The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 8, 1959 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 8, 1959
Page 13
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V " it. January 8, 1959 Igona eg Jltoimg January 8, 1959 COOKl liemi* Her* fc Ther* Census taker: What is your hus band's,name? Mrs Murphy: Pat. , Census taker: I mean his full name. * Mrs Murphy: Well, when he's full, he's Jack Dempsey. Icy winds and winter storms will not interrupt gas service. For gas is piped tin* derg'round direct to the burner in the home. And such an arrangement eliminates fuel bins, tanks, ash cans and furnace tending. If you are tired of being a furnace, tender, see your . local gas company, the North Central Public Service Co. in Algona. Call CY 4-2484. Mother (to her wailing son) Mommy's sorry she ran over your bicycle, dear, but what on earth was i^ doing in the flower garden? . * * :;•*. * The fortunate owner of a , new gas automatic clothes dryer finds that weather just isn't important at all(. 1 For all her clothes drying is done indoors, right next to her washing machine. This means no more carrying heavy baskets of wet clothes up stairs, no more stooping, and stretching to hang clothes on lines, and no more wrinkled fabrics for less ironing. Any ordinary flat-bottomed utensil becomes : ah automatic appliance with foods cooked to perfection every time on the new gas ranges with the "burner-with-a- brain." Best of allr burning, scorching, boiling-over, Under cooking and over cooking become a thing of the past. See one of these marvelous GAS conveniences on display at North Central Public Service, Co. in Algona, "Your Gas ., ,A Holly wood 'film star had live wives, each, of whom had "promptly divorced 'him, tand ,._._ he was now declaring his love for the prospective sixth. "I've heard • some wierd stories about you," said the girl. "Don't worry about them." said ihe star. "They're only old wives tales." * '- * ' * ' * "The boss is mean," the man, told his wife, "but he's fair." "What do you mean by that?" "Well, he's mean to every- b ° dy 'V * ' * -K "How were your bees last year, old man?" "Pretty good. Very little honey'.'. . but they stung my mother-in-law twice!" -K / * .*'•'*. Because there are no compressors and valves present in the all- year gas air conditioner, noise and vibration are greatly reduced. As the absorption refrigeration unit uses no machinery to produce cooling, mechanical breakdowns that interrupt service need not be feared. With the all-year air conditioner, one unit and one fuel . . GAS . . . insure healthy and comfortable living 'conditions the year round. ^« "So you were convicted of burglary twice, robbery with violence three times, and irtan- slaughter once?" asked a magistrate. ' "That's right, sir," replied the defendant. "After that I seemed to drift into a life of Tax Guide 1$ Available Here For Farmers The 1959 edition of "The Farm* era Tax Guide", Treasury department publication, will soon be available to Kossuth county farmers at the extension office in Al» gona, says extension director Dean L. Barnes. . The "Guide" is written especial ly for farmers. It explain^ in nontechnical language most of the tax rules that concern farmers. It's, intended for use in preparing federal income tax se- tufns for the calendar year 1958 and fiscal year ending in 1959. The publication isn't designed to replace instructions received with federal