The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 15, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 15, 1940
Page 6
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1 PAGfi SIX Double Feature Picture (ARK) COURIKR NEWS Leachville Will Be Scene .,-. Of Touniamenl Friday . Ei.vlocn boys 1 itnil sh.iem jjirK taskelbjll ((.(Him O f gr ;U i P .^hool i:i Craijhcad and Mississippi Conn- | ty, Art:., and Dunklin Comuv, Mo., | will compete in [he annual' ^raclc i .school lotmianiMit to lye |JH<I at j l.eaohvillo Friday anil .Saim-tlay. j Play will begin immt--iijl<-ly aim ! lunch tomorrow. 12:45 p m.. wilh ' i;ir)«' „[,,( jj 0 j, s i j, ; ,i nc . s jntem.ptM.; • with eight games 10 bo p.'ijr-^ «'. Ural session. There will be five gam?:; lomor- roiy night. In the closing day session Saturday seven games will be played in thc morning; six in the nflerroon ami four i!ini night, j In Ihe first program, Ij-nchvllle .' will meet Hancock gll'ls for the Hrst game and Mils will be followed by IX'K'hvIlle-liancoi'k boys; I Chlldress-Lost Cane girls mid uoj's; j Cardwell-Pawheen boys; Uhc;,-- I water-Rocky girls mul boys; Mllli- gan Ridi'c-Box EMer girts. In Hie session tomorrow niglu Milligan R!dge-Bo>: Elder boys will '. piny firs!. followed by Broxn'.i-mi- I Leachville girls and boy;;; Boymoji- i Cardwoll girls nnd boys. ' I The Leachvllls senior girls antl boys will phy ihe Dell senior girls mid boys |n two speolal games to J be staged at this time. ' I On the second day of the bur- i iiamcnt, Bucoda-Boiie boys' game will be played while Uic Uu'coda ],, ... Bh'ls dreiv a bye. nnd these games ARCADIA, Cal., Feb. IS (UP)- ' lu "™™ . Hinder, 1 wouldn't will be followed by wimicr.s of ] Wlieii lienjmnin Fra;)kllii first flew ! f 1 ' 1 ' 1 , ,' f Al Vanderbilt ha' 'i'ill Slumps To Second Place and Teeli To Third Place pirrsBuiicm <ui>i~Th<! ti'v-s <ollc.nic football picture is belli- and lia.s only four regulars, n otncr Iclteriiicn, three. 'iioii-lclUr- wen .-uiif a group of freslnnen to build ,1 ,. CVi , PJW , „,.;,, mucni , 18 Al Carnegie Tech. .or. Baker np- fcim to hfi In worse im-ilk-amen; tlmn Bowser. Inker lake.; over , •so/ely <fc|ilcic:i football .squad, and can export little help from i | rf ,|, ; man team which W o s u.imoied b' t-V'ry opponent. To coinplicatti JUmas, me eligibility buyaooc. hovers over several of last v-'a-- 1 dependable.* perlnl for ihiid plaee, Today's Sport Parade Bj HEMr.Z MctEJHORE ! around two full Un-ns. Equipoise's j world record of 1 ;34 2-5 was out | [ uf a finite nnd Ekkie had to nego- j j time but one bend. I Everyone knows that lleelflv can ! ! inn a mile nnd a quarter, the him- '' j dlcap distance, because he has. So [ j right now he Is liolier ilimi maun 1 ; ' i bin-nils in the u-Jnter book play on j rs o ranii rs ew Eame3 played during the previous I «'s kite Into en elcclncul storm u sessi ' New Gym To Be Scene Of Game Friday sessions until the detenuincit. clumploi-.s are i is doubtful if he knew what he was i doing for i> horse named Heellly, ——— — jn'Kl 'on man named Alfred Gwynne No Local Fighters i Vnm) " rbm I M L- r- I Berause eleclriclty, in the. form in Memphis Finals ° r a starling gate, lus done nion to soothe tills savage tast limn Blylhevlllc will n&l be ronre- I '-"'"-I"™ or longs, blinkers or blindfolds, soft music or loving words. For four yours Hcelfly was known scnl out a check too as a sort of ™^ (l ^™W,?L u . 