The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 8, 1959 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 8, 1959
Page 17
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Otto Lnftbs left a few weeks ago to spend the winter at St. Petersburg, Fla, LADDER Karl Kettcrinft of Lisbon is recovering from n (•••rushed lip ol the hoot bone he nn-fivtHl recently when he jumped from a ladder to avoid falling backwards, lilt hand slipped on the Inddor as Uo was noaring the lop and he lost his balance. Thirty-one states and the District of Columbia levy income taxes, and 34 (plus D.C.) have sales hixcs. The Corwith-Wesley high school baseball team became the second area team to take a state baseball iitle when it won the crown last fall, Ceach Bill Freese, shown in the center of the back row, and his squad members are pictured aboye. The team won 13 straight games during the fall season on the way to the championship. aughter Kathleen and husband ohn Phillips were in a head-on rash out hear Coleville, Kan. en- oute to their home at Escondida, alif. after a holiday visit here t put Kathleen in the hospital tvith broken nose and other minor njuries. The car was' a total loss jut fortunately was covered by nsurance. wedding of Janice Jewotl nnd Purl Partella. While there .she saw Mr and Mrs tteriry Reimers former- residents here now at Grand Junction. . . *. - * * A gremlin m a recent issue made Otto Laabs into Mrs Oll< Lu.abs.'"IMie true report is llits- COtTMClL MINUTES The C'lly Council of AlRona met In •. •-><! -oitii'in Dee. 30, 10!W, nt 8:0ft p.m. with Mayor Pro Tern nit-hi ..M.I, in iho chntr, nnH KIP following foitncllmnn: Muckey. Whlttcmoro, Kl- bcrl, Drccsmnn, Parsons. Public Llnhlllty Policy for inflfl wns npnrovcd nnd resolution to ndopt same vas passed. Proposed ordinance entitled Ordln- "ice nnu'ndtng ordinance No. 3'M, the 'Fire Department Ordinance" to prl- vlrie for the recommendation of the fire department roRnrdlnfi the appointment of the "Fire Chief" was given the seconded reading. Ptopnscd ordinance entitled" Ordtn- miee amending ordinance No. 3B1, entitled "Ordinance estahllBhlng rules nnd regulations tor the mnnagombnt, operation nntl financing ot miintclpnl BOW- ngc treatment wofks, setting n J rnte of sewer rentals, prescribing penalties, repealing ordinance!* In conflict nnd expressly repealing ordinance No. an," '•>•• roflnrjitiR the rale of Ihc sowof ren- tBl pnyinents". wns given the sccbndod rending. It was moved nnd nocontlcd (o suspchd Hie rule* for three readings. Motion passed. H was moved and seconded that the above ordinance bo adopted. Motion carried. Offer to buy a certain portion of vacntud Aeklcy street was rejected. Claim by n. Walker against the City for n tower tnp fep thnt he had paid and had never tmcd and never tvifl b« able to lids, because of the iilza ot the lot Wan approved. Resolution by the Ffannlnt--& ?,on.lng Comm. recommending not lo vacate n portion Putnam street, <vhlch Annie S. VVrtgnpr hntl re(|viestcd to be vacated, wn.t itcccjitcd by me covincll. ItcSohillon by the 1'l.iniUng A: Zoning Coinm. tccommcncilng lo vacate the- i\llt-y in block No (if), original plat, as i«(tiir*tocl by the Good Samaritan (ionic, wns accepted by the council .i>ut lite i.'ily Attorney wait Instructed .o dtnw up nn ordinance to vacate same. ' Tins City Council met in rcftular session l)cc. ill. lliBB, «t 7:30 p.m. for a lack of a quorum the meeting wns adjourned to January Bth nt 7;;iu al Which time the Council will meet with stm\r engineers of the Iowa Highway Depart, for the. proposed widening 01 biKuii I'ntiiips sircot. OBNCnAL FUND A. noekclman, rnt control 40.00 1) Smith, salary 1111.07 Mayor Shicrk, (salary 150.00 Iowa Stale llnnk, . withholding tax .,...