tax return forms, but to supplement them. ACCIDENT Thomas Baker of Schaller was injured recently in an unusual accident. He received two broken legs and internal injuries when he fell from a fender of a car while riding across a field while hunting. The car ran completely over him. . DAIRY AUCTION Aft Mr Knuisoh has purchased a farm and is mbving out of ihe stale, we will hold a complete Closintr-Oui Dairy Sale on ihe Iarm located one mile West of Superior, lowland 4 m les Norlhj or 13 miles North of Terril, Iowa? or 7 miles East of Spin! Lake, la. fe 4 miles North? or South of Jackson, Minn., on Hwy, 71 to state line and 1 mile South fc 1 East — On THURSDAY, JAN, 15th . ' SALE STARTS AT IsOd P.M. •- MJNCH ON GROUND5I Auctioneers' Note — This is an outstanding herd of Guernsey Cattle. The cows are all young and the!* udders good. The foundation of this herd was a Curtis* Candy cow with a very highi production record and bulls from the O. R. Beniley and Son herd of Ames, Iowa. This will be a chance of a lifetime to ^uy cows from a herd that has taken years to build up. Individual health sheets will be issued on each animal. Latest production records will be posted the day of the sale! TIB HOGS - 100 FAIL PIGS - 18 HEAVY FEEDER PIGS 70 70 Choice Purebred & High Grade Guernsey Cows and Heifers Cow No. 34 — "Spruce Shadow's Clarice" — Registered Cow calved 19, 1953: Dam— ^Spruce Cow calved Dec. 2, 1952: Sire-- 7 'Bouider Bridge Si. Nick". Dam-"Spruce Shadow's Janette", Fresh with heifer calf at side. 214 days last year: 5,200 Ibs. milks 262 lbs,B.F.; 4.8 test. Cow No. 21 •- 3'Year- Old Heifer, Eligible to register. Sire— "Sun Slope's Buzz Boyidon Dam— "Nook Dale T. lima". As first calf heifer: 334 days: 8,980 Ibs . . milk.' 446 Ibs B.F.: 4.2 lest. Cow No. 28 30-Month-Old He Ifer. Eligible to register. Dam-"Spruce Shadow's St. Bounly'YS re-"Sun Slope s PortlandTwp. By Mr§. Victor Fiteh Mr and Mrs Edmund LafSen and Beverly spent Christmas day at the Arrie Dittmer home. , Mrs Franz. Teeter and Dotfna were Christmas guests at the John Teeter home at Cedar Falls. Mr and Mrs George Petersen of Titonka, Mr and Mrs Elmer Erickson and sons Julian ahd Marlin were Christmas day gueits at the home of Mrs Elizabeth Kennedy and Tienan brothers.^ May Heesch of Fort Dodge spent the Christmas holidays at the Clyde Moore home. Mr and Mrs «W. A. Wood, Mr and Mrs Maurice Eischen and family, Mr and Mrs John Von Bank and family, Mr and Mrs Elton Wood and family, Mr and Mrs Jim Esser and family, all of Algona, Mr and Mrs Harold "Von Bank and family of West Bend, Mr and Mrs Duane Reynolds and family of Veblen, So. Dak. were Christmas day guests at the Robert Wood home. i Mrs Harry Christensen and Buzz" Boynton". Bred/back to G-71. 8-Mo.-old heifer calf 198 days: 5,420 Ibs. milk; 227 Ibs. B.F.; 4.3 test. Cow No. ____•* •<•••» ' «^»-» .!>i.<i_ •_ • _ JL__ T\MB»B r^«»*»*iee i^a at s side. heifer sired by wo. 01 tasiern lowa DUU, a* »»««. »*. ««j». ••----— milk; 81 Ibs. B.F.; 4.4 test, this lactation. (Last year a 1st calf heifer: 498 Ibs. B.F.). Cow No. 23 — "Shamrock Amber's Bess .^Registered Guernsey calved Dec. 27, 1952. Dam—"Fanbrook's C. Amber -f Sire— ^Lookout Valley M. Beau Gay". 153 days: 4.046 Ibs -milk; 179 .Ibs B.F.; 4.6 test. Cow No. 33 — "Spruce Shadow's St. Bounty . Registered Guernsey calved May 31, 1952. Dam—"Spruce Shadow s Helen ; Sire—Boulder Bridge St. Nick". Freshened Dec. 22 with heifer calf. 305 days: 5.146 Ibs milk; 308-Ibs. B.F.: 4.7 test Cow No. 4 — 7-Yr.