1 :.! 10! '* 8B l. BB1 > Pthevl ' te h| 8" ^hooi-s .onic new gymnasium, long in the - — n&l be represented in (he finals of the Mid- South Golden Gloves tourney at Memphis tonight since several amateur boxers who were to have par- - tielpiUcd under the colors of the I llftst l««l-lcinpoi'od Chfckasaw Athletic Club decided not- to go to the meet, The oalv two representatives of Oils section Announces Officials For Tourney Finals Officials for the finals of the comity loiinifum-tit of tlic Mi.s.sis- .... .,....., ,. tl ,,,j „,,.,. f .,, UW ii i sli>|11 Coiml .v Amaleiir Basketball to every racing starter In the conn- j l - ea S»e, to be staged al I lie armoi v ir.i ,.« n.. , , here tonight, hsivc b?en announced ^riio Gold and Blue of l.Ve !>if. P Hither has always been pre- <u mi-Mint. Then came tlic oi Ciirnr-^lo Te^h'.s T^rtoi in the bao^roiDiel tile n<!'i -uui lilne of n,i:mr-sne t;nlv"r"!iy •Ihe islelurc is Oiaiiglnfl. ' on- ju ne moves tonvrid. piu Indus .into second place aiui the Tana-'< aie filllnu to real-. Culics say' Hie picture won't tluiiiL again, at least not for another two years. Uiiqucsne's un- neleated sophomore outfil of last si i»oii will be lelnforced In 1940 by n stroiio; group o r freshmen I'ltl. rollowinj one ol Its poorest it isuis in history, isn't getllii" Hie pick of the district sridden an)- more, Canragie doesn't have the material for 11 wio-.l football teum this" year or next. •Kern Leaves Tech ; And, us lh e picture change-; ^o i (to the eo3chlng statls nl the ihrco colloiM. •nu a ,..d Dittwesnc : had n»»- coaches in 1D39. Charte.5 Bowser succeeding Dr John n • (Jo:k> .yntlieilaiul, who recently slsncd (3 coach the rjrook'.vn Dctlijcrs pro football learn, and Buff Doiiclli sticceedhi',' John 'Ultle Clipper) Smith before . spnnj tminii-j O f List yenr nill Kern remained nt T«ch thi-ou-jh last, .season but then decided move ou. Kern, former student of Sut! 1-rcddie Uulchinson, $ 1 00,000 Washout , Expeels To Comeback * r,n,i Buihmy" Davis Is Rough Aik) Tougft Style Of Batllc ME1V VO«K. Feb. If, '(UP)_lt Jack Dc'nipsiy's credo Is correct Voting Al Davis of Brooklyn should' be Hit., next world's welterweight champion. Dempsey's credo Is this: "A uood njjbti'r'.-j gottn come up the hard *«}'. He's golia be ro»al> and tough, because nghlin'.-; a tonyl, biiKlness." ' Ravls, unbeaten in 37 professional bouts, hails from the heart of Brooklyii'x Brownsville. 11 bailiwick lliat has contributed far more ilian Us quota of hoodlums to our national culture. Hlglit now 22-ycnr-old "Buminy" Davis is (lie fislie hero of flrooic- lyii's bad lafuls as he trains for a 10-romid non-title fight with Lightweight Champion Lou An • ^ CI ' S . 