictures on passes held b_ people who have business-at-.the White House — the executive staff, government officials, newsfc- St.' 'Lawrence 'Seaway. .Time Sessions, following " interrogation schedule of the royal couple'may 'and admitted thefts from bulk •not' permit it. On their last visit* plants at Algona, Burt and Liver- OFFICERS and DIRECTORS C. R. LaBarre, President oil at ridiculously low prices led Stillman and Dr. Karl R. Hoffman. ' S-.-^TT.^ m « -n.TiT,-,, * ~,,,r, >to the'arrest of the three men, CRIBS TO..BUNGALOWS. - who ^ ly admitted --' demand for homes expected in graphs-make for better identifi- Entered M .second class matter at the- postofflce at Algeria;... Iowa,, under Act of Congress of ' March 3,; 1878.- ;, ' , Issued' Thursday in 1959 By • • • " THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. I ' " / ;r- > - ' • . . - -- - , r ,%-ft. *B. WALLER; Editor • , OS.afflfcANDBB,: Advertisirrg Director • JERRY,MUTCALF, Advertising Manager -_ t>pN SMITH, News Editor " FERMAN :C2|JRISTOFFERS, Plant Foreman NATIONAL EDITORIAL k * •?,7T?V : jSR^ AUDIT BUREAU OF ^CIRCULATIONS ' " V -."." ",* fltvf '^ | ,'*'y. 1 " '. ' > ' • ' —• , ' NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly .$ewspaper Representatives, IricT 404 Ftffh^ Ave.r New York 18, N. Y, ,. 333;;$,;Jflichjgan, Chicago 1, 111. i Stogie .RATES IN KOSSUTH CO. -»4vance. .„; — .;„! ________ • _____ $3.00 P9W r »i in cpmbjnatton, per year ____ $5,00 „, ------------- ^ — ,,., ftATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH jn t Cme year ,,..$8.00 NEWSPAPER ; „„..„. 63c RATES 5. 'External world pressures - causing heavy defense expenditures. McDonnell included his summary on inflation with the following "challenge": "We must quit asking the Federal Government to do anything that the States can do. We must quit asking the States to do anything that the cities can do and we must quit asking the cities to do anything Jthat the individual can do for himself. , Such a course is not an easy one ,to follow. The pages of history are strewn with the records of free people who lost their freedom because they grew soft and indifferent to the responsibilities of citizenship—who gradually came to look upon their freedom as something to be taken for granted rather than something to be jealously jjuarded—who traded their freedom for a mess of pottage in the form of bread and circuses, as" in ancient times, or security and welfare subsides, as in our time< Someone has said that the reason'history repeats itsolf is because the people weren't listening the first time. Are we as a nation to ignore the lessons of the past and fritter away our heritage of freedom? I believe not. I have enough faith in the democratic process on which this republic is founded to believe that if the people are fully informed, we will have the common sense and the courage, to avoid the pitfalls of the past. But to do so we must^pay the price—that prite is eternal vigilance," * * * Unfortunately, to acquire friends, you must inevitably also acquire enemies. * * * , II you cah'J do whai you like, try liking what you do. _^ cation and this increases' prdtec,- tion of the President. ' f " 440 showed a preference :tfori, ! aii-'A^Sncy 6S; mf$ UW1A1«A1VA iW*. ilWlll^O WO.