The Bee from Danville, Virginia on May 17, 1963 · Page 5
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The Bee from Danville, Virginia · Page 5

Danville, Virginia
Issue Date:
Friday, May 17, 1963
Page 5
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OUR BOARDING HOUSE —With Major Hoopla TMIS PiCTURH \SUL PUT A\B (N <3OOO WITH TK" 6POKTS EDITOR.' Me LlK'ES to PLAY Much Still To Be Done HEARD/ OF LOSSRS A 6KID6- 65= BUT TH16 IS THE F!i W& OUT OP A 6KANDSTAND/ WASHINGTON 7 '-Pi-Aprcsido.niia] council reported today that substantial progress toward assuring greater dignity and security for the older Ameriean has bee. 1 ) made in the pas ir> y^ar.s. • "But—so mueh still has to be done," it said. • There are almost is million Americans tvi years old or over. The first annual report of tho Presidem's Council on Ai'in« made DO specific new n-eomniendalioiLs on its own. : Instead, it poiMic-d to I'n-^iik-nt Kennedy'.'! program as mii lined in h snoeia] mes-ai:e on ;e_!ing to cabinet members—tha secretaries Of ihe people Cwjress last Feb. 21. The pro- f " heailh, education and weliaro; head household.- (.'rarn includes hospital insuraneo irea.-'ury; agriculture., comrncrci added to the Social Seeuriiy Sys- and lalxjr—and threu tein. " hcai 6OT ''.t j ,& TlCK'&T- (>, T!-e comict! said if this recommendation, along with others, is ,-jpprrived, it will add "a new dimension to the dignity and sdi- reypect lo millions of ihe nation's a.t;o. older citizens '' i The council is- composed These are from UK- .Service. Commission, Veterans Affairs and tlie Housing and Homo Finance Agency. Tho council was named a vear 1 or older who aboui one-third live in dilapidated housing. ' l! , ru '-j The employment problems of unl older Americans have persisted and grown with the passing year:-;. During the H.ifiH fiscal vear the spend or and ihe carrier Kearsarge of ral government will 'administer Si? billion (or the , ! In its first report, it said, it m arly l!i million older Americans -,01-0^ the n \° wanted to present a broad picture M]( \ will also provide special tax ' ~ of the a:\ini; in America as a ^ of S7T5 million. Gordon Cooper Wins Praises Of Europeans Even Nikita Sends Message LONDON' <AP»—The coo! com- .w. iron nerve nnd skill of as- tronniii Gordon Cooper aroused i he wonder and astonishment uf Westorn RurojH' UxLiy. World loaders—including Soviet Premier Khrushchev—cabled congratulation.'; to Pre.sklent Ken- next. Khrushchev saluted the "Courageous American astronaut" and .said his flight had "made a new contribution (o Ihe exploration of the uf t!ie uni- ver.-v." Through the evening and into •he early morning Europeans followed ihe last tension -packed hours oi hi.-,- voyage. They didn't _;o to bed until ihoy knew that he was down and .->afo. In cities and to was acrcxss Western Europe- they fallowed the thrilling .story on radio and television links with Cape Canaveral Unusual Belts For Summer spread DRY GLEANING AT In by 10 Ouf by 3 Diol SW 3-5431 Convenient Locations the story was front pages, "Gordon does it by the lii-, pants." trumpeted the Daily Mirror. "Glorious splashdown! Daily Herald cried "All By Himself!" ran Mail banner. The admiration was life—as a result of seien-lion a year. panied by relief thai ho had made tilic, economic, and social ad- down .safely alter Ihe worry ivaiu'cs hi this centucy—but is let! .'recommendations: grants to ^IhrHwhen technical failure in the eap- iwithout the financial means to. ulilte st£ltp <, and communities tortile forced him to drive the thing (solve satisfactorily many eco-' s . tci , llp thoir activities and ser-|down himself. _Thc Bee: Danville, Va., Friday, May 17, 1963 Quick Physical Recovery Made By Astronaut KF.AKSAKGK AHOAH1) rSS \I M -- Asironant ' svho Ml jjiddy 1 rear firsi from j w:is in bouncy physical sliapc by 1'lhe time he had finished his fir.s't [ \entiv i two-hour medical examinali u — | a preliminary to others which will tollow When told he could dress, he MO UK VISITING IXHTOKS <;F,.\KV.\ (API — Television serials with medical themes, aru causing people to visit tlieir doctors more often, the World Health Or^ani/ation says. "Tin 1 relatively rapid sophistication of many communities in medical mailers is due in part at >rdflo Cooper, least to radio and television." when he erau!,\l ;,aid a WHO report today. "Tin's his .