The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 26, 1961 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1961
Page 11
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6 Get Straight A'$ Average; Sentral High Lofle "Rook — The Honor Roll ' ?»? First S6rrie_ster kt Sen* tral jHlgfi 'School is,'as follows.' Studefits mUst have no grade loss than n' "B'!.%.mak'e trie ttt> nor Roll. 4 A's — Janet Walker, Trudy Huskamp, Prhnois Lieb^JoAnn Breese, Jacqueline 'Laabs, find Loren Menz, • '• 4 A's 1 B — Lovoda Kohlwes. 3 A's 1 B —iBarbdra Wehrspari. 3 A's, 2 B£ — John Hartman, Virgenn Blorstedr f ' ^ 2 A's, 2 B's — -Linda Tomlinson, Jopne 'Dreycr, Marilyn Johnson, Beverly Wehrspan, and Shirley Sullivan. 1 A, 3 B's — Colleen Collins, Janotta Hnnna, Marjofrie .Johnson, Ker:rt$;Yqger, Margaret-Ditt-' wor and Judy Qeltzenaueft 4 B's '—.Judy fiierklarid, Lais Firmestad, Shaten Rratfee,'Ca liehrfckkiruand fiennis Howe. * Seventh & Eighth Grade' Nothing Idas than a B R4<l$ Seventh — Phyllis Chei-la, Janet Hammerstrom, J u d ijft Kraft, J6hrt Luedlke; and M«i* lene NofdJne, "Eighth — Dennis Dahl» Elaine Sohlei, 'Andrea Stcfahskl, Bonnie' Wehirspawi,' and 'Nadine • Weis* SOtH Fentoii — Mr arid Mrs Joe Crowley Sr.< Fentoh will be ho* nored on the r ir SOtJi wedding anniversary ori Sunday, Wbr; 5th from' 2 to 5 p.m. at St. John's Mall in Bancroft. The children are sponsoring the reception, everyone is welcome to attend. TEACHER ( Mrs Maurice Happ recently retired from the Manly schobl system after teaching there 28 consecutive years. She has had as hi'gh as 36 and as few as 19 students in her classes. • WRIGHT POWER SAWS Pick The Size For The Job And At The Economy You Want *TM iUNBOWNIRS 1 ' start fag Sunday af the Af§d*fcf ffieifrf. D'ebatah Ketif andiRobert MitthUm siar 6s aft bulerani.Auslraliaii sheep drover'and Bis wife ih'Warner Bros,' Technicolor'Produclibn of "the Sundowners." owning Sunday at ihe Algona Theatre. P6i« Ustinov. Glyrtis Johns and Dirta, Merrill also star in ihe film which was directed by" Fred ZJHflemaito on location- "down> under." . Elect Church Officers At ^ Lone Rock Lohe Hock -7- The annual Con' greeational .'meeting pfithe Lone Rock 'Presbyterian Church was held a week ,ago Wednesday in the Church' Parlors, (i "» ' R'pv. Nordin6 presided over the business rrieeiing jwith • pVIilton Madison as Clerk. Reports from '-the various , organizations^ were very' encouraging; (The 'officers elected w'ere as follows: " ' . Willis Cot- WEISBROD IMPLEMENT FENTON, IOWA Elder for'3 years ton, Trustees for 3 .years — Roy Jensen and Maurice Weisbrod. Ushers: Clarence Kraft, E. A Lee, Harlan 'Blanchard, Meryin Christensen, Maurice \ 1/Veisbrod, Joe Culburtson. 'Delmar Fischer Thursday, Jan. 26, 104! Atflafta (la.) Uppy .D« BoaKd Proceedings , , BOAftfi PHOdfeEDtNOS > V j Vyu* l M*rV*r'rtttto t t r M rtiTv , > ntfoOLAR MOVEMBER MSSi^rt • DECEMBER U 1980 The Board of Sapojvisors Met pur-J sunnt to adjau^nrtient. 'Thosd present were A. M. Kbllflsch, Cvmltfiidrt. and John Rode, -Jens • Sorensen, Charted] Newel and Charles . Plathe. Absent! !Jone. .*•"" ' ' ' ;'. • Motion iby Charles 't*laihe ahd.;sec-i onded by Jens Soreiisen that Glass "B" Beer Perriiit be granted -Reineld Pet6r Salz of St. Jo«, Bode. Ayes; All. Nays: none. Motion carried.',* ' .' ' Motion by Cnafles Newel and seconded by John 'Rode that Insurance policy No. 18318030 on .the bbllerfirt the courthouse be renewed.with thle agent, L. S. Bohannbrt. Algona, at a premium of ?199.88 for three years. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by. Charles Plathe and seconded by Jens Sorensen that Insurance on Money & Securities, be .renewed to* tffe terhCof three years-at f a prem urn of $155.28,with the, agent. John Uhlen- M account above set' out 'and such .dorn- pfbmise being through the 3rd quarter of 1980. i It is understood that the said Sc&tt ,and ; Anha Packard will settle suth account as the same comes duo in Dated nt'^Algoha, town, this 1st day of • December 1980. • Kossuth .County, Iowa ' ., BY: A, -M.jKolIaseh, Chairman i C, H. NeVyel, Member '•' Charles Plathe. Member Jens M, serensen, Member John Rode. Member ATTEST: Marc Moore, Auditor, KoS- suth -.--.., Edmund l.-t Hderes and Kossuth County, town , To ertch other , WHEREAS, Edmund 3. , the owner of a piece of real estate situ ated In Section Sixteen (18), Cresco (Coriiinued on Next NOW SHOWING THRU SATURDAY ALGONA SlUEUWN-ARIHllllSHiUOSjIEXAlUII:.{ wrfltinAJCttf. . . Mufcli-.^teA^^jeiff ' COLOR by OS LUXB •BOTH FEATURES SHOWN SAT. MAT. AT 2:00 NOW YOU CAN SEE THE MOST OUTSTANDING FILMS IN THE WORLD! ALGONA THEATRE 1 lil 1. •; A ' . Fe'nton Township Homemakefs 6lub met in the LaVdnne Berkland home Friday. Ann 'Radig and r Harriet'Bollihger gave? a lesson, -Mrs Arm Laabs gave a talk. ; Mr and Mrs Lawrence Dittmer drfd? Malrgaftet -.were, Sunday dlrt-l ner guests in the TJuatie-Sabegar r|orne. '"• j j \' Mr and Mrs Roy, Smith of Wesley, "Mr and Mrs Ray Mann of Burtj were Sunday dinner guests^ in the -Emil -"Persorf home. Mi- •» «... -r¥_* .-!i_ I ftr_lli.i.».tJ+U A&" i ALGONA. ,OWA ., Mrs Han-is : Waa$WOi5tn,df; strong' were afteVhodn.'cM,., Mr- "and' -Mrs ;Wayne ; DecKer were Sunday* evening viaiibrs jln' ? 'the Daryl HoUNholdcr hbmjE i. v * Ronald FOR PROPER BALANCE.... FELCO CHICK and Jerry IfewbroUgh.;, I . Youth' Bifdget Treas.' ,-f-, ...— — Behrends; Sunday JSchbol .Siipt. — Robert • Fourtney; Sunday School' Sec. & Treas. — Will Christensen; Ass't Supt. Mrs -E, A. Lee; Junior .Dept.' Supt.] Mrs Art PeVson; Ass'.tf Suptj Mr's»Bernard '.Miller; -Sunday. School Pianist —" Siisan Montgomery; Junior ,Dept, Pianist — Judy Kraft; Ass't Pianist — Molly 1 Blanchar4; Cradle Roll Supt. — Mrs Ralph' Hammers'tom; and Music Director- — Madison/ Mrs Milton Mrs v Mau?te, Hiancnar.a; ,was<, Sunday. Idihheij -guest" ', In th home idf; Mr, ;and (Mrs-SDonal' Blanchard. ! ; «• ' '' i' The Patsy Circle met'- in the home of Mrs .Dennis Priebe ,with Anita Marlow assisting, i Mrs 'Mary Genrich attended a R.R. Carriers County meeting of fcossuth' County ' in the Legion Hall in Burj; on January 19th. Fouri jcimijles from the^ local Coop Elievator Exchange ;are , attending [tjie' Gf^ih Dealers Convention ''this : Week, 'held at the Hotel Fort Des Moines in Des Moines. The couples are, Mr and Mrs Ralph Bierstedt, Mr and Mrs Raymond Laabs, Mr- and Mrs Andrew Thompson' and '• Mr and Mj-s Delmar Fischer all lof • Lone Rock/ ;'• '. .n;;''vi William Christensen was ' a Sunday -> dinner .guest in th'e Charles Morris home. • Joe :Culbertson has been a' r _ tient'in th(J St. 'Mary's Hospital n Rochester for the past weejc. H '(('''under observation and may undergo 'an operation.;if-r-neceS' sary: Mr find —'-- : '^—" J " !11 ~- .Circles of the'. Presbyterian. Church met on Thursday, ^hei jary. 1 iv>r pna ivirBy>c(7iaj,u,',i»nvff* Thelme- Cirpje.met.-in. th^ Rdg«if-t Q ok Mrs Culburtson to Roches- Jensen home with Mrs Frank • • ! " —•—•-•—««. Flaig assisting,. Mrs Clair Bollinger presented the Lesson. . , : The .Lucille Circle' met in' the honie of Tena, 'Jensen, with. Mrs Fred- Dransfeldt assisting. Mrs Barbara Fbrtney ; presented -. the Only the beshingredients go into FELCO .Chick> , Starter. They're in proper proportion, and F-r-e-s-hl For faster development and better health, there's no chick starter better than FELCO. Don't judge quality by price alone. Check the formula and know for yourself that the best ingredients are In FELCO Chick Starter. lt*s Available nowl ' FENTON CO-OP ELEVATOR FENTON, IOWA Lesson, "The Word 1 Becomes Flesh". ;:. .. .'