The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 27, 1960 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 27, 1960
Page 9
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L-0-0-K-! Just Read What You Can Buy In FOWLER'S Unprecedented After Christmas Clearance — And Lois More Besides What Is Listed Here! Group of Womens, Misses ALL-WOOL SKIRTS UNHEARD OF! Come and pick from these All-Wool skirts in plain and pleated styles — any and all in group for just ONE DOLLAR! TODDLER DRESSES Tailored ginghams or dressy trimmed types - Were originally $2.98 CANNON WASH CLOTHS Large Terry Squares Assorted Colors WOMEN'S BLOUSES Well - known make - Tailored blouses in plaids - Were Originally $5.95 1 50 36 RAYON DRESSES Two - piece styles - White collars - Assorted Colors - Sizes 12 to 24'/ 2 11 15 GIRLS RAYON PANTIES Fancy Rayon Panties in 7 io 14 Sizes On Sale For • 30' Big Bath Towels Christmas Left- Overs - Assorted and Jumbo Size - Values to {2.50 Here 88« Baby Blankets 50 Chatham Brand! Baby Blankets . gift • boxed assorted colors Were $2.98 1 FOWLER'S says... 'GONE AND GET IT!' Everything In Winter Goods Goes! SMASH GO PRICES ON WINTER COATS, CAR COATS, SPORTSWEAR, DRESSES, SWEATERS, CHILDREN'S, WEAR OF ALL KINDS, HOLIDAY LEFT-OVERS, ETC. . ,A STORE-WIDE CLEAR-AWAY! SALE BEGINS 9:00 A.M. SHARP WEDNESDAY AT FOWLERS! On Fowler's Main Floor! Left-Over Assorted GIFT NOVELTIES One Large Table Filled With Gift Novelties Of All Types - Values Sl.OO to $3.98 Going at — GIRLS COATS Winter Coats in Sizes 3 to 8 Wene $9.95 to S11.95 Winter Coats in Sizes 6 to 14 Were $14.95. $16.95 and $17.95 ^On fowler's Second Floor! Childrens Wear TUMBLE TABLE Everything From Anklets, Slips and Mittens To Baby Wear on This Table — All Going for — WOMEN'S WINTER COATS Flecked Tweeds, Dark Tweeds, Smooth Blacks and Others! Group of Women's Winter Coats That WERE $24.95 On Sale Now for — Group of Women's Winter Coats That WERE $29.95 TO $39.95 On Sale Now for — Ladies Knit T-Shirts Famous Makes that w«re,V$3.M io $5.98 Some Soiled -Also $4.98 Orion Sweaters included 2-Piece Knit Dresses 'Talbof brand 2- Piece Knit Dresses that Ware $15.95 Black. Beige, Blue 8.40 Girls CAR COATS -. Sites 3 to 6x Girls Car Coats that Were $6.98 to $9.95 Sizes 7 to 14 Girls Car Coats that Were $10.95 and $12.95 $6 $9 Boys Flannel Pajamas 66c Limii«d£-l&roup in Sizes 3 to 6 - Few Counter - Soiled Were $1.98 LADIES LOOMCRAFT PANTIES Made of Acelri- que with Lace trim - no iron R e g u I a rly 89c Each - On Sale for — WOMENS & MISSES CAR COATS Just 18 Left - All From Higher-Priced Lines — Come and Get 'Em Now for - AND Choice of Soft Flannel or Challis! LADIES SLEEPWEAR Downs and Pajamas That Were $2.98' Each. Going Now at Fowler's for — (Broken Sizes) BOYS JACKET? & WARM PARKAS For Ages 6 to 10 Years - Jackets and Parkas That Were $5.85 and $7.95 NOW 490 Limited Quantity (23 Pieces) Airplane LADIES LUGGAGE Was $12.95 to $19.95 HAT BOXES O'NITE CASES On Sale at On Sale at 5.77 6.66 Fowler's After. Christmas DRESS RIOT! We Are Putting DRESSES of All Types - Daytime Dresses, Dressy Dresses, Twp-Piecers, Dressy Cottons, All Kinds — On Sale in Our Dress Department Under Three Red-Hot Prices — Whatever You Choose It's A Great Big Dress Bargain! All Placed on Convenient Racks — You Can Serve Yourself! French-Milled - Sold Much Higher Boxed Toilet Soap 3 Bars in Box for — (Two Boxes for 60c) 34' Ladies and Misses Guaranted Timex Wrist Watches 7.77 WERE $12.95 On Sale for .