The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 26, 1961 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1961
Page 14
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>.*;;•: /;c''H>:v'r;r.' ; .>;v;->v-,^ /v •.-_•,•-. ;,;^'^.^''^TO f ' '' V •!' . • ,. • , i x< ' " ' < ' i •< • t'l '-' , > i • •' • , • • ' ' ' '>:•',. *''•., ''.''_•/, "'. '...•..--': .^:>.^.'-..« >^^-a4 3 i..A& T. JAMES (Jim) PALMER Superintendent/ Algona Municipal Utilities ALLEN K. (AI) BUCHANAN President, Board of Trustees MELVIN (Mel) BAY Member, Board of Trustees 0. B/ (Bert) HARMES Member, Board of Trustees. TO OUR OWNERS THE CITIZENS OF ALGONA, IOWA THIS IS 'annual report' time for business firms and corporations everywhere. As the Board of Trustees of your Mgona Municipal Utilities, we are taking this friendly way of reporting to you on the operation of your municipal electric and water utilities during the year just past. We want to preseit* IS to you in as personal a manner'is though we .were'tailuijri to you on the telephone'/ ' ' , ' AS YOU know, ^he electric and water plants in Algona are municipally owned and operated. They are managed by a Board of Trustees and we as its members are appointed for a 6-year term by the Mayor and approved by the City 'Council, IP^ry two years the term of one member expires, ana BT mar ilme he is re-appointed or a new trustee is appointed to Join the board. Jim Palmer, of course, occupies the full-time position of utilities superintendent. OUR BOOKS are kept in accordance with the Federal Power Commission system of accounts, and are audited by the State of Iowa auditor's office. What Your Algona Municipal Utilities Produced During The Past Year I960 WAS the sixty-third year of continuous operation of the Algona municipal electric and water departments. The total generation of light and power produced and distributed by the municipal power plant in 1960 was 18,355,625 kilowatt hours—an increase of 261,500 kilowatt hours over the previous year. This was the highest kilowatt output in our history. In 1960, for instance, your municipal power plant produced more than four times as much power and light as it did in the year 1940. The total water pumped from the municipal wells in I960 was 130,000,000 gallons. How Your Algona Municipal Utilities Operated Financially During 1960 THE TOTAL income of your municipal utilities came to $421,500 for the electric department, and $87,000 for the water department, for the year just past. After all operating expenses, taxes paid, depreciation, and the annual transfer of funds to the City of Algona, the final balance made to reserve from the electric department operation was $90,000. Similarly, after all operating expenses, etc., a sum of $32,000 went to reserve for the year from the water department. These 'balances made to reserve', for both the electric and water departments, further strengthen your municipal utilities and further increase our reserves for future improvement and expansion. What Your Algona Municipal Utilities Owns Most of you know, in a general way, that your local municipal utilities comprise the electric and water departments. We would like to recite here just what this means and what you do own:as a municipal operation. Properties arid equipment owned by the #|£bha Municipal Utilities include the City Hall, the Fire Station, Water Filter Plant, Wa r ter Tower, Power Plant and all equipment, 8 trucks including-a bdom and a ladder truck, 4 water wells, City street lights, and all maintenance equipment for both electric and water operations. In addition, as- part of fixed assets, both the electric and water departments own investments in the form of government bonds for future expansion and improvements. ' • ' As of December 31, 1960, toJal assets of the electric department were $2,158,594.00. Total assets of the water department were $678,435.66. Together, therefore, your municipal electric and water departments had total assets of $2,837,029.66 at the end of, 1960. That is what you, as citizens and residents of Algona, own in the form of your municipal utilities. : The Savings to Local Taxpayers For assistance in the operation of your City of Algona government, and various city departments, the Algona Municipal utilities each year makes a 'transfer of funds' to tha City of Algona. Were this fund transfer not made, the city's annual budget would require additional taxation. From its 1960 income, the electric department of your municipal utilities has made a transfer of funds to the City of Algona In the amount of $30,515.74. The water department made a similar transfer in the amount of $6,782.52. Overall, the total transfer made to the City by your municipal utilities amounted to $37,298.26 for the year 1960. It can be readily seen that this amount was saved the taxpayers of Algona, through their municipal operation of the electric and water departments. , This transfer of funds defrayed the following costs of operation of the City of Algona: Rent for Mayor's office, City Clerk's office, Police Department quarters, City Council chambers, Fire Station. It provided lighting and power during 1960 for the City Sewage Disposal Piant, Swimming Pool, Sewer Lift Station, City Street Sheds, Athletic Park and Wading Pool. Also defrayed by this fund transfer were the costs of street lighting and lamps, lighting for city rest, room,'electricity for Christmas.street decorations 1 and stop- and go lights. (Additionally, the electric department went 'fifty-fifty' with Algona merchants and