The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 26, 1961 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1961
Page 4
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?rfcr.'-'r:^*T-_.—,-"itT^- 7",';• „ ••: i*r Bti MatrtM ttiurtday, Jon. 26, 1961 „'!.' > ',-f'y - ^.IVA^o JJ.3 *T^ TT**^ 1 - t&BfffnM surprise d|y Ivenjhg by net iw^'Mrs: obter A Wli&el was given ' party Mem- d&ughter-in- ... Winkel and „„,.«,„,„, Mrs Jack 'Hehry. Wenty guests .were present at flie .Gordon Winkel home and . rds* were played, The honoree presented with h "grand- ^hffacelet". Those in ; at, |U .iriW^efe' Mrs W. A". 'Barry, :i v s • Etfz|beth'' >Degen, Mrs- Jess fyigan.'Ms Metpriffin, l$fti Jess "ilj, jAfji i^rances Hol^bauer, Toe.tHenryt Mrs % IS.tKin- SfrS' Walter Lichter, MI'S McEvoy» Mrs > Leonard „ Jfcs Bertha Pomrrte"r, Mrs •onfca j .Boethler, Mrs Ernst Weydert and Mrs Nellie Mfs Tony Schmitt Mrs Elmer Phillips were un- ie to be present. Ktrs Waldron Hostess .; : . ' Mrs John Waldroh ent'ertained her c^rd club Wednesday evenr ing. Thursday evening (tonight) s&e <is fntertainiiig ; tte . Past Grand Regents and presfent will lj» Maty Barry, Vl Glaseri Irene Griffin, Grace ItolIandJ :! Helen Mikes, May O'Brien, KWlie Van Allen, and Ida Winkel. Katherine McEvoy is not at home but is vitti her son-in-law and Mr and Mrs Fred Kuyper at Garner. Mrs Waldron is afeo a Fast Grand Regent A social hour followed the business •peeting. Coffee Planned .A benefit coffee for the Good Samaritan Nursing Home ;is. being }ield Friday at fftfr|< Anne PiVsth'uV. The hours :aref9 to 11 a.m, and 2 to 4 p.m. Mrs Herbert JLindqiiist, wife of the man- i {.si*, will be present to i, answer any questipns about the home. eka.h. Lodge met Tuesday in the Isaac Walton club loomg, -The u>6;e.<|hma»t;^com- mittee "was MfS ( Eliza1mrr*Post, J P. Smith and Mrs Goldie .Muckey entertained, her bridge club .Wednesday Insfair Officers Itoyal Neighbor lodge met Wednesday evening ana Installation of officers was held as follow£: -%«icieV C^foJ Adams, -vice orhple f "Mv6iyn Hqnt, past oracle, Joyce SchBby, chancellor, Myra Ostfum, recorder,'Bca Lynk, receiver, Audrey Frye, marshall, Atha Hardgfove, inner sentinel, Elizabeth Post, outer sentinel, Sandra Skilling. flag bearer, Hazel Vci-a, musician, Leota Geigel Observe Birthday Mr Sftd Mrs. John' Schlmmel. Mr • and Mrs * Qebrge" Wofinke, •Banctoft, and Mr- and Mrs Al Xemp, Kanawha,; were guests last-Wednesday of Mr and Mrs Hai : 6fd J Brlgh'am a't Belmond. The birthday of Mr Kemp was being observed, Randy Ferden/ 6 Mm Barnard Ferden gave a ) arty-Thursday afternoon; Jan. 19, 'honoring the sixth birthday of: her son, Randy. Guests were Bill, Ankenbauer. Howard Clegg, Jerry Davis, Terry Gouge, Richard-Haag, Kevin Hensley, Jeff- tey Miller, knd Duane Stock, Games were played and refreshments served. Play 500 Mr and Mrs Don Jorgenson entertaihe'd their 500 club Saturday evening. High and low 5-cofo prizes, were won by Mrs Warren Brokaw and Mrs George <•] Weim...What Did