The Rhinelander Daily News from Rhinelander, Wisconsin on February 1, 1935 · Page 6
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The Rhinelander Daily News from Rhinelander, Wisconsin · Page 6

Rhinelander, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, February 1, 1935
Page 6
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PACE 8 THE RHINELANDER (WI5.) DAILY MEWS FEBRUARY 1, 1§38 from Harday in Straight Falls .. , . • ^^ • . " ' '• •':. ' . "' '. <&& •' " •'• • ••• t. n <f ,•,' r KR AUSE LOSES TO FRENCHMAN Bamer Beaten by Miller on Wrestling Card Here; Small Crowd Sees Bouts. ^ Ooors'f lliifkonschmidt is still boss of HIP Tussling \volterweishts in Wisconsin—and ho ran add the title of Hungary as far as Georpe Harday IR concerned and Kandclabra as far as tho fans are concerned. Hackenschmidt, meeting Harday in the windup of a five-fight card at the Eagles club hall here, put on a Rood show until it was about that time. He then used a couple of body Blams and pinned his man for the first fall with a scissors full Nelson in IS minutes. Hackenschmidt won the second fall in nine minutes with a. Hacken- schmidt swing- and a body press. Through the match, Hacken- schmidt dished out and accepted some punishment, his opponent be- Ihg the "pet" of th«< drowd< il the crowd did have a pet. The card was better than average as rassling goes, but the show just didn't "take". The fans did, how- over, seem to enjoy the scraps. The jrowd was one of the smallest ever to see an athletic .show here. Pocan Vt'ins Semi " In the semi windup, Arnold Pocan, French Canadian champion, pinned Tarzan Krause, -Milwaukee deaf i mute, in 28 minutes, using a bow. WELCOME, spi 616 for New Record Tops Mark (or Business Girls' League in Matches Last i Night. I Jtorle Lawrence, bowl ins leadoff for the Lobergs in the Business Girls league, last night turned in a fill! series to lead her team to a sweep of its series with the Swed- I bergs. Airs. Lawrence's total, with 'games of ISP, 209 and 21 S, set a new 1 season high mark for the league. I Consistently good bowling with strike strings in the last two games boosted the total. i In the oilier league match, Eva i Gagner hit a 521 ix>- S'lve the Ginzls a 2-1 win oyer the JolitK five. Last night's scores: Business Girls' League. LOBERG JUNIOR TEAMS PUY Doubleheader Is Arranged for Rhinelahder Fans at Gym Here. Lawrence ISO Weikel 335 Rayford 133 Smith ..........153 Loberg ;........150 209 134 117 128 158 an attempt to break his record of 272 miles .In hou,r in, his new streamlined .'• Bluebird next month. ... "'-.'.. ' . , , _.. . . , Certain'that he can make 300 v whip and a body slam. The,match m ,, es an hour oyer ^ n _ mlle was good with Pocan being *e bold I gtretcL of 8and , at Daytona toad villian abusing his handicapped j Bench> Fla _ ^ Malcolm Camp _ opponent. ,„,,,, ,1 bell, English auto speedster, ,1s Joe Miller, of Mecford forced shown ab ag ^arrived In Johnny Bamer to say- "uncle after Nfiw y ^ ^ g eight minutes of the feature prelim- j • inary. A breaking- toe hold was the "convincer". Bamer really was hurt, his ankle and foot appearing badly swollen after the fights were- all over. Johnny Dasek, of Rib Lake, and Johnny Paulin, of West Allis, wrestled 20 minutes to a draw in the other preliminary. Paulin put on a good show and the match was, without the facial expressions and pan- tomine, one of the best on the card. Armand Gilbert, of Merrill, and Woody Ruteli, of Gleason, drew in I Dalton, Vlahakis Lose Bouts at 10 minutes in the opener. | • • Ironwood Last' Totals 760 766 SWEDBERG Rayford J176 150 Kongslien 131 114 Carter .120 120 Schoeneck 157 154 Swedberg 147 162 218— 616 142— 431 132— 382 137— 418 118— 426 747—2273 130— 456 169— 414 120— 360 145— 456 167— 476 TO PLAY HERE Badgers, Local Tournament Champions for Two Years, to Come Here Sunday* Niagara's