The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 15, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 15, 1940
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VOI.UMK XXXVI—NO. 281. THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND'SOUTHEAST MISSOURI NEWS BlyUicvlllc Dnlly News Mississippi Vnlley lender ~ "~ ~ '" __ ^lytovin^com-ier _ Biyiiuviiie Herald Bl, YTHKVU.I.K, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, KKI1RUARY |f>, ID-til SWGLB COPIES FIVE CENTS Will Lecture Here Tonight Refuses Denial Of Rumor Of Possible High Sea Meeting PENSACOLA, Kla., Feb. 15. (UP)-President Roosevelt today relaxed (o deny the startling possibility of a liiuh sens conleraice (luniijr hi.s vacation cruise Chat mitrht have bearing- on Die European war and world affairs In a last minute press confer-* , ' ence before boarding the U. s. S. Tuscaloosa for a cruise to un un-' designated destination Mr. Roosc-1 velt did not deny the possibility that he might make contact wilii British or French officials before he disembarked. In a senons mood he maintained the absolute secrecy with which he had surrounded his cruise plans and told reporters that he could not comment on a report that during tne cruise lie may -contact representatives of France, Great Britain or Italy. The president was reminded tint his "no comment" response would inevitably lead to varied interpretations and would intensify the mystery of his cruise. He replied that he could not offer any comment on that possibility. He cautioned reporters, however, not to go so far out on a" limb that they might lie sawed oft. His Intimations of diplomatic Implications in his trip was purely negative but his refusal to dismiss the reports of a possible conference developed despite persistent at- templs of reporters to draw from him a denial or a clear statement Intensifying the mystery Mr Roosevelt said that he would fish only sporadically during the cruise and said it would be fair to assume -that,, he might combine business with his vacation. Slay Inspect Defenses WASHINGTON, Feb. 15 (UP)— President Roosevelt may make a quick Inspection of America's newly strengthened defenses in the Pan- nmn canal Faiie and the Corlblraui during his secrecy shrouded vacation interlude.'it was lean-.ed to:lav New York Cotton Nfar. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. open . 10DS . 1071 . 1035 . 9(j8 . 9S7 liljh 1101 1075 1035 975 B64 low close 10D3 1093 1070 1070 lOil 1031 9U3 010 957 0*1 ... 051 prev. close 1100 1073 1031 • 972 859 New Orleans Cotton BiHmi. Eric IllingVdrtW brim- wsdb, will lecture .at the -high school auditorium tonight on the subject "Britain's Stake in European Crisis." .-•; .•.•.•. Russians Aopcar D"termiii- ecl To Smash Through At Any Cos I HELSINKI. Feb. 15. (UP)-A war cmmmiiilons today sold llmti Hie !\ra/>'wlipi>ii line still hd-l! aenlml the. thnnderoiw nllnck of Red r-rmv shock ti-oous mul lha> waonm captured by the Finns had be"n irod lo drive tack the. rtiii ftan nrTonsl''n In which casualties nre now estimated nl nlroiit '1.5.000., iv.iv" nel)tint> continued all nfj Wednesday rn two sectors on Ilifl Km-?!lfm islliinus nnd at the cm-1 trnl fi-onl Kiimlio srclor where (lie, 1 coinmmilinie said n toinl of '1.0031 ''cud was ndrted to the Russian' casualties and was reported ic [ nwrd wlfli new vitor by slioek troops loftsy in what appeared to lio a drive denned to break lhrru>!]