The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 26, 1961 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, January 26, 1961
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of History and Des Moines 19, Iowa MAIL BAG :',],; From Long'Seaoh,'Crili, Word from Ed Genrich \hsxt th| Algona Picnic is to be held'Sunday, Feb. 5, starting at nbon, at Lake Park at Humti'ngton Beach. Bring your own lunch, free coffee. Have fun, folks!' ' ', i From a NeiW York subscriber a kidding note to ask' h'ow come Shelddn gets all the frortt page publicity in "the New York papers with the "world's largest embezzlement." Well, it is publicity that we imagine' Sheldon • Would just as soon do Without. ' ' From Margaret Durant,- a lit-; lie note thanking us for kind parting remarks after the passing of Rodman's Clarence Hays. "He belonged to ah.oldtime family, very intellectual. Clarence was lucky. He died less tragically thSti.sbme of the family," she says. Then.'.she added:; "Thanks again for Saving Clarence from being unwept, un- hohored and-unsung. ':'*•('•' *, •-. Our telephone was kept pretty hot from Des Moines. for a .spell this week. " ' *'.'•.;." Tommy Thompson .called from WHO ito- inform, us that Hank . GeilenfelcUwas. the first "Bowler of the Month" picked by;.;the station, on a special bowling program. Hank, as you krioWj has had seven pin series ibf over 700. His tape '"• re"orded; interview was on WHO for 2% minutes last Friday 'night'. { Hank will get a 'trophy from an insurance sponsor of the!, bowling show, and presentation wiill be made here by Harold Sundet, company representative; T4ien our. old friend Jack Shelley (still the midwest's best news broadcaster), called to inquire if we had ever heard of a Dorothy Thomas'; froni; Algona, listed as one. of the passengers on the cruise vessel taken'over by pirates. No Dorothy! Thomas to , our knowledge, bijt' someone is of the opinion that'thei-e \jtes'a Cronan gdrl, some years back, who married a man named iShomas. Could.,,be to soon be "rescued", including Miss or Mrs. -Thomas. Congressman Merwin Coad hac the experience of having his car stolen recently, while in New Vork. The missing vehicle was later recovered in Las Vegas. * * . * Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst arose early one morning, recently, to .take a prisoner to Fort Madison after conviction on a charge o: writing bad checks. He and the prisoner went to a local cafe in the early hours for breakfast. After eating, Ralph started to pay the bill. The proprietor, while handling the transaction, sale "Say, I see you have so-and-so ii jail on a bad check charge, anc maybe I better give you one * got for $5," Ralph explained tha it was a little late. * * • Toastmasters bulletin tells of a London butcher shop which hung up a sign reading "We make sau sage for Queen Elizabeth." A riva butcher Across the street put Up another sign: "God Save thr Queen." * * , * Incidentally, it seems that an imal lovers raised quite a fus because the Queen and her hubb; went tiger hunting in India. H< got one, too. Maybe we don't un derstand about tigers, but sinc( when have they become BO do mesticated that folks object i hunting them? Our scputi report that now th Smoke Shop, is utilizing the per iod from 11 a.m. to noon as "Th Dictionary Hour." Any pronunci ation or spelling problems, settle( during that time, our scout says » * * Maybe our history Is f«««y« *»« ' we were sure puzzled' by th statement in George Mills storj on the Sheldon bamk that FD1 "opposed enactment of the FDIf .setup to insure savings up t $10,000, passed in 1933." As we recall 1933, nobody op* posed FDR in anything in 1933, and if he had opposed FDIC }t wouldn't pp here. Mr. Mjli^ might recheck his facts.'Seems odd that 27 years later one of the most important protective acts of his administration from a domestic standpoint should be brought up as something he "opposed." Backer? of a new golf club Jo serve Ringsted-Armstrong receiVr fid an unexpected windfall. Clar ? ence Weisbrod, retired farmer now living in Ringsted, is not a golfer, but he donated a modern one and a half story house to the oroject. It was moved from the Weisbrod farm to the new course four miles south of Armstrong, last week. . , AtdONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, JANUAftY 26, 1961 3 SECTIONS - 20 PAGES VOL. 98 - NO. 4 Wave Easing Grip Mrs. Fuchsen Passes; Rites ? , • *•* , Funeral services for a .well- Iflbwn Whittemore woman, Mrs J. 