The Humboldt Republican from Humboldt, Iowa on March 30, 1956 · Page 4
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The Humboldt Republican from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 4

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1956
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

fjF^y^ **-,£<% mm weft wwd, a«d spent <' >\ ,' * w«l to* Kaftnanbtiff Entertain fiei- Canasta ct«» flt hef>m<< TWttdiiyifternooh, MM Came My m filled In for toe absent-foam • bet, the hostess' served n llghi IftrjMd'Mw 5aek Patterson <»n tdi-tairtod a group of 18 children Moni*y^an«rn<ttm lo-hoto their 'ion, Brian, Celebrate his fifth birth day, The, children were given toy hornsf huts iind lion and then taken to play at the-John Drown park On (their return-they hunted lot Easter bgna'and then were scrvci Uinch, consisting o.f cup cakes will candles and*Ice cronm, Those attending wore Cherry Sandy and Ilotin Gangstoad, Susai Wljlpple, Billy Olds, Dart'Cl' am Paul Rlucha'n, Peggy Hasiniisscn Gcno" Atcl'hcrson, Knlhy Milter Mary Both and Freddy Arcni, Honored oti Birthday Mti Clnrn, Devlne was hostess to several ladies at her home Tuesday, honoring Mrs Mario Her* Her /Qr > her birthday, which was March,20. Birthday cake and ice NOW! IpEAT TYPE v 'STARTED SURGICAL WHITE'ROCK CAPTJNS' ilc old caponi* 'caponUed"'), .. w -.,- ^Very , 1itH« , t __Ji a minimum' of attention* '4 and?, will make rapid 1 tains* on ordinary feeds. Grow some "Food for Royalty" bird, for our own eating -pleasure iv« capons < to ,, sell for ,.e profit, producing i po Untial found' in REAL CAPONS. 'MfstiotR--.. ho mofiiWs oT ... t net home March A Infineon .wr« letwl; * i|ht member*, uiMng the afternoon., SOCIAL CALENDAR fast Noble G>«nd meets first Monday of the month, ftirthday club moots for 1:30 hincheon;'Fannie L'cifriwtU, \0stess. * . , ' . i Tuesday April 3 , . notary meets for 0:16 dinner In he Legion Community room, the itumboldt Community end- rus meets at t:90 ft M. nt the Mrs -Harriot Daffron home. Ma&tmte Lodge meet* every first Tuesday, i ' ' Pedal Pushers Garden 1 club meets first TueSrOf every month. Post OMeles of this Royal Neighbors lodge meets, Wednesday April 4 Sweet Adelines meets In Winds basement. • Women's 'chib meets at the Met* todlst church nt 8 p.m. The state president Ml speak and the civic chorus will furnish the music. Thursday April 8 ifeefcss afe . from* wittily" , .'sueh. as >*jJ6rtirig goods and'hardware stefbf * « . Resident fishing licenses afe ijittrod of all maids 16 yeifrs old over. Women Id years old «nd r must hold fishing lleenses fot Ing' In stale-owned lake's only, _. are not required to be^Heensed fish In other watets, . -. , Resident hunting licenses are qtilfedtior all httnterfi 1 of age ahd*sex,'even for "varmints* during the summer, 4 < However, oWners ahd^teriahts land and their children may ' fish and trap on switch lands out securing a license to do so. Annual Easier Sunrise Service To Be Held In LuVerne Sunday LU VERNE—The annual Lu Verne Easter sunrise service will lUrStlU.V n|llll U 1 VUIUC Onai«l BUllliav s,w...»»