The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 20, 1960 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1960
Page 14
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Upjwr DM Molnei Tuesday, Dee. 20, 1960 • \ '\> I like Christmas because one hears from friends who write an annual letter. This week I heard from Mrs Eva Crapser, whom I met years a :o and have visited in her home at a few t:meK. Her husband Bruce died several years ago and she spends much of her time with a daughter and son-in-law at North Bend Wash. ' « * v From Dorris Long Pitcher, Wellsv.'lle. Pa., came a letter covering the past 305 days, a resume of her activities :rad the lavni! piojccts. Th: v dosim; pnragr-ni-.» rin'ta': her plan-- to vjyjt V,T.: : '- - •-. ton, En:-kiiu'l a year !;e-ic- Sin \vas there Uvo years ago art. p.ans to nice! the women s.ic be- came aequainted with at that time, and with whom she has been corresponding. Of ' course ] Ibis is still in the "dream" stage,' bu: I have' an idea whatever Dorvis, sots out to c!o she accomplish- Anoiher such letter came from my cousin Dr. Jerry C:Hv's \v;!V. Team-io. They ;ire located ;it C ist- -o Valley in the Alame-.'.a ;..rea. •erry has shoic duly Cm- ,-iwlule und they are enjoying having acldy at hoinr; after a few ye.-irs foreign duty. He is ji "navy >•.••!•. The-family \\-' M hack h:?re .i /-'.i li'f'l. bu' urif.-irt;',:;,,;o:V I -' '' ' ; heiv iht- day they came : a sec me. and Jerry had to be i ;:ck in a few days. Jeanne and "M TO THE WORLD..." Here's our cheery carol for you — May all the joys of the Holiday Season be yours on Christmas Day! SOPER SERVICE Johnny Hopkins Corner of State & Jones !i!!5il^^^ the hoy? Glenn, ("tarry and .Timmie came again later 'and I was happy to see them even for" a brief time. * + * Thnnk you for the calander, Yard,i Kill-;, llaitford. Con. It is n'.re of you to remember my ait- isiic leaning. Men;.- (,'htistmas to \ on n!id yi 'iir <l"c!i >r. « » * Lois Green's children are making wieaths tor the respective grandmothers. They are mac!. 1 of coat hang.'i> bei 1 ' nniiul sti ip.; of ril'ee-n paper to rr ,rtir>K OVCT- X.! > i a ta-'li-nt d thei i to. a-ul b.iw of r t'i ti.;s',i:' a! ill'- top. V< iy cute and cert.iinly n"V-; * m H I wish TV program-; would cancel completely the mood mu?- "ie. or whatever it is call.'d. Such eon: tant blending rvf raucous notes is oifi-n:ling to th: 1 ears. Why can't the aeti m In- en niL'.li wi:hout the accompanying out- bui.-ts. Can'! the iu^iiive 11. e quietly <•: th • tlri f do his stuff witlioiit ;.n 01 'i'!-,e.-:!i a! rpu;'. 1 Tho team, Diane Siobritz and Kenny Fox. was di.:.-; lv.-d wlu;n | Kenny entei'ed an art school at Minneapolis. For a new partner, (Diane has (Veil Schilmoel'cr ;;:id the c-oiiple has been kept bu y entertaining at flooj- shows and various places. '1'wo shows have' been given recently in Fort Doiige. one at Mason C!ity and a chi'dien's pal ty. * * • ' Mr and Mrs John Rich were at .Minneap</i:s the first week i n December and visited Eula's sister, Mrs Hazel Marso and niece, Iva Lou Flolland and her son, Jimmie. The main purpose of the visit was to attend the concert in which Jimmie, 12, played cornet. It was the junior symphony and to be chosen to participate is indeed an honor. <. * » I was asked awhile ago if I remembered the name of George Johnson's father and mother. I didn't, but inquired of Frank Ostrum and learned Mr Johnson's name was Alfius. I had thought it was Aloysius or some such name. The information was wanted in connection with a memorial plaque being prepared at the First Baptist church. * Y * I was asked about pheasants that Horace King and his father raised years ago. The story was that a pair-or perhaps more-got out and sought their native habitat and thereby started raising families which now constitute our flocks. I am inclined to believe this is a mis-statement, but EVERYONE ON YOUR CHRISTMAS LIST! *IWMWW>ft%VtAfllMWMWWWWU^^ RADIOS This Christmas, give your family and friends a handsome RCA Victor Transistor Portable. Wherever they go, they can take music, news, weather and sports along with them. THE ENSIGN — Powerful, long-range reception with exclusive "High-T" Security-sealed circuit. Impale case, earphone jack, easel handle. In Aqua, white, ebony, gray and white. THE GLOBE-TROTTER — Console-like tone and power. Large 6" oval speaker. Plays on low-cost flashlight cells. .Earphone Jack, Vernier tuning, 8 transistors. -Available in Aqua and Charcoal. THE POCKETTE PERSONAL — Shirt-pocket radio has amazing