'Fuchsen, 78, will be held Friday at 10 a.m. in St. Michael's Catholic, church there. Burial vill follow at the Catholic ceitte- cry and Hyink Funeral Home is n charge of .arrangements. 'Mrs Fuchsen died at her home M Whiltemore Tuesday-evening, She had been in ill health for sevtral years and was recently hospitalized; at, St. Ann hospital, /VU'ona. :". • • •'•.' • Born Mar, 1,: 1882 at Redwing", !!!., Mrs Fuchsen .was .a daughter of the,late Mr. and• Mrs Joseph P. Elbert. She .came, Vvith her r <?nts /to the, Whittemore area 1 md'-was later • married "to • P. J. Tuchsen. They, farnied until re- iwment.. The Fuchsens observed their golden wedding 'anniversary several years "ago. She is,, survived by tier hus- iand, three sons, Ted, Algona, [•ester, Whittemore,'and Joseph Illinois; and tWo daughters, Mrs Qele Wasson,'Illinois, and Mrs M. A. McLeod, Sioux City, Mrs Fuchsen was preceded in death*by two daughters, Luella and Irene. Rites Today Forlrvington .(...,- * I -t~-r Farmer, Flour Coupon In Paper, 15c Value In today'* Upper Des Moi« >s. readers will find a coupon worth IS cents in trade on the purchase of any bag of Robin Hood Flour. Any grocer hand* ling Robin Hood will.redeem the coupons. A* complete announcement of ihis offer is made elsewhere in today's pap- erj The offer ia good until April "30 for redemption. Decide Feb. 7 On Merger Of School Areas A .meeting has been set for 'uesday, Feb. 7, at 8 p.m. at West lend high school; at which time, ic county joint boards of educa- ion .of Humboldt, Kossuth, Po- ahontas and Palo Alto counties will meet to consider and approve, or to reject, a proposal to merge the following school disricts: Fairfield No. 7, ; Fern Valley wp.; Lotts Creek twp.; part of lodman Consolidated school, West Bend Community school, Whittemore independent, and Whittemore twp. - > Arguments for and against the proposal will be heard and any- jne living within the area as en- itled' t* be present ahd state In the meantime thelRodman and Cylinder school districts have been invited ito join the Emmets- )urg school district* Rodman and Cylinder were at first interested i$the proposed merger with the othet groups named {above. ' * T ~ final decision pn,jthe' ofifer Schnakenberg, 80. Jrvington farmer who died Sunday,, JjA&l' home three miles east 6f'Irvm_ ton, will be held this afternoon (Thursday) at 2 p.m. at Zion Lutheran church at LuVerne. Rev. Allen Rudow will officiate and burial will be in the LuVerne cemetery. Pallbearers .will be Mervin Bristow, John Schulz, Roscoe Mawdsley Jr., George, Frank and Harold Becker. . Mr. Schnakenberg was born in Germany, Aug. 30, 1880, at Minstedt. He has a brother, and sister still living there, Johann, the brother,' and Mrs. Adelheid Bur- fedndt. He came to the midwest ini 1927, settling in South Dakota, and then moving to the .farm near Irvington in 1936. He had lived there since then. Two sons survive, Thees.of Lu- Verne, and John of Irvington, and three grandchildren. He was married in 1913 to Adelheid Hinck, and the widow also survives. Mr. Schnakenberg is one of many who came to this country years ago and by' dint of hard work and effort hewed a place for himself in his adopted land Land Bank Ass'n Open House In Algona, Friday Open House will be held at the ne'vly remodeled home of ihe Federal Lund Bank Ass'n of Al gona, Friday, Jan. 27. Coffee wi! be served from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m and the general public is invit ed; the office is just south o State Street on Dodge. ilene Hutchins is manager o the Algona and Fprest City of fices, with Stella Mae Breen a office assistant. Pirectors from this area are Lawrence DUtmer I.eander Menke, Hugh Black Douglas Wlldin and Hugh Ran Famous Smile, ypu might J>» «» ' Burt Elevator Gives 19 Prizes luft — The Burt Cooperativ Elevator Annual Silver Oolla Day held, on Jan. 17 was well at ten.ted. Over POO persons regis terad. •J!he 19 door prizes given awa •.vore won by Jean Lockwooe Ed Smith, Jr., Godfred Gielen feld, Mrs Arthur Schultz, WUli Vogel, Glenn Black, Rennet Cook, Robert Bunkofske, Harol visher, Mrs Ed Larson, Mrs Jo Fox, Herman Nertzel, ,Mrs Joh G if ford, Clifford L.QVStad, Clif Abt>as, P. W- Mjtfow, flarol Becker, Mrs Richard Lavrenz Lucille Behrends. Blaze Destroys Bancroft Cafe " V "~'Y A ' ' * ••••..