Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 16, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 16, 1894
Page 5
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A MAN'S APPEARANCE Isjargely made up of "tfie things. This is why a?-Gentleman's Furnishings, Ties, Collars, Cuffs, Shirts and the et ceteras generally, are worthy of some thought and attention. Spring and Summer necessitates an entire renewal in these lines. We invite an inspection of our large stock. YODB NAME IN PRINT. Item* of • Per.oii.l Character Con- •ernlng lowmiporlera and Their Vrleaa* MissJGlen Bovan is visitirg at Indi. anapolle. C.B. Landis, of Delphi, was in the city yesterday, DEWENT THE HATTER AND FURNISHER. COME AND SEE US NOW You must have a Spring Suit. Come to us; we make them from $20 to $60. Tucker & Young, PEARL ST. TAILORS. •POWDER- PUREST AND BEST. POUNDS, 20$. JfALVES,IOt.QUARTERS,5t. DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY MORNING, MAY 16, See the elephant today. Riverside Park begins to look like a fenulne park. Your shirts made to orde r by Pat- irion, the shirt maker. The new water works pumps will bo S«dy for use in a day or two. Read the plan for securing tho com- lete sot of Marie Burroughs Art ortfollo. John B. Minneman and Delia Gallaher; Wm. Brixius and Lizzie Catsubo •re yesterday licensed to marry. Fourth street Is again being torn up ir tewer connections. New sewer fnnectlon is being made with the 'infield block. State Senator MoHugh of Tippe- noe county, city attorney of La/ay, to, and author of the celebrated bill which municipal officers claim the rht to hold until September folio r an election, last night voluntarily tlgnei hit position with *he city of fayette, because he believed that a »»ge of administration having been »by the Republicans they were titled to the offices. George P. ywood wat elected as hit successor ir which the Council removed the •r incumbents and named their oeuors. The offloers who were ipred utepped ailde under protest, Hag » conitruction of the new law h* Supreme Court, sustains the Ittj of the MoHoffb bill, they will MM W forth* tin* lott. THE HIGH BINDERS METHODS. The manner In Which tbe •'Tonga'" or That Hoathcu Soclotr l»l»po«o or Tuclr Vlcilnm. During the past winter and in tho early spring- tho mysterious presence ot numbers of atrango Chinamen in Logansport and their evident designs of some equally mysterious character upon the inoffensive Chinese laundry man and tea merchant, Lee Wah Sin on Third street, created no sma.1 amount of talk about "Hlffh Binders and the methods of this moat crimina organization in this country. Con corning tbe methods of this sooief the following dispatch from Sai Francisco gives some detail, Tho dispatch says: The battles of warring highbinders In Chinatown have taken a new turn. The fury of these murdering bands Is now being wreaked upon the helpless women who are the slaves of High binder masters. It has long been an unwritten law In Chinatown that life should be taken for life, and whenever a Highbinder has been murdered the member of his long, or society have invat lably taken the life of some member of the Tong whoso members were supposed to have done the killing. In this way Highbinder warfare when once started, claims many victims. On the 8th instant Choy Glm, a Chinese woman, who was an Inmate of a Church street brothel, died In the Receiving Hospital from a bullet lired into her head by an assassin whom tho police could not discover. Early this morning a second woman, named Quee Sing, was murdered In a Dupont-street brothel. Tbe fact that this morning's victim Is a chattel of a Highbinder leader, whose Tong rivals that to which tbe first victim's master belongs, Is suffio* lent proof to the police that Highbinder jealousies are at the bottom of the two brutal murders. Neither of the helpless women bad done any. thing to provoke her assassination. More murders of a similar oharaocer are looked for. These helpless women are valued by their masters In Chinatown all the way from $1,000 to $2,000 and the Highbinder's most sensitive point Is the purse. Neither assassin Is known to the police. World'* Columbian ExpoilCloB Will be of value o the world by 11. lustrating the improvements In the mechanical arts and eminent physicians will tell you that the progress In medicinal agents, has been of equal Importance, and as a strengening lax tlve that Syrup of Figs Is far In ad vanoe of all others. Fred Smith the Bloomlngton cigar man was in tho city yesterday. Mrs. Joaiah [Baztn has rpturned from a pleasant visit at Grigg§ville, Mrs. Nettie Butler and eon of North Judson are visiting the family of J. B. Stanley., Mrs. Harry|Bringburst' has joined her husband here after an extended visit in Chicago. Miss Ella Curtner, who was visiting the family of Jos. Patterson, departed yesterday for her J home at Denver