- Old Guernsey. 344 days: 8.030 Ibs. milk; 362 Ibs. B.F.; 6.1 lest. Cow No. 12 — 3-Yr.-01d Gur. Heifer. Daughter of No. 4 cow and Sun Slope's Buzz Boy ton" as sire.. To freshen in January. 273 days: 5,526 Ibs. milk; 266 Ibs. B.F.; 4.7; test. Cow No. 9 — 3-Yr.-Old Gur. Heifer. Eligible to register. Dam—"Shamrock Amber's Bess ; Sire— Sun Slope's Buzz Boynton". 295 days: 7JJ10 Ibs. milk; 336 B.F.j 4.5 test. Cow No. -26 — 2-Yr.-Old Gur. Heifer. Eligible to register. Dam— Qurtiss Candy "Winiercresi's,, Levity Anita"; Sire—';Sun Slopes <uaz Boy^iton; 1 Fresheriedj Sept. 25th, 87 : days: 2,960 Ibs. milk: 128 TBiF.; 4,6 test. Cow, No; 3 .— Guernsey Heifer. Eligible to register. -/'Clara Bell'?< ii^Sir^fvii^Suh'fSlbpe's Buzz boynton". Bred Dam- May 4 to No. 54 East la. 273 days: 283 B.F.; 4.3 test. Cow No. 5 — 3-Yr.-01d Heifer. Bred Aug. 8, '58 to G-64. 123 days: 4,540 Ibs. milk; 182 B.F.; 3.7 test. Cow No. 11 — 30-Month-Old Heifer. 92 days: 3.300 Ibs. milk; 141 Ibs. B.F.; 3.8 lest. Cow No. 16 — 6-Yr.-Old Guernsey Cow. Fresh with heifer calf at side. 92 days (this lactation): 2.680 Ibs. milk; 122 Ibs. B.F.; 4.3 test. 455 days (last yr.) 9.110 Ibs. milk 434 Ibs. B.F.; 5.9 test. Cow No. 1 — Guernsey Heifer. Fresh Oct. 9 with heifer calf at side. 91 days: 2>350 Ibs. milk; 101 Ibs. B.F.; 4.3 test. 18 — Calves from a few days to 6 months old. Cow No. 35 — Holstein & Guernsey Cow. 258 days: 8,280 Ibs. milk: 369 Ibs. B.F.; 4.6 test. Bred May 27. 1958 to No. 17 Holsiein bull. Cow No. 14 — 6-Yr.-Old Guernsey Cow. Freshened Oct. 12th. 274 days: 6,430 Ibs. milk; 311 Ibs. B.F.; 5.9 test. Cow -No. 30 — Guernsey Cow. Milking now. Bred July 22. 1958 to G.-70. ., -- __ Usual Auction Terms! Not Responsible For Accidentsl E. C. KNUTSOJM & C. 1. BROCKETT Clark & Clark, Auctioneers , ' Iowa Trust & Savings Bank. Estherville, Clerk Wayne, Mr and Mrs Russell Chri&tensen and Rodney of Sioux City, Mr nnd Mrs Holland Christensen and family of Streator, 111. and Mr nnd Mrs 13111 Christcnson were Christmas guests at the home of Mr and Mrs Roger Schmidt of Titonkn. Beverly Christensen cnme home Saturday" from Sioux City to spend a few days with her mother, Mrs Harry Christensen nnd family. Mr nnd Mrs Jim Hubcr and son, Mr nnd Mrs Earl Zwiefel, Corinne and Kermit spent Christmas eve at the Louie luiber home. Mr nnd Mrs Raymond Carlson and family, .Mr and Mrs Rob Carl- Son and son of Algonn, Mr nnrl Mrs John Carlson and son of Burl nnd Geraldino Ullman of Ti-. tonka were guests at the Axe 1 Cnrlson home Christmns eve. Christmas guests at the Hugl Williams home were Mr and Mrs R. F. Perry and Richard of Al gona, Mr and Mrs Ben Bnhlinf of Burl and Henry, John and George Bnhling of Algona. A daughter and son-in-law, Mr and Mrs I. L. Harington nnd family of DCS Moines spent the weekend at the Hugh Williams home. Mr nnd Mrs John R. Harms spent Christmas eve at the Rudloph Peter home. Mr and Mrs John R. Harms and Mr and Mrs John K. Harms were Christmas guests at tha Martin [•farms home. Mr and Mrs Arend and family were Christmas guests at tho home of Mrs Arend s parents, Mr and Mrs Lou Junkermeier of Ledyard. Mr and Mrs Joe Miller and family, Mr and Mrs Dave Weber and boys and Mrs Virgil Wolf of Bancroft were guests at the Don- aM Weber home Christmas day. Mr and Mrs Glen Zwiefel and family and Mr and Mrs Joe Gross of Burt were Christmas day guests at the