^ \-^ -1.00 Upper Ues Molncs rubllshlng Co., council minutes ... 11.30 Norlhwcslei-n Hell Telephone CO.. scivlcc 20.1)8 Koch Uroihers, office mippllen 7.70 City ClcrU, advance rimh 1.05 Advance Publlshlns Co., couni:tl mmutCB 2n.0!i Hufiscll nuclmnan, IPRJI! lee for 4th quarter 470.25 STREET FUHD .1. Lashbrook, salary ... A. Pcrgande, nalary > 140.80 O. tJiirtlR, salary --- 134.03 ! n. MnUen, Jr., salary -... 110.04 D. Prcw, salary 125.04 L. Hlgley. labor ..-. 27.01) R. Skllllng, salary 120.04 Iowa Stateil3ank, withholding tax - fio.20 II. U. ItulK'ol), mdsc. IflTiO Cities Service Oil, gasi [.. Mid-West Service Co., fuel oil 107.70 Northwestern Hell Telephone Co., service - 12.1D ,T. 1. Holeomb MfR. Co., Inc., mdso. B2.ll nioKsoin Ins. Agency, advance premium 800,00 Ucady Mix Conerelo nnd Lumber Co., materials — 70.12 Thimday, Jan. 8, Iffif Alflofla (1*.) Upp«t D« Mo!n**-S Sleg-FoH Dodge Co,, repalrt .._„ tJU City Clork, ftavfinee cash .,.*.. , ,16 RotVrofd Uimbpr Co., material* 49.24 JohnsoVi Building Contr., sidewalk ftverds Rroft.. seal rontlnK o( streets ...» R. J. Funk, plumbing, materials 13.80 Culifii Helm?., supplies , „.. 47.81 I/. S. Muckey, Plumbing, Inbor ft mnierlnl 0.54 linll-Strnliorn Hdwe., supplies 3,76 Norton Mnchlno Works, repairs' 230.96 PUBLIC SAtETY FOND A. tloekelrnnn, salary . 160.34 K. Hutchison, snlnry 161.58 .Toraenson, salary .„_»»».»-- 149.59 K. Mcnrldc. salary ... 131.20 \V, SchWflrr.rnbAch, snlnry * 117.20 K millen, milnry . 124.08 ..„ , 134.20 tfdrton Maehin* Wot**, fepalfi 8.02 Hall-Strahom Hrfftre* supplies „ 7.11 weplfet 23.78 ctttleh Hdws., R* JT. runfc. PI; ... .fames Egll, material * i—.. 10.00 Joe Uphter, labor *-...„«— 3.50 Softhtvestern Btill Telephone Co., service , __„ -— 27.70 J. Pi Snilth. materials —»«,_....... 3349 Healy-Ru» Co., repairs ^,... 20^9 Mlnr>«npolls-Honey*ell Regulator Co., repairs ..-.„. 21.38 Wallace «e Tlefnari Inc., supplies 3.90 •Tames Sgll, labor & lieu of vacation ..-.., 217.18 Michael Todd A: Co,, repairs _. 62.18 Fareway Stores, Inc., supplies ._ 2.57 Hnhsbrueh Cmf, suppfte» .... Ready Mix Concrete 6t Lumber Co.. . 8.56 R Klbprt, snlnry Iowa Stnte Brink, wllhholdlng tnx 80.00 Trust & Agency Funtl, pollen prnslrtti . 10.73 Vorlhwqstern Hell Tulcphorio Co., sorvlrp — 21,40 I'lio Oopher Shooter's Supply, supplies ...... .... 01,10 Atlvinifi- publ. Co., «. nd & supplies 2(1,47 r'llv Clock, nclvnnce cash 3.74 Cullcn llnvtlwaro. supplies 2.17 Upper Des Molnc.t Publ. Co.. nd 20.88 Kossutb Motor Co., iiinil fire truck chnflRls ..4.540.00 AlKonn Flic Co., , lire cnllw i"Sc mcotltlRS 282.00 .Inmaii till, repairs , . 6.00 A. Hoi'kflmnn, destroying dogs. 16.00 IndiMnnlly Ins, Co. of North Ainrrlun, public llnhlllty policy 3,1715.00 SANITATION FUND '. Sluilt/, snlnry 258.20 I. KKH. snlnry 04.75 P. C.ionbiiph, snlnry 100.03 tt. I^mltee, snlnry 104.33 Al. linns, snlary . 103.(I3 A. A. Drcycr, Inbor 31.40 Aiinn Courtney, snlnry — 68.1)7 llonnld RrlKSS. lnl«>r ...... 