The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 26, 1961 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1961
Page 2
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Lii *; h n Feb. Is Honored tfi*H —/fcllen' Stewart, Iowa f daughter fof" Mr, and Mrs *'Stewart, -'Stlil w|i honor* a ^re-najJttal; ShO^elt at tne-'tfi'esbyteriahjChurfch ori Saturday,evening. Mary Kfcsmussen registered the guests. Viola Becker presented,, Mrs, p Howard SparKs" {fo* Iwo readings; Mary a«d ! CAMJJ Carlson sang ( two .vocal •duets-'ahd Mary L&U MariKle rendered two vdcallrolos/^ }~ } Ellen wds assisted : in opening hef gifts by her hiecfejLindd Donnelly,. Fairmont and her .friends, Mary Carlson and Bernita*' John- .son. ... *} H i J Her sister, Mrs Robert Donnelly, Fairmont, poured., Ellen,,w . r- is a" -gfa'dukte of The University of iowa'is employed as a Labo- ratoryvTechniclan at the Veterans]'Hospital in Iowa City, will became the bride of, Russell Henry',; son of Mr and' Nfrs ;*H. N. Henry; Lennark.j 111.; on ;Feb. 4. Hostesses at Saturdays Shower were the Mesdames Roy Ringsdorf, Tom Trenary, Harold Beckon 'A. ( L. Rasmussen, Howard Sparks, Cliff Waltman, Stanley Larson,. Lloyd .Bast'lett, i Helen Jobnspn, fieri Johnson;;- Earl Shtoter, Glee Bullock, Ed Stewart,; Stanley Black, \V. J. Stew- ar^j,, Donald Ring'sdorf, Lulu Ringsdorf,' Robert Hamilton, Donald Hausroth, George Manus, Roy Walrod, and Miss> Erna BMB*:,, Biiti, Blue Birds ' ' ' jiidy 'Spry was hostess to the members of the, Burtf Blue Birds at ;thc Don Mitchell * home on Saturday: • , if-iv, r. /; ' Talks by Cheryl 'Lovstad and Jane' Black were *giy6n. *A ' demonstration t v/as presented by Rosemary --Ulscs and > Judy Spry. Plans were made for a break- fast|tO;be held on Feb. 21 in the school lunch ropip. * ' ' !' ' Wins' I.S.U. 'Honors ; . Shirley SchwiclertV a sophomore in Dietetjcs.apd Home,Economics at the Iowa>Sta't'e 'Univdr- sitylat.Amcs has been the Harding Williams Scholarship. Shir- Icy,'the'-daughter of Mr and Mrs Merle Schwielert, was;- '•. A "jgra- duaie'of the class of 1959 Burt high school. ' Plan Banquet '*' - •*'.* •.'.• '••'»* The ^annual banquet-,»ehjpyed by tjie- members '.of' th;e' i? (U;"'&' L Club atfd their husbands will;be hel^ this Thursday eve"nlng,, : Jan. 26, at 6:30 at Van's Cafej-Algona. Mrs?'DenhiS Lynch is in charge of arrangements. The,annual campaign for ,the March of Dimes is now on. for the iirca. There will be no Mothers March this year. Containers have been placed : in various business establishments. Dorothy Becker is chairman for Burl and Portland Townships. A large number of Burl relative? and friends attended the Open House observance of the 40lh wedding anniversary of former residents, Mr and Mrs Pe- icr Looft at their home in Armstrong on Sunday, Mrs Looft is a sister pf Mrs E. R. "VVoltz. Elizabeth Kennedy is a put lent in the Lutheran Hospital in Fort Dodge, whore she submitted to major surgery on Friday. Mr and Mrs Cecil Godfrodson, Swca City spent Sundny with her mother, Mrs Cora Stow. Mr and Mrs Arnold Harth and Dewayne of Havelock wert guests a week ago Sunday at the home of Mr and Mrs J. L. Miller. Mrs Elsie Lockwood left with her sister and husband, Mr and Mrs Lester Bonnstolter of Arn- •jlds Park on Friday for an extended visit with relatives and friends in California. Judy Hincklcy, Indianola and spending a Short Semester break vacation with his parents,- (Mr and 'Mrs- Deatr Andrews*-! * S ; The "Mid-Year Conference of Parents and Teachers" will