Badgers, champions of Rlifnelander's 1933 and 1934 northern Wisconsin basketball tournaments and a likely favorite to win the 1935 tourney her« March- 1-2-3, will invade Rhinelander'ph Sunday night to meet Company B in the Memorial building. It will be Niagara's only game iii thia part of the state before the Badgers come here to defend their championship In the tournament here next month, Popular with Fans. Niagara is a nopuar team with I Rhinelander fans, being composed of j well-trained, hard-playing stars who nevertheless always have shown good sportsmanship here. The Badgers this year have the same team that they have had in other years, except that they have a new center and a new guard, while Taylor of last FT^O? "T •JutM --. *». • J-.- W c Kodak in Tw6 Rhinelander basketball teams i ycai .' s teartr-rt rtil'ssing and Schneld tonight take ^on^ fives ^rom Eagle I er plays.only occasionally. •n !.. ,.i.- T....! ,.,_.,._..._. ... ^ e j. W g Johansens, Jansen, and the pony forwards, Olivia and Thi- River in the Junior high gym hero. : ij'iilttlor, high squad ind< the The • ->r- . -. • • . - — -. v,*»w I"- 7 -** J is to play the Eagle'-River Fresh-1 bert> ' are stin playing with the men and Sophomore team in' the Niagara Badgers. Between halves of the game Sun May Sign Up far Another f- Chanee to Fight Ross tot Lightweight Crown. ' . . - i - . i CHICAGO, Feb. 1 (i? 5 )—That irrepressible little old man of the boxing wars,. Tony Canzoneri, was in a swell spot today to sign up for another chance to regain the world lightweight championship. The New York Italian came right into the home town of Barney Ross, owner of the title, last night and administered a thorough 10-round boxing lesson to Leo Rodak, a young Chicagoan who was being primed for a championship bout. The decision of Referee Tommy Gilmore and two judges was unanimous, and was concurred in by a great majority j of the 14,331 spectators who brought j $3.1,433.10 to the Chicago stadium. | Jim Mullen and Nate Lewis, who promoted the show—their fourth consecutive successful venture since they joined forces—were more than 'WHATAMAN' SHIRES LOSES FIRST fiOUT DALLAS, Tex., Feb. 1 (#)— Art (VVhataman) .Shires studied today 'the effect of a powerful right hand wallop upon his heavyweight fighting ambitions. The talkative first sacker, gaudily attired In new silks for his first bout in tui announced 'drive for the Texas title, went down in the second round last night before Sid Hunter, 185-pound Texan. Referee Bennie Bickers counted ten, and .Shires was tip fresh as a daisy, ready to continue the scrap. •••'.' Contending' the referee had counted only to nine, Shires argued loudly' with the arbiter, but Bickers just laughed and raised Hunter's' 'harid"iri Victory 1 . main game, while the Seventh' and j Eighth. grade team from RhlVieland- 1 (lay nig . htt the names of the eight ' . "' wi11 play a s<luld from the Vilas county seat in the preliminary affair. The first game is scheduled to sel ected fib.t the Class A tournament here March 1-2-3 will >be announced. It is generally understood that of . , . _„„.-,, . , start at 7:30 o'clock, with the regu- the st ronger teams in the northern 31 ' m ' tt perfonTlance nl eam- Totals 731 GINZL. Gagner ...168 160 Wold 140 Schafer 134 Hampton ..117 Ginzl ..156 700 731—2162 123 141 117 144 193— 521 141— 404 150— 425 114— 348 147— 447. Totals 715 085 JOLITZ. Kretlow -...184 Vickman ...12S Davis 112 Nehls 125 Jolitz 146 128 132 164 143 158 745—2145 129— 441 127— 387 104— 380 128— 306 142— 446 . T ' ™ , Part of Wisconsin, the only team- by the Hungry Five .band of the that refU8ed to €ntel . the locttl tour . Junior high. | nament was the Minocqua Yellow-, rni, -r , . , '._ . liCVttJCltU \V O.f3 bilC ATAIHW^Vi Lttfc J. \-iiu IT , The Junior high mat team is to jacket wle t • £ * lhe - entrants > give an exhibition