— Large Main Floor Table of Assorted Cosmetics Includes National Brands of Hair Sprays, Lotions. Perfumes, etc. YOUR CHOICE AT 1 1/3 OFF Throw RUG Bargains! Plain loop surface* or embossed like cut patterns — We are throwing out all that's left at razile-dazzle bargain* prices: Choice of 30 x SO or 24 x 70 was $3.50 now $1.78 3o x 60 was 3.98 now 2.44 44 x 60 was 5.50 now ?.77 48 x 72 was 5.98 now 3.77 It's After-Christmas Clearance Time at FOWLER'S ALGONA, IOWA Ilgona 29e* Jioines; ALGONA, IOWA, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 27, 1960 VOL. 97 - NO. 52 Carolers Visit Numerous Homes At LuVerne Lu Verne - M;my homes in LiiVi'i no rnjoyrd C h r i s I m ;i ^ cMroly Monday i-vcnim;. Ahoul 40 youths of the fellowship uroups <if (he Methodist and Evangelic.-!! United R re t h re. n churehes pai tidpatcd \vit.h their pastors. Rev. Wonhio Usher and the Re'.- J. Paul Stevens, in charge. The Methodist youths were hosts and late refreshments were served in the ehureh rooms by Mrs Allen Blake. Mrs William Prior and Mrs Edward Linde- b.-iK. Pre-Chrislmas Dinner The annual pre-Christmas dinner of the children of the late Mi- and Mrs Aksel Nielsen was held at the Town Hall Sunday evening with a gift exchange. Attending were Mr & Mrs Harold NieLson. Jr. Robert Nielsons, Mr c.nd Mrs Clarence Nielsen, Mr find Mrs Waller Engel, their daughter the Loren Appcnzel- lers of Ames; Mr and Mrs Edwin Jackson, her son the Edwin Hunts all of LuVerne, Mr and Mrs Andrew Nielsen of Ventura, their son the Daryl Nielsens, daughter the Howard Blanchards of Mason City, Mr and Mrs Albert Nielsen, their sons, the Ronald Nielsens, the Dale Niel- sens all of Brill and Ihe Jerry Nielsens of Wesley. AS but the They ar to our them with you--at least the ones THIS IS BEING WRITTEN, Christ inns lOfiO is not yet hc:-o, \v;;rm ulow <>!' letters ;mrl ,ui <'ft is tilling our li«';itls. lor 1 have lots of them taped 's column I thought I'd share re ;i!so decoratin French doois. For from people many of you know. Christmas Parly The Good Will club annual Christmas party was at the Emma Krause home Thursday, assisted by Mrs Roy Guy. Entertainment was in charge of Mrs Roland Lenz and Mrs Don Clark. Names of secret sisters revealed and new names drawn. A poinsettia plant was given to Mrs Otto Ramus, inactive member and confined in her home. A gift exchange followed. Family Get-Together A pre-Christmas family dinner was held Sunday in the Charjes Hefty home. Present were Mr and Mrs Henry Hefty, the parents, Gary Hefty, the Henry Hefty, jr., Ben Hefty's Merrill Hefty's, LuVerne, Mr and Mrs Lyle Billings family, Kansas City, Mo., Mr and Mrs Ben Chatman family of Osage, Miss Eunice Hefty and friend Dennis Albright of Des Moines and Charles Rummens of Livermo're. ' Mrr; Earle Hanselman was hostess to the Bid N Bye bridge club at her home Dec. 12. Guest players were Mrs Hugh Shirk and Mrs Marc'ia Neuberger of Renwick. At play, high, Mrs Shirk and second high, Mrs William Prior. Music Mothers met in the school lunch room Wednesday, evening with'Mrs Thees Schnakenberg presiding. Musical numbers were girls sextet, Suzie Dudley, Linda Nelson, Nancy Brink, Clara Schmikenberg, Kristine Hanselman, Patti Erpclding accompanied by Suzie Blake. Horn solo by Sandra Walline accompanied by Sheri Ramus. A pre-Christmas dinner was held Sunday in the Ralph Davidson home. The occasion also honored the birthday of Mrs David- Son. Guests were 'the Gordon Davidsons of Burl, the Vernon Eggleston's, the.' Allen Thees of Graettinger, Martin Gregerson .of Rutland, the John Bohans of Humboldt, the Fred Kruse's, the Donald Kruse's, LuVerne, the .Walter Attigs and Mrs Nina Hunter of Renwick. Richard Wegner will have as holiday guests his son Norman of Bismarck, N. Dak., and his daughter Irene, Mr and Mrs Robert Dufol of Hcrmosa Beach, Calif. PLANTATION BALLROOM Whltteniore, Iowa WED., DEC. 28 Six Fat Dutchmen SAT., DEC. 