be held at~lhe! school at 7:30 ?ptnil Wednesday, Feb. 1. The Manager and Board of Directors and .their wives attend* ed the* annual Iowa 'Grain Deal* ers,.Cpn ventionj held • in, pes "*toi- nes.iAttehding! from Burt fverl Mr|afld JMrS'J.tL. Millc^,' Mr? and Mrs Pauf Weber, Mr and Mrs Walter C,ampney r Mr and Mrs Earl' Shipler, 'Mf 'and Mre Deart Andrews, 'and' F." L. Ifyerson, Mr and Mrs Frank Becker |and Russell Patterson. \ j : j { The Fortnightly ClubjwilJ meet on Friday, Jan. 27 at the home of Jennie-Whalen In tfitbnka.!. • The Fidells Class met Wednesday at .the;;home o< Gladys Howcott with Bertha Wallace as assisting hostess. Aileen Samek had the program/ - ' " ' ' ' Mr and Mrs Frank Tellier, were Sunday dinner guests, at the home of Mr and Mrs Basil Brock Jit; Bode. Mrs Brocji, is. a niece ; bf-MfslT^llieif. V.: •'•' ''-: $ Jack Tiomkhill, k sopHomore at IWvff State University, 'Ames, spent the weekend with his father, M. J. Tninkhill. Mrs C.-W. Hammond, Sac City, spent the past week visiting.'her sister and husband Mr i and Mrs Frank Tellier. ••' Mr and,Mrs John Kissner'wer'e Sunday visitors at the Qeorge Kissrter home, Ix>ne Rock. Dick Tellier of Ft. Dodge visited sit the home of his parents, the Frank; Tethers on Sunday evening. Jean Zumach Of Whittemore Is Engaged To Wed Mr, and Mrs Herbert Zumach, Whittemore, have announced the engagement of their daughter, Je^n, shown here, and Gayle Meyer, son of Mr and Mrs Alfred Meyer . of Whittemore A July wedding is planned. (Cut Courtesy Whittemore Champion). 21 Lotts Creek Lassies Meet Lotts Creek Lassis met Jan J6th in the WhiUcmore Public- School ut 7:30 p.m. Eileen and Mickey OBiien were eo-hoste.;.s- es Twenty-one members and eleven guests were present. Tit- business meeting followed with Carol Anliker presiding. The birthday song was sun" to Linda Adams, Jackie Detrick, Mary Beth Foley, and B-.rbara Drone. Talks wen.' presented by Sherry Ludwig. CharloUi- Elbert, anfl Mary Beth Foltv. Sandra Potratz gave a d( rnor^tra- tion. A lesson was given on lablesetting and a short quiz followed. Paul Kuiim.^ki who farms near Lovilia was injured recently while he was loading logs with nis liactoi Thinking the tractor would upsei. Kuiirnxki jumped, hitting his wrist and bi caking it HIGH LIFE INSURANCE HONOR TO LOCAL STATE FARM AGENT *vrny Pyring the past year, this man has distinguish- ed himself as the TOP life Insurance Agent for State Farm In Iowa- His service to his policyholders and his underwriting of insui'iante was HAROID SUNOET Scgth Phillips CONGRATULATIONS! Hayes, Pistrict Manager STATE FARM Homi 0»ic»5: jg| Fri l^eter Bormanns AtStJo*; Mr and Mrs. .l^eter Bormann were pleasantly surprised ; nesday evening, Jan. 18.^ neighbors and friends cam as a farewell courtesy. 81* am Mri sBormann will move Itb St <foe* as soon as their neK;' horne; i's cotnpleled and a soA ;and! daughter-in-law, Mr and; Mils Donald Borfnanh, newIyWetiS; will operate the Bormanrf feoffn. The evening was spent p&ying cards, followed by luhth whfth was brought in by the", tafiers.' The" Bormanns were -presented & bed spread as a remembrance gift from the group. * Attending Were Frank Reding, Mr and file KbMhaaS, Mf and ilberi, tile fluid Mrs Jtihn Elmff Qr Alfred, Mr and Mrs Bob back, Mr Jnd Mrs; Walter inger, Mr aiad Mrs- Joe Be»te Mr and Mrs Paul Erpeldirf& 'M? and Mrs Nick 'Boroiahn, Mf ahd Mrs Howard Bormann, Mr and Mfs Gordon Hilbert and Mr and &lfe fl<A*id 'Bormann, Mr and Mfs fi&y' Berte> were uuable to He; gathering. *^ Clarence McGuire. ^nd Mr and Mrs Rayhiond' Meirntlo. Bayfield, Wis^-were visitors here several ttey^.wiilj' cousins, Mr and Mrs John Origer and family. \i!r And Mrs George Bormann Sr.' and George Sr^ Mr and Mrs Roger Botmann 'and son and Mr and Mrs Laurence Elenz, all from Alta Vista. Mr and Mrs Bill Becker fron? Watkins, Minn, at-' e find lrieflls''fefef ifh'elr ndy 'from'Here; bnd Mfs Gene LemRee from ingtott'-iefffffidfi^indrnifig for iiae, Ohio fdr e visit at, the rie of Mr and- Mrs Al HSCkliey gad family. 