Jake Smith home. Kossuth Residents Flock To la Picnic IDEA! It's almost like finding money when you add to your saving account here by the tenth of the month, because you get EXTRA earnings starting from the first day of the month. Don't lose out, if payday comes after the 1st. Come right in with that addition to savings—and let your money earn more for you. . NOW PAYING 3!4% HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASS'N Since 1917 ALGONA, IOWA Winter Camp Is Planned For 4-H Leaders Kossuth and Mitchell County 4-H Junior Leaders will hold i winter weekend camp at th State 4-H Camp at Madrid, Jan 30 through Feb. 1. Winter camping offers 4-H'er an opportunity to go tobogganing, skiing and ice skating. Special program features include discussions on vocational opportunities, social etiquette, .plus recreational training in group games, folk and social dancing. Kossuth Junior Leaders interested in attending the two day camp should make their reservations by Jan. 20 at the county extension office in Algona. The camp will be conducted by Mitchell and Kossuth County Extension personnel and leaders and will offer a new camping experience for 15 Junior Leaders from each county. PUBLIC SALE In order to dissolve our partnership, we will sell our dairy cattle and dairy equipment, and hogs to the highest bidder at the farm located 5 miles south and 4 miles east of Buffalo Center; or 4 miles south and 3 ! / 2 miles west of Thompson; or 5 miles north and 2>/ 2 miles east of Woden; or 6 miles north and 3'/2 miles west of Crystal Like, Iowa, on Thursday, January 15 AT 12:30 P.M. „ 5t * * "Daddy, why do they stamp 'In God We Trust' on pennies?" 'That is for the- benefit of the people who use them for fuses. * * * .* A minister was giving a serious talk to one of the young men in his parish. "John," he sai& "I hear that you have been raising false hopes in maiden hearts. Rumor whispers that y.ou are engaged to one oirlwthis village, another in Mitchin, and a third in Brenchley^How can you dq such things? "Simple/' was the reply, "I've got a carl" The sweet young thing was sit' ting in a corner at the cocktail party with an adoring new conquest. "Gosh, it's wonderful to meet a girl like you after, allthe dames I've met at parties," he said enthusiastically, ''Here, let a couple of drinks and _i _!i __j talk " ilu »v x -, Please," the girl called after him. f 'I never drink However, the boy. soon rea, peared with two drinks. "Sure p wouldn't like to .try one?" - a giggle. "Well, jUst She took a, small sip, • "Scotch!" you once. Try Cookjto 1 With GAS 72 Head of High Grade Dairy Cattle 33 Holstein Cows 2 Shorthorn Cows 1 Brown Swiss Cow Ottosen News Kay Ann Streit, born Dec. 19 o Mr and Mrs Bernard Streit, was baptized Dec. 28 at St. Peter and Paul's Church at West Bend by Father Greying. Sponsors were Dorothy Bormann and Gerald Streit. Attending a New Year's eve party at the Ralph Jacobson's were Mr and Mrs Louis Jacobson, Mr and Mrs Dean Telford, Mr and Mrs Conrad Johnson, Mr and VIrs Jim. Jacobson, Mr and Mrs Alfred Schultz and Mr and Mrs Bernard Coyle. Tuesday, Dec. 23 Patty Jacobson celebrated her fifth birthday. Guests were Jay Wehrspann Marsha Kinseth, Debbie Telford Debbie Schultz, Mrs Bertha Jacobson, Mr and Mrs Edward Zinnel and Leslie. EXCLUSIVE TO ALGONA UPPER DE8 MOINES by Hollywood correspondent Buddy Mason Wo alwnys know that Iowa was a Rront bund state, but until we stuv