-.pace capsule, • is producini: an increased demand for early dia^noM.-. and pre- ^ has effects. If the pre.senled itself I imagine any- period of we is; caused any bad problem had not danced a lilllo jk and said, "Okay'by now, I eann j! .101 all .set In ..u." -tiling serious developing " j Or Richard I, Pollard .said' The doctor said, "Coo|>er just iCoope.r then <-iimik\l throe High's couldn't believe that fie could dis- jol stair.s "almost faster than Ijtin.gnLsh buildings and roads at eoukl." Pollard is 30 years oki.'thai height 'up to K1C, and C oper U 3d. hv was impressed by the Pollard described C<x>por as of Ihe Himalaya Mountains." beiii'j "tires!. ;is you can well cx-i vThis was tiio first disclosure • peel." but in hinh spirits. The thai Cooper luid indeed been able 'asip.inaul's weigh! iell from H!i lo to spot h uses an.I roads Irorn .-o '" ''in tlr.s was considered high above ihe earth as he whirle;! i normal, 'around it nl 17.TiOO miles an hour ) j Cooper indicated thai in flight' . .—. |he had only nibbled at his pre-j Tho most disastrous hurricnne pared t(Kn.l and had some trouble in property damage ever to hit drinking out ol the n.. ot HLs^llio United States was Diane. i "'" '' L ' "' means of enlisting Ihe interest and concern of Americans .ncii- er.iily. Sonic of the parU of its picture By palio <eat of' oan ' London wearing intere panis and dane sting hells, mother i' separates make The older American has g result of scien- lion and social ad- Annul 1 .; its recommendations, the. report included hospital insurance a.nd Ihe proposed lax reduction which it said would lower the taxes for :>.-! million older Americans by l%r> by nearly $!!()() mil-' a vear. e illusion ol bciui; ! completely different outlits. Tin ;t.\vo illustrated can k> made i< t j u> :'ook eitliei' dressy or casual de on the fabrics vou c.ioo-c drape sT'CuivIy, On right two pleat.-, shaping Ihe and lack, place .1 large or jeweled pin n\er thi a aceoin- (nomic, social and means to many eco- medieal problems, izeii iiousiim and expansion of pr'/s| As the facts surrounding thear eut ]aw! . i() hc , o|dej . W01 - k(>1 . rf 'hvalth problems show, the pn-, imary need of older Americans is I ia 'oa'sic plan of ho.-pilal insurance.! I The average older person living i ialone has an income of only $1,-' np vices lor older people, senior cifi- Millions; of Europeans shared eultou satin lo no will] ni\ pastel pants and silk sluri. For the Ixitlom belt, I used rayon ial- teta for hostess and dance skirls. Two-Tone Cotton Sash: Cut two pieces of different colors on the bias. Each strip is 8 inches wide and as Jong as your front waist Srotl i\ rr ft-.rcJrr .III U'..J 1 , luil h. of rn.iil YOU Scon CAM '.iri oi measurement inches. Add •2 inch for seam allowance. right sides togethe With t\vo lonq. i?() L-nvelf prinlmq lecls ior Hid I tills ot f 'It- H i: r i. win.; to r/iiiirlii IMK ri-tv.p^P'T . t.Tl- cH i;liin",-,iiJ, il.imp- ?ij(. n7 cuin to cover moil popular oi ,imori() columns. hookU-l WCTC •V.'^-i Scull's As soon ;is h*> reac-luxl .sick bay.'lina j the astronaut cniickly drank four I'.t-Vi !;;las,s<'.s of pineapple juice. Several'a^o. ide, hours later, he ate a ilinner ol .v.e.ik. :;i-cx'n salad and milk in the adniM'.il's ill-board cabin. "lie hadn't drunk all Ihe wad he wanted to diirine, Ihe flight." ird saiil. "and tie was a little dehydr.,1, <i " He had wanted to save a.- much a.> lie could in case ni an eiik-i Lvncy after hindin.u." The pli\-.iei.iil r(-|xii-jixl, "{'(x,. .said he i un c .l '.vei'.;hlk-ssiu-.-.s (|iiile enjoyable, lie said it was easy to sleep in the cajwule but after he had napped for ;t half hour lo 45 minutes he would awaken quite rested." pin^; north from North Carolo New lOi'.jlatKl iif AiiRiist il caused ^l.'l^ million dam- aj!i. 1 . The hurricane that struck (Jalveslon. Tex., in Sept. I'.KH) caused greatest Itxss of lives— (i.lKKl. K)!,. ! her a vear. The Men of rhe Moose and it's Women's Auxiliary are sponsoring a spaghetti supper and dance at the Moose Lodge on the Greensboro Highway, Saturday, May 18. Dinner will be served from 7 'til 9. Dancing from 9 'til 1. Music will be by Maurice and the Rebels from Stonevitle, N. C., featuring their new electric organ. $1.50 complete per person. Proceeds will go for their annual citizenship award dinner. This Space Donated By 300 Craghead St. Dial SW 3-5611 The WORLD TODAY (Continued from Editorial Page) the tension-crowded moments. On .