•min --M-t wr*™ft - ^HMHHWB BB&38 Tuesday'High' Sub-Zero 4; Better Today ^i • '. The Bancroft Cafe. op_ Tr and owned by/H, Ji?McNertri^; hall, operated!,^ "Bob, •»*-< lu '" " ' wasr,g,'isco:vr-"' J Opening Jury Trial Slated Here Next Week , It was anounced Wednesday that the .first jury trial of the present term of district • court, vhich opened Monday, will pro- bnbly begin next Wednesday .or Thursday.'"Meanwhile, Judge Joseph Hand and several attorneys held pre-trial conferences yesterday (Wednesday) in hopes hat some trials slated for the term might • be speeded up. A total of seven damage case con- 'erences were held. Since the term opened Monday, three divorces have been granted and one OMVI guilty jlea has-been heard. .Alfred Opheim, 21, Sexton, had been charged with OMVI Po"owing a one-car crash north- oast of Algona early Saturday morning. He entered a guilty l>k-a in district court following a preliminary hearing in Mayor C. C. Shierk's court and was fmed $300 and costs by Judge Hand. Divorces were granted to Layne Jergens from Gerald Jergens; Lawrence Lewis from Ruth Ann Lewis and Leroy Nichols from plive Nichols. A grand jury was ijlao empaneled. Mayor's Court Busy Past Week Mayor C. C. Shierk's court was a busy place this week-as many law violators paid fines following preliminary hearings on a variety of charges. Here is u list of cases heard and fines assessed. Costs were paid in addition to Gerald Putzstuck, Algona, $10, drinking beer on the highway; Charles Depton, Des Moines, $5 no valid driver's license; • Virginia Hedlund, Algona, $10, driving with an instruction permit; Gary Smith, Emmetsburg, $25 ($15 suspended), allowing an unauthorized person to drive; Terry Juhl, Dennis Ohm and Paul Hantelman, Fenton and Duane.Han- nover, Whittemore, Joseph Gowans, Cylinder, and Larry Ramus Lone Rock, $10 throwing beer cans on the highway. Harold Hutehins, Algona, $5, failing to yield the right-of-way; Delbert Moore, Algona, $6, illegal mufflers; Fred Goetsch, Lu- Verne, $5, faulty equipment; Alfred Meyer, Whittemore, $10, speeding: Maynard Wall; Fes$en- den. N. P, $25, overtength truck; und Michael Johnson, £ioux City, $5, concealed weapon in car. ,,by Mr. and Mrs. Joe Crowley, Jr. ^as "completely destroyed and a pool "';,of the cafe was.damaged by a fire horJay: »fe^^^^^^^^ Be ! WT^!s T l?o^rT^ righGuffered no damage" other than,ttvo broken windows. Thick ice C ° a Art Kadow of Burt°lis^overed the fire as he drove diwn a highway near Bancroft. He rushed to the home of his brother, Fred Kadow, who lives with his family in. an apartment above the Crown Cleaners, located in the third building east of the pool hall, and pushed a button to ring the fire whistle. Fred Kadow, a fireman, has one of five such telephone-button arrangements located in Bancrott. Amount of damage is not known, but estimates have langed all the '^ y em U e P n t0 fro 2 rn'°A?gona, Bunt, Swea City and Bancroft pumped 500 gallons of water per minute on the buildings for several horns before fire was extinguished. Many firemen were coverejjvithjce^ although there were no reported cases of frostbite, according to Walter Fangman,,Ban Cl -oft'fire chjef Thirty to 40 mile an hour winds made the 18 degree below Wit. battle against the>!»>"«'-» touch one. Awy-wsH, d?fiWgrt,*>to» " «-—...* battle against the blaz&.atough one. ej; at Baw2rpft?,maintaineai a. constant T'*kvu«,ry - •' *; • L.,, ' • -' TJtfji l smoke-for about -avhMf- ^'•HHK'ia.^.^vt 111 ^ v * lc "'f'''^^" *^^ *«~ i j. rieveial men in the-pool hall smelled smoke-for about -.-—-hour befoie the blaze was discovered, but none of the men could find out.wJierc'the smokejcame from. Finally, George Welp looked out the back dodr and Saw a 'red haze next door and rushed to call firemen. The whistle sounded before he made his call. Two families,'the .Fred Kadows and the Bob Reynolds, were moved out of apartments in the area. Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds and their daughter reside above the Croft theater next to the pool nan. Damage to the pool,hall, which was purchased a few months ago bv Mr and Mrs. Clyde-Eckharl, was limited to the rear portion of the roof and water. The place was open for business the following 11101 Firemen from the four towns were credited with possibly saving the entire block east of the cafe. (UDM Newsfoto-Engraving) Mefca/f Elected To Head Algona C. of C for 196 7 Attend; Name 4 New C. C. Directors M. C. Metcalf, president of Universal Mfg. Co.. of. Algona, was lamed as president of the Algona Chamber of Commerce for the coming year, and other officers and directors were announced, at the annual meeting held Tuesday evening at the High School Annex. Some 400 persons attended the aanquet and meeting. Named as vice president was Richard Norton, and Chalmer Reed will be treasurer. Bill Steele was reelected as executive secretary. Five New Directors New directors named for 1961 were Ed Wolf, Cecil Taylor, Gene Hutchins, Jim Milder and Ry Phillips. Carryover directors other than the officers are Jack Limbaugh, Gordon Hall, Chuck Hinken, Alfred Schultz, John Hopkins and Duarie Klein. Retiring president, Brail Wright, will also be a board member. Retiring board members are Everett Baldus, Jim Kolp, Russ Pickett and Harry Greenberg. John Airy, production manager of Pioneer Seed Corn plants, was the main speaker. He advocated a massive land retirement program to enable supply and demand to catch up with each other in agriculture. "We need! a mechanism to enable 3 million producers to adjust to what the market needs," Mr. Airy said. He advocated a government program directed toward this need and expressed the viewpoint that only by a government-directed program, should an aim be achieved. • Farm Program Defended He also vigorously defended a farm program of government compensation to land owners for participating in such a program, pointing out that many forms of business' receive subsidy, but that only a comparatively small amount is needed to help agriculture to readjust to sensible production levels. Following the dinner, remarks were offered by Brail Wright, retiring president, and Bill, Steele, secretary. The Algona Barber- shoppers, directed by Martin Huber, presented a variety vocal program that was heartily received. REPORT THAT WILSON & CO. HAS SHELVED PROJECT At a meeting of stockholders of the Algona Industrial Development Corp. held following the C. of C. meeting, Tuesday night, Pat Montag, who has served as president the past year, told those present in answer to a direct query, that Wilson & Co. had dropped any expansion plans ii may have had. This included letting an option drop on land at the northeast edge of Algona. The company took an option on a considerable area over a year ago. Wilson has "shelved" its projects for the time being, Montag said. There are now 101 stockholders, it was also revealed. Three new directors were elected. They are Harry Greenberg, Bert Ha'rmcs and Herb Hedlund. Carryover directors are Jack Limbaugh, Fred Kent, Si'., M. C. Metcalf, Wes Batlett, Win. J. Finn and Pat Montag. A reorganization meeting of the above directors is slated for next Tuesday at which time officers M. C. METCALF will be elected from among the directors for the coming year. It was reported that during the past year representatives of the Development Corp. had traveled over 7,000 miles in quest of industry or to contact various firms with information about. Algona. Two Charges After Mishap Two minor mishaps resulted in clauses against two persons here this week. Virginia L. Hedlund, 15, Algona was charged with an instruction peimit violation and Gary Smith charged with permitting an unauthorized person to drive after Smith's auto, driven by Miss Hi'Jlund, struck a parked cai owned by Eleacl Wegner, Algona on South Ackluy street at 10:55 a.m. Friday. Miss Hedlund was headed north at the time of the mishap. The auto stuck the rear left fendei of the Wegner auto, resulting in a iota I of $275 damage to the vehicles. 