^/VV.b^WL liA - , , , . , F _ - ... the 1960's. That's when the big f or establishment of a mumcipal- crop ,of ' World War II - children -W- owned electric light plant. A will be looking for homes of their verdict in favor of .the plant had OFF AND RUNNING. — If j own. The housing industry had been predicted, but the vote for youthful Sen. John F. Kennedy of a-good year in 1958 with 1,150,000 it was far above expectations. Massachusetts is setting his ' new private homes started. A A public meeting was called for sights for the Democratic presi- , similar figure is expected • in Jan. 20 in the Academy hall at ripntinl nnminnlinn \n lOfifl Vio'o 5 1Q.T9. . • Whittpinm-p fnv Hisniiocinn n+' ari 'Government?SAFETY — LIQUIDITY _, HIGH EARNINGS .,,., Start a Savings Account Today •31/4% CURRENT EARNINGS 3V4% Per Annum, Compounded Semi-Annually HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSN. SINCE 1917 - ALGONA, IOWA . T dential nomination in 1960 he's f 1959. off to a good and early start.'In j the past two years he has crisscrossed the country and made' speeches in 47 of the 49 -states.'* Only Tennessee 'and Rhode j Island have been missed| He's! talked before farmers, students}; union members, church groups, • civic clubs,.to name a few. . I Whittemore for discussion of ah R.E.A. project in the southwest portion of Kossuth county. Chief interest., in the proposed project seemed t<? be in Whittemore, Lotts Creek arid Garfield .townships. • * • • C. B. Murtagh was reelected president of the Security State Bank during that organization's _ ___„ ,. • annual meeting at the batik Tues- LOOKING FOR HELP. — Am-; WTTH dayX evening. Other officers of encan steel producers are concer-f •Rimnv MAqoM the bank ,J. >w. Haggard, vice ned that heavy taxes and rising. ,.- BUDDY MASON ...... president; Frank Kohlhaas, active Q™i r f C °l> tSta -' e "nwittingly giving: _ _ -vice president; and E. A. Schemel, Soviet Russia an advantage in, > . cashier : werp ako rpplfr-tprl* A1 the battle for industrial suprem-r HOLLYWOOD; CALIF. — Fast nf|Ss^erealso reelectS with acy. U. S. steel makers operated disappearing from the Aemican tne excention of the election of at only 54 percent of capacity' scene, is one of childhood's thrills', -n,f exce P uon ot tne election ot during the first half of 1958 and the traveling circus with its bil- ¥ ' 74 perecent in the last half. This lowing big-top! .. ' ....... Perhaps our grandchildren will INSURANCE '' w IH, i R. W. Caldwell. The, Silver Grey team was on tne bowling league is happening at a time Russia is in the midst ol« a seven-year pro- never Experience that magic per- gram that will increase their steel ;iod 'or enchantment that marked to P of tne bowling league at capacity by two-thirds. ,the, arrival of Circus Day. A day 'Barry's, but only by one game in 't'—P— • ';crowded with miracles that be- a hard-fought loop race/ The HEALTHY, SIGN. — For the- % an on a circus siding with .gilded Tyke Theater team, the Farmers third year in a row personal sav- wagons rolling down the unload- and Nick's Shine were all press:.._. .... ,,.. •,, ~ . , * ;— ramps in orderly precision, ing for the top rung. The Coiirt- ALGONA INSURANCE .AGENCY '-. J. R. (Jim) KOLP Surety Bonds — All Lines of Insurance 206 East State St. Phone CY -4-3176' BLOSSOM INSURANCE AGENCY All Lines of Insurance ,CY 4-2735 BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE ings in the.U. S. topped $20 bil- mg ramps in orderly precision, mg for the top rung. The Court- . M _. ' of-nvi^t lion. This is