The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 2, 1961 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 2, 1961
Page 10
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Guy best fertd to the Iowa legislature by Senator Bgfler, Rolfe, republican, may have the tttance of being enacted into legislation. ' : This plan'would put Kossuth county'in a nqw 7th district,' at the extreme eastern edge, in a "revised 17-county area. • '• The new,district would extend from Kossuth county to the western borders of the state, and would go as far south so as to include Woodbury, Ida* and Sac. Other counties in the proposed dis- tri'ct, other than-Kossuth would be Lyon, Osceloa, Dickinson, Emmet/Palo Alto, Clay, O'Brien, Sioux, Plymouth, Cherokee, Buena Vista and Pocahon- Of the 17 counties, only three could be considered as likely to vote democratic based orTpast trends. .Assuming this district Is finally, selected, it Wtilprobably be an uphill struggle for any democratic candidate for Congress to ; ever ; be elected from this district. yvho are,giving their loyal support. It's a lot easier to be* happy with a winner than a loser 1 , Bof .on all occasions there has been evidence of fair play and good sportsmanship, unlike some of the antics we see and hear on some T-V broadcast games of colleges and pros. • , ' • * * * .'. MINNESOTA TAX TROUBLES Minnesota's former governor, Orvllle Freeman, .who has since become the U. S. Secretary of Agriculture, was maligned for a good many things, all of which helped to defeat him. One of the chief. attacks was based on taxes. Alth6ugh'Minnesota had no sales tax and only a mild :stqte- in.Qome .taxj jFireeman caught it from all sides and was pictured as a man unfriendly to industry, etc. j | \ i So, Minnesotans elected a republican govfcf nor, Mr. Anderson. : Our old friend, Walt Mickelson Sr. of the Fairmont and New Ulm papers, neve* had very much good, to say for Freeman, and-followed the pattern des'cribed .qboye; : sweet bream, 32 cents;: „ Je-b. 4'when 'licenses. ALGONA UPPER DBS MO v : FEB. 6, 1941, 1 »' - * * (fed ,,,,', ..-Hudson's Bay", with ' Gend Tierney, Laird Ci-egar and This sounds like ih^ week of Jo h n Sut ton; "Life With Henry , Jan. 19-26,' 1961 - Weatherman lth( J sto ry of the Aldrich family, " oei and ,*rstsfr&=g infi the coming wecK, f"^ 1 " 1 -^ S w^.,*.> — —-.. •----• —-•-. 'were "they Knew What They O f,the popular town for, Sw«..t«,i'' -starring 1 Carole Lorn- teenage rs. and Charles Laughton; the former Algonquin'' confectionery "The 1 ' Mainliner" and was awarded a $5 prize for! her efforts. The spot, which was) a meeting place for'high school* students fdr'fnany years, was-one 1 , TREE \ Elmer Gibson of Scranton re-, cently received a broken leg whfeh a Ire'ej which A4 was cutt4 rfaV'bStec- -ing down, :fell on him,-pinning his'left leg. : Americans. (My. unvaccinated "Mervin, are you rriaking a personal phone call again ?" countv or Conqressman werwm «_uuu YY^U.« ~~ = - ,--,-, , **•_*.,.,, peered from the map after considerable ridicule, would have placed Kossuth in a new district that would have stretched from the Minnesota border all the way down to Des Moines, an odd looking arrangement indeed. At present, as we said, our guess is that thp revised districts'will look very much as 1 proposed in Senator Butler's plan. ~ ,-' 4. * * Governor Kncitrson|s pj-ogra'rrt >is 'so. much more tax-minde'd than was that of Freeman that there is hardly any.comparison'. ' '• ; • ; • Well, : Minnesotans. threw ; out_ of -dWice a young, energetic, liberal-'tedder who refused to jump everytime powerful groups cracked the whip. For that he-incurred ^enemies. Now.the state really-has something ^ worry about, and we are waiting to see what Editor Mickelson VANNING TEAMS'-•• NEW FACES This has certainly been a sports-minded winter in the Algona area. • The public school wrestling team has annexed the conference mat title; the public school basketball team could definitely bring home the first conference basketball title since 1955 with at least two more wins. Garrigan high Wnt to the finals of the Diocesan tourney befdre josing, ,in,a,.contest;which snapped a previous Vinriing streak of 'l 1 games. ' • On the bowling front some of the best amateur scores.»in. Iowa have been 'Y^VV^ locfal men and ,'wprnen. ,. : „ •' *• -I .fe. : ^-'And the debaters-and'speech contesfatits ip all schools have made an excellent record. 