11 ^ M<ld ''spii Square Garden on .. , . ._ as c- *iuo.000 pitching Hop of ,939 Hittclilnson-predicu TITURSDAy, PRBRUARY'lB, 1.940! playing weight of 191 now. The details of his major \m- debiil were too horrible for n' chinson to recall. He started u»al the Yankees and didn't lasl t Innings, lie can still hear the \vl of the base-hits sioing by. Tiie n< dr.y lie was shipped (o the Tigo Toledo fni-if) iji (dp American As. elation. Alter lie had eotton sin I'd. lie regained his control and w nine and lost nine before the sere rirMlieci him. ' He's not concerned over tils la 1 of a fjsl toil] bin. believes tl ; Manager Del Hater will helj) h ! improve lib; delivery duri-v/ ( ; spring grind. "If yon haven't B ot it. you iiavn " ,up)._n as c- . got it." UmsJiiiison sa jil. I he 20-year-old ri^hthandr-r : »uu.w "notliing ball" won 25 xaints 111 l»s llrsl p,ole:,sional st'ason : eaves tomorrow on the flra !e> of [ HL-i joinney 1 0 the Detroit Tj-'cr.V naming ramp at Lakeland. Ha [ Jlmdilnso.Vs major league debut ' last year was an expensive disjp- i lent for Tiger owner Waller ._.. who paid 850.000 cash and »<<'ee i> ayers. for a green pii.-he, who had clicked with Seattle of toe Pacific coast League. Phlegmatic by n.uure. Pi'o:UIVs '«»»>* to live up | U his mlno. lo.igiie reimtuilon and price bothers him very little. "All 1 need Is more work," Frel<iy declared." "I've got ilu- experience now. i know I'm a lot betf than my record showed last year" Hutchinson won only three and ost six games last year mid te- llcvcs his failure to ba|l was due to hi reaching lop pjichin working nil wi.-:tcr fair shape when h» OLD LEWIS HIJNTEli " - i^.i-.i 11, iuj HiLi 'ilLlflClll fir Slit nni 1 process of construction while vm-i- : l,nd, re s i,ned at Tec be'an c tl « ous ob ' n Stanley Hancock of Leachville, ami Carl Dnvls of Scnath. lost their fights and failed to reach the finals. Hancock lost Tuesday n|<j|u In the opening round of the tourney nnd Dnvis was decisions:! lust night. the meanest, ornerlest. nag who refused to break from a stall. He wouldn't stand In line mitl nt wouldn't stand still. He burked. ' Buford Martin Beats . . ic:ired, lossed riders, nnd endanger-' cd the liVBs of the assistant slurl- eis whasc duty It was to force goof: behavior on him, Ei'en on his quid days It was ari even money bel tlxal when the bell finally ran.; he would lis pawing up nc.e an c.i.iea- IrjQii M(ituc-'>an:l fitting I'm. lV1 -oti-' way. Youiu Vandfrblll. spent two of Dr. Pepper Bov/lers thc 1)est ^ cars of M * -— reform this incorrlaiblu ' r yi»'< v Buford Martin's pin smashers continued their winning s ( r eak Tuesday night at thc expense ol i i - -- . -- ~ ^...^ Dr. Pepper, winning by ,n siibstan- L rfll ^ f '' rnl1 = owiitM-shiti lo Oeorge Hal margin. Richard bickson's 109 average was tops for Buford Martin: while Dr. Pepper'was'led' bv •Biirecson. who averaged 192 and a so tamed the single-game ot (lie night, 22G : ous obstacles were being overcome : all to insure it completion, will be ihe scene of the Blytheville-Shawuee tu-.sketball games Friday night. i failed lo Virginia University o ( ,ke e place of resigned Marshall (Little P,:^, r,r m ' e ui j r ^ '«'«^ o^™™ ! sn^,s or'^Se ^?£, '^VevrTthSK j" ^°^™ -'« ,,l«ycr, club and -ichool projects which in its first stage provided a stadium and finally a gymnasium. Dr. Eddie'' Baker, former Pitt (inarteibaek star, moved u;j from -- — ~....**.