4.M J. Normnti. Inbor -- 34.31 Mnx Holtners, labor 4.<U lU'lnor llolmurs, Inbor 0.00 lown Stnlo Bunk, withholding tnx . 71,: n. H. lltii/.oll. furl oil brrl 7.80 2.47 ........ 40.00 77.30 77,50 in'lw i candy bnrs .. . . '"•°° I DEfiT SERVICE O. 11. Koch, interest .. own Si«iC BOHR, Interest »._._ Shaw, Mcber'tnort &t Co., Inletest i.icy Bank 8t Trusl Co.. Interest .., ,. *..-* PAHKWG METEB FUND !t. (Jroen, snlnry .—.... ... 158.86 Sands, salary .. „-..,. 58.48 town Stnte Bank, withholding tux ...». — 18.90 trust & Agency Fund. police pension —....,.—, 1.64 Aiopp Engineering, Inc., 358 NOTICE NOTICE Or ANNUAL MKETTNG OF MRMBERS OF HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION. ALGONA, IA. Notice Is hereby given of the anutial meeting of all members of the Home Federal Snvlngs and Loan Association on January 21st, 1959 at 2:00 p.m., at !h«! office of the association located at IffiO En»t Slntc street. Alfiona, la., said meeting to be held In accordance with the articles nnd by-laws of the Asso- elntlon nnd for the election of directors whose terms expire, reading of reports and for the transaction of any other business of the association that may come up before the meeting. C. R. LaBarre President An item a few weeks ego in Ihf Des Moines Register interested rne. "Betsy Quartern Jordan daughter of Mi-s Bertha Cowles Quarton, Cedar Rapids, and Sumner Dean Quarton, St. Petersburg Fla., was married to Col. Wynol trish at 10:30 a.m. Thursday al the Little Church in the Pines in Boulder, Colo. Among the guests were Mrs Irish's four sons, Sandy. Kip, Jeff and Jon Jordan and Col. Irish's son Richard Irish Also present were Mrs Bertha Quarton, Dr. and Mrs Gardner Cowles Quarton, of Lincoln, Mass., and Mrs David Kruidenier." Now the part that interests Algonans is that Betsy and Gardner Quarton are twins and were born in Algona. The parents Bertha and Sumner Quarton lived on east McGregor street in the house built for them now owner, by Mr and Mrs Leo Mergeri. was a classmate of Bertha back in the old Central school house days and Mrs Kruidinier is hei sister Florence. Sumner Quar ton will be very well remember ed, too. His sister Florence i; named to Dr. Lee Nugent, both -.o well known here. They live it Burbank. Calif. - • • * * ,*!;• i How the entertainment field changes, liow many of you re- n e mb e r Parkyakarkus, who jrightened the Eddie Cantoi show. An account of his death appeared in the dailies. "^" Henrv Hauptly, 59, Algona carpenter, suffered a heart attack while working on -the roof of the home of Mrs Ida Peterson here April'14, and as shown above,.was rescued by Algona firemen He was then rushed to St. Ann hispital and was back on the job within weeks. The rescue was the first of its kind here. Tidbits by Evelyn There was joy in the Herbert Lindquist house Christmas. They had as guests Mrs Lindquist's brother and sister-in-law, Mr and Mrs Richard Paulseh .and Marvin, Glenview, 111. It has been eight years since the brother and sister have seen each other. Mr Paulsen is a marine navy radar instructor and has spent much of his time in Japan and other points in the far east. . * * * Raymond Irons was'over a barrel as the saying goes, and as is costomary 'in such predicaments, got the worst end of the deal. In fact his end of it was quite literal, for as I understand his