'Along with the winning teams the sports has zoomed. Garrigan's gym which proposes next in the tax -battle,'north of the border. - ' , . . .*. - . • ,* * ••• < •• i i •. ; FARM PROBLEM IS NO "PHONY'f •• I ; Rock Rapids Reporter -" Congressman ; Hoeven shouldn't have'given that interview tor the Des Moines Register,!-in, wrjich ; he said that.the farm revolt is a "phony." Surely he knows better.. He is correct in saying that some farmers are making money - but there are a lot of them' tWcrt : arfe! nd* doing' Wells m U »t U l »»•'. Washington 'highlights 'wTtheJ'huion'* Capital by R*y U:«U tAslii/- ctoriQ niyn/ wnitii *wwi« f—• / t be«n getting maximum capacity out of the sit- down and stand-up area available. Our congratulations to the coaches of all the teams, the team members, and to the fans ill E. Call.Street—Ph. CY 4-3535-^-Adgona, Iowa " Entered as second class matter at the postofflce at Algona, Iowa, under Act ot Corgress "t 3, 1879. CO. THE R. B. WALLER, Editor & Publisher DON SMITH, News Editor MERLE PRATT, Advertising Mgr. JACK PURCELL, Foreman NATIONAL EDITORIAL NATIONAL HEPBESENTM'IVE T Weekly Newspaper Representatives, Inc. 404 Fifth Ave,, New York 18, N, Y. SUBSCRIPTION PATE5 IN K088UTH CO. One Year, in atjvanpe ,„,-...,-- ... .--..„— --- ---- J3.M Both Algona uapers. In combination, per year ---- fa ,00 Single Copies ..................... ........... — ..... luc SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH One Year, in actvanpe ..... Both Algona ppper§ in combination, wr-t year _,~ No sMb^ci'iptiqil \t*s than 6 moiulia. OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING RATEf5 ON REQUEST .It dpesn't : tpke , q. very, jbriHient ;m,|nd, ,to understand 'that 'you 1 ' fcdn'f pYoaW coi«rr to sell at 80 cents a bushel - and pay $4,000 for a tractor, ,T.o sav,, with, present price \eve\s existing, that;the farmeV f j> doing all rtgjft ^^"9 Very short sigKte.a. --•' ,y-' *'!t>, $V$'' ' Just'because the^farmers vot^d [iof S|ixon doesn't mean that they ajsprove of'the* republican farm program performance. It rather is an indication that even though the farmer does not like the treatment he has had, he stilj .,be- lives in the basic principles of the republican;party - and thinks that with the republicans in power the country as a whole would be better off, than will be the case.with the dernpwitip party having the^inal.say so. ,. ., -, Farmers do not have the money to, spend that they should have - to be in line with other segments of industry, labor, and the professions. As long as that ;is true.the smqll cities and towns which service agriculture,' are 'suffering ^right- along with the farmer. .'.'.-, Mr. Hoeven has a very important position, in Washington. He is top man for the republicans on the house agriculture committee. We hope that he can use that powerful, position ta help find an answer to the problems which beset agriculture. • - . • * * * • .. WHAT IS YOUR BRAND HARLAN TRIBUNE - A man is shipwrecked in mid-ocean. As he struggled, he vowed thai he would be content if he could only find b piece of wood to keep him afloat. He fourtd a piece of wood, but still had to exert himself tc some extent to keep from sinking. If he coulc only find a life belt he would be supremely happy. He found the life belt. But then he wanted to get his body out of the water:' mat would be heaven. He found a raft. But if he cound only find a boat . . , dry clothing . . . food .' , . warmth ... a cpmfortable