\ Ihe Finnish main ik-Fens cs tv February ,23, the Red army anniversary. I A'l one point (he comiminlciiie ?ald "it wns established Hint the Russians "attacked each other" Ini . !ier:nl (tenting and one of the Russian plants was shot down on Finnish territory. A total of lii Russian plnnes. Ihe Finns claimed, was shot down yesterday and dozens of tanks captured or destroyed. The Russian high command was repcrted by the Finns to have, given orders.for a "break through"' ftt any cost." • Mar. May July Oct. Dee. Jan. v *^ open . 1 112 . 1032 . 1042 . 060 . 955 . 950 ttu high 11)3 1035 loss 917 961 955 tin low 1112 1C32 1043 039 055 950 o«/t close 1112 1032 HM3 915 961 955 prey. close 1111 1032 10-12 013 953 934 Stock Prices AT&T., Am Tobacco Anaconda Copper ... Beth Steel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Coin General Electric '.'. General Motors Int Harvester Montgomery Ward .. N Y Central North Am Aviation ... Packard Phillips .. ..!!"."..'.'.'." Radio Republic Steel "'. Socony Vacuum '. Studcbnker Standard oil N Texas Corp .. U S Steel .... ... 171 3-4 ... BO 1-8 ..- 28 1-8 . .. TO 1-4 ... 8G 1-1 ... 41-4 ... 121 3-4 ... 33 5-8 ... 53 5-8 ... 56 1-2 ... 53 1-4 ... 16 3-4 ... 24 3-4 . .. 31-2 ... 40 3-S ,.. 53-4 ... 201-2 ... II 5-8 ... 12 ... 41 1-2 ... 41 ... 57 1-4 Chicago Wheat open high low c | os e May 93 ioo 835-S 953-4 July 93 7-8 91 3-4 97 1-2 97 1-2 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. III.. Feb 15 (UP)—Hogs 9,500-8.500 on sale Top 555. . 170-230 Its., S30-5SO. HC-160 Its.. 465-525. Bulk sows. 4CO-465. Cattle 2.0CO. SOOD on sale. Liters 775-3SO. Slaughter steers, (535-1150. . Mixed yearlings mid heifers 750875. (daughter heifers, 655.1025. Dcef cows, 525-625. Cutters and low cutters. 375-SCO. Englishman Speaks Tonight After Addressing School Group Today Tlie fact Hint most of us nre prone- to forget Polan-.l in the Ibht of the Finnish W:,r is laek of understanding of the probable developments cf the future. Eric Illino- worth of Stoke-on- Trcnt, England, stressed when he spoke at the high school auditorium this morning as the third giieit speaker of the Institution of International Understanding sponsored by the Blythevil!e°Rotarv Club. The Briton pointed out that in the death of Poland lies the secret of the German and Russian temperaments and their probable forthcoming actions In the present war Presenting ihcse fact:.- from aii impartial viewpoint, Mr. Orim- wude captivated his audience with his Brlll'-h accent as well as hU wealth of words use to present three points ccnccrnlnj Poland i-i dealing with the lessons ta be I gained for the future. He told his audience that he expects the present war with Germany to last "indefinitely" and foresees r.o Immediate hsavy action on Ihe Western Front because cr tiu strong Gernnn and ?ren-h fortifications there. ' If the Allies want to win this . war, they should not only give nid to the Fines but they should trans- pore on army to Murmansk ant from there attack the wenk Russia n forces, thus breaking 'the mo- raic of the Russians stui \veaken- ! inj tiie Kiuso-Gertmn coalition h-> ' said. ' " I Should the Russians co;itl-us lo be friends with the Nazis. Germany can outlast the British -blockade through the aid of Russian raw materials, in the opinion of Mr Grimwade, . The Public siwakii,,; clas - o{ u , c