[television hookups via the Telstar ~\-> and relay saU'llites (hey heard right sides lo.wther, stitch ! Mercury C.ntrol'.s report as Coop-j pieces together along mu jer fired hi.s reverse rockels and;si<le. Stitch other lon.u side leav-fit effort lo convert Communists moved the capsule into its re-en;ryi' n H Ji :?-incli opening in turn. Suichjio Cln isfianily rather than spend position. :'lie two short sides. Trim seams,: Hu'ir cnerLties in programs Bishop I'oUard estimatetl f!oo[>er slept a COMMIK CONVKKSiONS I'Hr.KD total of seven and one-half hours WlllvATO\, ill. !.<!•. — American!" 1 catnaps, Christians should make an all-f Cooper's eye.-, were ro<l and his voice was slightly hoarse. The doct ;• atlriliuted liiis to "(lie con- Hie two short sides. Trim seams, i Hicir cnerLties in programs lojSlant brre/.e of lot) per cent osy- Across continental Knro|» localituni to riyht side, slip-slilch open'; ", s!( 'P Conimiinisni," Bishop C. yen in his lai\ commentator^ translated the Mercury Control reports as trouble slaved jinade his descent. 'hen came the word his para- closcd antl prt'ss lr, of lh< Cation, the racial cool in Birmi'.idiarn, perhajis onlyj because of Kennedy's readine.s.s lo;chute had opened, he was sighted use troops. life wa.s C-tming <lown. Then the U b,.ile(i elsewhere. In Greens-: word they had been wailing for— N.C.. hundreds of Negro; _s demonstrated a'-'ainst dis-j crimination in a cafeteria and I several theaters ami went lo jail' for their trouble. Since more and more N of the South are sliowin down, safe and U'ium- West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, Japanese Prime Minister Hayato Ikeda and Mexi- President Adolfo Lope I\la- amcd ...„_.., Cooper only. Slitle labric so that I'oldevl.".' . rliris , 1 ( 'l»'irli ed^cs ar<! on top and botiom and| L : I1|U ' (I Evangelical top hall of seali is one color andj^i 111 ':..... !x>UoiYt is the other, as shown. Press. Mark Ironi waist measurement at each side .scam, center- tlicm so thai an equal amount Asked whal the flight proved Pollanl told reporters. "Then no present indication from a cur sory examinafitn thai this Ion JUST PUSH BUTTON TO CLEAN T. C. Dameron Plumbing and Heating 802 S. Mom St.—SW 2-083! of sash extends from each mark.; irn-^leos were among the first to send gathered patience against discnmiiiaiioiiiconsratulalions to Kennedy, and pix'judicc. in (lie end there] mav be a violence than; Cut two pieces of each '2 '/.i inches lo with fabric. Pin pleats featherboninjj;, j u. Cover each several small! waist marks so sash isi to 2'i inches at thisj point, l^lacc fcathcrljoning over! The foreign minister of tlie new;pleats at each side. Hem securely] •si member of the United NaU'-ii.s, Jin place, catching pleats at the! I Sheikh Sabah Al-Salcm Al-Sabahlsame time. Taffeta Belt With Side Drape: ! any I King in tlii.? century. , | H(>as:nable arrangement.? there!of Kuwait, infernipted a recep- ! might avert disaster but reason it ion in New York in his honor to Cut one belt pitce on the straight! !Ls working grudgingly. {congratulate Adlai E. Stevenson, l^rain, ;5 inches wide and as longj j One tfcing U sure: Cooper saw i the U.S. ambassador to the United j as your waist • measurement plus; !more peiice in space, where there Nations. ... J- 2 inches. For side drape, cut 2< was no one but ever saw below. bim.selt, than he. vSoviel.s heard brief reports ofjpioces, as shown. The 12'.I; inch the flight in early morning radio| h .i ( | D O f drape is cut on the straight [newscasts. But news of ihe sue- 0 [ g ra jn. Add >/•• inch seam allow- jce.ssful t'.mplction came too late | for Moscow morning newspapers ilo print it. Fart/? Orbit Different From Keplerian Orbit CAPE CANAVERAL. Fla. (AP) —When is an orbit, noi an orbit'.' When its a revolution, of course. | Except that even then it's called ian orbit. i Confused? Well, relax—it isn't anco to all measurements. Using heavy non-woven interfacing, cut! 