31 New Years Eve Ray Lewis Hats and Horns Doors Open Early SUNDAY, JAN. 1 No Dance No Advance tooth Reservations Pe*rs Open «t 1:30 II Im! IUI mlliiMmlni^MMf IHnMHIl INHn Unl II ALICE ZEIGLER GAINES writes fnmi Pine Lawn. Mo. that they had a very successful summer at their baseball camp for boys. Buys attended from every state plus Canada. Puerto Rico and the Bahama Islands. Alice was in Al^op.a recently for the funeral of her brother-in-law Bob Simpson. All the Zieglers were together lor the first time in 2'2 years. Tun bad it had to be at a time of sadness. Florence Dehnert Dinkel writes that they are still on their wheat ranch at Victoria, Kansas — hanfiinn on in spite of rising costs, government restrictions and lower income. She remarked about the- European Hotel beini; »one. Her father ran it for many years. # :X * * FRAN AND BOB NEALY, ROGERS. ARK. (formerly of Alfiona and Burl.) writes that Bob is recovering from a coronary heart attack Oct. 27. He was in the hospital 16 clays and since at home. Fran says, "We were very lucky in 'that the clot didn't tear through the heart so it appears that learning to live with it will make him O.K.". Doc Thissen writes that they are having nice weather at St. Petersburg. Fla. and that he may come to Algona for a visit when it gets warm here. * * * * I ALWAYS ENJOY MESSAGES FROM OUR former teacher, Ruth Messenger Stillwell, Champaign, 111. Ruth resigned from her radio station job last summer to write a televisor) series for National Educational Radio and Television Center and is teaching composition to freshmen at the University of Illinois this semester. Her husband, Gardiner is on a sabbatical leave writing a book; son Tim is in his last year u't Cheswire : Academy in Connecticut and Susan is a junior in Champaign High School * * * * TRUDI LONG CLOW WRITES THAT they are now living in a comparatively small town, Lodi, Calif, Pop. 22,000 and enjoying it. She's not working now but finds herself just as involved as ever. Their Sue is at Washington State U. and engaged to be married, Scott will be in college next fall and Tim is a freshman this year. Betty Vinson writes that they have a "retarded dog" — he took one look at the Christinas tree and annoited it and the presents. "Fine Christmas spirit", Betty says. They live at Rock Rapids. * * * * THE FOLKS AT THE IRVINGTON Presbyterian church had a Christinas .program that intrigues me. Last October they dressed up some of the children and enacted the Nativity scene on colored movies. They had a real, live donkey, pulled by Joseph and with Mary as rider; the flocks of sheep were real, grazing in a Kossuth pasture that in October is much like the country in Palestine that first Christmas. The stable was a colorful red barn and the animals were real Iowa ones. They had three wise men, one of them colored as in the first visit of the Magi, and the Herald Angels' robes blew realistically in the wind. It was perfectly lovely, according to reports. Tliey taped the music and >the Biblical commentary, and the night of the program all they had to do was sit back and enjoy it — no halos to adjust, no lines to remember and no fighting" among the shepherds and 'the angels backstage. What's more the program' is permanent and can be run again and again. For anybody who has ever put on a Christmas pageant — doesn't this idea sound wonderful? * * * * THE BOB RICHARDSONS WRITE from Cedar Falls that they are really enjoying being grandparents. Donabel says, "It's a new type of free love — love them and leave them to their parents." Esther Charlotte Smith writes from Charles City that she dodn't write her annual Christmas poem this year. She lost her father in November and that, with all the problems plus all the annual Christmas programs to prepare left her with little time or inclination. She sends this column to a niece with four "sprouts" so that she can recognize the joys and sufferings of a fellow martyr. Mararet Durant did write Christmas poems — a whole booklet of lovely ones. We shall always treasure it at our house. * .