'Ihursday, autos driven by Hugh Raney, 77, and Carol Mar kovctz, 16, both of Algona, col lidcd as thu former pulled frorr a parking spot on Harlan stree at 5:10 p.m. Both vehicles wen headed south and damage total ed $75. There were no charge. fiU-d. Police checked both mis haps. ' ''• Winter took a long time to V, firrive this year, and now that it is with us. most persons in this arra wish it could have delayed the visit until about July 4. In .fact, when sub-zero readings iv oved in Saturday, Jan. 21, many persons had already begun to plan cook-outs and barbecue parties for the coming Summer season. All thoughts of an early spring vanished Saturday, however, when the mercury dipped to 12 below zero. Real down-to-earth problems, which accompany frigid weather, like cars that wouldn't start, furnaces that wouldn't operate properly, etc., made everyone realize this was for real. Thermometers have registered below zero readings for the past jix nights (counting Wednesday, • •Ian. 25,) but weather prpgnosti- ' ators delivered a ray of hopo Wednesday morning when they umounced , there might be -a light let-up within the next few days. That phrase "might be" semed to Iowa winter per- ectly. Coldest reading, so far, at »he official weather- station hi KLGA, Algona, was a far Joo bitter 18 below Monday night —and it seemed worse when the report reached this "> area that Alaska had a reading of 38 ABOVE the follow-' • ing day. Local garage owners ,and ser- vi .e station operatorirSvere kdpt bvsy Tuesday and Wednesday mornings as rhany'personSt were forced to get assistance in' start- .ng their autos so they could report for work. Area plumbers wt-re also kept busy as furnaces, which hadn't been forced to put cut too much heat earlier this •vinter, balked when called upon for real heat. High winds accompanied the bitter cold Monday night and Tuesday morning, and all that was really needed to make things miserable was a five-inch snow- fa". Snow, by the way, can be expected anytime now, according .o forecasters. Less than a week before the cold blast hit this area, and much of the nation, temperature marks, locally, were 38 for a high and 23 for the low, Jan. 18. Of course; the mercury hadn't registered many sub-zero marks since winter began, so the arrival of the arctic-like weather was especi- a'.'y hard to take. Condition of highways, roads and. streets has remained good all winter — and at the present time scorns to be the one real bright spot amidst all the gloom. The lowest high reading of the winter was also registered dur- in« the week when the mercury failed to clear four degrees below zero Tuesday. Here are the readings for the week: H L S Jan. 18 38 23 \'z J,->n. 19 25 7 JUP. 20 H 4 Tr. Jan. 21 H -12 Jan. 22 8 -11 Jan 23 24 -5. Jan. 24 -4 -18 ,T;.n. 25 - -13 Another thing to look forward to, weathttrwise, if Ground Hog I.'ay which will be here Feb. 2. And if that furry little fellow sees his shadow — look out, it mwtns at least six weeks more of wnter. 1 Farm Wife Faints, Found With Both Feet Frozen Ringsted — Mrs. John Schupfer, 38, is in good condition at St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester, Minn. She was found Thursday morning in a cat in the' farm yard, two miles south of Ringsted with her feet badly frozen. It is believed that she suffered a dizzy spell niter returning homethat evening. Her husband, heard her'calling about 3:4s A.M. Wednesday and found her. She was taken by ambulance to Rochester Thursday morning where she will be for a montn or more. Friends from hers who visited her Sunday at Rochester report that she is npt in much pain and that otjier than her feet she is coming alone well. R,F.D. Carriers Dined At Burt Kossuth Rural Letter Carriers ij'id the Auxiliary met last '.Thursday at Burt in the Legion Hal!, with supper and a business meeting following. Mrs Rose McGuire gave a his- icry of the Auxiliary assisted by Mrs Guy Giddings of LuVerne. Mrs Giddings also presented a humorous piece on "How to Kill An Organization." Mrs S. E. Straley read two nice poems. Present were the S. E. Stra- levs, Fenton; the Andy Dieter- inj.s, Bancroft; Pat McGuires, Burt; James Malioys, LuVmie; Guy Giddings of LuVerne; Mary Geiirich, Lone Rock; the Morris Givens and L. C. Heifners of Titonka.

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