encouraging news to /Wagons which later disgorged house team, which won the title a vy • uod .Sefa t. Ph. CY 4-4443 4 V»rt IPlr^nnt-t A«V>n« « >J »«. I». I,, A'»._ Al Cfjilf S»O ' r\r»loC Qnrl T»riV» XT «•>£•> /fr\ -P«1i Vtl^r .. . J - 1 ' ., * • ' .1 tlOlTlG_ — A 1 'I T.riTYl n hi IO _ Tl^flVtW* the Eisenhower administration stakes, poles and canvas to fairly which views it as an expression of f ea P , mt o the ^ sky and from . w *'^r/ W H"**'" 1 " •»* opy ing or Photostats? » . *V| ,',,.' With <?yr N|flf ff$BM6-FAX COPYlNa MACHINE w* can reproduce ,ft?4y|tf «n$fyif WftfteHr typM, drawn-Mp 19 8'/* )( 14 Inches In flif |n ten seconds. Jyst bring in your wpy. This is perfect for photo- Wfy tf 'tofyfif 'Wrth cfrfiflcotps, tervlee discharges, valuable re. ' , r * i^ ^ AM - ?«<« .w *«f* . co i^*^ Printing ^ pftg* & rm NtW €Hy Porjcing 1,9* in confidence in the national econ- tented wonderland. omy. High year wasi 1956 when- ' Americans salted away $21.1 bil- ' lion 1951 income after taxes. year earlier, was 1 in seventh a place in the 10-team league, and reportedly the members of the- 'team were just bowling "for the fun of it." ' ' » i * * Someone had been tinkering . _ . 'big with the weather instruments at show, itself, a tinseled fairyland L. M. Merrit't's • and the federal that revealed its beauty momen- government didn't think lightly Uncle tanly, then methodically 'disin- of the matter. A deputy U.S, Street ^o,.t,«v,"~i personal pageantry. me the instru- r. 7.~ T '. . ' w.w*~ VIA*.**.,, v**i».A .iA»v,b«Awuiva*i,x ui^xit- ui. luc? Inattcj.. /\ ucuUiy Sam will start using the Civil tegrated into stakes, poles and Marshal was' instructed to m Service Cbmmission as a second- canvas once more to vanish in vestigate the renorted, damage ary source for air traffic control the interiors of the gilded wagons and take action if necessarv The specialists. These are; the people and disappear in the darkness. CI n P^ 6883 ^- lne who police the airways from , True big-tops, like dinosaurs ground control towers and ce"n- and the other prehistoric mon- ters by radar, radio and time- sters, had their moment of undis- schedulmg to prevent .mid-air puted greatness, only to be swal- collisions. Most of the specialists lowed into the depths of time. ,,, ifVl 01 ,, . , .. , •-. now are former servicemen or Thus, it'was with considerable with a 21-11 victory pver the host government owned ments in question. Ledyard wpn the grade school basketball tournament ' at Burt others with flight experience, pleasure that we learned pro- Uncle Sam hopes to recruit 4,500 duce.r Irwin Allen plans to re- of these controllers in 1959 and vive and preserve many of our team in the finals Saturday. * * * The week's movies here in- Home. - Automobile - Farm , Polio Insurance CHARLES D. PAXSON Dwelling, Auto, Liability, Life, General . Phone CY 4-4512 KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,000 worth of '-insurance in force. A home company? Safe, secure. Phone CY 4--37&G Lola Sjmffham. Sec'y ^HERBST INS. AGENCY For Auto, House, Household Phone'CY 4-3733 Ted S. Herbs* eau ANDY CRAWFORD nearly 23,000 over the next iiive cherishe^memoVies 'with'a"muuT- eluded 'Thanks.