* * * HOW I LOVE THE CARDS WITH pictures of the family on them! There were two with our relatives on them — Ihe Earl Beardsleys "of Lincoln. Neb. and the Russ Wallers of Algona. There was one of Fran and Edmoncl O'Brien's fine family at Whittemore. And there wds one from the Rev. Gilbert Kuypers at St. Paul. Rev. Kuyper had a severe illness last summer from which he was hospitalized 7Va weeks and remained at home 6 more weeks. He is back at the pulpit at Knox church now. He wrote that they enjoy this column each week — even used one of them for his sermon last Sqnday! The picture card from the Rev. Browers was a lovely portrait of. the new church building, soon to be completed here. * * * * BETTY BARRY BERRIE WRITES from Mason City that the family will be together for Christmas, including first of all, that "wonderful grandchild", year-old Jack and his parents, David and Shirley of Dayton, Ohio. Betty is an amazingly busy clubwoman — Crippled Children Society, PTA State Executive Board, president of the Catholic Women's society, and a national delegate to the convention, and (from reports in the papers) a frequent speaker on the campaign on cleaning up obscene literature. She's also a warm, and delightful person. Daughter, Rosanne is back from a year at 'the Unive'rsity of Madrid in Spain, Phil is a junior in Holy Family ;Hi'gh School and David, researching at Wright-Patterson Air Base and working on his Master's. v * * * * MARION. COREY REKERS WRITES from Cedar Falls that, living on. a farm,, they have transportation trouble with their teenagers and had to buy a second car. She says, "I'm beginning to think 'life was pretty simple when they were little and 1 know I accomplished twice as much then as I do now." I know what she means, and hpw I would love to got together with her and compare notes. Marion's sister, Helen Corey Heiv.og writes from Sea.ttle, that she is much involved in rock collections, etc. for their daughter, Holly. Max and Louie Richardson write from Summit, New Jersey. He is a former Algonian, the son of Byron Richardson, and I knew her as a freshman at Iowa State College. They, and 1 too, hope they'll visit here next summer. John and Elaine Bishop are having a wonderful Christmas with their little Ellen at Pittsburgh, Penna. * * - * # OTTO B. LAING WROTE that they get many a chuckle from this column and he sent an account of the "breaking of the pinata" custom at Bryant School. The children heard about the custom from their Spanish classes over Mason City KGLO-TV. Senor Siquero gave them directions for making the pinuta — a huge balloon covered with paper. After the paper dries, the balloon is pricked and the gifts inserted. The pinata is hung by wire, the children blindfolded, and when a lucky child breaks it with >a stick, the sweets fall out and are distributed among the guests. I had a child working on the "pinata committee' 1 , so I, 'too, have been excited about it, * # * * I AM CONVINCED THAT CHRISTMAS would be well, worthwhile if it weren't for any other reason that it is the lime when old friends renew acquaintances. I hope you will have that and much more, also. — GRACE. CELEBRATE NEW YEAR'S EVE, DEC. 31 AT HAND'S PARK - FAIRMONT Hat, Horn* and Fun - ANDY LAWIINCi Orchestra - Admission $1.10

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