The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 15, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 15, 1940
Page 3
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^THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1010 loc Work-Tf You Can Col il LyTlIRVJLLK (-ARKJ'COURIER I sii))j>oit for ;; illovrtnrdl ID i'o teach \Vasdiintilon, D. C., cops coru'ct trelmiij'.if for icr-roscm s. total If. lluiicfiu cat :i liolc in Hit Irowii Potomac itn-J I'lunii-d in. na Ki.s Instruction* Same As Baitloship \Villi- oul Guns, One Congressman Complains , :i iii-iiHtivr ri'.s|)ons<> In respecl- airplanes. Members sail filnrl; liutlrnleil llnu Ilir Iiouse :e:)|)ioprialions coin- mlttoeN cut, or,V.n,7U,(iOl) in iiir- |)lnin> prncitreinci)!. funds and SlO.i 000,000 in I'onlmi ainhorl?.iiiliin for the same imv|ir>w would make {It ImposslWe ID Ilic llonifl willi (iliuics by llv tluii.- (On- Is WASHINGTON. I'Vb. IS iDI'l — Tin 1 |)ios|)!'ct lliai (he navy's ni'W r^r^riXs'T M ™» Woman Starts si!?; ™ r;^?r,rr;* Work As WPA Direclor Itoin l.,m,m Umiliiirt. Cliiv Walb onMamlii i. s |,|. .,n ul11( ,y, ' Tmi'l) «<iks :i divorce '• TiTivll. I'luli,(ill's ill- Her mKnncy' Is Neil) J| ( .,.,) .,( ul (lie house committee. the lloriu'll to spa UTTl.R ItOCK. Ark., iVb. IS lUPt—Mis. Kilwln IVvoiK ol Hel- ffsffi^^*Si3«^7^t:^«^ n j.. i -. i . ,, ••lit! (fi-nn'-a-ll'llli™ MnM, if 5 n ' lS11M " (i '"'I' llllllt'S I.tS ll IVl'l'IOf ' ' ' ' HlWl'd. llOlll'V, I'Ori) V u W »» r. Hn ,i,±f o! ' 1!lt ' : ' liU> ' w " flts P«'*« S - A.1- W" 1 " " »»'l'.-^f.s aro altemntlv s 'Jlip.. Ajjrjfi.j l-uiftllllf lIlKiOIJll I ...[.,,•..... .j....,. ,.... . . . Itn (i'i,i u i i . .. . . . down b> Cli mi ,rl|«r Oautncy, Canad-i Places Biggtr' Varisty In Mess Kits OTTAWA iiri'i..liuiui!ur!>lion ol a new •<•„!(• (J ratlofis for the (..aiiiiUiin miiitacj. niHl air forces has been iiiniounccd by H K . „;,. llomil diionse deiinn nif'nt Iliei,. „(•,. I? stiindiinl cointiiotl- ities 0:1 D,,, list, win, ! ministration's division ul (iroies- J" ilonal anil Sfivive projects'lo which Sl .... WliiDJ riinkliii; iin'inbfr (il the coiiimiid'e. The llniiiia is iliic to b> toin- ,„,. „.„.,„„. „.„, n) , [)0 i.ii«i. inisFloiif.l in IWJ. H was sutficri llu-Ul a conforcnce todav wit), feK iiiuii-i (he IS38 naval moBiain ami ional nillfl:ils uf the WPA in lit ivill cost asotit $23.000.1)00. i i\ e licck. High iiinklnK inoiiljcrs of the | — ccjnmillfp wi'i'O so pcriiirtpd about tin 1 |>a-.slble oftecl. nn tin. navy's ( Diuldlni; pniRiain ol a $111.700,0011 i cut In till' IK'mlint; $'J(jli.n2,B7H approjuialion 1)111 lor I'J-U cook may ilnuv I-I riinci's [if tloai 1 us nn iilirrnmlve' plus Miiirlenlnii (Jels Caiineil \V.1l(r N. J. /UI'J - Nciv mile s'A'eci- ••'•<*'i', JK. j, ivt j — ,\t,\v ii'ius, ' ' I Iliat canru 1 :! lircr no IOIIRCI' is u Msli is iiidiidi'd us n nrh'lv lr)|" cv<1|ly ' As l | ' ! '»il l^ldi'iil.s have .''liici- the old rattan ol nu'iu li'xim i " v (lKl1 l " '''"nwl ivutcr. When a in- liotisiil ,ior muii n«i. ,i,y 10 H "'';' '"I'lilvni.; |«iii o/ (lie town mice..;. Kivry lllnll | ;1 ,, nl i lln , u , i'«ll:i|>'Ml, olllclHl.; t,f iiiv New J<r- 3Ur I" 1 ,.], n u<•/>)( u'liih. M,i,.,,i :vl ' v Wnlcr Company unnoiimcd , ; i,| ,„ ' . 