between halves .Doors to the gym are to open at 7 o'clock. are teams that have 1 defeated Minocqua decisively this. Ohio State Beats Notre Dame Five Totals ..695 725 630—2050 Almquist May Get Wisconsin Coaching Night. Two Rhinelander boxers, Leroy Dalton and Billy, Vlahakis, dropped decisions on an amateur card at' Ironwood last night. Dalton, a featherweight, lost to Former Pupil of Spears Men- 1 Eugene Ranki, of Superior,' in three tioned as Successor to Uteritz. | rounds, but stole the show with his I game fight. Dalton scored a knock-' I down in the second round and out! boxed his opponent in the center, of MADISON, Wis., Feb. 1 | the ring (IF)— A. corners. but ran into trouble in the former pupil of Coach Clarence I Vlahakis' blew his own chances of Spears, University of Wisconsin I winning over Eddie Rochon, a welter- football mentor, was being men- j weight of Ironwood, in his match, tioned here today as a possible sue- J Vlahakis scored a knockdown in the cessor to Irv Uteritz, backfleld coach first round but in his anxiety to get who has resigned. . at his man and finish him, disregard- He is. Harold "Shorty" Almquist,' ed the referee's warning and had to football coach at Augustana college be pushed into a neutral corner, in Rock Island, 111., and a star quar-' Rochon, in the meantime, assumed Camera, Baer Ready to Fight .' : • *? ' *^ ^^ Any TTinie, Place j In the preliminary game Sunday night, the Rhinelander Builders, i Supply team, first team to enter the, I Class B tourney which also will toe. .held here March 1-2-3, will battle the; j Three Lakes team, also expected to^ be a Class B entrant. > Company B's team, which played good basketball until the last six minutes pt' last Sunday night's contest, is hoping to make an improved showing here against the Niagara ; '--• : • - Badgers. -.A victory for the Guards COLUMBUS, O., Feb. 1 (/P) Ohioi would give them the confidence and State turned hack the Irish of Notre : P^stige that they need. Crystal Dame in basketball, 31 to 22; last' Falls defeated Company B by nine night. . ..Pp'Jrits and foeat Niagara by seven Augie George of Dayton, Ohio cen-' Points, so on paper, Company B has ter, ami" Marvin Peters of Peoria, a soocl chance to win from Niagara 111., the Irish tip-off man, put on a j here Sunday night thrilling- duel., Each led their re Irish Lose 31 to 22 Battle after Duel between Centers •in Game. " ' • . willing"'to stage a championship battle between Canzoneri and Ross in the stadium over, the IB round stretch. Canzonerl had too much of everything for Rodak, a 21 year old graduate of the golden gloves, who had won 22 straight victories as a professional. He . out-'generaled the youngster, an ultra-conservative boxer, most of the distance, and .in the sixth clipped Rodak with a right to the chin that almost ended the fight. Rodak, however, hung on desperately, and stayed out of trouble thereafter. Rodak's most impressive flashes came when Canzoneri, the Minocqua Net Squad to Play Rothschild in Community Building. Jake's Jackets will play a return game with the Rothschild five aggressor throughout, cornered and K the Minocqua Community building made him fight his way out of tight Sunday evening. The Paper Makers, spots. , • , defeated Minocqua 30 to 18 at Roths- v,. iphild last Sunday.' " ' ' " : "' : > • The preliminary between the Flam-: I venture the. prediction that. qur',TOati"''(3ity leahi and Phillips 66 of! present age, because of its_ craze Rhinelander.also should^ be^oqd.'Th'e; for the new regardless-: of.the true; I'lridians"-' have' 'been' coabhed' .by will . : be looked 'back upon with /'Susie" St. Ge'rmainei : 'all' -yvinter an,d. amazement and ridicijle.