.;'. ; : Mr and Mrs Arden Hovey visiteft Mr Joe Culbertson Sunday, who is a patient in .the St.' Mary's hospital in Rochester. Mrs ; Emma -Radig of Eenton and Dr. and Mrs .LeRoy Hjm- ricksen ..and ••. sons of Armstrong were Sunday afternoon guests,.in the Gerald Radig home. Mr and Mrs Darryl Householder and Danny weie Sunday dinner guests in the home for the weekend from Iowa State College in Ames. Mrs Henry Rath, of Belgrade, Minn, is visiting in the Emma Hurlburt home. Mrs Emma Hurlburt and family attended the 85th birthday celebratipn of Mrs Hurlburt's Mother, Mrs Martha Rath, in the Lawrence Rath home. , 7 LEADING FOREIGN FILMS '} Shown' on 'tU'followlng JWEDNESDAY evenings at 8:15 1. February 8 "WILD STRAWBERRIES" 2. February 22 "CAPTAINS PARADISE^ 7 3. March 15 "MAN IN A COCKED HAT" 4, March 29 "THE VIRGIN SPRING" 5. April 19 "HIROSHIMA MON AMOUR" 6JJIay3 u m ALL RIGHT JACK" ' ~~; 7. May 17 'TH" j where' she will remain' with lier,' husband. , , • •• ; '.. ...- '„-;. > ..Mrs Darryl Householder-and Daimv, and Mrs Fred Mortensen and Kathy .visited' Sunday, afternoon in the R. F. Laabs home near Fenton. Mr arid Mrs Leslie Baxter were Sunday afternoon callers in the home of Mr' and Mrs Robert Baxter in Ruthv'en, . 'For The Love Of Mike" 'The Sign Of Zor'ro" Thursday thru Saturday 'For The Love Of Mike" at 7:00-10:00. 'The Sign Of Zorro" at 8:30. Both features, shown Saturday Matinee starting at 2:00. Sunday "The Sundowners" 1:25-4:05-6:45-9:25. Mon. thru Wed. — 7:00-9:40. Gel Your Season Tickets NOW! ^ 7 Features For Only - $5,00 SAVE $1.30'by ordering Your, SEASON TICKET NPWI Mail check or money order, to the Algona Theatre, Algona, - Iowa With self-addressed stamped envelope. : SEASOJ^ k 5|C}C|TS NQWiCW SAUE AT THE. BOX-OFRICEI ! v^tyv. > tlilli IRIS mm hake, Whittemore, Iowa." Ayesall Nays: none Motion carried. ."'• Motion by Jens .Sorensen and seconded by Charles Newel that refund in the ampunt of $24.66' be • granted Lynn Pulver, Swea , City; for , merchandise assessed twice. Ayes:'all Nays: none Motion carried; ; , / '.-,.• ; Motion by Charles Newel and seconded by John Rode that December 31, I960 at 8:00 A.M. be set to audit domestic) animal claims. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried; , ' Motion'by John-Rode and seconded by Charles Plathe that seven miles in Riverdale and Sherman Twp. and three in Portland be;approved for construction by Farm, to'Market fund. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. Motion by Charles Ttewer and sec- oned by John Rode'that the following resolution'be adopted. AV es: a11 Nays: none Motion carried.- RESOLUTION BE IT RESOLVED, THAT WHEREAS Scott and Anna Packard of Polk City, Polk County, Iowa ere indebted to Kossuth County, Iowa for money expended by Kossuth County . for the care, keep, support and treatment of Ora Packard at the Woodward Institution, Woodward, -Iowa and that they have offered the sum of $1500.00 to settle and compromise silph account through the 3rd Quarter of 1060. .Such offer having been considered It is deemed to be to the best interests 'of Kossuth County that it be accepted. IT IS THEREFORE RESOLVED that the sum of $1600.00. is hereby accepted in full compromise settlement of such water heater carryrog payments SUN. THRU WED. ALGQN CONTINUOUS SUNDAY FROM 1 P.M. The Sundowners strike fire when Honored by the National Board Of Review • • • ROBERT MITCHUM — "THE BEST ACTOR OF 1961" In "THE SUNDOWNERS" Nobody ever took hold cf life like The Sundowners, fjobody ever held it 90 warm,,. they touch! or clutched it so tightl DEBORAH ROBERT PETER ITCHUM USTINOV IN PRODUCTION OF UNDOWNERS TECHNICOLOR* i Adults 90c — Juniors 75c J Kiddies 25c - Plus Color C?eitoofl

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