^For'Eve^ythinBV 1 ;' Iowa. Farni Mutual^Ins, Co vears - - million dollar filming of "The Big with Jack Oakie, Adohphe , Men- . Affiliated /With- Farm Burea ~°— qii-cus." jou, Jack Haley,;Arieen Wjielan. ;> Auto (with 1 $10 Pedyctlble) THE LONG HIKE. — For the ' , * * *' Tony Martin and Binnie Barnes ' • ' Wfe -' Hail' - Tractor • statistical fan: The Nation's 31,-.. >••' • "Sweethearts", with Jesnette Mc- 465 rural letter carriers now trav- **""" ~* il " «-«-*— *- *- ^ —•-•• . *..^- -., .—' ... el daily over though more moving out • , ,, '.Phope QY ' than 33,000,000 individuals ser^ greatest show on'earth!"""" "" dell- ^'Santa^oiv^Ki ed pn rural routes. The average 'This weekend, producer Allen Moon" with ~~ ** arvest length of a rural mail* route is and his staff moved from Colurn- ' i 51.04 miles. bia -studio to the Metro-Goldwyn- j ewe ii T a w«« «* -°— Mayer ' lot '' where " Th e Bi S Cir, . SU ffeK! » nJihf»i ?LA «*i«it i M r.x»r »»« v . c T,««=r „ '. cus" will be filmed in its entirety K elt T£? iW 'jA 8 *?*?"? m * NEW BABY'S PROBLEM. — for Allied Artists- JU ?Y to ms h ^4 while, working Alaska s problems are just begin- After two vears of Dreoaration Wlth a Wowtorcl{ rf , The h'and, nmg now that she's a&tate. Fdr thiTK goes before iTcSSeS fortunately) vat Te^ppndJrjg. to £?, e ^ mg ^ e w ? n>t haye cTou ? tie s as in January to be shot in Tech- treatment ««* • fpparently, ^eal, for some time to come Instead, njcolor and Cinemascope. Topped m S satisfactorUy, H, , f - . -• < t - - be^teftfSftn^^^^'i by^.a»«tBr.ca8t, including V^t- , ' r-^^.^'*'^-> De designated as boroughs. Most or Mature. Red Buttons. Rhonda - -W*h of Alaska will reinain Federal Fleming, Gilbert land for vears. Over n r,nm«,4 n f WS""* B Vi.::"jTT - 4 HAROLD C, SUNDET " r /Representing; • . • State Farm Ins, Co. • 706 J3o. Phillips ..St; ' PINTIST5 Dver a period of ,.Kathy Mr and Mrs , Pave Jtanteei'. of Struble receptlx celfbS|tedrtt»e1r - ,j ,-"•-» A *• T 1* "VTIf 25 years only 30 eerpWCoTth;' ^W ^VigVettJ'^stal"' ye'Ho 60th weddfn|V^vwSry7'fjiiy vast former territory - will be'be chosen, this project mirrors the .have ten chUdren; sjx boys §nd 3^ ?«&* *S&'JtoV*&l n]^mtude-of^ the' fabulous four gills. •'%&*.iJid" l£K Office in Home -PR, j, s, ' P ... , - "-. ^T-^— ^Avt^Att vv*.uv. WA fciiv. ViAV. 4.OMU4.UU9 *VV»* & ** *.?. +41CA' «U<MS iittVC ?r f,t I 1 " 8 Up new s !!; v ' ces Wg-top era it will perpetuate on twenty-three grandchildren and he like arc iu Qffice ur , the like arc innumerable. fihn. four State Closed Sat. P.M. Pho»e CY 4-2354 DOCTORS MELVIN G. BOURNE, J4. D. Physician & * Surgeon n 118' N. 'Moore St. / Office phone CY 4-2345 _ftggident phone CY 4-2277 J- N. KENEFICK. M. D. Physician & Surgeon 218 W. State Strlet^ Offic p e phone. CY 4-2353 Kesident phone CY 4-2614 JOSEPH M.ROONEY Physician: & Surgeon ^ 114 N;. Moore Office phone CY 4-2224 ^Resident phone CY 4-2232 JOHN^M. SCHUTTER, M.D7 0 Physician & Surgeon 220 No. Dodge> Algona , Office phone CY 4-4490 Resident phone CY 4-2335 Chiropractor Dr. D. D.' Arnold Chiropractor . Over Penney's Office Phone r-, CY 4-3373 Hours: 9;00 '— • 5:00 Open Friday 'Night Dr. R. J, Thissen Chiropractor 17% E. State St., Algona Phpne CY 4-3621 ^ i OPTOMETRISTS Drs. SAWYER and ERlCKSON Eyes Examined Cpntact Lenses Hearing Aid Glasses ^9 East State Street r>u Al l?5 a> Iowa Phone CYpress 4-2196 Hours: 9:00 9,m. to 5:00 -p.m. Closed Saturday Afternoons DR^q, M Optometrist Trajjmog ' St7 Bidg.) " i < 10J South (Hpme, Parm Management t 0 Humboldt. . to * Kossuth Counties J /a N. Dod^c Ph, CY 4-2891

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