—Dr. Robert know air the tricks for ".which .he A . TV^fll iLro n . ft* rv\r\iics aniarVficif t ^irn « fr\ *vi *-»» + « ' 4n 'It-In ''i^ Av*<ln ••* ' • '" ' ' n Takes 27*18 Victory in Game it Point Latt Night* Tw* v Game* Tonight. • * J...J17 ' ' r * ' Taking an early lead and holding It throughput,. Stevens Point high last night, .defeated Wausau by a score of 27 to 15. The .Pointers, led by Parish, a forward, .took a 7-.4 lead In the first period and held an 11-7 advantage at halftlme. Wausau trailed 11-18 at .the f.. n ,d.< of, the th.ird and, ceuild adcl only, four points in the' closing 'framel) while the winners were adding nine. , flH^fi^' who has 'been on a scoring rampage 'in the last few games f P,V Wausau, was held to a lone field goal. Tonight Marsh field goes to Wisconsin 'Rapids and. Antigo plays at Tomahawk in conference games. Rhinelancler plays at Mel-rill on Sat- urdaj): night.- The; fopx score of last night's gamo at Stevens Point: Stevens Point (27) FQ FT PF Polebitskl ,...-..; i i i Hanson'"....".'... ". i'. ' p ' a Parish 4 ^o Steckei ................ 2 '2 MplslcJ .. „.. 2 2 Slptweinskl 2 q Totals 11 Wftttsau (15) F,a FT PF , A.; famous was famous 'in 'his 'heyday. Welland. , •;- ,. p,. p. Butzpw. '.' i 0 1 Smith v.. 2 42 Achteberg o p 2 McKee 2 1 4 Braatz 0 0 1 Kuehl 0 0 3 Conway o 0 0 Totals ;... .5 5 10 Free throws missed: .Stevens Point , Wausau 3. ...,.,,.. Score toy quarters: . Stevens, Point 7 11 18 27 Wausau 4 7 U 15 Referee: White, Appleton. Umpire. 1 Deny, Appleton. Last. night found Company B's spective teams in scoring. George team working hard in a long scrim- made flve'fleid goals in the last half 'mage drill against the Rhinelander \yhile Peters made three field goals i high school varsity. The practice was and two charity tosses -for • feight' held in tlle Memorial building, since points. Ohio made 14 of 47 shots frfim t. h e Hpdags play out of town on Sat- Oie floor while the Irish connected, urday njght, going to Merrill, on 8 of 23. I .Glen Johnson and Hanson drove At the half Ohio had a 13 to 10 {here from Argonne to work out with lead, stretched it to 20 to 14 shortly • the. Guards. Bill Harvey may wear a after .the second .period started. ,It i Guard suit again . Sunday night in was Ohio State's ninth victory in 13.1 the'game against Niagara. He has starts and the fifth defeat for N<§r'' ! '--'--^ —>-<-••-- — -•=•''«- '—.««^«- -'^ Dame in 13 games. Stock and Produce Market Reports " ' '' By Associated Press'Lwuredi Wire )S«(vlce '' '.''^ '••'. '• * J '. J "' ' FINAL NEW YORK STOCKS. NEW YORK, Feb. 1 (£>)—Speculative enthusiasm was, again absent in today's stock market '-and price trends highly indecisive. Scattered rails were subjected to some pressure, tout the list, as a whole, was not particularly weak.. At;,.th'e'',, time there "were a, 'few gainers, close was. irregular. Transfers ap- proximate'd -500,000 shares. •Cautious traders continued to cling to the sidelines 'While waiting '*: looked mighty good : in practice with the Soldiers. Classified Advertising tenback when Spears coached at . Minnesota. His 1934 Augustana team was undefeated in nine games. • Almquist was considered capable a standing posture. Low blows in the remaining rounds cost Vlahakis the decision on points. of taking over the baseball coaching duties in addition to the football job. j BONTHRON READY FOR Uteritz, who is going to California! as Stub Allison's assistant, has been MILLROSE MILE RIDE head baseball coach for two seasons and the university athletic department is looking for someone who NEW YORK, Feb. 1 (^j—Bill knows something about the dia-1 Bonthron has reached astonishing mond as well as the gridiron sport. ! form fol- "is foot-racing duel with i Glenn Cunningham in the \Vana- I maker mile of the Millrose A. A. i games tomorrow night. j Apparently in as good condition as he ever was during his intercollegiate days at Princeton, Bonthron was clocked in 2:lfi, the 120- MARQUETTE TEAM 15 GIVEN SHORT LAYOFF MIAMI, Fla., Feb. 1 (/P)—Primo Camera