'J, belt pieces and 2 drape pieces. Do not add seam allowance. Turn taffeta edges of all pieces under '2 inch and press. Place double layer of interfacing on wrong side of i>clt and cdse-slitch together around 4 sides. Do Ihe same forj each sids drape piece. Place dot! snappers on right side of one eiulj of belt, using socket side of snapper. Place one snapper IVi inches in front belt edge and one one each side of it -Vi inch apart. Using ball part of snapper, place two on wrong side at other end of belt. Place one so that it meets bothering astronaut Gordon Coop-i the center snapper on Uie other er and it boils down to semantics [end and fits your waist perfectly. The other <joes il towards adjustable. anyway. An orbit for C'oo|>er is one of itwo things—both of them differ- :C.nt. [drapes, place A Keplerian orbit is a complete j other, taffeta circle from one point, in space! edges over belt edge '•''< around and back to that same|shown, on end of belt START THE DAY RIGHT... ith A doss of VITAMIN D MILK FROM THE SPARKLING GLASS HALF- GALLON BOTTLE . . . THE ECONOMY SIZE . . . DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR STEP . . . DANVILLE FRESH! DANVILLE DAIRY PRODUCTS CO. Your Home Town Dairy DIAL SW 2-2515 [Mint in space again. But experts at Mercury Control! —for simplicity's sake—have used a different measure. They drew an imaginary line, I north to south, through Cape Canaveral, and measured an orbit jas the amount of time it takes j Cooper to make it once around (and cross that line. j The earth rotates in ihe same •direction that Cooper is flying— to the east—and he has lo travel 'a lilt.'e more than a full circle each time to cross the Cape Ca\( ; naveral line. R'xi>ertj. at Mercury i Control call t/iis an earth-fixed orbit—or a revolution. The Keplerian orbit takes about IW 1 .. minutes. The earth orbit take five mimiles longer, about '.>'.',.'> minutes—the full circle plus the amount of time it takes to catch up with the Cape Canaveral line Cooper's flight—advertised by NASA as a 22-orbit mission—wa.s ligured (.n ihe basis of almost 'l'l of the: earth-fixed orbits or revolutions. In the traditional sense, he is traveling more than 23 of Die circular or Keplerian orbits before he returns to earth. i Ll. Co!. John A. Powers, Mercury public affairs officer, said today the Kepk'rian orbit is a "point lo point m space which has no relation to the- earth beneath it. "NASA begins each orbit count on P'aith 7 ai the same point in , space directly overhead the geo- )) graphical spot in which the space- jj craft was injected into orbit." '(I SACRAMENTS EXl'LAf.VKD j)j: NEW YORK .,-?—The meaning ;/('of the seven sacraments of the (( )j Roman Catholic Church—baptism, X confirmation, penance, holy com- Imunion, marriage, holy "orders ;and last rites—are explained in la new book, " are the Sac- •raments," by Bishop Fulton J. I Sheen of New York, and pub- by Hawthorn. i inch away from belt edge, making it Take the two side one on top of the side up: fold top 'i inch as where the snappers are. Top-.stitch to- 6 YEARS OLD WHISKY PINT 4/5 QUART 60 McM.iEtcr Import Co.. Detroit, Mich.—86 Proof Sec Valiant in action on "Empire"— NBC-TV 4 GOOD REASONS VALIANT SALES ARE UP... 1 Valiant is the low-priced compact rated "best value" by 74.5% of 3600 drivers in a recent U. S. survey. I Valiant is the low-priced compact which averaged 26.26 miles per gal. in the'63 Mobil Economy Run. $1910* ...Lowest-priced sedan in the line... Valiant is the low-priced compact with all-new '63 styling. Every body model in the line styled new. Valiant is the low-priced compact with America's best new-car warranty-5 years or 50,000 miles.** And, Valiant's prices start lower than 9 other American compacts Su M oslod Retail Prici for Va!,,v>- V-Hrt ?-,]rm ^d.n. , jMt,, ami l«,il \,-»ia. if any. whilnwil! lirw l^V-uv li n hta who.,1 covan exln. ^««^^^^^^ $%^^*&^^^^ '"^<- »- •«' — '-•*'. p-^r^s GET... THE BEST ALL- AROUND COMPACT YET . . . AT YOUR PLYMOUTH-VALIANT DEALER'S! icw CHRYSLER MOTORS CORPORAI10H

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