bed ..." A steamer came along and he got all these; but he had had so much of the sea that h^ couldn't think of being happy until he reached, land. Even then he wasn't content. A good many of us ore like thpt, aren't we? But perhaps it is well thqt this is so. There are two brands of discontent; the brand that merely fosters greed and snarling and back-biting, qnd the brand thqt inspires greater and greater effort to reach the desired goal. Which is your brand? * * * Our fhildren who inherit a large national cl^bt will probably take the debt as a national hqbit and ppss it on to the next generation. INAUGURATION REFLECT- one .of the Kennedy phrases _ wj [ON'S" The 1961 Presidential would go history a.long- helm , n. -viugf .-aim ^^i*. *.*.. inauguration is now a part of side the famed, quotation ,01 Kent, Jr. < Fifteen: men left', Mon- hiistory We think, what people Franklin, -.Roosevelt who, : upon, day: for Des i Moines: to .answer iairt _ those" in the ceremonies, assuming office in the midst of Kossuth's fifth draft icall. To' Irhp6l ! tant WoVW leaders 'abWad,' the Great Depression, said at his, ,d a «ev volunteers had filled rthe the little people svho came to .Inaugural ceremonies. "The, only. cq uo ta each time. One. interesting •• witch tke bi° show ^— -will leave thing we have to fear is fear it- sidelight on the trip of ; the 15- lasting IrhpressibA. ; ! \ , self." President Kennedy said, • men to - D es Moines. They travel! T , * •«'•.''• "Let us never negotiate ou,t of eo^by'bus and-the bus (company Presidenl Kennedy's Inaugural fear, but let us never ,fear to ne- . ha d two buses running to' Des Address, ! of course, was one gotjate." , , ...... Moines that day, the special and rfferedhope •tfrid-ehiflteYi'.' .. '•.•?••.*,.- :• .the., -.regular passenger, 'vehicle, liked especially the final The Kennedy address moved -Qne -passenger was: undoubtedly Words of • his message which former President ,Harry - Truman surprised to wind up on, the .spe- seemed to set the stage for .the;, td observe, "Marvelous, womteTr • cial- with-j 15. soldiers-to-be. You fund 'of'- Administration, he will vJul. It was-just what.the people - see .the dne passenger at-, bonduct during- the next four should hear and live up to." tractive girl. She got off the,bus K " 6 ' said Republican. Senator Ken-1 ^ fort'Dddge: •' '• ' " ncth Keating-' of .'New York, • , -• » • « *-.-.•. "ii .. i "Brilliant; the President'said -to •• St. Cecelia's shut. cut Corpus both our friends and foes abroad Christi'of Fort Dodge during the exactly whatineeded to be said." entire last 1 half'of a' basketball : "My fellow. citizens 01 me . The ' man who has suffered game 'and went -on; to'take'a" '15- kvoHd- Ask not what America great political' defeat, and who 12 Win. The losersj held the upper WiU do fou you, but what toge- has been.praised for the Banner hand,'12-1,.at 'halfUme, but didn't ther we can do for -the freedom in which he ha's accepted'this de- add even 'a free; "thtpw ;.to thd M WaV f T • : I' I ! f < i " ' : * ' ' iteat. chose not to comment at all.' total during the final 16 minutes, •"mally whether you are citi- iAs far as retiring Vice President Winket topped' the Algo'na eritry zens of Arnerica or citizens of the $|jxpn. was concerned, "TQdajr »s in sporang with ^me, ,.points. vrartdL ^k of us here .the samelfrisiderjf Kennedy's day and I VpnwKife.'Anna's BM) ld 9f. s - l^h^t*d^rd/o! sti^ngth and^^fc h'iro Wfl-tViQ country well." ••- -yho'^ia 1 * ^'pWiV improvement 'in . S a3fflcFwSa we al of you'll 1 ?"".'' ' !; '^— :.' ' : 'r^ffl -glrnies; Cropped, a. ; 28- Jlj; uan. iw*4Uf iuuj. — " s.«»»»*,»...—- , iii& OLUI j wj. «•••Brings, End Of Heat Wave .read featuring ^-JTaCkte the headline' over the weather -Michael Shayne, story on the, front page. There .