and Max Baer are ready to fight "any time, any place"—they both say that—but thus far nothing has been done to match the heavyweight champion and Camera again. Primo came here from South America yesterday and said: "I fight Baer any time, any place —in the. back yard or in the ring— FIRST INSERTION TWO CENTS PER WORD MINIMUM and I beat him to pieces." " ' Baer, departing for California last night, wasted no words in his re tort to Camera's boast. He said: "Any time, any place." But Billy Defoe, the forrnei champion's manager, said he knew nothing of any plans to rematch Baer and Camera, He said Camera would probably return to South America this month for a bout with George Godfey at Rio de Janeiro. Camera and Defoe planned to continue on to New York today or tomorrow. By tne Associated" Press CHICAOO-'Tony Canzoneri, 132% MILWAUKEE, Feb. 1 (/P)—After . . a long workout this afternoon the yards m lo seconds, tor 1,000 yards Xew York outpointed Leo nodak the other day. 130 . y chicago (10) . ct\uU< Ileffner Gene \enzke of Pc-nn, Eric Xy of Marquette university basketball team was to disband until Monday, , night for practice in preparation for, hwe den and Wednesday night's second semester! wl11 com l |lel opener with the Osh.koah Teachers' malcel ' m ^here. I ' Coach Bill Chandler, who has 1 KKKKKKK HIES. 105, Denver, outpointed Billy freest, Ray of Manhattan iec .st. Charles, 111., (0); Paul Lee, will complete the field m the Wana-| ]24i Indianai)oll! ;, outpointed Joe^ Brown, 12(i, Syracuse, (G); Holly Dtikelsky, 158%, Chicago, and Babe Hisko. 158 1 ,;,, Syracuse, drew, (10); worked his squad only four times! DETROIT, Feb. 1 VP>— Harry N. j oey Bazzpne, 155, Pittsburgh, and during semester examinations, de- Tuthill, C4, well known boxing! LOU Halper* Newark 149, drew, (10). c^ded on a complete layoff for the' referee who once .served as trainer! week-end. i for the University of -Michigan and ^Scholastic status of the players,! Army football teams, and for the a result of the semester tests, j Detroit Tigers and New York Giants will not be known until next week, j baseball teams, died last night. Dizzy Dean Heir Apparent to Ruth's Baseball Throne him mightily. •r.-itf-.l hi.- NEW YORK. Feb. 1 &—On the tvvteii the Americans and the Mon- basis of 24 hectic hours, the heir m , al Mar(Jtins . apparent to the tnrone of oase'naH's •roost popular figure, r,eor_-t- Her- I- "ii'st they i alk-ii hirn out on the roan Ruth, is none other than our ; ' e llj drop the- ),u<-k for a sort of old world series friend, Jtiome Her-: •^'•'•'"iijlimfrntary fare-off; the crowd man Dean. Not only have they midile,c in common, not on!> do r,o-.:. .'..,: taja polo coats, but the kid.- ar.: <r. common people go for t;..- iar.V: grinning, raw.hont-d Ca.r.'i:r.-i'. : hander as they do for P. .-.:: .. ending his major leasje Lj:t.r ; Dean is just gettin-- ur.iitr '••.:.;-. Big Seni>atioii. Dizzy i« here tor the NV.v y.. writers' dinner sunii an d he's b**n a he'* gon* so far. E.. : r ooe speaks to him in hU i..,:,:. ...-..; acid he speaks right back. Ha couple ot thoiuaA'i har.'j autographed as many n. . DALLAS —S(d Hunter, 1 f'ornanchfc, Tex., knocked out Art (\Vhataman) SJiires, 105, Italy, Tex., C2.>; Babe Hunt, 200, Ponca City, Okla., knocked out Ace Dodge, li Minneapolis, ((i). PATERSOX, N. J.—Christy Lewis, 154, Phoenix, and Morrie Sherman, 15ft, Paterson, drew, (10). OAKLAND, Calif.—Frank Connelly, 242, Fresno, Calif., outpointed Htarik-y Gari}, 211, Boise, Idaho, (10). 1D9 mttf Ij f-lhows on Hit- c-d-e Uy the Associated 1'ros.s ft It hut perched on! ST. I.fjCJK- Jim Jjjndo.s, 200, St. Uy on a doorknob, : Louis, threw lid (Stntngler) Ltwi.s, 1'risch, ; 215, Los Angeles, one hour, three minutes, 45 seconds. COLL'MBUS, O.—Oeorxe Dut-x-tte, r, Frankit a.s ^oinu on. Arkansas, in Oklahornu, Urua.-.