The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 26, 1961 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1961
Page 19
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•'•"'".'% &*' ' ''' a 111' Ikl* o *^«Tf5r ' ', ' ' ' ^ • •; . f' ' , '"* .:.*«.', » . ' L., coiwell returned home ijr site* spending a week Mf;,|elatfye9.,at Jaiakson, Minn, ''-.CM Seip was pleasantly sur- mijfa> Sunday evening by fc'/ga- WrTg of frtend$ at his home td ~~irj<te his 1 birthday. Evening 4p'ettt playing cards after which iuflttet wai servsd by M« S*lft * " / Mr and Mrs Slmef Dole re« turned Tuesday from towa City Sfter. visiting 'their daughter and family there, the Jee Bfrds.., •' MV "fiftd ,,MYf EV6rett St» Jbhri ajid family meved this'week into a farm house.two miles east of Algona. .Verfton Klein is now employed at Elmer Dole 06- shop. STAPLES: .Bostltch, Tatum Swirigllne, H;otchkiss and Presto Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Al 1?60. ANNUAL STATEMENT - CITY OF ALGONA, IA> AMatied Value «i of : 4. Telephone, Teleg 5, Utiliti 49,080.00 .... 139,631.00 TOTAL i....L .. . .... . ....$8;183,487.00 . .——. .—^— ,. . lea, Including Transmission Lines and Pipe Lines '. kodlcs and .Credits ,_.,„..., ^. r 1 .-. ^ 1,481,388.00 Asaessed -Valtie of AirleultUral Lands Within Corporate! Limits 22,972.00 Tbtal Amount ot Levlei'fleked in A'iigtist ' •, riNAttClAt HEPQHT OF' TIfE CITY OP ALGONAi IOWA ' 8 FOR YEAH ENDING DECEMBER 31, 1960 -- f. Janukfjr i/ i960 through December 31, i960 , . ."'xi^'BlSCEtPTS . .' ',' '• ' " TAX OFFICE ., OTHER . L _ I ' ,{ ." BECSIPTS RECEIPTS RECEIPTS I. Gferit»ral tidVWtllhent <.:.'. ' "J44.17 '-19,124.78 : a; fitwat -_i—Ji.-.*-v— J.L 21,702.77 4,434.02 37,298.20 3. J>ubfie SafeW iL.J..*.* L 48,032.01 5,031.24 4. Sanitation. .Lt.J: 17,828.34 2,581,48. 175,533.33 5. MUflldpnl ErttCfprtSes,.— ., 18,928,71 1,789.69 6. tttertatlbn .t'.' £l J „ 14.714.64 6,308.00 7. Utility StreetiLlghts , , • , Separate Report. 8. Debt Service' ..:L f 6d,839.28 ' 212.00 9. Wlist arid Agency t 718.73 382.64 10. sewer RfentaV '_ 33,045.67 > II, Ernergertcy J.; t . 93,75 ' 4,537.09 • 12. ROad Ose Tax -J 30,304.23 13. Parking Meters- * ,. 14,195.75 '-,14. JJitHior Profit 1 ^ , I84,'527.6o TOTAL 10,808.93 63,525.05 53,663.25 195,923.13 20,718.40 19,022.54 61,051.28 1,101.27 33,045.67 4,630.84 30.364.23 14,195.75 , dRAND fOTAL RECEIPTS , 182.198.65 117,543.11 217,368.68 517,110.34 •Total Transfers 5From Utilities to Street E X P E N D I T U R E S SALARIES • CAPITAL AND WAGES OUTLAY 1. General Government '.*—-:— 12,28(1.31 2. Street ",»..*.i— .. 30,892.42 ,3. Public Safety-—;— -— 38,802.67 4. Sanitation —...: 5,234.46 5. Municipal Enterprises, 6,145.00 n 't»»qrea'tlon' r . J . 8,275.99 7. UtlHty v Street,Lf8lltS'~;: ' 8. Debt Service ...*,. .1 9. Tnist and Agency J.i V-' 10. Sewer "Rerftal '... l.J. 8;359.08 11. Emdrgertcjr! ... ,... W. goad'Use Tax* - ^ -13.: Parking'Meters 7,480.65 M.'Liquor Profit 4 , — '^Gran.d Total Expenditures -.115,476.59 548.16 ' 1,795.63 3.458.35 162,508.11 4,387,10 325.00 OTHER EXPEND. 12,726.97 23,281.47 11,097.79 14.436.62 14,034.33 10,912.14 Separate Report' 67,999.98 1,150.00 2l3f.47 20,736.13 7,133.73 10,700.00 i 20,735.23 329.30 2,209.57 37,298.26 TOTAL 25,561.44 . 