the Iowa U. Band at Brookside Pork, Pasadena, Dec. 31 wo never know it wns tho greatest! At Brooksidc Pork visitors In the Iowa Mid-Winter Picnic were treated to n [east of band music such ns lias seldom been henrd in Southern California. In addition 3 the great Iowa U. band, the cotlish Highlanders, composed f the cutest Iowa gals that ever ionncd kilts, treated the eyes an .veil as the oars to an event in the ocul annuals of music, Kossuth County residents and cx-rcsidcnts turned out In force or the picnic and prc-Ilosc Bowl Game celebration. Area Well Represented Among the celebrants were Mr and Mrs Frost, (She's the former riorencc Wichlcndnhl) and their ivc children, Jeff (10 mo.), Jim (2), John (4), Faye (11), and Linda (13). All of tho Frost children ire active in school athletics. Mi Frost, who worked for 11 years at the Percival garage in Algona, is now employed at Huntington Beach high school. Mrs Frost is a graduate of West Bond high school. She's the daughter of Mr and Mrs George Wichtendahl of Whittemore. Mr and Mrs Wichlendahl (Brother of Mrs Frost and his wife), and their two fine boys, Larry (0) and Allen (G), have been visiting the Frosts for the past two weeks. They intend to return to Algona Jan. 2 after a "lovely visit." Susie Goeders of Algona has been visiting Mr and Mrs Tommy Goeders, originally from Emmetsburg. Also visiting Tommy, were Mr and Mrs Mervin Priebe of Fenton. Miss Goeders may' extend her visit for another few months. Algona Teacher Another visitor to the West Coast who attended the picnic, was Kathryn Gorman. Miss Gorman teaches 2nd grade at 3rd Ward School. Her niece, Kathy Thilges (5) accompanied Miss Gorman. Kathy is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Wilmer Thilges who are also visitors from Algona. This group from Algona had a busy week making the rounds of Hollywood, Disneyland and Southern California show places. Mr and Mrs P. J. Hciken were picnic guests. Mrs Heiken was assistant postmaster under her father, J. O. Hatch, who is now retired and living in Whittier, Calif. Mr Heiken served on the County Board of Supervisors of Kossuth Co. for 12 years and was engaged in the auto and farm machinery business in Swea City Four Fenton Picnickers Buddy Mason, Hollywood correspondent for the Algona Upper DCS Moini-H, is shown chatting with four residents of the Fenton area during the Iowa Picnic, held in California Doc. 31. Mason, shown in the middle, is surrounded by Mrs Marian Berkeland, Mrs Larry Gade, and Mr and Mrs Emil Bicrstedl in front of the Kossuth county sign the picnic grounds. Details on the picnic will be found in the accompanying story. (Gillette Pholo-UDM Engraving). from 1900 to 1952. The Heikens return to Kossuth county every year. To date, they've made 45 round-trips amounting to approximately 190,000 miles. They always drive back. The Heikens will return again next June. Radigs Present Mr and Mrs Wilfred Radig of Lone Rock are visiting Mrs William Radig of Pasadena. The Radigs own and operate the Lone ,Rock Livestock Yard. Mrs Wilfred Radig is the former Elizabeth Rahmstock of Lakota. The Radig party includes Mr and Mrs Mervin Priebe and daughter, 11 Bred Holstein Heifers out of Curtis Candy Sires. 5 Open Holsiein Heifers, 16 months old Calfhood Vaccinated and out of Curtis Candy Sires, 9 Open Holstein Heifers, 1 year old, Calfhood Vaccinated and out of Curtis Candy Sires. 