^'' t w ith Lloyd Nolan. was one major difference, how- ; * * .,„,,.. £er, the low temperatui-e in 1941 j^^ fe^l,^ at 'the Ma* , :^;V'^fffiieTlorrT^ lie : •vtas' a" not-too-bad seven above kets .1 heavy butcher hogs topp- °J Ar jh*itis and Rheumatism zero, While the low Jan. 23, 1961 eA at $7 , 40; fat steers and fat "•»• n M0( ooo Americans. dipped to 18 degrees below zero. year i ings brought $9.50; numbci aimci ^.^ aj . y rf riighs during that week m 1941 lwo ncw w hite corn j -.p--t:en». -'rw?.-..._„ ranged from 21 to 41. degrees. whitc oats , 29% c^rfts; barley, 34 over There was no snow registered, ce nts; .soybeans,' 82 cents; eggs either. .» * * Another headline, gave Indication of things to come. It was.the banner, and read -T- MAY CALL DRAFTERS. The situation: in Europe : had tbeen c plenty warm; for some time,, and it .was ap- parentr at> least (to.some,, that eventually the U.S. might' have, to. and :help out some of thf smaller countries being stomped ort by Herr Hitler. Three menvfrom ^osfijth. pointy, were ' • ' " •"- Highly-favored reel-type pull-dows f have no equal pull-downs have fto equal purpose 'fe^|rjVc(ei '" You'll find them idieal' in. almost over tables ONE OF ONE THOUSAND ALL NEW 1961 FIXTURES visions- of beauty in PULL-DOW^NS. ItIV. 111- A.»;vt»* •*r**, TT if . * ' " , on .cfdl.for the dra.ft and all were vitally .interested ,in: their status. The three, if; taken to Des Moines for induction,; would become, .the first draftees from - the county, were Howard Koppen, R. .Voigt-. . ; and Lewis: H. krears; Said the-new President: ".And so,, my .fellow. Americans:. .sk not what your country can o for you— ask what you can 'do fpr your country. . • '.'My fellow citizens of the. any room t . and desks, Jd Hank a sofa, as practical t fpcal >' point for cbnver|i|tion ''groups, «nd the tferfaci light source to place'along side of beds. Fof.;ievJ9n more mobility, add a . ceiling track and,,;,jhkve. light where-you'wani it. .U ; h ; ; ,'t-? .. - - Wherevep yoilt need |s.",va,riety"ir« lighting, nothing compares wilh ; a*pull-d^iwn ! . Y'. .'Suitable for living room, dining arefts, ,kUch&B,j den; or; recreation roorn. , olf J YOUR FftEE 3 INSPIRATION LIGHTING BOOKLET TO-DAY Pratt Electric Const. Go. CY "Electrical Contractors' 1 'hjch we as* of you.;?.'!': .-; . rnceai, Rajnes, ,nroppeu a^.^o-io ict' Conscience our only* ; Pearl Miner, formerly of India- decision'ta Iowa Falls . at Iowa' .sure;ireWard/ with-history the''tyoia' ' recently fractured both Falls. .Top'scorer forth? locals; final judg6 of our deeds, let us go;cbohcs in his right leg when he' was Wray w.itli six points. St. ^ forth to lead the land we love,' fell on ice in Fresco, California. Cecelia's was taking a 9-3 season ^ asking His blessing and His help, ^Thc accident occurred when an ..mark into .the ,Sioux City JDiocc- mei m~A Ml*C but knowing that here on earth area of blacktop had been hosed 'san. Tournament, at. Fort..Dodge, , |NbUKAlML.C 'God's work must truly be our s down and the water had turned beginning later in the week. Directory i ,.,,, words of Richard Cardinal Gushing, Roman Catholic Arch- ' bishop of Boston, were inspiring. > lie saW. -"Finally, O Lord of Men V ,md Nations, through confidence, in Thee let men take hope in* wliatr'is. bling^done'-in this', capital of our nation, in tins'hour, in this ^ month of January, in the year 01' 106);'let ..'hearts everywhere be: lifted and let anxieties be dispelled as. new hands, in the vigor of-"youth, grasp; j.he wheel of the. of stale." • • tc glare ice due to a cold weather 'freak. ,, June in . no not Janu- You Can Address Questions To Him At BOX 66 KALISPELl, MONTANA A qohnhn A. J. (Arnie) Ricklefs Hospitalization " Health & Accident Life, — Auto — Fire — Hail 2 E. State : . . . , CY 4-452U Chiropractor ALGONA INSURANCE : AGENCY V 3. R. (Jim) KOLP Surety Bonds, iT - All " I of-Insu!»dnce CY 4-317d'. .