city huh school, under direction of Miss Luna B. WHIiclm vrcr- sponsors of Mr. Orlmwadc's appear ar.ce. Ke will speak tonight 7'30 o'clock, at the high s:ho 3 l auditorium on -Britain's s la!!e In The European Crisis" i,i a free lecture -vhio.i is expt:t = d to be attended r.y a large audience. Chicago Corn. - , ^ ? MO.V r>31-8 SB 3-8' 557-8 531-4 July 561-4 ,167-3 561-8 661-3 Attend Funeral For Dr. William M. Majors Russian toxlbooks on winter warfare ladies uhc these Finnish officers a smile. Mcst Ku.sslnn sl;l books, issued to Iroops after success ol Finns' ski troops, are copied from Finnish niilhorltles. Boohs nnd banner of Stalin were captured at Suomiissiihnl. 1ISM _ Two White Men Confined Revenue Department To Dr. an:l Mrs. D. L. Boyd and Mrs. Ethel Gillespy are In Para- gou.'d for the funeral of Dr. Wil- linin Mack Majors, promineiu pliy- jlciiin. wiio tiled Tuesday night following a four-year Illness. He was 58. Dr. Majors was a bro- To Hospital After Accident Last Night Rcquirc Change [n ... chants Bookkeeping -f "T•!!!!£• 3 7 ' •'"!.? llow ..W. l !- > _ "Tn-E "CCK7 Ark, Feb. in DIES' US! UnAinci icaii Comini U c c Chninnai) Complains Of Leak' In His Group WASHINGTON, Feb. 15. <UP)~ Chahiimn Martin Dies of the house comnihiee Invesllytiltnj nn- Aincrlcim nativities, said today that motion picture industry producers hiid obtained In » mysterious manner u committee Inve.itlsjiitor's report on subversive activities In Hollywood. Kt'Uinilng to tho coj>lt:tl to take personal coinmnnd of his committee nie.i told newsmen Hint his first move would be lo stun the croup's Inquiry Into alleged sub- fwTiive Influences In Die motion .feline industry. "We aio u,:i,:rmliic(l to expose Hollywood." Oil's sal-.l. Next on the list for Investigation, he snld. are eaiuumciM brgnnlKatlons and "Communist in the government." Dies sild that motion plctuio producers hud "nnc of (he test organized campaigns n^nlnst the committee" In existence. As evidence of the ' producers' activities Dies snld a copy of a report made by n committee liives- UfliUor after el 3 ht months work In Hollywood had reuched members of the movie Industry. Dies MM that copies or tills ve- poit Imd been given privately lo committee members but Hint nothing wins supposed 'to have' baen liven out 'about • It. ' . "I nrn not prepared to go Into this fully," Dies said, "but [ understand the producers hnve copies of this report and havo mhnuo- Braphcd It. They oven know who the wilnesses nre lo be. Wo would like to find out how they got If" Ules said tliat tills being campaign year, lie would ask that the cotnmlllce hold no more public, hearlnj:;, Tim,, h c explained, the committee could nvold bciiv^ acr cusod of "Irylny to Influciu-e (lie coming presidential eleullon." counties of Clay. Greene. Mtels- on fcvcnuo <lc - Majois had long been outstanding :n medical affairs of Northeast Arkansas. He also served six years as councilor of the grouj), was secretary and treasurer'of the Greene County Medical Society for 12 years and was vice president of the Tri State Medical Society in 1932. He served on the Elate Examiners Board from 1D25 to 1MO was also a former county health officer of Greene County. A World War veteran, Dr. !rfaj- ors held the rank of lieutenant In i:ie medical corps and was active :n the American Legion, serving one time as commander of the Paragoujd jiost and commander of tiie Legion's District Four of Ark- | He was a graduate of Memphis Medical College In 1012 and te- forc locating at Pnragould had practiced at Walnut Ridge and i-afe. Aih. lie was v.