Col. Mrs. frank Goodwlne, of Kokomo, Is in the city at the bedside of her father, Mr, Lighthelzer, on Pratt street. Rev. T. S. Freeman is in Huntington attending the Northern Indiana District Convention of the Christian church. Kenneeaw JM. Landls is In the city and is looking unusually well. He has gained flfteenypounds under this administration. No one but an officeholder could do it. Peru Journal: Glen Forgy of Logansport, was In the city today.... Miss Lizzie Wolf returned to Logans, port Saturday night, after a few weeks' visit with Miss Mary Woldnor. Judge and Mrs. D. P. Baldwin departed Monday evening for New York, whence they will sail for England. They will make an extended European trip, traveling throughout the northern countries.of that continent. Miss Katie Casale entertained the young ladles of the Fashion store IE. a very pleasant manner at her home on Spear street last evening. Choioe refreshments were served and the party souvenirs wore elegant and novel. Mrs. T. S. Freeman and daughter, Miss Maud Freeman of Grand Rapiis and Mrs. Judge Dieckerman and her daughter, Miss Eva Dieckerman of Hillsdalo. Mich., are visiting in the city guests of Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Wilson. boys and feeble old men. May blessings fall upou you, as jou succor vho needy at your door. Write postal at once to Mrs. Glffa, '1004 North street, saying tho collector may call upon you for $2, more or loss, setting your own time in which this Is to be paid. Board of Lady Managers—Mea- dames Taylor, Glffe, Grable. Clark, Barker, Wilson, Lowe, Knaus, Getty, Stevenson. Trustees—Gentlemen: B. C. D. Read, Dr. Justice, J. C. Hadloy,' Thoe. Tuley, Sol Wise, S. L. Tanguy, W. A. Wilson. J. E. Barnes, Q. A. Myers. MONSTER GAS WELL. ChlcBEOMi* strike a "Gunhnr" In Ohio That Flows CO,OOO,OOO a Day. The largest gas well in the Obio or Indiana fields was drilled on tho Wallace farm, throe miles west of Fostoria O., Monday. The lease 19 owned by the Chicago Oil Company, and the well was started lastQwoek in territory which was considered worthless. It came in at 4 o'clock in tho afternoon, and when the tools were thrown out the workmen had to run for their lives. The drill stem and rope were thrown fully five hundred feet The well is estimated at 50,000,000 feet of gas per day, the largest well In the world. The gas-caught fire from the forge and the derrick has been burned to the ground. The woods aro blazing In many places and flames can be seen shooting up one hundred feet above the tree tops. One curious feature Is that In more than one hundred places water is spouting through the ground to the height of ten to twenty feet. AN AGEKEMEMT RKACniCD. The joint committee from the American Kailway Union and the St. Paul aid Minneapolis Business Men's Association came to an agreement late Monday evening with President Hill of the Great Northern road regarding the terms of the settlement of the ttriko. Mr. Hill promised to hire no more new men and to take back all tho old men who had participated in the strike. Those who had been arrested for destroying the company's property will be kept at work as long as they aro not proven guilty. All cm. ployes will be reinstated into tbe positions held by them before the strike commenced and shall not be discriminated against for the p&rt taken by then: in tho strike, Thig practically concedes all the points asked for by tho employes. WHAT PEOPLE SAY IS NOT WHAT MAKES A REMEDF VALUABLE. Mtnirt'* I>yNpc|>»)a Tablet, nrc Gcotf Hocan.e They-do Kood-IIecaune They Core. KAST BOUND SniPMENTS. East bound shipments from Chicago during last week were 52,856 tons, against 55.769 for the week preceding and 59,390 /or the corresponding week of last year. The roada carried ton. nage as follows: Michigan Central, 5,570; WabaBh, 5,787; Lake Shore, 8,382, Fort Wayne, 4,452; Pan Handle 5,789; Baltimore & Ohio, 3,SCO; Grand Trunk, 7,522; Nickel Plate, 4,871; Erie, 5.260; Big Four, 1,973. The Concr«8Monal Situation. The Valparaiso Videtto, Judge Tohnaon's organ, says: The Sunday Chicago papers con. alned another chapter in the lon^ list of disreputable work to bo charged to the Landis bureau of correspondence which hug been eo prominently in evidence during this congressional campaign. There appears to have boon Uttle lhat was too shady for these "journalistic" workers to attempt, and this last effort to bolster up a hopeless cause by a disgraceful tissue of false charges and unfounded attacks on the character of the Valparaiso candidate seems nearly to reach, tho last mark. Such charges as this show the sentiment back of it and indicate clearly that it will not be safe to nominate a candidate backed by such Influences. There Is a demand for the advice of cool, calm citizens. Happily Wedded. Wm, Brlxius, the well kaown Fan Jandle blacksmith and Miss Lizzie 3assube, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cassube sr., were married at nine o'clock yesterday morning in St. 