The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 27, 1960 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 27, 1960
Page 3
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AROUND Mr and Mrs Fred Kent, Sr. are Ic'iiviiu- tin- first week in J;mii;ny <''»• ;i viiciitioi, nl i'fimpiino Hr;trli, Fin. George Yeoman and son, Bernard, iirf p];mninK a trip to C;ili- fniiiui nftcr the first of the year. Mr nnd Mrs Don Nelson cele- lir.'iti-cl the fortieth finniversjiry of thc'ir man-in^t; recc'iiliy. • <>• Algona Brownies and Girl Keonts will luive ti sltnting p;irly Dee. 20 from 2 to 4 p.m. Mr and Mrs E. L. Garbeil spent Christmas ;il Des Moines with the former's brother nnd •sislcr-in-law. —o— Rev. and Mrs M. H. Brower find family spent Monday at Geneva with the former's mother. Mrs Mary Brower. —o— Mrs Anton Didriksen entertained her Methodist Sunday Si-hool class at n Christmas party al her home recently. —o— Harold Miller arrived Christmas Kve from California for the holidays with his family here. He is. employed there and his son, Chuck plans to return to California with him. Mrs Miller and the daughters will join them when school is out next sprinR. Jim Cowan, son of Mr and Mrs Harold Cowan, is in California where he is visiting his aunt and uiit'Io, Mr and Mrs Dick Dale. NPW members received into .(he Presbyterian church Christmas Eve were Mr and Mrs Wayne O. Hanson, Judllh Ukena and Mr and Mrs Richard Shipler. —o— Mr and Mrs Harold Kuchen- rent her and daughter, Barbara, are on a trip to California to visit llivir daughter. They will return Jan. n. *•. n Mary Lou Miller, daughter of Mr and Mrs H. W. Miller, entertained a few friends al a Christmas party Wednesday evening after the basketball game. Mr and Mrs Truman Simpson and Pauline and George MeMa- hon spent Christmas at Shcnan- cloah with Mrs Simpson's daughter and family, the Bill Twomb- !evs. Dick Vipond and David Phillips are spending a week here during the holidays with thc;ir parents, Mr and Mrs Jim Vipond and Mrs Dick Phillips. They are roommates at Washington, D. C. where Dick is a student at George Washington University and David is employed. Presbyterian Men's Council has elected and installed nerv officers for Iflfll. Trwin Malueg is moderator; Wilbur Rcinders, vice moderator; Willis Marshall, socre,- tary and A. ,T. Huonhold, treasurer. —o— Recent baptisms at the first Methodist church were Russell Thomas, son of Mr and Mrs Jir>r- mie Johnson; Eli/abeth Ann. daughter of Mr «nd Mrs Raymond Penning and Mr and Mrs I.eRoy Crapscr. —n— Mr and Mrs Merle Pratt were hosts to the Lloyd Pratts, the Harlan Sigsbees, the Harold Schumachers, the nussell Wallers and, the Harold Hobsons at a family Christmas party Thursday evening. First Methodist church will hold .the sacrament of the Lord's Slipper New Years Eve at 7 p.m. Communion stewards are Mrs R. O. Bjustrom, Mrs Delia McCullough, Mrs Edwin Mino and Mrs W. J. Fuller. Plum Creek v/oman's Club met Dec. 14 at the home of Mrs William Kuhn, Sr. Mrs Claude Seely was assisting hostess. Mrs John Scuffham gave the opening number. Mrs Wayne Keith and Mrs. Ronald Gardner gave the program, comparing old fashioned and modern Christmases. The proceeds of the general store project, $15, was given to the Iowa Orphans Home. The next meeting will be Jan. 11 at the home of Violet Davis. Wayne flentz, son of Mr and Mrs Russell Rent?., spent Chr'ist- mas at St. Ann Hospital where he underwent an emergency appendectomy Thursday night. Wayne is in first grade at Bryant school. Mr and Mrs Alfred Schenck and Mr and Mrs Karl Kiilsholm have as their guests over the Christmas holidays two foreign students al Iowa Stale University, Ames. One of the young men is from Cleve, Germany, vhe other from Esypt. •—o— A Christmas in other lands party was held by Mrs Helen Odgaard's sixth grade social studies class at Bryant school Dec. 21. Christmas in Mexico, .France, Switzerland. Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Holy Land, Russia, Spain, Yugoslavia and in a medieval castle was described. Highlights of the program was the breaking of the pinata a Mexican custom. Taking part were Don Riedinger, Debbie Wetxel, Dennis Georg, Donna Asa, Carol Sue Smilh, Becky Fraser, Tom Kain, Roger Johnson, David Camp, Jean Sigsbce, Robert Wesley Sherre Baker, Paula Linquist and Roger Menneke. . _ _n --. Mr and Mrs Willis Etheringion had as their guests Christmas Day, Mr and Mrs Dclbert Court of Dows. Mr and Mrs Harry Rosenough, Lakota, Wilma Eth- eringion, Good Thunder, Minn., Mr and Mrs John Elherington, Eagle Grove, and Mrs William Ktherinpton, Mr and Mrs Cliff Ktherington and family, Mr and Mrs Sim Leigh and Donald Leigh of Algona. Tuesday, De«. 