The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 15, 1959 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1959
Page 12
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(la.) Upp«r DBI Mo!n*« Thursday, Jan. IS, 1959 „ „_ ••.... ... .*...._ i.._.. . T. _ - . 1. -i ^,1 . . 1,1 .itx.r. , .i-u.Se. CO OWN From Hero fie There At & popular port all the Crew applied for leave except one. "Whai's the mallet." asked an officer. "Are you the only one who hasn't a wife in this "No," was the freply. "I'm the only one who has/' * * * * "How could you have worked for your former employer 45 years wheS you are only 50 years old?" "Overtime!" * * * * At a birthday party, one sweet thing advanced on her hostess, presented her with a huge electric fan, and announced in cooing tones, "Here, darling, this will help you to blow out the candles on your cake." Noiseless gas hoviseheating units are available in a variety of colors that blend harmoniously with game or utility room decor. Exceptionally compact in this day and age, they allow for a good deal of welcome extra space in the home. "Four weeks aqo I was so run down that I could not even spank the baby," wrote a woman to a certain manufacture:', "But after taking three bottles of your wonderful tonic, I am now able to thrash my husband in addition to my other housework.' After twelve days of hamburgers, each time prepared in a different manner by his capable spouse, the impecunious husband asked, "How now, ground cow?" "Bill got his nose broken in three places." ' "Well, if he takes my advice he'll keep out of those places in the future." A cocky young man had waited long and impatiently iot^a bus on a hot summer day. When it finally arrived, he wisecracked, to the driver, "Well, hullo, Noah, you finally made it. Is the ark full?" "No," replied the driver. "We've still got room for one more monkey . . . hop in." ; ' ' Not only do modern gas incinerators eliminate the hazard of fire but they are one of the / most economical apli- ances on the market. They are inexpensive to buy and require only a gas line and flue connection for easy in. stallation. They are 'free of ' maintenance .problems- The pennies a day for, operation are more than offset by the higher costs of garbage and rubbish collection. Your local gas company, the North Central Public Service Co.. in Algona, will be happy to show the practical features of this appliance. I HAVE LONG BEEN INTRIGUED by Household Mints and Helps for Parents columns in the newspapers and magazines, In spite of the way it looks around here most of the time, having a neat, well-run home is one of my life-long ambitions and regardless of how mean our kids are, I'm really interested in having them become well-trained individuals. So I follow any article that promises to give me help in attaining either goal. But what really attracts my interest to these columns is that little paragraph they have at the end that says, "Send us your favorite household hints — or tell us how you solve a problem in rearing your children — if we use it, we will send you $5.00". • ^ ^ AFTER EIGHTEEN YEARS OF keeping house, and fifteen years of watching three kids grow part way up, I should be enough of an authority to be able to collect some of those checks. But I find that although, I have had enough problems in both of .these departments I wouldn't dare advocate anyone else's facing them the Way I have. Even if it would get me $5.00! TAKE THE IRONING, FOR EXAMPLE. You CAN take it, too. because I'm sick and tired of having it always around. Several years ago, when the clothes basket seemed extra full; I contracted to buy a very fancy, and very expensive ironer. It was supposec to cut the ironing in half and it does help. But about the time I got the thing paid for, I found onr family had grown up so much they were using twice the clothing they did when I bought the ironer. So I started going in for those little-or-no iron clothes. You are • . «. «A ."'.' *_. J _. i.i L*tA a*..**. 