'oseph's Catholic church by Kev. Father Kcehne. They left for Cln- innati on No. 18 where they will remain for a few days. The groom has urnlsbed a oozy home for his bride on High street between Ninth and Tenth nd on their return tram their wed- Ing tour they will go to housekeeping at once. Success go with them. A Tramp'* FJnd and the ; Remit. When Deputy Sheriff John H. Smith went to sleep Monday night he concealed his pocket book which con. talned $70 carefully within the sleeve Of hie shirt. John has been doing turnkey duty at the jail lately and was sleeping In the jail office. During the night a lodger was brought in and John got up to unlock the doors of tbe jail. In the morning tho lodger ap. poared especially anxious to get away and left before breakfast. It was not long before John discovered that his pocket book was gone and with U the $70. Diligent search about tho office failed co reveal it and It occurred to the anxious deputy that tho tramp who was so,eager to get nway ml^ht have a criminal knowledge of the whereabouts of the missing wealth; that the pocket book might have fallen out of its place of concealment when ho locked the tramp up and that the latter had found it. This reasoning proved to be true. Last evening officer Tom Morris found the tramp Bitting at the Golden Rule corner lit. erally "drunk and dressed up," and escorted the fellow to jail. The tramp had spent .$55 of the $70 during the day there being but $15 on him when .put in the second time. He had on a new suit of clothes throughout, even to fine hand, kerchiefs in his pockets; had bought a hair out, shave and bath, and rigged himself out In good shape. He also had in his po'cket a ticket for Chicago. Hie sudden prosperty, however, was too much for him, and In celebrating his accession to wealth and affluence took on Jso muoh liquor that he fell again Into the clutches of the law. He gave his name as Mike Norwick, and said that he lived In Chicago. He has placed himself liable to charge of larceny which charge will probably be prosecuted. ADDITIONAL LOCALS. Drilling U Pofttpoiied, Oil well No. 8 was to have been "drilled In" at the Royal Center oil field this morning. Yesterday afternoon the drillers lost the bit of the drill and this break will necessarily postpone the drilling in of the well. A number of towns-people had ar ranged to drive out from here this morning to the oil well, but their trip will thus be deferred until the lost bit li recovered and operations again begin. Little 4-year.old Mable 'Self of Spear street met with a painful aool about 12 o'clock The IlomeortheFrIeDdle«8. The Board of Managers and Trus. tees for the Home of the Friendless have issued a circular letter asking the public to aid them In tfcelr "Two dollar plan." As the letter says, the plan Is simply this: Men and women everywhere are Invited to give $2— that Is all. True, It li, that rich people have laughed at so small a call, and have given five and ten dollars In place of the $2. Every one's large gift a* well at the small will be received, b'ut we a*lc for $2 and give you your own time, withli the next liz months, to pay thii money. Who can To Chas. Sauers and wife, a daugh. tor. The Epworth League of the Broadway M. E. church, gave a novel and very pleasant entertainment at that church last evening which was quite largely attended. The 3-year-old son of \V llllam Gordon died at the family residence corner of 19th and High streets at S o'clock p. m. Monday. The funeral will be held at 2:30 this afternoon from the residence- The families of Martin Rothermel, Martin Carroll and Chan. Myers all of the South Side, suffered severely Saturday night from the effects of some unwholeiome cheese which had been partaken of heartily by all the mem bers of the three families. Miss Llllie Yelder died at Si. Joseph's hospital yesterday at 3 a. m, of shook, the result of an operation for abdomldal tumor performed at the hospital" the day be/ore. The funeral will be held at 2:30 this afternoon from the residence of A. B. Keeport on East High street, services conducted by Rev. Dr. Putnam. Maj. J. H. Wise, representing Lojran Lodge No' 40,1. 0. 