11 Small Holstein Heifers, calves out of Minnesota Valley Artificial Breeding. All cows and heifers now in calf are bred to Minnesota Valley Sires, All 1st and 2nd calf heifers in production are out of Curtis Candy Sires. All cattle will be TB tested within 30 days. All cows and heifers not Bangs Vaccinated have passed 3 clea n Bangs test with no reactors. Individual health papers will be furnished day of sale. Dairy (Equipment - 4-unit Surge milker, 3 new sty |e seamless buckets & pipeline for 27 cows; Master • Bilt 8 can milk cooler, side opening, only 5 rno nths old. 120 Head of Hogs - 75 Fall pig? about 75 to 100 pounds; 25 Fall pigs about 125 pounds; 19 mixed gj|t$ bred to Purebred Sported boar out of the Bert Geerdes herd; The boar will also be sold, John Peere elevator 50 feet wide type, drive-on hoist, like new; Minneapolis Moline 1952 shelter with 36 feet of new drag; Ab<jyf 3,000 bushel of good ear corn in crib. 18 Young Geese, j < » - USUAfc TERMS — Cash or make ayrangementji with your banker, No property to be moved from premises until settled fort Not responsible for accidents. Scmkey & Welp, Owners Auptioneews JacJ? PeVriw, Buffalo Center, w4 <& arley Quinn, Bancrpft ' . Clerk; F«rmers Trust & Savings Bank, Buffalo Center BCHIX FOR flvoblllty r , .to start strontf and stay ilrong. layabllity . • . product tfHv and lay longer. FOR payability Mgh qualfry/ «trong-ih«lled eggs for 1 lop market prices, your best buy Iff OEKAlt CHIX, Order yowr»H»4ay|' FOR FOR Kathy and Kathy Gorman. They ' plan on returning to Iowa next week. Mr and Mrs Harold Berkeland welcomed a new arrival July 1. He was named Kirk Berkeland. The other Berkeland children are: Julie (4), Kent (8) and Joel (11). Both boys are members of the Whitticr Boy Scouts. Harold is still employed at California high. Mr and Mrs Emil Bierstedt and Larry Gade of Fenton are visiting Harold and Marian Berkeland in Whiltler, as are the Berkeland's parents, Mr and Mrs Herman Gade. The party plans on returning during the first week in January. Mr Jesse H. Ridijle and son Wayne, former Algona.residents now own and operate the R & C Motor Co. Car Lot at Pomona Wayne was Packard dealer a R & C Motors' in Algona. Jesse Riddle sends seasons greetings to our boss, Russ Waller. Registered Guests Here is the list of persona registered at the picnic fron Kossuth county: Mr and Mrs Leonard Frost 317 - 6th St. Huntington Beach— Algona. Harlan and Beverly (Shipler Wichtendahl, 317 - 6th St., Huntington Beach — Algona. C. W. (Chappie) Chapman, 800 | E. Williams, Barstow, Cal. — Swea City. Paul Dorweiler, San Bernardino, Cal. — West Bend. K. C. Kuecker, 4824 Sharyhne Lane, Torrance, Cal. — Algona Mary L. and C. J. Hciken, 730 Armour Rd., Whittier, Cal.—Swea City Susie Goeders — Algona (Visiting) Mr and Mrs Tom Goeders, 1279 Oxford Ave, Pasadena, Cal. — Emmetsburg. Harlan H. Hulchinson — Lone Rock Donald Bollig — Fcnlon Herbert A. Zumach — Whittemore Marvin Potralz — Whittemore Darlene Sykes Noland (Orville), 415 E. Carroll, Glendora, Calif.