'I'lic dally [v.ii,; of | ,.,,.,], ;,,!, is iinTc ! use(i iniin MV lo j I'Uilil ounce.s dinl.v per innn. C,,n- iH'd tomiilties an iillernalii'r A (HUiiti-i 1 ill in, uunce ol I'hocohnc ' Is nn ullcriuiUvu i 0 u,,. Kll | 0|l ,„ ' ii'n <r colli-e. . i Thi> MM «ns ilia (I'll tiji Ijy committee 01 Ilic Nnllojial l! soareli CJUHiiell. woii.ln B h r^jie iillon with tin- mulotml .irirn Rend (Xiurter News u-nni inp:iny «nuUl reci'ivi: ihtlr i:, e:m:i until ie|!ali p :i wre __PAGE /(cad Courier News want,arts. 'I'ry One of Our. Dclhldiis 1G SANDWICHES 0!e Hickory Inn Arrn« From Illali Silionl proje lerenlly wax n|ipoliiled. Shy COURTS Hint Ihry ioiiir-riL',1 -will) Admiral Several divorce en sis iiw b i Harold U. Stark, cliU-f of navnl filed in i-hawery colirl IK-IO re- cnn-allons. I ecml.v. Stark, who reportedly sousliL imiman Kirnlmit seeks a divorce miy ,1,11- ,'to,, . M oiiiu'es a day, bill llu> Now Main- With ,Mn i-o (.'(inifovl l''ASTKl"n|. :i pleasant nUiulInn fiion-Bcldi , u nvdei. holds Inlse [ frll) IH.M,. (iiiiily. -|\, ,,„(. imd tiilK ' ill nior,. ,011110)1, just .sprinkle n lull- VA.STKCTH on your j.laien. No uiiininy. K ,) 0 iy. |;nsty taste 01 fedltifi. checks "plale odor", ( d-n- ture bivaili). (; ( . ( pAS'rKfrni :it TASTI-; SO (iOOl), MAlli: WITH ... .,) ll..u,,m»U|>. -uiiluv! MWN icfiai tisiium to. mounti. tu'ir.iii. Kisticti ... < n , \u Slow Mush KENTUCKY 31HA1O1I1 BOURBON WHISKY ff PINT • PINT r/aisu Then ' QUALITY flODUCT COD sprawled on ice ami threw Duncan a lical- to tic around his \ 672 cubic . . . Duncan demonstrated how a ladder distributes weight , thus is best tool when victim lias crashed through thin ice. Bat . . when ice is heavier, n human chain can lie used, like [his. Tiiey | hauled Duncan mil—almost frozen. | spouses) is S2500 or more. Return! ! iirs required e.ven thouBh the tax- j payer may have such exemptions j as would require payment of no tax. Sign the New Register atthaRitz LAST TIMESTODAY uith Preslrn I'rjstcr Andy Uovinc OF Ttt Bounty Schedule For Fe . eral Income Tax Report j Adviser Listed E. Dallon. deputy collector cf j nternal revenue out ol the utile iock oiflce of Homer M. Adkins. •ollector for the Arkansas district, jl-ili be In Mississippi county from i'cb. 23 to Mar; G inclusive lo assist, comity residents in preparing their 1939 federal tax reports. Mr. Dallon'.s itinerary calls for lilm to visit cnch of Die follon-iim cities nml towns n the county on the dates designated: Hnssell, Feb. 23; Wilson (bank). Feb. 2-1; Reiser. Feb. 20; Osceola (courthouse) Feb. 27. 