-cll known In BIvllic- .•iile. Four Babys Born At Hospital Wednesday Valentine Day was celebrated at BlythevlHc Hospital by t;ie birth of four future Unpld targets. Ol t;ic number, three are ooys— ili bij and small—and there is one gin, who outweighs any of her newly-ai rived companions •Jiie son born to M,-. a , U | Mr , Eric Taylor, of near Cooler weighs four pounds and six ounces- tlic son born lo Mr. and Mrs.'John tinltli, city, weighs five pounds r.titi nine ounces; the son bum lo , °™m c <l at 10MO , . ic c ™' drlvon by „ u™,^^ „ '^^, f, l'?''^ 1 "™f b ,Cert ^' ,f 1r ^"' hl1 snul ho B ''° m "" "' i ° '' °~ who was repairing a flat tire on tiic sido of the highway. Mr. Wilson hns a fractured ankle and severe bruises over his entire bcdy. the extent, of which hart not been determined pending the making of x-ray pictures. Mr. Bind; has ia;ornt!ons on Ills lace and head nnd brute over his body. They arc at Walls lios- Mr. Kirkendall was only sliOnly bruised. It was bciisvcd. but lie was to undergo a more thorough elimination later today. The negro woman was seitP-J In the parked car which lv.\cl no lights, according to the while men. Mr. Pace told the group the pro- pcsed regulations would bring n "substantial Increase" In sales tax revenues, would prevent Illicit tiiilms lor exemptions and would protect legitimate retailers. H£ said the proposed new liitlous probably would go I F'ct In nbout n week If they nre approved by state Revenue Commissioner Z. M. McCarroil nnd Governor Ilailey. 'Ilie rules were drnwn up by a stair from tlie lev- einie department on the basl.« ol similar rettulntlons now in cllect Trail Of Death And j Destruction Left In Wake Of Severe Storm Hy (itilfnt Press ,-•• 'hidi for nlnioat 2'l hours baUcred the EasloHi Iroin Noflli Giimliiiii ( 0 Ontario,• nnd .left most of uinlor Dn-c'c i<> 20 indies nf siiow, moved occan- i.y «llur Inking n hoiivy loll ot' lives nnd cnusiiVfi property timinufo t'.slimalctl in (lie millions. . '. y£ * 'I'ne lorecnst was for clearing , -• ••- SKIM aild colder. wrnlhcr, dlsslpat- ]• /</-, ,, I • m * for (ho moment fear of dcvfU'- JllliniV (jOCS lrUI "B floo<ls whlch.wouid be certain Ti M- -10 l« follow n sudden tlmw. Hollywood, Sues For A Divorce 1,03 ANOEIJJS. Feb. in <t;i>)_ umi'fi Roosevelt, eldest aon of 1'resldeiit Roosevell, today Hied suit for divorce here In silivjiior Tnc ston "' '"•igiiinimg in the .'•oiillnvesl. pl6duccd the paradox o( violent northeastern gales- which Inshcd the stricken area nt velocities ranging from 30 (o 20 mites mi lionr. covca of smnll boats were pound 1 pieces at iholr moorings; * od (o Inrjei* vcrack were In courl. lie charged tlmt, hl.s wife. 1) ' C53 nl •«!>,, hljliways In half-fa uctt.v dishing lioo.wvell, , stales were blocked, ihoi- him more limn a year nuo llm!s ° r persons, many of them The brief complaint slated Hint scll()cl cllll(ll '">, wore marooned ail since Roosevelt had been In Holly- "'I™' ''«-'« were choked with fcij ii4iin>l I.I.. ,i.l r,. t._ , _ »_ _ . . . " (111[3 Kllmii i\l rint i'Li FSI..HI..A > .. JL.. '•': Holly wood Ills wife hud (ibscnled her self from their homo und llvnl nnd snow, eldctrlc service to scores of commmiltica was rilsrujitcd aii nway from him against his wishes f hc . Ilcl 3lit.of the storm and gale'; Insllc ' (1 ' In iiddhlon lo n divorce Itoose- voll pelllloncd Hie court for "such oilier relief n.s U mlsiit deem nd- vlsnblc to Brunt him." ' Tlie 32-ycur-utd son uf the prcsl- caused Ine.