-nton. Florida, | ITS, France, threw Hull Curry, 17'J, a:L-(i ins person- thty crjn't have 1 and papers. lie caJ t watching last iu = -Li n i n_ ( ifc.-M ^iit«»n >*/i]ir.f-f. r>:cr.l Fruni'isco. XiOWAUK, O.—Hob Xovak, MB, li.s c-;.-:.s \,u\i\,cii as c;iuveland, threw Bill Jackson,' 147, !iir!f;il roughly up and , Flint, Mich., 25:00, and Bob Cope- ou;i!;.;n-; other, ( land, 151, Portsmouth, 30;00. '' ''' (VVi'fcstlud twice). CAMDKX, ' N. J.—Sandor KxaUj, ^^1. Hungary, tinx-vv Krnit iJi'isok, -IS, Omaha. SAX FRANf-ISOO—Lord I.ans- downe, 153, Harrington, Kn «aid ' J i-ated Jack Utynaldu, 1&«, i O., two falls vut of three. l this," I ~ ' ( UU !d * N6AVS The Classified Department is situated: in the' Business Office of The ws at 21 South;-Steven's'street. .tS)Ts~pitfice:lq>"receive advertise nts fv-nm S ?. m +.-» K v. »•« ^n>i.* A» n ^.'«"j:' CT.i—j^-'A'' ; •*• " . •'• - } • '^ ments from, 8 a. riij, to 5, p. m., daay/^xce'p."i'aijnday.' The ad taker will gladly assist/ KOU; if .desired, ' so that the copy for ' ' your ad is prepared in such a manner. 'as. cp' produce the best results Ecr you. ' ••'•'"• ' ••••-••• •' ••••- *- ••>••)•, Classified ads ordered by telephone will'be accepted'from all persons listed in the Rhinelander TelephonerDirectqry on memorandum charge. In return for. ^,is courtesy the adijeptlsers .wJJl' 'be' expeQtpd. to remltj promptly. Accounts unpaid on the 20th; of 'the month following date of invoice-'will not be granted further credjlt v , • • ' " ! Errors In advertisements should be, reported immediately.' The" 'Newa 1 will not be responsible for more than one inco.'rect Insertion. • TIME REQTJIRE3MENT: Want AdS t should be ordered before 12 b'cloW noon to appear the same day. to'appear *ti Saturday must be' in not later than 10:30 a. m. Saturday,: tbieplay advertisHnf copy must be ! in Th« News office before 10 a. m, to appear the same day. Full page ads must be in Th« News office by 4.p. :.m. of the day: preceding 1 publication. Double page ads must be in The News' office by 4 p. ni. two days 'preced • Ing rubMeation. ' • ' i • . ; SERVICES RADIO SERVICE—Stanley Hallenbeck. Phone 221. 230 Grant street. 11-26-tt SKATES sharpened. Ziegler'a Shoe Repair Service. 12-26-tf Rhinelander Radio Service. Reasonable, prompt service, all models. Phon* 900. Downtown Super Service Station, 1-7-21 ONEIDA LIQUOR HOUSE—Whole* sale, retail. All kinds of choice liquors, wines, ales, cordials. 7-6-tl PULLER BRUSH SERVICE—John P. II. Barlow. Telephone 1059. l-29-5t LLOYD F. KAISER B. A., M. D. Physician and Surgeon Office Hours: 1.1:00 to 12j&0,A. M. 2:00 to 4:00 P. M. 7:00 to 8:00 P. M. Offlc« Phone 414-W Residence Phone 414-R. Brown Broa. Building, over Lewis, Hdwe. 1-14-tf FOR SALE—Grocery and meat, established business. Splendid opportunity for couple; $2,700-$2,900 yearly income. Priced right. Owner leaving 'Rhinelander. Write "Business," care of The News. 1-29-tf developments" ''a^', '.Washington'. , The .nervousness of' c§r ri e r equities. proved'. a market drag. Grains -and cotton ',were also inclined to., drift softie WMit lowei\ B.dnds" were 'mixed. Foreign : c u r r e,n c i e s were little changed in relation. to the (Jpllaiv; iShares of. Tw|n. 'City. Rapid transit got up, more than 2 points, Home^take was up as'much on a few transfers and ^meric^n'.^relephoi\e 1 i < <Np i, American,' tJ ^fatioriai 'Steel', "Crucible' tibnal: , Intepboro 'R^pid .Transit;. Jn- 'Steel; Jpiin's-W[a''nvillei interha- ' '' Aircraft ,ari [Boeing', ex- a steady tone, (^ojumtoian . was..'^ poijit higher';" alpng . Bosses' : bf araund i to Summary Stocks: Irregular;' rails iower in same, gUll,, dealings. ""**" "Bonds: Mixed; U. Q. governments improve. , Curb: Easy; utilities sag. Foreign exchanges: Steady; gold currencies, .quifijt, , , Cpttqn: Qpi€it;Tiquidation;'local and southern' selling. iSug^r: Hig;her'; 'firmer spot market. Coffee: 'gteacly; tr^de-suRport. Wheat: Eajs^'.