55,969.52 51,358.81 182,179,19 24,566.43 19,513.13 67,999.98 1,150.00 29,364.69 7,133.73 31,435.23 10,019.52 184,321.12 206,453.96 506,251.67 • Total Transfers J '.-. ' 0 0 0 , : •.„•-.- CASK STATEMENT Balance on Hand — January 1, 1980. including $25,000 in securities $125,575.18 Total''Receipts for Year,Ending December 31, 1960, plus $14.000 .,.„„. * ^-securities ...... 531,110.34 ^Tplal to'Account for — $656,685.50 I960 —'- $506,251.67 Tdfal'ljxpenditures.for Year Ending December 31, Add—Warrants Outstanding January 1, 1960 —— 9.451.73 ' Total : —— $515,703.40 Deduct — Warrants Outstanding December 31, i960 ...,- 19,742.74 ' Total Deduct from Total to Account for .* $495,980.66 it j , i • 'i. t •,. , ~ iii 'i Balance on riahd-^-^pecember 3i, J060 '----«--'-- j-—•a.-cv—*--J.TT ~zsyKSPjB^^ 1 OF MUNICIPAL INDEBTEDNESS DECEMBER 31, 1960 n nnn „ Qcneral Bonds .—.: -- $440.000.00 Pledge Orders .^and Revenue Bonds Grand Total . ' - VALUATION OF PROPERTY SUBJECT TO • ' TAXATION ON ASSESSMENT OF 1 • " JANUARY 1, 1959 Clan of Property! -Real' Property , T •> r Personal property - Railroad Property „-• --- - '-—• Telephone, Telegraph and Express Companies ...j.. .,„,.,, n Utilities, IbcIuding'Transmission Lines and Pipe Lines 130,631.0 E,xcppt Monies and Credits. „ $6,183,487.0 Total Monies and Credits''. —-—-- - ----„— 1,451.386.0 Total' Vajuaiion of.All Property „ $7.634.B73.0C ' -'^P*,- '''^*?* xA *^f *V J A^i *' .{ ^HUISIMU >c Johnson and Irvln fegtme- BUI Wilma liouise-Wirlz. Madrid;- and-Eugene R.' Steward, Hurt. vere married in the'First Methodist Church at Madrid Dec. 17. The jride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wir-tz, Madrid, and the iridegrobm is a son 1 of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Steward, Burt. ' After a wedding trip to Minneapolis, the newlyweds are resid- at Ames. A complete wedding story appears elsewhere in, the '* '(UDM,Engraving) ' • i Lfeininger; M^rlcnfe Bode, find Kenneth froH&kiij tUchard SlrS* pson rind Jaaette Welter, Earl flbetJ! fifid Carol Kitties! Robert ?8oet2 and font, M^ttae*} and 'Salty Carr and falter Smith.. ' New homes were ,fettitt tor Lu* »lu, Irene and EugenS' Hanig, the >A1 Loeblgs, Gnyte Studcrs, Theri in Mansens. John LlcluelgSr Earl ^Hartleys, David &ldiff&eterg f tl&el Roots, Lou LlcktelgS, Bill KoppeftS and Bernard Schrattths. There Were marty new babies. tParentfl of boys born diiHhf I960 Were the AlVlh Beckers, Robert Edens, Gsyle. Study's,' Walter 'Pfetters, Donovah Studera, Bill Butters, Jim Raisings, Jeok Vitz- ihuiris, Ed Hyhes,. Dale Dorn* •biers, Victor Youngwlfos. Art Seenkens, Phillip Studers, Bill Koppens, Mate Student, Bernard Schrauths, Mike VitztttiifflS, Haf- pld Eischens, Larry YoUngwir- ths, Frank ftlchtera, Deuh Rick- PS. Art Plathes, Jue Penftinits and Wilbur Monsons. Girls were born,.to »the Ray •Hirners, Albertus Krugers, Ken* rieth Forbufgei-a, Milford Hit* beris, Tom LickteigS, , Floyd Armstrongs, Cletlfs StUders, Ben- CEILING TILE f Studcrs, Clotus Wests, John Uttgwlrth*, David Kietepe«&*, H Haupifflafts and Ray PfcA* nings. Eight deaths were also recorded. Persons who died during 1960 were Lawrence Hansefl, Nick