4 lVf*> n*«t 4-V* »-> s<\4-i ft Portland 4-H Club Changes Meeting Night Carol Erpeldffig , tHde of Harold Seeker Jlft* h St. Joseph's chtesh fcefe. add up to no ironing at all? WHEN CHILDREN ARE TODDLERS, parents have lots of problems. You have to get them, off the bottle, on to a glass, and you have to house-break them just like dogs. We had gobs of problems with all our youngsters on these points, plus quite a few thought up all by themselves. I tried lots of the solutions. I found in the hints columns with such little success I was resigned to letting the kids wear their diapers to kindergarten and take along their bottles. But all of a sudden they grew out of the problems. If I could figure out what I did to'solve them, I'd send the hints along to a column and get $5.00. ^" ^ ^ . . , A HOUSE NEVER LOOKS QUITE clean if you have smears on the window panes. At our house, we have 1 a great many window panes due to penchants for French doors. We also have a great many smears on the panes and they seldom look clean even the day after I've applied elbow grease. The Household Hints columns have advised polishing with crumbled-newspapers and that works just fine. So does any one of the fortyreleven commercial glass cleaners. The best solution I've found to the clean window problem is to let the kids break two or three panes and then fail to replace the glass. That way, you always have two or three clean windows. But can I write that to a Household, Hint column? THERE IS NOTHING NICER THAN A polite child. When a kid- says, "thank you" without' being punched in the ribs, when he says, "pardon me" after tripping over the feet of a visitor, and when he tells his little sister he's sorry after beating the daylights out of her, it makes a mother's heart really glow. Politeness is taught, you know, more by example than by drill and if, mother _is always — The Portland Pen* nies Girls 4-H met Monday eve ning with Judy Fitch. Twelve members answered roll call. Fediles Dankbar of Bancroft was a guest. Mrs Earl Shipler was guest mother of the month It was decided at this meeting that the club would meet the evening bf the third Thursday each month instead of the first. Lunch was served at the close oi the meeting by the hostess. The next meeting will be with Janice Larsen, Feb. 17. Mr and Mrs Lloyd Bartlett went to Mason City Tuesday where they entered a hospital for a check up. They returned home Tuesday evening. ( Mr and Mrs Bud Marlow o Lone Rock were Sunday eVenin{ guests at the Lawrence'Presthui home. Mr and Mrs Billy Gifford and Brian and Mr and Mrs Don Strayer and Frank of Burt were Sunday evening visitors. Mr and Mrs Tracy Stone and Ricky were Sunday guests at the Herbert Nelson home. Mr and Mrs Donald Michaelsen and fam- .ily were Sunday afternoon call* ers. •Mr and Mrs Fred Jennings were Sunday visitors in the Bernard and Charles Phelps home. '.-,''. Mr and Mrs Jim Huber and son were guests at the Roy Walrod home Wednesday evening. Mr and Mrs Louie Huber were Thursday evening visitors in the Jim Huber home. The Portland Social Club met Jan. 8 at the home of, Mrs Ray Fitch. Fourteen members answered roll call. ,Mr.s Earl Miller was in charge of the program. Contests and games were played. The next meeting will be held Feb. 12 at the home of Mrs Harry Christensen. : Mr and Mrs Ramon Bisque returned Friday night from Washington, D. C. and spent Saturday and Sunday at the C. L. Young home. Mr and Mrs C. L. Young and the Bisques spent Sunday afternoon at Clear Lake visiting grandma and grandpa Young. Mrs,Robert Wood and Mrs Ray Fitch went to the home of Mrs Joe Goetz near Wesley for. an all day lesson, for the Portland Pro- Mrs Herbert Kay set- -ana ft fant son, born in St. Ann hospital' it Algona January 6, came home Monday. ^ . - , . Catholic Daughters of Attier* i6a Court St. Joseph will hold their annual guest flight Moriday evening, Jan, 19, in St. Joseph's 1 school hall with a pot dinner at 6:30 p.m. BETTER PRlNTtHQ lot — Upper Des Meines Pub. Co., Algona. Qttosen News _„ ,.:«sLHiigfi ,Idt and Mi and Mrs bf 6aJtblfti€i{y spiil • l&fisdly; In »es Mdittes Visltiftg Mtt» Ed Fdx and family Mr aftd Mrs it D. Benson at« tended itthefal services of Sumftef, at Rdlf£ Moil* •day Sunday evenmg supper gtlests at the VicW'Banwarts wefe.M and Mrs Silas Bah Wart, Leslie^ Caroline, and Set-niece* of West Send, Mr and Mrs Richard Seh« midt and family and Mr and Mrs Alvin , Banwaft and family of iil| met the Albert Be'rgums TW* ffitifc Diefc foise Ihrfel'^efct ihg . «hW daugh ferS attd ! f atfiiliea in £alifdrn1a and Coloi-add. have fhoVel ih1&; their nfetf located north df theic fdrmef hosie en their farm* Mr and Sirs Eugene Struthers and. daughters . Monday into* the hotne vacated^ by Mr and Mrs Watson Struthers. WDM Classifieds Pay "You can'i quil now." the circus manager told the human. cannonball. "Where can I find another man of your caliber?" . -K * * * An alarmed motorist slopped hurriedly when he saw a young man standing beside an overturned small sports car. .-..'.