§ypipath'y'with corn. Corn: Low^er; .'Argen^t^e. a^i Cattle: Steady to weak. Hogs: 10-25. higher; top ?8.00; small .Sej, : ...... Jfohns Danville Kelly Springi .. 5.0%' wJ1$ Deere. !L'os nearly:,_2 were ; 'sho\^n Allied '•Chemical, Santa Fe, Union 'Pacific, U. S. Steel' 'Preferred,, U. S. W •* •'•« '\*j ».-••)'' " ' 'e*J }-' f ''' ' : v "''V ' *iif«" ' 'i. * -»T '*'**•' I . Kennecot;t ... Ligg &.My B Lio f Caijb .... Monty Ward Nash' Mtr .... Nat'.'B,lsquit'... s, 'Siandarfl' d'Jl. of'Ne^! Je>- j^Tat'Cash..'R A ................ ' "•-'-'- ' ' ' ' I ^ T _' . ' J^^j'jy Jjj. ..'....... , Instill,..'..........'... [..Nat Pow & Lt Air Red ;... 110% \ Al Chem» &-Dye 135 Allis Gh.;^[|g ( .' ..v, 16% Am Com). A'lc'o ....-...'.. 27%. Ain. & 1?$ *^QW .,...., v ,. 4 % Am Pow &' Lt ...............'. 3V6 'Am R^d &' St S 13% A,m Avia ' "' 10%: 10,") 2 ; 6'4 '3% North :< Am ".' .......'. 13 , .N.or:.Pac :'..,...: i 17%! Packard Mot .' 4% Penney J. C "<58% ifqnn R R .21% Dodge Cit, Svc Pf;d ..,.,.. n r El Bbnd'&'Sh .."....'...'...!.' .","'6% Ford M Can A .......... Ford Mot- Ltd Pgh PI .Gl ..'";... Transco'nt Air Stpd ....... Transl'ux'......... U}iit Qas ...'.;..' Un! Lt & Pow A '30% 7%' 5G.. ; %. 3 , %; FINAL CHICAGO STOCKS. Chi .Corp ..... , v .,..., .,.-,,, .... ,,. . 2 % Cit Svc ...... ...... ..... ..... !% Cord Corp . . ................. 3 %' Crane Co ............. . ....... 9 % N.orwest Bancorp .............. 4% Swift &, Co ..... ................ lS-> Wise "Bankshrs ................. 2% ; CLOSING BONDS. NEW YORK. Fed Farm Mtg 3s '49 89—100.21.'-, Fed 'Farm Mtg 3s '49 Reg 4—*.'100.15. Fed Farm Mtg S'/is '64 156—102.21. Fed F/arm Mtg, 3^4's ,'64 43 & 2—, i02.:; vr •"".' • '. , . -• .Home Own Loan 4s '6i 11—101.6. Home Own Loan 3s A '52 218— _]|dj?o.' '".". . '" '' : ': : ..Home Own Loan 2%a ''39-49 282— .105 82 39 FOR SALE—32-volt Delco Farm Radio at reduced price; new batteries at reduced prices; also one rebuilt light plant. Call or write Laurel Electric Service, distributor for Delco, Robbins, Wis. l-29-5t Am Stl Fdrs 17 Am Tel&''Tel J\m Tob B ; Am Wool, Pfd Anaconda 10% Arm 111 5% Arm 111 Pr Pfd 67% Auburn .... ,24% Aviation Corp Barpsdall Beldlng Hem 12% Bendix Avia 15 ?! % .Pub'S.vb'N'. J 25%, Pullman Pur© OH"..' 6% (Radio. ! 5.H Radio Pfd 60% Rem Rand 0 Safeway ,Strs Sears Roeb 41% .„ Shell "im 6% 1»|Simmons '9 Socony Vacuum 14% Spiegel May Stern 72% FOR SALE — Sundstrand Adding machine like new, $50; Burroughs, 135.00. National cash register, $35. Write Box 95, Wausau. 2-l-3t FOR SALE—Household furniture; in good conditiop; reasonable, Also, six-room modern house; desirable location. Will sell very reasonable for cash or terms. Inquire at 5,15 Alban street. 547 Alban street, or Phone 107. 2-l-4t F0« RENT FOR RENT—Bedroom; centrally located; woman preferred; home WEST SIDE Plumbing and Heating I Privileges. Call after 4 o'clock at Co.-Wm. Fraaler. Plumbing in- Kn " a "" th n ""'"" "" Dh "" Q " Q0 - lur utallationg and repairing. Phone 278-W. l-31-24t FOR HALE SPECIAL FOR SATURDAY -Men 'a Holes and lieely ......... $1,00 Ladles' Holea an4 IJeels ....... oSc Men's RMbber Heejs ............ 3Qc Ladies' Kubl^er TIeel» ........... I5c UNITED SHOE RE- BUILDERS SHOP 3 tfing FOR SAL^J—Brewer-Kelly electric radio. Good condition. I'hone 385. BALE—Twv dquble 503 South Oneida or Phone 432-M. l-30-2t FOR BENT—Four office rooms over £k>ldgtone's store. . Rent reaapn- able.' Phone 444. 1-18-t* FOft RISNT—Four room house 01} Nortb Stevens street, $12. Phone 680-J. 2-1-2J NOWCB ATTENTION: We wish to announce the opening of our new Cut Rat$ , Tire Company, featuring the most Hudson Mot modern tire equipment and lowest Hupp Mot prices in the city. All work guar- 111 Cent No Job too, large or too Inger Rand Located at 213 West pay- Jut Harv . -, Street. Acros- frji^jujld- {JaJ JJtek Can t Supjply Co. ^ . Beth Stl , 29% Borden 24% Briggs Mfg 20% Briggs & Strat 25% Budd MfS 41 A Burr A$ Mach Cal & Hec .... Cer De Pas .. Chi & N W Std Brands ., 17% Std Oil'Cal 29% Std Oil In'd 24% Std Oil.N, J 40% 40% 4% Chi & N W Pfd 8% ChiMStP&P 2% Chi M St P $ P Pfd 3% Chrysler , 37% Colgate Palm 17 Co} G &. El * 7 Col Carto". 