-.tliiubli <IMn "^ e - ' W' J ' llc slornt took nt lenst five Hyti '" r-cniisylvunui, four In Ohio, .'ou'i; ln ^ c * Yor k Oity, two In ups'tale ...^ o^-^uni-uiu hun ui uic * VIT ^ ui ^ ^j^y, LWU in upstate dent nnd .his esliaiujcd wife have Nl ™' v '° r k «'»! six in New Englandi two clilltlren, Sara Uclnno, nine ''eriinps the worst damage was iii and ,Kate, four.' Now England where cojsi.-il sli|j>- ' ping siuiered add five major fires were reported. • : ' u In BDSIOII lo.ooi) persons wlia ntlciided Soiija Henlc's ice show $1' the Garden' irerc forced to spc'nd the nljln in the aiidi'.oriuin aiid other tnomnnds were maroonad In sm.way tsrmlnals. ,. . , Tiio blfzmd Ins'hcd all of Go'h- necllotit, forcing .Bclfools to cloie , B »". KS elsewhere, marooning nulo- ' Fanncrs On Efforts For Reich" ' oSi'S^'l^'fflS i^"«^;5»T ft "i breaki ahd"dclii''iils other • form i of transportation. T/ie 'storm \\nj so severe that Lloyd w. ShjLlon, 37, riitiunetl volunltu-llv l» the imo'n"- Cllccliml)s Today Following Burns Received On Jan! 24 Telllnis ,t|ip farm pien and wo- J Icy httU lo " Syracuse In thc. 1 .,,men-of Oernmny that Adolf Hit- , warnmis, heartej for!.-Ithaca' lor UcMiiM 'thnl the- solvo the J'-T "n. itoMcsvdt.jpenks toaay. problem • of 'inBlnlnlnliiif produc- ? ,, , r c ". l ,' ro ' :c down nnU fcar was .lion, Cloerlng said that Oernmny P 11 lor U l olr . sa , f , ct >' lor « '«»=• *&.. [Had a .seven million-ton when" r" 1CJ: '' C:lcllc;(l Itllac:> '^t »U'M at-»»«. .(hut a million Po^innny fL 1 ,, 1 ?™ 1 * tllclr ™'' «l»lwd;-St I thousnirJs already In acnnnny— " omcr ' - . •';•". would work on the Reich' 1 ; Innil Metroiiolltsin New York was db- that some soldiers would bo re-' '" 8utl by clght lncllcs of snow..'A lensed for farm work and that, the c a< I5 ' ClH ' mc " worked ail r.ignt Ifltle-r Youths would be called out Wl111 f >lm ' s - ^tuners nnd broonis to aid. Cicrmnns, hc deelared, must face ° ven a ' ul , keeping tne mam trainc o. iNujcnl, \iu)Ui> uurmuiis, nc (iceiaied, must face ' fjwmu ^. wujcni, \iu,)Ui;/ many hardships because of Hie camm| ss"inur or sanu.u.un, oraered war but they are "not starving" °" t ~ :1 ' OM "'"si'^ncy workers at ; 7 and there Is no local conl short- "'"'" ' iae sl AIM '"> tcloyr«ph sys- nge. lc '» 'nl-ed in tne Jaiiuuu, Queens The troops rire particularly well Vllln 8c «»d Uayslae sections from fed. ho ndcicd, aftd the nresenl rnnl J "•'"• to 4:3() »•»'• A firs pitrol urns lecclvcd wlien her clothing became [Bulled while .standing near . B .st'.vc nt her fnrm home The ,e- trngccly occurred Jan. 2<l near Lake City. Ark. Mr. and Mr.s. Onuirr . ... ''"'I moved there three weeks bc- lerrtalc commerce nnd lor sales fore from Manila, where both had Mrs. Dollic Onrner, 20-year-old wife of Raymond Garner, died at shorta»c afrcctiiig "'tho"usn"ndV"of " as < -' 5lnljl ^l'c - iiiytlicvlllc hospltnl last night of liomc.s. npartinents nnd office s "' ccl t " 01 '° nt nbou ' 5 n -"'-. «'Uh . .. established. Tne storm sub- In the ether 20 states with sales 'tax laws. The new rcguhtlcns will set «l> " - st/lVC nl lier fnrm ~i>on\<? "Hie