business firms and the Chamber of Commerce in'the purchase of new Christmas street decorations.) • . < .As part of,this annual transfer of funds a sum of $15,000.00 in cash was transferred to the City of Algona during 1960. This was ear-marked by the City of Algona for the street department, and is used for street improvements, and maintenance, thus reducing by that amount funds that would otherwise be required from taxation and assessment .for the street budget. . , ' In addition to the above, State Sales Tax paid,for the last year by the electric and water departments amounted to $7,173.75. This tax was paid from electric and water funds and was not placed on the bills rendered to consumers. ' .',.',• ' ' ' What this means to the Algona Community •J^^BBW^^^^iBi^^^MBi^^^B*^***^*'* 1 ^^*' 1 * Bl ^^ —B—ll **^ —B> '''* — "****^^ — **"^^* B- * ^ And To You As a Resident and Taxpayer Simply stated, it means that for the year 1960 more than $37,000.00 was saved local taxpayers through operation of your electric and water utilities. Moreover, the 'extra' services provided for overall city operation were rendered at lowest possible cost with maximum efficiency. Improvements and installations Made During 1960 :<, ; l ,\ ' Water main installed in I960 incigded 1,129 feet of flinch main; 821 feet of 6-jnch main; ?00 feet of *;ineh main. Twenty new water 'services wefe installed, A new fire hydrant was Installed at the Bituminous plant. ; , City How Your Algona Electric Rates Compare WHh ] 50 100 250 600 Balance City KWH KWH KWH KWH at JnlQther Jpwa ; Cit;ies I 50 100 250 600 -. Balance KWH KWH KWH KWH at I ALGONA Ames Britt Cedar Falls Clear Lake Cherokee Denison — Emmetsburg — Estherville Fort Dodge $2.70 2.50 2.70 2.50 2.75 2.80 2.70 2.85 2.50 2.50 $4.05 5.00 4.60 4.75 4.50 5.10 4.50 5.15 4.50 4.00 $6.39 8.00 8.68 8.25 9.25 9.80 8.78 9.85 7.50 8.00 $10.62 12.00 14.48 13.75 14.25 15.80 13.95 15.85 12.55 12.50 $1.53 2.0 2.6 2.0 2.5 2.4 1.8 2.4 2.0 2.0 Harlan Webster City -— Independence — Muscatine — Onawa Peiia Rock Rapid* Siblev ' SDflncer - - Waverlv -. — — 2.20 2.40 3.00 2.48 2,50 2.8? 3.00 3.00 2.50 3.00 4.20 3,88 5.50 4,28 4.00 3,63 4.50 5.00 4.00 4.65 7,95 7,18 9.25 4,99 8,00 6.88 7.88 10.00 5,50 7,05 13.70 11.28 14,25 8.46 13.50 10.33 13.20 15.50 11.00 12.65 2,0 1,75 2,2 2,5 to 1.35 to 1 2.0 2,0 1,5 2.0 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.75 .125 A Word About Your Electric Bill We invite your reading of the comparison chart of electric rates reproduced on this. page. |t' shows how Algona electric rates compare with a dozen or more other lowd cities. Even a quick glance will show that Algona's electric rate is favorably- LOW; In actual fSct, it is among the [ow- ' It seems to be human nature among us all, when we receive our monthly utilities bill, to look first at the net amount of the total bill, at the lower right-hand corner, and call that our 'electric bill'. On any given monthly bill, one of the items is from the water department. In many Iowa cities and towns, residents are rendered an electric bill and a separate water bill, and these they must pay separately and in most cases at separate offices. Here in Algona, your municipal utilities saves administrative costs by billing both electric and water on one bill. Strangely, though, most folki do seem to call the whole bill their 'electric bill'. We would like to point out, too, that the use of an eleo trie water heater in your home puts your kilowatt rate down into th,e 'bargain basement' bracket. You benefit by a sub. . stantial saving on ALL of the electricity you use. A word about your Municipal Utilities Personnel The Board of Trustees would like to make this public acknowledgment of the efficient service being rendered by our municipal utilities personnel. Here are the twenty-three Algonians who serve you, together with their positions: Wm. O. Ludwig, chief engineer of production; Leo M. Bollock, asst. chief engineer; Paul Newsome, Herbert Schaurer, Jack Hernon, Milo Kollasch, Walter Haupert, power plant operators; Floyd Weishaar, Jerry Puffer, Cecil Koepke, asst. plant operators; Milton Bilyeu, line foreman; Mervin Hentges, head lineman; Walter Peterson, water dept. foreman; Dan rel R. Robinson, meter reader; Maurice Krebsbach, water dept. operator; John Sires, pump attendant; T. James Palmer, superintendent; Ira A. Kohl, office manager and secretary; Marcia Nelson, chief office clerk; Garlene Cray, ; Linda Larson, office clerks. These folks are always at your 4 ^service! We Are Always, Glad To Have Your Calls and Comments A< the Board of Trustees of your Algona Municipal Utilities we invite your calls on any and all subjects related to this report, and to your electric and water service. You own your utilities, and we hope this report and message' have shown you their importance. You are also consumers of light, power and water, and as such you are fully entitled • to inquire about or comment on any it«m related to your service, Feel free to visit with our personnel at our City Hall office, or use the telephone .-* call Jim Palmer, your utilities superintendent, Jim'* office phone number is CY ' 4-2333, . ONA MUNICIPAL UTILI iy Thf Community Business Office: 112 West Call Street Power Plant; North HaU Street Serving The Community • - •'. •• • . ^ . .- . • Your Electric Dollar Buys More Than Any Other Dollar You Spend ' ' ._ J. u l UM .HUiut 1 ti iuiiiiiiiiiiiBiiMiimiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimim

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