The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 27, 1960 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 27, 1960
Page 11
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Known ">" December 14 _ More Christmas Kroclm.d*. So Mlacl to hcnr from X.-nclii {,n,l Hill Nu-cnl nrul hiiif-h over Hi,, quips s ln>m Ni-v<i Peterson Portland, Or,.., ;i W( ,||. fornn'i- resident whoso were Mi. ;| IK| Mf-s John- U-r..;..!). A ),.(),., r,. ( , M1 ltly <mism Finny • (ioddarcl, WirhiUi, K;m. II,. | 1;K | so murh turkey ;il I li:mk-.\t;ivinK he is willing \ u ' --^\. tic I", n sto;ik m ChnsitnuiK. Wmi- (Icr Iiow many others feel the same. A note and card from my r.ooil friend ,Miir K ;m-l Pannkuk, 1'airmont, Minn. A package from licr rame before' thp note and I laiessed p ;l per napkins from the M/.e .Mid weight of the paeka^e. 1 hen her note sort of verified 1 mv f;uess. tho' I haven't opened it yi't. Her note says, "I am sending jour Christmas gift early. You may \v;ml to use them dtu'in" the holidays." From Ed and Gwiievc' (.-enrich, LOUR l.k'aeh, Calif., c-anif a card with a lovely view of Tlc.'tlili.'liein and some flowers from the Holy Land pasted thereon. * * • ^ Princilli Loss' birlhday was observed today with a cake, the birlhday SOUR and visits from friends. Ovr.-r here at Good Samaritan, of course. * * * Yes indeed, Christmas is coming. Carolers from the Regular Map! 1st church Sunday evening, Doc. 11, the Sunday School class. "f Until Lewis. A fine group of youngsters a mont; whom were three sisters who might, pass as 'triplets, Violet, Louise and Jennie Schell. They left paper wreaths fur- us and showed us lanterns 'I hey had made. * * * Mrs. Larson's third grade Bry- .m I children wore here Tuesday a!'tcrnoon. They left paper Chrisl- trees and I was favored with a cute little decoration of small pine cones, evergreen wild a red catidle in 'the center. I asked them what they wanted for Christmas. Much KI my surprise 1 dolls were not favored. Skates had a few taker. 1 .; and skiis drew a lot of raised hands. •-.< * * Mrs. Larson introduced me to Jack Waller. I. told him to go home and tell his lather he saw me SLAVING at my desk for the good of his parent' I doubt if he knew what I was talking abuut, and who could blame him. •:< * * Maude Dorweiler was getting over the flu when I talked with her. .She said a cousin in New Zealand had written she was just getting over it. We wondered if the bug got around that fust and so far. One world, eh? *•'•• •• * • •*> ' -••*• •'•.... •»Gayle Zender and I had such a good talk about "ye olde tymes' 1 fresh side pork 'and pancakes I'oi* breakfast, our own milk and cream ami homemade butter, home butchered meats, bobsled rides, kitchen ranges, and oh-evcr so many 'things. * ili X< Grace Jackman and Alice Ditsworth (Cruikshank sisters) called on me the -other day. We went back a good many years ito talk i'.boul this and that. Alice brought me the November issue of "Ari- /.onw Highways" and a map of Phoenix and adjoining area. I locu'led Apache Junction where Charley and Mabel Livingston live. Alice and I have a mutual friend in Phoenix, Florence Patterson Howard. + * * Two revivals I enjoyed hearing recently, Lawrence Welk, "Alone" — "All Alone" I guess is the right name. And on another program, "Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey". * * * This won't be in print lill after Christmas so a. good many people around town will know before •this that Mr and Mrs Howard Beards ley went to Austin, Tex/ to spend the holidays with their son Charles and family. They were joined by the daughter Mararet, of Maryland. And Helen Dingley was with her sister Zaida and husband Bill Nugent at Des Moinc-s. * * * December 15 — More interesting mail from Sherman and F.stfile Little whom I mentioned in connection with the Chester Schobys and their meeting in Chicago recently. The Littles were glad to have-the issue of the paper And thank you. my dear friends, for the Christmas gift. * * * Mrs. Boekelman's Cub Scouts paid us a visit Wednesday after- iKi'Hi followed by the Presbyterian youth group that evening. Anil to these cnioleis were added teenagers from the Lutheran church at Titonka who gave each resident a little plate of Christmas cookies and fruit. 