The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 26, 1961 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1961
Page 20
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lOfla (la,) Upper DM Mo'ln«r Thufsday, Jan, 26 r 1961 • ! Tifis wesk'MuCM OP'THE CONVERSATION at parties, coffee brofcks and hen gatherings, has concerned Mrs. Geiger, the lady ,at Sheldon who embezzeled a bank out of over two million dollars Second only to the cracks about finding the money wity a Geiger tibunte'r Were spedulatlbns about what in the world one person could possibly have done'with all that money! OP GOVERNMENT FIGURES, I HAVE had very ' tittle opportunity to hear about two million dollars, let alone Jay my hands on it. Day by day the story of what Mrs.' Geiger did with ithe money is being revealed, but I still think that disposing of that much moolah must be almost as much of a problem as swiping 1 it In the first place. * * * I SHALL NEVER EMBEZZLE! ANYBODY OUT of two million dollars.' It is not that I am so blamed honest, it is that I never expect to have the opportunity or the knowledge of how to go about it. If somebody were to leave two or three hundred dollars with me with any reasonably safe way for it to stick to my fingers it might be a different story. I do quite a bit of day-dreaming and lots of the fantasies have to do with money. But for the life of me, in my \vildest fictional splurgep, I, have never been able to go beyond $15,000. ' * ,* * * , / THERE IS A DAYTIME TV PROGRAM ENTITLED, "The Millionaire". In it a Mr. Anthony comes around and very unexpectedly gives people checks for a million dollars. Heretofore, my daydreams have 'always started with a visit from Mr. Anthony. Now, I;think they shall begin with my juggling a trial balance. At least, you have to work a.little for the money when you are an embezzeler, and to date working is the only way I have every received anything in real life. * * » THE FIRST THING I ALWAYS DO in my dreams of coming into money is to buy us a new mattress. Some misers, I'm told, use mattresses to store their cash, and that would be alright with me also' ,-but the bedding we now have is too lumpy to sleep on, and sleep is even more important than liquid assets. Then would come new curtains for the Jiving room, followed closely by bringing up to date 4 thei milk bill. I'd take care of the bill for our two family pair of glasses, and the amount due to the dentist before any of us need, a further check-up and then I'd buy me e new garter belt. I'd make ,a down payment on a sewing machine for Mary Ann and let her do the rest of it out of her baby-sitting,money and I'd salt a-big hunk for Bill's college education. I'd pay /ahead on the mortgage and then ./'d use the usual monthly sum for such luxuries as getting my hair set each week, somebody to do the ironing and cleaning, and a start on buying a clothes dryer. Beyond these things, even my wildest fi- •liancial day dreams never g6. * * * • EINSTEIN HAD A THEORY OF RELATIVITY and so does Grace. Mine has with riches. Acquiring' anything is without meaning if you have not' first worked and'schemed quite a .bit for it. A party gown on a debutante with .a whole closet full of clothes is never so, pretty as the dress a 1 stenographer purchased! by making her working skirts and sweaters do a little bit longer. A fur coat • gainsan luxuriance if several years' excess grocery allowance goes into it. The trip'you win by 'drawing a lucky number is never as exciting as the one your husband gets .to take you on-by his selling the most insurance or washing machines. And a diamond ring is,'in my estimation, but an incredibly frivolous indulgence if it does not come from some guy, who saves to buy it arid then presents it with the pledge to love and cherish. * * * WHEN I AM RICH, I SHALL not move out of our little house. There are too many memories of important things occurring' here. Besides, though it is to'6 small now, on a couple of years our children frill be gone and we'll have plenty of room. However, I-.would Settle for a little new paint and upholstering. When I get rich, I plan to keep right on working at something or other. Boredom can be the poverty of the soul and that's one poorness I stand a good chance of always being able to prevent. Ill travel a bit when I get rich, but only enough so that I'll give large sums to church and charity, but never so much that others won't have a chance to sacrifice. Stupid as it may sound coming from me, the need to give is a very real thing, and it is necessary even when you are almost broke! Where your cash lies, there also will your heart be. r * * * THERE IS LARCENY IN THE HEARTS of all of us. Some of us steal time. We do it by keeping someone on the phone talking gosc''- and trifles when either of us should be doing something batter. Some of us steal joy, by knocking at the things others take pride in, with little jibes. Some of us steal comfort, by failing with a word or a deed to make life easier for another. All of us, at one time or another, no matter how honest we are, steal something. But very few of us get away with two million dollars! * * * JEAN AND DIANE MALUEG HAVE a little cousin in Pipestone, Minn, who is very fond of them. Recently, the little boy was listening to a radio program in which a genie did marvelous deeds. At the close of the program the dialogue went, "Say goodbye to Genie. She's done so much for you." The little fellow spoke up, "I'm going to say good-bye to Dianne too. She'll do every bit as much for you as Jeanie!" * * * CHUCK AND RUTH MCVAY and the Dick Wilhelmis, former Algonans, recently visited Dick Dale, featured performer on the Lawrence Welk TV show, at Hollywood, Calif. One