power, range. "High-T" security sealed circuits, earphone Jack, Impac case, plays on one mercury penligjit cell. White, Charcoal-White, Turquoise-White. , ?M»AeVWWtAJWWW*rWWWWVWWVW»^^ Beautifully styled cabinets in a wide selection of shades to harmonize with every decor . . . static-free, rich toned FM and AM-FM models . . . Clock-radios that make life easier, automatically. on the olber hand, it muld ho. Who is "up" on the history of tne pheasant'.' » » The older residents will remember the Creoige Brown family and the \oung folk Mabel, Grace. Harry and Nell. Mr Brown and Many aie deceased, Mabel. Nell and M:s Brown live m Chicago ,md (tiare live-; in Hiveride. Calif. T.'Kii much of then- history is not rema!, but the (act that Mrs iJi'own will observe her ninty- iiiiiih biiThday Chiislma.i day IS •\ ui thy ol mention. • i • There is a redish stray cat, a one wlncii is believed to be •eni''-''ineV pet aii'l apparently cic- ' customed to being in the house. i Mrs Glenn Sliayer wishes tht ' fiwnr r would come an:l get it. 1 She has sort of adopted it in a | was- -he can't bear to Ihink of it not having food, so warms milk for the feline which answers to ; the name Kitty, but so far sh'e ha.-'n' t come up with any other name that meets response. The other day Mrs S'.rayer was hang 1 ing up clothes and Kitty was Iwiappmg himself, or herself a. i the case may lie. around Mrs S's 'ankles. This almost caused her to ! trip, and Mrs S. says there were jr.iimrs other than Kitty which ! came to mind which she mighi jhuY'j called the cat. But she re! Ira'iu.'d. for after all, Kitty has j iido.jU.d b( r loo, and was just ;h<!\v,ng her the milk is appreciated. r- V * II is always comforting to me to know California isn't exactly a Paradise, Chamber of Commerce a'.d hea;l-in-lhe-c!ouds tourists notwithstanding, to say nothing ol starry-eyed residents. A letter from my cousin Melvin Henderson, written Dec. 5, says "Two weeks ago we had a dinner of a Santa Ana wind and we lost our new patio thai was just put in this May. It took it off and laid it (an alumnum roof) up on the root of the house! Reports said the wind hit 85 miles per hour, and I can assure you it was all of that. However, the insurance company was on the job. and we now have another cover all installed- and hope that we will be more fortunate from now on as it was so nice in warm weather. It offered a lot of shade. Today it has been quite cool and a low of 28 is forecast for this area. Last year one wmter night we lost several nice shrubs. Hope we can escape damaging cold -this year. It has been real nice up to now and we have had more rain than for the past eight years to date. We can use a lot more us it is so dry and water is becoming a real problem." * » » Having re-read Melvin's letter I have decided to quote a para- giaph which will be of interest to many in.the Bancroft area and to a few in Algona, "Paul unfl Hazel Pellcymounter's son Bob was married to a California girl several weeks ago and we attended the wedding at Downey." * * * Apparently "Mr Lion was not a vegetarian." A missionary traveling in the jungle met a lion. Fearing for his life, he fell to his knees in anxious prayer, and was comforted to see the lion fall to his knees beside him. "Brother Lion," said the missionary, with relief, "how delightful that you join me in prayer when a moment ago I feared for my life." "Don't interrupt' 1 , snapped 'the lion, "When I am saying grace." - t- » Mrs Marian Hennesey returned several weeks ago from a three month visit with relatives at Edinborough, Scotland. She said the trip was marred by constant bad weather, rain and more rain all the tinu( she was there. She is glad to be back in Algona. * * * The Mitch Taylors added another little girl to their family with the recent arrival of Leetha Kathleen. Tho family consists of Linn, Jean, Jacqueline, Jo Ann and Larry — one lone boy in a flock of the fairer sex. I Hatel Vera said wlien she look- jt'd at the Saturday, Dee. 10 Dos I Moinos Register and sow the ici- ] elos on the palms at Phooriix, i Ariz., "I'm sure glad Frank and I | .11 en't on our way this year. We , not into just such a deal when I \ve drove there last winter." The Veras are toying with the idea of !:<iing there later on possibly rarly in January. Their daughter Klvie Hutrliinson ;mcl three little i oys live there. ; When I talked with Helen Col:ins she was in the midst of mak- ng gingerbread men. It didn't ; \ike a second guess to know at i It a si. two who would be on the receiving end — the grandsons Mark ami Stevie Ilutzell, of ' ' ourse. Have any of you who i /.now Roy and Fred Hulzoll, fath- i r and son, notice how much alike : 'heir voices and laughs are? Mliiulfolded you couldn't tell one hum the other. If all the "men" .re ikies and cakes made during . ;he holiday season were laid end '.o end, how many times would I ihey encircle the world? THE STARFLAIR —Smart Flairline styling with fashion-finished back makes radio attractive from every angle. 