I Tell V^fwiKlty Yt Plan Dance' Alpha Psi sorority met at the home of Dorothy Ziegler Jan. 17 and made plans for the annual Mardi Gras dance which v/ill fee heid'Feb. 11 at the V.F.W. hall. The next meeting will be at the home of Jean Haas Feb. 7. Mrs Cqleen Barry is entertain? ing her ".bridge club Thursday evening (tonight). ,' The. graduate college is the second largest of the'ten colleges at The State University of Iowa, with 2,302 students enrolled, second only to the SUI college of liberal arts, with 6,299 students. Burt Couple Is Married Sunday At Good Hope Mrs Louella Schenck became the bride of Ray McWhorter in a cei;emony Sunday at Good Hope 1 - Methodist church. . Rey. Evan Rquih officiated in the pre-! scnce of irjembers of the families and close friends. Ihe bride was formerly mar- •ird to the late Lloyd Schenck of Biirt and the bridejrgojo.jvas married to- tbe '•latefSji-s Neuie'' VlcWliorter. : ... t . ; v'» Kr and Mrs Everett Hanna of Lone Rock attended the' coup- o. After a southern trip, Mr and Mrs McWljorter will be at home in Burt. : . ; pljim Creek 4-H At Behschoters The Plum Creek Elite 4-H club met? at the home of Harriet and KiltjuBenschoter on, January ,14. V A* Semorislrationl waJ given by Artri 7 Wilson |pd Jane Walker and by Audrey Gardner. '"vVhat isf a 'good egg?" was the title, of the talk given by Gloria Af'Siier. Jean Mescher gave the Tsoecial activity, a talk on "Tele- •{ih'one Courtesy" • • •• ' . Mrs Wilford Ward, Mrs Wayne Keith and"3&rs Glenn, Gabrielson were guest mothers.' ' ; t •..; RUBY RED GRAPEFRUIT -10 for 39C FROM BILL'S MARKET BRANDY SNIFTERS 70 oz. — ____£—- 98c 160 oz. 1.60 256 oz. r V 2.98 WITH ANY $10 ORDER MEDIUM SIZE SUNKIST CALIFORNIA NAVEL ORANGES A BAKER'S DOZEN FRESH FROZEN NORTHERN PIKE Lb. 39c C P C f 1 LB. FRESH KRAUT W»TH ' R L L EACH PURCHASE OF 1 LB. FRANKS, at Reg. Price WASHED & WAXED Pontiac Potatoes 896 FRESH FRYING CHICKENS Lb. 37c MORRELL'S SLICED BACON Lb. 39c SMOKED SALMON -- SMOKED HALIBUT SMOKED WHITING SALT COD MOUNTIE YEILOW No . 2 , /2 Can , FREESTONE PEACHES 3 for SNOBQY BRAND FROZEN PEAS 5 rm ' SNOBOY FROZEN FRENCH FRIES (Straight or Crinkle Cut) 2 "» 59c . SPARKS' HONEY 1 Lb. 29c 5 SEA CAP TUNA '" $1 DON'T FQRQEJl FREE DfeLJVERY FROM. •.,, L jUI __ JWl J^ Sundoy frem f e,m, until Nton end 4 p,m, until 6 p,m,« ¥ Mrs. ! Young To Head Fund Drive Mrs. L, S. Young, well-known rural Alfeo-nd woman, has ' beerf noppinted • 1961» Kossuth County H?art .'-.'Fund ' Ciiairrnaii. 1 ;, Announcement pf th6 appointment was made recently by G. L. Pangborn, Qtttim^ai^preai^nt, of the Iowa Hear| '|A5Bpeia|i6n.;' ? , ' The Assb'ciaif^s aftnual drive e. funds y^it^e-.conducted all over the p|tiPrt durmg theimon- ?h of February,; "Hieart 'Month". In Xossuth; pounfy, fthe|plan;|for the drive includes solicitation:T>y S}ail in the, rural area, and house to house solicitation by scores of mu WinHomemakcr Awards Here Julie Ann Vipdnd of Algoria hign and Cafol Oirrfis bf Garrigan High Have-been named* as local .1961 