\, - - - -- - first assistant to hea-i co'ir-li it by Joe Whltley, county recreation !1 " tl fl " KlI >' » Byninnslum. : Carnegie Tech. I'e al«o Iw; a "", Pttor - Tl ><-' Biythe.villo and Sliawncc i s(ilff or former pill plavers Joe uildy. Alabama, and Jim j. j seniors will meet in the ' 'feature i Duquesiic's Donctli whos-'toam iicrii-en. Arkansas, will be referees 6'imc which will follow a game be-i won oljht and tied one name list •iimn Tavtnr n>: tinioL.oo,xn,. iwecn thc Blythevillc and Shawnee ' ctl " 1 '"" 1 "*" """ '• ' '^ ' wllli llanunn Taylor as timekeeper and Dan Wan iuglon as scorer. In the boys' game, Osccoln will meet Manila, nndsiiawnee of Joiner and Yarbio will be opponents In *.ho slrls' tilt. Winners will go lo Joiicsboro for Hie district meet Pet). 2a. ar, nm i district M'b)icr;> will witcr the stain tournnmrm to be held in juniors, beginning at 'c:io o'clock H was pointed out today by sthoo) oflieluls that due to recent tains and snow.s Dial the niuddv condition of the football neld.aiid school uroiinds would liinkc approach to the stadium across the season, has thc best outlook IB letlcrinen rctnrnli:-* from n door welterweight title brawl wiih vo i • procssiomil Champion Ken,,' ArLtro g i a" nem"ru!ed' -I" Da "'. 0it summer. Such a brawl shoHcl draw ' He's bu tW H°° a more than sSSOOnn i but thlec 1'ounds ove . .. more than $250000 Matchmaker Johnny Altell of e o the Mill Centiii-y club says. "DavLs imdefealed team There are plenty from the freshirmn ing of lust season. of replacements' team. Includ- taltlyey will fight Ambers on (benight of (he 23rd, If-he don't have no more trouble tvilh the pot cc before then." Accordingly to make certain tljat Biimrny "gets nto the ring.m good condition he ii.i.s lieen equipped with a detective and nil attorney to assist him in training. Atlell says, "1 u,| llk we gol „ last trouble all straightened out know—where he belted that . »i the cignr store. Sure, Bum- iny gets into a lotta trouble but liisr 11 * l "' t l"s fault. People is always . Joe Cibulas, who was so touah at tackle that the varsity picked him on their all-opponent thc.v . ...,, ,„„.., ullll . ,„„ State wimii'i-s will try for a national 1 street pavement as honor for which there is „ Bale con-lean. lie fiiiaily nave "lip i ^l!! 11 " 1 , ""'""'- ,tre-iki" vo moa " IS "So and the Ink was " ily be3 "' s '" 7:3 ° o ' o!n ~k. n'v. nf I SC! > J « 1 'y dry on the bill of sale • Slriltlon of 'be Circle s ranch " the sl(i;l "™l Martins gate !™ s ^nerally adopted by the coun- ys " la ^ r ' r '«l!.s.' One clectric-.ii l . rcfttmc " t all:1 Ilccif| .v «ns :i <lif- Cooter Teams Will Take On Deering COOTER, Mo., Feb. 15. _ ii,e Cooler Wildcats will pinv (lv<- Sleele l Wins Two' '•::.','• From Bono venient nasium Hreet. Uifii. fnns use the Henrn the most con- approach to which fronts the (in gym- fereiil linr^, 1 —'" "-" *"' - iir - ••->:•! '"""»>'•. I ing teams :i double header nt Deer- I Imagine that Vanderbilt U-a|'"S Friday nishl for their last iitlierem man, too, what with Imv-! i'chcdulcd game Hits scaso.i Ing 10 read of Hc-eifly's Iransfcmu- I , tlon Into a great race horse and i Ttirn Voles (u Sell J\H one with a bn.:g-up chance'of win- SALISBUUY Conn (UPi—Wnn< Hil] 2 • t lift i t fin rtiui ... i- . . . i . . ! . . ' UV "">.