war. definite machinery whereby • • Sailers can claim exemptions for rc.'n.le, for sales In to federal instrumcntnlltlt'.';. Face said tiie only basis for cmptions now were staUmcnts by the nein wrecked. retailers and Hint litigation oltcn developed over these claims. Under Ihc proposed new plan, retailers would be furnished with Certificates of resale on which they claim c-xemptions. ns to Mrs. L. B, McCann, 68, Of Near Mrs. L. B. McCain, resident of the Ulnrkwak-r community iicar Manila for the past 29 years, died at RlythcvlUc Hospital last nlsiht where she had bctn n patient fol- | Jowiny a stroke of apoplexy which occurred 2j days a»o'. She was CD. fi.nercl tiles will be held Friday afternoon at tiie Methodist church wJiom the sales for resale nre made would be required to MJU the cer- j tlficatcs. Mr. Pace said it had b:en pio- 5 posed that the retailers make nn it mi::c<l list of sucii sslcs for ic- sale but .several groctrs who at- Undcd last night's mcctlnj protested tha tsuch proscdure would ictjuite ten mucll Uookkcenimt. 'the to Mr. and Mrs. Otto SchAcffer, city,^ uciglis nine pounds snd eight Fire Damage Slight At Lake Street House A flrc al 813 South Lake street at 10 o'clock this, morning caused orly a very slight damage Tlie gasoline beins used to fill a gasoline iron spilled to causa the blaze. . 1st Church of Blythcviile, v-lth turinl in Manila Cemelcrv. A resident ol Mississippi County : fo- :r.ore than 40 years. Mrs, Mc• Csin came here from, v/hrre slie was torn. j she is survived by three sons, I.ols ar.d Clyde McCain of l.-'V.e Ci:y. Ark., ar.d Belhal McCain of i Mju'.ilii, find tiirec (laughters, Mrs. Et'ilrJi Odom of Dexter, Ma,. Mrs. Ailie Forsythe of Lcaeiiville nnd Mrs. Lula Woodnrd of Houston, Texas. ., Thompson Funeral Homf of I Manila Is In charge. revenue dcrartmcnt attorney said j she staggered outdoors nnd laps- a pinn mljht be V.TO — .. llsllnj of gross sales. re.'Wcd all of their lives. Eevrrcl.v bui;:.-d on the hips and buck lo the bnsc of Ihe skull, her condition had heen very serious all Hie lime and pneumonia developed io cause more complications. Presence of mind nil?ht have saved her life because she rolled herself In the mow to smother the tamos but Ihcy'lmd already burned thrcujh her clothing and deep into her flesh. Alone In the house. Mrs. Gnr- n'r was standing xvlth her tack — ••- —•••-•• —••('.••'v^.n..v.;i lo the living room stove when hcri , ' t!lc ilcv - J - L - Nc,v£om ofii- - clatlng'with binLil In Nort;i s.iwj,. cemetery. inc « survived by three daughters, Mrs. Myrtle Rusk. Miss Lillle .'ie;ii|)htli and Miss Flossie B. nomcs. apartments nnd office ""•"• lu nDDU ' s n -"'-. with buildings in Germans' Is due to U ,' e tcin rw«it"i-e at ao degrees, and liansportatlon dlmcultles nnd IVm " ullou s h th = city sua.vay system war. vvns »ot affectej, hundreds of "We me not starving" hc said th1 °" s ; 1Illis of commuters tiom the "we do not have too much but we slll)llrl)s lmn ^ '"cir trains clclaycil. are not starving." New York's, LaGuardin Airport He .said Gumuny could not be wns of "clal.y closed yooierdny and beaten militarily, econoniLnlly or "" l)ia ti;0 ut iij s-n'eJu'iud jlljnis morally." ' c.ii:ct\cd. cnirpmj W as uficupicil tiiiuiiiiiuui mi area; some tia.'iij M.., I}.,, ij i •„ werc t»'o hours or more late, >••"• MIS. Uelty Hcmphlll ' Uhodc Islaiv-J and the- se,v.Eng- Dies At