71 Coml Ored 42% Coml Inv Tr 58% Coml Solv ., .......... , ........ 21 Corn Prod Crucible .Stl .................. 22 Cqdahy Pack ................. 42 Curtiss Wright ............... 2 % Del & Hud. Douglas Airc . , Du Pont De N Kod . El Auto L ..... El Pow & Lt . . Gen Am Trans 'Gen Asphalt . • Gen Bak . Gen Fds . Ge>n Mpt . J>ust T & Gra,h'am Paige 35% . 22% . 94 .113 . 24% . 2% . 36% Stewart Warn 7% Studebaker 1%. Det Ax 6% Roll B 33% Transamerlca 5*4 Un Carbide ., t f 24% Unit Carbon 47% Unit Corp 2% U. S. Rubber 14 U. S. Sm R 1Q9 U. S. Stl ... U. S. Stl Pfd West Un Tel Westingh Air 36% 87% 29 24%, West El & M 37% Woolworth 54% Wrigley Jr 76% Yng Sh*4& T 18% 8% 23% 34% 30% .2214 , 2% ,347 . 9% , 294 FINAL NEW ¥ORK CURB. NEJW YORK, Feb. 1 (/P>r-Curb stocks moved irregularly -within ^ narrow trading range today. Merchandising shares and some of thq specialties made moderate improvement, but elsewhere, notably in industrials, the trend was a trifle low.- The turnover was fairly large in utilities, where the tqne was uneven with minor losses outnumbering gains. American Gas improved fractionally, but minor recessions occurred in Electric Bond and Share, Cities Service and Niagara Hudson. Fractional gain occurred in awift International. 41 Vi 83 & Tel MILWAUKEE PRODUCE. il^^trKfefe,.,'. F<jb> r ;l'. teit,. pxt'ras 36c; standards Sic. Eggs "7c; A .medium 25c; B. largi 'fi' v medium 24%c;' ungraded Poultry, live.'do; heavy, , ligiit; 17%c; leghorns' medium, ,i'8c; ptags , 16.C; roosters l4%c; .colqred 2.0cj light. '2dc; Wl'iite •ock,. heavy 20c;. light 2Qc; bairpd •ocK, -h'^avy 20c-: U£ht 16'c; anc'onas .'4c; colored 'broilers. 15%c; leghorn 16%c; ducks 20c; heavy 19c; old ,17c; 'light;'17c; 'geese,'young 17c; old i7c; ".turkeys i7q; r old idc; No; 2, lie. '".VegetaMes:' Cajbbage, Wisconsin 30 <8>3;5c per bushel; $9.00@lO;QO per ton; new .Tex^s $2.2S@3.00 p^er (irate. 1 Potatoes,. U. S. No, 1, Wisconsi Round, Whites 100-1-b. sacks ungraded '66@60c; No. 1, Idal^o Rus sets $1.65@1.70. Onions, domestic U, S. No'. 1, fl.00@1.05 50-lb. sacks, Mlllstuffs: Standard bran f27.25; pure bran ?27.75; standard midds J27.00; rye raidds. $25.25; flour midds 129.75; regrovmd oatfeed |17.25. FOREIGN EXCHANGE, NEW YORK, Feb. 1 ,(5»)—Foreign exchange steady. Great Britain in dollars, others in cents, dreat Britain demand, 4.87%; cables, 4.87%; 00-day bills, 4.8~6%; France demand, 6.56%; cables, 6.56%; Italy demand, 8.47%; cables, 8.47 %'. ' ' in^ ch1f > CHICAGO BUTTER, CHICAGjO, Feb. 1 (ff)— Butter, 6,155, firm; creamery-specials (93 score) 36%@37c; extras (92 score) 36c; extra firsts (90-91 score) 35%^38 1 /6c; firsts (88-89 score) 34% @34%c; seconds (86-87 score) 3,3®33%c; standards (90 score centralized carlots) 35%c. Eggs, 6,246, firm; extra firsts, cars 28%cj local 27%c; fresh graded firsts, cars 28.V4C, local 27c; current receipts 26%c. CHICAPO POTATOES. CHICAGO. Feb, 1 (.^—(United States Department of Agrlcufture)— Potatoes, 92, on track 2&5; total U. shipments 902; slightly weaker, supplies liberal, demand and trading very slow; sacked per cwt. Wisconsin Round Whites U. S. No. 1, fine quality 85c; unclassified 70c; Idaho Russets U. S. No. 1, |1.50@1.52%. Ark Nat G A '.., Can Marc Wire 8% Cit Svc 1%. A soldier termite will not release Its grip, on.ce it has closed its jaws on a victim, even though the termite's, head be severed from the body. Record for the lowest normal amount of rainfall of any state in the Union is held by Arizona, with 7.8 inches. ..

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