4 * * There is noise from the kitchen area as improvements are being made. 1 haven't inspected it yet but intend to soon and will re- poi t. * * * More mail — A note from the C. L. Livingstons of Phoenix, Arix. another from the Horace Kings of Sunnyvale, Calif., which reads in .part, "Horace is sitting by the tire. I'm not even sure he is awake. He does enjoy -the fireplace so much and spends a lot of lime cutting wood for it." Maybe he was waiting for Santa to come down the chimney. Greetings from the Paul Ostwinkles. A happy holiday to you and the family too, Theresa. A message from Edna Winslow Stebbins of Pomona, Calif. For 18 years she had been employed at a men's ready-to-wear shop and retired a few years ago except at the holidays when her help js needed. The store has been in business 50 years, she said. She will be well remembered hare. It was not long ago she visited here and spent much of her lime with Mrs. Mary Miller and Twilla Bartholomew, and others of the family. Her daughter Leota married my cousin Melvin Henderson. From Davenport came greetings from Abner and Blanche Long. And from Elizabeth Howe. Atlantic. She lived here a number of years ago and her late husband Carl was American Express agcrut. Perhaps the sons Bob and Donald will be remembered. * * * More carolers were here Friday evening, a group from St. Cecelia accompanied by Mrs. James Utl, Mrs. John Sterba, Mrs. L. J. Cassel and Mrs. Louis Reilly. Thank you, children. * * * > I've known Mrs. Don- Nelson for some lime but aiUcr a chat Saturday I feel much better ac- "flframft'd. We have-mutual:friends- Julius and Ethel Johnson, Humboldt, and believe it or not, Julius' mother and Don's father were haVf-brother and sister. The son Merlin Johnson married Mrs. Nelson's sister Gertrude. Isn'l it odd how we pick up bits of interesting knowledge and fit' them into a sort of jig-saw puzzle? * * * Take Zelba Maxwell and Leota Geigel for further example. Through their interests' and membership in D.A.R. they found lhat way back they are descendants of a Jewett family which makes them relatives way, way back. * * * Thank you, junior and intermediate Sunday school young folks of the Methodist church for the cookies delivered to me, Saturday. * * if Leota Geigel told me she and »Fred had Christinas greetings from W. II. Stone, West Allis, Wis. lie wii's manual training 'teacher here a number of years ago, and Leota' believes he was the first teacher of that kind. * * * This fellow will get a lot of sympathy. A harrussed father with three lively children in-, tow paused before a "Deposit your litter here" sign in one of our western state parks. With a heart- fell sigh he turned and said, "Don't think I'm nol tempted." How's this for family life? The father was absorbed in his favorite T.V. program and junior was doing his home work. "Dad" he ", "Where are the A.lps?" "Ask vour mother," replied dad, "She puts everything away." * ft * Mrs. Opal Ankenbauer, who is employed by Harry Godden at the monument works, had a telephone cull from him Monday morning inquiring about the weather. He drove to Staten Island, N. Y. before Thanksgiving and is visiting his son-in-law and daughter Dr. and Mrs. Robert, Liieev. He said he would not. be back till after Christmas as everything, was snowed in out there. The recent airplane tragedy happened quite 1 close to where he is visiting and just missed the school attended by his grandchildren. He took many pictures and the horror of the accident slays uppermost in the minds of Staten Islanders. Mr. Godden had previously planned to be in California for Christmas with another son-in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rabun. * * * "••Mrs. Nell Potter had two celebrations of her birlhday, one a coffee Saturday, Dec. 17. and a family dinner Sunday. Among the guests Sunday wer,e ,_Mrs Ray Stump, Dunnell, Minn.,' and Mrs Gene Amlcy, New .Richmond, Minn. The husbands had stayed home with the children and were to undertake the major project of getting them ready for Sunday School. The mothers' thoughts were with them much of ithe .timq wondering what the results would be. bring pennies In cover the numbers on their bingo card ;is they iirc called t|iit. Entertainment numbers and a special feature: will climax the evening'Of tut) for all' 4-H club members sponsored by the 4-H .Junior LeadHs. Algona Driver Fined After 3 Stop Violations An Algona driver. Koger I,. St. John, was fined on three separate sign counts in Justice C. II: Osl winkle's court last wi'ek. following bis by Pali olnian, Dick Pedeisen. lie wus apprehended near Titonka and was fined S5 and costs' on the first, count. $10 and eo,is tin the second count and $lif> and crisis on the third charge. Here are other 1mt'S levied by Ostwinkle during the we* k: Berl n. Hishop, DCS Moiiies. $10. failing to have control: James 1). Wibheii, Ledyard. S8, Audrey L. Curtis. Murt, $10, Andrew C. Hanson. $10. Kvorelt J. Johnson .Swea City, S10. and Robert G. Klein. \Vi-si Bend. $9, all for speeding; Robei t C. Johnson, Algona $14, am! Duane K. Jensen, Aleona, $20, night speeding: Dwayne P. Goc-rues, Rake, $100 ($60 suspended)., overlertgth vehicle: and Lewis A. Egemo. Ft'n- ton. $7.;10. truck overload. Court costs were also assessed. 4-H Fun Night Program Set For Dec. 27 A night of fun for Everyone is the objective .of the aii.nUal.4-H Fun Nile to be held Tuesday, December 27 at the Algona High School. The' fun will begin-at 7:30 with games of skill. A 4-H King and Queen will be elected to reign over club work in 1961. Each club is encouraged to nominate a ' candidate. ' Tom Nurre of Bancroft' and Marilyn Hinckley of Hurt will reign bver this year's program. Prizes will be'awarded''to the winning junior and senior teams in the games of skill and to the high individuals. Over twenly prizes will be awarded to Bingo players. Members will want to 104 New Girls • M ' l . . > i / • • . Join County 4-H Clubs Recently One -hundred and four girls have .initial the ayxssuth County 4-H clubs since October 1 when the new club year started, according to Avis Lettow. county extension home economist. She reports that the total enrollment at the pix'seifl lime is 424 in the county's- 2(j girls' 4-H clubs. Fifty six volunteer lenders are serving these clubs' with eight •women serving on the county 4-H-committee. Members are Mrs Henry Looft, Mrs Wayne Keith, Mrs Ralph Thompson. Mrs August Studer, Mrs Ben Anliker. Mrs R. I. Anderson,- Mrs Maynard Jphsen and Mi's C. A. Gut- 1 kneehl! The Union Alelhean club has the largest, membership with 27 Tuesday, Dec. 27, 1960 Maona (la.) Upper DCS Moines-9 me.Mix is. Oilier clubs wilh large eiiiN rshms are Hancrof'l Blue & Wmle, Lotts . Cm k Lassies. Hllflalu K..o-;ters a ltd Mum 'Creek Elm-. Mr . HIP KHa Van Vliel, a former i!. of Columbus Junction y id) and bioke her hip. Mis Van Vliel was III] last summer. She now makes her home \Viih her son in St. Paul. Legal Notices NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL >.-. In Dislnct Omit K.n • nil (' HIM: v NM. Vfill'i Noven'ber Term. 19GO TM AI.I, \V!K)M IT MAY 'YDS;' ARK"Ht:iVi:i5Y NOTI- FIF.D. That an instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Tesiament of Leonard F?. Daniels. Deceased, dated July 5, i!l. r >f>, having .been this day fiV-d, ipcned and read, Monday the Mh day of January, 1001, is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House in Algona, Iowa, before the District Court of Kiid County, or the Cleik of Said Court; and at ten o'clock A.M., of the day above mentioned all per- «ons interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and •show cause, if any 1 they have, why. instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said de- cea.