„• - '".206 E. State You 1961 high school graduating seniors who, are'looking ahead to college this fall will be interested in this particular "Under 21" « column This is the first mention of the 1961 "Under 21" college Or. these :words by Rev. Dr.' scholarship projectandj _hope ^brings , lot of response fr<,rn you John-Barclay, pastor of the Cen .Irul Christian Church in Austin, Texas, "Bless them with vigorous leen-agcrs and also from you adults. . * ' ' *' " ~ T . . . • i •'"'". Last year enough or you readers coji-tributed enough, dimes, ' ' "ars so that you were able to offer a needy and worthy 1960 high school -. , - Quarters, half dollars and doHars so that you were able to offer a health,.great .strength _ and coura- jj! 250 collcg e scholarship to a — J " — J 1U " infin u: " u -" u "" 1 health, great strengin ana coma- ^50 college scholarship to a needy and worthy IBbU high school gcous boldness to'loud our nation graduate. This year j hope enough contrjbuliqns are made, so that ouf into 'a new era and into a , lwo 5300 scholarships, one for,a boy arid, pne for a ^irl, may be new frontier. Help them to lead offered. \ , , ui; to I'etOirn to the virtues of our ^ $300 college scholarship. wpn\ take care of all your expenses fathers: industry, honesty and but it will help pay some room and board, buy books and benefit frugality." you in many other ways, I know the girl who won .last year's Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro: 'scholarship, now attending Radford College in Virginia, is certainly sc, "Qur,attitude v/il.l not,<be of re-.^thankful for the interest you showed. '«>ntTrtpnl. '(Hi.4 reaction to the In- *.*.,* If you're planning to attend colleg? and hwve a financial .worry, ' •-<; •« *.•;..* •,, , Severa, unre g, scoo raa, , ' In a congratulatory message to', including, many juniors. AU those letters. from juniors have been the new President, Russian Pre- saved and if any of you who wrote last year while you were juniors '' 111 b la o BLOSSOM INSURANCE f /AGENCY All Lines of''Insurance Automobile.- Furniture Loan 7 N. Dodge . : Phone CY 4-2735 BOHANNON 'INSURANCE SERVICE 1 N. Dddge St, „ / Phi CY 4-4443 Hom6 .-i'Autorhobjle - Farm ( P,plio Insurance fwa'taT p»ci ;YI , ^DvvciriTtf wriAnl^iC.!} -'if. rf\JLa\Jn Dwelling, Auto t Liability, • f Life,;-General i Phone; CY 4^4512 JCOSBUTH' MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over, $74,000,000 worth of insurance: ir» force. CY 4^3.756. .,.-,.. -^ ...— Sao'V Dr. D. D. Arnold Chiropractor Oyer Penney's Office Phone — CY 4-3373 Hours: 9:00 — 5:00 '. Open Friday Night Dr. William L. Clegg Chiropractor 521 E. State St. Hours: 9:00'— 6:00 thru Sat . 9 -430 — 9:00 Friday Ph. Off. CY 4-4677 Res. CY 4-34l< DOCTORS MELVIN G. BOURNE. M D. Physician & Surgeon 118 N. Moore St Office phone CY 4-234B Resident phone CY 4-2277 JTN. KENEFICK. M. D. Physician & Surgeon 218 W. State Street Office phone CY 4-2353 Resident phone CY 4-2614 CAROL L. PLOTT. M.D. 110 N. Moore Street Practice Limited to Surgery Office Hours by Appointment CYpress 4-4864 Office . CYpress 4-4331 Residence Sa Vt'U MiH-i *i on j *Ji j *-*v* w **u »T*»^fc*- *M** v j VM-* <t«*»» ^^.w. .. _, ^ ,,«.,..,._ inTer'Nikita" Khrushchev said: WflUld like to bring me up to date > on your status, I'll be glad to "We avail ourselves of the op- hefir » , « t'hlfTv^ioint efforts S we l sliall°bo Okay, now that we've got y°U thinking about applying for one that by jonit u toils, WL snail DC ^ ^ sc | ;o j a ,. shipSi we - d better be able to offer them, ft takes money offer scholarships and that's where you readers come in. Whether VH'I-P oiaht or 80 and whether you send five cents or'five dollars; The Algona Printing & Publishing Industry Is One Of The City's Larger Employers — The Payroll of This Firm Alane Support* Ten Community Families ... 26 people . . 