— Algona. Kathryn Gorman, (Visiting)— Algona. Ruth, Wilmer and Kathy Thilges, (Visiting) — Algona C. O. Riddle, West Concord, Minn. — Algona Mr and Mrs O. F. Peterson, 13028 So. Van Ness, Santa Ana, Calif. — Algona Mr and Mrs Wilfred Radig, 957 No. Mentor, Cal. — Lone Rock Helen Radig, 1130 Heather Sq.; Pasadena, Calif. — Lone Rock Mr and Mrs Mervin Priebe 1279 Oxford Ave., Pasadena, Cal — Fenton . Jesse H. Riddle, 3920 Sumnei Ave., Claremont, Cal. — Algona Martha Wild, 1143 Palm Terrace, Pasadena, Calif. — Algonn Emil and Erma (Gade) Bierstedt, (Visiting) — Fenton Bernice (Potratz) Gade, 1143 3 alm Terrace, Pasadena, Cal. — ?enton Reserve Your D E K ALB C HIX by Ordering Now! EUGENE HOOD, Algona, Iowa FRANK DROESSLER, Bancroft, Iowa ALPHONS BERTE, Bode, Iowa EARL ELBERT, Whittemore, Iowa HOMER MATTHIESEN, Fenton, Iowa Mrs Heinrich Buried Jan. 1 At Whittemore Whittemore — Funeral services for Mrs Fred Heinrich, 63, were held Thursday, Jan. 1, in St. Pauls Lutheran church with Rev. D. E. Weiss of West Bend officiating.; Burial was in,the Lutheran cemetery here. • ' • Mrs Heinrich. died Dec. 29 at her home. 'Pallbdarer^1v'ere'Heifiyv f George and Herman Wi'chtendahl of Whittemore, Edwin Wichtendahl and Albert Meyer of Algona and Wilmar Wichtendahl of Lotts Creek. Mrs Heinrich, the former Bertha Luise Julia Lemke, daughter of Carl and Anna Lemke, was born Oct. 11, 1895, at Addison, 111. She married Fred Heinrich at Wilbert, Minn., June .28, 1917. She was a member of St. Paul's Lutheran church and of its Ladies' Aid society. Surviving are her husband; .hree sdns and three daughters, rlarold and Melvin Heinrich, Mrl Walter Meyer and Mrs Russell Harris of Whittemore, Edgar 'leinrich of Fairmont, Minn., and Mrs Richard Bierstedt of Rolfe. There are 11 grandchildren. Also surviving are 11 brothers and two sisters. Two sisters and one brother preceded her in death. Mr and Mrs Reuben Butzke, Lorraine and Milton visited last week with relatives in Omaha and Scribner, Neb. Thursday guests at the Robert Walker home were Mr and Mrs Lewis Broesder and family, Mr and Mrs Raymond Walker and family, Mr and Mrs ,Vern Walker and family, Mr and Mrs Orville Holdren and Marjorie, Mr and Mrs Merlin Walker and family, ' Mr and Mrs James Voigt and Mrs Violet Walker, Algona .and Mr and Mrs Cecil Bjustrom. Afternoon callers were Mr and Mrs Francis Bjustrom, Charles Bjustrom and Marilyn Haupert of Bancroft and Mr and Mrs Pur- wood Walker of Irvington. Mr and Mrs R. J. Vaughn had as guests Thursday Mr and Mrs Bert Fuchsen of West Bend, Mr and Mrs Lewis Elbert of' Pocahontas, Mr and Mrs Leo Elbert, Pean and Jerry of Corwith, Mr and Mrs Gene Harig and family of Carmel, Ind., Carol Elbert, Cedar Falls, Mr and Mrs Earl. Elbert and Barbara, Mr and Mrs Leo Walters and Joseph Sykes. Mr and Mrs Harlan B, algeman entertained a number of relatives at dinner Sunday. Present"were: Ida Kuecker and Jean, Mr and Mrs Pick Kuecker, Algona', Mr 1 and Mrs Gerald Kuecker and Marian (Gade) Bierstedt, 11248 family, Fenton, Mr and Mp So. Edderton, Whittier, Cal. Fenton Phil Hargreaves, 3476 Barbara St., San Pedro, Cal. — Algona Mrs Ralph E. Elbert — Algonn mit Kuecker .and daughter^ Wes{ Bend and Pon Gerdis -of Buy 49 Cattle Clements & Keith, Alg9na;'re* cently purchased 49 \Aberdeen, ^ Angus cows from Kent & J 'Riri|jsm dorf, Burt. - ,„ i Plum Creek Elite The Plum Creek Elite 4-H club had their December meeting and Christmas party at the home o| Jean Keith. There was one visitor, Pat Hoover, and 17 members keta has a ,_,„„,, _ , present. A report on the Officer product}9ij§ o| ^oi'M .Training school was given ^Lspnnas,^ Clark. rdonnas.m. Alaska Is the first new. state ivory; admitted to the Unipn since 191?, §ry§t§, the year New Mexico an<j Arizona I Fare woods, Twji aje became states. and one i» a Iswpji,

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