0. F. and W. C. Morris, representing Eel River Lodge went to Indianapolis yesterday afternoon to attend the Grand Lodge meeting. Canton Logan .and many Other members of the local lodges The Wabash pay car will be hero Monday. Pan Handle engines 489, 490 an •A" will be sent to the Columbu shops for repairs. Tho Wabash earned in the firs week of May $181,200, a decrease a compared with the same week of 189 of |48,110. The big steam hammer at tho Pan Handle shops which broke down about a week ago has been repaired and was in operation again yesterday. To accommodate the denizens of the neighboring towns tho Wabash will run specials this evening after the enow is over between Peru and Burrows. L-ogansport and Richmond are said to produce more lawsuits against railroad companies than any other two cities in the State, Indianapolis alone excepted. Eastern roads are said to be more affected by ths coal strike than western linos. The New York Central Sunday took several unimportant trains off for tho lack of fuel. On Monday the convention of tho B. of L. E. wore chiefly engaged in discussing the Lehlgh Valley strike matter. The G. I. U. discussed iho point of ranking the insurance feature ! compvlsory. The majority of the delegates seem to be In favor of es tablishing the measure. G. W. Adams a Wabash conductor residing at Andrews and well known here, has written a scathing article In a paper published at Anderson denouncing the American Railway Union In unmistakable terms. The A. R. U. it seems is not a favorite In this part of the country. The Pennsylvania Railroad department of the Young Men's Christian Association at Philadelphia last week, held its commencement exercises and diplomas were given to forty members of ths classes In stenography, telegraphy, mechanical draughting, bookkeeping, arlthmatio and penmanship. Yesterday morning, at 7 o'clock at St. Bridget's church, Rev. Father Kroeger officiating, Mrs. Delia Gallagher was united la marriage to Mr. John B. Minnoman, a former resident of this city, now a guard in the peni tentiary at Michigan City. After a brief visit here Mr. and Mrs. Minne- nan will take up their residence at Michigan City. To Mr. and Mrs. Leopold Burgman of the East End, a son. Xestlmonial8;aro good things, and. weareaU-<ns R ] n d to g el them, but they con't make our remedy any better. They prove that the Ttblets have helped oiher peopie, but it Is -your. self you are most interested in, and whether they will cure you is the question. It is v «ry easy to find out —try them. A package only costs fifty cents. Tbev are worth that if they only help you a little bit. The chacce is worth taking. We put it on that bads becauee you don't know about the Tablets. If you knew as much as wo do, you would have perfect confidence. We havo seen them cure the very worst cases of Dyspepsia. Cuses of .'ong standing and obstinacce—caees that all other medicines and tveu the ben doctors had failed to subdue. We honestly acd Grm'y believe that Stuart's Dytpepsia Tablets aio the best medicine ever prepared for the cure of stomach troubles. Don't mistake our meaning. We don't claim that the Tablets will cure anything but Dyepepsia and stomach disorders. Just the ODO thing :? what they are made for, but that one thing Is the cause—the starting point of nearly all the sickness in tho world. Keep your stomach in good condition and you can. never bo very sick. Here are a couple of testimojials if you care to read them. We have thousand* of ibcm. Kich package of the tablets contains aiot of them. I received your tablets and gave them a thoroujh trhl. They did me so much good that 1 have recommended them "cry highly to my friends and the result has been that I have got orders for IS packages which I want you to seed me as early as possible. I am a responsible business man and refer you to the First National Bank of Pittsburg. Yours truly HAKKY HANKS, Furniture and Carpet House, 635 WabastSt., Pittsburg. Pa. Juno 10th, 1892. Please ?enj my wife another box of our Dyspepsia Tablet*, as her health B improving- very rapidly. With many thanks, SAMI-KJ. R. L L -KE. Sjiricgiiold, Mo., Box 468 Stuart'a Dyspepsia Tablets are prepared only by Stuart Chemical Co., Marshall, Mich., and are sold by all druggists at .00 cents a package. Xcw T. A. B. Society. At a meeting Sunday evening tho St. Bridget't T. A. B. society was organized, with the following officers at the head: Spiritual Director—Father Kroeger. -•President—Father Kelly. Vice-Pi esident—John Holland. Recording Secretary—Bessie Cun. ningbam. Financial Secretary — Gertrude Murphy. Treasurer—John Stapleton. Marshal—Wm. Driscoll. Delegates to the state convention to 10 held here June 12—John Holland, Jertrude Murphy and Bessie Cunningham. The new organization starts out with a membership of 78. Tbe Bnabinc* Again. Publication has been made of the pursuit of Mrs, Clara Bushing after her husband John Bushing and her locating him at Huntington where she preferred charges against him for adultery. John evaded the law by escaping back to Logansport whither Clara also returned. Last evening John turned the tables on his wife by filing an affidavit against her charging adultery and upon this affidavit a warrant was issued upon the strength of which Mrs; Bushing was arrested and is now In jail. To Chris Kiezling and wife, a son. OflLL ON L I KELLER - - - FOR Fine Tailoring. the bon«i of her rl«ht : for«*rm. 311 MflRKBT STRBBT.

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