27, 1960 Algona (la.) Upper DM Mo!n«»-S Dr. M. I Lichter To Discontinue Vet Practice Dr. M. I. Lichter, Burt, is discontinuing Jne practice of veterinary medicine as of December 31. 1960. He has been in practice in Burt for the past 27 years, and the post 11 years with his brother. Dr. A. W. Lichter, as Lichter Brothers. Dr. M. I. Lichter will continue to live on his farm near Burt, and Dr. A. W. Lichter will take over the veterinary practice. In making his announcement. Dr. Lichter expressed his appreciation of the fine patronage extended during past years to both himself and his brolhei. Social Security Visit A representative of the U.S Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare of the Social Security division, will be in Algona a't the court house from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 5 and Thursday, Jan. 19, this coming month. MNnmCMG PAVMtHTS TO MMBUR BUVEK AS MMBUITS SSIES VOLUME MCREMIS Why You Should Join Rambler's New Grusade For Adequate Progress Sharing With Customers "I believe participation by all consumers in economic progress is absolutely necessary in meeting the nation's economic needs." . *... . . i .. ., _. . • »-• - .U.I GEORGE ROMNEY President, American Motors Corporation Rambler's rise to a top position has put us in position to undertake a new crusade. This program, which could provide greater individual and national benefits than any we've yet undertaken, calls for customer progress sharing. As volume goes up, costs come down. So, sharing economies that would result from a 50% Rambler sales gain over last year for the period December through March could provide payments to customers of $18,698,062. But, before presenting our new Rambler crusade, let me review some highlights of the first one. When we forged our basic Rambler concepts, U.S. cars were in a size, horsepower and styling-change race that cost the car buyer money. So, we developed the compact, economical, modernly engineered Rambler. . CONSUMER BENEFITS FROM LOWER PRICES Because of low volume, we had to price our lirst Rambler Americans about equal with Chevrolet and Ford, traditionally "lowest priced." As our output and economics in* creased, we shared the resulting economic advantages with Rambler customers. Despite inflation, we kept prices low. We also concentrated on durability and quality. That is why Rambler excels in trouble-free operation, as shown by trade surveys made by others. What has this done? It has increased our sales—made us a vigorous new competitive factor, compelling all competitors to introducecompact cars. Their compact cars unquestionably are better buys than their big cars, because their big cars don't have the compacts' advanced engineering. Despite these moves to meet Rambler competition, Rambler American models are now priced not only below competitive big cars but below their economy compacts as well. In addition, Ramblers provide customers several exclusive trouble-free engineering advances such as the acid- proof, rustproof Ceramic-Armored muffler and tailpipe. The Rambler line includes three basic sizes of compact cars—Rambler American, Rambler Classic and Ambassador, the latter two developed after the original American series. RAMBLER SALES SOAR In two years, Rambler's per cent of market has more than doubled. For the last 38 straight months, Rambler sales have established a new record for that month. We want to continue this growth by serving you even better. THE NEW RAMBLER CRUSADE Our new Rambler crusade, like our compact crusade, is based on sharing Rambler progress with ca'r buyers. We believe the new Rambler crusade has timely significance. Our country currently is experiencing a mild economic slowdown—with rising foreign competition and weakness of the dollar. Our larger competitors are considering partial manufacture and importation of cars for the U.S. market from abroad. There is a general profit squeeze. We believe the greatest single economic cause is that relatively too much of the fruit of industrial effort has been going to a few well organized economic groups, not to the consumer. CUSTOMERS TO SHARE RAMBLER PROGRESS We decided there was something we could do. We decided to share future progress with ALL customers who take HOW PAYMENTS TO BUYERS WILL BE DETERMINED IN AMERICAN MOTORS'CUSTOMER PROGRESS SHARING PROGRAM BUYERS RECEIVE U.S. SAVINGS BONOS (Matmity Value) $125 $100 $ 75 $ 50 $ 25 BOND PAYMENT SALES LEVELS DECEMBER (Dec. tain) 45,247 42,231 39,214 36,198 33,181 JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH (Dec.