Age Of 70 lm " coa51 wcre '" rd wt - Provl - Mrs. Betty Hemphtll died yesterday al her homo south of GOjiieil WIIITB siie had Jucrt lor many ycnrs. She would have b;cn 70 July'14. Fiuiernl rites were conduced this afternoon nt Gosr.cli Baptist church s caught «flre. Failing to extinguish tho flpmcs with a bucket cf water, she rolled over and over on the llcor but the flumes crept over her body and out for Contract Behveen Two Utility Firms Approval LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. Feb. 15.— The .state utilities commission approved a contract yesterday under which the Arkansas-M'wourl Po» - - ov Corporation ot Ulythcvllle will sc "' power wholc-ele ti the Arkan- , , as ut) i itlts com fo ,. dlstrlhimon i Hel( ,,, a Mar- towns, , The contract, termed' "bsncflclal to both" utilities, will expire Aujusl 8, 1042 and will be submitted to the . fedsral power commission (or approval. d Into unconsciousness while cali- Inj for help as she rolled in the snow. A r.clghtor. J. \V. Reloford. who -.'.T.S passing the Garner house, beard h'r screams and after the mow had killed the fire, he took Mrs. Garner Into the house and summoned nld. Funeral services be held Friday morning, II o'clock, nt the Mnr.'la Baptist church by the Rnv. Fols Scott, pastor of the FnlrvUvr nnptlst church, with burial in Manila cemetery. The remains were removed frcm ^lyti'evl'l, to Manila by Thompson Funeral Home of \faiiils, who Is in charge. £ho Is survived by her mother, Mrs. Mary Bragg, and three sisters, all of Manila. Hemphill of near Oosnelr one . of here. trolhcr, Sidney A. Bjvtlie, and one " Mrs. S. E. Covinston, both no Funeral Home was In charge. WEATHER Arkansas —Occasional rains, warmer tonight; Friday cloudy, rain hi enst portion, warmer In extreme east portion, colder In northwest portion Friday afternoon or night. Memphis and vicinity—Increasing cloudiness and warmer followed by rain, tonight lowest tJm- peralurc about 48, Friday rain and The maximum temperature here yesterday was 45, minimum 20, , lear, according to Samuel P. Nor- rls, official weather observer. . , deuce was Isolated alter 9 oxidise last nig/it wncn roads becama .e. Palien tciepljone ii»J hgnt. II acred tn= hi»h\vays. Hotels were jammea with je.-j.iciid tinvelsrs, many sleeping in lobbils'. Hugo seas poucned tne coast and 50 persons Had a narrow es:ape'6h ttie Boston Ferry M.cnael J. Psr- *.ins, winch slipped Iroin her moor- Itijs while unloading and wi's biown a mile down tne h.iroor be- >orc a Ins got. the boat in to.v. ;•',' In New Jersey, the to.vrs of Wiidwood. WildJood Crest aiVd North Wildwood, \vith more than 10.000 residents, wera left witnout eicctric.ty when a transformer fme o;ew out during the gjle. An unoccupied house in Jersey city was oiown from 'its foundation ard crashed Into the home oi Dinlel i'Diing and his iamily, who .njury. Farther soul'n, threa In;hes .of -now and ice covered Washington, .vhere the \vlnd Iwd been 50 miles in hear. North Carolina was swept oy cyclonic v.inis tor 13 hours. At jrccnsboro, in tlie middle of tho itate, several peisons \ver« lujuiej oy glass blown : from wisdowj. Commuulcation and power lit^ ,vere blo^n down In all parts ,pf the 'state. At Elkln, "the root »•»> blown from the elementary scnoOl but 500 'Children and 40 teachers escaped" Injury. •••-. : : ' ''

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