Betty"' CroCkef Hememakets of Tomorrow, itt their respective schools, • • " They received' the highest scores in>a writteft exam and'each- becomes a c'andidate for state.a* ^ards,*'tb bfr InMuttfc&d, m March,i Each will receive a pin certifying' the award. ( * ( , •> > . Senator On State Senator John J. ",Brown from Emmefaburg, who repre^ ?ents Kossuth county as well, as Pa'o AlttJ and Htflmet counties in the state Itigislature, has been named as a member of the Banks, Etulding & Loan committee of the senate, and also on the Insurance Committee, it has been announced. One of the new bills • ifitrodue- td would require redumption of insufficient fund checks within 10 days' notice or the maker would be liable for triple damages plus attorney's fee. ( Council Minutes COUNCIL MINUTES The City Council met Jan. 11, 1961 at the City Hall with air members present. . Reading of the minutes -were waived. A. Rlcklefs came before the Council ccn'orning group Insurance, i Bill Stock request to waive the Ono hour fire wall requirement in fire zone No. 2 was referred to'a committee to report back to the council. R.. Frank! came before the council concerning -his building at-the corner of Elm & Diagonal. Jr. Chamber of Commerce request to rehang the key sign over Phillips street at the intersection of State 8, Phillips was granted. . . Moved and seconded that part of the expense for the ice skating rink be paid out of the playground fund. Rcsol.,appointing the two local banks as official depository for the year. 1961 was adopted. Resol. for Allocation of funds was adopted. •.••••/ Moved and seconded that the city ask for a state audit of the city books for 1960. . ' Annual reports • were received frorn the following and approved: r Park Comm., Fire Depart., Library, Airport, City Rest Room, Hanniijg & Zoning. . •'• Fire Chief was' authorized to s purchase 500 ft., of 'fire hose. • ' • Appointment of 8. Richardson to the Planning & Zoning was approved. • • Salaries Resqjution for the year 1961 was adopted. Pe!'« PfRt-, authorized| t,p .send v pn, e man to traffic school at Iowa City, la. Frldert, Inc., Malntenanea Agreement __--. .--—.- HutZells, Office Supplies --I. B. M. Corp., Ribbon Dr. Cameron C. Shiefc, Court Costs for December <.—. Dr. Cameron C. Shlerk, Expen- Upper-Des Molnes Pub. Co., Publications '-- STREET Jeis 6. Lashbrook, Salary .Albert F. Pergande, Salary -. Richard: W.Frambach, Salary . f^tv\ f. B^irtis, Salary _ Raymond W. Metzen, Jr., Sal—— Ddriald T. Prew, .Salary Oscar J. Myers, Salary Iowa State Bank, Withholding Tax -Iowa Employment Sec. Comm., Social Security Iowa Pub. Employees Ret. System,' Retirement Tax — The Algona' Ins.'Agency, Fleet Policy Barclay Compariy, Merchandise Botsford Lumber Co., Merchandise . f.---— City Clerk, Advanced Cash -Fort Dodge Ind. Towel Service, Wiping Towels , Frederick' Hardware, Merchandise '_* A L. S. Muckey Plumbing & Heating, Merchandise .... North American Steel Co., Log Chain Norton Machine Works, Merchandise Sieg-Fort Dodge Co., Merchandise -— Arnold Motor Supply, Merchandise . .