'all are Neighbors, Friends, Customers and Taxpayers. UPPER DES MOINES PUB. CO. Ill E. Cajl St, Algona, Iowa IT'S WB W£'Nf» TO DO BUSINESS AT HOME are confident that, moving step by step, it is possible to remove the existing suspicion and mistrust, to grow the seeds of friendship and business like cooperation between our countries." One of the shortest comments came, from the man whoso HfcRBJST, INS. AGENCY For Auto, 'House, Household foods; arid Many Other Phone CY 4-3733 i Ted S. Hwbil Farm Bureau Mutual Ins. Co. Affiliated with Farm Bureau Au(;o (with $10 Deductible) hi t, -tlnin -. vnrlifil imnrnvf. Of the SCUOJarsmpS, we a DBH-er ue BUie I" utici uiciii. M. varvto muiiuy T - { T, j, 'Ppaftni- »HH:'H : s5s£Er^^RS^ K1 ^^ entire hUernauonal climate. We V 0 ^^ ^you who contribute and wish to have your cpntnbut,ion •knowledged, I'll centainly write you a personal letter of tharVks. dollars will make up the two scholarships but: nickles, !fOB"So'"PhiUiM "st quarters make up dollars. Don't hesitate ,m making a »jg on a, ' phone CY 4 9?4i nojjwuujv i«cause.yoi4 feel your nickle Or dime won't be appreciated. AUTO—LIFE^-FIRE—HAIL gvery penny will be,appreciated. -t .• • -.y ..,'... j,. .—.—__— ^^_^_. ----- , t , : Last year's contributions renged in size from 15 cents to $15.00 Theifiquitable Life Assurance c-anic fi'ooi the man whoso and Believe me, the smaller amount was just as gratefully accepted ,7 H Society Of shoulders hus been lifted tho as W a S the larger amount. ' . "The United States weight of great responsibility. . your'nickle Q ( - djrne may help mold a future, teacher, a doctor, Bitrt, Iowa Phone 201 When reporters asked retiring a nurse or a scientist. " ; ' -r- L .. __. . t Tf ** »* fc»* •»•(• T* r '... . ..' •• *,.»._ -^ t ^ _ t- ! _ H_ - An KIKVI Pri'.sideiit Eisenhower ligw he liked the idea of leaving litt- he replied," Great, finu, ^ i Representing i State Farm Ins. Co. JOHN M. 8CHUTTER. MJ). Physician & Surgeon 220 No. Dodge, Algona Office phone CY 4-4490 Resident phone CY 4-2338 OPTOMETRISTS jo.^v.^ twttif*4j| ^ nurn? w* » o^iym«9fc. aver ligw he 'I'U^eep you pasted as to .the progress o| th^ p|i)jeet in. the leaving nublig coming weeks ar.4 1 hope you readers^ don't let. W down, -Your i.i.i fiiii.'* ^ n «.,4,;Tn^ n,-« im?irti>tunt hut nn irvnrft im,n{)t*tant tKah 'WDlir applipa- pqssjble donations are important but nq mpr^ ln>portar^t „,_„ <r t'ons for the scholarships. Let me heijr from you;»|'»oon Mr Kennedy's Inaugural a4d- and thanks a million tunes. ^ •'• '•;' '•':• ' '" ress stirred Democrats as well as itepnblicuns. Senate Kepubljcan L g u d e CRAWFORP SERVICE : Andy:Crawford All Types Of Insurance Office DR. L. L. SNYDER Optornetrist 113 East State Algona Telephone CY 4-2715 Closed Saturday Afternoons Drs. SAWYER und ERICJCSON" '.. Eyes Examined, Contact Lenses Hearing Aid Glasses 9. East State Street Algona, Iowa ' Phone CYpress 4-2198 Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Closed Saturday Afternoon8_ DR. C. M. O'CONNOR Optometrist Visual Analysis & Visual Training :•-•• 108 3puth Karlan St (Home Federal Bldg.) PHONE Dear Dan: J like Bob very much-ajid was told by a friend of ouuuvt i».-,,u u ,, t u,, - v « " ^ . his that he didr»H likQ me. He is bashful *t times -but WJ^n' we're to- , KveVelt McKinley. Dirksen of Illi. gather he acts as ^ough he likes me, Recently.| -w*| W lth arjothcr nois deberihid it as "inspiring" 'boy, Bill, at a pajfty when Bob walked, in. I WftS fHWrtg with Bill and "a very compact message of and Bob got mad when, he saw QiH Wwme. :. _ hope " Do you think Bob was jealpust Should I forget him? I dont like CwinicntL-d the House Kepub- Bill at all. Please tell me what tp do, -, Worried. , . J lican Leader Charles A. Halleek , .,,De« Worried: I may not be able to. tell you what Ao do..but of Indiana, "I wus much impress. I'U'^U you what Mt-1»d£ Hevcr-kiMv(k-tMjr;i«i;i>ubbB.<v- '" ed," . tiding to make a secpruj boy .lateresteji. in, you, Ab tar ao many vveie concerned ijroadi and isa'l very ladylike. DENTISTS DP ' _*r,v* •»«»«« «. ;wfFc« Office jn Home Federal Office phone QY ' DR. 4. B. HARRIS, JTH. AJ 922 B. CY 4-2334 Ph-CVi-SMI Serving Hancock, Humboldt Polo Alto & Kouuth CountiM

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