'Golden Throat 1 tone, Security Sealed Circuit. Campagne White. THE DREAMFLAIR —All automatic features plus "Filteramic" antenna. "Drowse alarm" wakes you, lets you snooze, calls again. White-Nugget, Shell White, Charcoal-White, Biege-White. THE COLORFLAIR — Col- ors match y° ur telephone. Whi te, Beige, Pink, Turquoise. No matter what kind of a Radio you want, you can find it at ... TOM'S Radio ALGONA, IOWA PAYING TOO MUCH NOT when you have FEMIC coverage ... Auto, Liability, Fire, Horn* Owners or Hospitaliiotion. FEMIC OFFERS BROADER COVERAGE AT LOWER RATES. GET YOUR FREE INSURANCE CHECK-UP . . . contact your local authorized agent. FARMERS ELEVATOR MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY AUTHORIZED LOCAL AGfNT Dale Braynard Box 162 - luV«rn*>, Iowa Phont TU 2-3395 Silver Wedding Honors Lone Rock Couple Lone Rock — A surprise party was k'ivon for Mr and Mrs Henry HartwL'll on their 2, r )th wedding anniversary. Present wore Mr and Mrs IXIerwin Marlow, Mr and Mrs Milton Marlow, Mr and Mrs Kldin Marluw, iVn- and Mrs Ornie Berhencls, Mr and Mrs Lylc Marlow. Mr and Mrs Ralph Biersledt. and Mrs Wilfred Raclig. A polluck supper was brought by the guests and a gift was presented to the couple. The evening was playing fiOO. Mrs Ornie Berhends won high prize for women, and Mrs Mcr- win Marlow won low prize. Halph Bierstedl won high for the men and Mcrwin Marlow won low for the men. Mrs Milton Marlow won traveling prize. Mrs Milton Marlow altended a shower honoring Karon flnrdner at Lakota, Sunday. Iv\r and Mrs Clinton Rath and family visited her folk.s, Renix Wilson, at. Kan- avvha. Mr and Mrs Johns Sonos, Sioux Rapids, and Mr and Mrs Chester Alme of Ottosen and Mr and Mrs Marian Blariehard and Jon were Sunday afternoon visitors at the Mrs Maude Blanchard home. Later the group were at Gus Blanchards to help Cindy Blanchard eeli biate her 8th bir- thrlny. Mr and Mrs Dorr fllanrh- arcl and Susan were also there. Mrs Ervin Wet/el, Mrs Eldin Marlow. Mrs Lyle Marlow, and Mrs June Bierstccy, attended the Christmas Fair at Titonka last week. Mr and Mrs Tludy Willert, BuU. and Mr and Mrs Leonard Warner, Algona, wen? Sunday evening visitors at the Lyle Marlow homo. r Alia BRING RESULTS ,^ To all our P neighbors, friends and patrons! Cftrfetma* Best wishes for a joyous holiday from our staff. FOSTER FURNITURE ALGONA THE SMOKE SHOP THE GATEWAY TO A WONDER LAND OF UNUSUAL QUALITY GIFTS There is no place in Algona where you can see the selection of lovely, warm lad ies robes as at the CHRISCHILLES STORE at Christmas time, you have a choice of plains, floral colored prints, cottons, nylons, dacron quilts, in every SIM AND EXTRA SIZES. There is also a nice selection of pajama and robe sets all popularly priced. Bu y "HER" a QUALITY robe from THE CHRISCHILLES STORE in Algona — a choice she will be thrilled with . . . There is also a nice selection of matching sweater and skirts—in all the newest pastel colors. 3 m •\ Chrischilles Store EXCITING LINGERIE: There is big news in the lingerie field and that is colored slips, half slips, panties, gowns and negligee sets. These are by famous Artemis and all arc colored matched in nectarine pink, laurel green, ivory, black and sandalwood. Don't miss this exciting collection of the "new look" in lingerie. From $1.98 to $25.98. BEAUTIFUL APRONS: Our assortment of lovely aprons is the finest in years — dainty white organdies attractively trimmed, embroidered nylons in the new puffy style, gaily decorated taffetas and many others. From' .$1.25 to $3.50. ' FINE LINEN SETS: Again we bring you the finest in bridge sets, linen place mat sets* embroidered towel sets, printed sheet sets and fine dinner sets in applique trimmed linen. From $1.98 to $16.98. PURSES AND JEWELRY: Nothing makes a nicer gift than a good purse or jewelry set. We have always been known for our complete stocks in both of these departments from the little fancy furry purses to the basic Ramblers. The Jewelry has nevet\been more beautiful with imported stone sets of many types from $1.00 to $15.98.

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