-Jan. total) (Dec.-Jin..r«t>. tola!) (4-monUi total) 140,139 195,946 130,796 121,453 112,111 102,768 97,671 91,159 84,648 78,136 71,625 182,883 169,820 156,757 143,694 30,165 65,114 93,426 130,631 IF SALES ARE UP ovei last yiar 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% $UES FOR SAME PERIOD UST YEAR NOTE. In all rain, "IIUYERW' means a person who actually lakes delivery, not places an order. WHY IT WILL PAY YOU TO BUY NOW. This unique program is cumulative and retroactive. Early buyers can gel more, but never less bonds, than buyers in succeeding months. Your Rambler dealer will be happy to give you the complete details of the plan but here is a quick example of how it works and keeps on working lor you: II'December Rambler deliveries increase 20% over last December, December buyers of new Ramblers or Metropolitans will receive S50 bonds. As the four-month period progresses, additional bonds will be mailed to the December buyers each time the cumulative sales reach a higher bond payment sales level. Also, if sales increase for the four-month period exceeds 5071, proportionate additional payments will be made to all buyers during any of the four-months. delivery of a new Rambler or new Metropolitan between December 1, 1960, and March 31, 1961, from an authorized Rambler dealer (excluding governmental sales), giving them most of the benefit of additional cost reduction resulting from further increases in Rambler sales volume. This can mean a sharing with Rambler buyers during the 4-month period of government savings bonds (Series E) with a maturity value from $3,679,850 (10% sales increase), to $24,930,750 (50% increase). See chart for details. mWiii" --'•--""•• ••-"^-•'•'••--'•••-•••- BOTH CUSTOMERS AND AMERICAN MOTORS GAIN You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by joining this crusade. The same is true for us. You can't lose because Ramblers arc better than big cars and the best of the compacts. Ramblers are more trouble- free, more useful, lower priced. You make your regular deal in the regular way for a new Rambler. You then may share proportionately in the economics and profits of higher Rambler volume in December, 1960, and the first three months of 1961. We gain by acquiring more Rambler owners, which will make our growing market even larger in the future, That's because Rambler owners become Rambler salesmen and are the most loyal "repeat buyers" of any make. Ask your neighbor all about his Rambler, then join the Rambler crusade. Join us in focusing the nation's attention on the essentiality of equitably sharing economic progress with ALL consumers if the WHOLE NATION is to prosper. Monkeys arc caught by tilling a coconut shell with chopped coconut meat. The monkeys grasp a fistful and, unwilling to lei any go, cannot withdraw their paws. So, they are easy victims. The U.S. consumer is not yet as scrawny as shown, hut unless there is a more equitable division of the productivity increases, he will get that way. One of the three American groups must let go and set an example—or all will be captured and, along with the consumer, all will sufl'er. P.S> Some may say one company can't do much about national problems as big and complex as those cited above. Well, that's what skeptics said about Rambler's first crusade. Let's remember, every great thing is born small. If this new Rambler crusade is right, it can succeed and spread, just as the compact car concept did. Mr. Ronnie v's recent New York Press Conference on "Customer Sharing and the Nation's Economy" iniractftl nationwide notice. Fur complete text of his siaiemtnts, writ? American Molars, Box 29, Detroit 32, Af/ri. i-'-.-iv-, ' ^icesThafcWillMelbThelce/J ^ •..•.•.*•..>,.,....,, ........v,... : . ;i . ».-.; •"'V-'ii7-"' : --' : VUTS our entire stock 7 PHI" OUR ENTIRE STOCK GIRLS COATS Now 1/3 OFF WINTER COATS PRICES SLASHED SAVE 347o 18.°° $30 Values NOW i ONE GROUP Ladies Lingerie Gowns, Slips, Panties GREATLY REDUCED • • : VC-l*4t^$ : 35 .. , ; $23 values to $40 $28 values to $50 . $33 tweeds, polished blacks, luxury fabrics in seasons' best colorings, many with pile linings . . all sizes ALL BOY'S PARKAS Sizes 4 to 10 only Now 1 /3 OFF values to $« LARGE SELECTION REMNANTS Now 1/2 PRICE UP ro values !-<*. lo 17.98 '•**..-. -'Or?!'. LV.-M; DOWNSTAIRS GIFT TABLE ODDS A ENDS From Entire Gift Depi. Now 1/2 PRICE 8 . 99 • '.•/vr:

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