**J» ,' ->\ till ,• grldlruii or grounds <tlfllciill anrt : lcam after a few pra?ll:e gpaiica. I'iit Schedule Difficull ' 1'iU. utter putthi;! in n 1:ew athletic cede, has drummed up one of the stiffest srhe;h:lcs in the Jinlioii. and the outlook is none too brijlil for Coacli Bo«-;:er. 'Hie Panthers open with Ohio Stale uiiil conlim:e wilh Missouri, S.M.U.. Kordham. Nebraska Ca^-' iieJie Tech, Fenn .Slat? and Duke. BOWAW loses seven regulars, In- I cludin" nick C.i&sitino. Pitt'-, best gainer the past two years. Holland Teams Split Two With Braggadocio . ays on him, and he hasta uphold Jus posishuu in the coramuu- ».v. He;,- an ,,v.ful e ocxl . icnrt, and his bov at mother. . But people Jus' • don't, -understand " Read Cciiritr News v.ant, nds. KtltTUCXY ST»«1CHT BOURBON WK1SKB Williuni Juuiesou & Co., Inc.. iS. Y? Dealer or ARKflNSAS-MISSOURIPO'AERCJRP ., * . h S I'™ 00 V, !lM °' lll ° sl>:l ' n ! l ° "" MP ''° b " rUn tO _ _ a jail? H was' decided nt n rim.*, ti,' -^T' v r-"-^ ! -"""^ 11 -•! n«-Jt On Murcii 'j. £%S;a~ti:=!*S»-!ffi; „„,„.„ i,/,,., „„..„,., tc "V - a -•> ""« 'I't tunes, place;! once, and run third »'-«'"* » i , „ , c c " view of a g boys score being 42-21. This was ih» 16Ui consecutive victory for tlic Eteele boys who are favorites for the county championship w i,i:h in , , • v> ' ii '"*"ui!:jiiip \vnich will be determined M the tournament In Cariithcrsville next week. GirU Steele (29) P OS Wells 12 p Snilthwlek 9 F Hlnchey 8 p O an aid o Pritchard G Reynolds o Substitutes; Steele—Severn Boys Pos. F once. Although L:IC a mount SI ration paid for. tiie horse is not known it is sjfe to guess that Heelfly already has won back his purchase Steele (42) Carter 10 Meadows II Ketcrmm 6 Smith n Burton 2 C O G price, in tact, Hccllly's teat of whipping Scabiscuit, Sun Ejret and | other crack stake horses in the Bono (18i [ La Jolln handicap last week, (done J. \SaUiiis 11 jjusiuios his owner's bargaining. unit o Because in thai race Heeltlv packed Garrison 2 119 noimc.;. or five fewer'than he "' will have to tote In the handicap, and finishr-ti the seven furlongs iii 1:23 flat for the fastest time for the distance i.i thc United Slates (his year. But even more remarkable than his blazing speed for (ha seven panels was Ills time spotless crime iccord there wasn't much sense In having a Jail, so Ihe townspeople vote:) to soil it. .HOLLAND, Mo.. Feb. IS. — The Holland tennis divided honors with the Braggadocio teims on tne loon: , court Tuesday night when j BrugBudozlo girls won by n score of 10-31 after a hard fou'g):t battle and the Holland boys were again victorious by a score ot a7-H. The Hcll:r:d boys have not been do- feated (his season. However, they WalMiis Goodman F.MljlU Bono (21) Eeimon 2 Roggs 2 Broadway 3 Stephciis 4 Grogson 6 out the mile. Jockey Gcontic Woolf , worked him on an extra -.'iglith In ! lhe astounding time of i-;<s 1.5 ! DOVER, N. II. (UP) — Irving Young, a Concord power company inspector, came in contact with 12.000 volls of electricity—but. only sullerco binned hands and \vrlsl-s. . , forfeited one gnme to anodic: team. The Holland teams w;.'i ciwe their season Friday night when they piny at Osceoia. rtrk.. in a double header and will cuter the county loiirtnmenl lit Caiuthers- ville ncxl week, Read Ccurtcr News \\ant ads. 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