ex- pl'aination to me, he fell end over' end and got himself laid up for a ;few days. I am glad he was hurt : ho worse. : * * * As one prominent married man said to his wife (before Christmas .this was) "If you are thinking about getting what I think you are, just forget it. You aren't going to get it." (And she didn't, it may come later, but perhaps not such a big hunk of it? What she was dreaming qf .way a $7,000 mink stole. * , * . * My first New Year card came from Mrs George Johnson (Ethel) who with Mr Johnson is spending the winter between her t\vc daughters as she expressed it at Warrenton, Ore. Glad to hear from you The older Algonans will remember Doc. Stull, and though he was never our doctor, I do remember him. I knew Tom Slull slightly and principally, because his wife Hazel was a sister of Inez Ring whom I knew- much belter. Another son, Dr. Claude gtyjl, Corwith dentist, died recently at Spencer. Mrs Stull died 'in' 10'35. The brother, Tom, lives at Glendalte, Calif/ Mr and Mrs Palmer, son-in-law and daughter. and a son, John Stull were guests of Mrs Margaret JJpfmaster after services. r '•-• day and the day afterward, Betty aecame sick and was unable to go home till the following Tuesday * w * , I had hoped to ctet to sea "Ca of a Hot Tin Roof," but the weather played mean pranks, phoned Beth Annis at the library and she brought me a book o plays so I got an idea of the whole. There is another book, a fuller form as I gather, but it wo out and Beth figured I'd get th gist of the story anyhow. I did and wonder how it could hav been made into an attractiv play. But it was, according to all who have seen it. * » * When Evalyn and "Mac" Me Dougall returned from .Menasha Wis., after having spent Christmas there with their son Bob and family, they brought back with them the wife Holly and children Krist'en and Jay. They were joined by Holly's mother, Mr<§ Iris Oatnian of the Okobojis and th« following day Holly, Iris and the children left for Tucson, Ariz., for the winter. Kristen had a bad session with pneumonia last winter and is not quite as rugged as her doctor wishes, so upon his advice, they have taken a furnish- home there. The Christmas troe has been considered to the garbage collector, likewise the small trees which were in the rooms, decorations have been put in- boxes till another year and the only reminiscent of the holidays is a beautiful picture of Christ which hangs over the hall mantle. It is there to stay. . ^ Christmas festivities were marred for Betty Geeiipg Black while she had a bout with' tonsilitis. Shfe and her husband, Bey, Eye^ rett Black and children came from Spencer to thp parental William Gcsrjji^t.' fur the holi- A few changes have been mado at Good Samaritan, in the personnel I mean. Charley Schmidt has gone to the Fairbanks home at Burt. It gets him closer to his old home at Bancroft and with former .Burt friends. His place has been taken by Joe Frellinger who was here when I first .came and who .left after a few weeks He is happy to be back. 