- "••; l.O.O.F, meets at the Odd Fcl- takd place April 1 on main street. .... I..11 , tt».*.jtft...1 Mnnnnrl HltlvtKnHe will nn ows hall. Sovernl sacred numbers will ws linn. Rv\tland WSCS meets firth Thurs- presented' by Dwayno- Toboy and »...u.,ji.i «i...~.t. Ronald Stone, trumpoters, under the direction of Mrs William Little- Mr' and Mrs Fefd'fjaelfatSf GII- i -7;-• *'* "ftMt^Wft fcleb'ratecrtKelr,45tM:tolng ed were H M t^^MsFWflioK - • - • ^ •*•*"«" • husband'ot- t Lost Angeles,, caiuor* nla, and Mrs Id^Wiglins'of Sioujt '•""I . , i i.»". , k i* ..... ^ ^ Hti\# at Methodist church. Dorcas Ladles aid of the Trinity Lutheran church meets at 2:00 p.m. In the church bnsentcnt, Delta Sigma chapter of Beta Slg- mn Phi meets at S:00 p.m. tit the home of Harriet Thomas, Lesson "Literature" arid "Travel" by Dor- Is Tellicr and Mary Alice Gentry. Mission circle of the Baptist church meets. White Cross, ..County/Fedcrated Women* e!,,, will meet at 9:30 a.m.'ln the Liven more 'Legion- hall.' Speakers 'Wl- bo Mrs E.' J. Hennings, ,0th dls* Ulct director of Arcadja and Mrs George Palleson wife of Rev, George Palles'en former pastor of Ihe Kumboldt and Rutland Trinity Lutheran churches, now of Ring- ited, la. f'Thb >Vpmen's Fellowship of the Congregational church will meet for a 1:18 luncheon. Following the business meeting, Mrs James Lyle will "present the program on tl Women,Of the" Bible".' 1 , >s ;W> v >v$th general, meeting and^guost 4"aw Speaker, Mrs t Melva Ritter. Devotions,-,Nadlne Ware. *• j.' f ' ' ' ;'V i 1 - john, )>ead of the Jt4\sle department of Jho LuVerno schooL ; This event is of some years'; tradition and was started, when-teenage boys went loathe roof-oMhe Ltchty hardware 'to' play Easter music and has continued since with >. .? V Y - •» t*». I.. ^» _-".l il-» the-I mute \i«««uiw».«\* !,••«•*4«<•,*.•• ^«*.wy-•-^ ( annlVersaVy tt'theyhomC^h.thelr! sort and wlferMr'atuPMrsiHarold Jueifs. 5 Siin'day," Mar^hWi'L One hundred"'flfty:<guestS';eafl|a«!luring Ihe afternoon-Ihd 'evening'; to con» gratulate them. ,%'' ; ' t '; •James* ^Saalhoff •'* and-pRonald Jueifs, the-" two grandsons, '{ended to thu guests, wraps whiirKenneffil^fhe^^ Juelfs.Vassort,-'assisted^'Vy' 1 , * wo l *re^|t to TM«M ; OrtnluXf s r'«i*nCrt'«»oHf'*rin WllnOii ^«^Q OllOr^ r Mrs -A. J, ,yah, ,, City, -Mich., eXtendedKher cpngra. , -., tulations ,by^telephbne. sMw Thomson, of, Chicago,\lll.,s was- un able to attend ae . rived for a visit, Tuesd , . .Royal; ^iSteiner t of , the st.^ch)ireh^ was „ r rSt*Mir »f'*- «fc' ^9-^ J * **^* *f f ; •CastJfofolheiBuena.yisti „- productionV%pfj,George;- Bernard -'•' " 1 " 1 '^andxthe Man"'has \' Slegfried/l^ireclbr" of^draniaU'- ,^aid the"coffleayMll, be' fresein jMaE'T^anWa 'TdOHng; the ann annual UTJ.nj|i * ii" 1 ****\ji w *•**»*•»(> ? »m»»* „....