^eil. Dated at Algona. Iowa. December 22. HtfiO. Alma Pearson Clerk of the District Court. II. W. Miller. Attorney Algona, Iowa 52 I fTSTMTOWBHYOUIl HAPPY NEW, VEAP Our thanks for your patronage in the. old year; our many good wishes for happiness in the new. BRONSON BUILDING SERVICE N. Mwy. 18 Algona Investigate Before You Invest It will cost you nothing and may prove extremely valuable, whatever your investment aims. Up-to-the minute information on any listed or unlisted stock or bond is available for the asking from the complete library facilities of Henderson's. Get the facts first — from Henderson's. There is no obligation. See or Call John Love Home Representative for T.O. Henderson & Co* MEMBERS NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE 417 : 2 E. McGregor • Algona CYpress 4-3500 mornings early—collect 4 New FIRESTONE Tires on All 1958 and 1959 Cars Soldi During This Period! This sale starts today and continues until the end of the year — that is, Saturday, December 31. During this period, every 1958 or 1959 car sold by us Will be equipped with 4 NEW FIRESTONE TIRE? absolutely free to you. This is a special bonus, offer in addition to the low prices we have tagged these cars with during this pre-inventory clearance sale of cars and trucks. Better make a deal this week before the car of your choice is sold. 12-MONTH GUARANTEED WARRANTY ON ALL LATE MODEL USED CARS 1959 CHEVROLET Bel Air 4-Door sedan, V-8, Power- glide, transmission, heauti- $4 "7OA tul coral and ivory paint Iff Oil 1958 CHEVROLET Biscayne 4-d'oor sedan, V-8 engine, Powerglide Trans., and *1QQC radio. Two tone gteen. '.;_ lOvv 1958 CHEVROLET Biscayne 4-door sedan, V-8 engine, Standard three speed Trans., Extra nice. 1959 CHEVROLET tmpala 4-door sedan, V-8 engine, equipped with powerglide, radio, EZI tinted windshield, two-tone cream and ivory color. This unit is as clean as they come 1958 CHEVROLET Biscayne 2-door sedan, 6-cyl. engine, Standard three speed transmission, Radio. _. 1957 CHEVROLET 210 4-door sedan, V-8 engine, Power 1 glide transmission, Radio, White Wall Tires. ..._j.__ 1959 CHEVROLET Biscayne 4-door sedan, V-8 engine, Powerglide transmission $H5TC and Radio. • IDI9 1958 CHEVROLET [mpala convertible coupe, V-8 engine Powerglide, Radio, whitewall tires, blue color. 1955 FORD Custom 2-door sedan, V-8 engine, Automatic trans., Radio. '475 OTHER CARS OH OUR LOT 1954 FORD 2-door sedan, 6-cylincler engine, a good runner for only $350.00 1954 CHEVROLET 210 4-door, Powerglide Transmission, Radio _ $425.00 1953 CHEVROLET 210 4-door sedan, Regular Transmission, Radio _ _ $375.00 1953 PLYMOUTH 2 door sedan, Overdrive transmission, New engine. _ _ _ $250.00 1953 CHEVROLET 2-door Sedan, a real clean one, Radio _ _ $350.00 1953 FORD V-8 4-door Sedan, Radio ___ $275.0C USED TRUCKS 1954 INTERNATIONAL 1 Vfe ton Truck, Dual wheels, driven only 34,000 miles, new paint, motor perfect. $675.00 1953 DODGE 2 ton Truck, a lot of truck for only $195.00 1952 DODGE '.'a ton Pickup. Ideal for farm use $195.00 SEE THESE CARS & TRUCKS AT KOSSUTH MOTOR CO. CHEVROLET A CORVAIR CY 4-3554 ALGONA MEN'S WOMEN'S CHILDREN'S SHOE SAL NOW IN PROGRESS Women's Air-Steps Women's Air Step Dress Shoes in Black, Blue and Brown Suedes. Black, and Red Calf. All in Pumps, Straps and Ties. Widths: AAAA to E. Lengths: 4 to 11. FORMKKLY 810.!).-) to $11.5)5 5.95-6.95-7.95-8.95 Nationally-Famous Shoes Women's Dress Shoes in Black, Blue, Brown and Red. Calf and Suede. Pumps, Straps and Ties. All Sizes in Width 1 ; AAAA to C. FORMERLY $9.95 & SI 5.95 3.98-6.95-7.95-895 MEN'S £ BOYS' Roblees and Pedwins Men and Boys' Dress Oxfords. In all styles and sizes. , Lengths: 6Mz t6 13'. Widths: A to EEEE. ' ' $12.95 TO $18.95- VALUES 7.95-8.95 $8.95 TO $12.95 VALUES 5.95-7.95-8.95 WOMEN'S' & GIRLS Teen-Agers & Glamous Debs Dress Flats and School Styles by Glamour Deb & Teen- t ager for Women, Growing Girls and Children of all ages. Loafers, Oxfords and Straps. Some with Cush-N-Crepe Soles. Widths: AAA to E. Lengths: 4 to 11. FORMERLY $6.95 - $7.95 - $8.95 2.98 - 3.98 - 4. WOMEN'S, GROWING GIRLS & CHILDREN'S ROBIN HOODS Dress Flats and Casuals for women, growing girls and chil dren of all ages in Oxfords, Ties, Loafers and Straps. — Widths: AAAA to E. Lengths: 4 to 11. FORMERLY $5.95 - $7.95 2.98-3.98-4.95-5.95 CHILDREN'S BUSTER For School and Dress Wear: Oxfords, Ties, Pumps and Straps. Widths: AA to E. Lengths 6'/2 to 8-8'a to l?-12'/ 2 to 3. FORMERLY $6.95 - $7.95 - $8.95 3.98 - 4.95 - 5.95 OVERSHOES Men's — Women's — Children's All Colors — All Sizes — All Styles 1.98 to 6.95 BROWN klli SHOE STORE ALGONA, IOWA FEET ALGONA Phone CYpre** 4-4371 IOWA

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