28. 29, and BlythevlUc, (courthouse) Mar. 1 lo 6. inclusive. A federal inctine tax return is required to be hied by every citizen or resident of the United • States whose gross income Is SS,- | COO or more regardless of the net. l>y every single person lor married person not living w m, si»use) whose net income is $1.000 or nuvc and by every married perfou whose net income (including both OKDEIl JN THE CHANCERY COURT CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AllK- • ANSAS. Nora Crafton Brummitt, PlaintifT vs. No. 71-15 Marvin Bnmuuilt, Dclcndanl. The defendant. Marvin Brum- inltt, is wanted lo appear within llilrty days | n the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plnintilf, Nora Crafton Brmnmitl. Dated tills 14th dfiv of Feb 1940. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Elfeiibclh Blythe, D C Neill Reed (Atty. ror intf.) Kd B. Cook (Atty. Ad Lltem) 15-22-29-7 KXPERT BEAOTV WORK PAII infi for VrtLLi 1UO Appolntmenl Margaret's BEAUTY SHOP REDUCE SENSIBl/Y Swedish Massage, Vaji. Batbs Mrs. It"Hi I.mvhnn ' MumphrcyBOGART'FloraROBSON PAyt KELLY . I,E*RT O'NEHL - LIE PATRICK Directed by LLOVO BACON JS WARMER EHOS..Finl Hitioni! Picture Also Sclecleil SShorls. „ Tuesday, March 2Gth'' For a Week's Him i • ROXY LAST TIMES TON'IGHT PAL NIGHT 2 admitted for prirc of 1 "HERO FOR A DAY" uiih C'liarlc.s GrapcH-in A Anita l.tHiisi- Also Sclcrteil Shorts Never before a refrigerator buy like this! SENSATIONAL NEW MODELS TO CHOOSE fROM! E ^ TRA L EA J URED 6 ' 2 FT> BIG DELUXE FEATURED 6.45 CU. FT. DELUXE! FINEST M-W DELUXE" 9 37 CU F^flUXE *t - ' ^^.t^ff Priffrl 1*.. l! MV ••! I • _ . _ . ***** H»*i I IB IffcbWAl. Fri. & Sat. 'DAYS OF JESSE JAMES with KOY UOGEBS Cartoon & Serial "Kit Cnrson" m Priced less "stripped" models 1O4™ Compare! 13.7 sq. ft. shdt area. Vcgclabic bin... 4 shelves (2 s »d''ng) . . . Speedy Freezer .. $5 Down* Olhtrs Up To $40 Mart! nn rmagincl Food frost- cr . . . Vegetable bin ...3 jiffy trays. ..6.4 01. ft. with 13,4 sq, ' ft, shelf... $S Down' Compare Others At US Higher! '142* 4 jiffy iroys with releases... 26-Qt. vegelnble bin ... covered food froslcr .... Only $5 Down* Why Pay $30-$SO More £fsewfter»? S 152 93 6.72 cu. ft 15.23 sq. ft. shelf nrea... •1 jiffy troys with automatic releases. . watcrjug. ,$5 Down* Priced $55 More In Most Storts! 19.85 sq. ft. shelf area . . Covered food froster. .. 6 jiffy trays . . twin -vegetable bins..: $5 Down* LISTEN TO KI.C.V U:00 a.m. —U;45 p.m. —j : 3 ( . Air M-.W Roftigeralors Are Boeked by Our 5< r '^ Year Protection Plort^ M O N .106 W. Main '^jl^nSAolar , .'S*e{|ow ' >:-"ftutft \iaiits Sav« -Vlou! Phone (i7(i

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