• • •. • "Anybody hurt in the accident?" he inquired. "There wasn't any accident." replied the young man calmly, '"I'm changing a tire." * * * * Just as the automatic washing machine started to take over •-wash-day drudgery in 1920, so today the automatic gas laundry dryer^ is eliminating all the heavy work entailed in drying clothes All the wear and tear on clothes (and you) is banished, for all the problems of outdoor drying are eliminated, the dust, the ram sleet and snow, the slipping clotheslines, the soot, smoke and smog. •'• •'" *' •*•' • *, * "A baby's troublesome," J Vmltted the father, "but ' 'yemexnber *he hand that jocks the cradle rules the , , _ polite to Junior, he will be too. However, there are occasions when children grab the biggest piece of cake right from under the hand of a visitor, when they stage a knock-down screaming fight after you've told an old friend how, attached your daughters are to each other and when they tell the donor of a gift that they've always wanted a present just like that — but not very bad. Those ,are the 'times when the kids manners are not learned by the example of their mother. 'IV must be their father's side they take after. • ' .• • • • -• ,' •••••.«. '-*'"• * • ... • NEATNESS IS A PERENNIAL PROBLEM both in the field of housekeeping and in rearing .children/ The Hints columns are full of advice in both fields. For example, I read an article a while back on slicking up a house for company in' fifteen minutes. The article said a house doesn't have to be .so clean, if you can keep it neat. I thoroughly agreed with all those hints on cleaning. Get the top of the chairs, -andr-it won't mattter if here is dust on the rugs. Stuff the toys into a closet and the room will look much neater. Clean the lavatory and let the bathroom floor go until another day. The trouble was the author was using the very same methods for emergency clean-ups that I 'use* when I think I'm giving the joint a thorough cleaning! " ' i AND THE NEATNESS PROBLEM WITH kids! If I ever 'get that one solved, I'll know my little ones. are all grown up and are living in another state. "Household Hints columns always advise getting a big box. When the kids leave something out of place, the article is put into the box and the small fryhave to do something to redeem it. We tried that at our house. ,We not only had so.many of the kids clothes in it that they were threatened wih going to school barefoot and trouser less, the box also contained Fathers coat, the salt shaker, my newspaper notes for the week, Pop's screwdriver, all my pencils and- my second-best pair .of nylon stockings What's more we lost the big box containing the misplaced articles , •• • * ' *••••*• IT LOOKS AS IF I AM going to have to earn my five dollars some other way besides advising people through the Hints columns I have an ample supply, of problems, it is true, — what I lack is the solutions to them. If some paper or magazine would offer a nice gress Club. Mrs P. W. Marlow'visited Mrs Bud Marlow at Lone Rock Tuesday afternoon. Mr and Mrs Jim, Huber and son visited Friday evening hvthe Sophus Nelson home., "Mr"arid, Mrs Howard- Sparks nd'Jim, Mrs'Ruth Sparks and Dean of Wesley and- Phyllis Dimond visited the Guy Dimonds near Britt. Mr and Mrs Ray Carlson and ! amily of Wesley visited at the Howard Sparks home Sunday evening. Mrs Victor Fitch and - Mrs eorge Hix attended a birthday surprise party in honor of Mrs Timer Harms in her home Friday afternoon.' Mr and Mrs Wendell Christensen and, little daughter,' Mary moved in the'" farm home of Mrs Franz Teeter, Jan.' 12. A large crowd attended the sale Jan. 5 of Mrs Teeter. Mr and Mrs Victor Fitch Korene and Judy were Sunday guests at the George Hix home and Sunday evening guests at the Arnold Danielsen home. Mrs P W. Hansen of Algona was also guest at the Danielsen home. "The difference between gossip and news, is whether you hear it or tell it." Well," replied the wife. uppose you assume wortd dominajtkro for a coupje of while I'm *t the roov* Can J have the af. to go shopping with big prize for problems I'd sure be, in the running. THIS WEEK'S MAIL BROUGHT letters from two former Algona ladies now living out -of the state. The first was from Dru Caughlin Mertz. Grand Island, Neb. She solved a mystery for me.. She was the "Nebraska lady" who wrote Lucille Talley in Peona, 111. abou a shut-in friend whom Lucille now calls upon. The lady is Mr Flossie Garrison and she once lived next door to Dru's parent when her sister, Mrs Andrew Hanson, Algona was little. Dru and her husband, Don are to be grandparents soon. I can't really believ t for I still think of her as the beautiful young girl who used t wait on me at Paine and Sorenson's. THE OTHER LETTER WAS FROM Mrs Wade Ball, Wheeling, Mo. She'says, "I read your column, but this last one I have read several times and got several laughs out of your predictions for 1959." 