evening Ricky Dale, a first grader, went for a ride in the Wilhelmi's car. Dick Dale, naturally drives a Dodge since the show is sponsored by them, and when Ricky asked Wilhelmi what kind of a car he was driving, though it was of another make, Dick said it was a Dodge. "Oh", said little Rickey, "I didn't know they made "them this nice!" * * * ALTHOUGH WEEKS OFTEN GO BY when I don't eat a single dessert, it seems that I persist in bringing you desserts as this week's recipe. This is no exception. It's for a cookie called Chinese Chews. % cup flour, 1 tsp. baking powder, '.i tsp. salt, 1 cup chopped dates, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup nuts, 2 eggs, 1 tsp. vanilla. Mix together. Add dates, nuts, eggs. Pour on well greased cookie sheet and bake 15 minutes at 350 degrees. While mixture is still warm after baked, roll in powered sugar. — GRACE. Former Eagle Township Couple many years, will observe their •10th wedding anniversary Jan. 29, at their home in Armstrong from 2 to 4 p.m. All relatives and Iriends are invited. Mr. and Mrs. Carlson were married Jan. 26, 1921 at Algona. They fire parents of two daughters, Alice, Mrs. Clyde Gilbaugh of Fairmont and June, Mrs. David Me Luughlin of Minneapolis; three sons, Maurice of Lakota, Milton an.'.I Oscar of Armstrong; 12 grandchildren and one great- grandchild. (UDM Engraving) Ringsted — Mr. and Mrs. Tankard Carlson, Armstrong, formerly fanners in Eagle township for LEDYARD NEWS Joyce Pingel underwent surgery at the Buffalo Center hospital last Tuesday. Mr and Mrs Glen Burrow and Mr Carl Burrow attended the funeral of Mrs Mary Thaves at Lakota recer.tly. Fred Anderson of Toronto, Canada visited over the week end at the homes of Mr and Mrs William Wiemer and Mrs Gertrude Wiemer. SMALL- PARTS CABINETS for home or office. Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., AJgona. ' ^ ; *'^'^!i]^j~^r:$jJM ill 1 '''-". «TA'• •'•''I* l-'.*lhY : , , y< fryfa..^ yi'eyj;.jMtMf »•*. , ' mm»mM ••M»,"'• ' - 1^ Hi''"' H0'ltt I 'mi* frK-'-ift&^II N sxHrHW.I U ^<nCLC ; u i < fin MAIN FULL POWER! » >. J •} YOUR HOMETOWN MERCHANTS APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS Coaslrio-Coast Store Gamble Store Foster Furniture Co. Irons Heating 8e Plumbing. ; - ' ' . • — L. S. Muckey Plumbing fc Heating Jack's O. K. Tire Service Kossuth Radio & Electric Buscher Bros Implement Hutzell Office it School Supply • Post Transfer 8t Storage Algona Hotel Reeling's DavU>Paint« Zender'g Kirk's Shoe Store Security Stale Bank Iowa Stale Bank If you're tired of having a shrinking dollar, we have a few suggestions, that might < , ' S . ' ' »••'..•''.'-' I t i Many folks are finding that their buying patterns are proving costly! Some of them have been in the habit of jumping into the family iar and driving many miles to THE BIG CITY. Mileage costs money, even if time doesn't make much difference, and it usually does. 1 i .There are many kinds of retail, business firms; those selling nationally- known merchandise of top quality with prices that are usually pretty uniform everywhere; those selling merchandise on a strictly "price line" basis. There are places where you get delivery and places where you do not. ' But THE BIG CITY, while possibly having more places to visit and to take up more time and run up more mileage, has no more actual choice of items than can be found in your own centrally-located Home Town. 1 . , u The same brand rjames you know are here!. The same low-priced'items are here! they all come from the same manufacturing or processing plants; they are all sold at wholesale at the same prices. In many instances your Home Town business firms make the same buying trips as representatives of THE BIG CITY stores. Home Town retail business firms KNOW that they must be competitive, price-wise, and they are. And they invite you to stop in, browse, around, and find out for yourself. **M»/lflflf**»i*l/**~^f***»*lf*^*f4fi^ HERE'S HOW YOU BENEFIT BY DOING ALL YOUR SHOPPING LOCALLY Saving of Time, and Relief From Costly Travel. Ample Selection, and Honest Values, Or You Don't Return. Delivery, Service and Adjustment with Ease. Friendlier, Personal Service From People You Know. Freedom From Road Hazards and Costly Parking. A Chance To Keep Your Dollars Working Locally. Leu thold-Williams (The Hub Clothiers) Algona Theatre Co. The Chrischilles Store Algona Greenhouses Modern Dry Cleaners Sharp's Jewelry Shilts Brownbilt Shoe Store Algona Implement Co. Lindsay Soft Water of Algona Joe Bradley Equipment Algona Produce Co. Universal Mfg. Co. Percival Motors Hawkeye Bowling Lane« Dau Garage & Body Shop Read's Furniture Slruecker Conoco Service Algona Refrigeration Frederick Hardware Isaacson Studio Schultz Bros. Garage 8t Oil Station Carson's for Color Taylor Implement Co. Ernie Williams — John Deere North Iowa Sewing Machine Co. Beecher Lane Appliance North Central Public Service Co. Kent Motor Co. Kossuth Motor Co. Algona Laundry & Dry Cleaners Cullen Hardware Algona Flour & Feed Rusk Drugs-Jewelry Chrislensen's J. C. Penney Co. / Honsbruch Drug Algona Insurance Agency Blossom Insurance Agency Thermogas Co. Of Algona Bolgfbrd Lumber Co. Hopkins Super Service Viking Oil Co. Graham'i No»th Iowa Appliance Center Jaco Variety Ready-Mix Concrete & Lumber >WiUgen Jeweler* " •• - • ' '- Hood'» Super Valu .. Keljey Lumber Co. .• , •. • !->!'.' 'I.'HUJ' J»...l I- -».» l> , < * pQnovan Specialty Shop -J"-,. j Smoke Shop Waldron'g Calc y-?, , r - '" •-• ••-—•* '' : ': It *' t i •' '' Sberwin- William* • Painta Funk Plumbing fe Heating Home Federal Savjngijfc Loan Atf'B. Algona Plumbing 8c Heating Fowler's of Iowa Bimtroro Furaituw Cp.

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