-— Fine Arts week"obsej$ance on cam " T ^C ^^,w*-^-^^*»--"*"• - r-^ - — -^. no Students^cKoseji ffor, the^cast-Jnr 'sjAhrend- 4anriingi-,iCar61 nerjwwe -m ,R°W^'£<iau ,,>'-/-, trumpeters! * Lieutenant Uchty, son ofsPhll C. Llchty arid the late.Mrs Llchty of LuVerne, .lost his life in a plane crash over England, in October, 1944,- while' serving 'with the Air Force -during World -War II. Attend QAR Convention Mj^ Cpja Parkeft 1 , Mrs \, Dewey Morse, Mrs Floyd-Russell, Mrs 0 E, Barsness 'and daughter, Rae and Kayt Rokenbrodt,' aU'brHumbpldt U«^V»u,, ^*«*.*.«» t—--—f^ —w i* l * township Wherei the^Jueifs.-f * aii^viuwf •*• )*»•.! t*»*»»» -s » •»•»•»• »*',»*»•'• t »>.» — smtlex 'surrounde'd'thofifllversary nn v2 -<c'o.*,--«^^ ?*-»-.." — '.n- 'Poffee was .poured " "" Itiert'tRuse?^ Tool "and "Mj^" ,Gerie ^Madsen. Mrs; s ' Wednesday 1 "^« ite 1 linen ! attd r a?beau- L'J~J.f*- l *-t.l*ljt.'itnl»A*4^* artrl j ere'dfwith"- white 1 linen • attd r a?beai ? •I •.' t .rfrt« , itsSr Z{?Z<!i£iyt~.ASZ?iiAiIl\t and iW ------ ,~ reshment . KitdienrhbstesMa were.Mrs. Joe' Davis and Mrs John Skw. "T!* -rTvii.* Zvw*! 1 \, i*»-*i er I^fei;com,Dlet< • ftWitttlffuniigJ t .^|in||ld|sf " andfyeHow;mints,carrie« uui,,iu CM colp^sctem,e>;Mys^ Grace Cayanaugh,^presided|at'jthetsUyer service:' afcftW^S^'sftsSf^^fe T' Ql a yys T.arsfiTi'anHSMrSrLawrence er lWe\%mBletTaith^en^leceJ ^uii^g^ieis^ Ma^iLarsonlldM&in^feoldisemd ^s^avorr.Bnd^euow/mlnts'carrle* 'out**t^eJcoloriSch!eme.{Mrs. Grace Mrs Jueifs wore a cacnation . White ^cae.. long West' Ben'd^ianner, - diedt-at " white carnation; .boutonniere. i**^¥«»***W«* *^««»*»»*«««w*»»"| •'"^J,,,, 'J-. Stf Paul's r LuUieranj cHiirch/ gave "a^short 1alkIi7lHW'J_V'" & €« usea;to^u5pjfom^^^ *-tlz?it^£i. iii.'j«-.»,7, ; fl.A I fi • T>Pn,,coo i f hbme" Wednesday # morn „ . . services^AyillJ?be ? held tilrdayi morning' 1 ' tahl4 buffet, and ^the^corsage were the gifts of the childrenJand grand- (•«• meraoerb YDIM uiv* i """*J r y5»'j «" and Mrs Eeon Gangsted and da\igh fece'idinbir aWJudy ^Lincoln *-._*4'*Hrt' — •• £»» *** *^"« JS «1 i 3L\- £. Jz. ~ *_ — J"W«. , - Invest .Bend^urial ; win children^ As a-remem£rjujie.of the " ter^Rachael, of^Bode, attended the DAR; conVeiition*/in;-vDes ' M6ines ™M.v.2-j'. -*«i»'i_:' A,i_\i> •"BiAei;. . occasion the "couple ualsqjreceived many oUier K gifU4arid|caras. :T» • • 15-*" *< *•! s •*^ 1 *'S th'e fBogaifrd" funeral home 1 "of * r West , {Among th'e'gues'ts present ? for the event were Mrs:;ye«fgray»n^a r .••«•>.. •»* _i*jWc 1 -j£'-'fl;^5S2 ?*• -^ At Clarlnda, Mrs Lou Long of ; ' 'J-jit^. • *. t * v C ?&, -.'jt "p. . dyvMle,^cei>tlr?b«erved her » birthday. , • > •> it * •». •»-V'rtfe'A-* «.i_'_T 4 irtsJftKS H *r* niece of^Mr'Jueifs, •, attendant at the wed -* * jtf * ago. ^ * 'i ^- ! "^Sisters of Mrs J«d^ W l /$)&##q6w^ ^iitf^fl^>ywiwiM<^3a^ .. i. " T= ^^Sr^ w ^ 3 ™TT' *t».iS» A H v-»*'»'!4^ 1 J|f;'<,>/ **/i4fe«iy, '.?i»s. , d hop« f or the W*<<wS$USi f i AND SPENDING are the two tide* of *v«yy * *•% ' * -^ *" . (every piwe of "folding raoney'Ystoo), Your »u<^«»» '$» ahead financially depend* largely on whick ude yo« SPENDING tide around to the SAVING tide at all. Wesiov^r Faalwm what'* left over. It's the,only nj«thod «rf wsrkfl "Youe fftvinf ft her* in»ured up to 110,000

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