'Other new residents are. Mrs Mary Otis, Wesley, and Mrs Bertha l£oestler, Burt, Sickness has struck G. S. Nurses Ruth Salisbury-.and. Irene Wortman have taken "time out" for flu. Mrs Hallard Sivyder Sr., was here Friday. I didn't get to see her but did nutlet- when she got into a far. Muiy Paula Gericke used a pr.rl of her Christmas holidays to do some night nursing. She wn. c working here when I came last August. She is a student al Valparaiso, Ind., and is going in Cor social work. 1 don't know just how far she will gel for 1 discovered a very pretty new diamond ring on the tell-tale finger. She is a daughter of the Rev. and Mrs G. Gericke. a * * Ruth and Ru'ss Cook got off to St. Petersburg, Fla., just in tho nick of time to escape the snow and cold. Maybe they have "rheumatiz" in their "jints" that tells them when to hit the trail. 'When I read about the snow around Albuquerque and all along that trail leading to tho Bowl, I was thankful to be here in my cozy room. * * + I had a phone chat with my cousin Melvin Henderson, his wife Leeta and son Fred of Upland, Calif, the day before Christmas. He asked me about the Rose Bowl game, who was "for", etc. — of course he KNEW. He was in quite a spot — his heart is in Iowa but his Alma Mater was being represented. He was as certain as I that Iowa would win but he said he felt sorry for the underdog. I also had a phone call from my cousin Julia Cady of Mason City New Years day. * * * I didn't make any resolutions so haven't broken any. liow about you? * * * A mouthful — "To think thai there are hundreds of women sighing for a man who will liberate them from six hours in nn office so they can work 14 in a house." (My after thought— Gosh, how many women are doiny both!) * * * I'm up a tree.. Will some pn< help me down? I want to ropori that while talking wil'.i Juno Mawdsley the other day, she apparently has her pbone near » window for she exclaimed, "Oh there is a titmouse!" Now I'd never heard of the tiling, what eyei? it was*'and sho said, "It's a bird." Now it must be they are raj.lver-flare or June wouldn't bnve been talking so excitedly. Then she added, "Oil there is sinolhor onej" Now do I report Juno saw a pair of titmouses or titmicoY And hovy tome she knew about si titmouse and I didn't? HMS im- education been neglected? Oh well, I'll bet I could tell her i. lot more about a singing "mouses" thap she, for we had two singing mice a few years ago. No dearie, a titmouse and a singing mouse are not at all alike. Leota and Fred Geigel were al ithervillu.Dec. 23 tu attend the Here's Wishes Year from Norton's •WISCONSIN ARTICLE ARTICLE WISCONSIN PARTS LOCATION iHITIAL STOCK«-.-"WARy 1959 LOCATION UNIT UNIT EN DATE DATE INES MAX. MIN. MAX. MIN. y PULLEYS"'"' AD-riri F . SPROCKETS ROLLER U JOIN' KOHLER El - PARTS ARTICLE LAWN BOY PARTS CLINTON ENGINES ADTII~I F TORO MOWERS CLINTON CHAIN SAWS CHAIN SAW PARTS PM REWINDS LOCATION ARTICLE Ring - Comp. Std. KOHLER inr:*TinN UNIT 220181 LOCATION Bin K UNIT ARTICLE • Friction Disc ~ = ARTICLE Condenser - Magneto WB-248 DATE 58 MAX. 10 MIN. J 4 "' •' •i _tOCATION_ -Bin A P7219 \- ^^gON/QB Engines '^^ 2 3/4 HP r UNIT LOCATION Bin B _58 MAX. UNIT ARTICLE Type 905090 - Rope BRIGG5 & STRATTON MIN. LOCATION UNIT DATE 58 MAX. 8 MIN. 7 29667 \ RECEIVED ARTICLE Brkr. A'ss'y. - <Ign. BRIGGS & STRATTON SOLD 1 HiTC 1 otin «i«, 1. 1. " [ ' LOCATION Bin D UNIT ' $v . DATE 56 57 58 MAX. 39 63 30 MIN. 15 - ORDERED RECEIVED SOLD DATE ORP, NO. QUAN. DATE ORD. NO. QUAN. DATE -£. 10 ORD, NO. 7-0 QUAN. BAU DATE ORD, NO, 7J33 * QUAN. BAt. DATE fyy ORD. NO. QUAN. JLL. * 2- NORTON MACHINE JJL JL 1 \ iii.

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