—.Bituminous Materials &• Supply Co., Asphalt — '. W. C. Brown Supply Co., Plow Bolts __•„_ ... Cities Service Oil Co., Gas & uiussl l-uel ... Cook's Welders Supply, Oxygen Greenberg Auto Supply, Merchandise ' —_-.. Hilton's Super Service, Merchandise PUBLIC SAFETY Albert Bookelman, Salary Ernest W; Hutchison, Salary;__ Peter C. Jorflenson, 'Salary __ "—19th ' ; I, McBrido, '• Salary . William' C. Schwarzenbach, iaiary Eppo Bulten,- Salary -^- : James A. 'Yoijit, Salary —-Ira Kohl, Salary •-._; _ Iowa State Bank, W'Holding .. 3/450 52iOT> I.I/ '. ,2.85 53.00 34.SO , 45.80 1<50.3 174.61. 136.54 146.70 137.25 139.66 52.74 84.20 414.86 392.07 476.50 ' 8.23 14.20 .81 -3.25 3.50 4.77 32.62 1.42 1.63 8.75 845.00 13.46 107.52 4.75 47.35 41.00 242.28 178.25 168;22 150.12 158.27 157.80 145.12 ' '20.00 >29.00 13.7$ y^^ %\** M '*i i *i» •&'l Tf 9 A |< «W? ;i«%'j ^ 10008 r. r _ _ r ., _ . . Hopkef Su^ly Co"., C^fpenf«f - HbssuVMotof 'Co^ifccK'te''' j , ] ,'pajfs *+• « rf ^-«-. «—-._. Pratt Eieclrlt Constr, Co., Install Light ..... Upper;. Dos, Molnes Pub. Co., Advertlsamenf i..J....>i—• SANITATION Iowa Employment Sep.* Comm.,' > Social Socur.ty : Iowa f>utflie -Employes! Rot," S^s*em, Retirement Ta* L. S. Muckey, Plumbing, Ro'- pairs North Central Public Sarvlce .Co., Natural Gas — Pratt Electric.;Constr. Co., Rc~ pairs _..u_x. .. . SEWER RENTAL . Robert C. Lemkee, Salary _. Fred G. Gronbach, Salary . Iowa Sfat? Bank, VV'HIdg. .Tax Iowa Employment Sec. Comm., Social Security Iowa Public Empl. Ret. System, Retirement Tax .. The Alflona Insurance Agency, Flfct Policy Arnpld Motor Supply, Merchandise Cltiet Service Oil Co., Diesel OK ,~J- Greenberg Auto Supply^ Mor- chandlno ...—... .—- , Norton Machine Wprks, Weld- Pratt Electric Constr. Co., Merchandise . t-. ^ Ready-Mix Concrete & Lumber, ' Co.. Air Comp. Hire i. Street Fund, Gas Refund I — Upper Des Moines Pub, Co., Office Suppliesi .PARKING METER Richard H. Groen, Salary _— Nancy Sands, Salary _.—... Doris J. Riley, Salary x Iowa State Bank, W'Holding 'Tax • ; •_ Trust & Agency Fund, Pension Ded ._ Iowa Employment Sec; Co., ,• Social Security J Iowa Public Employees Ret. ' System, Retirement Tax — • Thp Algona Insurance Agency, Fleet Policy --The' Algona Reminder,; Time -'Cards _•_-. — — City Clerk, Advanced Cash _ hichard. H. Grocn, Uniform Allowance Kli|,to-Stoyles Co., Office Sup• plias —: .— Pratt Electric Constr. Co.,, Re^pairs -__„•..-_—---—•Published In the Algona Tic Toe Shop, Repairs County Advance, Algona, January 24, 1961. 222.00 32.59 , 58.45' 8.85 ' ,40.32 54.00 63.00 4.25 21.99 '6.91 163.0;. 118.10 17.60 115.02 117.05 21.39 4.40 92.78 1.20 6.05 16.02 . 9.00 216.46 1.04 195.62 89.68 32.98 37.80 142.51 72.01 36.48 13:20 3.49 125.00 11.18 ' 6.75 Kossuth 30.00 Iowa, EWB'WWI'* -«•* •i IV ifcsir* ROAD HAZARD GDARANTEE proof positive of QUALITY and VALUE 50,000 Firestone Dealers and Stores honor our Guarantee... 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