Wagner,. Jean Lalher, Donald Hamilton, Mary Otis, Lon Gauge, Maren Flom and Haltie Hanson. > Jo«. **/ Afflana (ta.) Upptf PM ng a UDM Whittemore Man Supervises An Army Project Whillemdre — Mr and Mrs Jeorge Maahs received a letter rom their son S/Sgt. Donald J. Maahs," who is in charge of NCO raining aids of the U.S. discip- inary barracks inmates at Fort jeavenwbrth, Kans. The men have built a miniaturfe 'Nike missile launching and radar i site at he institution which .will be used by the Fourth Region Army Air Ipefense Command for instructional aid t o g r o u p s throughput the country. A specially-equipped -truck will trans- 3ort the model. ' ........... open house from 3 to. 5 p.m. FUNERAL HOMES AT LuVERNE - WESLEY - JITONKA - RENWICK , ALLEN J, BLAKE, DIRECTOR 24 HOUR AM|UiANCE SERVICE OXYGEN EQUIPPED - RADIO CONTROLLED PHONE TU ? 2-3322 (cplleet) LuVerne Hospital Reporl , . A daughter was born to Mr and Mrs Joe Kpllasch Tuesday in St., 4nn,hospitaljin*,A^0i They"b > aM';two daughters. < *f Ronald Meyer, son of Mr anc Mrs Ernest Meyer, Gary anc John Poppe'n, sons' of Mr anc Mrs Harold.Poppen.of here ha_d their tonsils and adenoids removed in St. Ann hospital Monday. Gerald and Lebnard Elbert are medical patients in St. Ann hospital. Mrs P. : J. Fuchsen returned home from St. Ann hospital where she had been a medical patient, Sunday. Severn Opheim has been a medical patient in Palp Alto Memorial in Emmetsburg since Monday. Attend Funorals Mr and Mrs Harold Heinrich and son Duane and Fred Hein- rirh attended the funeral of a cousin Louis Schultz at the Lutheran church in Wilbert, Minn. On Tuesday the same group and Mrs Melvin Heinrich attended the funeral of Ernest Letnke, a brother-in-law of Fred Heinrich and an uncle of the rest of the group. Observed 50th The immediate families of Mr and Mrs William Metzger cordially invited all their relatives and neighbors to an open house to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. The reception was held at their home Sunday with Mrs George Schuller of Marshalltown spent the weeknd here with her mother Mrs Mary Cefine. Mrs Schuller is employed n the Veterans hospital . at Marshalltown. '.-'.',Mr and Mrs -Lawrence Kirsch entertained the Scatter Club at .heir home last Sunday .-evening. Raymond Elbert and Mrs Joseph Loebach won high;' James B. Geelan and" Mrs -George Winkel, low; Mrs Carl Johnson, won travel prize.. • The South Side Card Club was entertained at the Anna Baas home Tuesday evening, Mrs Louis Braatz winning -high; Mrs Emma Knecht, low; Mrs Anna Behnke, travel. ' Mr and Mrs Herman Kollasch entertained the Scatter Club Tuesday evening. Leo Kallpsph won high; and Mrs Joseph Loebach, high, Mr and Mrs Robert Walker won low and M*s Leo Kollasch won travel. Club 18 were entertained by Mr'and Mrs George Streit Tuesday .evening. William Besch and Mra/ Charles G- Kpllasch -won high; second 'high' was won '"by George Gengler and Mrs James Butler. Mr and Mrs Clement Bisenius of Whittemore, accompanied Mr and Mrs Arthur Kohlhaas of West Bend to Hyattsville, Maryland, Monday where they visited at the James Connor and C. E. Drennen homes. They will also visit with IMr and Mrs C. W. Whilhelmi home in