'Mrs 1 IQ'firien, Who n$s been a.visitbfHri the.ttack- ly home, will return With them. flan Food Sdfi |fhe dilb met at^t&^HM Erpelding, December , 14, 1961. Lifida 'Dddds" was assistant." jios* tess. There was a report-'ort the family we adopted by Judy Wil- r -- - . , Sustfn-Do.-'ds.gave a talk and Trudy AH, Janet Erpelding and Linda Dodds gave demonstra- tidns.- Judy Willfett had 'special activity. It was decided to have a Lk N0 ' . 7883 ' "' JMUSr y i Te«nif 108i 'TO *ALL''WHttM"Ht r ]MAY Ctol^CfifeN: I- YOU ARE HERESY Nt>TtFIED,,TIiat In irtstrtiment of writing putpotune to Sef tfte.,last Will .aftdTTestanfBt .of Johh-H.' Rhoda.' Dfeee&fed, Baml'.fto> yemblt is,il|09.< havirig-;»e«i tfiif da> foed, ^%e«i44 a§| i^|,'mofsdsy, &w 6th di Sou"' trfclfcfaUH oTIffd Coti of said Cdurt; and at t 6f the day above mentioned all . Sons interested are hereby notified and required •t6,'at)pes?raria'shbw cause, II any they have! why instrtitnerit shduld hot be,plfobated,,and; 1 allowed as and tor the! last Wliiarid testament of said deceased,,, * ' ' i Dated at Algona, Iowa, January 21, 1961. » . 1 "- " -, ••, Alrtia Pearsort' • ' ., ' Clerk of th^ District COUrt. Llnnan, Lynch & StrflUb, Attorneys >' . Algona, Iowa . , , (4) no more my lady, you'll find them at NATIONAL! ... and at MONEY SAVING PRICES! KING KORN STAMPS WITH EVERY Tftftf PURCHASE I Vila PRICES FOR \m JAN. : 26.27-j28, 5 fresh and Crisp ''The perfect companion to CAMPBELL'S SOUPS 2-LB. {BOX....... VobR ; CHblCE OF THESE FAVORITES: BEAN A BACON CR. OF CELERY ' VEGETARIAN " ' i' • ,'CR. OF ! ' • , VEGETABLE . VEGETABLE CANS SWANS r -- •? ; --IT ; » * ' ''$ i i J*ANGEL CAKE i M\X H|! ... :, , .,., ^ 'A. PKG. GOOCH'S BEST FLOUR TOP TASTE FROZEN DINNERS CHICKEN • BEEF • TURKEY JUICY WHITE MEATH5 RIB CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS 69 YOUNG TENDBt . • • ' ^m*L WHOLE PORK LOINS if........ 49 'i " r NATIONAL'S FAMOUS OOBUOU? CANNED GROUND BEEF PICNICS 4-U. CAN READY TO EAT (OKVfllV) AAe HftO Canadian BACONS 89 C WHITING TOP TASTE •, - ^ ffli HOME MADE OBODND Sliced BOLOGNAS 55° PORK SAUSAGE KATCO PUFFED WHEAT BlUE BONNE'r A HA* MARGARINE ..2^59' (Plu« IQc, £b. T« in g Q . D»k.; I Sil CQMFORt IN SEASON KlIiNEX' TiWMES KRAFT FRENCH DRESSING -- KRAFT MIRACLE FR. DRESSING MYCO MANDARIN ORANGES MORTON HOUSE CHILI CON CARNE SAKIR'S CHOCOLATE CHIPS 58 ,,..,,,,,, „„.„ ' .'QUANTITt BIGHTS RESERVED You'll also «nd real values and high quality in less fdmilrar brands such as thest. KLF '(Piecei A Stem*) MUSHROOMS OAKDEN FRESH. SPINACH 4 NO. ¥ 1 2* : I CANS | . J J ! l {•' ' * ; ITPHOITE SLICED NO. 2 CAN .. 29 ALOHJlPIHEAPl'IJS r '| j i ' "T» » », * • , t -CA"N -j.-t.i, TOP TASTE CORNED, BEEF ' HASH IS'/i-OZ. CAN OHAMP DOG FOOD 6 FOR FULL 1-LB. CANS SPAGHETTI Golden BANANAS FLORIDA TOMATOES Urw 21 Texw GRAPEFRUIT WINESAP APPLES 1 *,. 3 & 49c Pontioc POTATOES V. B.' Pankiit ...MS. 49? 58« CAtlF, FRE5H PATES ' I'/.-U. Pk|-....599 .33?

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