1958 was not too good a,year for them either. Wade was ill, had his teeth pulled and then got his toe cut in a power mower. Then cats killed all their baby chickens and Mrs Ball was in the hospital for a month. She says she too'has lost weight and hair and also breaks dishes. What's ihore. she has lumps in her gravy. "We all hope for a better 1959", she writes.^ ^ ^ BOTH MRS MERTZ AND MRS BALL sent recipes, and I am grateful for them for I can sure use them. This week it's for Orange Cake, sent by Mrs Ball. % cup sugar juice of 1 orange Let stand'together after mixing juice and sugar well, 1 cup sugar % cup lard 2 eggs beaten until light 1 cup sour milk 2 cups flour 1 tsp. soda, added to flour , , . , „ • 1 cup raisins, put through grinder with the rind of 1 orange. Nuts if desired. Cream the shortening, add sugar and other ingredients in order given. Bake 30 minutes in moderate oven. When the cake is taken from oven and while still quite warm, cover the top of it with the sugar and orange that was prepared first. This forms a glaze over the top and adds flavor. The cake may be left plain or covered with any desired frosting. -p-GRACE No, you, sir! # Whittemore News geson, and Mrs Dorothy Rosen* dahl, Panny and Kay Frances of here and Helen Lynette Walker of Albert Lea. Minn- Mr $n4 Mrs Earl Schmitt and sons and Joseph Schmitt were New Years 4sy guests at the home pf Mrs Agnes Pearee. .Mr find Mrs Ellsworth Heidenwith were New Years eve guests at the home of Mr snd Mrs Mqnte Kinseth in Mrs Mathilda Meyer had as guests at her home Wednesday and Thursday her grandchildren Teanette and Everett Ruhnke of Lotts Creek. Mr and Mrs Ralph Sobers lefi Friday morning for Waverly to get settled in their new trailer home which they recently moyed near "Wartburg college. Ellsworth and Arthur Ileidenwith and Ral ph, were at Waverly last week Saturday to arrange the traile and hook up the equipment. Ral ph Is S stxwJent 8t SEE US FOR A COMPLETE HOST OF THE VERY BEST IN ...... ' It's nearing baby chick time again, and as every good farmer knows, only the best care, ' /' '' feed, and equipment will help prevent chick losses that mean money down the drain. Cullen's feature the finest poultry equipment at the right price. Heat lamps, reflectors, chick feeders and waterers, flock feeders and water- ers are all in stock and ready to go. You'll find it at Cullen's, where quality is inexpensive. General Electric Lois V/illiong ToWedJan.3t At St. Joe St. Joe — Banns of marriage were published in St. Joseph's church Sunday for Lois Willfong daughter of Mr and Mrs Peter Zeimet, and William Bormann, son of Mr and Mrs Nick Bormann, all from St. Joe. Lois, a 1957 graduate of St. Joseph's school is employed at St. Ann hospita 1 in Algona. William, a 1957 St Joseph's high school graduate, is engaged in farming. Their wedding is set ^or January 31 in St Joseph's church. Mrs Kramer Honored Relatives and friends from here attended a post-nuptial shower on Sunday afternoon Mn the Moose Hall at Algona honoring Mrs Alvin Kramer, the former Margi Louise Johnson. Mr anc Mrs Kramer were married in St Cecelia's Catholic church Dec. 27 The afternoon was spent play ing travel bingo.« Mr and Mrs Kramer are a home in Algona. Pre-Nuptial Shower, Theresa Berte was honored to a pre-nuptial shower in St. Joseph's hall Sunday afternoon with relatives and friends attending the courtesy, Theresa's sister, Mary Ann Berte; and the groom-to-be's sister, Patricia Becker, assisted her in opening her many gifts. Prizes in bridge were awarded to Mrs Ted Wagner and Mrs E. J. Gales and in 500 Mrs Adam Berte and Andrew Krginey received REFLECTORS $2 25 250 W. - $1.10 75 W. - $ .75 250 W. (Pyrex Hard Glass) $2.95 CHICKEN WATERERS ALL SIZES AND PRICES AT CULLEN'S CHICKEN FEEDERS ALL SjZES - 5' FLOCK FEEDERS FOR ONLY FLOCK TROUGH WATERERS WITH BUILT- IN ELECTRIC HEATER! HEAVY GALVINIZED HOC PANS STOCK- K HEATERS AT CULLEN'S RATOREX Rqt and Mice Exterminator. Guaranteed Satisfaction — Easy-to-Use, Lbs. 5 Lbs. $1.50 $3i95 WE FEATURE PRIDE-OF-THE-FARM HOG WATERERS & EQUIP, Winter time is generally repair and fix-up time for the farmer. A good tool is the handy-man's biggest asset. Do the job right with good tools from Cullen Hardware in Algona. You'll find nationally known brand tools and hardware at prices to please, Cullen's feature anything from a hammer to a leveling device, plus nails, bolts, hinges, etc. Cullen's - Tools . . . a good combination for you to know. A Complete Hardware Store For FARM ••:: •:•:&••;-• HOM1 ALGONA IOWA PHONE CY 4 4630

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