Washington D; C. Mrs Lydia Bisenius is taking care of her grandchildren at the farm home. You don't have ib be a Handy Andy lo do a perisct job of in stalling acoustical tile on an old or new ceiling. We'll tell you the easy way and we'll get you started right. For quietness and beauty, there's nothing like ark acoustical ceiling. Come in soon and see 1 many new designs for every room in your home. Use our budget plan. Mrs. ZaLaznik to Receive B.S. Degree, Drake DES- MOINES — Mrs Virginia W. Kalasnik « 3&0 Hale £t, S., lgona/fdtfd is'among t^fc approximately 1&) senior and graduate students scheduled fo re- reive bathelor and master degrees from Dnake University t- the school's annual t^d-Wlnter commencement, Sunday, Jan. 29, pt 3 p.m. .in ihe University Christi«,n Church. Mrs Zalaznik is a candidate for the Bachelor of Science ddgrefe in the college of Education. Her major area of study at Drake has becil social science. See U» For The N6w REMINGTON "Supar frS" CHAIN SAWYER As Advarliscd in farm & Horn* Section guscher Bros. Impl. Algotta, la. Phone CY 4-3535 - Your Newspaper BRONSON BLD'G. SERVICE N. Hwy. 18 Algona PRINTERS HAVE PROBLEMS • I E U a M Not much business the re, but Ifs a nice coll! FOR SERVICE, QUALITY & PRICE, try the Upper Des Moines PubMshing Co. Phone CY44535 1 ^ Algonei, Iowa NEWSPAPER _.,. COMMERCIAL PRINTING , - OFFICE SUPPLIES Thefe'sa m K-137 10 C tO 34 C MORE NET INCOME THAN OTHER MAJOR EGG STRAINS* (3Sc more than avtragi entry In 15 tests) ™ ' . _,'.*'»'' •__ • ••MVM AA 'B^K.JNuM OnVMn^A 'V^Aota *60 terts to wttfa $e iw K455 wat entered, it §« wOied tb* well* SAVI $9 Nr 100 pwlMi e« B6CKORD KIMSIRCHIKS if ordered by Jan, 30,1961, »AY**4W p««. • Authored KimberCHIK dtoltr ALGONA Produce^ i>i . * , - • - - I960 Figures From Wesley Show Growth Wesley — A resume of vital statistics of this Kossulh county town lor the year 1960 reveals ihe following facts: Marriages during 1960 were Merlin Studer and Mary Jo Buscher; Rita Erdman and Robert Steigerwalt. Jr.; Marlys CJoetz and Paul Kelley; Kay Loebig and Larry Cook; Barbara Ringsdorf and Robert Seefeld; Ila Ostercamp and Robert Nielson; Paul Haverly and Mary Jane Barrage; Sandra Flom and C. Wayne Lybarger; Bill Price and Carolyn Larson; Carol Martin and Jim Bleich; Craig Loebig and Wilma Brown. Grace Goetz and John DeLander; Melissa Nygaard and Cecil Glawe; Patricta BecHer and Pat Bauman; Kathy Girres and Donald Pietrzyk; David Youngwirth and Helen Cprwejler, Bill Loebach and Margie Schmitz; Con- for EAR-LEVEL HEARING AID New 4 transistor ZENITH $165 "Royalty of Hearing Aids" AtQONA HOTEL Tuesday, Jen, 31 9 «um« to "" jnd sew-?? for ftre invited 10 come EVERYONE when you have a- WATER HEATER LIVE ROYALLY...LUXURIATE with a King-sized hot water supply... for bathing, shaving, laundry, dishwashing,., all the time... at less cost... with an efficient, economical, GAS WATER HEATER Let us install one for you now! North Central Public Service Co. CY 4-2484 in. "YOUR GAS COMPANY" Or Your AJgons Gas Appliance Dealer AL.GONA CO. 611 Fleming Bldg. 6fh « WoJnut Sts. DM 9*9191' fUMPtf OF MW T9P*Y'5 »THVS WHTW VOUR WORK, BRI5HTEN YOgR WWK WIDEN YOUR WORLD

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